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Tail Petting Service

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"We-we are gathered here today to celebrate the heroic efforts of Officer Nicholas Piberius Wilde Hopps without his efforts, those trees would not be standing. Without his timely intervention, we would've lost our home," the woodchuck stuttered his way awkwardly throughout the entire speech.

Nick felt extremely awkward and he debated on if he should mention that the speaker made a mistake. They were awarding him for something that happened a month ago. It was also one of those days that Judy was off duty which made it more upsetting that the speaker got his name wrong. Only Judy sitting in the crowd seemed to notice that gaffe, thankfully.

"Please give it up for Officer Nicholas Piberius Wilde Hopps," the speaker continued.

That was his cue to walk on stage even though the speaker got his name wrong again. The woodchuck presented a gold medal to him as well as a large ceremonial check worth ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, his name was wrong on that too. "Thank you so much for this great honor," Nick said. "It is my goal to continue serving Zootopia well." There were multiple flashes of light as the press took pictures. They got multiple shots of the misspelled novelty check.

It was the time for questions and the press immediately jumped on the gaffe so he declined to take any. He walked backstage to confront the woodchuck. "Not to sound ungrateful, but you did get my name wrong during your speech."

"I'm so sorry, it was my first time speaking in public. The speaker was sick so I volunteered since you're my hero. My life is over!"

"Don't worry about it," Nick said.

"You don't understand…" The woodchuck kept rambling on.

Nick felt a pang of sympathy for the woodchuck but he didn't have time to comfort him. "I'm not mad." He still had a shift in the afternoon. It wasn't easy to walk around with a giant ceremonial check. He knew the award was coming but the money was a surprise. Not that he needed it since he had plenty from his hustling activities in the past.

He was on his way out when Judy came to greet him. "Need some help with that?"

"Yes." Nick could carry it alone, but it was rather big for his size. It was also hard not to bump into other mammals.

A reporter ran into them. "Excuse me, what relationship do you have with Ms. Hopps?"

At first, he ignored the reporter and kept walking, but the reporter was persistent. "Friends."

"How did you feel when they got your name wrong?"


"Do you have plans to pursue a relationship with Ms. Hopps?"

"That's none of your business!" Judy said. "Leave us alone. We're going to the bank."

Nick followed Judy into the car. She drove while Nick sat in the back with the giant novelty check by his side.

"So, they got my name wrong on the check too."

"Just surprised that Clawhauser didn't do it first."