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First of Her Name

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Dearest Betsy,

As you probably have read in the invitation I sent you, I want you to take part in my second child's baptism. Little William, or Billy as my husband fondly calls him, is such a bundle of joy. 

Do not worry about my health, dear friend. I am taking a leave to recover from giving birth and I have transferred the administration of New York to my trusted advisor, Lord Podesta. 

I wish my Father is still with us to witness this. He was especially looking forward to having a grandson. It was just unfortunate that he left us too soon. I miss him so much and still think of him often. Mother is coping with his loss a lot better now, and I am glad that she has found her calling in our Chappaqua castle, where she spends time feeding the poor and finding work for them.

I shall take no for an answer, my dear friend. I expect to see you at the baptism. And your godchild Chelsea is excited to show you what she learned in her dancing lessons.

Your best friend always,




The affairs in Arkansas were much more problematic than I thought, so the three weeks that I told my wife would be the duration of my stay rolled into four. And now, I had to race back to New York to catch my son's baptism. Oh how excited I am to present my little baby boy to the world! He is the most amazing little baby in the world, apart from Chelsea of course. He rarely cries and he never gives his Mother a headache. And he loves being around with people! He doesn't object when my Mother or Queen Dorothy cradles him. He lets out the cutest little burp when I pat his back after he finished feeding. Oh, there is no more precious child than him! 

For Little Billy's baptism, all the monarchs of our allied kingdoms and realms will be in attendance. I look forward to seeing Al and his daughters who are all my godchildren. Hillary's friends, King Timothy and Queen Anne will be there too, and so are our new allies King Barack and Queen Michelle of Illinois, who are both fond of my wife. Oh, and of course, the Kings George I and George II of Texas, whom I loved as a father and a brother respectively. All of them are excited to meet my little boy. 

My son's baptism will be one for the ages.



The entire congregation applauded as I entered, carrying my sleeping son in my arms. Bill was beside me, beaming proudly and holding Chelsea in his hand. Every eye was on us as we walked along the aisle of St. Patrick's Cathedral. My wife looked beautiful, as always, and my daughter was beaming at everyone. My girls were really flourishing. And now that the youngest member of our family had finally arrived, our happiness will surely multiply. 

The Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan, called upon the godparents, my dear friend Al and Hillary's friend Lady Diane Blair, to the altar. They held the candle and said the prayers as the Cardinal poured the Holy Water over Little Billy's head. What a precious little angel he is. 

Once the ceremony was over, Hillary and I led the procession from the Cathedral to our castle, where the formal introduction of our son will take place. And then, a sumptuous feast will follow. 



The baptism of our son left me exhausted, and so it was no surprise that my eyes were heavy once my head hit my pillow. 

Bill, however, was still bursting with energy, he was enthusiastically telling me every conversation he had with every single person in attendance. While my ears wanted to absorb every detail, I was simply too tired. 

My husband noticed that I was slowly drifting into sleep so he kissed me awake. 

"What?" I yawned. 

"You're not listening, Darlin'," he said. 

"I am, but I am too tired to take note of everything," I replied sleepily. "But I will be happy to listen to you in the morning. Maybe I can hear this at breakfast?"

Bill chuckled and kissed my hair. "Alright, my love. But there is something that might pique your interest."

"What is it?"

"Lady Marjorie Margolies' son is the same age as Chelsea."

I shifted closer to Bill. "So?"

"It means that he and Chelsea will be a perfect match."

Even in sleep, I could not help but chuckle. I didn't know if my husband was serious, or he was playing tricks on me. Our daughter is still too young for that. What is he thinking?

I kissed him for the last time that night and settled in his warm chest. 



As promised, Hillary heard my proposal about Chelsea being paired to Lady Marjorie Margolies' son. Unlike last night, she listened and considered my argument with a great degree of seriousness. However, it didn't sit so well with her. 

Hillary was skeptical of betrothing Chelsea at this time for several reasons. First, our daughter is too young and Hillary wanted her to grow up normally and without the pressures of being an heir to her mother's throne. Second, Hillary wanted our daughter to experience what it is like to fall in love, just as we have fortunately experienced. Hillary pointed out to me that while she did not mind me having Claire, it was unfair that she wasn't allowed to have an affair on her own. I told him that I would have allowed her, but she digressed. Even though it could happen, she argued, the risk of being caught was too high, and any sign of infidelity would surely anger our families and call of a divorce pronto. 

While I could not argue with her position, I offered reasons why Chelsea and Lady Marjorie's son would fare well. First of all, we would enroll them under the same tutor so that they could spend time with each other and develop a friendship. Second, Lady Marjorie is an influencial figure in Pennsylvania. Despite being divorced from Lord Edward Mezvinsky, she had made a name for herself in Pennsylvanian peerage. New York and Arkansas will benefit from an alliance with Pennsylvania. 

My wife acknowledged that Pennsylvania is a suitable partner, however, as a mother, she was still skeptic about giving her only daughter away to a complete stranger. I soothed her fears by noting that our daughter inherited her strength and tenacity. I am confident that she can handle that Mezvinsky boy.

Hillary hoped that would be the case. I told her that she didn't have to consider the proposal soon, as Lady Marjorie hadn't formally declared her intentions yet. She needed to focus on Little Billy and her health. 

For the meantime, she is on leave from her royal duties, and we have all the time to ourselves.