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Tights, Tight Skirts, and a Very Sexy Secretary

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Mista had to admit, one of his absolute favorite perks of his job as CFO of a company was that he got to fuck his hot, pretty, blond secretary. Off course, that wasn’t something that had been officially listed in his job description or was something that had been advertised as part of the perks of the job when he worked his way up the corporate ladder until he got promoted to CFO, but it was undeniable that with so much power, he could basically do whatever the hell he wanted and not get in trouble for it. It’s not like the company had a very strict “no office relationships” policy to begin with, given that his boss and the CEO himself, Bruno Bucciarati, was secretly in a relationship with one of his own assistants, a man who went by the name of Abbacchio and who by all accounts was mean and scary enough for most people to not want to cross by even so much as making a complaint about him, let alone about his relationship with Bucciarati.

So when Giorno Giovanna, the personal secretary that was assigned to Mista started to put the moves on him a month into the job, Mista found that EVEN IF the hot blond was using his good looks to garner preferential treatment and a better salary, he turned out to be such a good lay that Mista wouldn’t have cared if he was just being used. Luckily for him, that ended up not 100% being the case, as over time their covert meetings began to occur not just within the confines of the 9-to-5 weekday hours of the office, but outside as well, on weekends and after-hours, to spending the night at Mista’s penthouse. Then, actual dates started happening, and then soon enough, so did feelings, until the two found they were basically in a romantic relationship at that point. Giorno still had suggested it would be a good idea to stay private about their relationship to most everyone in the office, if only so that people wouldn’t feel too compelled to direct scrutiny towards whatever they do behind the closed doors of Mista’s private office, at least, not more scrutiny than the usual watercooler gossip with an overactive imagination might say.

Which was fine by Mista, it still meant that he could see his partner whenever he wanted, and on stressful days in the office, all he had to do was call in his secretary into his office for a private “work-related matter.” And if any of his employees suspected that what they got up to within the thick, almost-but-not-quite soundproof walls of the office was “too unprofessional”, even for the lax company policies, they had absolutely nobody to complain to. Not to mention, the thrill of trying to avoid getting caught made their illicit office romps just that much hotter.

Mista had made the suggestion after one of their private “meetings” in which Mista had made Giorno cum all over his stomach and soil his half-unbuttoned button-down after making him lie down on his paper-strewn desk with his hair undone and splayed out underneath him (a sight that he for sure would use as masturbation material the next time he had to go on one of those rare kinds of out-of-town business trips where he COULDN’T bring Giorno along without looking suspicious). Mista had just casually suggested (more like mentioned), that he thought Giorno would look hot in a skirt. He had mostly mentioned it as a joke, given how pretty Giorno was and how nice his legs looked, even in those tailored slacks he’d wear as part of the office dress code. Giorno had at the time just given a small nod of consideration and said that he'll think about it, and Mista had just assumed that Giorno wasn't going to follow up on this idea and had all but forgotten about it until today.

Mista only just realized he had inadvertently unleashed a monster when earlier that morning, he had heard the clicking of stiletto heels on the hard linoleum floor outside of the main office and much like the others already at work in their cubicles, he turned to look to see who had walked into the room. And much like everyone else, Mista found he couldn't stop staring at the sight of Giorno wearing a tight-fitting black pencil skirt that hugged his hips and his shapely ass so wonderfully. The skirt was short enough to show off Giorno's gorgeous long legs, which were clad in a pair of sheer black tights, but the skirt was JUST long enough to not violate any office dress codes. Tucked into the skirt was a white long-sleeved button-down, which had the top three buttons undone just enough to show off a hint of Giorno's cleavage, which Mista could make out just the faintest outline of a lacy white bralette underneath. His hair was in its usual perfectly-done braid and hair rings. Giorno finished the look off by wearing a dangerous shade of red lipstick, which matched the color of his 6-inch stiletto heels perfectly

Mista couldn't stop staring, and he knew everyone else couldn't stop staring. On top of that, Giorno was DEFINITELY enjoying every minute of the attention, and as he caught Mista's eye from across the room, he smirked. Oh, Giorno definitely was doing this to rile him up. 

Giorno made his way over to his desk on the other side of the room, walking just a slight bit slower than his usual pace as he almost lavished in the attention everyone was giving him. 

As he stopped in front of Mista, who had stood by his desk to give him a stack of papers, Giorno looked at him with a hungry, teasing, knowing fire in his eyes to let Mista know just who exactly he had gotten all dolled up for.

"Good morning, boss." Giorno said politely. The innocently-professional veneer he spoke in was so obviously a cover-up for his true intentions as he stood just a couple inches closer than what would be considered professional.

"H-hello Giorno." Mista almost stuttered. God damn it. It was 8 in the morning and he was already losing his composure.

"Is that the stuff that you need me to do today?" Giorno asked as he eyed the stsck of papers and took them from Mista's hands. "I'll get started. You should get back to work too, sir. I know you have a very busy schedule today. I'll start scheduling some of those appointments for next week just like you asked."

"Oh. Uhh. Right." Mista gulped, then nodded. "I'll leave you… to it." He said awkwardly.

Mista disappeared into his office and closed the door and shut the blinds as he tried to will the almost painfully-tight bulge in his pants away. He still had a lot of work he needed to get done before a big meeting in the early afternoon, but he knew that would be easier said than done, as the sight of Giorno all dressed up like that was not going to leave his mind for a while.


The meeting itself was nothing special. It was full of the same numbers, charts, diagrams, and proposed plans that he presented to yet another group of unmemorable men in suits. It would have been ALMOST uneventful, until Giorno walked in. 

There was a brief knock on the door at the back of the conference room before it opened and in stepped Giorno, who was carrying a large stack of papers. 

"I hope this isn't a bad time." Giorno said politely as Mista watched him step into the room and close the door behind him. "Here are the papers you asked me to photocopy for you." 

"Good. Thank you, Giovanna. You can bring them up here to me." Mista said, trying to maintain the air of professionalism he had been keeping up during this meeting, but which was starting to once again erode as he watched the way Giorno's hips swayed as he walked in that skirt. 

As Giorno made his way to the front, his heel apparently caught against the carpet and he stumbled and fell down, dropping the papers and scattering them all over the floor. Everyone in the office turned to look at Giorno as he did, and they started staring when they saw Giorno lying on the ground, legs spread out and skirt riding up just high enough that everyone could see Giorno's pantyhose and just a slight bit of the white lacy panties he was wearing under them. Giorno turned his head and made eye contact with Mista, and for just a brief second, the slightest bit of a teasing glint shone in his eyes, letting Mista know that this fall wasn't an accident at all. Then Giorno's cheeks turned pink with embarrassment as he got up, pulled his skirt back down and dusted himself off. 

"I'm so sorry you had to see that." Giorno said all-too-innocently. "I'm okay. Oh wait, I still need to pick these up." 

And with that, Giorno bent over, causing the back of his skirt to ride up and show off a little bit of his ass as he started to pick up the papers. 

Mista could feel his pants getting tighter as he watched this display, feeling equal parts aroused, angry, and jealous at seeing the way his colleagues stared too long at Giorno's ass. And those feelings (and the hardness of his cock) only increased tenfold once he saw Giorno start to subtly but very definitely shake his ass. That little tease. 

Mista moved to stand directly behind his chair to hide his erection, hoping that nobody had already seen the way his pants started bulging, and further hoping still that nobody would ask him to stand aside from the whiteboard he was presenting from so they could get a better look at the data. He just needed to survive ten more minutes until the meeting was over before he could do something about his problem.

Giorno finally stood up straight and rearranged the papers in his arms before he walked up to the front of the room where Mista stood and placed the stack of papers down on the table in front of him. 

"Sorry about all of that." Giorno apologized once more as he looked at the other people in the meeting room. Then, he gave a small smirk to Mista before he quickly stepped out. 


The ten minutes passed quickly and thankfully, nobody even so much as made a comment about Giorno or what he did. Which was good because Mista was still both angry and aroused from that display. 

After everyone had quickly filed out of the room, Mista quickly made his way back to his office, passing by Giorno's cubicle on the way. 

Giorno looked up as Mista approached him. 

"Giovanna, I need you to come to my office NOW." Mista said, narrowing his eyes as he said this. Then, before anyone could notice him, let alone the bulge in his trousers, Mista marched off to his office and closed the door behind himself. 

A minute later, Mista heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in." He commanded, already knowing who it was. 

Giorno stepped into the room. 

"Is there something the matter, boss?" He asked, the tone in his voice so clueless that it was very clearly fake.

"Stop acting so innocent." Mista said angrily as he stepped behind his desk and placed his hands down on its surface. "You know exactly what you did." He then snapped his fingers and pointed down towards a spot in front of him on the floor behind his desk. "Come over here now ." 

Giorno did as he was told and walked over until he stood where Mista had pointed. 

"Bend over, quick." Mista ordered, his voice low and in a dominant, authoritative tone that brooked absolutely no argument. 

Giorno did as he was told, pressing his chest down against the hard surface of the desk and pushing his hips against the edge of the desk. This caused the back of his skirt to ride up just enough to show off a slight glimpse of the white contrasting outline of his lace panties through the thin, sheer black pantyhose, which all hugged the curve of his round, shapely ass even more as Giorno was bent over to show it off. 

Mista wasn't at all satisfied with this, knowing that his colleagues in the conference room had seen way more of Giorno's ass than this when he had bent over to pick up the papers. This was supposed to be sight for himself, and himself alone. He wanted to see something that even the people in the conference room hadn’t been so lucky to see.

Mista reached his thumbs under the hems of Giorno's skirt and pushed the skirt up over Giorno's hips, feeling the woven fabric and its thin, silky lining gather in his hands until the skirt was bunched up around Giorno's waist. 

Still not satisfied with the sight he saw, Mista gripped handfuls of the pantyhose's thin, tight fabric around ass and then with a low, guttural, almost animalistic growl, he ripped the pantyhose. The sound of ripping and snapping nylon fibers filled the air as the delicate fabric easily came apart at the seams in Mista's big, strong hands, leaving a large hole that was only growing bigger as runs in the fabric started to tear outward away from it and down Giorno's legs. Mista ripped the fabric again and again until the entire upper half was bunched around Giorno's soft, creamy upper thighs. With only the delicate white lace panties left to provide what little remained (or frankly, to begin with) of Giorno's modesty, Mista yanked the panties down until they also sat around Giorno's thighs. 

"You're such a tease, Giovanna." Mista growled as he now started undoing his belt. His secretary absolutely DID NOT deserve to be called by his first name right now. "Spreading yourself like that, bending over and shaking your ass in front of everyone… were you trying to make me mad?" 

"No." Giorno said, still having the audacity to sound fake-innocent right now. 

"No? No who ?" Mista replied. He now tugged his belt from its loops. 

"No sir ." Giorno replied, finally dropping the tone.

"That's more like it." He said as he now folded the belt in his hand inwards on itself to bulk out its thickness. "But I can see through your little lies, and guess what? Your plan worked." He now gave Giorno's ass a light tap with the belt as he pressed his painfully bulging crotch against Giorno's ass, all of which caused Giorno to give a slight yelp in surprise. "You've misbehaved today, Giovanna. And now you need a little punishment ." He leaned over and spoke into Giorno's ear. "Do you think you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes sir. I deserve to be punished." Giorno said.

"That's what I want to hear." Mista said. With that, Mista forcefully smacked Giorno's ass with the belt, which caused Giorno to cry out in shock as it left a red mark.

"Keep your voice down, slut ." Mista said, spanking the belt against Giorno's ass again as he said that last word, leaving another red mark across Giorno's smooth, pale skin. "Do you want to get into even more trouble than you already are?" 

"No sir." Giorno whined. 

"Good." Mista said. "Now count for me." He smacked Giorno's ass once more. 

Giorno audibly bit back his cry as Mista did that. "One." Giorno said shakily. 

Mista lashed again. 

"T-Two." Giorno whimpered. He sounded like there were tears in his eyes. 

Another spank. 

"Ow! Three." Giorno clutched white-knuckled at the surface of the desk, like as if he could lessen the pain from how hard he could squeeze. Mista paused for a minute to see if Giorno was giving any of the signs he usually did that he should stop or slow down, like giving four taps of his fingers or coughing four times, but so far it seemed like he hadn't. Mista gripped the belt tighter.

Then another lash. Followed immediately by another.

"Four. F-Five! I'm sorry!" Giorno whimpered. 

The next lash was the hardest Mista smacked. 

"SIX!" Giorno was shouting this at this point, Mista stopped and set aside his belt. 

"Good." He said. "Stay like that, whore ." 

Mista then shed his suit jacket, unbuttoned his button-down, rolled his sleeves up, unzipped his trousers, and pulled his dick out from his briefs, which now was hard and throbbing at its full length and girth now that it was free from the confines of his pants. Mista reached into a side drawer and pulled out the small bottle of lube he had grown accustomed to keeping in the office for occasions such as this, flipped open the cap, and then started drizzling some of the bottle’s contents onto his dick before he rubbed it all along his length. 

He gave himself a couple more strokes just for good measure before he turned and pressed his tip against Giorno’s entrance, pushing in just slightly enough for the head of his cock to get buried inside. Mista put his hands on Giorno's reddened cheeks, squeezed them, and then spread them, which caused the blond to hiss in discomfort at having his raw, sore skin be touched. Giorno then let out a small, soft moan as Mista slowly pushed into him, immediately enjoying the feeling of the tight, warm walls of Giorno’s ass squeezing around his thick, throbbing cock. He pushed all the way in until he was buried up to the hilt, then he started roughly thrusting and pounding into Giorno’s ass. 

Giorno started crying out again at this at the combination of pain and pleasure that was no doubt running through his body from the rawness of his skin to the feeling of the way his prostate was getting hit over and over again by Mista's cock. His noises quickly turned to moans as Mista continued.

Mista covered Giorno's mouth with one of his hands to muffle the noises Giorno made.

Mista grunted as he gave a particularly hard thrust before he leaned over and spoke into Giorno's ear. " You're mine ." He growled possessively as he gave another thrust. "As long as you work for me, as long as you keep sleeping with me, every inch of you is mine. All mine. And only mine." He slapped Giorno's ass on the last word, causing Giorno to whine in response. "And nobody else can see you the way everyone else saw you in the meeting ever again. Do you understand ?" 

"Yes, sir." Giorno whimpered as Mista uncovered Giorno's mouth to let him speak. 

"Good." Mista said as he continued fucking into Giorno.

As Mista continued thrusting into him, Giorno reached his hand down to grab his painfully-neglected dick and jerk it off. Mista noticed this, however, and grabbed Giorno's wrist and pinned it against his back, much to the whine of protest Giorno let out.

"No." Mista scolded. "You have lost the right to touch yourself." 

"Please sir. Let me touch myself. I promise I'll--" 

Mista cut off Giorno's pleas mid-sentence by clamping his hand down over Giorno's mouth, not bothering to give Giorno permission to even so much as talk right now. Mista could now feel the hot breaths and vibrations of Giorno's moans, whines, gasps, and pleas against the palm of his hand as he kept fucking Giorno. 

Despite this, Giorno was practically squirming and moaning unabashedly now as Mista roughly dragged the head of his cock in and out of Giorno and hitting it against his prostate. 

It was just as Giorno started shaking and Mista could feel Giorno's breathing get more raggedy and uneven against his hand as Giorno was practically fucking himself back on Mista's cock that he knew that Giorno was getting close. The blond was loudly whining at this point, desperate for Mista to give him enough mercy for a release. 

Mista smirked as he watched Giorno writhe and whine in desperation, knowing that Giorno absolutely couldn't cum unless his dick gets touched. He grabbed Giorno's dick and started to roughly stroke it, which made Giorno's moans get higher-pitched and breathier as he was scratching his fingernails against the surface of the desk. Mista gave it a couple more pumps before he began to feel Giorno's cock twitch in his hand, a sure sign that Giorno was about to cum if Mista continued. Mista instead let go of Giorno's cock, much to the loud, desperate whines of protest from the blond. Mista pulled away and roughly pulled out of Giorno, causing the blond to whine from discomfort from the overstimulation and the denied orgasm. With a grunt and a twitch of his cock, Mista came all over Giorno's ass and back, watching as his thick, white cum splattered all over Giorno's pale skin and the crisp, solid black fabric of Giorno's skirt. 

Mista rubbed his hand along his cock once or twice as he felt a couple more small drops of cum spurt out from his tip before he placed his hand on Giorno's lower back.

“That’s what you get for misbehaving.” Mista said sternly, leaning over Giorno and saying this into his ear. “ Have you learned your lesson?

Giorno gulped and frantically nodded. “Yes, sir. I’ve learned my lesson.” He said. He looked over his shoulder and made eye contact with Mista. “Can you please fuck me again, sir?” He asked, his tone soft and polite and just the slightest bit pleading. “I promise I’ll be a good boy.”

“You promise? ” Mista asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking at the blond. 

Giorno nodded. “Yes sir, I promise.”

Mista nodded. “Get on top of the desk.” He ordered.

Giorno obediently did what he was told and climbed on top of the desk, pushing off all the papers that had been laid on its surface onto the floor as he did. He got down on his knees and braced his weight on his hands against the desk.

"Turn around for me."

Giorno turned around until his face was level with Mista's big, hard cock. Giorno was already eyeing it hungrily in anticipation of what was next to come. 

"Suck me off." 

Giorno moved closer and wrapped his hand around Mista's length, giving it a slight squeeze, which caused Mista to inhale sharply before Giorno ran his hand along it for a couple of times. Then, he opened his mouth and teasingly licked at the tip, then dragged his tongue down the side, pressing the flat muscle against the bulging vein that ran along it, then dragged his tongue up. He licked again down the other side and then back up once more. Then, Giorno opened his mouth and wrapped his pretty red lips around the head of Mista's cock before he then took in as much of Mista's cock into his warm, wet mouth until Mista felt the tip of his dick press against the back of Giorno's throat. Then, Giorno started bobbing his head up and down along his cock, smearing his pretty red lipstick all along Mista's length. Mista groaned at the sight, and tangled his fingers in Giorno's hair and gripped tightly at the scalp when Giorno wrapped his hand around the base and started twisting it as he moved his hand along Mista’s dick in time with the bobbing of his head. 

Giorno continued sucking Mista off, making Mista moan and grip Giorno's hair tighter as Giorno's mouth brought him closer and closer to his next orgasm. Mista started thrusting his cock into Giorno's mouth in rhythm with this movements, fucking himself deeper into Giorno's mouth as he started feeling himself start to get close to coming again. 

Just as Mista thought he was about to cum, he managed to pull Giorno's mouth off of his cock. 

"Enough." He said as he let go of Giorno's hair. "Turn back around. And get down on all fours."

Giorno followed Mista's orders and turned around, placing his hands back down on the surface and spread his knees enough apart that his ass was at the same height as Mista’s cock.

Mista pushed Giorno down on his upper back, forcing Giorno to put his elbows down against the desk surface and use them to brace the weight of his upper body while his ass remained propped up for easy access to Mista’s cock.

Mista stroked his cock, slicking Giorno's spit all over this long, girthy length, feeling how it twitched and throbbed almost painfully hard and ready for another round. He took his cock and lined it up against Giorno’s entrance, then grabbed Giorno's ass with both hands, squeezing them as he spread the blond’s cheeks wide open. Then, with a swift, hard motion, Mista rammed his cock inside of Giorno once more, causing Giorno to let out another cry of shock before Mista started moving Giorno's hips back against his own in time with his thrusts. 

Giorno was moaning once again as Mista fucked into him, and Mista could feel the way his cock was stretching out against the tightness of Giorno’s walls as he thrusted. Mista let out a low groan of his own before he grabbed Giorno’s braid and pulled the blond closer to him, yanking his head back as he was forced to look up while he was speared closer onto Mista's cock once more.

Giorno let out a loud whine in response to feeling his hair get pulled. 

“What did I tell you about not being so loud?” Mista reminded, his voice carrying just a hint of a warning. 

Giorno audibly bit back another moan and his hand’s grip against the edge of the desk tightened as he tried to keep his volume low.

As Mista got back into a steady rhythm of fucking Giorno, the landline office phone on his desk started to ring. Mista was too caught up in pounding his dick into Giorno to really care about the phone's ringing, as he was too focused on dragging himself in and out of Giorno's warm, tight heat and enjoying how it squeezed around his length. That felt a lot better than taking any phone call right now. And despite Giorno's best efforts to keep his volume low, with how much he was whining and moaning and gasping every time Mista hit the head of his cock up against his prostate, the blond didn't seem to be able to even so much as register the fact that the phone was ringing. 

It was only once the phone stopped its first ring cycle and almost immediately started another one as the persistent person on the other end of the line called again that either of them finally slowed down to pay any attention to the phone. Giorno turned his head to look at the phone, which sat right where his right hand was placed before he looked over his shoulder to make eye contact at Mista, as if asking him what he should do.  

"Go on." Mista grunted as he gave another hard thrust into Giorno. "Answer it. It's your job to do it, after all." 

Giorno reached his hand out and grabbed the phone, picking it up from its cradle as he brought it to his ear. 

"H-Hello?" He asked, trying his hardest not to let out another moan as Mista picked up the pace. 

" Hello? Is this Guido Mista? I'm with the deliveries division ." Mista heard the muffled voice on the other end of the line say. 

"This is his... secretary." Giorno answered, biting back a gasp as Mista let go of his hair and used his now-free hand to squeeze his ass and gave it a light slap as he made a particularly rough thrust into him.

" Oh great, is Mista there? I have an urgent matter I need to discuss ." 

"I'm sorry." Giorno shook his head, and took a shaky breath that he tried his best not to moan too loudly as he gripped the surface of the desk once more while Mista used his free hand and reached to wrap it around Giorno's cock and start pumping it. "Mista is very busy at the moment. Please try and call back in thirty minutes." 

" Okay, will do !" And with a click, the person on the other end of the line hung up. Giorno weakly placed the phone back in its cradle before he used his now-free hand to grip the edge of the desk.

"Good. So you CAN do your job professionally." Mista leaned over Giorno, pressing his weight against Giorno's back. "I might have to reward you for that." He said as he started pumping Giorno's dick faster, making the blond moan louder.

Mista continued thrusting his cock against Giorno's prostate as he ran his hand along Giorno's length. He could tell Giorno wouldn't last very long after this, not with the way his dick was twitching in Mista's hand. And frankly, with how tight, wet, and hot Giorno was around Mista's own dick, Mista probably wasn't going to last much longer either. 

Mista kept fucking Giorno and pumping his dick as he put his other hand over Giorno's mouth once more to muffle his moans. He gave a few more thrusts, smacking his hips against Giorno's ass and earning more muffled moans from the blond. Then, with a high-pitched squeal, Giorno came. Mista felt Giorno's dick twitch in his palm as he sprayed his cum all over Mista's big, rough, calloused hand and the smooth, hard surface of Mista's expensive wooden desk. 

Giorno's body shook as he came, and his walls squeezed and tightened around Mista's cock as Mista continued to fuck him through his orgasm, bringing him closer and closer to his own. Mista came inside of Giorno with a loud groan, feeling how GOOD the electrifying, tingling sensation in his dick felt as his cum shot forcefully deep inside of Giorno's, tight warm walls. 

Mista gave a couple more thrusts as he milked himself into Giorno through his orgasm until he slowed to a stop. Mista took a couple of breaths as he felt his dick soften, and then he slowly pulled out of Giorno. 

Mista grabbed Giorno's cheeks once more, squeezing them in his hands before he spread them apart. He was greeted with the sight of his cum starting to drip out of Giorno, which made his dick twitch from how hot the sight was, knowing he did that and that that was all his cum oozing out of Giorno's tight, pink pucker. Mista brought his face closer and then started eating Giorno out, flattening his tongue against Giorno's entrance to lick up what was dripping out of it before pushing in to lap up every last drop of his cum. 

Giorno gasped at the feeling of Mista's tongue on his oversensitive, over-stimulated hole and he whined and gripped the edge of the desk again and started moaning as Mista continued to eat him out. Mista could feel the tight ring of muscle constrict a little around his tongue as he pushed his tongue in and out, pulling it out and and flattening it against the entrance before dragging his tongue against it and pushing in again, licking and lapping up every last drop of his cum until there was nothing left. 

Now finished, Mista stood up and gave a light tap of his index finger against Giorno's skin.

"Giorno, you can turn around now." He said softly, his stern, dominating tone from earlier gone and replaced with one that was much softer and sweeter. 

Giorno turned himself around before he gingerly and gently sat down on the edge of the desk and pulled Mista close to him in a warm embrace, wrapping his legs around Mista's waist and tangling his fingers through Mista's short, dark curls as he pulled their faces close. Mista let Giorno pull him close, letting his sub lead with whatever he wanted out of aftercare this time. Mista gently wrapped his strong arms around Giorno's body and started gently pressing kisses against Giorno's forehead before gently pressing them to his cheeks, nose, and lips, which earned a sigh of contentment from the blond.

When Mista pulled away to look at Giorno, he finally spoke. "I didn't go too far, did I?" He asked with worry and concern in both his face and his voice. 

Giorno shook his head and gave Mista the tiniest of smiles. "It was exactly what I wanted." He said reassuringly. "Thank you." 

Giorno started to untangle himself from Mista as he grabbed a couple tissues from the box sitting on Mista's desk and started to wipe himself and the splattered desk surface clean. He pulled his skirt down, pulled it back around on his waist so he could wipe off the cum that was splattered on his skirt, and then turned it back around. As Giorno tossed the tissues into the trash can next to the desk, he started reaching under his skirt to pull off his tights. Meanwhile, Mista put his dick back into his underwear and zipped up his pants before walking to the other side of the desk to pick up the papers that Giorno had shoved to the floor. 

"By the way," Giorno began as he finally pulled off the last of the elastic fabric off of his toes and held up the pair of pantyhose. He got down from the edge of the desk and stood up before moving to toss the ripped tights in the trash."Are you going to pay for a new pair of tights?" He asked, giving the flimsy piece of fabric a shake for emphasis before dropping them in the bin. 

Mista flushed a bright pink of embarrassment as he saw the damage he had done. "Uh yeah. Sorry about that. I don't know what came over me." He said sheepishly. "I mean, I may run a tight budget." He said as Giorno gave an amused roll of his eyes at the corny joke. "But I think I can find some room in it for tights. And some stockings and a garter belt and even a new skirt too if that's what you want." He paused as he mentally connected some dots together. "Wait a second." He began. "If you're asking me that, does that mean you want to dress like this again?" His heart rate picked up and he could feel his dick twitch again at the thought. 

Giorno stopped and tilted his head as he pretended to give the idea some thought, like as if his mind hadn't already been decided before Mista asked. "Yes." Giorno finally said with a sly smirk. "Especially if it means I'll be guaranteed to be fucked like a filthy whore like that again."

"Cheeky." Mista chuckled at hearing Giorno's filthy mouth. "I love it."

"Oh, I know." Giorno replied, his smirk getting bigger as he sauntered over to Mista and pressed himself up against the brunet. "I've seen the way you get excited over it."

Mista laughed at this. "That I do. I can't help it if you're that sexy." He said before he pressed a quick peck to Giorno's lips, which were now noticeably free of lipstick from having sucked him off earlier. "Go back to work, Giovanna." He said, his tone professional while his grin was not. "I have to go take a couple calls." 

"Fine." Giorno pouted slightly as he said this and pulled away. "But we are continuing this tonight." And with that, he headed out the door and closed it behind him. 

Mista had to admit, he always HATED to see Giorno go, but he LOVED to watch him leave. With Giorno out of his office, Mista finally picked up the phone and started returning the call he had missed earlier.