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Tail Petting Service

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Judy couldn't believe how unlucky she was. Literally, anyone would've been better than Nick. She had tons of questions to ask about foxes with her eventual hopes of winning his affections. Even though she did research, it wasn't as reliable as asking another fox. There was no way she could ask Nick directly without jeopardizing what they already have. What was worse was that he saw her naked. She debated on running away or staying.

"What are you doing here?" she asked at the same time as him.

She covered herself as best as she could with her paws. Her clothes were all the way in the changing room. If any other fox saw her naked it would've been fine, but not him!

"Well?" He smirked at her actions.

"You first."

"Well, I found out about this place over the internet. It seemed too good to be true, but I signed up anyway. Your turn."

Judy didn't believe his answer, but she wasn't brave enough to call it a lie. Her heart told her that it was one. The most convincing lie she could think of was selling her reason for being here as an undercover assignment. That fox dared to laugh which made her feel ashamed. Since she paid for this service, she might as well use it. He was her friend and it would've been a normal day for them if they weren't inside here.

As she started the movie, he lost interest. It dawned on her that he was likely having money issues, why else would he be here degrading himself? Meanwhile, she played with his tail to gauge his reaction. Within mere moments, Nick fell asleep right in front of her. He was snoring.

At least, it was better that it was her instead of someone else. If someone else was in her place, they would've taken advantage of him. She couldn't even ask Nick if he was in debt since he would lie to her face even if he was. His pride wouldn't allow him to tell her the truth and she couldn't see through his lies.

The babbling of the screen caught her attention. Chills went down her spine as they featured her entering a deal with the mafia.

There was no way they could know that.

The rabbit was doing a poor job of acting as her.

"They got me all wrong!" She shut the movie off in frustration as well as not desiring to see it anymore since it was too close to the truth. The movie did give her an idea of asking Mr. Big for help. He was certain to have money if she needed it. Hopefully, his price wouldn't be too high.

Nick remained asleep. Her quest to confirm what she knew about foxes failed. It also didn't help that Nick wasn't interested in her at all since he was sleeping through this. Even though he didn't find her attractive enough, she wanted to help him as a friend.

There was much for her to do. She extricated herself from the sleeping fox. The fox remained asleep as she headed towards the changing room. Once she put on her clothes, she walked to the counter and booked Nick for the rest of his shift. He wouldn't be servicing anyone against his will. Not that she planned to be there, but it was to keep him safe.

On the way out of the establishment, she thought of mammals she could call upon for help. She didn't know how much he owed, but given his history, it could be a lot. The only one that could possibly free Nick from whatever troubles he was in, was Mr. Big. She hadn't planned on visiting the shrew since she was better off not knowing what was going on. It gave her plausible deniability, but this was an emergency. As unwise as it was, she headed towards Tundratown. There were polar bears standing guard just outside when she arrived.

"I need to talk to him," she said. Her heart pounded, wondering if he'll reject her request.

The bear remained silent but motioned for her to follow him inside. She noted that the décor changed since her last visit. There were numerous portraits detailing Mr. Big's philanthropic accomplishments as if he was showing them off.

"I need your help," she said.

"What troubles you, my child?" Mr. Big said.

"Nick is selling his body to make ends meet. I think he's in debt with someone. I don't know how much he needs. Help me, please." She realized she was crying by the end of her plea.

"Say no more."