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Fairground Attraction

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It's the start of the summer holidays. And 17 year old Serena Mckinnie is determined to make the most of her 7 weeks off before she starts university. Serena sat at her dressing table putting a bit of makeup on. She was meeting her friends to go to the fun fair. Sian, one of her friends, never went on the rides; she just saw it as an opportunity to chat up boys. Her other friends Fleur and Louise were quieter. Fleur had autism and had been Serena's and Louise's best friend since they first met at nursery. They were both fiercely protective of Fleur.


"I'm going out Mum." Serena said as she went downstairs and put her jacket on.
"Where are you going?" Adrienne, her Mum said as she stood at the lounge door.
"The fair is in town Mum. I'm meeting Fleur, Sian and Louise there."
"I wish you wouldn't knock around with that Sian."
"Mum she's one of my friends."
"Well I don't like her. She's a bad influence. Plus she's man mad. That girl is gonna end up getting herself in trouble before long if she's not careful. And I don't want her getting you into trouble."
"What are you babbling on about Mum?"
"Babies Serena. I'm talking about babies. Sian is going to end up getting pregnant. And I don't want the same for you."
"Mum relax there's no way that's ever gonna happen to me. I've already told you I'm not interested in boys."
"Make sure it stays that way."
"Don't worry it will." Serena smiled as she kissed her Mum on the cheek.
"Have you got enough money?" "Yes I've got plenty."
"Here take this and get yourself something to eat." Adrienne gave Serena a £20 note.
"Thanks Mum."
"It's for food Serena not cigarettes and booze."
"Yeah. See you later." Serena called out as she walked down the garden path.


"I WON'T MUM." Serena shouted as she walked down the road.
"Leave her be darling." George said as he put his arms around Adrienne's waist.
"I worry about her when she's around Sian. I don't trust that girl."
"Serena isn't a little girl anymore. In a few weeks she'll be 18. A grown woman who after the holidays will be going to university."
"She's still my little girl George. No matter how old she is."
"I know, love." Adrienne turned round and hugged her husband.


Serena met the girls at the off licence.
"About time." Sian said as Serena walked up to them.
"Stop moaning."
"So what are we getting to drink?"
"Not vodka Sian it's rank." Louise said as she got her purse out.
"What about wine? We could always get a couple of bottles of decent wine." Serena said as she gave Fleur some money.
"Look at Miss lardy da." Sian said as she lit up a cigarette. Serena stuck two fingers up at Sian as she went into the shop with Fleur.
"Leave her alone." Louise said as she took a drag of Sian's cigarette.
"Serena knows I'm only joking."
"Here we go ladies. We've got 1 red and 2 white. Who wants what?" Fleur said as she waved the bag about making the bottle clink.
"Don't break them you idiot."
"Don't ever call Fleur an idiot Sian." Serena snapped as she took the bottle of red and passed the bag to Sian.
"I was only joking." "Well your not funny. So shut up." Serena snapped as she put her arm in Fleurs and walked off ahead.


"My God it's rammed." Sian said as she took a swig out of her bottle.
"So what are we going on first?" Louise asked as they stood in the queue to get in drinking their wine.
"Excuse me ladies." A voice said from behind them. When the girls turned around they saw a tall woman. Blonde and very beautiful.
"What's up?"
"There is no alcohol allowed I'm afraid."
"Come on I'm sure you could let us be an exception." Sian said as she walked closer to the blonde.
"Not a chance, either bin it or leave." Serena smiled as the blonde looked at her.
"Just chuck it in the bin Sian, for God's Sake." Serena said as she chucked hers in the bin along with Louise.
"And yours." The blonde said to Fleur.
"My friend's drink is just a bottle of coke. She doesn't drink." Serena said as she walked closer to the blonde. " My friend has autism and doesn't like alcohol. You can try it if you don't believe us."
"I believe you." The blonde smiled at Serena. "Enjoy your evening."
"Thank you." Serena smiled as the girls walked away. Serena couldn't help but turn back around to look at the blonde again.