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Tail Petting Service

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Judy received a call from Fru-Fru, "Is Nick with you? I need to talk to both of you."

"He's here. We're just eating lunch. Are you insane calling us while we're at work?"

"I need you two to marry each other."

"Say, what?" Nick said.

"Daddy's going to lose his bet at this rate. You just have to marry each other."

"He was behind EVERYTHING? My sister was raped because of him! I suspected as much, but hearing that from you is another thing entirely." Judy seethed with rage. "Nick still has nightmares and it's been a month. Sometimes when he sees me, he has flashbacks back to his captivity.

Fru-Fru said, "Daddy made a mistake – when you came to him asking for help, he thought you two would be the perfect match. Then he assumed that Nick turned you down and picked one of your sisters instead. He was furious that day."

"Why should we get married?" Nick said.

"One day, daddy gave me that job. I didn't do anything for a month and time is running out. His bet expires in a week."

"And what happens if you fail or succeed?" Judy didn't think Mr. Big would do the unthinkable but she had to ask. "He's not going to ice you, is he?"

"Oh no, but if I succeed, I take over. I get to control everything. Please Nick, Judy, can't you two make this bet so daddy doesn't lose?"

"And why does that matter to us?" Nick asked.

"You know what he does – and I promise to change it all. I'll even give you the winnings from his bet."

"Can't we just break up afterward?" Judy said.

"The organizers thought the stigma and publicity of that would prevent you two from doing so, but you can. Just have a really public wedding – and file for divorce after daddy receives his winnings if you must. I'll even give you half of it. They do expect you to live together for a week."

"Here's the problem: neither of the places where we live is large enough to house us both." Nick didn't think that the arrangement would work for a week.

"New place to live, large enough for both? I'll pay for it. Close enough to your jobs," Fru-Fru offered.

"I think we can make this work, can't we? It's what, only for a week?" Nick said.

"Sounds good to me. We'll have a wedding and work everything out later," Judy said.

"Thank you! I'll send out all the invitations. Try to avoid appearing together in public when you aren't on the job," Fru-Fru ended the call.

"It doesn't feel normal to start dating after marriage," Nick said. "And she wants us to keep it secret until then."

"When have we ever cared about that?" Judy said. "Although, I would like to do something more than just letting Mr. Big off the hook."

"We can plan for that after we receive the money."

Fru-Fru took over the empire which was only possible due to a slight misunderstanding the day Nick and Judy used the Tail Petting Service.