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Tail Petting Service

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"What do you have to say for yourself?" Bonnie sat on a chair surrounded by a circle of bunnies. "Visiting Bunnyburrow without telling anyone."

"Mom, I'm not exactly visiting. And see those mammals with me?" Judy gestured to the fox, wolf, and tiger accompanying her. "Nick and I are hiding, and the other two are our bodyguards."

"Oh, really? You're shopping in broad daylight."

"I told you that was a bad idea," Ralph Wolfard said.

"Don't blame them. You went along with it!" Nadine Fangmeyer said. "We should've locked them inside a closet."

"That's too large, isn't it?"

"Right, shove those two inside a locker instead."

"My family was on the other side of Bunnyburrow!" Judy retorted. "And, as you can see even my co-workers are dangerous."

"It's to keep you safe."

"Clearly, you're not in any danger since you were shopping at the mall without a care in broad daylight," Bonnie said.

"And I didn't want to come here because there might be. How was I supposed to know that eighty siblings would show up to 'convince' me to come home?" Judy noted that her mother didn't address what her co-workers said even though they were joking.

"That's a poor excuse and you know it. What are you hiding from anyway?"

"So, there's some crazy mammal that wants Nick and I together. They've bribed Chief Bogo with fifty thousand to try to subtly influence the odds. As a precaution, the chIef sent us to Bunnyburrow. There's even an office betting pool around our relationship."

"Your relationship with him is…"

"Friends," Nick and Judy both said at once.

"You mean he's open?" Multiple siblings echoed at once. An even braver one added, "Come, I'll show you a good time."

"Maybe later," Nick said.

"What's the deal with everyone?" Judy expected a much more hostile reception.

"Ever since Kyla managed to score Gideon, they've all been excited for foxes. It's quite the experience or so I've heard," Bonnie said. "Now, is there anyone that catches your eye?"

"Wait, Kyla is with Gideon? And Mom! Not in front of everyone!" Judy definitely wasn't going to admit that she wanted to date Nick in front of everyone. Especially, since Nick was right beside her. It did give her hope since one of her siblings was with Gideon.

"It's okay if you need help finding someone."

"Oh, she needs help. Did she tell you about the time she visited a place that was totally not a brothel?" Nick said. "Brothel-lite for the inexperienced."

"You visited a brothel?" Bonnie shrieked.

"What? No!" Judy shot Nick a look that could kill. She thought it was mutually agreed upon to pretend that, that day never happened, without talking to him. Her siblings had wide grins plastered on their faces, eager for a story.

"Oh, come on, Carrots, you can't be that innocent. Those places tend to get out of control." Nick smirked.

"And you were the one working there because you needed money."

"Wait, you thought I needed money?"

"Yes." She wasn't going to tell him that she asked Mr. Big for help that very day. It wasn't a wise decision, but she felt like she had no other option. "I even paid for all your shifts so others wouldn't take advantage of you."

"So, that's why the rest of the day was so boring. That explains it. You disappeared and they didn't allow me to leave. Thanks for nothing! All I got was two hundred."

"Can we just lock these two together already?" Nadine said. "They've already visited a brothel, and met each other there."

"It wasn't a brothel!" Judy yelled.

"That would be boring, wouldn't it? Especially, since they're right here listening. Why don't we talk this over?" Bonnie motioned for Nadine to follow her out of the room. Ralph tagged along.

"If one thing's clear, it's that I need to get far away from here. We are just friends!" Judy didn't expect them to allow her to leave, but no one stopped her as she walked out.

"He's mine!" one of her siblings shouted in the distance.