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To Be A Queen

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Witira is the future Queen of the Ocean.

She knows what her duties were since she was young. She was born as a ruler that stands on top of the food chain. She was born to make sure that there is order and peace. She was meant to be the Guardian of the Ocean and Protector of the Weak. She was supposed to stand tall, back straight, and only look forward; not swayed by anybody or anything. And yet-

Why was Witira so concerned about her smile? Why was she so caught up with each and every emotion she makes? Why should she care about her opinion, her thoughts, her dreams?  It should be about what’s good for Witira and her people: the creatures that reside within the Ocean. It shouldn’t be about Witira wasting her free time daydreaming. And yet-

That’s what Witira catches herself doing every day. Seemingly every hour to every minute to every second that exist. If Witira gets injured it’s her that she thinks about first. If there’s an injured soldier, she can’t help but worry if she’s also injured. When dining, Witira couldn’t help but wonder what kind of food she would enjoy. When there was a need for a representative to delegate for the Whale Tribe, Witira wants to be the first to go: to see her at a meeting or to catch a glimpse of her before Witira had to leave again. Because Witira knows.

That when she smiles, her smile is all Witira can think about. Her figure as she battles is something Witira can’t forget even if she tries. The prowess in which she carries herself is something that is to be admired. Her loyalty, her righteous attitude and her responsibility to protect the weak is something that Witira greatly admires and relate to. Which is why-

Witira will find any excuse to go to her, she will find excuses after excuses to stay with her longer. Witira would offer herself as a steadfast friend, a fellow defender of justice if that's what it took. Witira was willing to offer herself: be it small favors or a listening ear for her complaints. Witira always want to be there for her every need. However-

Because Witira is queen, she knows eventually everything is going to crumble. As the future ruler of the Ocean, Witira has responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. She cannot spend her time being  lovesick  for long.  Which is why Witira took every opportunity that was offered to her, because she knows what cannot happen. Any words of love, affection, or even adoration will never come out of Witira’s mouth because she knows it is impossible. So, Witira swallows it, and if somewhere deep down in the dark willful Ocean where the currents will wash away any words every said and Witira whispers [I love you Litana], nobody would ever know.

Litana is the Queen of the Jungle.  

She knows the Jungle like the back of her hand. Where she needs to be, where she needs to go and what she needs to do. Litana is the first person to ever unite the 13 sectors of the Jungle, which means that all eyes are on her. She needs to make sure there are no mishaps, no mistakes, and assure that nothing will affect her. And yet-

When she first appeared before Litana, she was spellbound. The beauty and grace in which she carried herself don’t define her. Her outer appearance doesn’t define what she is inside, and that fascinated her. She is resolute and adamant in her resolve and for that Litana envies her. Litana cannot help herself as she reached out. 

Litana knows she shouldn’t waste her time on senseless things like emotions when she should be worrying about the state of the forest and its enemies. She knows that she shouldn’t waste her time being attracted to someone she couldn’t attain when other things need her attention. Ironically, bloodline isn't the issue. Of all the complicated issues that exist in this world, it all falls down to one simple thing: attraction. Simple put, she was never attracted to Litana, and that devastated her; it reduced her to only admire from afar because she was something unattainable.

To Litana, she was freedom. She was the mirage that that she see's in her most desperate times. She was the moon’s reflection on a still lake: something Litana can see but never touch. Litana is the heartbreak that couldn’t be fixed, doesn’t want to be fixed. She wants to hide and pretend nothing happened, to go back to being naive and innocent. But, life doesn’t work like that. Thus, Litana swallowed her feelings and made herself a heart of steel. 

She appeared like the whirlwind. She was also beauty and graced packaged in an assuming body but with scars that she carries around like a trophy. She was a steadfast friend and fellow sympathizer. She understands the pressure and responsibility that Litana is going through and for that Litana is thankful. However-

Litana couldn’t return her feelings. Try as Litana might, her old flame stuck like a burr: stubborn and painful to remove. So, Litana just left it there to fester, waiting for it to die out. Sometimes, Litana feels sorry about the decision she made. And, in the middle of the night, deep in the forest with only Ten as her companion; she would whisper into the endless night sky [I’m sorry Witira and I love you Rosalyn] and nobody would ever know.