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It’s not like it is a spectacular birthday. He hadn’t wanted one to begin with. In fact, he had to pout at A-jie to work her charm on Huaisang to stove off a more grandiose party. He doesn’t know what A-jie had done but it had worked and he is so glad for it. Wei Ying had wanted an uneventful birthday. A small dinner with the people closest to him. Just him, his family and a few friends.

It had started out uneventful, not boring by any means. With the peacock’s silent brooding, Jiang Cheng’s annoyed glaring and Huaisang’s tittering, it was as entertaining as a small budget reality show. At one point, Huaisang--slurping his pink milkshake while watching A-jie cook-- had turned towards Wei Ying, complaining of his milkshake suffering since he could not stand Jiang Cheng’s and their brother-in-law’s silent argument anymore.

“You mean you are suffering,” he had retorted, glancing at Jiang Cheng who was playing with Jin Ling. and then at Jin Zixuan who was trying not to look jealous at the cute picture they made. Wei Ying understood both their grievances-- Jiang Cheng rarely saw their nephew these days (only thrice a week) and Jin Zixuan worked so hard at his family company (with Jin Guangyao to assist him) that it was a little difficult to spend time with the darling son of both their families.

So, Wei Ying had done what any well meaning brother and brother-in-law would do, he stole Jin Ling all to himself for the better part of the evening. Really, it was no bother, there was no need to thank him.

Jiang Cheng had scowled at him as he made his way to Huaisang at the kitchen table, to alleviate Huaisang’s milkshake’s suffering, of course. Wei Ying did not want to know what was happening with those two. Meaning, if he couldn’t find out in the next one week, he will perish.

Uneventful. Happy. Content. His family around and his friends a few hours from joining them, it was turning out to be the most laid back family gathering he had attended in a while.

He would turn twenty-seven in a few hours. He couldn’t help but sigh happily into Jin Ling’s hair as the little boy hugged him while they were playing. Then, Lan Zhan had walked in with the softest expression on his face, his eyes full with warmth, and Wei Ying had all but combusted right there on the floor with a happy toddler and stuffed toys surrounding him.

This wasn’t new, of course. He is but a mere mortal not immune to the charm of Lan Wangji. Even after years of being friends with the man, it struck him sometimes just how much Lan Zhan affects him. In a good way. Always in a good way.

Lan Zhan had walked up to him, then settled on the floor in front of him, carefully took Jin Ling from his arms and let his nephew play with Lan Zhan’s pretty braid. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. You are here. I didn’t think you’d come.” He had known Lan Zhan would come. It's not like him to refuse invitations from A-jie, but hearing it from Lan Zhan was so much sweeter.

True to Wei Ying’s thought, Lan Zhan replied, with a narrowing of his beautiful eyes, “It’s Wei Ying’s birthday. Of course I’d come.” Wei Ying had beamed at him. At the same time, Jin Ling smacked his chubby palm at Lan Zhan’s face and he looked so confused that Wei Ying had no choice but to laugh at him. Lan Zhan had looked betrayed.

Ah, well, it was a great evening, only getting better with the addition of Wen Qing, Wen Ning and MianMian. They had all happily sat in the living room, some on the floor and some on the sofa and chairs, just talking and drinking and it was so perfect. Just perfect.

Dinner was delicious, which everybody had taken to telling A-jie at least three times. “If xianxian likes it, then A-jie is happy,” she had said, and softly flicked his nose. Wei Ying was so lucky. He loved his sister. Jiang Cheng’s face had gone all soft and teary eyed which he had tried to cover to no avail after being caught by Wei Ying. He loves his idiot brother so much, too.

Everybody had looked away at the embarrassing display and then tried to get past it by cracking jokes at their expense. Wei Ying had laughed through his tears. He caught Lan Zhan’s eye from across the dining table. Lan Zhan was looking at Wei Ying with that expression again, that thing he does with his eyes and his mouth and his entire face, really, which always makes Wei Ying think that Lan Zhan would-- that he would--

Anyway, it wasn’t an uneventful birthday, to nobody’s surprise. Jiang Cheng would have scoffed and said something like is anything ever without bluster with you? if he had known that Wei Ying had wanted a boring birthday.

The Wen siblings had to go back early since they had left A-Yuan with Granny Wen. They gave their gifts and said their goodbyes, and MianMian had followed suit. Wen Qing’s hand sliding into MianMian’s hadn’t gone unnoticed by anybody. He just loves his friends, they all deserve to be so very happy.

He cut the cake at midnight with everybody cheerfully singing the birthday song, albeit at a lesser volume so as to not wake Jin Ling who had fallen asleep in Jiang Cheng’s arms. With the cake cutting done, and with his siblings giving him their gifts earlier, he was left with Lan Zhan in the balcony past midnight staring at the starlit sky. He was a little buzzed, which wasn’t necessarily unordinary. He had been drinking all evening.

It was uneventful right upto Lan Zhan draping a soft blue winter coat on his shoulders and thinking about fucking Wei Ying.

Now, he wasn’t a prude by any means. He had gotten around frequently with interested people in his college days but it had never progressed past the odd handjobs and blowjobs. Kissing, after all, was his favourite thing to do. He was satisfied with things as they were. Now, however, listening to Lan Zhan say such things, he-- he wanted--

Wei Ying learnt three very important things on the night of his twenty-seventh birthday.

One, that Lan Wangji is ridiculously funny, which Wei Ying had known before but what Wei Ying hadn’t expected was Lan Wangji to be funny at his brother’s expense.

Two, that Wei Ying had finally gone mad, absolutely mental at the ripe age of twenty seven because nothing else would explain the third thing he had learnt.

Third, and the most unbelievable of the lot, that Lan Wangji wants to fuck him.

All this information he receives, of course, in one concise sentence because, apparently, Lan Wangji’s thoughts are just like his words-- to the point, in excruciating, breathtaking detail.

Lan Zhan hadn’t said this out loud, no. Maybe Wei Ying was a lot more drunk than he thought because nothing else would explain why he could hear Lan Zhan’s thoughts.

Would it be considered rude to offer to fuck Wei Ying on his birthday--brother would disagree, but brother isn’t the best expert on such matter considering how he sleeps with just about anybody--?

“Goodness, Lan Zhan, aren’t you a little too forward?” Wei Ying says casually, not at all like his soul has just left his body, no. Lan Zhan blinks at that, dazed and maybe a little confused. He is so cute.

“Wei Ying had said he wanted a winter coat. Was I wrong in assuming?”

His throat feels really fucking dry. He should get started on drinking water. No point delaying in getting sober a few hours before than usual. “No, of course not. This is perfect, Lan Zhan.” He swallows dryly once, then again when Lan Zhan smooths the front of his new coat with his very big hand and Wei Ying’s vision automatically zeroes in on those long fingers. He shakes his head, trying to dispel the intrusive thoughts, and blinks up at Lan Zhan.

“I already feel so very hot in this. It works like a charm, Lan Zhan!”



He rushes into the train just two seconds shy of the door closing. He heaves a breath and thumps his head against the glass part of the door. A girl looks up at him, definitely judging him for his tardiness. He grins at her and she turns away, probably amused but definitely creeped out. There’s a man standing beside him with a suitcase in his right hand, his arm nudging Wei Ying in the shoulder.

Did I leave the gas on? And keys-- where are my keys?

Apparently he can read people’s thoughts now. He has had twenty minutes to make peace with this new discovery-- the last six hours notwithstanding, nor the first thought he had heard.

He has heard thoughts of such varying nature that even him, a people’s person-- somebody who is never put off by people unless they are ignorant assholes-- can’t be bothered to be around humans anymore.

This is all happening really fast for his liking. Maybe it was the cake, maybe his sister really is a God as Jiang Cheng and he had sometimes liked to think of her when they were children. This really doesn’t feel like a blessing though.

Anything that makes him listen to people thinking about their deepest, darkest secrets could be nothing but a curse.

It’s not like he hears about juicy details of people’s lives or gossip, it’s such stupid little things which seem bigger in comparison when pondered over a few minutes later. People really think bad of old folks, huh.

He should have taken a cab. At least that way he could have lived without knowing how cute Ginger is, which he had expected to be a pet, but wasn’t prepared at the slightest to find out it’s a dog.

Also wasn’t prepared to see his brain supplying him with pictures of a scary German Shepherd called Ginger. The woman had given him a nasty look when he had jumped away in fear.

Just great, brilliant! He can see people’s thoughts too.

He is definitely taking a cab tomorrow, or he will just ask Jiang Cheng to drop him.

It takes him twenty minutes to get to the station close to his school, the kindergarten school he teaches at. In all that time, he had managed to hear about thirty different thoughts. It’s not a good morning. It’s not a good birthday.

“Happy Birthday, laoshi!” Thirty unsynchronized cheers greet him as soon as he walks into his classroom after dropping his bag in the staff room. Thankfully, none of his colleagues were in the room having already left for their own classes.

It is marginally a better birthday now. “Ah, my little monkeys. Thank you, thank you.” He might cry. Children are so pure. So good. “Who even told you it was my birthday?”

“I did!” MianMian’s delightful voice rings out from the back of the room where she is crouched on the floor next to one of the kids. Wei Ying waves at her and she smiles back, all teeth and dimples. “I have to leave now, but well done, children. Happy Birthday, once again, Wei-laoshi!” she says and slides the back door open to leave.

“Say thank you, laoshi!” he prompts his students, another chorus of thirty different voices at different volumes rings out with MianMian’s soft laughter in the backdrop.

Wei Ying’s day gets much better after that. Children have such innocent thoughts and most of them don’t even finish their thoughts before speaking up. It is as heartwarming as it is envious. His day goes by without much fanfare with birthday wishes from his colleagues and promises for a meal someday later in the week. Until he gets a text from Lan Zhan.

Wei Ying, are you feeling better now?

Lan Zhan wants to fuck him, is his first thought. His immediate thought after that is how long and beautiful Lan Zhan’s fingers are.

Really, it's good that this thing, this curse seems to only work from one side because his thoughts are nowhere near as bearable as the thoughts he had encountered all day. He wants to see Lan Zhan and he wants to kiss those fingers.

Lan Zhaaaaaan. I’m all good, dw.

I’m on my lunch break. Did you eat yet, Lan Zhan?

The kids were so adorable today, Lan Zhan. I almost died from all the cuteness.

Hey, do you want to meet up this evening?

Uh, I'll text you in a while. MianMian is here for lunch.

See you, Lan Zhan.

Don’t miss me too much, eh, er gege!



Wei Ying is buzzing with unrestrained energy-- the good kind, the promising kind. He had taken a cab to Lan Zhan’s apartment and did not have to deal with any horrifying images. He had managed to only touch two people in passing and he hopes they are having a good evening today. They deserve to. One of them was worried about her roommate: maybe I should go back to check on her, she said she was fine but she will definitely forget to take her medicine. The other couldn’t wait to go home to their partner: ahhh I bought their favourite snacks with a little surprise in there, i’m so excited!

As horrified as he was in the morning, his feelings are the exact opposite right now. It’s surprising how a few people’s positive thoughts can have such a heartwarming effect. Wei Ying is feeling good, he feels unstoppable. Everybody is so nice, Lan Zhan is so nice.

Lan Zhan is his friend and he has nothing to worry about. He is hopeful that this is going to be a chill evening. No unrequired pressure needs to be put on the fact that it’s his birthday or that his birthday comes with magical powers. It’s fine.

As soon as Lan Zhan opens the door, Wei Ying tells him, “I want to draw you, Lan Zhan!” Yes, it’s fine. Lan Zhan blinks at him. He looks beautiful. He is standing there in a soft blue sweater and even softer white sweatpants. Standard Lan Zhan, nothing out of the ordinary.

Lan Zhan only raises one of his eyebrows minutely and side steps to let Wei Ying enter. Wei Ying knocks the breath out of both of them by crashing into Lan Zhan’s arms who swiftly catches him. Wei Ying holds on tight with his arms around Lan Zhan’s neck and Lan Zhan’s hands on his back. He feels shielded and secure. “Lan Zhan ah Lan Zhan. You need to protect me from the big bad world. Everybody is so mean, er gege.” Wei Ying breathes in Lan Zhan’s perfume, his nose brushing against Lan Zhan’s smooth neck.

He feels Lan Zhan shiver against him. “Did something happen, Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan sounds worried and his voice carries that familiar caring edge to it. Wei Ying wants to tell him everything. Wei Ying’s hair is so soft. Everything about Wei Ying is so soft.

Wei Ying laughs into Lan Zhan’s shoulder and says, “Nothing, Lan Zhan. Nothing is wrong.” He removes himself from Lan Zhan’s embrace but doesn’t shy away from Lan Zhan’s hand on his hair, softly petting him. “Everything is good. I’m going to get my drawing book, okay? You can’t say no today, Lan Zhan. I have birthday boy rights!”

Lan Zhan doesn’t look convinced with his answer but lets him go to get his drawing supplies. Lan Zhan keeps one each of Wei Ying’s preferred sketching tools in his apartment. His favourite sketchbooks, pencils, paints and canvases. He is such a sweet boy. Wei Ying is so lucky. “I will never say no to Wei Ying,” says Lan Zhan, his voice coming from the kitchen. Wei Ying's stomach does a flip and he groans with his face pressed against the sketchbook. “Did you eat?”

That’s what it was-- hunger. “No, but I don’t want to eat now,” he says walking towards the kitchen. “You will scold me for talking and I have so much to tell you, Lan Zhan. I also want to sketch you, you know how much I love talking while sketching. We can’t eat now, Lan Zhan. I can’t stay silent!”

Lan Zhan looks like he wants to roll his eyes but he settles for an exasperated shake of his head. “Has my scolding ever stopped you from speaking during meals?” he asks, without the expected air quotes because he is Lan Zhan and Lan Zhan is a good boy.

Wei Ying grins at him, “You are right, Lan Zhan. Nothing can stop me from talking, not even your gentle admonishments.” Lan Zhan busies himself with transferring food from take out containers onto plates. He doesn’t let Wei Ying help him since the time Wei Ying had mixed his level four spicy noodles with Lan Zhan’s level one. Anyway, Lan Zhan does it so much better, he is neat and doesn’t spill anything. “Okay, Lan Zhan, feed your Wei Ying and then we will sit down on the sofa to watch a movie, hm?”

They sit down to eat and Wei Ying ends up not talking for the first half of the meal after all. He didn’t realise he was that hungry. At one point Lan Zhan’s hands brush his while passing dumplings and he hears: there’s sauce on Wei Ying’s lower lip. I want-- and then Wei Ying takes his hand back, licks the sauce off of his lip and begins to eat once more in silence. Wei Ying also wants, is his most shocking realisation of the day.

So he does what he does best, he starts talking about this and that. About his students and lunch with MianMian. About all the gifts he had received which turned out to be a recipe for disaster with his own thoughts swirling helplessly in his brain. Lan Zhan saves him from saying or doing anything disastrous like-- like sitting himself on Lan Zhan’s lap to feel those fingers press against his ass, or run his hands through Lan Zhan’s hair or god forbid even kiss Lan Zhan--by getting up to take the dishes inside and clean the table. This gives him a few minutes to gather himself.

“Do you need help with washing the dishes, Lan Zhan?” he asks, while switching on the TV and sitting on the sofa with his book and pencils. Lan Zhan’s couch is so springy. He sighs as he rests his neck sideways on a pillow.

Lan Zhan comes back to the living room wiping his hands on a towel which he sets neatly on a rack nearby. “No, I’ll do it later. What do you want to watch, Wei Ying?” He looks so soft in the dim lighting of the room. Wei Ying really wants to hug Lan Zhan right now. He feels burned with the need to feel Lan Zhan against him.

“You can pick what you want, Lan Zhan. I’ll be busy drawing anyway.” He smiles up at Lan Zhan. This way, with Wei Ying sitting on the couch and Lan Zhan standing above him, he has to tilt his neck to look at him. This way, his mind supplies him with images of how else he might one day have to tilt his neck upwards for other purposes. “Come sit here, Lan Zhan.”

He arranges Lan Zhan to his liking. Lan Zhan’s left side facing him with Wei Ying’s full body turned towards Lan Zhan. He can see the long line of Lan Zhan’s neck, the slope of his nose and the tease of his lips. It’s maddening. He doesn’t know if he wants Lan Zhan’s hair unbound, falling softly onto his shoulders or for it to remain in a braid. If it is loose, it will cover Lan Zhan’s neck and he knows he doesn’t want that. As much as he loves the briad, he has so many portraits of Lan Zhan in that braid. It is his favourite Lan Zhan look after all. But no, that’s not what he wants today.

He moves and angles his torso forward a little, now in Lan Zhan’s personal space. He might have heard Lan Zhan’s intake of breath but he isn’t sure with all the blood rushing into his ears. “Wei Ying?” Wei Ying places one of his hands on Lan Zhan’s left thigh, his other hand resting on the sofa. Is Wei Ying going to kiss me?

Lan Zhan wants that? Wei Ying groans internally and hopes that nothing shows on his face-- not his anxious thoughts, nor his excitement. “Lan Zhan, can I put your hair up in a bun?” Lan Zhan’s eyes widen a little and he nods. “Good, that’s good. Thanks, Lan Zhan,” he says, hoarsely. He really does think about sitting on Lan Zhan’s lap now since that would be the easiest way to do this.

He calms his chaotic thoughts and reins in his horniess for one second to think straight. He removes his hand from Lan Zhan’s thigh, gathers all of Lan Zhan’s hair in both his hands and ties it up in a bun with one of his own red hair ties. Red looks really fucking gorgeous on Lan Zhan. All of this is starting to feel like a slow dance of seduction in the form of self punishment.

He sits there for a while staring at his handiwork with Lan Zhan still looking at him, always looking at him. “You should do this more, er gege. You look so pretty.” Lan Zhan’s brings Wei Ying’s left hand back to rest on his thigh again and all breath, once again, rushes painfully out of Wei Ying. “Lan Zhan?” he gasps.

Lan Zhan’s thoughts are an incoherent mess at this moment. They feel more like a drum roll than cohesive thoughts. Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan’s neck right where a stray hair has curled and is falling in front of his ear. Lan Zhan seems to draw in a sharp breath and Wei Ying giggles. “You sit tight and watch your movie, Lan Zhan. I’m right here.” He kisses Lan Zhan’s shoulder through his sweater and settles back to sketch this beautiful, lovely man.

He can’t believe that’s the first time he has kissed Lan Zhan. It feels weird that he hasn’t done this before. He should do it all the time. Wei Ying should kiss Lan Zhan’s cheeks, his nose, that darling neck, his forehead, and those shoulders-- so broad and strong. He should-- he wants--

He stretches his legs and props his feet on Lan Zhan’s thighs. He feels like he has been sitting here for hours but also not. He stretches his neck and arches his hips upwards to release all the knots.

Fuck. That’s hot. Wei Ying’s hand was on my thigh, maybe he could have moved it up a little and then he would know how hard I have been, how much I want Wei Ying.

Lan Zhan has been what? Lan Zhan-- Lan Zhan?



Wei Ying is not a prude. He might not have realised that he was into men until a random guy was dared to kiss him during a stupid game at a stupid party which he can’t recall anymore. In fact, he hadn’t even known he liked women just as much as he liked men until very late. It was all good, though. He wasn’t very particular about the person’s gender, he just liked people. Bisexual? Panromantic? Either or any is fine. He is okay with anything. But the way Lan Zhan makes him feel, the way Lan Zhan drives him mad, it is-- it is so very different from anything or anyone else.

It is exhilarating. He feels light headed and tense at the same time, he feels like he can fly but also rooted to the spot. He can’t even remember how he had excused himself from Lan Zhan’s apartment, got into a cab, made it home, dropped onto his bed with his hand inside his pants. He doesn't remember but it feels really fucking great to touch himself finally.

Lan Zhan wants to fuck him. Lan Zhan thinks about him in that way. Lan Zhan has really nice fingers and he looks stunning in Wei Ying’s red hair tie. Maybe Lan Zhan would look even better with his wrists tied up with red silk. He palms his cock and tugs once, relieving what feels like hours worth of tension. It’s not enough and he wants more. He wants--

Lan Zhan had been hard. How long has been hard? Was it when Wei Ying had tied his hair? No, Lan Zhan was talking about Wei Ying’s hand on his thigh, so maybe even before that? Maybe he has been hard since Wei Ying came to his apartment, or even before that? No, that’s too much to expect but it is also so fucking hot that Wei Ying muffles a moan into the pillow. He fucks into the bed once, his cock still trapped inside his pants with his fist a vice grip around it.

He should remove his pants and do this properly, take his time and work himself up just the way he likes. But now-- but after all of that, after hearing Lan Zhan’s thoughts and hearing that Lan Zhan had maybe wanted Wei Ying to touch his cock, Wei Ying already feels worked up. He is as taught as a bowstring and he wants release. He wants it now.

He wants it with his cock painfully hard and trapped against his pants. He wants to come with the delicious friction of his palm working within the constraint of his trousers. He wants to come with Lan Zhan’s thoughts still new in his mind. Maybe Lan Zhan is touching himself right this moment just as Wei Ying is.

Fuck, fuck-- that’s so ridiculously hot. Wei Ying wants to see Lan Zhan touch his cock. Wei Ying wants to watch as Lan Zhan twists his hand and curls his fingers at the tip of his cock to spread precum on his cock, which is what Wei Ying does now and fucks into his fist.

He has wanted Lan Zhan for so long. He has dreamed of Lan Zhan holding him down fucking him into the bed. Thought of Lan Zhan’s mouth on his neck, biting a mark that would stay for a week turning all shades of colour. He has thought of Lan Zhan’s fingers opening him up slowly and carefully. What he hadn’t thought of was the possibility of Lan Zhan wanting him back, of Lan Zhan wanting to fuck him.

He comes with Lan Zhan’s voice that says is Wei Ying going to kiss me? And it feels so dirty and so good at the same time, he doesn’t even feel bad for a moment. He slumps down onto his bed and groans. “I’m so fucked!”

He thinks he might wake up feeling nasty and grossed out, but no, he does not. Except for how tired he is, he doesn’t feel anything unusual. He doesn’t risk taking the train today but he also doesn’t want to see Jiang Cheng, so he takes a cab, again. He thinks he can afford to spend some extra money on keeping himself sane with the universe out to get him. He doesn’t have to touch the driver while giving cash, he can just pay with his phone. What a wonder!

Less wonderful is his brain short circuiting as soon as his eyes fall on Lan Zhan as he reaches the school entryway. Lan Zhan is here to drop his little cousin, Lan Jingyi. The boy is busy talking to Wen Yuan who is being dropped by Wen Qing. He chuckles at seeing Lan Zhan and Wen Qing conversing silently. This friendship never fails to amuse Wei Ying.

“It’s so unfair that all of you have cousins! Even I want a cute baby cousin,” he says, as he crouches down to ruffle both the boys’ hair. These two are as thick as thieves. Such sweet children. "Did you get those orange candies, Jingyi?"

Lan Jingyi gasps and asks, "how did you know, Wei-loashi?" Even A-Yuan looks delighted.

"Superpowers," he says with an air of mystery and winks at A-Yuan. Jingyi claps and looks up at Lan Zhan who smiles softly at the three of them.

“Aren’t thirty baby monsters enough for you, Wei Wuxian?” Wen Qing asks him, checking something on her phone. She is probably going to leave in a minute. “Okay, I have to go. I’m running late for my rounds.” She squats to kiss A-Yuan’s hair and hugs him. “I hope you had a good birthday, Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji,” she nods at Lan Zhan and leaves.

Wei Ying rubs his nose in embarrassment. It was a terrific birthday, yes. Lan Zhan says goodbye to both A-Yuan and Jingyi. Wei Ying offers to walk him to the parking lot. That buzzing energy is back again, he feels it thrumming under his skin.

“Wei Ying, are you alright?” Lan Zhan looks concerned, his head turned sideways to glance at Wei Ying. “You left early yesterday. Is everything okay?”

“Lan Zhan,” he says. Lan Zhan looks at him expectantly, to gather his thoughts and start speaking. He doesn’t want to think though, he just wants--. He pushes Lan Zhan against the car window. Wei Ying would call the sound Lan Zhan let out a squeak if he didn’t know better. It was a shaky exhale, a surprised groan maybe. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. I--”

“Wei Ying?” Wei Ying brings his right hand to card his fingers through Lan Zhan’s soft hair and settles his left hand on Lan Zhan’s waist. Is Wei Ying going to kiss me?

Wei Ying is going to kiss him. Wei Ying kisses him.

It is a hesitant brush of lips. Wei Ying has never kissed Lan Zhan before. He doesn’t know how to kiss Lan Zhan. His body, however, seems to know and seems to do a good job at it if the sound Lan Zhan is making is any indication. He has never heard Lan Zhan moan. It seems absurd that he never before heard Lan Zhan moan.

Wei Ying angles his lips better and presses in hard against Lan Zhan’s really, really soft lips. This feels unreal. It feels fucking fantastic. He licks Lan Zhan’s lower lip and has his lower lip bitten by Lan Zhan. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. You should ask me to stop if you don’t want this, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan makes a frustrated sound against Wei Ying’s mouth and pushes forward this time, making Wei Ying gasp and slipping his tongue into Wei Ying’s mouth. Fuck. Heavens! Wei Ying eagerly kisses back. His left hand on Lan Zhan’s hip slides under Lan Zhan’s jacket onto his shirt making Lan Zhan moan into the kiss. It feels filthy and so sweet. Wei Ying wants to do this all the time.

Lan Zhan’s hands are holding him by his face, the pads of Lan Zhan’s thumbs teasing his cheeks softly which makes him go absolutely feral. He snaps his hips forward, doesn’t really expect to find any sort of friction but his hips angle perfectly against Lan Zhan’s. It elicits moans from both of them, making them jerk away, caution finally starting to fill their senses.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan. Why didn’t we do that before? Why haven’t we been doing that always?” he says, holding onto the lapels of Lan Zhan’s jacket. He misses the feel of Lan Zhan’s hot skin through his shirt. Lan Zhan looks undone, looks beautiful and radiant. Wei Ying kisses his jaw once, and once more because he thinks he is allowed. “Lan Zhan, is this okay? I asked you to--.”

“Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan’s voice sounds fucked out, which goes straight to Wei Ying’s already half hard cock. Fuck, he had felt the long length of Lan Zhan’s hardness against his own just a few moments ago. He wants that again. “I want to kiss Wei Ying,” he says, and so easily, too. It doesn’t look like it was easy to say but just those simple words drive Wei Ying even madder.

“Lan Zhan, Lan er gege. You are killing me,” Wei Ying says into Lan Zhan’s neck. Lan Zhan’s hands come to rest on Wei Ying’s back, his embrace pushing Wei Ying further into Lan Zhan’s space. He whimpers against the soft skin of Lan Zhan’s neck, kisses that soft skin and says, “Lan Zhan, if you don’t want me to rut against you like an animal in the parking lot of my school, you should let me go now, gege.”

Lan Zhan doesn’t let him go right away. Wei Ying giggles bright, delighted at his reluctance to move away. “So shameless, Lan Wangji!” he teases, which makes Lan Zhan’s eyes turn dark and his ears pink. Want to make Wei Ying come. “Fuck, Lan Zhan--Lan Zhan, you can’t--” think like that “--look at me like that, Lan Zhan. You have to at least take me on a date first, Lan Zhan.”

“Mn,” Lan Zhan says gravely. “Where would Wei Ying like to go?”



Their first date turns out to be a disaster. Not because it was badly planned or because anything had gone especially wrong. Well, things had gone wrong but not in the sense that they were unwelcomed. In fact, Wei Ying is so damn pleased with this date that it is already one of the best he has ever been on. It’s even more special because it is Lan Zhan and also because it has ended with him pressed against the door of Lan Zhan’s apartment with Lan Zhan sucking the soul out of him. Wei Ying loves it.

His first date with Lan Zhan was an onslaught of images, some so dirty that Wei Ying was sure everybody around them knew-- just knew what Lan Zhan has been thinking of doing to Wei Ying. It was clearly visible in the heat of Lan Zhan’s pretty eyes, the way his hands lingered on Wei Ying just a few seconds more as they placed food in each other’s bowls, also how he couldn’t stop looking at Wei Ying. Like--like, he hadn’t looked at Wei Ying for years when it had only been a few hours since they last saw each other at school-- where Wei Ying had pushed Lan Zhan against the car window and kissed him. Fuck, he could still feel the tingle in his toes from that kiss.

The images, however, weren’t so polite. This-- the looks, the lingering touches were all so common, familiar even, but also entirely different in the way that now Wei Ying knew the intention behind them, could see what they promised. He was so fucked. He wanted it. He wants it.

It hadn’t been the image of Wei Ying’s neck marked by a bruise in the shape of Lan Zhan’s teeth, it wasn’t the picture of Lan Zhan kneeling on the floor sucking on his cock--no, that had just made him spill water on his jeans-- that had been his undoing. It wasn’t even the thought: want Wei Ying to fuck me someday that had unmade him, no. Though he deserves a big fucking prize for not combusting from shame right then. Shame- huh! him!

It was Lan Zhan thinking: can’t wait to kiss Wei Ying again that had him call the waiter for the bill and get the fuck out of that restaurant and into a cab.

Wei Ying deserves an even bigger prize for waiting until Lan Zhan was fumbling for his keys, his hands shaking, which Wei Ying had never once seen in his life. Wei Ying had then put his hands over Lan Zhan’s trembling ones, held them in his palms and brought them to his mouth to kiss them. “Lan Zhan, you have no idea how much I love your fingers.” He was sure he looked like a fool but then Lan Zhan had given him the soft smile and Wei Ying had lost all his thoughts.

“Lan Zhan, Lan er gege,” he said, just to see Lan Zhan’s ears go pink. He is so precious, this Lan Zhan. “I think you should kiss me now.”

Lan Zhan’s mouth had parted in a daze and before Wei Ying could brace himself, he was pushed against the door with Lan Zhan’s hot mouth on his. It wasn’t chaste, not like their first kiss. Which was only just today morning, Gods! Wei Ying’s uff at the impact had allowed Lan Zhan to tangle their tongues together and Wei Ying doesn’t think he had ever gotten this hard this fast before.

It had turned so filthy after that, with Wei Ying moaning wantonly into the kiss which had only made Lan Zhan kiss him even more fiercely. Wei Ying, slave to his own desires, had done what he wanted to do since fucking forever-- bite Lan Zhan’s lip. Lan Zhan had whimpered so sweetly and then reluctantly stopped kissing him to take a breath. Wei Ying had chanced on the occasion. He moved forward and nipped at Lan Zhan’s soft, velvety lower lip once again.

The fire in Lan Zhan’s eyes sent a shiver down his spine and resulted in Lan Zhan trying to devour him whole by kissing him so furiously, it sent his heart reeling and if Lan Zhan’s strong hands weren’t supporting him, his knees would have definitely given out already.

“Lan Zhan, gege, you know how much I hate to be the voice of reason,” he pants against Lan Zhan’s mouth, their foreheads pressed together, “but I think we should go inside and continue this, yeah?” He jingles the keys he had retrieved from Lan Zhan’s hands in front of Lan Zhan’s face and turns to unlock the door. Which, if asked two seconds earlier Wei Ying would have denied to be intentional, but now with the high keening mewl that he makes when Lan Zhan’s hard length presses into his hip, he is not sure.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan pants against Wei Ying’s ear. His usually controlled voice sounds breathless and so hot. He unconsciously pushes his ass behind and Lan Zhan moans, “Wei Ying!” It only makes him want to do it again. “Wei Ying, get the door open.”

Fuck. Okay. “Okay, Lan Zhan. Wait, I--yes, here we go,” he says once the door is open and before he can even get out of his shoes, Lan Zhan’s mouth is on him once again. “Fuck, Lan Zhan.” Want to see Wei Ying come, he hears once again and now he wants that too. “Lan Zhan, your fingers. I want your hand, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan seems to know what Wei Ying wants, doesn’t question why Wei Ying is asking for it now. He slides his shoes off with Lan Zhan a few feet away from him doing the same. The small distance seems unacceptable, every moment that Lan Zhan’s hands aren’t on him intolerable. The intensity of Lan Zhan’s gaze tells him that Lan Zhan is ready to jerk him off right there in the hallway, which he doesn’t mind but that couch seems really inviting to his weak legs.

Before Lan Zhan can catch hold of him, he beelines to the sofa and seats himself. Lan Zhan makes his way with confident strides, his eyes focused only on Wei Ying. Wei Ying can feel all his nerves tingling and he giggles. Lan Zhan doesn’t sit next to him, he kneels on the carpet in front of him, one of his hands on Wei Ying’s knee and the other holding him by the neck. “Wei Ying.”

“Hi, Lan Zhan.” He boops Lan Zhan’s nose with his own, grinning. “Lan Zhan, I’m sorry I brought you back before we could finish our food. We have had better meals than that date, huh, Lan Zhan? I don’t even remember what he talked about.”

“Wei Ying’s students. Jingyi refuses to eat carrots. Luo Qingyang is taking a day off from work next week. Wei Ying has--” Wei Ying stops him with a quick kiss to the mouth, then another.

“Of course you would remember everything, Lan Zhan.” He is such a good boy. “Good boy,” he tells him, with another kiss to Lan Zhan’s jaw. “Now kiss me, Lan Zhan. It’s been so long since you have kissed me!”

He doesn’t think there’s anybody else capable enough to put up with his whining other than Lan Zhan, nor is anybody capable of shutting him up so thoroughly. It’s so good that Lan Zhan is a good kisser because Wei Ying loves kissing. Lan Zhan is the best at kissing, actually. The best he has ever had.

It feels slow after that, with Lan Zhan’s hands tugging at his hair and with Lan Zhan’s tongue drawing soft moans out of him. He pulls Lan Zhan up and makes Lan Zhan sit next to him. It seems like the right thing to do if either of them wants to live for the next fifteen minutes without passing out from breathlessness. Wei Ying gives Lan Zhan ten long seconds to catch his breath and then straddles his thighs.

Wei Ying is hard. He most definitely is. He rocks against Lan Zhan’s thigh, throwing his head back to moan shamelessly at the delicious friction. Want to touch Wei Ying, need to touch Wei Ying now. “Lan Zhan, remember how I asked for your fingers? Your hand? Please touch me, er gege.”

Wei Ying holds himself upright by resting his hands on Lan Zhan’s shoulders. They are so strong, he wants to bite them. “Lan Zhan, take off your shirt. I need--” Wei Ying cuts himself off when Lan Zhan rolls his hips against Wei Ying’s. “Fuck, Lan Zhan. Come here, just come here.”

Lan Zhan kisses him and kisses him hard. He bites and nips, swirls his tongue inside Wei Ying’s, angles their lips just right to further drive Wei Ying mad. He also removes his shirt in one smooth motion, parting only for a second from the kiss before his mouth is on Wei Ying’s once more. Wei Ying's brain stops working. There’s Lan Zhan-- naked and-- naked! Wei Ying swallows dry staring at Lan Zhan’s chest.

He only comes back to himself when Lan Zhan’s hands are trailing on the waistband of his jeans. Should I ask Wei Ying if it’s okay to remove his pants? Wei Ying muffles a groan into Lan Zhan’s neck and unzips his jeans. He brings Lan Zhan’s hands to palm his hard cock through his underwear and whimpers breathlessly into Lan Zhan’s mouth. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. I swear to God, if you don’t touch-- ah, fuck, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan yanks his underwear down and takes hold of his cock. “Lan Zhan!” he hisses and trails his hands up Lan Zhan’s chest, rolls Lan Zhan’s nipples between his fingers. The sound Lan Zhan makes is more of an exhale than a moan, which Wei Ying feels in the hollow of his throat, which makes him fuck into Lan Zhan’s fist.

Lan Zhan keeps making small abortive rolls of his hips, half heartedly rutting against Wei Ying’s thigh while working his hands on Wei Ying’s cock. He seems devoted to making Wei Ying come first. Wei Ying presses his thigh harder into Lan Zhan’s cock, rolls Lan Zhan’s nipples in his hand which finally makes Lan Zhan bite Wei Ying’s throat. It isn’t a hard bite, not at all painful but it still draws a gasp from him all the same. Wei Ying almost chokes on nothing when Lan Zhan throws his head back and makes a high sound in his throat. He hadn’t realised he was tugging so hard on Lan Zhan’s nipples until Lan Zhan’s flushed face came into view. He is so handsome, and he already looks so fucked out. Wei Ying did that. Fuck.

He feels all his desires pooled into the blood rushing to his cock, only held back by the tight fist of Lan Zhan’s hand around him. He looks so hot biting his lip like that. He puffs out a breath at that, fucks into Lan Zhan’s fist. Lan Zhan speeds up his hand on Wei Ying’s cock. I could come just from watching Wei Ying bite his lip and Lan Zhan does just that. He ruts once, twice against Wei Ying’s thigh, makes the loudest sound he has made all evening, and comes with a choked off Wei Ying. He can’t tell if Lan Zhan had said that out loud or not.

All he can think right now is that Lan Zhan had come, in his pants, watching Wei Ying fuck himself into Lan Zhan’s fist biting his lip and that’s what had undone Lan Zhan. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, that was so fucking hot. Lan er gege, that was--how did you?--oh fuck,” Lan Zhan’s hand moves on Wei Ying's cock smooth and slick and he tugs hard, and Wei Ying comes with a shout, spilling all over Lan Zhan’s chiselled chest. Fuck! “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan.” He slumps forward and falls onto Lan Zhan’s shoulders.



They give up on going on planned dates after that. Lan Zhan had come to pick him up after his work the next day with the plan of going to the night market and maybe even a stroll around the park. Which is a great plan! They have done this many times. One of his favourite things to do is going shopping with Lan Zhan with Wei Ying flitting from one shop to another and Lan Zhan trailing silently behind them. Lan Zhan never buys anything but stares a minute too long at toys for his bunnies and walks away. Wei Ying, who also loves Lan Zhan’s bunnies, has no problem with spoiling them, and anyway Lan Zhan rarely refuses him anything. Gifts for his pets makes Lan Zhan happier than gifts for himself.

All of that however exits his mind as soon as Lan Zhan pulls up in front of his school and looks so fondly at Wei Ying as he trudges upto the car and slides into the passenger seat. “Lan Zhan,” he says, and doesn’t hesitate to angle forward and pull Lan Zhan into a kiss. It’s sweet and warm. Wei Ying thinks he could get used to this feeling, he already feels addicted and it hasn’t even been two days since he has known how it is to kiss Lan Zhan.

Lan Zhan makes a small sound when Wei Ying trails his hand from Lan Zhan’s neck to the shell of his ear. He tugs at the small earring Lan Zhan is wearing and Lan Zhan gasps into the kiss. “Do you like it?” asks Lan Zhan. I remember Wei Ying staring the last time I wore them.

Wei Ying also remembers the last time Lan Zhan had worn these silver hoop earrings with two stones on them. They are small but when they catch the light, they make Lan Zhan’s face shine just right. Wei Ying was sure he was dead, nothing else would explain this. “Lan Zhan, did you dress up for me? Did you? I’m still sweaty from work and here you are looking like you walked right out of my dreams.” Wei Ying bites Lan Zhan’s lower lip and Lan Zhan’s hand on Wei Ying’s arm jerk minutely.

“You smell very nice.” Wei Ying huffs into Lan Zhan’s shoulder and draws him into a hug. “And I’m real. This is real.” Lan Zhan whispers into Wei Ying’s ears and Wei Ying thinks he might cry. Lan Zhan is so sweet, so good. Wei Ying breathes in deeply and extracts himself from the hug.

“You flatterer! I’m very sure I do not smell nice and uh-uh before you go all Wei Ying always smells nice, take me home so I can shower and we can eat, gege. I’m so hungry. I know we had plans, but maybe next week?” Wei Ying pouts at him. “Wei Ying is tired.”

Lan Zhan smiles at him and kisses his cheek. Tells him, “Wei Ying always smells nice and I’ll take you home.” Wei Ying groans into Lan Zhan’s neck, settles his head on Lan Zhan’s shoulder and stays like that for a while. “Wei Ying, you have to move. I need to start the car.” Wei Ying sighs dramatically, makes sure Lan Zhan hears that Wei Ying does not like this one bit and then moves away. Wei Ying is so cute.

“Lan Zhan is cuter.” Lan Zhan glances at him with a hint of suspicion. “Haha, can’t I tell my Lan Zhan that he is the cutest of them all? Lan Zhan came to pick me up from work, is driving me back home--” Lan Zhan gestures to the back seat “--and also brought me snacks! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. What have I done to deserve you?”

“Sit back down and eat, Wei Ying. We’ll be home soon.” Wei Ying beams at him and does as he is bid. Home. Lan Zhan’s apartment. Where Wei Ying had one of the best orgasms of his life. Where Wei Ying had realised that he wanted Lan Zhan-- wanted him close, wanted to touch him and be touched by him.

These thoughts that he can read, as helpful as they are, seem intrusive. The very act of listening to them, making use of them, seems inappropriate, even to him. Not that he likes making questionable life choices, but he’d rather not if he can help it. Not if it’s only going to end in tears and pain. He knows he should tell Lan Zhan.

It’s probably just a stupid virginity curse or some fable like that. Virginity is a social construct and Wei Ying refuses to play into it.

“Lan Zhan, do you want to have sex?” he asks just as they reach Lan Zhan’s apartment. He has seen it in the movies, it adds to the dramatic flare. It doesn’t work here, of course, because Lan Zhan parks the car properly. “I mean, I want to have sex. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to, you know?

Lan Zhan unbuckles his seat belt and does the same for Wei Ying since Wei Ying’s hands are greasy from the corn nuts. Did I do something to make Wei Ying think I don’t want to have sex with him? Lan Zhan is brushing the crumbs from Wei Ying’s jacket. Lan Zhan has done nothing to make Wei Ying think that but he can’t tell Lan Zhan that.

Wei Ying feels stupid for not realising earlier that Lan Zhan was interested in sleeping with him. Now that he thinks about it, there were so many hints. In the way that Lan Zhan always looks at him, like he can’t wait to run his hands over Wei Ying’s body. The way that he stares a little too long at Wei Ying’s lips when Wei Ying is babbling, even more so on the days when Wei Ying decides to wear lip gloss. Also, Wei Ying had spent so many nights in Lan Zhan’s apartment, sometimes falling asleep on the couch, too tired to make it to the bedroom. There were just many occasions when it could have happened if only Wei Ying had seen it sooner.

One time when Wei Ying was wearing his tightest jeans, Huaisang had said slim waist, ass fat and Wei Ying had of course turned to Lan Zhan to look for his reaction. Lan Zhan’s ears had turned so pink that Wei Ying decided Lan Zhan must be too embarrassed to think of Wei Ying in that way, so he decided to keep his mouth shut. Now he wishes he had teased Lan Zhan just to see if Lan Zhan would have done something. Like, kiss him or bend him over and fuck the living daylights out of him.

“Lan Zhan, say something. I’m dying over here from all the suspense,” he whines as Lan Zhan gets the apartment door open. They remove their shoes. Wei Ying goes to the kitchen to wash his hands as Lan Zhan goes to check on his bunnies. “You can’t keep ignoring my question, Lan Zhan!”

Lan Zhan is standing at the kitchen door with his arms crossed behind his back. Wei Ying can feel the anticipation in the room, it burns bright under his skin and reflects in the shaking of his fingers. He already knows what Lan Zhan wants. He wants to give it to Lan Zhan. He wants Lan Zhan to tell him what he wants. “What do you want, Lan Zhan?”

“I want,” he says, crossing the distance between them and crowding Wei Ying against the kitchen counter with his hands on Wei Ying’s hips, “your mouth on me.”

Wei Ying kisses him then. Throws his hands over Lan Zhan’s shoulders and kisses him hard. “Lan Zhan, there are things I need to tell you, I--” Lan Zhan rocks his hips up against Wei Ying’s and moans into Wei Ying’s mouth. “Okay, Lan er gege, you don’t want to talk right now, I know. Just--” he moves Lan Zhan so that he has Lan Zhan pressed against the counter.

Wei Ying doesn’t work out like Lan Zhan does, regularly and studiously. He is not good with routines. He has, however, enough strength to lift Lan Zhan and seat him on the kitchen top. Lan Zhan’s startled gasp, “Wei Ying!” has him giggling and he moves into the bracket of Lan Zhan’s legs to kiss him.

“Haha, I know I’m not as strong as you but this is where I want you, Lan Zhan, okay? Stay here like a good boy for me, er gege,” he says and rolls his hip once, both their cocks pressing. It makes Wei Ying want to frot against Lan Zhan, both of them hot and bothered and coming in their pants like that. Neither of them are teenagers anymore, so he is going to suck Lan Zhan now.

“When you said you wanted my mouth, I’m very you didn’t just mean kissing, hm?” he leaves trails of kisses down Lan Zhan’s neck, see's Lan Zhan’s hands holding tight onto the kitchen counter. He bites Lan Zhan’s nipple through his shirt making Lan Zhan arch his back.

“Fuck, Wei Ying. I need-- Wei Ying,” he plays with Lan Zhan’s other nipple while continuing to suck this one. Wei Ying’s mouth would look better around my cock. Wei Ying fucks into the air, whines at the unfairness of everything.

He needs to kiss Lan Zhan now. He needs Lan Zhan to speak those filthy words into his mouth, wants to fuck those words out of Lan Zhan. He climbs up to kiss Lan Zhan and at the same time ruts against Lan Zhan’s already hard cock. “Tell me what you need, er gege,” he teases in his best flirty voice and has the privilege of watching Lan Zhan gulp. He watches Lan Zhan’s face as Lan Zhan decides what he wants. Wei Ying keeps rolling his hips. “Where do you want my mouth, Lan Zhan?” he trails his hand on Lan Zhan’s waistband, caresses Lan Zhan’s cock through his pants. Fuck, he has never seen Lan Zhan’s cock.

Lan Zhan already looks undone, looks right on the edge of falling, physically and figuratively. He is swaying a little, his eyes only focused on Wei Ying’s mouth. His eyebrows furrow a little as he says, “Wei Ying can use his mouth wherever he wants.” He brings his hands to hold onto Wei Ying’s hips, stops Wei Ying from rutting against him. Wei Ying gives him a smug smile. “But, for now I want you to suck me.”

He can do that. He wants to do that. Fuck, he thinks. Fuck, he will get to see Lan Zhan’s dick, will get to take Lan Zhan’s dick in his mouth. He wants that so much that he thinks he might die if he doesn’t get to taste Lan Zhan now. “Lan Zhan, Lan er gege, you can’t just-- you can’t--” he groans into Lan Zhan’s neck, bites at the shell of Lan Zhan’s ear and takes the earring into his mouth and sucks “--just say things like that with a straight face. You are killing me, Lan Zhan!”

"You are clean, right, Lan Zhan? I am. I haven't gotten laid in so long," he sighs. Lan Zhan nods and says yes, I am clean. "Good, that's good. I want you in my mouth too, Lan Zhan."

He kisses Lan Zhan’s ear to soothe the burn and drops to his knees. He unzips Lan Zhan’s pants, pulls the underwear down and, “holy fuck! Oh my god, Lan Zhan!” Lan Zhan's whole face looks flushed, red high on his cheeks. “Were you ever going to tell me you had the most beautiful dick in existence?”

Lan Zhan’s already leaking. Wei Ying gathers the precum and spreads it along Lan Zhan’s very long dick. Lan Zhan sharply inhales and says, “You--you never asked.” As if that makes any sense which makes Wei Ying realise that he doesn’t make any sense either. Which can only be corrected by taking Lan Zhan’s beautiful cock in his mouth. Lan Zhan throws his head back and moans as Wei Ying sucks lightly on the head of his cock.

He pulls back and says, “Lan Zhan. Hey, Lan Zhan, look at me. Stop hurting your hands and hold onto my hair, okay?” He helps Lan Zhan move his hands to Wei Ying’s hair. “Good boy. Now, I want you to pull my hair, hm? I like that. I love that, actually. I know this is our first time but trust me, gege, I love sucking cock.”

“Mn. I believe that. You have the prettiest mouth.” He says it so easily too. Wei Ying can do nothing but try to hide his blush by taking Lan Zhan into his mouth. He is big and heavy on Wei Ying’s tongue. Wei Ying swirls his tongue on the head and tastes the precum. He hums as he slowly tries to sink further down. Lan Zhan tastes good, tastes clean. Wei Ying can already imagine doing this for hours on a slow sunday morning, taking his time to make Lan Zhan come undone. He wants to tie Lan Zhan up one day and take his sweet time trying different ways to make Lan Zhan come just from his mouth.

Wei Ying starts sucking slowly once he has taken half of Lan Zhan’s cock into his mouth. He could go all the way, but not in this position. He wants to do that some other time. For now, he keeps a good rhythm sucking Lan Zhan’s cock, making a mess from all the saliva and precum. He rolls Lan Zhan’s balls in his other hand, the one not stroking the other half of Lan Zhan’s length. He purrs when he can taste the new bead of cum which has Lan Zhan pulling on his hair.

He can’t hear any of Lan Zhan’s thoughts, his own mind is a chaotic rush of blood and slow buzzing that he feels in his toes. He palms at his own cock after a while to relieve some pressure and it helps clear his mind. “Lan Zhan, tell me how you feel. Tell me.”

Lan Zhan is making soft sounds, cut off moans and whimpers. He keeps tugging on Wei Ying’s hair whenever Wei Yings starts sucking harder. “You look so good like this, Wei Ying. Your mouth, it’s-- Wei Ying, I’m going to come if you don’t slow down.”

Wei Ying wants Lan Zhan to come. He wants Lan Zhan to come in his mouth. “You are going to come, Lan Zhan? You are going to come in my pretty mouth, er gege?” He redoubles his effort and takes all of Lan Zhan’s cock in his mouth, previous thoughts forgotten. He sucks hard and Lan Zhan spills into his mouth.

Lan Zhan shouts, “Wei Ying!” and pulls Wei Ying’s mouth away from his cock, works his own hand on his cock and shoots spurts of come on Wei Ying's face instead. Wei Ying is going to die from how horny he is. “I’m sorry, Wei Ying--”

Wei Ying shuts him up by kissing him. It’s dirty and hot, and just what Wei Ying needs right now. “Shh, Lan Zhan. That was so hot, you are so hot. I can’t believe you just-- Gods! Come here, just come here, Lan Zhan. I need-- Lan Zhan, I need--”

He keeps rolling his hips without feeling much friction on Lan Zhan’s thighs. He feels so close to bursting. He just needs-- just wants Lan Zhan to. “Tell me what you need Wei Ying.” He can’t think straight and doesn’t know what he wants. He just-- he is being kissed before he can make up his mind. Lan Zhan is kissing him slowly, his big hands holding his hips still. It gives him a few seconds to breathe and think.

“Lan Zhan, I don’t care what you do but the moment you touch me, I’m going to come,” he informs him. He watches as Lan Zhan’s eyes narrow in focus, his left cheek twitching a little as Lan Zhan flips their positions and sinks down to the floor. “Fuck, Lan Zhan. That’s not what I-- but, yes. Fuck!”

“I want to taste you, too.” He nods vigorously and Lan Zhan wastes no time in undressing him and pulling his cock out. The cold air hitting his dick after being constrained for so long has him whimpering, a few tears wetting his eyelashes. He is so worked up. He is going to cry if he doesn’t find release now. Lan Zhan strokes Wei Ying once, twice and then wraps his mouth around Wei Ying’s cock. Lan Zhan sucks him a few times and before he knows it, he is coming with harsh grunts and he feels like his soul has left his body.

Wei Ying looks so gorgeous like this, so beautiful. Lan Zhan looks like a sex dream with his mouth around Wei Ying's cock, his eye lashes fanning his cheeks. Wei Ying is going to tell Lan Zhan that Lan Zhan is the beautiful one once he comes off of the high of the best orgasm of his life. He can’t believe he thought yesterday’s was good. Then again, he thinks every orgasm with Lan Zhan is going to have him think it’s the best.



As it happens, Wei Ying doesn’t get any close to testing his theory that this is a virginity curse. Not that he believes the drivel that is purity and virginity but he really does want Lan Zhan’s cock inside him. He wants Lan Zhan to hold him down, bend him in half and fuck him into the bed. The images that Lan Zhan’s thoughts supply him with get filthier by the minute.

One time when Wei Ying was standing leaning on the wall of Lan Zhan’s bedroom and Lan Zhan had come to claim a kiss, he not only kissed all sense out of Wei Ying but also made him senseless from the picture of Lan Zhan fucking him right there, with Wei Ying’s legs wrapped around Lan Zhan and Lan Zhan biting a bruise into Wei Ying’s throat. Wei Ying had brought both of them onto the floor and proceeded to eat Lan Zhan out. It was only Lan Zhan’s phone ringing that had stopped him from fucking Lan Zhan right then. He had gotten Lan Zhan so loose and wet.

They have both been working each other up these past few days, making out whenever they are in each other’s space, bringing themselves off with each others mouths and hands. Just yesterday, they had made out for what felt like an hour, rocking against each other with Lan Zhan slipping his hand inside Wei Ying’s shorts and tracing Wei Ying’s hole. I’m sure Wei Ying would be all hot and tight inside. The theory about not being unable to come like teenagers by frotting against each other, yeah, no, they most definitely can! Lan Zhan’s ridiculously dirty mind is very helpful too.

“Lan Zhan, you are constantly horny, aren’t you?” he asks, crowding into Lan Zhan’s space. They are both standing by the balcony door. Jiang Cheng’s birthday party is in full swing. All their friends and friends of their friends have been invited. So, this is what A-jie had bargained with Huaisang for a smaller scale party for Wei Ying’s birthday. He takes a swig from his beer, enjoys the way Lan Zhan tracks the bob of his Adam’s apple and says, “You are not like the rest of us. This--” he gestures wildly at Lan Zhan’s body “--is a constant state of existence for you, isn’t it?”

He can see the flush on Lan Zhan’s face, can see how he is holding himself back from kissing Wei Ying right in front of everybody. Lan Zhan doesn’t say anything, just sips at his drink and turns away to stare at the room. Wei Ying huffs out a laugh, tips his head back and downs his beer. He has to make sure he doesn’t get sloshed tonight. Lan Zhan is humming a tune in his head, a familiar song that he keeps singing when ever he and Lan Zhan are just hanging out, doing nothing. It takes him by surprise that Lan Zhan is humming it now.

“Lan Zhan, I’m gonna go say hi to everybody, okay?” He caresses Lan Zhan’s wrist with the pad of his thumb, digs his nails into Lan Zhan’s pulse point and smirks.

He can feel Lan Zhan’s gaze on him as he leaves to go talk to his friends. He can see Jiang Cheng and MianMian talking, Jiang Cheng shrugging and rolling his eyes as MianMian gestures wildly with her hands. On his way to them, he has to turn around Jin Guangyao, who is thinking silly bear while staring at Nie Mingjue who is playing with little A-Yuan and Jingyi. Nie Huaisang has A-Ling in his arms who is playing with Huaisang’s braids.

“So, like, what’s the deal with Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao?” he asks Jiang Cheng, as he catches his brother in a headlock. Jiang Cheng grunts unhappily and tries to move away, Wei Ying only strengthens his hold but relents soon after and just keeps his hand on Jiang Cheng’s shoulder. He winks at MianMian. “Luo-laoshi, fancy seeing you here.”

“Idiot! Stop hurting me,” Jiang Cheng tchs. “And why would I know anything about those two?” he asks, looking offended at the mere prospect. “Shouldn’t you ask your Lan Zhan. Wouldn’t he know better than me?” he questions, gesturing at Lan Xichen.

“What does Xichen-ge have to do with any of this?” Wei Wuxian asks, perplexed. MianMian giggles and Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes again. MianMian leaves to go find A-jie. Lan Xichen is bringing drinks for the Nie siblings and Jin Guangyao. If Wei Ying wasn’t paying attention, he’d miss the way Lan Xichen’s hands linger on Jin Guangyao’s and the way Nie Mingjue looks at the both of them. “Huh!” he says. Wei Ying remembers Lan Zhan’s often internal monologue about his brother’s questionable choices in partners.

Wei Ying chuckles to himself. “Have you gone mad, Wei Wuxian?” Jiang Cheng grumbles. He seems to be staring at Huaisang and A-Ling. His face becomes impossibly soft and Wei Ying’s mouth drops open. Fuck, they are so precious, Jiang Cheng thinks. Jiang Cheng glances at him once and does a double take when he notices Wei Ying’s expression. “What! Okay, I’m going to find A-jie. You look mental.”

“No, no. Wait, didi. A-Cheng, don’t be mean to your gege,” he whines. Who’s your didi? He doesn’t let Jiang Cheng say that out loud. He puts his hand on Jiang Cheng's mouth to shut him up. “Shh, A-Cheng. Do you like A-Sang?” Jiang Cheng eyes widen comically and he stills in Wei Ying’s hands, finally. When Wei Ying lets him go, he gives Wei Ying one of his nasty looks.

“Shut up, I don’t want to talk to you about this. Remember the rule for my birthday, you have to do as I say for one whole day and I know it isn’t my birthday yet, but still.” Jiang Cheng looks at Lan Zhan who has now moved away from the balcony to Lan Xichen’ side. Lan Zhan is sitting on the floor playing with A-Yuan. Jingyi is pulling at Nie Mingjue’s braids and Wei Ying doesn’t think he has ever seen that man smile so much. “Now shut up, and go trouble A-jie or your Lan Zhan,” Jiang Cheng says and walks away.

“Such a bad didi,” he says when he had meant to say not my Lan Zhan but, fuck, if he doesn’t want that. No, no! He does not. His sweeping eyes land on Lan Zhan playing with A-Yuan. The little boy is sitting on Lan Zhan’s lap whispering softly to him. Lan Zhan pays him the same level of attention as he would any adult and that comes straight for Wei Ying’s poor bleeding heart. He wants something like that with Lan Zhan, he thinks.

He shakes his head and sighs internally. Lan Zhan likes his mouth, wants to fuck him. Lan Zhan likes kissing him and having his cock sucked by Wei Ying. Lan Zhan is always horny. Which is so bloody hot that Wei Ying wants them to leave the party right now. He wants Lan Zhan to do all those things that Lan Zhan’s thoughts promise him. Then-- then Wei Ying will have finally lost his virginity or whatever the fuck this is and then he can-- whatever.

Lan Zhan looks so serene sitting there with Wen Yuan. Lan Zhan deserves to be happy. He is such a good man, such a sweetheart.

Wei Ying catches his sister’s eyes from across the room and smiles sheepishly at her. She has that knowing look on her face and it only makes Wei Ying blush furiously. He pouts at A-jie and she giggles.

Lan Zhan is standing in front of him now, his eyes full of heat. “I saw you staring, again.” Lan Zhan smells so good. He is dressed in his fancy blue shirt, the one that makes Wei Ying want to tear it off of him. There’s a silver necklace hanging on the collar of his shirt. It draws attention to the long line of Lan Zhan’s neck and Wei Ying wants to bite the tender skin, wants to mark him and see if the silver is shinier against the red.

“Lan Zhan, tell me. If I asked you to fuck me in the upstairs bathroom right now, would you? Would you open me up with those pretty fingers of yours and take me, er gege? Would you?” Lan Zhan makes a small sound deep in his throat. It goes straight to Wei Ying’s cock. He feels his arousal set him on fire and he feels it being returned in Lan Zhan’s eyes. They are beautiful. Wei Ying has never kissed Lan Zhan’s eyes. He wants to kiss Lan Zhan’s eyes.

“Fuck, you would,” he realises, says what he has known, has heard, just to see Lan Zhan’s eyes darken with arousal. “Lan Zhan, if you don’t take me home now and fuck me, I don’t know what I’ll do.” He feels like everybody is staring at them, feels like they can hear his harsh breathing. But he doesn’t even want to check, doesn’t want to lose being the sole attention of Lan Zhan’s gaze. It feels heady, feels intoxicating like no alcohol ever has.

“I also want,” says Lan Zhan, slowly. It comes out so husky and breathy at the same time, it makes Wei Ying swoon. “We can do what you want. If you want me here, you can have me.” Lan Zhan has to hold him upright at the wrist lest he fall flat on his ass.

“Lan Zhan! You can’t just say that. I’ll be so greedy, er gege. You will never be free of me again.”

“Be greedy, then. Wei Ying, I--” Lan Zhan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath “--have wanted this for so long. You wouldn’t believe me.”

I want him. Lan Zhan’s thoughts are a chorus of Wei Ying and I want him. He feels so weak, so undone and nothing has even happened yet. He is so aroused, so unbearably horny.

“Okay, Lan Zhan. Okay, give me two minutes and then we will-- oh, fuck! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. You should also go say bye to you brother.”

Lan Zhan nods, gives him one final look so promising that it has Wei Ying reeling and he doesn’t know what happens after that, doesn’t have the bearings to care, and then they are getting out of Jiang Cheng’s apartment and into Lan Zhan’s car.



Wei Ying feels like he is looking at himself from the outside, his body doesn’t feel like his own. His heart is beating a mile against his ribcage and the sound of it feels like somebody is drumming right in front of his ear. His legs are shaking and his palms are sweaty. He already feels wrecked and they haven’t even reached Lan Zhan’s apartment door yet.

The ding of the lift startles him and he finds Lan Zhan staring right into his eyes as he looks up at Lan Zhan. Wei Ying walks out of the lift first, takes the right to Lan Zhan’s flat and can feel Lan Zhan’s eyes on him as he marches to the apartment. He should do something. Wei Ying should ask Lan Zhan if he is sure this is what he wants, or if he wants to wait. He should maybe kiss Lan Zhan because he is so done with the waiting.

It feels like this whole evening, the last week or maybe his entire life is leading up to this one moment. This thing that he is going to do with Lan Zhan. He remembers the exact moment he had realised Lan Zhan was the most attractive man. It was the first time he had met Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan was so cold and distant, never talking to anybody nor reacting to Wei Ying’s blabbering. It had taken Wei Ying so long to get Lan Zhan to warm up to him. He was so sure Lan Zhan hated him, maybe Lan Zhan did hate him at first. Then, as days went by, they had become closer, had become friends even.

Lan Zhan is his best friend and not like how Huaisang or Wen Ning are. Lan Zhan is the one who knows him. Lan Zhan is the one who remembers that he wanted a winter coat, the one who might be better with children than even Wei Ying is, the one who is unapproachable to everybody else but so very easy for Wei Ying to talk to. Lan Zhan’s the one who thinks this is Wei Ying’s favourite sauce, I should buy some more of it while feeding Wei Ying. Lan Zhan is so good to him.

Then there’s the other side of Lan Zhan. The way he is stubborn but believes in the rules that he adheres too. The Lan Zhan who doesn’t hesitate from questioning his Uncle’s choices but still remains respectful, still loves his Uncle. Wei Ying adores how protective Lan Zhan is of the people he loves. Wei Ying especially loves how petty Lan Zhan can be sometimes.

“You are thinking too much," Lan Zhan says as he gets the door unlocked. Wei Ying had thought maybe they would be just as desperate as the last many times but everything feels slow, like they are trapped in this night. It’s a good night, it feels important. “Wei Ying, if you aren’t sure and you want to--”

Wei Ying hugs him then. He hasn’t hugged Lan Zhan this past week as much as he usually does. Lan Zhan gives one of the best hugs ever, some of Wei Ying’s absolute favourites. His arms wound around Wei Ying so strongly and securely, Wei Ying feels protected from everything. Also, Lan Zhan smells really fucking nice: something ginger and something floral. “I want, Lan Zhan, I do. I just--” he moves away from Lan Zhan’s neck, hooks his finger under Lan Zhan’s chin “--there’s something I should tell you but it really doesn’t matter, you know? It’s stupid and I want this because--because of you and not-- Lan Zhan, please shut me up.”

Lan Zhan kisses him deep. It’s not tongue and teeth as most of their more desperate kisses have been. It’s a kiss with feeling, with so much emotion that it has Wei Ying holding onto Lan Zhan’s jaw tighter. Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan back with such force as if trying to become one with him. It feels inevitable that Lan Zhan should be the one to kiss him, and kiss him like this.

“Whatever Wei Ying has to say cannot be stupid,” says Lan Zhan, parting for breath and then he kisses Wei Ying’s cheeks. “You can tell me anything. I have things I want to tell Wei Ying too.” Wei Ying shouldn’t be sad. Maybe we can just go to bed, to sleep. Wei Ying is not sad and he doesn’t want to sleep.

Lan Zhan is so good. Wei Ying doesn’t deserve him. “You want to tell me tonight?” he asks. Lan Zhan shakes his head and leans in to kiss him again. “Okay, that’s good. I meant what I said at the party, Lan Zhan. We should-- You should take me to bed now, er gege.”

It will never cease to delight Wei Ying just how easily Lan Zhan gets turned on. The way his eyes instantly darken, the way his nails dig into Wei Ying’s waist and how he seems to get breathless just at the prospect of fucking Wei Ying. It’s so hot. Gods! “You are so cute, Lan Zhan,” he kisses Lan Zhan’s nose. Wei Ying kisses his shoulder and then his neck, extracts himself from Lan Zhan’s embrace and starts walking towards the bedroom. “Race you to the bed, Lan Zhan!”

He hears Lan Zhan snort, which Lan Zhan would never do in front of anybody else, and it warms his heart so much that he stops in front of the bedroom door to turn and kiss Lan Zhan. He seems taken aback by Wei Ying crashing into him but settles after a second. He scoops Wei Ying off the floor and into his arms. Mn. Always wanted to do that. “Lan Zhan,” he laughs into the kiss.

When Lan Zhan drops Wei Ying on the bed, he also manages to remove Wei Ying’s shirt by his superior skills. He starts kissing Wei Ying’s neck, his hands trailing Wei Ying’s sides. “We both won, ah--” Lan Zhan bites at the soft skin of his neck. “Ah, Lan Zhan, we both-- fuck, gege.” Lan Zhan takes one of Wei Ying’s nipples into his mouth. He holds both of Wei Ying’s hands on either side of him by the wrists. “We both--”

“Yes?” he says, smug, rising from bruising Wei Ying’s nipple. “You were saying, Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan removes his own shirt in one smooth motion. All that skin has Wei Ying blinking rapidly. Lan Zhan's necklace falls gracefully against his throat. He tries to get up to touch Lan Zhan but Lan Zhan crowds him against the bed, kisses his mouth and rolls his hips on Wei Ying’s.

He moans into Lan Zhan’s mouth. He is so fucking hard in his pants and the way Lan Zhan is moving above him has him panting. He can’t think straight, all his blood rushing south. Fuck, he has wanted this for so long. Wei Ying makes the prettiest noises. I can’t wait to fuck him. Wei Ying makes an embarrassingly high sound in his throat and arches his hips, his cock pressing against Lan Zhan’s. “Wei Ying, I need to touch you. I--”

“Yes, Lan Zhan. Please,” he begs, and bites Lan Zhan’s shoulder. Lan Zhan bucks into Wei Ying’s groin, his breathing harsh against Wei Ying’s neck. Lan Zhan sucks at the skin of Wei Ying’s neck, alternates laving it with his tongue, and Wei Ying is sure it’s going to bruise. He wants it to bruise. “Harder, Lan Zhan.” Lan Zhan’s breath stutters as he bites hard. Wei Ying throws his head back to moan. “Lan Zhan, fuck. You have to touch me, please. Please, I need-”

Lan Zhan grunts something inaudible and then they are both separating to get their pants off. Wei Ying feels like he is floating in air, everything feels suspended and full of tension. He feels giddy with feelings, hot with arousal burning in his veins. The way Lan Zhan is looking at him isn’t helping either, it makes him want to hide and at the same time bare himself more for Lan Zhan’s pleasure.

Wei Ying falls back down after getting rid of his pants. He covers his eyes with his hands and laughs, sharp and bright. “Wei Ying?” comes Lan Zhan’s adorably concerned voice from above him. He can feel Lan Zhan’s hardness against the hollow of his hip. His laugh stutters into a gasp and he rocks his hips upwards. “Are you okay? Do you need anything? Should we stop?”

“No!” he shouts and removes his hands from his eyes. Lan Zhan’s eyes are all pupil and heat from where he is hovering above Wei Ying. Wei Ying covers them with his hands. “Haha, Lan Zhan. Lan er gege, don’t look. I look like a fool. I--I can’t stop laughing. Everything feels so-- feels so--”

Right,” Lan Zhan finishes for him. Fuck. Fuck, it does. It feels so good, so right. He wants Lan Zhan. He wants Lan Zhan to kiss him, wants Lan Zhan to fuck him. He wants-- he needs--

“Lan Zhan, come here. Just come here, er gege,” he pulls Lan Zhan by his chin to kiss him. It’s messy and wet. Lan Zhan brings both of Wei Ying’s hands above his head and slips his tongue inside Wei Ying's mouth. Wei Ying whimpers into the kiss as Lan Zhan’s cock slides against his own. Wei Ying feels so good. Kissing him is the best feeling ever. Wei Ying might actually cry and his ass hasn’t even been ruined yet.

Wei Ying slips from Lan Zhan’s hold and reverses their position. He wraps a hand around Lan Zhan’s cock and spreads the pre cum along the whole length. How can one man have beautiful everything? “I love your cock,” he tells Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan has to know just how beautiful he is. “You are so pretty, Lan Zhan. Everything about you is beautiful.” He slides down and takes Lan Zhan’s cock into his mouth.

“Wei Ying!” Lan Zhan bucks into Wei Ying’s mouth. It’s good that Wei Ying was prepared for that. He hollows his mouth and sucks at Lan Zhan’s cock. “Wei Ying, you don’t have to, ah. Wei Ying--” Wei Ying’s mouth is made for this. Wei Ying moans around Lan Zhan’s cock and pulls away.

“Lan Zhan,” he says, crawling up the bed. He straddles Lan Zhan, gasps when their cocks touch. Lan Zhan is looking at their cocks. He looks mesmerized, and then he takes both their coks in his hand forming a loose circle of his wrist. “Fuck,” he hisses. He bites his lip to stifle his moans.

He can’t believe it had taken them this long to fall into bed together. It feels ridiculous that they waited so long. “I always wanted to kiss you whenever I saw you biting your lips.” Wei Ying opens his eyes to look down at Lan Zhan. “You can’t believe how much I love your mouth, Wei Ying.”

“Fuck, Lan Zhan. That’s--you, I--” he has to kiss Lan Zhan then. Lan Zhan hands come to dig into the meat of ass. Lan Zhan slides his finger down the crack of Wei Ying’s ass, circles his hole and Wei Ying fucks into Lan Zhan’s hips. “Fuck. Okay, okay. Lan Zhan, where’s the lube?” Lan Zhan moves up the bed a little to open the bedside drawer. He brings a half used bottle of lube out. “Lan Zhan, do you finger yourself?” he asks, curious. He needs to know. The sounds Lan Zhan had made when Wei Ying had opened him with his tongue were divine. He can only imagine the kind of noises Lan Zhan makes when he is fucking himself open with his own fingers.

Lan Zhan blushes to the roots of his hair. “On your hands and knees,” he orders. His voice goes straight to Wei Ying’s cock. He kisses Lan Zhan once more and settles on his hands and knees. “I want to see you when I fuck you, but it will be easier this way. We can move once you get adjusted,” he says and rubs a lube soaked finger around Wei Ying’s hole.

“Okay, Lan Zhan.” His voice is hoarse and he feels like he is visibly shaking. Fuck, Lan Zhan is going to open him up with those gorgeous fingers. “Lan Zhan, your fingers--” he cuts himself off when one finger pushes inside of him. It’s not that he has never fingered himself but it has been a long time since he has. He doesn’t get enough time for anything except quickly getting himself off in the shower. He has missed the stretch of a good finger inside him.

“You are so tight, Wei Ying.” Just like I had imagined. Lan Zhan fucks the finger in and out of him. It’s not painful, and it is not enough. He pushes his hip back asking for more. “Do you want more of my fingers, Wei Ying?”

“Fuck, Lan Zhan. The mouth on you--” he makes a half choked noise as Lan Zhan circles Wei Ying’s rim with his thumb “--fuck, yes. Yes, I want another finger, Lan Zhan. Just-- Lan Zhan,” he cries as Lan Zhan pushes in another finger. If Lan Zhan wants him to beg, he can beg. He has no problem asking for more, not from Lan Zhan.

He can feel the burn now, can feel how Lan Zhan is stretching him open with his fingers. He is thinking of how big Lan Zhan’s cock is, how two fingers won’t be enough, when Lan Zhan rubs against something that makes his head drop and his hips buck fruitlessly into the air. “Ah, Lan Zhan. Yes, yes, yes, there, Lan Zhan, er gege--fuck!”

Lan Zhan keeps hitting at that spot making Wei Yin mewl and fruitlessly grab onto the sheets trying to keep himself upright. He feels undone and raw. His body is shuddering with the onslaught against his prostate and he needs--”Lan Zhan, another, please. I want you inside me and-- ah, fuck. Lan Zhan, please.”

Lan Zhan seems to take pity on him and stops rubbing at his spot. Wei Ying wants to touch himself. His cock feels neglected. He is shaking with how much he needs to be touched. He could just--just, “No, don’t touch yourself," comes Lan Zhan's cruel admonishment. Wei Ying almost cries into the pillow. Lan Zhan is working three fingers inside him and Wei Ying feels full. He feels good and he would feel better if he could only touch himself.

“Please, Lan Zhan, I need--” he stops himself as he hears Lan Zhan groan into the back of his neck. Lan Zhan kisses the nape of his neck softly. Lan Zhan’s cock is pressing against his hip; he feels so big and Wei Ying wants that inside him now. “Lan Zhan, fuck me.”

Lan Zhan bites his shoulder blade, he is breathing harshly behind Wei Ying. When Lan Zhan removes his fingers, Wei Ying does cry then. A few tears escaping him at the sudden emptiness. “Shh, Wei Ying. I have you, shh.” Lan Zhan’s voice soothes him. Lan Zhan’s cock is pressing against his hole and Wei Ying whimpers with how much he wants it. He shudders as Lan Zhan’s cock breaches his entrance; just the head of Lan Zhan’s cock feels so big.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan.” Wei Ying is so tight, feels so good. “Lan Zhan, tell me how it feels. You feel so big inside me, gege.” Lan Zhan presses in further, sliding in deeper until half of his cock is inside Wei Ying. “Lan Zhan, give it to me all. I can take it, Lan Zhan. I, I--”

His voice breaks on a moan as Lan Zhan bottoms out. “So eager, huh, Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan sounds so hot. He sounds like he can break Wei Ying in half; Wei Ying wants Lan Zhan to break him in half. “You feel so good. You feel like you were made for me.”

Wei Ying is panting against the bed. His face is pressed into the mattress with his hips sticking up and out, Lan Zhan’s hands tight around them like a leash. Lan Zhan gives them both time to catch their breath. It occurs to Wei Ying that Lan Zhan never speaks so much, not unless he actually means what he says. His words are usually so carefully chosen. “Lan Zhan, you really mean that, don’t you? Fuck. Fuck, that’s so hot. You are so hot. I cannot believe-- please fuck me, er gege.”

Lan Zhan pulls out and thrusts back in. The first thrust has both of them moaning high. Lan Zhan’s thoughts are a cacophony of fuck and so tight. He wants to hear Lan Zhan swear on the outside. Lan Zhan fucks into him a few times, the strength of him moving Wei Ying forward on the bed. After a while, he finds Wei Ying’s spot. Wei Ying throws his head back and moans, trying to find Lan Zhan’s mouth. He feels so good. He wants to kiss Lan Zhan, wants to show Lan Zhan how good he feels.

Want to see Wei Ying’s face. Fuck, he wants that too. He wants to see how Lan Zhan looks when he is fucking him. Lan Zhan slows down, pulls out gently and flips Wei Ying onto his back. Wei Ying makes a keening sort of sound in his throat when he sees Lan Zhan.

“You are so beautiful, Lan Zhan.” He can’t believe how stunning this man is. Everytime he thinks he has made peace with Lan Zhan’s beauty, it hits him with a force unknown. But he has never before seen Lan Zhan like this. “Fuck, come here. Kiss me, Lan Zhan. You have to kiss me,” he demands.

Lan Zhan braces himself on his arms on either side of Wei Ying and leans down to kiss him. It’s so soft. It fucks with his mind with how lovely it is. He slides his lips against Lan Zhan’s, feels how Lan Zhan shivers with each lick of Wei Ying’s tongue. They kiss like that for a while, slow and soft. The desperation of earlier has calmed into a slow burning candle, no longer a fast moving flame under his skin. “Are you okay, Lan er gege?” he asks, cradling Lan Zhan’s face in his hands. He presses their foreheads together and breathes for a second. When he opens his eyes, Lan Zhan is looking back at him.

“Wei Ying,” he says, so delicately. “Wei Ying,” he says and kisses Wei Ying again. Just a brush of lips and it goes straight to Wei Ying’s heart how vulnerable Lan Zhan sounds. “Wei Ying, I--”

“Shh, it’s okay, Lan Zhan. My sweet er gege,” he says and bends up to kiss Lan Zhan’s eyes. He can’t believe he has never kissed Lan Zhan’s eyes. “Earlier this evening, I was thinking how I never kissed my Lan Zhan’s eyes.” He kisses one, then another and goes back to kiss that one again.

“Yours,” Lan Zhan says, a tear gathering at the corner of his right eye. Wei Ying kisses it away. “Yours,” he says, and slides into Wei Ying. Wei Ying chokes on his own tears as Lan Zhan fucks into him like he has never left before, like he has always belonged inside Wei Ying.

“My Lan Zhan,” he says and meets Lan Zhan’s thrust with a roll of his hips. Lan Zhan’s thoughts are singing a single chorus of Yours, Wei Ying. Yours. Wei Ying’s thoughts are no better. He feels splayed out and raw like he has never felt before. He feels like Lan Zhan is not just fucking him, but burrowing into his heart at the same time. He needs, he wants-- “Lan Zhan, touch me, please.”

Lan Zhan is fucking him furiously. His hips a hypnotic dance that has Wei Ying arch his hip into the touch-- seeking more, seeking Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan grunts and wraps a hand around Wei Ying’s cock. He pumps once, twice and Wei Ying comes with a broken off shout. He comes so much and for so long, coating both his and Lan Zhan’s chests. He has started to kiss Lan Zhan in the middle of his orgasm, more an exchange of breath and sounds than an actual kiss. He cries with how exhausted and sensitive he feels. His Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan--

“Lan Zhan, don’t stop. Harder, Lan Zhan.” He wants Lan Zhan to use him for his own pleasure. His eyes are still closed but he will manage to open them to see Lan Zhan come. “Come inside me, Lan Zhan. Come inside your Wei Ying, er gege.”

He opens his eyes just in time to see the most unguarded he has ever seen Lan Zhan. The man looks flushed with sweat dripping along his hairline. Lan Zhan’s forehead has gathered beads of sweat. His eyes are blown wide and he is making small hitching sounds with his mouth open. He fucks Wei Ying harder than he has before, rolls his hips twice, flushed completely against Wei Ying’s body and comes inside Wei Ying. He thinks he sees Lan Zhan mouth his name but he is not sure.

Lan Zhan is making small abortive rolls of his hips working through his orgasm. He looks transcendent in pleasure, this Lan Zhan. Nobody can look that good while orgasming, but Lan Zhan manages to have the most perfect orgasm face, as well. He presses a kiss to Lan Zhan’s forehead as Lan Zhan slumps down. “You did so good, Lan Zhan. So good.”

“You were perfect,” murmurs Lan Zhan into Wei Ying’s throat. He pulls out gingerly from inside Wei Ying and falls on the bed beside Wei Ying.

“Lan Zhan! You have to warn me, Lan Zhan! You can’t just--nnggh--” he groans into Lan Zhan’s shoulders. “Have some mercy on my poor heart, er gege. You showed none for my ass, you could do this much.”

Lan Zhan makes a small sound that sounds like a laugh. Wei Ying gets up in alarm to take a look. Sure enough, the corners of Lan Zhan’s lips are raised and the skin at his eyes is crinkled. He looks so unbearably sweet that Wei Ying can only stare in awe. He is afraid that anything he says is going to ruin the mood. Wei Ying said ‘my Lan Zhan’. Wei Ying’s heart feels close to combusting. If that is what it takes for Lan Zhan to smile like that, then-- then Wei Ying is going to--he will--

“Lan Zhan, my Lan Zhan.” He never wants Lan Zhan to stop smiling like that. “My good Lan Zhan,” he says and kisses Lan Zhan’s nose. He lays his head down on Lan Zhan’s chest, unable to stare too long at that soft look. But he also can’t stop himself from looking, so he tilts his face upwards to press a kiss to Lan Zhan’s chin and stare at him more.

He does that a few times until Lan Zhan huffs against his temple and asks, “Wei Ying?” He can’t believe Lan Zhan just fucked him. The mere thought of it has him getting hard again. He thrusts shallowly at Lan Zhan’s hips. “Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan’s voice sounds broken.

He knows they should clean up. He knows the sticky mess is going to feel horrible after a while. But. “Just--just kiss me, er gege. I want you to kiss me.” Lan Zhan leans down, like the good boy that he is, and kisses him. He sinks into the feeling, syrupy and light. He feels sleepy and widely awake at the same time. “Just kiss me some more, Lan Zhan.”



Wei Ying is still euphoric with the tinging of his lips from all the early morning kisses. His burning arousal from last evening is nonexistent now with the way he and Lan Zhan had rolled sleepily on the sheets, taking their time and slowly bringing each other to completion. The tension he had felt deep in his muscles until yesterday seems to have found release, an escape, in Lan Zhan’s smile. The bliss that he feels can’t be ruined even by Jiang Cheng’s sour mood.

They are both sitting in one of their favourite breakfast restaurants, one that is a short distance from both their workplaces. He was surprised to see Jiang Cheng’s notification to meet him for breakfast this morning, but not unhappy. He was going to meet his siblings for dinner tonight, anyway. Just the three of them to celebrate Jiang Cheng’s birthday, the way he likes it. To have woken up to such an unexpected summons, Wei Ying was worried, but not as worried as to stop smiling like a loon.

“You look dumb,” says Jiang Cheng, scowling. “You look happy,” he says, narrowing his eyes. “Why do you look so happy? Did you do something stupid?”

“Tch, Jiang Cheng. You always think I’m only making trouble. No faith in your gege,” he huffs, and sips his tea.

“Who’s my gege?” he retorts, as expected. Wei Ying is busy dreaming about the soft sweater Lan Zhan had worn and how Wei Ying had tugged on his sleeves as they kissed goodbye. He is thinking about how Lan Zhan had pulled him back to claim one last kiss when Jiang Cheng says, “So, I can read minds now.”

“Mn. Same,” he says and sips his tea again. Then a beat after, “You can what now?”

Jiang Cheng’s eyes are comically wide, like there are monkeys dancing on Wei Ying’s head. “What do you mean yeah, same? What the fuck?”

“I don’t believe you,” Wei Ying shouts. “Prove it, Jiang Cheng! How could--why would? That doesn’t make sense.” How can this be real? He grabs Jiang Cheng’s wrist.

“Yeah, I do not know how this is real but I thought hey, if there’s something Wei Wuxian is a master of, it’s of these weird fucking things and now here I am.” Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes at Wei Ying’s open mouth. “On my birthday,” he adds. I was going to have breakfast with A-sang.

Well, fuck. He can still read people's thoughts. He was so tired after last night, he didn't realise he could still hear Lan Zhan's thoughts. “Well, it’s not a virginity curse, that’s for sure,” he says, with a calm that he doesn’t feel.

“What? Why would it be a virginity curse? And what do you mean it's not a virginity curse?”

“I don’t know! How would I know? I have been winging it these past five days and I thought--I thought--” Fuck, he throws his head back and groans. “MianMian was joking about how if you are still a virgin when you turn twenty seven, you get magical powers such as, reading minds!”

“Who the fuck even believes that?” Jiang Cheng sputters, his face going red. “That’s bullshit,” he insists. “Wait! How do you know it’s not a virginity curse, then?” he asks again.

“Uhh--um, I-might-have-slept-with-Lan-Zhan.” He says it all in one breath, hoping it will magically make it any less strange.

Jiang Cheng just looks confused. Good, he hasn’t heard then. He then starts laughing, with tears and all. “Wei Wuxian, do you expect me to believe--” he stops to hiccup “--that you and Lan Wangji only slept for the first time recently? Even your jokes are better than that” he finishes and laughs some more.

Wei Ying feels light headed. Where’s the food they ordered? “What the fuck, Jiang Cheng?”

His stupid brother continues to laugh. If it weren’t his birthday, Wei Ying would dump the cup of tea on his head. Why the fuck is the curse still on?



“Everybody thinks we were already sleeping together, Lan Zhan.” He sighs as Lan Zhan continues to play with his hair. He is sitting with his back to Lan Zhan on the sofa. Wei Ying had gone back to his own place after work but he had missed Lan Zhan a little too much and decided to come here after all, even though having decided to meet tomorrow. “I say everybody, but I mean Jiang Cheng and if A-Cheng knows, then everybody knows, trust me.”

“Mn.” Lan Zhan gathers all of Wei Ying’s hair to start braiding it. “Do you not want people to find out?” He doesn’t miss the way Lan Zhan’s voice goes lower than normal nor does he miss the if Wei Ying wants to keep us a secret, then.. then I’ll be okay with it.

Silly Lan Zhan. “No, Lan Zhan. I don’t mind, really.” He twists so he can look back at Lan Zhan who looks fondly exasperated at Wei Ying’s squirming. “Aw, er gege. But you knew I would never sit still.” He kisses Lan Zhan’s chin, the closest skin he could find and settles back against Lan Zhan’s washerboard abs. He is so stupidly muscular. “I just thought you wouldn’t want anybody to know.”

After all, they are only just sleeping together. They used to eat together, pick each other from their work, spend time together on the weekends in general too. They are friends. Of course, does one let their fuck buddy braid their hair? Is that what Lan Zhan is now? But Lan Zhan is his best friend, so it’s maybe alright?

“Wei Ying, did I do something to make you think I would be averse to people finding out?” Woah. Lan Zhan didn’t even think before saying that. It really must mean a lot to him then.

Wei Ying can do that. Wei Ying can keep sleeping with Lan Zhan. It’s no hardship for him, he loves sleeping with Lan Zhan. He just has to make sure that he doesn’t cross a line or something, that he doesn’t make Lan Zhan feel weird or make Lan Zhan feel like he owes him something. It’s fine, he can do it. “Aiyah. No, Lan Zhan, of course not.” Lan Zhan is still frowning, his jaw tighter around his mouth. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. Kiss me, come here.” It’s fine. It is.



He doesn’t hear from his brother for a week. A week that he spends getting railed by Lan Zhan. He is so sated and happy that he forgets all about Jiang Cheng and the situation with the curse. MianMian had said that he looked radiant and her expression seemed like she knew the reason for the sudden change in his behaviour.

It’s not that he wasn’t happy before. He was. He had his siblings, his friends and his students. He had Lan Zhan. Now, however, he has Lan Zhan in a different capacity and that is apparently doing wonders to his skin. Although his heart isn’t doing that great.

Everytime Lan Zhan thinks Wei Ying is so beautiful, Wei Ying feels like crying. Everytime Lan Zhan is inside Wei Ying and his thoughts white out, like Wei Ying drives him mad to the brink of losing all sense, Wei Ying’s heart soars with hope. But Lan Zhan only likes touching him, sleeping with him. Then he thinks of how Lan Zhan had said, had insisted that he is Wei Ying’s, how he said Yours again and again. Maybe Lan Zhan meant that he should be the only one to fuck Wei Ying.

Which is good with him, it is. Lan Zhan has ruined him for others anyway. He only wants Lan Zhan now. He thinks he has only ever wanted Lan Zhan. He can’t remember a time he had felt so strongly for somebody else. He feels weak all over just thinking of Lan Zhan.

When Wei Ying shows up at Lan Zhan’s door and pushes him towards the bedroom, shuts Lan Zhan thoughts of is Wei Ying okay? by kissing him and straddling him on the bed, he realises he is not in the right mind space. He feels frayed at the edges, feels close to breaking, only Lan Zhan’s mouth on him and his hand all over Wei Ying are keeping him upright, keeping his sane.

Wei Ying fingers himself open with Lan Zhan looking at him with such fervor that he has to close his eyes, lest he start crying. “Lan Zhan,” he moans as he sinks down on Lan Zhan’s cock. It feels like it did the first time and all the times thereafter; big and full, and like it might break Wei Ying in half. All his nerve endings are tingling, his body is wracked with shudders. “Lan Zhan,” he whimpers and opens his eyes.

Lan Zhan looks close to crying, his eyes look so sad and his upper lip is trembling. His thoughts are a dim racket. “Wei Ying, Wei Ying,” he moans and snaps his hips upwards. Lan Zhan is so long that even when he isn’t aiming for Wei Ying’s spot, it is constantly rubbing against him but when Lan Zhan wants to aim dead on, he is precise. He is wonderful in making Wei Ying come undone. “Wei Ying, please stop,” he says and flips them over gently.

Wei Ying is on his back, Lan Zhan’s cock still inside him but not doing anything now. “Lan Zhan, what? Why?” he asks, confused at the sudden change. Lan Zhan is on the pillow beside him, trying to arrange them like they are done fucking and are just cuddling now. They are not done fucking. “Lan Zhan, why aren’t you-- why did you stop?”

“We can. If that’s what you want, Wei Ying, I can keep going,” he promises gravely, but doesn't move. He gives Wei Ying time to think, to gather himself. Wei Ying doesn’t want that, he wants Lan Zhan. “I don’t think we should do this now, Wei Ying. Let me just hold you.”

“What? No, you want this. You like fucking me, don’t you? We are always sleeping whenever we see each other these days and Lan Zhan, why did you stop? Just--just come here, please.” He feels close to outright sobbing. He thinks he is probably already tearing up.

“Shh, Wei Ying. We can just sleep, Wei Ying. We don’t have to--don’t have to do this,” he pleads and Wei Ying has never heard Lan Zhan stammer before. He looks so concerned, looks like he is afraid he can’t make Wei Ying understand. Lan Zhan looks like his thoughts and his words are failing him.

Wei Ying looks at Lan Zhan’s face, at the worried line of his mouth, how his lips are slightly parted. He sees how Lan Zhan’s eyes are blown wide, big with panic. His eyebrows are furrowed in distress. Lan Zhan looks vulnerable himself, looks tender and bruised. Like Wei Ying hurting himself is hurting Lan Zhan even more.

But thats--it’s not-- Wei Ying can’t be sure. But he is, isn’t he? He has always known Lan Zhan, just like how Lan Zhan knows him. Lan Zhan shouldn’t look like that. Lan Zhan should keep smiling, he should look at Wei Ying fondly and smile at him like he can’t stop himself. He should smile at Wei Ying like he doesn’t smile at anybody else, that smile that is only Wei Ying’s.

“You are right, you are right, Lan Zhan. I’m sorry, just--just hold me, er gege. I’m sorry,” he says and presses his head against Lan Zhan’s neck. He kisses Lan Zhan’s throat and can hear Lan Zhan make a broken sound.

“You never have to apologize, Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan is such a good boy. Wei Ying likes him so much. “Just sleep, Wei Ying.” He is so tired, so very tired.

“Lan Zhan, hold me tighter, even tighter,” he says and burrows further into Lan Zhan’s chest. Maybe this does cross the boundaries of whatever it is they have going on. But he can’t stop himself from stealing this moment for himself, however wrong it might be. After all, this might be the last time he will be in Lan Zhan’s arms.

He can hear Lan Zhan humming as Wei Ying slips into unconsciousness.



“You are stupid. How are you so stupid?” Jiang Cheng says, looking like he is genuinely worried. Which isn’t fair to his brother. Wei Ying knows that Jiang Cheng worries for him, there’s no need to be surprised about it but he is still shocked.

“What? You don’t have to worry about me, I’m fine. A-jie, tell him I am fine,” he says, turning his eyes to A-jie, who only gives him a small smile--also worried--and sips her tea. “A-jie!”

“Even A-jie knows I’m right. What the fuck have you been doing to yourself, Wei Wuxian?” he asks, a little softer even if his words are biting. He takes Wei Ying’s hand in his own and just holds it like that, awkwardly.

“Uhh Jiang Cheng, what?” Jiang Cheng only raises his eyebrows, rolls his eyes and looks at A-jie like, can you believe this idiot? Which, Wei Ying realises, he can hear because he can still read thoughts. “I’m all for hand holding, A-Cheng but wouldn’t Huaisang kill me and then you?”

“The Nies are very big on showing affection. God, you wouldn’t believe it. Did you know that they cuddle while watching movies? That is so--it’s so, anyway! I can’t read minds anymore,” he drops Wei Ying’s hand. “I can’t tell what you are thinking but I never needed to hear your thoughts for that. You are being an idiot,” he concludes and moves over to the couch to take his tea.

Wei Ying sputters, standing there all alone near the window. “A-jie is right there!” A-jie only gives him a knowing smile and doesn’t say anything. “What do you mean you can’t read minds anymore? It has only been a week. How did you lose the curse? Did you sleep with A-Sang?”

A-jie giggles and Jiang Cheng’s face purples as he looks close to choking on his tea. “That is none of your business, Wei Wuxian. Also, didn’t you already say it’s not a virginity curse?”

“Yes, but nothing else makes sense!” He throws his hands up in the air, frustrated at his brother, at himself, at the whole fucking world. Lan Zhan, he thinks and sighs. “I just--I don’t want this anymore. I’m so tired, A-jie.”

“Oh A-Xian,” she coos and asks him to come sit with her. He goes to the couch, kicks Jiang Cheng and sits between both his siblings.

“I hate you so much, Wei Wuxian!”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever! I think you are the one who loves me the most, but okay, keep telling yourself that.” Jiang Cheng blushes adorably and tries to cover it by rolling his eyes. “Now, tell me how my virgin brother managed to get rid of the curse before me.”

“Wei Wuxian!” A-jie shoots him a look from behind Wei Ying which shuts him up. He huffs and says, long suffering, “You already know it has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with feelings,” he says, disgusted at the mere word. A-jie chuckles and Wei Ying can hear his heart running a mile.

“What?” His voice comes out strained. He clears his throat and tries again. “What do you mean by feelings?”

“Well, I’m not going to tell you everything but A-Sang and I had a fight a few days ago. It came out of nowhere, I can’t even remember what it was about,” he says shyly. “I ended up saying a few things which, um, turned out to be true? Ugh, Wei Wuxian, do you need me to say more?”

A-jie laughs at their poor brother. “A-Xian, you understand what A-Cheng is saying, yes?”

“Uh, that he is in love with Nie Huaisang? Also that Jiang Cheng told him? But I thought you were aroace!”

“Oh yes, because there’s just one way to be aroace, isn’t it?” he says, mockery clear in his tone. He sighs, leans forwards and sighs once more, “Well, might as well tell you. Yes, I don’t care for sex and romance make me cringe so bad, I’d rather spend time with the peacock than be around couples.” He smiles apologetically at A-jie. “Romance or romantic gestures--whatever, really!-- make me uncomfortable and it’s all bullshit anyway. I like A-Sang, I like spending time with him. I want him to be a part of my life. I--I might even love him, that however doesn’t mean that I have to be all lovey-dovey like the rest of you.”

Jiang Cheng's shoulders are raised to the level of his ears, clearly defensive and clearly expecting Wei Ying to tease him. Wei Ying throws himself at his brother who makes a high sound but catches him. “A-Cheng, that’s so cute!” Idiot. “Yes, yes. I am an idiot but A-jie, did you hear that? Our baby brother is adorable.” A-jie laughs and ruffles Jiang Cheng’s hair.

“Wei Wuxian, are you tired of living?” he grumbles, but hugs Wei Ying back. A-Cheng is his second favourite person to hug. “So, What are you going to do about Lan Wangji?”

“What about Lan Zhan? There’s nothing about Lan Zhan.” He moves away from Jiang Cheng. “Why are you asking me that?’

“Because A-Xian is clearly very sad but trying not to show it. Something must have happened with Lan Wangji. Nobody else affects you like he does,” says A-jie, her voice gentle.

“There’s nothing. We are just, you know. We-- Lan Zhan doesn’t even like me that way!”

Jiang Cheng groans into his hand. “I’m so done with you. Why are you like this, Wei Wuxian? Just why?” A-jie gives him a sad, soft smile and pats his head.

“I think you should talk to him. Actually talk to him,” says A-jie.

“Yeah, like Wei Wuxian ever has a problem running his mouth.”

“No, no he doesn’t. True, A-Xian never shies away from talking but he rarely speaks of the stuff in his heart. Not the important things, anyway.” She kisses the crown of his head. Wei Ying hates this, hates that A-jie is right. He is so fucked.

He kicks his feet and cries dramatically into his hands. They only laugh at him. He hates everything.



“So, I can read people’s minds.” Lan Zhan blinks at him adorably. His mouth keeps opening like a fish, which is new but not unexpected. Wei Ying understands. “I know that sounds fucking impossible. I wasn’t sure I was not imagining things but, uh, it’s true. Even Jiang Cheng had the curse for a while.”

A curse, Lan Zhan mouths. Wei Ying should go sit next to Lan Zhan. “You could hear everything?”

Fuck. “I’m so sorry, Lan Zhan. I was going to tell you but then I thought it would go away after we slept together which-- fuck, doesn’t sound right. Oh fuck, okay,” he goes to sit next to Lan Zhan and takes his hand. “Listen, Lan Zhan. Before you think I slept with you only because I could hear your thoughts, although not wrong, isn’t the only reason. Yes, it helped. Yes, it gave me confidence to kiss you. I think, Lan Zhan--I think, we’d have never kissed if not for the curse. If I didn’t know that you wanted to fuck me, I wouldn’t have had the courage,” he finishes in one breath. He can feel himself shaking but he isn’t important right now.

“You heard me thinking that I wanted to fuck you?” It souds so uncouth when Lan Zhan says it like that. Wei Ying is getting hot under his clothes. He really wants to kiss Lan Zhan. “When?”

“Um, the night of my birthday. That’s when it started.”

“Oh.” Lan Zhan’s eyes are lowered, his eyelashes brushing his skin. Lan Zhan is so fucking pretty. He looks delicate and not put together like he usually does. “You weren’t--” he swallows, his fingers tapping on his knee “--disgusted?”

“What? Lan Zhan, no!” He tries to tackle Lan Zhan to the couch, but isn’t sure if Lan Zhan would want that. Wei Ying can’t believe he has told Lan Zhan. He was going to wait a few more days but Jiang Cheng had called him today, asked him if he spoke to Lan Zhan and Wei Ying’s guilt rose to the surface like a high crashing wave and here he is. “Lan Zhan,” he says, his hands on Lan Zhan’s knees, “I could never be disgusted by you, my good Lan Zhan.”

“But I-- the way I think of you--”

“Lan Zhan, I like the way you think. I like the way you think of me. I like that I’m constantly in your thoughts. You take such good care of me, er gege. And--” he stops here, biting his lip “--it’s intoxicating being the sole focus of your attention. I can’t believe I never realized before how much you wanted me when the way you look at me is so clear.” He removes his hands from Lan Zhan’s knees and sits back on the couch, his feet tucked under him.

“I don’t have to touch you anymore to know what you are thinking, Lan Zhan.”

“Wei Ying,” he gasps, and sways forward like he isn’t in control of his own body. “Wei Ying,” he says and kisses him. Wei Ying makes a broken off half sound in his throat and kisses Lan Zhan back. He didn’t think Lan Zhan would ever kiss him again. “When you said you had something to say that night, you were talking of this?”

“Haha, yes.” He scratches his head in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan looks at him indulgently, that soft look. “No need. It’s okay, Wei Ying. I’m also glad that you kissed me that day in your school.” Lan Zhan smiles sweetly at him. His ears are swiftly becoming pink and Wei Ying wants to kiss them.

“Hey, Lan Zhan.” He whispers into Lan Zhan’s ears. Lan Zhan makes a small sound, an almost moan as Wei Ying kisses his ear. “I remember you saying you also had things to tell me.” Lan Zhan grunts as Wei Ying climbs on his lap. He throws his hand around Lan Zhan’s neck and kisses his cheek. “I think once I tell you how I feel about you, er gege, I’m going to lose the ability to hear your thoughts. Do you want to go first?”

“You aren’t disgusted? You don’t hate me for the way I think of you,” asks Lan Zhan, looking so small and unguarded.

“Lan Zhan, I love the way you think of me. I love your thoughts, all of them. From how you find your colleagues irritating to how you think A-Yuan and Jingyi are the cutest kids. I love how you joke about your brother. Nobody except me knows how funny Lan Zhan is. I love that you know me so well, er gege, better than I know myself.” He kisses Lan Zhan again. Lan Zhan kisses him back with teeth and force, knocking the wind out of him. Lan Zhan kisses him like he can’t help himself.

“Lan Zhan,” he moans. “I especially love how dirty your mind is. If I knew Lan Zhan was this horny, all the time, I’d have jumped him long ago.”

“Only for you,” he says. “I only want you.”

“Lan Zhan! What did I say about warning me? My heart can’t take it, Lan Zhan! So mean.”


Wei Ying snorts. He lines his forehead on Lan Zhan’s. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. You can think, Lan Zhan. You don’t have to stop. I like myself in your thoughts. I feel safe in your thoughts.”

“Wei Ying,” he breathes slowly, shocked and unable to contain himself. Wei Ying can see it in the way Lan Zhan’s hands are shaking on his waist, the way Lan Zhan is trembling under his hold. “It’s not just sex for me, Wei Ying. When I say I am yours, I mean I’m yours in every way. You are mine, Wei Ying. Mine.”

“Oh Lan Zhan, my sweet Lan Zhan. Yes, yes. I’m yours, er gege. Only yours.”

When Lan Zhan kisses him this time, Wei Ying hears nothing except for the blood rushing through his ears. Lan Zhan’s thoughts have left him, leaving only the feeling of his wildly beating heart under Wei Ying’s hand. Lan Zhan brings his hand to cover Wei Ying's on his chest. “If, ever, you feel like you can’t understand me, just listen to the heartbeat, Wei Ying.”

“Oh Lan Zhan.” He is so lucky. He can’t believe he was so stupid to think Lan Zhan only wants his body. Everything Lan Zhan does, every shift of his face, every movement of his body, all the tiny things that make Lan Zhan himself are so very dear to Wei Ying. He can see himself in everything that Lan Zhan does, certain that Wei Ying is a part of him. He has always known him, irrespective of whether he can hear Lan Zhan's thoughts. He knows Lan Zhan.

“Lan Zhan, what’s that song you keep humming?