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My Valentine

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  The hallway started to get louder as classes were about to start. Students were rushing to their courses.

  Jimin too was rushing through the crowd towards his classroom. Once he arrived, he immediately spot a guy wearing the same hoodie as him.

  Huffing, the small man stalked towards the man, grabbing his bicep.

  “How dare you wear the same clothes as me?” Jimin glared at the man.

  “Oh you think you own this hoodie?” The man pointed at his own hoodie.

  They glared at each other until the bell rang that their laughters rang through the hallway too.

  Jimin doubled laughing almost made himself fell down. Thankfully, he had Seokjin caught him.

  “Hahahaha, neither of us own these hoodies since we stole from our boyfriends.” Jimin echoed their usual sentence.

  Seokjin laughed louder, slapping his knees.

  It was their usual routine, when they both swore matching hoodies or t-shirts their boyfriends gladly let them had.

  The two walked into their classroom, the topic changed to something else.


  As soon as the bell rang, Jimin packed his own bag and then waited for Seokjin to finish before walking towards their next class together.

  Jimin was very happy today. He managed to convince his boyfriend that he wouldn’t dirt his new Kaw limited edition hoodie, and his boyfriend knew him enough to let him be the first to wear his newly arrived hoodie.

  Seokjin told him the same thing, about Namjoon too trusted him enough for him to wear the new hoodie before the owner.

  “I whined about cold weather, and wanted to tried the expensive hoodie. Namjoon wasn’t hesitant to let me wore it.”

  “Oh wow hyung. We got good boys as our boyfriends. Yoongi hyung said I look good in this hoodie and would love to see me wear walking around... the school also...”

  Seokjin gave the chuckled man a look. He was no stranger to walking on Jimin and Yoongi going at /it/ inside Yoongi and Namjoon’s shared rented studio.

  “Just kidding.”

  Jimin laughed before he quickened his pace. Seokjin did the same.

  As soon as they arrived at the Music floor, they were attacked by their boyfriends.

  Jimin and Yoongi, they were hugging each other, watched Namjoon gushing over his cute boyfriend as well as kissing his red nose and cheeks.

  Yoongi then turned to look at his own boyfriend.

  “Is the hoodie warm enough?” Jimin nodded, but Yoongi seemed unsatisfied when he saw Jimin’s pink nose and ears. He shrugged off his jacket, and helped Jimin into it. “Jiminie can’t get sick, okay? Yoonie will be worry sick.”

  Jimin giggled at his pouting boyfriend.

  “My Yoonie too. Where is your extra jacket? Did you forget your scarf?” Yoongi assured him it was in his locker.

  They heard the bell rang again, signaling classes would begin shortly.

  The boyfriends bid each other good bye to go separate way.

  Jimin pulled Yoongi’s jacket close, smiling when he scented his boyfriend’s perfume on it. He loved to smell like his boyfriend. 



  The snow was still piling on the ground even though it was already mid-January.

  Jimin needed to walk slower than usual to not himself fallen. The apartment complex was already in his view, just a few more steps he would be home.

  Jimin kept walking slowly until he arrived at the building, greeting the security before rushing towards their elevator. Thankfully, he lived in the third floor.

  As soon as the door creaked open, Jimin rushed to punch in password to his apartment.

  First thing greeted him was a warm hug from his boyfriend.

  “Aigoo, my minnie!” Yoongi hugged his boyfriend tightly. He pulled the younger in, before kicking the door shut. “How was your work?”

  Jimin shook his head. “Normal as always. Although it’s still cool outside. I think I might catch a cold if the weather continues to be like this longer.”

  “Hmmm, what did I tell you about wearing your coat? My old coat is not thick enough.” Yoongi helped pulling the coat off. They then walked in their living room. 

  “But your coat smells like you.” Jimin whined. 

  “Still, just use your coat next day. You can wear my shirt inside though.”

  Jimin agreed, eyebrows frowning. He wasn’t a fan of wearing t-shirt to outside. Yoongi pinched his cheeks at his cuteness.

  “Don’t be sad my baby. How about after dinner, you can wear my pajamas to bed? I will wear yours.”

  Jimin eye lightened up. “Really? Even your limited edition LV Pjms?”

  “If that’s what my lovely wants.”

  Jimin squealed happily. He quickly got on his feet to drag Yoongi to the kitchen.

  They had been living in this spacious apartment since last year.

  On his third year, Yoongi had managed to get a deal from one of the biggest music agency that the payment helped with their apartment’s down payment. 

  Yoongi was so excited at the prospect of his own place, as this was what he always wanted. Yoongi had asked Jimin as soon as he received the money, but Jimin felt guilty. He expressed that it was like taking advantage of Yoongi.

  The older had to spend almost the whole day convincing Jimin. They reached a ground compromise that Jimin would pay all the electricity and water bill for one full year starting from the day he moved in.

  They now had been living here together for about 4 months, and there lives couldn’t be more happier.

  “Minnie, by the way, I forgot to tell you.” Yoongi spoke up once they settled on cuddle on their bed in their pjm. “I just got another deal from Bighit again.”

  “Really?” Jimin jumped on his boyfriend. “Oh my god!! This is a good news we should celebrate.”

  Jimin excitedly kissed and hugged his boyfriend.

  “Yeahh, and this time, we can buy a car.”

  “Hmmm, I have some savings I can put into the purchase with you. I don’t want you to spend all what you’ll be earned.”

  “You don’t have to, Jimin-ah. My money is also your money.”

  Jimin frowned, not really thrilled about this even though they discussed about it multiple times. “But—“

  “No buts. Once we sign the marriage certificate, everything would be ours to share.”

  Jimin looked at his boyfriend, eyes showing lots of emotions.

  “I feel so lucky to have you, Yoongi. Seriously!”

  “Same here, baby. I love you so much, you know.”

  “I know.” Jimin whispered, leaning down to kiss his boyfriend.

  Their chests were filled with love for one another. It had been like this since their last high school year.

  Yoongi remembered the day he saw Jimin. It was around January. He was the new kid who just moved into their neighborhood, and was Yoongi’s neighbor. Seeing that Jimin just got there, Yoongi took him to meet Namjoon, his longest best friend, then they met Hoseok when Jimin joined the extra club after school.

  They had been friends. Yoongi had been having crush on Jimin since day one. Though he was confident, he wasn’t sure a wise and beautiful like Jimin would want to be with him.

  It was until Jimin slammed the chocolate box on his desk, angrily ranting at him for throwing his confession paper (Jimin wrote on black’s postcard) away on Valentine’s Day during their last high school year, that Yoongi had a courage to confess back that he too had liked Jimin since the beginning.

  They were in love, and their love were getting stronger each passing day.



  Before Yoongi left, he did tell Jimin him and another two guys from Bighit would come to work at the apartment. Usually, they would work at the studio, but unfortunately, the studio was closed due to maintenance.

  Jimin was even okay with it. He promised to clean and prepared snakes for them. But, it was that Jimin forgot.

  Usually, on Sunday, Jimin would lodge around in only Yoongi Hoodie and boxer (he bought the wide-size on the hip, and Jimin’s was fit). He would wait until his boyfriend came back from an extra class he had to take for extra credit to have sex before cuddling on their bed until lunch.

  It was their weekend routine. But, Jimin forgot that today they would have guests. If he remembered, he wouldn’t have to squeak loudly when met with two unfamiliar faces walking in the living to see him in only his boyfriend’s hoodie and boxer.

  Jimin embarrassingly hid in their bedroom for hours until Yoongi came to knock on their door.

  “Babe, are you alright?”

  “Are your guests gone?”

  “Yeah!” Yoongi replied.

  The door swung open, with Jimin flying in Yoongi’s arms while also faking crying.

  “Oh my god. That was so embarrassing.”

  Yoongi just chuckled. “It’s okay, baby. They were just surprised.”

  They stayed like that, embracing each other’s presences.

  “I’m sorry I forgot to call before we came up.” Yoongi apologized. 

  “No no, you’ve told me this morning already. But I forgot about it. Luckily, I didn’t wear panty, otherwise I’m going to burry myself in the sand.”

  Yoongi laughed at his baby dramatic response. His fellow workers were just startled by Jimin’s, and Yoongi already apologized to them. It only lasted a few minutes, then they forgot about the accident as soon as they started into their project.

  “I forgot you usually lodge around in only my boxer or your panty. I already told them we could rent or go somewhere. I don’t want to disturb your peaceful day of the week.” Yoongi spoke, telling Jimin what he and the others had discussed. “They were okay with it as one of them knew a studio we could rent for an hour or two with a cheap price.”

  “Hmm... but will it be a financial issue though? I mean, the renting might cut down your earning.”

  “Nahh, the company will pay for it until their building is done.”

  Jimin nodded against his shoulder. “Okay. Now can I go out and find something to eat? I was thinking of eating lunch with you before we do what we usually do.”

  Normally, Yoongi didn’t have much energy to run around. But now, he pulled Jimin in hurry into their kitchen to get something before carrying his baby back into their bedroom to do their usual Sunday’s routine.


  Each Sunday from the incident day, Yoongi would only come back around 2 in the afternoon. They would eat, discuss things during their lunch before Yoongi pulled them into their bedroom.

  Yoongi informed him once again that the two producers would be here on the final date of submission, it was on 10th February.

  Jimin made sure to remember about it. He cleaned, and prepared snacks for them.

  They greeted each other’s. Jimin brought them snacks and teas before he wished them a successful work then retreated to his own bedroom to wait for Yoongi.

  Once Yoongi came in to declare the work was submitted, Jimin welcomed him with his new ordered of sexy cat costume completed with headband and butt plug.

 It was safe to say Jimin had to eat dinner on their bed because he couldn’t walk 2 steps without whining from the pain his lower part suffered from their intense make-love session.



 Jimin wouldn’t have been awake if not for the loud thing from his left.

  Jimin groaned in his sleep, using pillow to block noise from his hearing, but it was fruitless as the sound was continuing playing loudly.

  Jimin sat up abruptly, looking towards his left side. He saw a small JBL speaker.

  The Dancer yawned, stretching his arms before taking the speaker closer.

  The sound was about: “Attention, Attion to my lovely Jimin. Can you be a dear and dress in the clothes I put on the other side of the bed? Then, come to the second place we went on our date? Thank you, from Min Yoonie, Your forever pain in your ass.” 

  Jimin chuckled at the last part. He turned to the right side of him to see Yoongi put a beige color hoodie and a black ripped jeans on the bed.

  Jimin remembered the hoodie clearly. It was the third Hoodie Yoongi gave him. He remembered it was when he forgot the bring a change of clothes to change to go on their date.

  Yoongi, being the best boyfriend he was, gave Jimin the hoodie he was wearing on his body. He only had a spare jeans in the locker, also because the inside t-shirt was an okay to be shown.

  Jimin picked them up. He hugged the clothes closer, smiling at the memories it brought back. He thought Yoongi only kept the hoodie and not the jeans. It brought back reminders of things they had done that day, the day that Yoongi finally told Jimin the L word (Jimin wasn’t surprise because he could see the love radiating from Yoongi, and he also felt the same way.)

  After awhile of memories brought back another memories, Jimin quickly jumped off the bed to go clean himself and dressed up.

  He couldn’t wait to see what Yoongi had prepared for him. Though, he thought he should remember what day was it was today.


  As soon as he stepped out of their apartment’s building, Jimin was faced with red decorations. Everywhere.

  “Ohh fuck, it’s Valentine’s Day.” Jimin cursed himself. He was busy with his works he forgot today was the Valentine day and it was.. “oh my god, it was our 5th years together.”

  Jimin cursed himself in his mind as well as running to find the closest convenience store to get Yoongi his favorite chocolate.

  He thanked heaven he didn’t choose Yoongi’s coat today otherwise he would have had to run back to get the gift he got Yoongi for their anniversary.


  The place Yoongi asked him to come and meet was the bowling alley.

  Because Jimin was very competitive, he dared to play bowling with him when the older said it was easier just like playing basketball.

  Both of them were very awful with the game, but what mattered the most was they had fun. And Jimin cried in his milkshake when Yoongi gave him his favorite jelly then asked the question.

  The door bell rang, alerting people were coming in.

  The counter lady greeted him politely. He asked her about the bowling appointment under Yoongi’s name.

  The lady gave him a wide smile, something was shinning in her eyes. She then told one of the waiting staff to get Jimin to the booked place.

  The guy was happily helped Jimin.

  “Hey. I thought I have seen you around.” The guy started a conversation. “Are you Park Jimin, the senior in Dance and performing Department?”

  “Yes I am. I assume you are in my department too since you’ve asked?”

  “Yes, I am a sophomore. My name is Jungkook. Me and my boyfriend went to all your showcase.”

  They clicked pretty well. Turned out Jungkook was the second place last year, after Jimin’s. Jimin made the younger promised to come meet him at the school’s dance studio as he wanted to see his dancing closely also he wanted to take a talented man like Jungkook in his team.

  While they talked, Jimin didn’t focus on where they were going.

  It was until Jungkook stopped in front of weird looking door.

  Jimin looked at the younger curiously. He gave him a wink, opened the door before pushed Jimin inside.

  “Go get it.” Jungkook screamed from outside of the black-out room.

  Jimin banged the door, screaming his lung out for the younger opening the door for him.

  After awhile, he stopped because he was thirty from screaming so much. Jimin sat down on the floor, eyes looking around at the dark room.

  The room getting darker, in his thought. He tried to find just one source of light, but wasn’t successful.

  Then his phone binged. He swore at himself for forgetting he had a phone.

  My Yoonie bear 🥰💜: Babe, can you walk five steps from the door?

  Jimin did as told. He stood up, and walked five steps as instructed.

  My Yoonie bear 🥰💜: My candy, feel up the air. Can you feel something? Maybe try to pull it down.

  Jimin seek the air out, and his hands came on contact with something rough, like clothe. Jimin pulled it down.

  He stared at the thing before him in awe. 

  There was a black curtain. On it, little shape of stars were littered on the black curtain. The hole to make the star shape allowed sunlight to seep into the room. Jimin then noticed there were letters above all the small stars.

  It was “Would you turn around?”

  Immediately, the room suddenly bright.

  A loud song coming out of the speaker.

  Jimin looked around for the sound. The vocalist seemed familiar to him, but Jimin stopped focusing on it when the lyric “Just let me love, love, love... let’s me love you.” came up. 

  Another song came up again. This one got him crying. It was Yoongi’s voice. The lyric was about all their good and bad times, all about their relationship.

  Jimin was crying uglily and loudly that he didn’t notice someone was coming up behind him. He only noticed the person behind when the speaker asked for Mr. Park Jimin to turn around.

  He stumbled back a little upon seeing Yoongi, on his knees with a 100 roses bouquet on one hand another was holding a velvet box.

  “Yoonie...” Jimin couldn’t stop crying.

  “My Jimin, my sweetheart, I couldn’t believe you confessed to me. It was one of the best days of my live. Actually, it was the most happiest day of my life. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I almost had heart attack when you said you liked me. We have gone through a lot, together. You’re my happiness, my sunlight, and my world.” Yoongi looked at him, hopeful. In return, Jimin tried to tell him whatever Yoongi was going to ask will receive a positive response. “W-will you continue to be my happiness and walk with me for along time, and open this box?”

  Jimin took the black velvet box. He wiped his sweaty hand before opening the box.

  “Oh!” Instead of thing that usually was inside the velvet box, Jimin found a key.

  Yoongi stood up when Jimin didn’t respond immediately.

  “Ohhh, fuck, wait!! This supposed to be opened during our dinner.” Yoongi touched all over his coat’s pockets. Finally, he found what he was looking for inside the left side pocket.

  He opened the box, kneeling down again.

  “Park Jimin, my sunshine, my love, would you forgive me giving you the wrong box in the planned time and accept my proposal to be Min Jimin?” Yoongi tried not to laugh. The car key indeed would be given to Jimin at the same time. He just wanted to tease Jimin, also to surprise him with their new addition asset. 

  Jimin finally caught on Yoongi’s prank. He laughed loudly before throwing his whole body over Yoongi.

  Both of them were laying on the floor, with crying into his jacket’s shoulder. Yoongi let him be until he calmed down.

  When he did, Yoongi helped them sit up. The older kissed his wet cheeks.

  “I love you so much, Jiminie. I have been waiting for this anniversary all the time to come. I really want to sign the marriage certificate with you, and declare to the world you’re mine. And only mine.”

  Jimin, with his eyes still contained tears, looked at Yoongi’s. He wasn’t only looking, but stared deep into the other’s soul. He could feel their red strings of fate were already tied, and the knot was very much tighter that no one could unknot.

  “I love you too, Yoonie. I can’t believe you planned this when I almost forgot about our anniversary day on Valentine’s.” Jimin then pulled his gift out of his pockets. “I bought you something too.”

  Yoongi took the gift’s box. He opened it to see a heart-shaped locker. Inside it was their photo take on their first anniversary. Jimin was kissing him on his cheeks while Yoongi was posing for the camera.

  Under the locket, Yoongi found a piece of personal handwriting asking “will you be my forever Valentine’s?”

  Yoongi smiled fondly at that.

  “Yoongi, I wouldn’t wish for anything like I want to be yours. Your Jimin, your Min Jimin.”

  Yoongi put down the box, then gathering Jimin onto his laps.

  “And I would love to be your Valentine forever, my dear future husband.”

  Jimin didn’t remember who leaned down first for their first kiss as fiancés, but he didn’t care about at the moment. All he wanted was to kiss Yoongi, even though he heard Seokjin yelling something about germs getting on them.

  They didn’t care about it, they continued to kiss each other until their breathe run out, and in their eyes, all they saw was each other’s.

  “You always be my Valentine.” 

  “And mine.” 


(As soon as they were done being in love in front of the whole room, they ditched their friends to go see the movie Jimin had waited since last year, going to Jimin’s and his first time meeting place which was the park located 2 blocks away from the cinemas before going to the street stall beside their apartment building to fill their happy and hungry self.

  Jimin smiled all day, loving the attentions from his fiancé, Min Yoongi, the love of his life. He couldn’t have asked for more; more than this, more than a promise of tying knot to the person who own his heart, soul and love. His forever Valentine.)