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take control

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‘Hi, I’m Izuku Midoriya and I’m living my life happily with my two extremely hot boyfriends.


First of all... yes I have not one but two boyfriends.


Do I care if anyone has a problem with us? No because we are living our best lives together and well... the sex is to die for.


Thing is recently I’ve been craving to try something new. I want to feel that power of dominating them both. But how on earth am I meant to do that if my boyfriends are such fucking daddies, I can't help but fall into submission.



However, I've decided today is the day, I will take control...’





"Deku, what are you writing?" A raspy voice asked. Before Deku could react or even think of a response, thick fingers were in front of him, snatching his notebook. 


"Hm what do we have here..." The blonde brought the pages close to his face, scanning the writing over. His expression still unreadable.


"is the sex really to 'die for’? You know that really boosts my ego even more" Bakugou smirked, lowering the notebook, to stare at the back of Deku’s head. The green haired boy was frozen, could not move an inch.


'He's going to find out... He's going to find out that I want to d-dominate them…oh my god... oh my god... he's going to mock me forever over this... I can NOT let him continue to read' Deku thought.


"Well, if you don't have any complaints, I’m just going to go ahead and continue..."


“N-no” Deku whined, jumping to his feet quickly and grabbing back his notebook. He dashed out of the room, breathing heavily.


'Just get to the bathroom, then you can lock yourself in and flush away the evidence' Deku told himself.


But he should know better than anyone that Bakugou could move and make decisions insanely fast. Before Deku could blink, his boyfriend was towering over him, holding both of his wrists against the wall. The blonde lowered his head slightly to whisper words into the shorter males ear.


"Haven't I told you nerd, it pisses me off when you try to hide things from me, so let me see what you wrote Deku"


"B-but Kacchan… even if we're in a relationship w-we still can have privacy!" Deku answered, chewing on his bottom lip nervously.


"Yes, Deku you're fucking right, but it was about our sex, you never talk about sex outside the bedroom. So it's a pretty big thing to pass up on... knowing my little nerd has dirty thoughts for himself... makes me feel incredibly turned on" Bakugou groaned, staring intensely in to the pair of emerald eyes.


"K-kacchan it's embarrassing… please" The smaller boy muttered. Though it only added to Bakugou’s curiosity. He smirked, pushing his thigh in between Deku’s leg, moving it at a teasingly slow pace in circles on the smaller male’s crotch.  Deku choked out a moan, surprised by his boyfriend’s actions, immediately throwing his head against the wall, squishing his eyes closed.


"You think this is all embarrassing huh? You think us all having sex shouldn't be talked about because it's 'uncomfortable’? Tell me Deku, is this right now, making you feel bad?" Bakugou whispered into his boyfriend’s ear. Increasing the pressure of his thigh.


"N-no Kacchan... n-No... a-Ah... I didn't mean i-it like that"


"Then how did you mean it?" Bakugou questioned, licking a stripe up Deku’s neck.


"It’s a-ah It’s just.." The green hair boy moaned, arching his back into the pressure, yearning for more attention to his cock.


"It’s just what hah? Let me see that damn notebook if it’s not such a fucking big deal!" He grabbed the shorter boy’s waist, grinding him roughly down on to his thigh. Deku below, losing his mind over the pleasure, whimpering like crazy. He was so close, so close, and now Deku only cared to cum, to feel that euphoric feeling, all the worries about his boyfriend reading his sexual fantasies vanished. Giving Bakugou the perfect opportunity to snatch what was loosely held in his hand. Although he loved seeing how much pleasure he was giving Deku, being able to know and then satisfy his boyfriends erotic needs, would be worth switching his attention to snatching the book. 


Once more, he checked to see if Deku was still oblivious and went to grab the notebook. In a flash Deku was out of his boyfriends hold, panting and blushing with green streaks flickering from him, on the other side of the room.


"Kacchan I said no" He stated, clutching the notebook closely to him.


"I thought we all agreed to not use quirks inside the house? and yet here we are, with you breaking your own rules" Bakugou sneered, watching the green haired boy’s expression drop. "So now, since it was okay for you to use yours... It's only fair that I can too... right Deku?" He shook his hands a little and then placed them to the sides of his hips, preparing to propel himself across the room.


"B-but K-kacchan-" Deku could not finish his sentence before the orange sparks were closing in on him.


'This is not going to happen, I will not let him read my notes if I don't want him to' Deku increased his speed dashing around the house, with a frustrated but playful Bakugou on his tail. He chuckled to himself, realising this was all over the fact that Deku just wanted to be in charge of what happened in the bedroom for once... really hiding it to this extent was pretty intense. None the less, having his boyfriend chase him around was quite fun, not something you would catch two pro heroes doing a lot. Gracefully Midoriya slid over the table making his way to the bathroom.


'If I can just time this right… I'll be able to lock myself in and then destroy what I wrote' Deku nodded, getting ready to reach for the handle.


"For fuck sake Deku you really think I would be so stupid to let you escape like that" Bakugou, wrapped his arms tightly around the boy, both collapsing into the hallway. Quickly he snatched the notebook and trapped Deku underneath his body, dangling the open book above his head, mockingly.


"Oh god… p-please just don't tell Todoroki okay?" Deku begged, covering his face with his hands.


The front door clicked, opening to reveal a very confused man, staring at the scene of his two boyfriends, Deku underneath the blonde, who was holding out a notebook. The split haired boy said nothing, closing the door behind him and swiftly taking the book from Bakugou’s hand. 


"T-todoroki please… you know how we talked about having space and privacy in this relationship… I don't want anyone to read what I’ve written and just… please don't let Kacchan read what I wrote…or you.. I don't want you reading it either" Deku sighed, holding out his hand.


Todoroki looked towards Bakugou next, waiting for him to speak.


"Sex, Deku wrote about his fucking fantasies or some shit" Bakugou smirked suggestively to the male.


"Right well, this is still Midoriya’s notebook and we have no right to be looking at things he wants to keep private, so no matter how much you want to see it, you can’t" Todoroki said plainly.


Deku sighed in relief, ready to take back what belonged to him.


"You're a fucking bummer icyhot... thought you would-"


"That’s what I would normally say, but if this is true and Midoriya has been writing about his sexual desires in this notebook… then everything I just said is now non-existent and we will be reading" Todoroki answered.


"Todoroki… I thought you would be on my side… two against one isn't fair" Deku whined pathetically… 'Guess I’m going to be embarrassed until the day I die' He thought to himself.


"Fuck, this is why I love you" Bakugou stood up and pulled his lover in to a deep kiss, greeting him back home.


"But first we have dinner, I’m starving and really want soba. Then we can read through our little Izuku’s notebook"


"Right, I'll start preparing it then" Bakugou said, following Todoroki into the kitchen. Deku was left in the hallway, questioning every life decision he made to get to this very moment.


'I'm screwed'