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Muse (Homare Arisugawa Birthday Short)

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"Homare-san," she said, her voice light and encouraging. "Just write. The rhymes will come to you."

But how can I, oh darling Y/N, his heart ached. You inspire me so much, I feel like I can write a million poems, but at the same time you leave me at a loss for words...

"Homare-san?... Arisugawa-senpai?"

That sent Homare back to his plane of consciousness. "Y/N-kun, I thought I told you not to address me as such anymore..."

"Well, you spaced out on me again," she giggled. "I know both of our deadlines are coming up, but you have to have your manuscript already. And... And don't stare at me while you do, it's..."

"It's what, pray tell?" His heart thumped like crazy.

She grinned. How dangerous this is. "It's... I'll tell you when you're done."

"That's definitely not fair."

"Well then, how about you speed-write? Just as an exercise. I'll give you three minutes, write everything you can, and then let's see what you can come up with. Okay, ready, go!"

"Hold on, I'm not ready..."

"Tick tock, tick tock..."

"Alright, time's up! Lemme have that-" she snatched his notebook. He looked like someone who was caught red-handed.

"Wait, it's not yet ready-"

"It's fine, this is just a brain exercise after all," Y/N cleared her throat and began to read.

How can I ever start to compare
Your smile is a breath of fresh air
Like a sunset in summer
Your eyes shine like glitter
What a marvelous wonder...

She continued to read from his notebook, the tiny blush in her cheeks blooming with every line. Homare felt his face warm up as he watched her recite every word he has written, wondering if she could tell that she was the subject of the said poem.

"Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all..." Y/N handed him back his notebook, a proud look on her face. "More of that, and Publisher-san will adore you."

He cleared his throat dramatically. "Well of course, I wrote it, after all."

He just prays that his theater acting helped him do a good job hiding the fact that he's fallen so desperately, hopelessly in love with her. It was pretty hard to admit it to himself, that's true, but confessing it to her is way more difficult.

For now, he'll just write his feelings out.

Wait and see, Y/N, he thought. I'll definitely win your heart with a bestseller. I'll let the world know my muse... Just you wait.