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Run to me

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Miranda swept onto the stage, looking out at the sea of expectant faces, all familiar to her in some way or another. She couldn't quite believe she had managed to pull this off. All these people were here to celebrate diversity in all its glorious forms, to embrace the lesser known and also raise a good deal of money for fantastic causes. Over the last few months Miranda had been amazed, moved and shocked at some of the stories she and Andrea had read about. The interviews that were now sitting proudly within the pages of the latest magazine issue were a rich and eye opening insight into the struggles and obstacles that so many people faced everyday and, more often than not silently. It was heartbreaking. What had started off as a selfish way to deflect attention away from accusations of nepotism and her relationship with the latest Runway cover star, had actually ended up being a journey of self discovery. To have this opportunity to give the voiceless a platform to talk about their everyday struggles was beyond humbling. The corners of society that are constantly ignored, invisible, disregarded, would now have an opportunity to finally be seen. Miranda knew what she had to do. She felt the weight on her shoulders but had vowed to ensure that the silence was no more. Taking a deep breath she began to speak.




"That was quite the speech you gave," Estelle snorted. She had found a spot at the bar and was swiftly making a significant dent in the free drinks on offer. With the champagne long forgotten she swirled her vodka on the rocks. The smooth liquid had provided her with a false bravado. "You almost convinced me that you actually had a heart," Estelle slurred slightly as she watched Miranda signal to one of the bartenders. 

Miranda rolled her eyes, wishing that she could have avoided this. After her opening welcome she stepped off stage whilst the guests then heard from some of the charities. First hand accounts as to how the various organisations had helped change lives. The messages were clear, heart wrenching in places, but the overall sentiment was a positive one. Every single person in that ballroom knew they could make a difference, whether it be by a donation, implementing a mentoring programme, or simply using their own influence and power to push for much needed change. Miranda's mood was buoyant thanks in part to the raucous applause, led by her Andrea, which had followed the last speaker. It had been incredible to listen to it as it had rung out around the ballroom. Like everyone Miranda had spoken to as she made her way slowly through the throng of guests to the bar, she was buzzing with an overwhelming feeling of hope. The last thing she wanted was to have that joyous bubble burst but alas that was not to be. 

"I must say I was a little surprised to see you had actually turned up," Miranda gave a curt nod to the barman as he placed two glasses of champagne in front of her, "let alone had the audacity to stick around," Miranda took a sip of the cool bubbly liquid, "What I still haven't worked out though is whether you are brave or a fool," Miranda tilted her head and observed Estelle shifting uncomfortably on her bar stool. 

"I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about," Estelle shrugged. "You know no one actually believes all that bullshit you said up there. And look at you," Estelle scoffed, "You're kidding yourself if you think changing your hair and makeup will alter people's perception of you. You will still be a first class bitch. And from what I saw of you and Andy earlier it won't be long before she gives you the big buh-bye," Estelle knocked back the remainder of her drink. 

"Oh Estelle, Estelle, Estelle," Miranda laughed lightly despite the shark-like grin she now sported, her perfectly manicured nail tapping on the side of her glass. "Quite the disappointment aren't you. I was expecting far better insults, but then you were never that creative. However there was a glimmer of promise." 

"Wh-what do you mean?" Estelle was annoyed that Miranda's cool, collected manner had rattled her so much. 

"With the involvement of Andrea's mother. But that was probably only down to you being in the right place at the right time. For once in your life." 

"Andrea's mother?" Estelle was panicking. Sweat had begun to trickle down her back, pooling at the bottom of her spine. 

"You think I didn't know who leaked the photos to the press? Tut tut Estelle. You should know by now I have eyes and ears everywhere," Miranda whispered. "And failing that my powers of, shall we say, persuasion , weren't built on rumours alone."

"Those photos came out ages ago," Estelle jutted her chin in defiance. The fact that Miranda had yet to act on this knowledge after so long led Estelle to believe she was bluffing. "Clearly losing your touch if you're only just accusing me of that now. You're all talk, Priestly," Estelle spat. 

"Hmmm, you will have to let me know come Monday morning whether I'm all just smoke and mirrors, as it were," Miranda smiled at the puzzled expression on Estelle's face. The agent will be in for a shock when she realises that her client book is empty and Scarlet has cleaned out her desk, no longer at her beck and call, not that she ever really was. Miranda had been so impressed with the young woman she had offered her a position at Runway and would be starting in a few weeks time. She turned around and leant back against the bar looking out at the guests milling around. Miranda saw Caroline and Cassidy dancing with Andrea and Nigel. She couldn't help but sigh. A happy content sigh. 

Estelle looked over her shoulder and grimaced at the sickeningly sweet scene Miranda was avidly watching. "She'll get bored of you and your little brats. You can only put on an act for so long Miranda before the cracks start to show. And they will. How many husbands have you chewed up and spat out now?" 

"That may be," Miranda shrugged, refusing to bite, "but I very much doubt it. You know, I see a great deal of myself in you Estelle."

"Come again?" Estelle was confused, her head fuzzy thanks to the contents of her now empty glass. 

"The bitterness. The anger. The loneliness." Miranda kept her eyes on her loves, desperate to go join them on the dance floor, "Trust me, those feelings only eat you up. They set in, distorting your outlook on everything. Once they have a hold on you they will destroy all that is around you. One day you will wake up and it's all gone. Just like that," Miranda snapped her fingers with a satisfying click, startling Estelle," You will look around and everything that was good will no longer be there."

"I am not you," Estelle hissed through gritted teeth. 

"You're right there," Miranda smiled as she gazed at Andrea, head thrown back and laughing as she twirled around the dance floor with Caroline before turning to face Estelle, "Let go of the anger, Estelle. Ultimately the only person you hurt is yourself, no one else. It will control you. Trust me. I guess in a roundabout way I should be thanking you. You set me free." Miranda picked up the glasses of champagne, smiling in thanks at the barman who had topped hers up. Keeping the smile on her face for appearances sake she leaned in close to Estelle. Miranda could almost smell the woman's fear. "But I will always be watching. See this as a free pass. You come near my family again and I can't guarantee I, or Andrea, will be so forgiving. In fact, if Andrea had her way she would ensure this was the last evening you had. So maybe you should actually be thanking me," Miranda's laugh made Estelle tremble, "My Andrea is a fiesty one," Miranda then shocked Estelle by placing a kiss on her cheek, leaving a dark red lipstick mark against her now pale cheek, "Quite the protective mama bear when pushed," and with that Miranda was gone.  

Estelle sat there, stock still on the bar stool. Her clammy hand was clutching at her cheek which mere moments ago had been graced by Miranda Priestly's lips. What the hell just happened? She felt sick. The burning sensation of bile rising up her throat rapidly made her eyes water. Fragments of what Miranda had said to her were swimming around her mind. Water. She needed water. Croaking out the request to the barman, she watched Miranda whisper to Andy. The look she received from the brunette made her shudder. She needed to get out there and fast. Estelle snatched the glass of water before the barman could even place it down and drank it in one go. Wiping her mouth she scrambled off the stool. In her haste and inebriated state it knocked to the floor, as she went to pick it up she dropped her clutch, the contents spilled out around her feet. She could feel eyes staring at her, one pair in particular burning the back of her head. Frantically grabbing the scattered items she quickly shoved them back in her bag. As she stood she locked eyes with Andy. The brunette was standing there with her arms protectively around the shoulders of Caroline and Cassidy. She looked ready to pounce. The raised eyebrow told Estelle she had about five seconds to vacate the building. Estelle hesitated causing Andy to take a step forward. Shit. Miranda was right, Andy looked ready to rip her throat out. Estelle didn't need telling twice. She fled the ballroom with the words "free pass" ringing in her ears and a perfect outline of the mouth that delivered them still on her cheek. 




Miranda spotted the blue hair of Francesa Anderson instantly. The poor girl was hovering on the perimeter of the dance floor looking bored to tears having been ensnared in conversation by two of the less interesting Elias Clarke board members. 

"Ah, Megan," Miranda beckoned the young photographer over, "Come with me. I have someone I want to introduce you to."

"Ok, sure," Megan had to pick up her pace to catch up with Miranda, that woman didn't wait for anyone. 

"Good evening, gentlemen," Miranda purred as she approached Francesca. 

"Miranda, what a party!" one of the suits voiced, the other nodding vigorously, echoing his sentiments. 

"Yes, it's a rather splendid evening isn't it," Miranda smiled knowing it wouldn't quite reach her eyes, not that the gentlemen would notice, "If you don't mind, I really must speak with Ms Anderson." 

Francesca's shoulders relaxed in relief, only to tense again clearly realising she would now have to speak with Miranda. The editor couldn't help but chuckle lightly. She still had it. 

"Come along, Ms Anderson," Miranda turned on her heel not even second guessing she was being followed by both young women, "Oh and I expect to see your names on some of the silent auctions, Gentlemen," Miranda smirked at Megan who had joined her side. 

"Francesca, tell me, why were you on the red carpet?" Miranda continued to lead them through the ballroom. 

"Erm, well, I wanted to cover the event for my, I mean, the online publication I work for." 

Miranda stopped and turned to face Francesca, rubbing a finger along her lip. She had already had Emily dig into the Violet Woolf, so she knew it was in fact a blog, run and managed by Francesca. She admired Francesca's fiery ambition, and stubbornness, to not crumble under her gaze. Something even hardened businessmen fell foul of time and time again. Miranda was impressed. 

"And what were you hoping to achieve from this evening?" 

From the brief look at some of the articles, she could see that Francesca's writing was good. Raw and unedited, but she approached each subject from a fresh new angle. Miranda was excited by the talent this girl possessed. It was untapped, and with the right guidance Miranda knew she would flourish. It's exactly what she wanted for Runway. 

"To capture the essence of this event," Francesca looked Miranda directly in the eye. She knew this was her one shot and she wasn't going to waste it. "I knew that everyone would be looking at it from a superficial level, what people were wearing, and who was attending, but not the choices behind those decisions," Francesca held her breath as she clutched her trusty notebook. 

"May I?" Miranda nodded towards the dark purple leather bound notebook in the girl's hands. 

Reluctantly handing it over, Francesca looked to Megan who just shrugged. 

Miranda flipped through the pages. It was full of neatly scribed anecdotes, sketches, quotes. It reminded her of the journals and sketchbooks she avidly kept when she was younger. The language and historical references were incredible. Ideas for future articles, whilst left field, were compelling. She eagerly turned the pages and landed on the most recent notes from this evening. Sublime. Keeping her excitement in check, she snapped the journal shut and handed it back to the now slightly trembling Francesca. 

"You will do a write up of this evening, no more than two thousand words, and then report to Runway 9am Monday morning. Spend the rest of the evening shadowing Megan. That's all." 

Francesca stood speechless, for the second time that evening, as she watched Miranda saunter away. 

"Is she always like that?" Francesca whispered. 

Megan couldn't help but laugh at the look of pure bewilderment on the blue-haired girl's face. "Yeah, she is. I wish I could say you get used to it but you really don't."

"Right, well OK then. I'm Francesca by the way," Francesca held her hand out towards Megan. 

"Megan, as I am sure you gathered by that stellar introduction," Megan chuckled and shook the offered hand, "Come on, I still have some shots to cross off my list. And If there is anything specific you want me to shoot for reference or to accompany your piece, just let me know."

Francesca couldn't believe how her night had changed so drastically but she was buzzing with ideas and already had the beginnings of her write up floating around in her mind. She felt like Cinderella. She let out a loud, snort of shocked laughter, and her hand flew up to her mouth to stifle another burst that was bubbling away. If someone had told her this morning she would have ended up getting Miranda Priestly as her fairy godmother, albeit a ridiculously hot scary one, she would have told them to very colourfully jog on. 




"Oh my god," Andy squealed and grabbed Miranda's hand, "Look!" 

"Finally," Miranda drawled, "the worst kept secret is now out in the open."

Out on the dance floor Charlotte was softly swaying in the strong and enviably toned arms of Sally Saunders. Miranda smirked as she was proved right - they really did make a striking couple. 

"What are you smirking at?" Andy asked as she noted Miranda's expression. 

"Nothing in particular," Miranda entwined her fingers with Andrea's and gave them a reassuring squeeze, "I think the girls are showing signs of flagging." 

"Oh bless them. I think for the last hour they have been running on sheer willpower alone." Andy tugged at Miranda's hand and they headed over to a very sleepy pair of girls sat with her grams and Cora. 

"Hey, you two," Andy stroked Caroline's cheek, "Think it's time to get you home." 

This was met with protests from the girls. Andy would have been inclined to give them an extra ten minutes if it wasn't for the huge yawn that Cassidy tried, unsuccessfully, to hide, much to the relief of Cora whose shoulder was aching going by the wince she did as she stood. 

"Yes, Bobbseys, come on, let's get you to the car."

Once on the street, and the girls safely in the back of the car, Miranda pulled Josie aside, "Are you sure you're ok looking after the girls tonight?" 

"Absolutely, Miranda," Josie affectionately patted Miranda's forearm, "They are going to be out like a light and then Cassidy mentioned something about a film marathon tomorrow, so we will be just fine."

"They are great girls, and we're looking forward to spending some more time with them, so don't feel like you need to rush back," Cora winked at Miranda as she slipped into the car. 

"Thank you for a great evening," Josie was next in the car, "It's been truly wonderful, Miranda."

"See you guys tomorrow then, and call if you have any problems!" Andy closed the car door, giving a quick wave as the car pulled away. 

"Are you ready to leave?" Andy linked arms with Miranda as they headed back into the venue, ignoring the remaining paps clicking away. 

"Hmmm, yes, it's been a long day," Miranda sighed, she couldn't believe the evening was finally coming to a close. Well this part anyway. She shivered at the thought of what was to come later… 




Miranda opened a bottle of champagne as Andrea went off to explore their vast suite. She had indulged and booked, well Emily had booked, the Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental. Located on the 50th floor it offered the most spectacular views of the city through huge floor to ceiling windows.

Miranda knew there wouldn't be much use for the other bedroom, living room, kitchen, media room or the dining room. Actually she had had a fantasy about spreading Andrea across their dining table at home, leisurely lavishing Andrea's incredible body but couldn't quite bring herself to suggest doing such a thing where she would often entertain business dinners, so maybe, on second thoughts, that room would get some use after all… As she pondered that extremely hot scene, she heard her name being shouted, and, judging by the excited squeal, she knew Andrea had found the very reason why she chose this particular suite. 

"Miranda!" Andrea bellowed from somewhere in their suite, "You seriously have to come and see this!" 

Carefully pouring two glasses of champagne Miranda sauntered through to one of the two bathrooms and saw Andrea standing in awe staring at the star feature in the centre of the room. 

Smiling at the sight Miranda handed the brunette one of the glasses, "Big enough for two, don't you think darling?" 

"I'd say! It's huge!" Andy ran a hand along the edge of a very large oval bath, the sleek black colour making for a stark contrast against the white marble walls and floor. To the right were more floor to ceiling windows and above it hung a modern swarovski chandelier. 

"I suggest you get started on filling it as it's going to take a while given the size. I will be in the bedroom," Miranda purred in Andrea's ear, "waiting…" 

Miranda headed off to get set up in the bedroom. She lit candles and put some background music on the bose. Just as she was deciding whether to start undressing or not, she felt a strong pair of arms snake around her waist. 

"As much as the party was fabulous," Andrea nuzzled at Miranda's neck, inhaling deeply, "I am so glad we are here. I have been thinking of this moment all evening." 

"Hmmm," Miranda moved her head to the side to give Andrea's wandering mouth more access, "As have I, darling." 

Turning around in Andrea's arms Miranda brought her hands up to Andrea's face, lovingly cupping her cheeks. 

Andy licked her lips, her gorgeous brown eyes flitting down to Miranda's lips and back up to gaze into those magical blue eyes. 

Leaning in Miranda captured Andrea's full lips, moaning instantly at the touch. What started off as a slow exploration soon became heated as both were overcome with the building passion that coursed through them. 

Miranda began to blindly unbutton the corset of Andrea's dress but the fiddly fastenings were proving tricky when she was doing it but touch alone. Letting out a growl of frustration Miranda broke their kiss and pouted. She looked adorable. 

"Oh my love," Andy chuckled, "let me turn around," doing just that, she looked over her shoulder, "Is that better?" 

"I don't know whose bright idea it was to put you in a corseted dress," Miranda grumbled as she finally got the buttons undone and made a start on the lacing. 

Andy knew not to comment that it was actually Miranda who had insisted she was laced in. As the threads started to loosen Andy felt her torso relax. She took a deep satisfying breath just because she could. The dress was soon pooled around her feet, as she stepped out she heard a gasp. 

Standing there in just her heels and a sheer lacy thong, she slowly bent down to pick up her discarded outfit, causing a low growl to emanate behind her from Miranda. 

Miranda quickly stalked forward, immediately taking the dress and throwing it on the nearest chair. She walked them towards the wall as her fingers lovingly traced the red marks left behind from the tightly bound top. Andrea hissed as her naked back hit the cool surface. Miranda sank to her knees and began to leave kisses where her fingers had just been. Deftly looping her thumbs in the thin waistband of Andrea's underwear, she swiftly pulled them down her toned legs. 

Andy went to slip out of her shoes and received a quick tap to her ankle. 

"Leave them on," Miranda croaked as she encouraged one of Andrea's shoe clad feet off the floor and swiftly put it over her shoulder. She could smell Andrea's arousal, her mouth watering as she licked the brunette's inner thigh, giving it a little nip for good measure before she swiped her tongue through the length of Andrea's wet folds. 

Andy was so thankful that she had the wall to lean back on. The sight of a fully clothed Miranda on her knees looking up at her as she slowly licked everywhere but where she needed her most was beyond even her imagination. 

Miranda had never seen Andrea look so beautiful. The brunette's hips had started to move, eagerly chasing her mouth, but Miranda couldn't help but prolong the teasing just that little bit longer. She absolutely loved it when Andrea was wanton and begging for release. The sharp press of a heel into her back was enough of a message that Andrea was nearly at that point. 

"Miranda," Andy panted, grabbing a fist full of those iconic white locks, "Miranda, hmmm, oh, please." 

Miranda felt the sharp pull of her hair, guiding her, encouraging her. 

"I need, oh fuck," Andy was writhing against the succinct rhythm Miranda's tongue was now providing.

Feeling how worked up and ready Andrea was, Miranda entered her easily. Two fingers soon became three. She startled slightly as Andrea's free hand slapped against the wall as she sucked at that precious bundle of nerves. Her mouth working in perfect tandem with her fingers, driving Andrea ever close to her climax. Miranda could feel Andrea's leg start to tremble so she shuffled forward pressing the brunette even closer to the wall for extra support. A final twist of her wrist sent Andrea into orbit. Her body went taut. Miranda looked up and saw those plump kissable lips fall open silently before a deep, loud growl burst forth. 

Andy sagged against the wall, her arm covering her eyes, as she tried to suck in enough air to stop from passing out. Her leg finally gave way and she slid into Miranda's open arms. 

"Holy fuck," Andy's voice was an octave lower than usual, "that was quite a ride."

"You certainly rode something," Miranda drawled as she wiped her mouth, "You looked exquisite, my darling."

Andy could feel herself blushing as she sat naked on Miranda's fully clothed lap. Andy kicked off her shoes and then summoning the last of her strength stood up. 

"I want you," Andy reached a hand down to Miranda to help her up. 

"In the bath?" Miranda raised an eyebrow wondering if Andrea would remember… 

"Shit!" Miranda laughed as Andrea spun around wide eyed and ran off at quite a speed towards the bathroom. 




After spending most of the evening and early morning hours making love, Miranda was enjoying a much needed lie in. They had both agreed on a lazy day, and wouldn't be leaving the hotel room, or the bed if Miranda had her way. 

Andrea had ordered them some breakfast via room service and Miranda was lying on her side, half asleep as Andrea ran her fingers lazily over her naked back. When Andrea sighed for what felt like the twentieth time Miranda finally gave in and rolled over. 

"Whatever is the matter, Andrea?" 

"Nothing," Andy, sighed again, "It's just," Andy rolled onto her back, "Oh never mind. It's ridiculous."

"It's just what darling?" Miranda was getting a little concerned now. Surely this couldn't still be about the silent auction? 

"Honestly, it's nothi-" Andy was interrupted by a knock at the door. 

"That will be room service," Miranda slipped out of bed quickly putting on the fluffy hotel robe, "Don't go anywhere," Miranda chuckled as she padded towards the door. 

Andy heard the door open and then the sound of a trolley being wheeled through to the dining room. She could just make out muffled voices before the door opened and shut again. Then silence. Expecting Miranda to come straight back to bed, she sat up arranging the pillows so they were just so before leaning back on them, comfy in her cosy pillow cocoon. 

"Andrea," Miranda's voice carried through the suite, "why don't you join me in the dining room?" 

Andy quickly jumped out of bed grabbing the other robe and went to join Miranda. 

"Wow this is quite a banquet," Andy took in the sheer amount of food Miranda had begun to lay out on one end of the large dining table, "I think I may have over ordered," she giggled as she took a seat. 

"You don't say?" Miranda gave a faux glare as she sat down next to Andrea, "Why don't you pour us some coffee, darling." 

"Sure," Andy reached for the cafetiere and saw an envelope propped up against it with her name on it, "What's this?" Coffee now forgotten, Andy picked up the envelope studying it closely. 

"Well if you open it you will find out," Miranda rolled her eyes, "I'll do the coffee then, yes?"

Miranda watched as Andrea ripped open the envelope, not being able to keep from smirking as she poured them both coffee. 

"What the…" Andy sat down with a thump in her chair, "Miranda?" 


"But," Andy sat there in disbelief, "I thought you lost?" 

"Lose?" Miranda scoffed, "Me? I don't think so Andrea. Not in business. Not in life. And certainly not in silent auctions." 

"Oh my god!" Andy squealed, jumping out of her seat and straight into Miranda's lap planting a huge kiss on Miranda's lips. 

"I take it you're happy?" 

"You kidding? You, me, swishing down the slopes! It's going to be amazing."

"Well maybe you can stop sulking now hmm?" 

"I was not sulking!" Andy shrieked in mock horror. 

"If you say so, darling," Miranda smiled before slowly untying Andrea's robe, delighting in the fact that Andrea had chosen to remain naked underneath. She had purposely left one end of the dining table clear. It was time to fulfil a fantasy or two…