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Sinful Symphony, Third Movement

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She thinks she's known about it since the day she found out she couldn't heal him and he ventured all the way to the giant tree to recuperate, but denied it until recently. As for reasons, she knows them too- because it didn't make sense for her that time, because the foundations of her faith would have been shaken if she accepted it then, because she feels guilty until now that she can only do so much for him despite all that he did (and does) for her.

But with his eyes (glowing with power, the colour of pure Anemo energy) on her as he curls his fingers to press that sweet spot within her once more (she writhes for him, a gasp from her followed by a pleased hum from him), she can deny the truth no longer. "Lord Barbados..."

Not even in her wildest dreams (Lord Barbados forgive her, she has a number of them) did she imagine being with her Archon like this- cap forgotten on the floor, dress hiked up her thighs at an indecent height, tights torn apart from earlier carelessness, silk underwear ("Never would I have imagined the deaconess wearing this," he tells her, just as he rubs his fingers over the fabric, ruining it with her slick) pushed aside for his hand to touch her most sacred place, drawing out a voice only known to him in evenings like this.

It is unreal, almost as much as the mounting disappointment she feels when his fingers cease their movements. "Ah, hah... don't... don't stop, please..."

Tears spring from her eyes when he pulls his hand away. So close, she had been so close to her peak when he stopped. Why? Her eyes seek his for an answer, and an answer she does get.

In the form of a small frown, green eyes searching her face for something. She'd ask, but before she opens her mouth, she finds herself lying on the bed this time, hands seeking the top of his head when his lips find her clit, and sucks hard. A surprised cry is what he gets, and he continues to throw her deeper into pleasure. His mouth on her isn't new, but the eagerness is. He's rough now. Before, he would play with her sensitivity, barely touching her where she wants him to be until she herself initiates and pulls him down on her. He likes it when she asks, but enjoys it even more when she takes it instead. On further inspection, she reckons it's because he wants her to take control. Controlling the Archon of Freedom... he bites her inner thigh the moment he notices her mind elsewhere. She's paying more attention to him now, and he returns to eating her out.

"I'm jealous." She isn't sure she heard that right. She asks him to repeat it and the words are the same. Jealous. Of who? She asks that too, and he replies with a question. "Is all that you do for Barbados' sake?"

"Do you love him that much?" He keeps on with his questions, even as his tongue makes circles around her clit, along her core, that her mind fogs up and she can't think of a reply. "Do you love him more than me?"

At that, he slows down again, drawing yet another whimper from her lips. But she is attentive now, his question in mind when she looks at him. Initially, she wondered why he would ask her that. Venti is Barbados, they are one and the same. But she thinks some more, and she realises what he wants to really ask. And no, she doesn't love an Archon more than she does a Bard. She says as much and even proclaims that she loves Venti more.

This results in him pulling away and replacing his mouth with his cock. He pulls her down the bed, letting himself in her slowly until he is fully sheathed inside her pulsating walls. Delicious heat, he praises her for taking him in so well and she moans at the praise. More, more... she pushes first, and he responds in kind by finally moving too. Setting a fast pace that sends her screaming his name. Thank god he can control the winds, because the volume she's on would have sent people at her door.

"I'm glad." He finds her sweet spot again, and abuses it with a smile and a hand toying with her clit.

"I'm really glad you love me more." Getting closer again, she reaches for him and they kiss. Messily. She bites his lip when his other hand gropes her chest and squeezes. She chokes out another moan.

"Show me how much you love me." And she does, she really does. Venti the Bard, Barbados the Archon... Barbara Page, Mondstadt's Idol and the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius, loves them both.

"That's it... I'm so close now, my deaconess." Those are the words that finally get her to come for him. A claim, being called his. She is his. Her walls cling onto him tightly, encouraging him to spill himself inside her as well, and he does just that. The rush of heat makes her wail, legs cross behind him to keep him from pulling out. Keeping him deep inside her as her body milks his essence out of him. Acting nothing like the innocent idol others know her as.

Calls of "Venti, Venti" with even a "Lord Barbados" leave her lips as she slowly comes down from her high, red flush settling on her cheeks like the previous times post-coital. It is funny that she is embarrassed about this until now, but not once does he tease her about it. Instead he pulls out of her and makes himself comfortable beside her in bed.

"So cute... I feel really special, being the only one to see you like this~" But it wasn't Venti the Bard if he didn't get at least one tease in. He did mean it though, with the smile on his face telling her he really is glad to be the only one to mess her up like this. She would kiss him again but moving makes her groan. He had been relentless earlier, and now she feels it.

"... are you okay?" He seems worried, but the smug expression takes some of that worry away. "I wasn't too rough with you this time, I hope."

He wasn't. The hurt was good and she was sore in all the right places. Just needed a hand up since her legs still felt like jelly. "Oh, good. Up you go, then. You need to drink water."

So it seems her reminders to drink water get to him too. Only, usually it's her who offers the water after making him shout himself hoarse.

After a few sips, she asks him about earlier again. About the jealousy. "Hehe, well... that'"

He mumbles about being loved as an Archon and as a human, and that he wasn't a human but... he doesn't want to be put on a pedestal like she does for Barbados. He doesn't want worship, not from Mondstadt, and certainly not from his lover.

With the last piece of the puzzle, she smiles. So that was it. It won't be easy, and people are going to ask her if she doesn't seem as devoted to her Archon as before, but she'll tone down the fervent worship. Love him not as her Archon, but as a lover. Pulling him into a kiss, she thinks it won't be hard at all.

She truly does love Venti more than Lord Barbados.