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Tail Petting Service

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Every single night Nick had nightmares that he was back in that place. He didn't sleep well at all – but didn't tell anyone – thinking that it would simply pass. At least, he didn't have to work right now, they still had some time left before they had to return to Zootopia. Chief Bogo even sent over two additional officers as a precaution while stressing that it wasn't a vacation. The chief originally sent them to Bunnyburrow for safety reasons. He was surprised that Chief Bogo didn't recall them.

Nick struggled to remain awake after the second night. "I'm having trouble sleeping. Is Iris doing any better?"

"Since I haven't heard anything, I assume so," Judy said. "She took off with my credit card, remember?"

"Aren't you worried? She didn't even come home."

"She can take care of herself. Plus, it's not like we have an easy way of tracking her down."

It was difficult enough to stay awake during breakfast. His body threatened to give in to exhaustion. "I'm terrified of falling asleep."

"I have an idea, come with me."

He lumbered after Judy while trying not to collapse.

"Who wants to play 'Draw On the Fox'?" she shouted when walking past her siblings.

"Can I play too?" Nadine asked.

"Try to act your age," Judy admonished. "It's for him to relax after all."

There were tons of young rabbits eager to play, and he was too tired to protest. If he wasn't so tired, he would've objected vehemently.

"That's your bright idea?"

"Just relax." Judy motioned for him to lie on the floor. She stroked his tail. He didn't realize how much he missed the sensation. Her paws were simply divine. It reminded him of the last time he used the Tail Petting Service. Slowly, he drifted off to sleep.

The nightmares returned once more but they were different. At least, it was better than thinking of his time in captivity. Since he was too tired to object to Judy's plan, he kept on envisioning how horrible he would look when he woke up. There were lots of young rabbits were eager to decorate.

After some time had passed, he opened his eyes and yawned.

"Ahh!" A young rabbit lost his footing from his head and slid down his face with a black paintbrush, leaving a streak of paint.

"You slept for ten hours and woke up just in time for supper. How do you feel?" Judy said.

"Better." Nick looked at himself. Judy took his shirt off during that time. "Yikes." His fur was different. Some of it turned out to be as bad as he expected while there were small pictures on other parts of his body. There were still lots of young rabbits wanting a turn, but no one was painting his body for the moment.

"Don't wash that off either, the kits want to see you remain like that."

"Are you crazy?"

"You wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you? They'll do this again if you behave."

"At least, I don't have to go anywhere in public." Nick followed Judy to the dining room.

"That looks good on you." Ralph laughed.

'Yea, laugh it up."

Ralph took a few photos with his cell phone.

"Great, future blackmail material," he glared at the wolf.

The reactions from the other officers weren't any better.