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Tail Petting Service

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Judy was just outside of where Gideon lived with the intent of asking her sister for relationship advice. Since her siblings took an interest in Nick, she was running out of time, but she didn't want to mess it up. She saw them loading pies into the back of his truck.

"Hey, Judy, leaving as soon as I finish loading these pies." Gideon placed another tray of pies into the truck.

Kyla received a call. "Sure, I can arrive within the hour." She turned towards Judy. "Hey, Judy, perfect timing. I need to deliver pies to Deerbrooke. Gideon has to deliver pies to Zootopia. Can you bring Cynthia to the family farm?"


Kyla led her upstairs. A few playing blocks were on the bed.

"Rawr!" The kit jumped down from above the door, landing on Judy's face. She bit Judy on the ear. Her age was four years old.

Judy plucked the kit from her ear. "You have better success if your targets are sleeping."

"Teach me more." The kit had one rabbit ear and one fox ear. She was also wearing toy reindeer antlers.

"This is Aunt Judy. She's going to bring you to the farm where the rest of your aunts and uncle live. After we finish packing."

Judy placed the kit on the floor. "I'll be back in a bit. Stay here for a while."

The kit followed them downstairs. She noticed that Kyla was subtly annoyed.

"You can watch, just stand over here." Kyla pointed to an empty area. "And stay out of the way."

They spent the next few minutes moving pies into both trucks.

"How did you end up with Gideon?" Judy received a tray of pies from Kyla.

"After a few months of subtle hints, I had to ask him directly since he was dense." Kyla saw Cynthia moving about. "Change of plans. Judy, just bring Cynthia to the farm now."

Judy set the pies on the table. The kit got bored, so they had to adjust their plans. There were still twenty pies left to move.

"Come on, let's go!" Cynthia smiled mischievously. She ran out of the door then waited for Judy to catch up.

"Thanks for helping, Judy." Gideon was placing more pies into his truck.

They walked slowly to the family farm; part of the way Judy carried her by having her perch on top of her head.

"They're always so busy," Cynthia complained.

"How is it living as part rabbit and fox?"

"And deer!"

"Okay, and deer."

"Sometimes I hear monsters at night."

"Have you ever seen those monsters?"

"The door to the bedroom is locked."

"What do your Mom and Dad say about that?"

"They think I was just imagining it. You believe me, don't you?"

"I do."

The farm eventually came into view. A few rabbits were sitting in the shade underneath a tree.

Cynthia leaped off her head. "Mom, hurry up!" she shouted. "I want to meet everyone."

Judy hurried after the mischievous kit.

"Wow, Judy. Who's the lucky fox?" Maria said.

"Hurry up, Mom." Cynthia ran further into the farm.

Judy still had to decide if she should play along.