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Don't Loose Sleep Over It

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"Hypnotherapy isn't real." Hitoshi said, for at least the third time.

Todoroki narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "That's exactly what an undercover hypnotherapist would say."

Hitoshi faceplanted into the bed with a groan of frustration, and heard his boyfriend start cackling behind him. At least Uraraka had the decency to leave and spare Hitoshi's dignity.

(Somewhere in the house, Ochako was huddled up to Tsuyu, loosing her mind over Deku's enthusiastic running commentary of the situation, only made better when Tsuyu read it out in a perfect deadpan, and knew that she had the best group of friends ever.)

"Why." Hitoshi started, taking a moment to accept that this was his life as Todoroki fiddled with string tied to the corkboard in his lap. "Why would a Hypnotherapist be undercover."

"They're trained by the HPSC." Todoroki said, voice going quieter, like he was sharing a grave secret. Far too eagerly, Izuku leaned in, and Hitoshi threw a pillow at him. Todoroki wasn't even looking at them, pointing a pen at a cut out photo of a stopwatch pinned to a picture of the Head of the HPSC. "Then the HPSC plants them among strong her students, to hypnotize strong heroes into not questioning the system. That's how this bullshit has stayed afloat for so long."

"That sounds completely plausible." Izuku offered, pulling out a notebook. Hitoshi pursed his lips, trying to make sure that the objective hilarity of the situation overrode his mild annoyance at the accusations. It wasn't Todoroki's fault the theory hit a bit...close to home, or that he was batshit crazy.

"And you thing I am one of these hypnotists." Hitoshi mostly succeeded at not growling. In the corner of his eye, he saw Izuku straighten up more seriously,

"That sounds significantly less possible." Izuku said loyally, reaching out to hold Hitoshi's hand, and most of his defensive edge softened.

Todoroki finally looked at him with a furrowed brow. "What? No." He said, turning back to his board and pointing at....Aizawa-sensei?

"oh no." Izuku whispered, humor and anticipation leaking back into his tone with ease, and Hitoshi pinched him. His boyfriend was supposed to support him in times of hardship. Izuku, with his insane pain tolerance, didn't even twitch, just grinned a bit brighter and leaned forward again.

Hitoshi pushed him off the bed. Todoroki went back to ignoring their antics.

"I think that they're going to try to recruit you, soon. Because you fit the profile-"

(In the back of his head, some terrible voice dared to ask what profile?, and Hitoshi squashed it like a grape. He was not invested in this conversation. he wasn't.)

"-you're in our class now, and you're dating Midoriya, who's shaping up to be the biggest thorn in their side ever." Todoroki explained. Izuku pouted and leaned against one of Hitoshi's legs.

"Hey, I'm not that bad." Izuku protested, not even sounding like he convinced himself.

"You almost committed murder. In broad daylight. With a six year old on your back." Hitoshi said, because watching that broadcast was when he came to the unfortunate conclusion that, for better or worse, he'd never be able to get the enigma that was Midoriya Izuku out of his head.

(It ended up being for better. Mostly.)

"You fist fought a serial killer to the death." Todoroki offered, and Hitoshi almost snapped his own neck looking between the two of them.

"What?" He demanded, because this was the first he'd heard of it, and usually this was the sort of thing that the class didn't shut up about.

"He didn't die!" Izuku argued, waving his hands, not reassuring in the slightest.

"His heart stopped. Twice." Todoroki sighed, like he was the victim here, when Hitoshi was vibrating with curious rage. "He did die, technically."

"He- he didn't stay dead!" Midoriya corrected, but didn't offer further protest, and Hitoshi decided he'd needle his boyfriend into telling him later. If he didn't listen to Todoroki's theory now, it would just spiral and be a dozen times worse the next time he brought it up. Like shaking a soda can and then trying to force it closed.

"You were saying." Hitoshi forced through his teeth, and Todoroki nodded.

"So. They're going to try to recruit you, and that's why Aizawa's training you. Because they tried to recruit him, and he somehow managed to either stop them or work against them, and that's why he's so bitter about the HPSC, and that's why he's training you. So he can help you when they come. But, since I figured it out too, I want you to know that we can help you too and you won't have to go through this alone."

Todoroki was....actually blushing a little, at the end of that, and, oh, this had very suddenly turned out to be surprisingly wholesome and sweet. If only Hitoshi's brain hadn't shut down several minutes ago, so he could at least pretend to know how to respond.

Izuku, incapable of disengaging from any situation, did not share his problem. He scrambled back onto the bed and clambered into Hitoshi's lap, clinging to him like a limpet with one of the hugs Hitoshi had grown to love- the strong but caring ones, the ones that made him feel safe and loved in a way he hadn't dared imagine before- and, shit, he refused to cry over this fucking conversation.

"Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, Shochan. I promise you I'll tell you if anything happens to Hitoshi, and we'll figure it out together." Izuku said with a sniffle that Hitoshi strongly suspected wasn't for effect.

"Yeah. 'Preciate it." Hitoshi offered.

"That's what friends are for." Todoroki nodded solemnly, slowly, like he was test-running the words, and then nodded again to himself and looked them in the eyes. "They help each other."

"Yeah!" Izuku cheered. Hitoshi hid his head, nose pressed to Izuku's jugular, because, sweet and emotional or not, he could only handle so much of Todoroki's crazy. Shit like this was going to drive him looney before hero work ever gets the chance to. "And if you need any help, we'll be there for you too, because friends help each other. Remember that, yeah?" His amazing and kind boyfriend assured, somehow turning this absurd conspiracy into a genuine, character-building, bonding moment, what the fuck.

Izuku was, in all senses of the words, absolutely unreal sometimes, and Hitoshi wouldn't trade it for the world. He wrapped his hands around the small of Izuku's back, and Izuku gave a happy hum.

"...Okay." Todoroki said finally, sounding suspiciously close to tears himself, and Hitoshi tightened his hold a little on Izuku. He liked the guy, but he did not want to deal with a crying Todoroki. He could barely deal with a crying Izuku, and he had excessive practice.

"Good night, Shochan." Izuku waved, having to wiggle a bit to get his hand out. "Sleep well! See you tomorrow!"

"Bye, Todoroki-kun." Hitoshi sighed, entirely unsure exactly how audible he was but not really caring. "Thanks again for the heads up."

"Good night." Todoroki returned, and Hitoshi heard him get up and leave. He sat still a few moments more, content to sit with Izuku, until he heard the greenete's breathe slow down as he started to fall asleep.

"Izuku." Hitoshi whispered, lifting his head back up and pinching his back lightly. Izuku scrunched up his nose and peeked his eyes open curiously.

"Mhm?" He yawned, blinking up at Hitoshi before his eyes drooped closed again. God, his boyfriends was cute.

"Aren't you going back to your room?" he prodded, poking the boy in the side to keep him awake. Izuku opened his eyes, expression closer to an annoyed glare, but landing safely in 'grumpy kitten' territory.

"Nu-uh." the freckled boy yawned again, snuggling closer, and Hitoshi's heart was going to melt through his ribs and he won't even be angry. "Gotta- gotta protect you from the big bad 'ero commission." Izuku giggled, the sound shaking his whole body. Hitoshi was glad Izuku's eyes were closed, because he just knew he had a big dopey grin, and he'd never live it down if Izuku saw.

"Sleeping in another student's room is against the rules." Hitoshi reminded him half-heartedly, running his hands through Izuku's hair. "You'll get in trouble."

Izuku lifted his head enough to stick his tongue out at Hitoshi, not opening his eyes. "you're the one who diagnosed me with rule-breaky disease." He reminded Hitoshi, then eagerly snuggled back down when he made his point. "Sides, I can just- just use the balcony to get to my room, if you're really bothered."

"I could just make you go back to your room." He whispered, no real intent behind it.

Izuku shook his head, rocking them back and forth until Hitoshi fell backwards onto his bed from his seated position.

"You won't. You me too much." Izuku whispered, playful, but something strange and insecure buried too.

Hitoshi sighed and closed his eyes. For once, he didn't care whether or not sleep came. Even if it didn't, he'd be content to just lay here with Izuku for hours.

"That I do." He admitted, because sometimes Izuku needed to hear it. "that I do."