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Dragon and Narwhal

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The Narwhal Species has always been powerful. Strong, majestic and a little too absorbed in battle for their own good. Childe was no different.

“Sensei, I’m bored.” Childe whined as he slumped into the chair. “I thought subjugating one of the Seven Seats of Teyvat would be battle driven, but no. It’s not fun at all…”

Zhongli eyed the orange haired man and let out an amused hum. “Hm, I suggest you take up a new hobby other than fighting.”

“Huh, that’s a pain.” Childe refused the idea.Thinking of something, he sat up and leaned towards the other suggestively. “By the way, Sensei, don’t you think we’re pretty close?”

Zhongli was unsure on where this was going, “I do believe so.” He put down his tea “Why do you ask?”

“Well, that’s because up until now you haven’t revealed your beast form yet.” Childe let out a sigh and dramatically waved his hands in the air. “Ah, I’m hurt.”

“I take it that you want me to show my beast form to you…” Zhongli’s eyes turned into a deeper shade of amber that Childe did not notice. “...but are you ready for the consequences?”

“Huh? It’s just showing another form, no?” Childe ignored the chills he felt the back of his neck and laughed it off. “Don’t worry! Let’s fight while at it! I’m always looking for some challenge!”

Zhongli let out a small smile and tapped on the table. “Then, let’s sign a contract.”

If Childe knew that those words triggered a switch on the man, maybe he could’ve taken upon a new hobby instead. Or not.


The ground trembled in welcome to their Lord. Zhongli’s hair grew a few inches longer, the soft locks unbound by the tie swayed in movement with the earth below and gave out a faint hue of the geo. Two large horns appeared on his head, adorning it like crowns, it looked dangerously sharp like his eyes that became piercing and bright. He let out a grin as he stared at Childe looking at him in awe, his fangs displayed its full glory.

“What are you being so shocked for?” Zhongli raised his arms, both covered in runic carvings of Liyue and it glowed in response to his delight when his fingers grasped Childe’s flushed cheeks. “Are you going to fight?”

Childe flinched and gripped his wrists in response. “I won’t pass the opportunity to get stronger.”

Zhongli’s eyes narrowed in thrill and smirked. He leaned in, “Good Boy. Now, let’s start shall we?”

Pillars of geo shot through the ground at an alarming rate, giving no time for Childe to move. The area surrounding it reverberated dangerously as crystals of elemental reaction appeared everywhere. Zhongli jumped up on the tallest one and looked down on Childe from below. “Just as much as I want to fight with you, I want to end this quickly so I can get what I want.” He tapped on his heart and a beautiful ornament like a chess piece appeared floating.

Childe’s eyes shook at the familiar item. “You—! You deceived me!”

Zhongli rubbed the Gnosis, and replied, “I never did. I don’t recall you asking if I’m an Archon?” He raised it in the air and whispered. “To God's Heart I declare: Heaven and Earth will tremble upon my command. I propose the contract today: This man, shall be mine, and I…”

Zhongli appeared right in front of Childe. He placed his palm on his chest, above where his heart is, a sizzling sensation burned before a geo mark appeared. His other hand gripped the back of Childe’s neck and brought the man closer. Zhongli leaned in, and kissed him passionately and whispered, “...his”



Moans echoed in the room and two men were in each other’s embrace. The man with orange locks of hair, slightly pointed ears and with a beautiful tail in the shade of noctilucus jade trembled. His lips are captured by the dominating man on top, locking him in so he cannot escape.

“Ahh— Sensei… Doing this in my beast form is a bit…” Childe held on tightly. Eyes glazed by desire, he once more absorbed the appearance of Zhongli, he really like this form too much. As Childe checked him out, Zhongli’s dark eyes never left his. A tail at the back of the man caught Childe’s attention, he never saw that back at the fight.

Zhongli began to move and his claws slide towards the narwhal’s tail. Contrary to the image, his hands were gentle and heat quickly spread to Childe’s stomach. “Ah, t-that, my tail is very sensitive so ple— Ah!” Another tail wrapped around his and began stroking it sensually, Childe gasped at the stimulus.

“Hm, how beautiful.” Zhongli whispered deeply in his ears and bit it before his lips went down to the two buds on Childe’s chest. He gave it a kiss, licked it and finally started to roll his tongue on its tip while his hand attended the other. “The narwhal is a mammal, I wonder if I suck on your chest enough…” Zhongli gave the pink buds a teasing tug with his teeth, “... will milk come out?”

“Ah, ha— tha- impossible!” Childe stuttered as Zhongli began to aggressively suck on his chest. With the stimulus of both his upper and lower body, he felt like he would burst. “A- I’m, becoming… weird” He felt something open up on his lower body and he turned into a deeper shade of red. “This—!”

“Hah…” Zhongli captured Childe’s hands that tried to cover the opened hole on his tail. Eyes dyed with anticipation, he smiled. “I’m pleased with your invitation.”

Zhongli lowered his head looking at the beautiful shade of pink in interest. “Do-Don’t look!” Hands free when he gave up, Childe weakly touches Zhongli’s hair and slides it up to his horns.

“That feels good…” Zhongli looked up, and Childe could feel his stomach flutter at his gaze. Too embarrassed to reply, he looked away but nevertheless continued to touch the horn. Zhongli, amused, turned his attention back to the gaping hole on Childe's tail. It was already wet and ready despite having no preparation, a fascinating trait of narwhals who are willing to mate. Nevertheless, he didn't want to risk hurting the other and more preparation isn’t bad. He can’t use his hands due to his claws so there’s only one way.

“Hii—!” Childe felt something soft and hot enter his hole. “Sensei! Tha, ah!” Childe felt like he’s going crazy. The man’s long tongue made it’s way inside delicately, caressing his sweet spots. He could feel him trace each corner inside as if leaving a mark. The man continued on his advances and when Childe gripped Zhongli's hair letting out a whimper, the assault stopped.

“How about you start begging me by my name now?” Zhongli grazed his fangs on Childe’s neck. “Tell me, what do you want?” He proceeded to tease their tails together more vigorously earning a cry from the narwhal.

“I—“ Childe gasped as he felt a hot rod pulse with desire near his entrance. Zhongli rubbed his dick suggestively and Childe’s hips unconsciously shook to the rhythm.



“Please…” Childe arched his back and kissed Zhongli deeply. Tongues intertwined with each other and a low groan echoed in the room. “Please Zhongli, be my mate. Make me yours.”

“Good boy.” Zhongli’s eyes twinkle and he inserts himself slowly, perhaps due to the natural lubrication, he was able to fully enter without any problem. “Ngh, so tight. You feel so good, Ajax.”

Hearing the name, Childe tightened more around Zhongli. He felt full with the man inside of him, he could feel him throbbing all the way to his stomach.

“Ha… Relax.” Zhongli rubbed the trembling man’s nipples in hopes to distract him. “Be good, and focus on me.”

“Fuuu…” Childe tried to calm his breath, the encouragement making him excited. “Hot… You’re filling me so much.”

Zhongli pressed his claws on his stomach and smiled in satisfaction when he felt his outline inside, he began moving.

“Ahh, ah, Ah, ahh…” A moan escapes Childe’s lips as Zhongli thrusts inside. The pleasure built up overwhelmed him, his back shuddered in thrill as Zhongli teasingly thrusted upon his pleasurable spot before avoiding it again. “Don’t tease…”

Listening to him, the dragon wrapped his tail around the narwhal’s waist and thrusted with more pressure. “Zh-Zhongli! Ah!” He ravages and grinds on the sweet spot and Childe was consumed with an overwhelming pleasure.

“Hyah, ah, good! Feels, good!”

“What feels good?” Zhongli held Child’s hands into his, drunk on the bottom’s lustful appearance.

“Y-You, ah! Zhongli you feel so good, ngh! Your cock— Ah?!”

Zhongli swelled even more. “Hahh, how arousing.”

Wet and lewd sounds echoed in the room. Zhongli intensely thrusted his member in and out, the speed increasing. Childe’s body trembles in pleasure and his moans are becoming higher and higher with the continuous assault. Zhongli’s tail moved to his nipples, the rhythm the same.

Eyes full of tears from the pleasure, Childe looked at Zhongli. Their eyes met, and he clenched, his partner whose eyes were painted with desire and adoration is mated to him. The man had such an upright disposition so he always worried how to seduce him to bed, but it turns out he doesn’t need to do so, he had this side hidden well. Childe felt the pleasure build up in his stomach and he trembled as he clung to Zhongli.

“AH, ahh”

“Ngh! Ajax…”

Zhongli sunk his teeth on Childe’s neck as he pierce deeply inside, releasing every seed. Kissing the bite he made, he growls, “Marked.”