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Feral Feelings - Razor/Reader One-Shot

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It had been nearly 15 years since you had first come to Mondstadt. You wanted a different setting, a change of pace, maybe even some adventure. So you came to Mond, where the winds of freedom blew, and before you knew it, you were already recruited into the Knights of Favonius. The day you joined you had the opportunity to meet Aether and his floaty friend, Paimon. The two were about to set off on their next journey to the city of Liyue, so your time together was short-lived. But although short-lived, it was fruitful in memories you wouldn’t forget. You joined the Knights and for 14 years you were a force on the field. You didn’t think you’d become a Knight, but you also didn’t ever expect yourself to be delivering food to what many people felt was the middle of nowhere.



It started maybe three years ago, you were on a patrol assigned in Wolvendom. Ragged trees, feral noises, the almost dark and morbid atmosphere was enough to make many others’ skin crawl. But you were the only one willing to take the job and venture out to do the patrols. You did your walk, never having to brandish your weapon since there was hardly any movement. Except for the sudden lunge of silver that came from the side.

You were caught off guard, something had lunged from your left, tackling you to the ground. You almost didn’t realize the large sword held against your throat, frantic you had to think of something to get away. Was this it? Was this the end?

The large sword slid across your throat slightly to cause a brief pain, whoever was holding you in place wasn’t trying to kill you. Yet.

“Who are you?” The voice yelled, it was a deep and husk voice, the kind that if heard in the middle of the night would send shivers up your spine. He held the weapon with one hand, and your arms in a lock with the other. You tilted your head back to get away from the weapon and to see your assailant. You saw long silver hair, and was met with red eyes. Eyes that looked so tired and almost lonely.

Trying to say your name, you struggled against his grip. He was strong, sturdy, he didn’t even try to be gentle with you.

“I’m part of the Knights here in Mondstadt!” You shouted. As if thinking it over, the man holding you released his grip, lowering his weapon in the process. You nearly sulked back to the ground when he gripped your arm, holding you up. Although he was firm you could tell that this grip had no bad intention. You looked up at him, trying to make sense of his features and why he was out here. “Who…are you?”

“My name is Razor. This is my home. You don’t belong here.” His hair was long and white in the light. Aside from the several scars across his arms and face, he had fair skin. His clothes looked tattered in a battle-worn type of way. He lifted his hood to conceal most of the sun from his face but he didn’t take his eyes off you. He was tall and looked like he was built for battle, his exposed arms and hands showing veins that would make someone blush.

“I’m on patrol. I don’t mean any harm, I’m just doing my job making sure there aren’t any problems here.”

“The only problem here is you. Leave. Now” He had a sneer in his tone, almost threatening.

“Do you really live here? By yourself?”

The silver haired man took a step back, his eyes not leaving yours. He was analyzing the area and you, keeping his surroundings in mind. It seemed as if he was as feral as an animal. “I live here with my Lupical. I hunt for them, I bring them food and we are safe. Now leave, you’re scaring the meat away.” As if accepting that you weren’t a threat he strode past you, not bothering to look back. You were awestruck by what had just happened. Placing your hand on your neck you felt small droplets of blood, but not enough to be worried. You looked back to where the silver-haired man left but he wasn’t there anymore, as if vanishing with the wind.



The next day was your day off, and a day off meant to do whatever you wanted. And what you wanted was to find the silver haired man again. You were curious about him, why he lived there, who he was, what his history entailed. You remembered the way his eyes were, as if red pools of sweet wine. They looked tired, exhausted even, but above all they looked lonesome, as if he were on his own with no one to really go to. If he did live among wolves like many people speculated within the city then you wanted to offer some help. Even if it was just four slabs of cooked steak and hash browns.

You trekked into Wolvendom again, this time in average attire; black fitting jeans and a grey shirt that was slightly tucked in. You were venturing into the woods again, there was no point in dressing formally, especially for someone who probably hasn’t had a shower in who knows how long.

It felt like hours had passed walking around Wolvendom, you grew tired and the weight of the food you carried was starting to irritate you. Deciding to take a break, you leaned against a tree with the most shade. Sitting down you rubbed your temples and started to have second thoughts about whatever the hell it was that you were trying to do. Cursing under your breath you lifted your head up in sudden shock at the sound of the bushes rustling followed by immediate silence. You didn’t make a move or sound, but slowly got up and looked around.

“I told you to leave.”

You turned and looked behind you, seeing the silver haired man standing on the other side of the tree you were leaning on. He towered over you, his red eyes unforgiving. You could make out his features even more, scars aside he had a strong jawline, his lips, although a little dry, were full. You assumed that before the loneliness filled his eyes they used to be full of curiosity and wonder.

“You did, but I came back and brought food. For you.”

Razor walked around and glanced at the neatly wrapped box of food sitting at your feet. You knelt down and unwrapped the box before patting the ground next you, encouraging him to sit down. He was hesitant, he looked around at his surroundings, a small frown forming before looking back at you with soft eyes and eventually taking a seat less than a feet away. You could tell the smell of the meat was getting to him because within seconds of unboxing the food his stomach growled an almost feral sound, a part of you thinking it was a wild animal instead.

You were glad you remembered to bring spare paper plates for the food, setting the meal up for him and holding it out for him you gasped as he reached for the meat in a hurry, eating the savory steak and hash browns with his hands in an animalistic manner. So much for the plates.

You two sat there for a while, eating and just sitting in silence. Razor had downed three of the steaks and most of the hash browns himself, sighing happily as he finished licking his fingers. You couldn’t help but smile at the stranger in front of you. He could’ve killed you, you thought to yourself. Before you could utter a word he suddenly laid his head in your lap, yawning and gripping your thigh as if it were a pillow. He looked comfortable and peaceful, something you knew he may not have had the luxury of for who knows how long. You came here to offer some help, and in a way, this was you helping, even if you didn’t plan for it. You sighed and started to run your fingers through his hair, massaging his head and smiling at the soft and sleepy moans he made. His hair was soft, and clean, something you genuinely weren’t expecting. This was something you could get used to.



That was the first time you had met Razor, three years ago on a patrol in Wolvendom. Since then you’ve made it a point to see him and bring him food at least twice a week, he quickly learned when you had your days off. It used to be that you’d feel like you were feeding a stray dog, but the idea suddenly shifted within months. What started off as you trying to find him suddenly became him looking for you, he’d meet you at the entrance of Wolvendom, he’d even go so far as to meet you within the city of Mondstadt, waiting by the fountain unnerved by the people giving him looks.

But on this day, you didn’t see him waiting for you. You had the day off, he should’ve known that. Sighing softly you shook your doubts away and decided to order food for the two of you. Occasionally you’d go to meet him at Wolvendom, but you had gotten used to seeing him there waiting. Packing the meats, you did your trek to Wolvendom.

You walked the usual length, getting to the tree where you two would meet and feast. But he wasn’t there. You glanced around, calling his name out and suddenly growing weary at the silence that followed. Heaving a heavy sigh you followed the faded trail further into Wolvendom, trying to not let the idea of Razor disappearing flood your thoughts. Was he alright? Did something happen? He didn’t get hurt did he? Suddenly the idea of Razor bleeding out somewhere came into your mind vividly and you stopped in your tracks, trying to convince yourself that you were overreacting.

You could feel your heart racing and the hair on your skin standing up with angst and nervousness. You didn’t want to lose him. Before you could take off in a sprint to search for him you heard the sloshing of water ahead of you. There were a few ponds ahead, that much you knew. Worst case scenario it’s a hilichurl causing a mess, best case scenario is that it’s Razor getting something to drink. What if he’s bleeding out and barely go to the pond? Your thoughts you were making you anxious so you quickly took off to the ponds ahead of you, hoping to the archons that it was fine, that Razor was fine, that you were simply overreacting.

You were met with a sight. A sight that kept you in place and making your face turn red. You saw him, in the middle of the pond back facing you. Razor turned his gaze to you and blinked.

”I was taking a bath. Wanted to smell nice for you.” He kept his eyes on you as he turned his body in your direction, your eyes falling down his torso. He had scars across his chest and sides, some darker and thicker than others. His chest was firm, the muscles clear and almost chiseled in appearance. He must’ve gone hunting for his Lupical, his family, before bathing. In the three years you two have been acquainted he got more scars from hunting and playing with his wolf family, it bothered you, but it was something you couldn’t change.

“I-I’m sorry for intruding, I didn’t see you and I thought that something happened.” You stammered, trying hard to not keep looking at his body and the wet silver hair that clung to his face and chest. He took steps closer to you, closer to the edge of the pond until he was out of the water, fully exposed. He stood a couple feet away, water dripping down his body.

“What did you think happened?” He asked calmly, taking another step closer. You could feel your face turning hot and getting brighter as he got closer. He was naked and dripping wet, and although he may not have understood the situation you couldn’t help but to take another look. Your eyes falling to his thighs and the firm erection that for some reason beckoned you. You gasped a bit and quickly turned your back on him, clutching the sealed food to your chest.

“Y-you’re um… bathing so I’ll wait at our usual spot for you to finish.”

You felt shivers go up your spine as you felt Razor stand closely behind you, his hands brushing your hair to one side and slipping his hand around your neck gently and softly, his fingers were rough and callused but you couldn’t help but get warm at the sensation of him touching your skin.

Razor, with one hand on your neck, and the other sliding down your arm, pressed against you, making you gasp lightly. You felt your clothes get damp from his wet skin, and you could feel his erection pressed against your backside, making you warmer and shiver. Did he know what he was doing?

He reached for the sealed food and set it down at his feet, with both hands he slid his fingers down your arms, entwining his fingers with yours before softly biting your neck. You gasped again at the action, feeling the sudden sharp feeling of where he had bitten before relishing in the soft kisses he left in their place. He slid his tongue around in small circles on your neck before moving to the other side, this time biting down a little harder, his hands gripping your waist and pushing against you.

You didn’t know what to say or do, but you knew you didn’t want it to stop, you wanted Razor to keep kissing you, to cover you in love bites. You took a deep breath before turning around to face him, meeting his eyes with yours and before you could utter a word he leaned in and kissed you. He was taller than you so you noticed quickly how he had to bend his knees to meet your height a bit, but eventually your thoughts were clouded by the softness of his lips, how close he was to you, and how after all this time this was your first kiss with the wild man. Razor cupped your cheek as he kissed you, trying to fill whatever remaining space was between you two. His kisses were gentle and soft, as if exploring a new area or sensation. Once he got comfortable and noticed you kissing back, he bit your lip, smirking at your soft moan.

“You… are so much more than Lupical.” Razor whispered as he laid his forehead against yours, stroking your cheek with one hand, and entwining his fingers with yours with the other. “You are special, different. But you’re special to me, and I don’t want to pretend anymore.”

You set your free hand against his chest, feeling the pounding sensation of his heartbeat, he must’ve been so nervous but his face didn’t reveal that. You were probably the first person he’s had the chance to develop real feelings for. You knew that he was a friend of Aether and Paimon, but aside from that was there really anyone else he could call a friend? Wolves aside…

Razor rested his hand atop of yours on his chest, holding it for a moment before guiding your hand to his still erect member. You felt the bumps of scars and muscle under your hand before feeling the warmth of his rod, you blushed heavily and let your hands explore. You felt veins, warmth, and eventually a different texture once you touched the tip, your fingers sticky with the released pre-cum. He exhaled softly when you finally touched the tip, it was his most sensitive area and you did your best to keep your hand there, stroking slowly to see him pant.

Razor planted more kisses against you as he slowly thrusted into your hand. He grew impatient as he worked to unbutton your blouse, trying to be delicate with the small buttons and intricate hems. Prying off article of clothing, one after the other, he lifted you up, making your wrap your legs around his waist. You could feel his cock against your folds, and you moaned at the friction between every step he took. He strode to a small shaded area where the grass looked soft and untouched. He did his best to sit down slowly as to not jolt you or fall back. You sat straddling him, red hot with the desire to have him and for him to have you.

Razor looked into your eyes, the once red pools of loneliness now filled with desire and longing. He was gentle with you from the start, something you were surprised by considering his feral background. He looked down at your breasts, his hand trailing among the soft skin, pinching the nipple so slightly before continuing downward. His hand met your cunt, allowing two of his fingers to glide around the wet entrance before slowly slipping them in. He looked at you with worry when you jerked up in shock and pleasure, he didn’t want to hurt you, he didn’t know what your cues were just yet.

“This… is ok?” He asked shyly, sighing in relief at your nods. He continued to glide his fingers in you, wanting to make sure you were ready and comfortable. You ran your fingers thru his damp hair and pulled him into another kiss, taking in his scents and his breaths.

Eventually Razor’s hands pulled away and slid to your backside, gripping and pushing you upwards to hopefully take it further. You met his eyes and reached down to feel him, to guide his erection to your cunt so you could get what you were craving so suddenly. Before you could slowly position yourself to slide down onto him and get use to his size, Razor had pulled your hips down with a force you hadn’t experienced since the first time you two met.

You let out a sharp shriek as your body was overcome with an electrifying sensation. You weren’t sure if it was the nerves or his Electro Vision working, but either way it left your body shaking and heightened. Razor was restless, he started to lean forward, causing you to lay back on the soft patch of grass. Keeping your legs wrapped around his waist you found yourself digging your nails into his back with every thrust he did. He was impatient, rough, and so much more aggressive than how he was earlier.

Razor held your thighs apart further as he kept pushing into you, driving his cock deeper and hitting all the right spots. Your moans and cries of pleasure mixed in with his panting and restless growls filled the empty space around you two. The silver haired man wasn’t slowing down, and you knew it would be a while before he would finish. As if reading your mind, Razor locked eyes with you as he hit harder, licking his lips as you moaned and rolled your hips into his thrusts. You were on the edge and desperately wanting to release, but he kept changing his pace, his angles and where he laid his hands just to keep you from coming. Eventually Razor had sat up, grabbing your legs and holding them against his chest as he had his way with you. You gasped and tried to keep your moans to a minimum but with every stroke and touch he gave you, your body felt tingles of countless sensations, he must’ve been using his Electro to make you jitter and shake.

You rolled your head back, gripping the grass with your hands as you came, Razor howling with your moans and raspy breaths. Once the wave subsided and you caught your breath Razor was already adjusting you into the next position. He sat you on his lap, your back facing him. For a split second you thought he was going to give you a break, to just hold you and kiss you. But without hesitation he was inside you again, the feeling of electricity racing up your legs and into your core, it was a buzzing feeling and it made you sigh in nothing but pure bliss. Without realizing it you found yourself bouncing, gyrating your hips to meet your needs and desires. Razor was holding your wrists back to keep you from leaving your seat, and you weren’t complaining, being constrained by the wild man was a little fantasy of yours, but you’d never tell.

“I want…to see you finish again.” Razor whispered into your ear. His breath was hot, and it made you melt.

“Make me.” You panted at him, seeing his eyebrows go up slightly before witnessing a devilish grin across his handsome face.

Razor slid his hands up your sides and on your breasts, grabbing and twisting the nipple and charging them with that short electric feeling, the more he did it the less your body could handle it. You could feel the wave coming again, but something inside of you knew Razor wouldn’t let you have it that easy.

He wrapped his hand around your neck, pulling you back and lightly choking you. It reminded you of the first time you two met, how nervous you were but also how excited and tempted you got. His held his grip on your neck a little tighter, enough to make you gasp out but not enough to actually hurt you. With his free hand he reached down to feel your core, letting his fingers travel around the warm and wet area before finding exactly what he wanted. You felt your heart sink as he pressed his middle finger into your clit, rubbing slowly and lightly before applying a little more pressure. And the electricity. The sparks and sensations he sent throughout your body made you gasp and moan, biting your lip to contain just how good you really felt. Held in place with his hand on your neck, you slowly gyrated your hips on his erection, being careful to not move too much and make him loose his rhythm on your clit. You felt yourself tighten around his cock, getting warmer and closer to experiencing that wave of relief and ecstasy.

He rubbed a little faster, gripped your neck a little harder and pushed up into you a little quicker, eventually causing the two of you to conform into each other and ride the wave together. He pulled you in tightly as he came, holding you in place and pressing against your clit still as you felt your body melt against him, your moans evolving into screams of pleasure that left your mouth dry from the gasping and heavy breathing. Your body immediately felt warmer the moment you felt him come inside you, your core tightening around him as he came causing him to twitch under you. He bit into your shoulder as he came, huffing heavily. You knew he would be sensitive so you gyrated your hips against him, laughing lightly as he gripped your hips and held you in place to prevent you from moving. His head rested on your shoulder, trying to catch his breath without being too obvious. Just how long had he been containing himself?

Once the nerves and twitching stopped, Razor and you laid side-by-side in the grass, looking up at the trees and the rays of sunlight that slipped through the leaves. A part of you wondered what would happen next now that his happened, what would you do? What would Razor do?

You felt his hand slip and entwine into yours, his fingers holding onto yours as if this moment would end in an instant. His hands were bigger, worn and callused but you found comfort in them; you found comfort in him. Razor turned his head and looked at you. You met his eyes and found a soft smile across his lips. This wild man, the man who you’ve been sneaking steaks and hash browns for the past three years finally had a smile of comfort and peace. There were moments you two had smiled and laughed together before, but this time was different, it looked as if this wild silver haired man, with no one to call his own other the wolves who gave him a home, finally found his peace.

“You…are so much more than my Lupical. You are mine. And…I am yours. Right?” He spoke softly, as if the words needed to be said to be true. Although older and experienced, there was still a hint of childlike wonder in his eyes, the type of wonder that screamed ‘I’m gonna take on the world with you by my side.’

You smiled at him, giving him his answer. “It’s us now, Razor.”