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Four seasons

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Under the bright light of the sun, flowers bloom and flourish at an unrushed pace, the melody of birds is infused softly into the air. The world is in full bloom in all it’s bright colors and displays of life.

In Spring they linger at Pu Qi shrine beneath light blankets that encase them in just the right amount of warmth without it being too much, then again, the ghost king is always cold which is a perfect balance beneath the sheets as they cuddle until day bleeds into noon, just like the world outside they are unrushed in their activities that more often than not end up forgotten and exchanged for moments of love and laughter.


Heat undulates in the air, a constant ebb and flow of heat, the loud echoing of cicadas replaces the energetic bird song of Spring. The light sheets are tossed away during sleep, their legs remained tangled in the shared embrace that isn’t too hot given how cold his husband feels beneath his touch. Xie Lian likes to help the villagers and Hua Cheng often helps out as well, everyone is happy to see Xiao Hua just as Xie Lian is happy to spend time with his husband while working on the patty fields.


Fall paints the world in a palette of red and brown hues, it matches Hua Cheng perfectly, the maple leaves dance in the air around them as they take a leisure stroll hand in hand, laughter infuses in the short distance between them, mindless chatter of mundane things and sweet nothings that lace into the crisp air. Cuddling is more comfortable when a slight chill settles and so they lay in Paradise Manor in a mess of tangled limbs and laughter laced kisses.


The chilling cold is almost biting, the god watches his breath leave his lips in puffs of white smoke as they dissipate before his eyes. Winter is definitely the best season, or so Hua Cheng says, Xie Lian knows that it translates to ‘it’s the best time of the year to cuddle’ and while the god may shake his head at his husband, in reality, agrees. In Paradise Manor they lay beneath thick covers of exquisite red silk (only the best for gege, echoes Hua Cheng’s voice) the cold air between them warms up with murmured sweet nothings against each other’s lips, into the hollow of the throat, the small distance between them painted in the hues of their love and laced in laughter as they talk about their day or of mundane things.


The four seasons dance unrushed and paint the world in it’s respective colors, life ebbs and flows at it’s own pace in bursts of color and sound. The only constant between them is a love that ripples with laughter, an adoration weaved through years of shared thoughts and moments, it sinks between them just as it connects them like the matching red string on their fingers. Seasons never had much meaning to either of them; Xie Lian had to adapt his poverty way of living to the seasons as not to freeze over in the Winter or faint from heat stroke in the Summer; Hua Cheng never had a care for the seasons, they were a constant passage of time that served as a marker of each day he remained without his beloved.

Come Spring and their love blooms in time with the flowers, come Summer and the heat between them cements the trust and faith, come Fall and the crisp air becomes infused with laughter and sweet nothings, come Winter and they lay in each other’s embrace basking in their ever warm love.

The four seasons come and go at their unrushed pace and both shall weave through them hand in hand, no longer lonely or suffering, finally reunited with the person that makes them the strongest and the invincible- their most beloved.