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Come Away With Me

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Seokjin turns the business card over and over in his hands as he sits at the desk, the small lamp at its corner competing with the barrage of the city lights outside, easily visible from his room on the 46th floor. He wouldn’t normally consider this at all, doesn’t know why he is now, why he hasn’t thrown the card in the trash.

For one, his obnoxious co-worker from the Seoul division slyly gave it to him after their team dinner, waggling his eyebrows in the process, telling Seokjin it looked like he needed to get laid. The entire exchange made Seokjin’s skin crawl, that someone he barely knew thought they had any right to comment on his sex life.

Or lack thereof.

Okay so maybe it had been a while. But Seokjin was never really one to fuck for the sake of fucking. He likes sex, but he likes having it with people he actually cares about.

Despite that, the fact remains that he’s been terribly lonely lately, that he’s so busy with work, traveling every month, that he doesn’t even get to see his friends as much as he wants. He feels like the only down-time he has are the long nights he spends alone in the same skyscraping hotel in the heart of the city he frequents for almost a quarter of his life.

He turns the card over again.

Discreet. Personalized. The sky's the limit.

It would be tempting if Seokjin operated that way, but he’s not interested in casual sex.

He dials the number anyway.

“Good evening.”

Seokjin almost hangs up, it’s not too late to change his mind. “Hi.”

“Are you in need of services?”

Seokjin makes a face that the person on the other end of the line can’t see. This sounds so… clinical. “Um. I just wanted… company, I guess?”

“Certainly. What kind of company do you require?”

“Um… there are kinds?” Before the person can answer he charges ahead. “Just- I just want to hang out with someone.”

“All of our escorts have limits, specialities. If you could tell me about your proclivities-”

“Maybe this was a mistake,” Seokjin starts, realizing he’s pacing in front of the bed, making a pattern in the carpet.

“It’s no problem, we understand. We can accommodate those who are new to this type of service.”

“I really just want someone to talk to, not- nothing else,” Seokjin emphasizes. “Someone nice.”

Though professional, the person on the other end of the call sounds vaguely amused. “Certainly. If you have no other desires, I will select someone for you.”

“Sure, that’s- that’ll be fine,” Seokjin mumbles.

“Are you on a mobile phone?”

“Yeah,” Seokjin answers.

“I will send a message with payment information, once it has been received we will contact your escort. Have a good ev-”

“Wait!” Seokjin says quickly. “What’s their name?”

“His name is Jungkook.”

“Okay. Jungkook. Thank you.”

The call ends and half a minute later, the text comes in. Seokjin stares at the price, blinking in shock. He makes good money, his company is successful, so he shouldn’t be surprised that his coworker uses an expensive service.

Discretion is important, certainly, and this is a one-time thing, so Seokjin sends the money. He receives a confirmation message and it says Jungkook will arrive in about an hour. Seokjin showers and puts on a pair of slacks and a button down shirt, not really sure what someone’s supposed to wear when they meet an escort.

Maybe nothing. Maybe a jockstrap and a blindfold.

It’s so very clear that he’s out of his depth.

The doorbell to his room buzzes 62 minutes later and Seokjin turns off the TV and hops off the bed, trying to flatten the creases in his pants with his sweaty palms. He clears his throat and throws the lock, opening the door.

The man - Jungkook - stands in the hall looking perfectly at ease, eyes bright and a pleasant smile on his face. “Seokjin-ssi?”

“Uh, um, yes, come in,” Seokjin stammers, stepping aside to let Jungkook pass. Jungkook’s dressed similarly to himself, complete with a tie and well-shined shoes. Even under his jacket Seokjin can see his straining biceps, the muscles of his back. He’s fucking gorgeous and Seokjin’s not sure if that’s good or bad yet. He doesn’t want more than conversation, but having a nice face and god-like physique to look at doesn’t hurt.

Seokjin locks the door behind him, staying close to it as if he might flee his own hotel room, and tries to stay calm.

“I’m Jungkook. We’re going to spend the evening together, right?” Jungkook asks, cocking his head, clearly amused by Seokjin’s demeanor.

“Yeah, just- just hanging out,” Seokjin tries to clarify, eyes falling on the large black bag in Jungkook’s hand. “What’s in the bag?”

Jungkook smirks, setting it on the bed. “Just some things you might want.”

Curious, Seokjin steps closer, standing on the other side of the mattress opposite Jungkook. “Things I might want?”

“For our time together this evening,” Jungkook explains, pulling the zipper and opening the bag for Seokjin to see.

It’s a lot, various sized dildos (some very, very intimidating), an array of plugs, restraints…

Seokjin laughs nervously, resisting the urge to close everything back in. “Um I don’t even know what half of this is? I- I’m not judging, this is just… not my usual.”

Jungkook looks vaguely distressed, like he has no idea what to do with Seokjin, and Seokjin feels bad - he really does, but 30 centimeter dildos, handcuffs, whatever the fuck that other thing is - what the fuck? - it’s not him.

“You didn’t request this?” Jungkook asks, a hint of annoyance in his tone as if Seokjin’s done something wrong.

“I requested company,” Seokjin clarifies. “I’ve never- I’m not familiar with the different types-”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow, unamused. “I have a wide variety of experience and ability.”

“I’m sure you do!” Seokjin quickly amends. “I honestly just told them ‘company,’ I don’t know where the wires got crossed.”

“If you’re comfortable telling me your preferences, I’m happy to work with them,” Jungkook says and this isn’t at all how Seokjin thought this would go. Maybe he’s the world’s biggest hopeless romantic but this feels so transactional.

“Look, I was going to order some room service, maybe watch some TV, I just- it gets lonely, all the traveling.”

“Ah, one of those,” Jungkook comments, looking smug.

“One of what?” Seokjin wants to know because he feels like the butt of a joke all the sudden.

“I know your type, too ashamed to just come out and say what you want, right?” Jungkook shucks his jacket, loosens his tie. “But you’ll get a little wine in you and suddenly you can’t wait to be gagged.”

“No, that’s not-”

“Gag me, then?” Jungkook guesses.

“Why would I want to do that? You have a beautiful voice,” Seokjin says stupidly. Jungkook raises a skeptical eyebrow and starts to unbutton his shirt. “No no no, I meant it - just dinner, I- holy fu...” he trails off because Jungkook has completely ignored him, buttons undone, shirt hanging open. Seokjin knows he’s staring, can’t look away from Jungkook’s defined pecs, his cut abs, but that’s not why Seokjin wanted him here.

“Do you like lobster?” Seokjin asks nervously, his voice two full octaves higher than before. “Or steak, if you’re… into beef…"

Jungkook looks perplexed at being denied, his technique must be tried and true and he’s not used to being resisted like this. “You’re still paying me,” he asserts and Seokjin nods enthusiastically. Jungkook narrows his eyes but takes a seat at the table. “Medium.”

“What’s that?”

“How I like my steak.”

He makes no move to redress but it’s fine, Seokjin can keep his eyes up, and he shuffles to the phone to dial for room service. He orders too much, probably, people who look like Jungkook don’t eat like people who look like Seokjin. Not that Seokjin isn’t good enough looking, or fit. But he’s not chiseled marble either.

“What do you want to watch?” Seokjin asks once he’s off the phone, taking a seat at the table with Jungkook.

“It’s your night,” Jungkook answers, sounding painfully disinterested, as if being paid to hang out is a fate unimaginable.

Seokjin frowns. “So you’re not allowed to have an opinion?”

“I get paid very well not to,” Jungkook explains.

Seokjin doesn’t want to judge but if it were him- the thought that someone wouldn’t care about his preferences would be quite upsetting, but it’s probably why Jungkook is good at his job. Not that Seokjin knows he’s good at it, since he’s not exploring it to its full extent. He can imagine he is good at it though, especially if his hourly rate is anything to go by. “Well I’ll throw in an extra 200,000 won if you tell me how you feel about The Great British Bake Off.”

Jungkook smiles - different from before, not the sex laden predatory smirks, but cute, he’s cute, and fuck- oh fuck, now Seokjin’s getting interested. It’s almost like Jungkook catches it too, that he’s let something uncalculated and genuine show because he schools his face quickly.

“It’s fine,” Jungkook says, aiming for passive Seokjin thinks, trying to cover for his slip-up.

“Fine as in, you’ll tolerate it, or fine as in you would enjoy it?” Seokjin presses jokingly.

“Either way.”

Seokjin groans.

“Look, it’s not- I don’t usually enjoy my time with clients.” Seokjin frowns because that’s vaguely terrible. Not that he loves his job but he’d like to think if he wasn’t getting paid to fuck he’d like it a little at least. “Okay, that sounds awful and it’s not exactly what I meant. I mean that it’s not for me to enjoy. I do, a lot of the time. Most of the time. But it’s not about me.”

“Can they tell?” Seokjin asks.

Jungkook sighs. “Can who tell what?”

“Your clients, can they tell when you’re faking it?” Seokjin clarifies, genuinely curious.

“I don’t fake it, I- I almost always get off.” Jungkook stammers - just a little - his carefully crafted facade crumbling ever so slightly.

Seokjin continues. “But do they think you’re enjoying it?”

“I put on a good show,” Jungkook settles on, the smug look back again.

“I’ll know,” Seokjin declares easily.


“If I put this on, and mid cupcake challenge I look over at you and you’re pretending to enjoy watching them scramble to infuse their buttercream, I’ll know,” Seokjin elaborates, deadly serious.

“Oh will you?” He’s flirting now, probably force of habit and having nothing to do with Seokjin being a person that he’s actually interested in.

Seokjin doesn’t answer, just turns the TV on and settles into the chair opposite Jungkook. They watch in silence, probably both at a loss for what to say, out of their element respectively. About ten minutes in Seokjin glances at Jungkook, whose eyes are wide, his mouth is open just a little, enthralled, and Seokjin knows it's genuine, and it’s adorable.

Seokjin answers the door when the food arrives and he wheels the cart in himself, pushing it right up to the table.

“Wow, you ordered a lot,” Jungkook comments, and to the untrained ear it sounds like a barb but Seokjin’s pretty good at reading people, he knows bottled excitement when he sees it.

“I didn’t know what you might like. Please, help yourself to anything, I got the surf and turf and a little extra,” Seokjin explains, pulling the silver domes off the various plates crowding the cart. There’s a few bottles of wine tucked on the lower tier and Seokjin grabs one, picking up the corkscrew and opening it. There are glasses in the kitchenette that he uses, passing one to Jungkook.

They fall back into silence and Jungkook picks a few things, his plate looking sparse but Seokjin doesn’t say anything about it at first. Seokjin’s never been shy about his love for food so he dives in, a lobster tail, the filet mignon, some rice, dumplings, kimchi. Jungkook watches in awe and Seokjin just smiles at him, cheeks full.

Jungkook nonchalantly stabs the other filet with a knife and ferries it to his plate. Then a couple dumplings join it. The cold noodles end up near his elbow.

“Do they not normally… feed you?” Seokjin can’t help but ask. He’s surprised to see the faint blush bloom on Jungkook’s cheeks.

“I- shouldn’t-”

“No, no, please, that’s not what I meant, I just- do they not? I’m genuinely curious,” Seokjin interrupts.

“No, not really. I mean, usually they have something specific in mind when they book me, and it doesn’t involve eating food,” Jungkook admits.

“That’s criminal, I’m sure you burn a lot of calories,” Seokjin mutters.

Jungkook laughs, a light giggle and it’s utterly adorable, it’s somehow in such contrast with the persona Jungkook puts on.

They watch a few episodes of Bake Off before Seokjin starts to regret his choice to dress ‘nice’ for this, as if Jungkook would care what he was wearing. “Do you- would it be weird if I put on my pajamas?” Seokjin asks.

“Of course, you can do whatever you want,” Jungkook answers, seeming amused that Seokjin wanted his permission.

“You can… also do what you want. To be comfortable,” Seokjin tells him before he grabs his pajamas out of his suitcase and sneaks into the bathroom to change.

It’s probably the first time someone’s left the room to get naked when Jungkook was working but Seokjin’s likely very different than most of his clients. He stares at himself in the bathroom mirror, groaning quietly at his choice of pajamas - a matching, striped set with little cartoon alpacas on them.

When he re-enters the bedroom Jungkook has moved to the bed, back against the headboard and legs stretched out in front of him. He’s stripped down to his boxers and the sight of him sucks the breath right out of Seokjin’s lungs to the point that he sputters loud enough it gets Jungkook’s attention.

“Cute pajamas,” Jungkook comments, sounding amused. Seokjin feels the tips of his ears getting hot and almost covers them on reflex, but manages to keep his hands at his sides.

“You too,” Seokjin murmurs. He hovers near the table again, unsure of where to sit but Jungkook pats the bed next to him.

“Don’t be shy, I won’t bite unless you change your mind,” he teases and Seokjin laughs a little too loudly, his nerves getting the best of him. He mirrors Jungkook’s posture as he joins him, keeping adequate space between them so Jungkook doesn’t get the wrong idea. So that the person that he’s essentially paid for sex from doesn’t think his intentions are impure. Seokjin is so clearly out of his element.

“More Bake Off? Or… something else?” Seokjin asks.

“You’re the boss,” Jungkook reminds him, but it’s less indifferent than it was before. Seokjin scrolls for something else to watch just in case Jungkook’s getting bored. “But I mean- are there other cooking shows?”

Seokjin tries to suppress a smile. “Oh plenty, what did you have in mind?”

They end up binge watching two hours of Chopped, both of them getting far more invested than they probably should, and it’s nice, it’s just what Seokjin wanted honestly. It’s getting late though and he thinks it’s probably time to let Jungkook go home for the night.

He switches off the TV, glancing over at Jungkook. “Thanks for hanging out.”

“I- that’s the deal, right?” Jungkook asks.

“Yeah, I know, I just- I enjoyed your company. Thank you. I’m- I’m not kicking you out but if you want to go home, that’s totally cool,” Seokjin manages.

“You paid for me to stay,” Jungkook points out, seeming confused on why someone would pay for something they had no intention to use.

Seokjin shrugs. “I want you to have the option. I want you to do what you want.”

“I don’t get paid to do what I want,” Jungkook reminds him.

Seokjin rolls his eyes in exasperation. “Well you do this time.”

“What if I want you to fuck me?” Jungkook asks. He’s not teasing, not really, and it makes Seokjin feel hot all over, makes him feel suddenly wild and untethered.

“Maybe next time,” he says, really hoping it doesn’t hurt Jungkook’s feelings.

Jungkook smiles softly. “Can I still stay the night?”

“Definitely. I love a good slumber party,” Seokjin confirms, happy to be cheesy just because he gets to hear Jungkook laugh again.

Jungkook has his toiletries in the black bag alongside his - Seokjin wants to call them work supplies? They wash up and get back into bed, under the covers this time, the same amount of space between them as before.

“Did you want to cuddle?” Jungkook asks, quiet in the dark.

Seokjin knows he does, that he wants that, but he’s afraid if he crosses this boundary he’s on a slippery slope. And yet: “Yeah, I do.”

Jungkook eases across the mattress, tucking himself against Seokjin’s side and laying his head on his chest. “This okay?”

Seokjin hasn’t shared a bed with anyone in almost a year, to say it’s okay would be an unbelievable understatement. “Yeah.” He sounds so small, so vulnerable and he hates it.

“Goodnight, Seokjin-ssi,” Jungkook murmurs, his breath ghosting across Seokjin’s chest where the vee of his top has it exposed.

“Goodnight, Jungkook-ah.”

When Seokjin wakes up in the morning, Jungkook is gone.


It’s three weeks before Seokjin’s back in Seoul, a room booked in his usual hotel for the four days he’ll be staying. He powers through the first night alone, catching up on work emails even though it’s the most boring chore imaginable, at least it passes the time.

He gives in on the second night and texts the escort service, considers asking for whoever might be available but he knows the whole reason he’s contacting them. Luckily, Jungkook is free and can meet him within the hour.

Seokjin preemptively puts on basketball shorts and a white t-shirt, something far more comfortable than last time. When Jungkook arrives he’s in slacks and a button down, looking just as handsome as ever. He brings the bag again but Seokjin takes it as he enters the room and chucks it aside.

“I ordered pizza, I hope that’s cool,” Seokjin says easily, flopping down on the bed while Jungkook toes off his polished shoes.

“What kind?” Jungkook asks, seeming just as comfortable.

Seokjin rolls over and sits up to face Jungkook properly. “Hawaiian.”


Seokjin actually ordered three pizzas and requested that some beer be sent up to his room and he and Jungkook spread the boxes open on the bed and eat. Jungkook’s taken off his slacks and the well-pressed shirt, down to just his boxers and an undershirt now, his toned arms very distracting even though Seokjin’s trying really hard not to stare.

“I brought my Switch this time,” Seokjin says, taking another bite of his pizza.

“You’re a switch?” Jungkook asks, eyebrows shooting up.

“I- don’t know what that means? No I brought my Switch. Nintendo?” Seokjin clarifies. Jungkook’s laughing, tipped over on his side, beer very close to spilling. “What is it? What? Come on, tell me!”

“A switch is a term that can be used in a dom/sub relationship,” Jungkook starts, trying to right himself.

“Dom/sub, like, like s&m?” Seokjin guesses and Jungkook laughs harder. “What?!”

“You sound so old, my god,” Jungkook teases him. “Yeah, something like that. Being a switch means you do both.”

“Oh- ooohhhh okay. Got it. Okay well I am neither of those things,” Seokjin notes. Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “I’m not, I don’t- I’m very boring.”

“I doubt that’s true,” Jungkook comments, eyes flickering almost imperceptibly to Seokjin’s lips. “And vanilla sex doesn’t have to be boring.”

Seokjin snorts. “I think that by calling it vanilla it is, by definition, boring.”

“Is it just that you haven’t tried things, or do you not want to?” Jungkook asks honestly.

“Can I say both?” Jungkook nods. “I mean, I wouldn't mind trying some stuff, just… not everything.”

“Boundaries are good,” Jungkook agrees thoughtfully. “I always set them with clients before we begin.”

“Do you- nevermind,” Seokjin stops himself, picking a pineapple off his pizza and popping it into his mouth.

“What?” Jungkook urges.

“Do you say no to stuff?” Seokjin rushes out.

“Definitely,” Jungkook tells him, and Seokjin wants to pry, he knows that Jungkook’s teasing him. “I’ll tell you one.”

“Okay,” Seokjin agrees happily.

“No marking.”

“What does that mean?” Seokjin asks, laughing nervously at being so naive.

“No hickeys, no bruises. Not on me, at least,” Jungkook explains easily. Seokjin stares expectantly because he wants to know why now. “It ruins it for other people, sometimes. For them to see proof that I’ve been with someone else. Others might like it that way, but. I have to be a clean slate, you know?”

“But you bruise- you bite them? Your clients?” Seokjin manages.

Jungkook smirks. “If they want me to.”

“Do they?”

“Often,” Jungkook supplies. “Why, are you interested?”

“I- me? I don’t-” Seokjin stammers and Jungkook laughs at him again. “Yah, are you-”

“You’re cute,” Jungkook says. “I know you want company, I respect that, but if you ever want something else you can tell me.”

Seokjin feels like he’s burning all over and he can’t meet Jungkook’s eyes but he nods.


“Oof, can we- can you call me something else?” Seokjin chuckles.

“Like what?” Jungkook presses.

“I don’t know-”

“Like daddy?” Jungkook teases, making Seokjin choke on his beer.

“Not that, I don’t- no,” he says once he can breath again. “Is hyung okay? I know it’s kind of weird maybe but-”

“Hyung is fine,” Jungkook says, biting his lip as he smiles. “I’ve been asked to call clients much weirder things than that.”

“Kind of want to ask, kind of don’t,” Seokjin tells him, grinning.

They play Mario Kart way too late into the night and Seokjin’s going to be dragging during his morning meeting but it’s worth it, it’s fun. Just like last time they wash up and crawl into bed together, Jungkook getting close without having to ask this time.

“Jungkook-ah, um. Would it be okay if- if…”

“Spit it out, hyung,” Jungkook murmurs against Seokjin’s chest.

“Can I kiss you? Not like- not a lot, just-”

“Of course you can,” Jungkook confirms. “I was hoping you’d want to.” Jungkook scoots up the bed, propping himself up on his elbow and leaning in.

“Can I ask you something first?” Seokjin stops him.


“Do you just… really enjoy this stuff?”

Jungkook snorts. “This stuff?”

“Like, sex stuff, kissing, you know…” Seokjin trails off, glad it’s dark and Jungkook can’t see how red his cheeks must be.

“Yeah. Not like- I’m not addicted to it, I was careful to be sure of that, to set my own boundaries. But I like it,” Jungkook explains.


“Also I just- really want to kiss you,” Jungkook admits quietly, and Seokjin cups the back of his neck and pulls him down, slots their mouths together. It’s tentative at first, just a soft press of their lips, but Seokjin wants, wants more, so he opens for Jungkook, licks into his mouth. It’s like once he starts he doesn’t ever want to stop, the arousal and thrill like electricity in him.

Before Jungkook can take it farther though Seokjin breaks off, panting a little. “Fuck.”

“You okay?” Jungkook asks softly.

“Yeah, that was- you’re a very good kisser, JK.”

Jungkook huffs a laugh at the nickname. “You too, hyung.”

“You get paid to say that,” Seokjin points out playfully.

“You’re right, I do,” Jungkook teases back and Seokjin groans. “But this time it’s on the house.”

Seokjin wakes up alone again but there’s a coffee on his nightstand labeled hyung.


Every month Seokjin flies into Seoul for a team meeting, and each time he reaches out to see Jungkook. At first it’s through the escort service, and Jungkook stays for one night.

Then he starts to text Jungkook directly, and instead of the bulky black bag Jungkook brought the first few times he brings a backpack with a few days’ clothes and sundry.

Not that he really needs the clothes; he spends his days lounging in Seokjin’s hotel room in his underwear and the second Seokjin steps through the door at night after work he sheds his 9-5 and they order room service or fried chicken or something and just hang out.

Sometimes they kiss, sometimes they don’t. Seokjin’s only ever brave enough to ask once the lights are out and they’re in bed for the night, and Jungkook never pressures him, he lets him lead the way.

Seokjin gladly pays Jungkook’s hourly rate for as long as he stays, thankful he makes a decent salary because it’s not cheap but it’s very, very worth it.

Seven months have gone by just like this - they text now even when Seokjin’s back in Busan, several times a day. Nothing in particular, nothing to do with the services Seokjin’s supposedly paying Jungkook for.

Seokjin texts Jungkook when he lands in Seoul in mid September and Jungkook asks for his reservation information because Seokjin has to go straight to a company dinner. Seokjin puts Jungkook’s name on the reservation so he can check in and then he grabs a taxi to the restaurant.

The dinner is, as predicted, boring. Or maybe it wouldn’t be that boring if Seokjin wasn’t so excited to get to see Jungkook, if he could focus on the small talk. He’s waiting for the right time to make an excuse about being tired from the flight so he can make his escape, but somehow the CEO manages to bend his ear so he’s there at least an hour longer than he wants to be.

When he finally gets to the hotel Seokjin’s nearly bursting at the seams to see Jungkook. He punches in the door code and moves into the room to find Jungkook passed out in the middle of the bed, a bottle of champagne floating in a pool of melted ice on the table.

Seokjin smiles fondly, getting ready for bed quietly so he doesn’t wake Jungkook but needing to help ease him under the covers once he gets there.

“Hyung?” Jungkook mumbles groggily. “Shit, tried to wait for you-”

“It’s fine, I was late,” Seokjin shushes him. Jungkook hums, lets Seokjin tuck him in and spoon against him, falling asleep more easily than he ever does at home.

When he wakes up Jungkook is sitting up next to him, the TV quietly playing as Jungkook watches it, and he glances down at Seokjin. “You’re awake.”

“Is it late? I have a meeting at 9.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “You have a few hours still. Got you a coffee.”

“You’re the best, Jungkookie,” Seokjin says, kissing his cheek as he gets up to retrieve his needed caffeine fix, only realizing a second later the familiarity with which he just spoke to Jungkook, the intimacy of it.

He tries not to overthink it as he washes up and gets dressed for his meeting, instead giving Jungkook and awkward wave when he leaves the room


Seokjin's workdays are hectic when he's in Seoul, constant sprints with his team, little time for anything but getting through the tasks. About halfway through one day he gets a strange text from his bank about a refund to his account and when he finally has a moment to grab a quick lunch he digs a little deeper.

The last payment he transferred to Jungkook's account has been rejected, the amount staring back at Seokjin in green text. He frowns and sends a text to Jungkook promising to clear up whatever happened that made it not go through.

When he finally gets back to his room he's exhausted from the day but his excitement to spend time with Jungkook always perks him up. "Hey, did you get my text?" Seokjin asks as he closes the door behind him, then realizes Jungkook's not in the bedroom. Seokjin can hear the shower running so he goes to the ensuite but stays outside of the actual room, raising his voice so Jungkook can hear him.

"Hey JK, did you get my text?"

Jungkook shrieks in surprise, clearly not knowing Seokjin is back, and Seokjin can't help but giggle. "Hyung you scared me!" Jungkook chastises him. "Um, yeah, I saw it."

"I don't know what happened, I can call the bank and-"

"I rejected it," Jungkook tells him, shutting the water off. He reaches out for a towel and Seokjin turns away to give him privacy.

"Okay... why?" Seokjin asks, confused.

"Because I don't want your money," Jungkook replies quietly and Seokjin can hear him drying off behind him.

"Yeah, but-"

"I want to be here, hyung. You don't have to pay me," Jungkook reiterates.

"Jungkookie, you have bills to pay, this is your business. I'm taking up a lot of your valuable time, it's unfair of me to monopolize you and not pay you," Seokjin insists. Jungkook brushes past him into the bedroom, digging through his backpack for clean underwear. Seokjin registers a second before it happens that Jungkook's about to drop his towel so he quickly spins the other way.

Jungkook sighs in frustration. "I don't want to feel like this anymore."

He sounds upset and Seokjin's trying to figure out what he's done wrong. He's always stumbled in human interaction, especially if he's attracted to someone, and he must have said something hurtful so he tries to really pay attention this time. "You don't want to feel like what?"

"You can turn around," Jungkook says, even more annoyed. Seokjin turns back as Jungkook's pulling on an undershirt, then picking the towel back up to dry his hair. "Like this is just a transaction," he clarifies.

Seokjin wracks his brain for the right words but only settles on, "It isn't."

"So," Jungkook starts, squeezing around where Seokjin’s leaning in the bathroom doorway to hang his towel. "Keep your money."

Seokjin wants to argue, still feels guilty about the fact that Jungkook's spending an average of four nights a month with him, how much money he's not making, but he knows there's no point. "Can I still buy you dinner?"

Things feel different after that, the next two days Seokjin's there before he flies home they get even closer. It's been a while since Jungkook put on any sort of act with him, but he seems even more at ease now, like he's free of something that's been bothering him.

On the last night of Seokjin's trip, after they're in bed and they start kissing, they can’t seem to stop. Usually Seokjin will draw a line and no matter how much he wants to keep going he doesn't. Even though he was paying Jungkook all this time, he felt weird taking it any further.

He knows it's his own hangup, that he's always been cautious when it comes to relationships, the idea that someone would do something with him when they might not actually like him that much is unsettling. This is uncharted territory for them, and Seokjin doesn't want to be pushy so when things start to get really heated he slows them down.

Jungkook whines against his lips, hands grazing down his sides to grip his hips. They don't usually touch much, not like this, and Seokjin feels feverish all of the sudden. "Please," Jungkook says quietly, but Seokjin's not sure what he's asking for.

"Okay," Seokjin says anyway, still not entirely sure what he's agreeing to but whatever it is must be exactly what Jungkook wants because he kisses him with a renewed fervor, then suddenly he's sliding his hand into Seokjin's briefs. "Ah- oh my god."

"Okay?" Jungkook asks, not moving, has hand hovering over Seokjin's cock. He almost always gets hard when they do this, just from the kissing, but they've never done anything like this.

"Y-yeah," Seokjin manages, about to warn Jungkook that it's been a long time, that he's already worked up and it won't take much, really to say anything but Jungkook's warm palm presses down on him, his fingers stroking lightly and any coherent thought Seokjin's ever had vanishes.

"Fuck hyung, I've wanted to do this for so long, you have no idea," Jungkook murmurs.

"I- ah, fuck, I might have some idea," Seokjin jokes, whimpering when Jungkook tightens his grip and moves over the full length of him. If he thought this was going to last he'd suggest they get some lotion or something but Seokjin doesn't think it's going to matter. "JK, I-"


Seokjin laughs, embarrassed. "I can't-"

"Then don't," Jungkook assures him, moving a little faster, the friction just this side of too much. Jungkook swipes his thumb over the slit, smearing precum over the head and Seokjin bucks up into the touch.

"Fuck, JK, I'm- I'm close, I-" Seokjin tries to slow him down, make it last, make it less humiliating but Jungkook just presses closer.

"Come on hyung, I want you to," Jungkook purrs right against Seokjin's ear and he comes, his whole body tensing as his pleasure ripples through him. He can feel his heart pounding and he blinks up into the darkness, trying to collect himself, suddenly very aware that he came in his underwear.

Seokjin groans, throwing his arm over his eyes. "Well, fuck. That was... embarrassing," he chuckles.

"It was sexy, you're sexy," Jungkook insists, keeping his hand on Seokjin even as he's going soft.

"I guess I've been, um, looking forward to that," Seokjin explains.

"Your restraint is admirable," Jungkook teases, kissing Seokjin's jaw as he starts to pull away.

"Wait!" Jungkook pauses where he's sitting on the edge of the bed. "What about you?"

"Let me get you a towel first," Jungkook laughs, disappearing into the bathroom and coming back with a wet cloth. "Strip."

"Couldn't have asked for that first? Now I have to fly home with these in my luggage," Seokjin fake-grouses, pulling his briefs off and dropping them unceremoniously over the side of the bed. He tries not to shudder too hard as Jungkook carefully cleans him with the damp washcloth. When Jungkook's done, Seokjin starts to sit up but Jungkook plants a hand in the middle of his chest.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asks.

"To get fresh underwear?"

"You can't... go without?" Jungkook suggests.

"I'm honestly not sure I've ever done that before," Seokjin admits thoughtfully.

"Want to try being adventurous?" Jungkook says, voice low and Seokjin thinks he might agree to anything right now.

Jungkook gets back into bed and cuddles closer but makes no move to go farther than that, even though Seokjin waits a while to see if he might. "Do you not want... anything?"

"I don't want you to feel obligated," Jungkook explains quietly.

"What if I tell you I give better than I get?" Seokjin jokes. "Don't let the speed at which I came indicate anything about my technique. I mean it's your fault really, you're too hot, I couldn't-"

"Stop, stop talking," Jungkook says through laughter.

"It'll be good, come on, let me show you how exuberance can bridge the gap of inexperience-"

"Hyung! Please shut up!"

"One good way to shut me up," Seokjin hints, waggling his eyebrows and hoping Jungkook can see it in the dark.

"But I left my gag at home," Jungkook bemoans.

"Yah, that's not what I meant and I think you know that," Seokjin argues playfully, scooting closer.

"You really don't have to," Jungkook tells him, suddenly very serious.

Seokjin stops, gently tucking a lock of hair behind Jungkook's ear. "I know. I know that. I want to make you feel good. I- I want to touch you, I-" he breaks off, laughing shakily. "I like you."

"I like you too," Jungkook murmurs.

"You can say no, I respect that, if you don't want me to. I'm not going to push," Seokjin says.

"Sorry, I don't- it's been a long time since I did this. I mean, not this, but... been with someone because I wanted to be, not because they were paying me," Jungkook admits.

"We can cuddle instead, if you want, I'm totally fine with that. But um, I might insist you take off your boxers at least- not- no funny business! I just feel underdressed," Seokjin mutters.

Jungkook laughs, quickly wiggling out of his underwear and chucking them across the room. He settles back against Seokjin's chest, wide eyes peering up. "What if- can you go slow? I know it's stupid, I know what I do for a living, I just-"

"You don't have to justify it to me, JK, I'll take it as slow as you want, and I'll do it because that's what you asked me to do, okay?" Seokjin soothes him, hand sliding up and down Jungkook's back. Jungkook nods but now it seems like he's unsure what to do next so Seokjin kisses him, no agenda, just soft and gentle.

He lets Jungkook take the wheel, matches his intensity and it's not long before Jungkook's whimpering against his lips, the heat of him pressed all over Seokjin's side, rocking ever so subtly for friction.

"Can I touch you?" Seokjin asks and Jungkook nods again. Seokjin twists for a second to grab hand lotion from the nightstand, pouring some in his palm and letting it warm. The second he wraps his fingers around Jungkook he moans, head tipped back so Seokjin leans in to nip at his neck, careful not to leave marks though. He remembers, Jungkook needs to be a clean slate. Jungkook isn't his.

Jungkook holds tightly to Seokjin's shoulders as he strokes his cock, slow like he asked for, watching him for reactions, to make sure it's not too much. Jungkook is beautiful like this - he always is, but with his cheeks flushed pink, his long lashes fanned over his cheeks, kiss-swollen lips parted as he whimpers, he's stunning.

"Hyung, fuck, don't- don't stop," Jungkook manages, hips chasing the friction of Seokjin's hand. Seokjin speeds up just a little, watches as Jungkook comes apart, trembling all over as he spills over Seokjin's fist, broken moans punctuated by little gasps. Seokjin works him through it until he goes boneless and it's Seokjin's turn to get a washcloth.

Once he's cleaned Jungkook's belly and he's back in bed Jungkook curls into his side. "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me for-"

"I- I don't mean for the handjob. I mean, it was a great handjob, but that's not- thank you for listening to me," Jungkook clairfies.

"I told you on day one you had a beautiful voice, why wouldn't I want to listen to you?" Seokjin murmurs, pressing a kiss to Jungkook's forehead.

"Not my point," Jungkook says.

"I know. You're welcome," Seokjin answers.

When he wakes up in the morning Jungkook's gone but there's a note scribbled on the hotel stationary:


really - thank you



The next month when Seokjin flies to Seoul he decides to stay for the weekend. He has three grueling workdays to get through first and Jungkook's busy for the first two - Seokjin's honestly not sure what he does outside of being an escort, which makes him feel like a dick but he realizes Jungkook doesn't know that much about him, either.

It's not like Jungkook's his boyfriend or anything, they're just... friends. Kind of. Friends that now jerk each other off, apparently. Seokjin doesn't want to overthink it, he's got a good thing going. He likes Jungkook a lot and they get to spend their time together, insulated from everything outside, away from the stress of Seokjin's job and the demands of Jungkook's clients. The hotel room is their sanctuary where they can eat whatever they want, avoid all responsibility, and just be with each other.

Jungkook meets Seokjin on Friday night once Seokjin's last meeting ends. He's barely back in his room when Jungkook arrives, falling quickly into his arms. He smells different, like something else - like someone else - but it's not like Seokjin doesn't know what he does for a living.

"Long day?" Seokjin asks, rubbing Jungkook's shoulders.

Jungkook hums. "Can I shower?"

"Of course. I'll order dinner, what do you want?"

Seokjin orders an obscene amount of fried chicken and turns on the TV, settling onto the bed. He hears the water cut out and a bit later Jungkook comes out, a waft of steam following him.

"Better?" Seokjin asks, scooting over to make room for Jungkook on the bed.

"Yeah, thank you," Jungkook says, instantly taking Seokjin's hand but staring glassy eyed at the TV. Seokjin admires his profile fondly, his cute little nose, the sharpness of his jaw. Then his eyes land on the purpling bruise on his neck, and he can't seem to look away.

Jungkook must feel his eyes burning holes in him because he turns and instantly covers the spot with his hand. "Ah."

"I thought no marks? Wasn't that what you said?" Seokjin's not angry, he's not even sure jealous is the right word, but he feels... something. Unsettled.

"They got carried away," Jungkook mumbles, clearly uncomfortable but he doesn't owe Seokjin a damn thing, really. It only takes a little effort for Seokjin to force a grin, tugging Jungkook's arm.

"No big deal," Seokjin says with a shrug. Jungkook lowers his hand slowly, clearly still uneasy but they're saved by the bell when the food arrives.

The night goes as usual, they eat too much and watch two movies and go to bed so late it's almost morning. They sleep pressed together but they don't put their hands on each other, don't even kiss, and Seokjin wonders if it's his fault, if that hickey's bothering him more than he thought.

By the next morning he's made the conscious decision to not let something as stupid as that ruin their weekend, and for the first time since they started doing whatever this is now, they leave the room together. Jungkook knows a good spot for lunch and Seokjin's spent so little time actually enjoying Seoul so they bundle up because it's starting to get colder these days and head out.

They walk so close together their shoulders bump and it's comfortable, it's nice, and if things were different Seokjin could imagine that all of his weekends could look like this, that he and Jungkook could window shop and have a late, lazy lunch and maybe have an ill advised early afternoon drink.

But things aren't different; Seokjin lives in Busan, and Jungkook lives in Seoul, and maybe Seokjin's not sleeping with anyone else, but Jungkook is. Not that it's a deal breaker for him or anything, but he doesn't think Jungkook's looking for anything more serious than this, than a few days every month.

Seokjin gets the appeal, it's low stakes and easy and he can appreciate that, he does, so every time his heart starts to beat a little faster, a little harder when Jungkook looks at him, touches him, he's eager to remind himself that there's no reason to fix something that isn't broken.

He does a convincing job until Sunday, his last night there. The last few days have been full of teasing handjobs and a really, really - maybe award-winning - blowjob from Jungkook but tonight feels different, the air is charged and Seokjin's not sure if it's coming from him or from Jungkook.

They have dinner, a few glasses of wine, and while they're watching TV Jungkook moves so he's suddenly straddling Seokjin's thighs. "Um, JK, I can't see the TV."

"Is that a problem?" Jungkook teases.

"Kind of? It's the dessert round, they're about to pick the Chopped champion," Seokjin tells him with as straight a face as he can. Jungkook rolls his eyes and shifts to the side enough so Seokjin's view is unencumbered. "Okay but now you can't see?"

Jungkook sighs dramatically and turns around, planting his ass right in Seokjin's crotch and now Seokjin doesn't give two fucks who gets chopped even if it were Ted Allen himself. "Can you still see, hyung? The view okay?" Jungkook asks and there's no mistaking what he's really asking.

"Fuck- yeah, it's incredible," Seokjin murmurs, not even trying to deny it. Jungkook shifts back a little, wiggling, and Seokjin places his hands on his hips. His thumbs brush up under Jungkook's shirt, touching lightly.

"Hyung, can I ask you something?"

Seokjin chuckles. "I feel like I'm kind of at your mercy here."

"Will you fuck me?" Jungkook asks quietly, still facing toward the TV like he's afraid the answer will be no. As if Seokjin has the desire or willpower to deny him anything, especially something like this.

"Yes," he answers simply, hands rubbing down Jungkook's thighs. "Can we... nevermind."

"Hyungie?" Jungkook urges, glancing over his shoulder.

"Can we do it like this? You look- fuck, this is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life," Seokjin admits.

"A little reverse cowboy for you?" Jungkook teases, rocking his hips to make his point.

"I have no idea what that means but if it's this then yeah I'm fully on board," Seokjin rushes out.

Jungkook laughs, sliding off Seokjin's lap and pulling his shirt over his head. "My vanilla baby." Seokjin pouts dramatically until Jungkook leans in to kiss him. "It's okay, vanilla's my favorite flavor."

"Oh really?" Seokjin asks, suspicious.

Jungkook shrugs, easing his boxers off. He's hard already, perfectly on display for Seokjin and he doesn't care if Jungkook calls him vanilla as long as he still wants to be with him like this. If he wants to be with him at all.

Seokjin strips then settles back on the bed while Jungkook gets the lube and a condom and Seokjin pats his lap in invitation. Jungkook tosses the supplies on the mattress and gets back in position, leaning forward, completely exposed for Seokjin.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears, running his hands over the swell of Jungkook's ass, giving him a little squeeze. "You have the greatest ass I've ever seen."

"It's all yours," Jungkook flirts and Seokjin grins even though the momentary thought that it really isn't flashes through his head. He pushes that aside, reaching for the lube and getting his fingers wet. He presses one in easily and Jungkook's back arches, presenting himself even more and Seokjin sucks in a breath. "That's good, just like that."

Seokjin works in and out of him for a while even though he knows Jungkook could probably take more already, but he wants to drag this out, to tease. He wants to stand out from all the others somehow.

By the time he gets to three fingers Jungkook is trembling, moaning louder than when they've done anything else, precum leaking onto Seokjin's thighs where Jungkook's nearly flattened out. "Please, I want it."

"Ready?" Seokjin asks, pulling his fingers free and Jungkook nods rapidly, sitting back up while Seokjin gets the condom on, slicks his cock. He holds it in place as Jungkook shifts to sink down on him, and even just the tip sliding in is maddeningly good, so hot and tight. Seokjin hasn't done this in a long time and he knows it's not the end all, be all but watching Jungkook take him deeper and deeper is overwhelming.

Jungkook sighs happily once he bottoms out, barely moving at first and that's fine with Seokjin, he wants this to last, needs to calm the fuck down. "You feel really good."

"That's my line," Seokjin says, laughing breathily. He gently touches Jungkook's hips again, not to guide him but just to connect, and Jungkook starts to move. It's a slow grind at first, Seokjin's still buried deep as Jungkook circles his hips.

Seokjin wonders if this is how he fucks his clients, if it's slow like this. Probably whatever they ask for, however they want it, he knows just what to do. Seokjin physically shakes his head to dislodge the thought because he wants to focus on this, on Jungkook being with him.

Jungkook flexes his thighs and raises up a bit more, then sinks down, the friction so good. Seokjin watches his dick disappear again and again inside Jungkook's perfect ass as it bounces off the tops of his thighs, as he fucks himself on Seokjin's cock.

Seokjin reaches around and spans one hand over Jungkook's stomach, the other on his chest to try to pull him back enough that he can kiss his neck, taste the sweat gathering on his skin, but it throws off Jungkook's rhythm so after a second of indulging himself he lets Jungkook move the way he wants again.

Seokjin wonders if Jungkook's other lovers can manage it, are better at this than he is and how could they not be, at least some of them? Seokjin is frightfully inexperienced, only a handful of partners to speak of and always such routine sex that even something like this seems exotic to him. Of course they're better, of course-

"Hyungie?" Jungkook asks, pace slowing like he can tell Seokjin's drifting and that's not what he wants, he wants to make this good, to be with Jungkook in this moment so he once again shoves everything else aside.

"Yeah baby, I'm with you. I'm right here," Seokjin assures him. Jungkook builds back up to his previous pace, then faster, and he's getting so loud. Every noise he makes pushes Seokjin closer to the edge, the way Jungkook looks, the way he moves, and now that he's focused he's careening rapidly toward release. "F-fuck, JK, I'm-"

"Me too, hyung, me- touch me, will you touch me?" Jungkook pleads and Seokjin fumbles with the lube, getting his hand wet before reaching around and wrapping his fingers around Jungkook's cock.

Jungkook cries out, fucking himself down so hard on Seokjin's dick and then Seokjin feels him clench, feels the warmth of his come leaking down his knuckles. He's fighting to keep his rhythm but it's sloppy now so Seokjin plants his feet on the mattress and pistons his hips up into Jungkook, only taking a few deep thrusts until he's tipped over the edge into blissful oblivion.

Jungkook slumps back on his chest, both of them struggling to catch their breath and Seokjin chuckles. "Well, that was the hottest thing that's ever happened to me."

"You need to get out more," Jungkook teases.

"I don't know, kind of like just staying in with you," Seokjin says and he hopes it's just him that hears the honesty, the vulnerability in it.

Jungkook slowly eases off his lap, stumbling to the bathroom and Seokjin follows him into the shower. They order cake for dinner and end up in bed early, not asleep but just talking, pressed close together.

"But have you ever been to Busan?" Seokjin asks after Jungkook finishes a tangent about why he loves Seoul.

"Hyung, I'm from Busan."

Seokjin whips his head to the side to look at him. "What? No way!"

"Yeah, I came to Seoul for uni and it... didn't work out," Jungkook explains. "My parents weren't thrilled so I just... stayed here."

"You don't miss it?" Seokjin wants to know, rubbing Jungkook's back slowly.

"Sometimes, but Seoul is my home now," Jungkook says.

"Well, maybe someday you'll come back with me," Seokjin muses and immediately feels Jungkook go stiff in his arms. "To visit, or-"

"Or?" Jungkook repeats.

"I don't- I just want more time with you, is all," Seokjin tries but Jungkook's pulling away. "JK?"

"I- I need to go," Jungkook says suddenly, and before Seokjin can reach out for him he's off the bed, pulling on his sweatpants and a hoodie and packing his things in his backpack haphazardly.

"Jungkookie, hang on a sec," Seokjin starts, sitting up. He wants to stop Jungkook but he's not going to lay a hand on him now, he knows that would just make this worse somehow.

"I'm not going back to Busan," Jungkook grits out, shoving his feet into his shoes.

"That's- that's fine, I didn't mean-"

"I need to go," Jungkook says again, and before Seokjin can say or do anything else the door is slamming shut behind him.


Three weeks later Seokjin is back in Seoul, back at that same damn hotel his company always books. He's miserable, this place feels like the scene of a crime. He hasn't texted Jungkook since that last night, didn't tell him he was coming into town at all, because what would be the point? Jungkook made it pretty clear that whatever Seokjin was feeling wasn't going to work for him, and Seokjin could only torture himself for so long by pretending maybe one day they could have-

-doesn't matter, because they can't, they won't.

Seokjin never joins his team for dinner if he can help it because they’re obnoxious and he’s an introvert but tonight he'd rather be out with them than alone in his room so they get bar-b-que then he lets one of his team leads convince him to go to a bar after.

Seokjin has to work the next day so he doesn't want to get drunk but he has a few cocktails, enough that he thinks he'll be able to sleep without much trouble. When he's on his way back to the table with a round of drinks he bumps into someone and half of his bright blue beverage jumps ship and lands on his dress shirt.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking," the person rushes to apologize, but Seokjin would recognize that voice anywhere. "Fuck, it's you."

Seokjin laughs, maybe slightly deliriously. "Nice to see you too."

Jungkook grabs a handful of cocktail napkins from the bar in a futile attempt to salvage Seokjin's shirt. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Seokjin says, not sure if he wants to run away or stay in this moment for as long as possible. "Working?"

Jungkook glares at him. "You didn't tell me you were going to be in town."

"Didn't think you wanted to see me," Seokjin explains truthfully, taking a sip from what's left of his drink.

"I can buy you another-"

"I don't even need this one," Seokjin cuts him off.

"So were you not going to talk to me ever again?" Jungkook asks, the bitterness palpable.

"I thought that's what you'd want," Seokjin reiterates.

"It's not that I didn't- you wanted me to drop my whole life here, and move across the country with you!" Jungkook exclaims, and luckily the music is loud enough to mask their conversation.

"That's not what I wanted, I just thought-"

"And then you got mad at me because I won't, so you, what, cut me out?" Jungkook accuses, getting angry.

“I'm not mad, I understand you don’t want that, I’m not going to push. I just- this is too hard for me, JK. It’s too hard for me to only get you a few days a month. It makes my heart ache every time I have to leave because…” Seokjin trails off, sighing.


Seokjin laughs, shaking his head. “I fucked up. They always tell you, don’t fall for the escort. I Pretty Womaned myself.”

“You what?” Jungkook asks, confused.

“Pretty Woman! You know, that movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and he falls in love- you know what, never mind. You’re too young. What I'm trying to say is… I have feelings for you, and it’s messing me up, to not be with you the way I want. I really hoped it wouldn't, I thought I could do this and it would be enough," Seokjin explains, knowing he should stop, he should shut up, Jungkook doesn't care about this, he doesn't care about him like this.


"But I would never ever make you compromise like that, or make you do anything for me. Busan's not your home, not anymore, but it is mine," Seokjin continues.

“So you don’t want to see me again?” Jungkook asks and he looks - Seokjin wants to reach out for him, to hold him, to wipe away the devastated look on his face but it's not his place anymore, and maybe it never was.

Seokjin smiles sadly. “I don’t think I can. It just- it hurts too much, every time I go.”

Jungkook looks like he wants to say something else but he closes his mouth and nods, lips pressed in a tight line. For a few seconds they stand there, in each other's orbits, and then Jungkook turns around and walks away.


Seokjin's life is just shades of grey now, everything an autopilot task. It’s over, any shred of hope he felt about together vanished the moment Jungkook turned his back. Seokjin does his work, he checks his mail, he waters his plants, none of it matters. He can't remember if he was this miserable before he met Jungkook or if he's just wallowing in a thicker fog of it since he had something so good and now it's gone.

Seoul seems harsher than ever when he has to go, the hotel that was once a sanctuary now feels like a punishment. He gets a prescription from his doctor because he can't sleep but the pills take away his dreams - which is maybe for the best, because occasionally they feature someone with dark hair, with eyes that sparkle like they hold an entire galaxy, someone who makes him feel more like himself than ever before.

He needs to let those go too, he supposes.

It's been months since he last saw Jungkook in that bar, so long that the snow has fallen and melted and everyday is longer and warmer. He's currently in his office sitting behind his desk with his forehead pressed against the stack of sticky notes he was writing lovesick poetry on. The sun pours in from the large window to his left, he can tell it's right before noon, and he's just waiting until lunch time so he can rest his head on a different surface in the dining hall.

There's a knock on his office door but he doesn't even stir. "What?" he calls out, voice muffled by the hardwood.

"Boss, there's... someone here to see you,” his assistant Beomsoo answers, sounding hesitant.

Seokjin lifts his head, stretching his neck. "Do they have an appointment?" He tries not to be irritated, he does, but it's hard lately.

"No, but-"

“Can you tell them to just go away so I can suffer in peace and quiet?” Seokjin groans, not in the mood for this.

The door opens suddenly and Beomsoo is standing there looking flabbergasted.


Seokjin's brain registers the voice, setting off a chain reaction inside him, his heart beating faster, and he doesn't know if it's panic or relief.

"Jungkookie?" he asks tentatively and then Jungkook's standing there in the doorway, looking as terrified as Seokjin feels. He's dressed almost identically to the first time they met, black bag in hand.

"Seokjin-ssi, is it okay-" Beomsoo starts.

“Yeah yeah, go grab lunch, on me, take the company card,” Seokjin rushes out, fumbling his wallet before digging the right card out and he flings it at his assistant. Beomsoo gives him a weird look but scoops the card up off the floor and closes the door behind him.

“You’re here," Seokjin manages, standing and making his way around his desk, feeling too rattled to form a more complex thought.

“Yeah," Jungkook starts, taking a deep breath. "I hope it’s okay. I- should have called. I just thought maybe you wouldn’t answer.”

“Oh. Right, I don't- I'm not sure if I would have or not, to be honest," Seokjin tells him, then his eyes fall back to the bag in Jungkook’s hand. "Wait, is that the bag?”

"Yeah, it's-"

Seokjin hisses, “Did you bring a bag of sex toys to my office?”

“It’s not- it’s not sex toys," Jungkook corrects him.

“Oh thank god. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Just... not at my office,” Seokjin explains hurriedly.

“It’s… my stuff. Some of my stuff. I thought I could stay for a few days, if that’s okay.”

Seokjin blinks, takes in this information. Jungkook's in Busan to stay for a few days, presumably to stay with him. “Yeah, that- wait, okay hang on. I want to say yes, I so, so badly want to say yes, but this is the same problem, just here. In a few days you’ll go back to Seoul and we’re going to be back where we started.”

Then again, fuck it, he thinks. Maybe a few more days with Jungkook, even if that's all it is, is worth the inevitable heartbreak.

Jungkook clears his throat, focuses on his polished shoes. “I thought… I could stay for a few days and maybe look for an apartment.”

“Oh," Seokjin says stupidly because he honestly thinks he might be dreaming again.

“Yeah," Jungkook murmurs, finally looking up at Seokjin.

This is exactly what Seokjin wants, really, but he can't ask this of Jungkook, can't have him give up everything - or really, anything - for him. "JK, I have to tell you, escorts aren’t really… a thing here. Like, they don’t exist, not like they do in Seoul.”

Jungkook looks like he's trying to hide a smirk. “I may have, um, retired.”

“What? Wait, not because- you didn’t think I- I never wanted to make you change anything about your life, I-” Seokjin stammers, his worst fears ringing far too true.

“No, I- I wanted to. I was ready," Jungkook says. If there's one thing Jungkook has always been with him, it's honest, so he knows this must be too.

“Hung up the ol’ strap on, huh?” Seokjin can't help but joke, desperate to lighten the mood, to see Jungkook smile.

“Hyung," Jungkook whines, biting his lip to keep from grinning.

“I just want to say this - I know we’ve never been- you’ve been with other people, when you were with me," Seokjin starts.

“So have you," Jungkook adds.

“I, um, have not, actually," Seokjin reveals, feeling his ears burn.


He charges ahead. “Doesn’t matter. Point is, just because you're in a new line of work or whatever, I don’t expect you to stop-”

“I don’t want anyone else hyung," Jungkook interrupts him. "I haven't wanted anyone else, not the way I want you."

“Is that so?” Seokjin asks, vaguely smug in an attempt to cover the sudden swell of emotions in him. Jungkook shrugs and nods, finally smiling. “The D was that good huh?”

“Stop," Jungkook groans.

"Kiss me and maybe I will," Seokjin offers, anticipation and nerves buzzing, and Jungkook drops his bag and rushes forward, pressing himself against Seokjin and hugging him so tight, then pulling back just enough to kiss him softly.

“Oh," Jungkook says, eyes drifting back to the abandoned black bag, "I did keep one thing…”


That's a nice bake

Seokjin can barely register who the winner of the scone challenge is and frankly, he does not fucking care. He's not here to watch The Great British Bake Off. He's back at his usual hotel in Seoul, stretched out on the mattress of the king sized bed with Jungkook on top of him.

"F-fuck, fuck me-"

"I am, hyung," Jungkook pants out, bouncing on Seokjin's cock as Seokjin tries to push up to meet him. Jungkook tightens his grip on the leash in his hand, keeping it taut where it's hooked onto the thick leather collar around Seokjin's neck. He gives it a firm tug.

“Fuck!” Seokjin wails, lifting up off the mattress with the force of it, arousal zinging through him.

“Too much?” Jungkook's quick to check in, loosening his grip.

“No, it’s- it’s good-” Seokjin manages, trying his damndest to hold on to the last shred of control he has left to keep from coming before Jungkook does.

“Then fuck me harder, hyung. Do it," Jungkook taunts, pulling the leash again. Seokjin digs his heels into the mattress and thrusts up, pace brutal, so much so that Jungkook has to let go of the leash to brace his hands on Seokjin’s chest. “Fuck, just like that, like that.”

"JK I can't-"

"Come on my vanilla baby. Come for me," Jungkook teases and Seokjin laughs before it cuts off in a moan, before he comes so hard he thinks he’s going to black out but he keeps his eyes open to watch as Jungkook works himself fast and hard, spilling over his fist and onto Seokjin's chest.

"Oh my god," Seokjin breathes out, pulling Jungkook down to kiss him, to wrap his arms around him. "I can't believe you were able to come to Seoul with me this time, this is-"

"Like old times?" Jungkook murmurs peacefully, slowly sliding off of Seokjin. Seokjin hums, feeling wrung out in the best way. "Shower?"

"Yeah, then room service," Seokjin agrees, smacking a kiss to the side of Jungkook's head before sitting up and scooting toward the phone to order. "Oh, you never answered my question."

"What question?"

Seokjin smiles - he doesn't really expect Jungkook to remember, that was so long ago now, before Jungkook moved to Busan, before he eventually moved in with Seokjin. The seasons have changed so many times since then, well over a year gone by, but Seokjin remembers that first night perfectly.

"Hyung?" Jungkook asks, seeing that Seokjin's drifted into memories, so he calls him back.

Seokjin picks up the receiver and presses it to his ear. "Do you like lobster?"