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Teacher's Pet

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"Sensei isn't here right now, so you need to be quiet!" Childe attempted to quiet the classroom down, standing at front.

"Teacher's pet..." A blue haired student scoffed, uncaring. Childe was frustrated - he had no idea how the man he admired commanded obedience between his students.

He walked to Zhongli's desk, attempting to make origami until he came back.

"I trust they were well?" Childe jumped, he hadn't even heard the professor return.

"Yes, of course. Angels." He told an obvious lie, but Zhongli didn't care much. Childe crumpled the paper, taking a seat next to him.

Zhongli introduced a new lesson, which to Childe seemed to drag on forever. He had a growing interest in his teacher - he was paying attention, not to the lesson, but to the way Zhongli emphasized his words, and the way he moved his hands, fingers, the way he stood, and what was in between his legs.

'Of course, he much have a huge cock. He's a dragon...'

Once Zhongli dismissed his class for the day, Childe breathed a huge sigh of relief. He stayed back to help the professor clean up, but of course had to ask - "Sensei, is it possible to have a home lesson today?"

"...What do you mean by that?"

"I want you to teach me something... at my place... or yours."

Zhongli rested his head on two hands, suspicious of Childe's intentions. "It's something that you can't ask me here?"

Childe smiled. "Sensei, truthfully, I just want to spend more time with you. I was actually wondering... about your background."

"Background?" Zhongli groaned a bit.

'Did he mean for that to sound so lewd?'

"Childe, I wish you'd let the matter go... However... Would you be willing to at least pay for dinner tonight? I don't have much at home, so I wouldn't be able to treat you to a proper meal."

He was making this sound much more like a date - Childe just wanted to fuck him, but he supposed he would take what he could get.

"Yea, of course! I can lend you some extra to go shopping, too, Sensei."

Zhongli smiled with tired eyes. He was so thankful that Childe was so dependable.

After dinner, Zhongli escorted Childe to his home. It was a fancy black house, which the ginger couldn't help but to admire. He wondered how a broke teacher had such a nice abode, but that was beyond him. 'Must be dragon shit.'

Inside, the two sat side by side on a black couch. Zhongli's house was indeed dark - Childe, of course, didn't mind.

"Childe... You wanted to know...?"

"You're... a dragon, aren't you?"

A small red creeped on Zhongli's face, only because he hadn't been called out so directly before. "Y-yes, that's right."

"Didn't you have a different name?"

"Rex Lapis." Zhongli was very prideful of his name. He much preferred his 'true form'.

"Rex..." Childe drew the name out, lowering his voice. It seemed fitting. "I like that." Childe looked right into the dragon's eyes, narrowing his own.

"...Mhmm, was that all, Childe? Surely-"

"Rex, can you transform? Can I see?"

Zhongli nearly choked on his words, so taken aback. "No." He muttered.

"Why not?" Childe pouted and placed a hand on one of the man's arms, taking advantage of his shocked position.

"I... cannot fully transform in my own home, at least. I'd be too large. Out in the open, however..."

"That sounds fun! I'd really love to see it, Sensei. Will you please show me?"

"T-tomorrow. It's too late now, you should get going-"

"Oh, Rex. I had no intention of leaving."

Childe's voice dropped as much as it could now, a serious air surrounding him.

Zhongli didn't know what to do. One on hand, he wanted to let him stay anyway, though on the other, he wanted to insist he leave.

"Childe, that's not exactly for you to decide."

"Sensei, Rex, look." Childe rushed his hand down Zhongli's arm, grabbing the man's big hand, placing it on his crotch. "This..." He pushed up against Zhongli's hand, holding back a whine.

Zhongli attempted to pull away quickly, but Childe's strength did not let him. Should Zhongli try to overpower him?

"This, Sensei, Rex." Childe rutted against his hand again, now blushing and breathless.

Zhongli almost found it cute, but... "This is extremely... inappropriate."

Childe ceased for a moment. "No, don't get on that shit with me. You want this, I know you do. You've been lonely... I watch you... and I want you, too." He grinded again. "I want this so bad."

Zhongli got an erection after he allowed himself to feel his student's bulge. His body wasn't too far off from Childe's age, though Zhongli was truly thousands of years old. He felt so absurd.

"Childe... are you being serious with me?"

The ginger groaned. "Of course I am!"

Zhongli smirked, undoing Childe's pants himself. "Here's another lesson about me, kouhai." Zhongli ran his hand up and down the student's large cock, finding a steady pace to jerk him off. "I'm over five thousand years old. Are you okay with that?"

Childe nodded in an excited manner, large smile shining in front of his half-lidded eyes. "Sen... sei."

"Mm, another, perhaps?" Zhongli, with his free hand, carefully undid his tight ponytail. He shook his head so that his hair fell all over himself. The dragon bent down, mouth inches away from Childe's cock, and then looked at him. Zhongli sprouted large, dark horns. "I transform myself at will. Feel..." He guided Childe's hand to his horns, instructing him to stroke them. Zhongli's cock grew too, from being hard and from his own will. The stroking felt mesmerizing, but he figured he'd get Childe off before he worry about himself.

"Watch me." His deep voice commanded. He opened his mouth, every single tooth becoming pointed. His tongue grew longer, wider, pointier. Childe whimpered, amazed. Zhongli wrapped his entire tongue around Childe's cock, jerking it off sloppily. He dove into his cock with his mouth too, sucking properly. Childe moaned loudly, no warning for the extreme warmth he was feeling. Copious amounts of saliva dripped down Childe's cock, the wet warmth coating his balls. Zhongli was messy, but every single thing felt amazing to Childe. He felt the pleasure race through his body, it was such a different feeling - he got the most adrenaline from fighting, but this definitely beat that by miles. He rubbed Zhongli's horns at the base, leaning down against the arm of the couch. Zhongli moaned deeply, throat vibrating his cock. Childe squeaked, feeling himself jump. "Sensei, please."

Zhongli raised an eyebrow, peering up at the ginger.

"I want to put it in you..."

Zhongli relinquished his mouth. "Absolutely not."

"No, it wasn't a question... It'll be alright, I'll help you out."

"Childe..." Zhongli sighed, taking his belt and pants off. "If it'll make you happy, we can try it. No promises, okay? So that means... if I tell you to stop, you need to stop." His words fell out awkwardly due to his sudden mouth change.

Childe nodded, just happy to finally fuck his teacher.

Zhongli wasn't exactly sure what position to take, but he got on the floor, on his knees, bending over the couch.

Childe followed, admiring his teacher's ass. He rubbed and grabbed at it, before finally spreading his cheeks. Zhongli whined upon feeling the warmth of Childe's cock - such a weird sound, to hear a dragon whining under you.

It was a tight fit - Childe struggled to barely push his head in. Zhongli moaned, telling the ginger it felt good, weird, but good. Childe smiled, continuing to push deeper. The farther he went, the deep Zhongli groaned. Once he was a good ways in, he started moving. He held Zhongli's ass in place and thrusted into him, the two men moaning together. It was hard for him to find a good pace - he knew he should be a little slow as to not upset Zhongli, but he wanted to pound his ass so hard.

He mixed the two, going hard, but slow - that seemed to get the best reaction out of the man, drawing out long moans. With one hand, he gripped his teacher's ass, and the other rubbed his horn. The rubbing made Zhongli whine too, but he let out a gasp when Childe pulled his hair. "Chi-!?"

Childe wrapped his hand around Zhongli's throat, choking him strongly. Zhongli was panicked, but still turned on by the act. Childe seemed to fuck him even harder while his throat was closed - as he let go, Zhongli collapsed, heaving.

The student giggled. "Ehe, sorry sensei! That felt damn good."

"Huh?" Zhongli then felt hot liquid dripping down his leg, and a puddle under his own stomach. _Fuck._ The dragon growled Childe's name.

"Ah, you're going to turn me on again if ya say it like that!"

"No, you... you made me cum?" He blew long hair out of his face.

"I suppose so!"

Zhongli scowled. "Let me have a turn on top."

"Rex, really?"

"Yea, really!" He got the strength to push Childe off, quickly snapping around to pounce on him like a wild animal. Childe had absolutely no warning before Zhongli slammed his cock into him, holding his hips up and drilling into him. Any of Childe's moans became screams, screams of Rex, to stop, to go harder, to slow, to go faster. Screams of right there, screams of too much. Screams.

"Look!" Zhongli shouted over the man.

Childe barely got to peak at whatever he was supposed to - Zhongli's hand, now with long, black nails - right before he literally ripped his shirt off, plunging into his flesh. The dragon tore at his flesh, leaving a few deep marks on his chest before stopping. He had a new target, his neck. Zhongli bent down to kiss it, feigning sweetness, before digging sharp teeth right into Childe's sweet spot. He knew he was bleeding, he knew this was extreme, but he shivered in ecstasy. "Rex, yes!"

The dragon growled, attacking the other side. Childe's screams returned, but soon he was struck silent. He came again. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think as his cock pumped out the rest of whatever cum he had left. He groaned for Rex as deep as his voice could. Zhongli spit blood back onto Childe, but licked the rest off of his mouth.

With shaking arms, Childe reached for Zhongli, wrapping them around his neck. Cock still deep inside of him, he moved his hips. He wanted Zhongli to cum again, too. He kissed the dragon - he kissed him hard as he realized he hadn't kissed him tonight. He licked his way inside Zhongli's mouth, licking his bloodied teeth. Zhongli returned the favor, tongue easily diving inside of the ginger's mouth. He ran his claws down his back, making him arch beautifully.

"You don't need to try to make me cum. I wanted to show you... since you're so curious... what I can really do. It seems you liked it."

Childe nodded, drooling with Zhongli's saliva. Zhongli picked him up, off of his dick, and laid him on the couch. "Get some rest."

Childe struggled to find his breath, only being able to mutter you too!