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Hi, I'm Jay

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"This isn't really what I had in mind when I was told that we're going to school. Us? Being able to go to school to actually achieve something other than destroying a continent every year while trying to save the said continent? Never heard of it.

"Us having to act like a ninja in a high school for a 'secret undercover mission', yes please Sensei Lloyd, yes, please. Don't get me wrong, doing some sneaky stuff sound fun, but I'm just disappointed that we actually don't get to go to school, y'know? I just wish we were able to have that experience without pretending that we're not there for ninja stuff. The homeschool stuff really sucked," Nya complained.

"You're starting to sound like me, Nya," Jay said, walking alongside his girlfriend, "It's not THAT bad. At least we got paired up. We're chaotic and we make a good team. High school, it's meant to be an experience or whatever, but were ninja in said high school. It'll be fun," He continued, nudging her side with his elbow.

"But I do understand your point. You and I are the youngest, excluding Lloyd, so it makes sense that we're going in while the others stay back. If we were in school right now, we would be in the last year anyway. We get to experience what people our age get to experience," Jay added.

Jay did feel a bit jealous that the people his age were wrapping up high school and preparing for tertiary education, something he really wished he could do too. It was his plan all along. Do well at school, graduate, get into a good university and get his family out of The Sands. He didn't even get to complete the first step due to being a ninja.

"Plus our uniform isn't as ugly as the school around the block. Yellow, really? Blue is the superior colour." Jay added, hoping to lighten the mood.

"You're right, actually." Nya laughed and kicked a stone with her black school shoe.

"That's more like it, Nya! Speaking of uniforms, the blue really suits you." Jay added.

Nya rolled her eyes playfully, trying to hide a smile.

"You look nice too, Jay," Nya replied

"I disagree, but thank you, nonetheless," Jay said and readjusted his tie, "not really a tie guy. More of a Nunchuk and heavy GI guy."

"I couldn't agree more. It feels weird not having any weapons on me right now," Nya laughed and grabbed his right hand with her left.

"No, no no no, I'm not very positive about this anymore. What is Lloyd thinking!" Jay said and stopped in his tracks after the two walked in silence for a while. He threw a glance in the direction of the school and then at Nya.

The tall, grey building stood tall in the distance. They were almost there.

"It's going to be fine, Jay. The Commissioner and his team of detectives are suspecting malicious activities occurring within the school itself. We need to protect the people. There isn't anything big happening crime wise, so why not help? We can do this. We might be chaotic, but as you just said, we make a good team," Nya whispered, rubbing her thumbs over his knuckles, "Trust me, we will be blending in as the ninja we are. We won't be bringing too much attention once people get used to it. We aren't in danger, it's just a highschool. I don't think we'll be here for too long, anyway."

Jay knew that Nya was right. The citizens of Ninjago City were so used to the presence of the Ninja, that he knew that it wouldn't cause too much of a commotion. They were ninja, they could blend in in plain sight.

"It's just, this is so weird. We've never done this before and the setup of this whole thing is just, odd. We've fought snakes, more snakes, ghosts, a dji- you know who, skeletons that one time, another lot of snakes the other day more snake people made out of snakes, but this is a whole new level of weird. I don't think we've actually been around other people our age who live normal lives," Jay groaned and readjusted his tie once more.

"I know, it really is weird. But if shady shit is going on we have to do something about it. Shady shit is shady shit," Nya explained and dragged Jay closer to the gate.

"Shady shit is shady shit."

The moment Ninjago's most popular couple stepped foot onto the school grounds, eyes flew to them as if they have never seen them before.

Looks of confusion and astonishment seemed to follow their every move. His footsteps on the bricks were echoing in his ears and several students were too astonished to utter a word. Jay kept his gaze straight ahead, hand wrapped around Nya's, ignoring the stares from the students.

After the initial shock passed, the whispering started. "His eyes", "look at them holding hands!", "what the fuck", "it's the blue and water one", "they look different up close, I wanna say hi!", and more surprised and attentive phrases were whispered between the students and it all hit Jay's ears at once.

To their surprise, they weren't swarmed by students. Only a few giggly girls wanted to take photos with the two but were a bit nervous to come too close. Some clapped hands, respecting their personal space.

Jay thought that it had something to do with the aura he gave off and the slight electric field he surrounded himself and his yang with as protection. Never would he harm them, no, it was simply a sign to stay back as a defence mechanism.

"Jay, Nya? Are you in?" The familiar voice of Lloyd rang through their coms.

"Yes," Nya responded.

"Great. Now, without drawing too much attention to yourselves, make your way to the main building. The principal should be waiting for you."

"I don't get why you get to stay behind in the comfort of the monastery, even though you're the youngest! Not fair!" Jay told Lloyd.

"Someone has to be responsible and make sure you two and the other 3 do their jobs correctly. Anyway, have fun doing math, lol!" Lloyd laughed, followed by the familiar click of Lloyd's com turning off.

"Did he just say 'lol' out loud?" Jay whispered to Nya, trying to hold back a laugh.

As Lloyd told them, the principal waited for them at the main building. Ignoring the student's stares, the two made their way to the middle-aged woman. Her black hair was tied into a tight bun. She greeted the two with a smile.

"I assume you two are the Ninja?" She smiled.

"Yes, ma'am," Nya replied.

"I'm Mrs Sato, the principal of Hokutō High," She said and reached out a slender hand to shake those of Jay and Nya, "I've been informed about the current investigation and why you're here. Unfortunately, I don't know what this investigation entails, but I will abide by what the Commissioner and the law declare necessary. As far as the students are concerned, the two of you are here to get a formal education as ordered by the Commissioner. I hope that you are able to find what you need here. Feel free to ask if you need anything."

The two thanked Mrs Sato and made their way to their first class. Thankfully, they had already studied the layout of the massive school and had some idea of where to go.

"She seems nice, but I think she might have been frustrated since she said that the Commissioner ordered us to be here. I think we should keep an eye on her, just in case," Nya told Jay as they walked along outside the school building itself, to avoid big crowds of students.

Said investigation was about an underground group. It wasn't as menacing as the enemies the team had faced before, but there was a tip-off that the large string of burglaries was connected to an underground group with members in the school.

The team of detectives assigned to the case were so desperate for leads, that they jumped on the theory that the group was somehow connected to students within the school. Jay didn't think for a second that a bunch of high schoolers were involved with a string of armed burglaries, nor did he think his and Nya's little investigation would last more than a week and they would be removed from the school and find another lead to follow.

Cole, Kai and Zane were working on finding other information. They were to sneak around town and try and connect crime hotspots to the criminals. The information given was so few a vague, but the Ninja had nothing else to do, anyway. There was no big bad guy to defeat after Jay's takedown of the Nadakahn, but to the rest of the world, the defeat of the Preeminent.

In classes, they stayed at the back, keeping an eye on the students while trying to act like they were focussing on the lesson at the same time. The students would still look and still comment; ask questions, but a stern look from the teacher, blue and water ninja made them turn around to rather focus on the teacher talking about something they couldn't care less about.

They tried to stay invisible. They spoke a few words to those who tried to speak with them and even allowed a few photos here and there from the handful of fangirls and fanboys.

Jay had no idea how they did it, but it went better than expected. Luckily, Jay and Nya were not as popular as Kai or Lloyd. That would have been a recipe for disaster, anyway. They were still ninja and managed to creep through the shadows of a crowded school. Jay was pretty impressed with himself if he was being honest.

They were not new to blending into the crowds. Years of hard work and training really paid off.

The whole school knew by the second period, and they hype soon died down by the last period, as the students had a hard time actually finding the two masked ninja outside of classes.

After having a slushie with his (beautiful) girlfriend on the roof of the math class during the second break, Jay's weak bladder was not helping him concentrate in the last period of the day. He needed a break from the childish boys in his last period English class trying to catch his attention, so he couldn't really complain.

Jay leaned against the bathroom wall and quickly checked his phone, snickering at Cole's complaints about "being bored walking around town acting like there were any leads to work off of."

At least you aren't trying to act like you even understand what's going on in math. I feel like my brain is about to implode

That's because you didn't concentrate when we did homeschooling

Shut it you know I can't do math

Whatever, Zappy. The rest of us are going to get lunch at Skylor's place by the time you two are done

See you then, bestie

Don't call me bestie it's weird

love u too

Jay put his phone back into his pocket after some needed playful banter between him and his best friend and went to the sink to wash his hands.

While washing his hands, Jay could hear someone else coming up to the sink to also wash their hands.

"You coping in this school, bro?" He heard him say. When Jay tilted his head to look at the boy on his right, his stomach sank and a wave of shock crashed over him.

Jay could recognise those curls and freckles anywhere. His were the exact same, after all.

Jay croaked out a "yeah" when he saw what he looked like. Jay's mouth suddenly went dry and his stomach knotted when it felt as if he was looking into a mirror.

"He speaks!" The boy laughed, identical dimple than what he has swallowed the same freckles he has on his own, but covered cheeks.

"O- of course, I do. My friends don't call me the mouth of lightning for no reason," Jay responded and dried off his hands with a paper towel, turning his back toward him and Jay almost muttered a quiet 'shit' under his breath. Jay was sure that he was just tired and when he turned back around he would discover that the boy was not a spitting image of himself.

Jay almost swore when he turned around and once again, saw himself looking at him with a smile on his face.

"And everyone told me you two don't speak, but here we are."

"We're trying to blend in, as to not cause a lot of commotion. Exams are coming up, and we don't want to distract anyone from focusing on their studies. Luckily for you, I have an itching desire to talk people's heads off," Jay laughed and turned to the boy, leaning against the wall.

"I can't believe I'm talking to the Blue Ninja right now. Weird."

Jay smiled under his mask. "I'm a normal dude just like you."

'And we look the exact same.'

"But you can control lightning. And your eyes are two different colours too. And you also have secret identities which are kinda cool! What if I've seen you in person and not know? And you do cool spinny stuff. I did see you on TV once on the news! It was so cool. Do you ever watch yourself on the news? Isn't that weird? Also, do you ever read those weird fanfictions of yourself? Because if I were a local celebrity I so would! But I wouldn't say local celebrity, because the whole continent knows about you guys but I think it's just the city folk that are used to seeing you guys. I actually saw the Red Ninja once in person when he flew past me on his dragon, but I bet he looks different up close. You also look different up close. You actually have freckles which is pretty cool because I never knew you had those when you're on the news."

Jay smiled as he went on and on. This must be some carbon copy of himself.

"Sorry, I talk a lot, which you do too! There's a reason I'm a Blue Ninja fan! Also, can I maybe have a picture with you because I kind of want to brag and show my friends because they told me that you don't like taking photos," The boy continued and Jay couldn't ignore the growing pit in his stomach.

"Since you say you're a fan, I don't see why not."