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Hey guys!

A lot of these stories will pin Chloe as the bad guy and some will have both Chloe and Aubrey as the bad guys together. All these stories will be centered around steca since that is my favorite ship!!

If you have any suggestions just LMK :)


A lot of the titles and one/ two shots will be from songs I love ;)


Others will just be random stuff.

Chapter Text

Here Beca was in her best friends room at two in the morning once again feeling down about a certain redhead.

"Come on B, why don't you just forget about her already." Stacie said as she sat next to Beca.

Beca looked up at her "Don't you think I've tried that Stace? I've tried so many fucking times already but no matter what I do it doesn't work."

Stacie wrapped an arm around her shoulders "I know, but this isn't doing you any good."

Chloe had gone out another date tonight and still hadn't come back which only meant one thing. And Beca being madly in love with the redhead couldn't handle this anymore.

"I know this Stace. It's not easy ok, I've been in love with this girl for the past year and I can't just get over it like that. Trust me I wish I could." Beca said leaning into the taller girl.

"Have you talked to her? About all this?" Stacie asked as she rested her head against Beca's.

Beca nodded "Twice actually. The first time was during CR's birthday last year, and she said she didn't feel the same. The second was after when we first got back this year."

"Really? What did she say?" Stacie asked.

"She just said that she doesn't see me that way. I'll always be her best friend and that she'll love me deeply." Beca said sadly.

"I'm sorry B. She's really shitty if you ask me." Stacie said.

"Why do you say that?" Beca asked moving her head to look at Stacie in the eyes.

"Because of the way she is with you. All the hand holding and hugs she gives you. The constant flirting I mean everyone can see that. She always acts like she's attracted to you and wants you. That's why everyone always says the shit they do about you two. But the fact that she knows your feelings towards her and still does that is seriously a bitch move on her part." Stacie answered.

"Look Stace I know this. It's part of her wicked game that I can't seem to stop playing." Beca sighed.

"If you know then why the fuck do you still play? I mean I know you, you don't take shit from anyone. So why play?" Stacie asked.

"Because I'm in love with that girl. I have been since she barged into my shower last year. We got so damn close so quick and like you said she just made me feel like she wanted me. She's got this like spell on me that I can't break. She's just Chloe fucking Beale." Beca said as she fell back on the bed "What am I going to do?".

Stacie sighed "I don't know B. If only you could just start new somewhere and not have to worry about money."

Beca perked up "That's it Stace!"

Stacie looked confused "What is?"

"Start over. The internship I told you about, they have an opening in Colorado and told me if I want it they'll pay for my living." Beca said.

Stacie looked at her in disbelief "You're not actually thinking about just packing and going are you?"

"Yes Stace. You said it yourself I need to get over her and what better way than to get away from her and focus on my career." Beca said.

"Beca that's insane." Stacie said.

"I'm done playing this game Stace. I'm going and that's that." Beca said sternly.

Stace sighed "Fine, when do we leave?"

"We?" Beca raised a brow.

"Yes we. We're a team, and I'm not breaking this up after ten years of friendship. I'll just transfer schools." Stacie said.

"I'll make the calls, thank god for the time difference." Beca said as she pulled out her phone.

Stacie shook her head, she couldn't believe that she was even in this position. She couldn't believe that Chloe had been doing Beca like this, she just thought Beca hadn't talked to Chloe knowing how awkward Beca could be with stuff like that. Here she thought along with everyone else that Chloe actually did want Beca but no, that wasn't the case. It was actually the opposite, Chloe was just playing Beca and stringing her along.

Stacie was getting mad at the thought of someone hurting and treating her best friend like they were nothing. Beca deserved the world in Stacie's eyes, especially after everything that small girl had gone through. She really thought Chloe was going to be good for her, but she's caused so much hurt for Beca.

Beca reappeared "Alright were all good, we have a flight at 6am."

Stacie nodded "Alright so pack the necessities I guess."

Beca shrugged "You're the one with all the wardrobe."

After spending close to thirty minutes packing they headed downstairs and left their bags by the door. Some Bellas were in the kitchen and looked at them confused.

"Alright might as well get this over with." Beca said.

Beca explained to CR, Amy and Emily about the whole Chloe situation but told them not to turn on the redhead. She didn't want Chloe being seen as a bad guy or having everyone turn against her. The three girls completely understood where Beca was coming from and why Stacie was going with her. Beca promised to still send mixes for them and told them that she would keep in constant contact with them.

They were waiting outside for the Uber when Chloe showed up. Stacie rolled her eyes at the sight of the redhead who didn't even bother to straighten herself up. It was clear as day that she just got done with a hookup and that made Stacie even more mad.

"Whoa what's with the bags?" Chloe asked confused.

Stace looked at Beca who just nodded "I got it." Beca said quietly.

She turned to Chloe "We're leaving."

Chloe's eyes went wide in shock "What do you mean you're leaving?" She shrieked.

"I mean we're leaving. I got an internship and accepted it." Beca shrugged. Beca had turned into her defensive mode and was trying to show this wasn't hard on her.

Chloe rushed to Beca's side, but Stacie got in the way "Stacie can you please move."

Stacie shook her head "Nope your good where you're at."

Beca tugged at Stacie's shirt "I got this legs. Thank you but I got to do this."

Stacie looked at Beca and reluctantly nodded and sat back down besides Beca.

"Look Chloe I can't do this anymore. I need to get out of here, I can't take this anymore. You know how I feel, and I need to put distance between us." Beca said.

"Beca we've been through this already. I don't know why you insist we need space when everything is great. We're best friends Becs." Chloe sighed.

Stacie scoffed "That's it." She got up and looked Chloe right in the eyes "Listen Beale, that girl right there is so madly in love with you that it's literally hurting her at this point. Even after you know this you keep on stringing her along like it's all good, but it's not good."

"Stacie what-" Chloe started, but Stacie put a hand up silencing her.

"Shut the fuck up. You said you two are best friends? No she's been your best friend, but you've been everything but that to her. Despite the way she feels about you she's always been by your side through all your bullshit. But you? You've been nothing but a heartless inconsiderate bitch. It's one thing to not feel the same way, that is ok, and you could work around that. But you constantly flirt with her and give her hope that maybe you feel the same way towards her, that right there is called stringing someone along. You're just playing her at that point, and I'll be dammed if I let you do that to my best friend." Stacie said with the angriest glare and threatening voice.

Chloe crossed her arms "I don't constantly flirt with her. That's just how I am."

Stacie laughed "Are you shitting me Beale? You're constantly touching her, holding her hands, hugging her, cuddling her, giving her kisses and making all these winky smiley faces at her. If that isn't flirting then I don't know what is."

Chloe groaned and looked at Beca who was looking at her shoes "Beca please don't do this." Chloe pleaded.

Stacie chuckled "What's wrong Beale? Afraid to lose your personal ego booster? That's all she is to you right? Just someone to boost your ego. Someone to make you feel good, someone to manipulate, someone to have as a fall back plan?" Stacie shook her head "No more, we're leaving and that's that." Stacie said as she gave Chloe a slight shove and grabbed her stuff as there Uber just arrived "Come on B." Stacie called out.

Beca got up and grabbed her bags, but Chloe held her arm "Please Becs, I need you." Chloe pleaded desperately.

Beca shook her head "I'm done playing these wicked games Chloe."


Chapter Text

"Ladies and gentlemen this what we've been waiting for! The debut of Beca Mitchell's new song called 'You should be sad' stay tuned as Beca herself has a special message at the end. Here we go enjoy." The radio host said before fading away.

Chloe who had been on her way to a meeting stopped and pulled over. Chloe and Beca had dated for five years before Chloe ultimately broke up with Beca as soon as she got a taste of Hollywood. Even though it was Beca who pretty much made Chloe's career. Beca had talked to an executive she was great friends with at 20th Century Studio, and he had given Chloe a small role in a movie. Now Chloe is one of the main characters in the X-Men franchise. Chloe turned up the radio a bit and paid close attention to the words.

"I wanna start this out and say
I gotta get it off my chest
Got no anger, got no malice
Just a little bit of regret."

Regret? Chloe thought.

"No, you're not half the girl you think that you are
And you can't fill the hole inside of you with money, fame and cars
I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you
'Cause you can't love nothin' unless there's somethin' in it for you."

Chloe at this point was trying to keep the pain and tears from showing.

"And I had no warnin'
About who you are
I'm just glad I made it out without breakin' down
And then ran so fuckin' far
That you would never ever touch me again
Won't see your alligator tears
'Cause, no, I've had enough of them."

"I feel so sad
You should be sad
You should be
You should be sad
You should be
You should be
You should be."

"Hello my crazy fans! Thank you so much for all the love and support you all have shown throughout the past four years it's been a crazy ride and I couldn't have asked for better fans. This is the latest song I've made, and it was a bit tough, but I felt like this could be helpful for anyone going through or who has gone through something similar. To anyone who's been there I just want to say that it truly does better, and I hope I can be proof of that."

"That was 'You should be sad' by non-other than Beca Mitchell. Go on and stream it across all platforms right now and show support for our favorite girl. Don't forget to catch our one on one interview with Beca airing tomorrow morning." The host said.

Chloe just sat there in here car staring at the screen of her radio. She always held a bit of hope that Beca and her can reconcile, but clearly that wasn't happening. She was happy that Beca was doing as good as she ever had been, but she still regretted leaving her. She opened her phone when she got an alert from a co-worker saying to check her Instagram. That's when she saw it, Stacie and Beca had both announced that they had been dating for the past four months. They had posted a photo of the two kissing with the caption saying "It gets better."

Chapter Text

Beca currently bored beyond belief as she was in Stacie's room, her girlfriend of two years. They had started dating back in junior year of high school and the two were now finishing up freshmen year of college. Stacie was working on some scientific mumbo jumbo that Beca swore was gibberish. Beca was laying down face first in Stacie's bed waiting for her girlfriend to finish, so they can do something together. Beca popped her up and put her hand under her chin.

"Baby?" Beca asked.

Stacie hummed "What's up love?"

"Are you almost done?" Beca asked.

Stacie sighed "Not really babe. I only have three questions left, but each question involves multiple questions in one. So I don't know."

Beca groaned "Baby I'm bored and just want to spend time with you."

Stacie stopped what she was doing and spun around "I know love, but I really just want to get this over with. This is literally all I have left then we can have the whole weekend to ourselves."

Beca groaned again and let her face fall again into the sheets.

"I'll try to be done soon. Work on music or something in the meantime." Stacie said as she spun back around.

Beca smirked "Music huh?"

Stacie nodded "Yeah Bec."

"If you say so." Beca said as she sat up.

Beca had instantly known just what she wanted to do. She was going to do one of her favorite things in the world, annoy her beautiful girlfriend. And Beca knew what would annoy her the quickest.

"Hey Stacie?" Beca asked.

"Yes Beca?" Stacie asked back.

"Can I come over after school?" Beca said in a song like voice.

Stacie groaned "Please don't."

"We can hang around by the pool, did your mom get back from her business trip?" Beca sang out loud.

Stacie dropped her pen "Babe!" Stacie exclaimed as she spun around to face her girlfriend.

Beca grinned "Is she there, or is she trying to give me the slip?"

Stacie stomped her foot "Beca Mitchell!"

"Stacy's mom has got it goin on!" Beca sang loudly.

Stacie shot out of her seat and Beca shot off the bed running towards the door. She ran towards the dinning table and stood at one end while Stacie stood in the other side.

"She's all I want! And I've waited for so long!" Beca continued on.

Stacie glared "Beca." Stacie said in a warning voice "Stop."

Nothing annoyed Stacie more than this stupid song. Well except for when her girlfriend sang it, Stacie knew Beca was doing this out of boredom but still annoyed her to death.

"Stacy, can't you see?" Beca said grinning.

"Finish that verse, and you'll be seeing the single life quick." Stacie glared as she started circling around the table causing Beca to circle the other side. The two were currently just circling the table.

"Oh baby you know you'll never leave me." Beca grinned.

"You're testing your limits Mitchell." Stacie shot back.

Beca chuckled "I'm a limit pusher." Beca shrugged.

"You're a patience pusher." Stacie groaned.

"That's what makes me, me." Beca said.

Stacie sighed "Yeah I know." Stacie stopped her movements "Look my love, I really need to finish those questions. After that we can do whatever you want." Stacie said.

Beca smirked "You know what I want baby girl."

Stacie shook her head and chuckled "Of course that's what you want." Stacie looked at her girlfriend "Well if you're a good girl then I'll treat you right." Stacie said seductively as she backed away towards her room.

Beca quickly followed and sat back down on the bed "You know I was talking about your mom. But you'll do." Beca joked.

"Rebecca." Stacie said in a warning tone.

Chapter Text

Stacie was in the middle of her workout in her off campus apartment that she shared with her lifelong best friend Beca. The two had gotten this apartment for their sophomore year of college after deciding it would be better for the two. Beca in the meantime was out with a boy they had met last year, Dalton. The two girls met him during orientation last year and ever since he has been infatuated with Beca. He always tried to get her to be his girlfriend and was relentless in his pursuit. Finally, after almost a year and a half Beca reluctantly agreed. Stacie found it odd considering Beca's current situation with her sexuality.

But Stacie being Beca's best friend let it go and just told her to call her if anything. She was just about to finish when all of a sudden the front door opened revealing Beca and Dalton. More like an angry Dalton and a shaken up Beca. Stacie raised a brow and paused her music.

"Huh what's wrong Becs?" Stacie asked confused and concerned.

"You're what's wrong." Dalton said agitated.

Stacie furrowed her brows "Me?" She looked over at Beca.

"Hey don't look her way!" Dalton said in the same agitated tone.

"I'm sorry I can look at her all I want. Now tell me what I've done." Stacie said with an eye roll.

"A year and a half, that's how long I've been waiting for this moment. That's how long I've been waiting to finally be with Beca! It was finally about to happen but no you somehow managed to fuck it up!" Dalton raged.

Stacie nodded slowly still not knowing what the hell he was talking about. She decided to stay quiet and see where exactly he was going with this.

That was until he grabbed Beca by the wrist and dragged her in front of him.

"You want to say what happened or should I?" Dalton asked.

Dalton was treating Beca how a parent treats their kid when they force them to admit to something. Stacie watched as her best who was as tough as they came and never backed down from anyone suddenly look shaken and afraid. Stacie had never seen her best friend look like this before and that was worrisome.

It was quiet for a few before Dalton spoke up "I guess I'll tell her. After countless attempts of pursuing -"

"Pleading." Beca mumbled under her breath eating an intense glare from Dalton and a chuckle from Stacie.

"Pursuing her, she finally agreed to give me a chance, and she agreed to sleep with me. I was about to sleep with Beca fucking Mitchell but no you fucked everything up!" Dalton yelled.

"Oh my god are you ever going to just say what the fuck I did exactly?" Stacie said annoyed.

"She said your name! Yeah, in the middle of everything whose name does she fucking say? Stacie! That's who." Dalton said pissed.

Stacie was quiet for a minute before she started to laugh as hard as possible. She was completely bent over in a laughing fit. This caused Beca to chuckle some.

"Stop laughing! It's not a fucking joke!" Dalton shouted. The laughing was only making him more agitated and pissed.

Stacie got up right and took a few breaths "Oh baby boy this is absolutely fucking hysterical. And what makes it better is you coming here and what? Trying to confront me? I don't know what you were trying to accomplish with that. I'm sorry you didn't get your little pity fuck since we all know that's all you can get." Stacie said as she approached Beca and wrapped an arm around her "Hey how did all this happen?" She asked Beca softly.

"I let it slip that I might be gay, and he threatened to out me." Beca said softly.

At this revelation fire burned in Stacie's eyes in a way that Beca had never seen. Beca had seen Stacie get heated before but not like this, Stacie looked like a pissed demon that just shot through hell fire. Stacie slowly removed herself from the embrace and faced Dalton. She slowly marched up to him and got in his face.

"You blackmailed her? You blackmailed my fucking best friend!" Stacie grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the door "You are the biggest piece of shit I've ever laid my eyes on, you are nothing but a low life. A pathetic excuse of a man who can only get a girl by blackmail or begging. You don't deserve that beautiful kind soul right there." Stacie said pointing to Beca "No girl deserves this, you don't mess with someone's sexuality EVER!" Stacie backed away but not before delivering a knee below the belt causing the boy to drop down in pain.

Stacie being down and grabbed a handful of hair "Now here's what we're going to do, you WILL leave Beca and myself alone. You will NOT mention her sexuality to ANYONE or else your balls will be meeting with the heels of my stilettos, trust me those things can crush grapes like no one's business. They will do damage. Now when I let go you will leave, and will NEVER AGAIN come near us." Stacie said in a menacing voice.

Dalton nodded and Stacie pushed his head down against the floor for good measure. Dalton quickly darted out of the apartment and ran towards his car before Stacie slammed the door shut.

Stacie turned around and looked towards her best friend. Beca gave a smile and approached Stacie before tightly hugging her and burying her face in Stacie's chest.

"Thank you." Beca said.

Stacie smiled and calmed down returning the embrace placing a kiss on the top of Beca's head "Of course love. No one deserves that let alone you. My best friend deserves nothing but love and respect."

The embrace broke and Stacie smiled "Now about you saying my name."


Chapter Text

Stacie came home from her meeting at the lab and was looking forward to spending time with her amazing girlfriend, Beca. When she walked through the two large glass doors she walked into the kitchen and dropped her bag and keys. She looked around and heard the surround sound coming from the game room meaning one thing, Beca was in the same state she had left her in. Beca was of course playing video games, something she's been doing non-stop recently. Stacie groaned and made her way up the stairs and towards the game room. Opening the door she saw Beca headphones on and all sitting in front of her 60-inch TV and the PS4 on. Ever since Modern Warfare came out Beca has been on it 24/7, and it was starting to annoy Stacie.

"Hey baby I'm home." Stacie says.

Beca just gives a small nod keeping her eyes and attention locked into the game. Stacie sighed and shook her head. Nothing again, Stacie was determined to get her girlfriend off this stupid game.

She bent down and gave Beca a kiss on the cheek "Hey baby, are you hungry?" Stacie asked.

Beca shook her head and didn't even break her focus.

"Thirsty?" Stacie asked trying to get Beca to use her words.

Once more all she received was a shake of the head. Stacie looked over to the TV and watched for a few trying to understand the appeal of it. She knew how popular the game was, but she didn't see the appeal of it, Stacie enjoyed playing video games, but she was more into fighting games like Mortal Kombat. Shooters are something she couldn't get into.

"Is there anything you need?" Stacie asked.

Receiving another shake she gave up and walked away with a groan. She went to the master bedroom to change out of her work clothes. She went into the walk in closet and her eyes landed on the perfect thing. This was just what she needed to break her girlfriends attention from that game. Stacie was about to go full on Stacie Conrad and put her goodies to good use. Looking herself over once more she smirked and sprayed some perfume on and made her way back to the game room.

She entered the room and stood behind Beca for a few to observe. Beca was mumbling and cursing at the other players and teammates, something that always made Stacie laugh. Beca was currently in the middle of a kill streak and was trying to get number 11 before Stacie finally had enough. She took three large strides and stood in front of her girlfriend.

"Stace! I can't see!" Beca shouted trying to move her head to see past her taller girlfriend.

Stacie just kept on moving in front of Beca's eyesight laughing.

"Babe! Come on I'm in the middle of a kill streak!" Beca complained.

Once again all Stacie did was move into her field of view.

Beca ended up getting sniped, and she tossed the controller down ready to give Stacie a piece of her mind till she caught sight of her girlfriend.

"Oh fuck." Beca whispered staring her girlfriend up and down.

Stacie had put on some black lace lingerie with a red lace robe. She took a few steps closer to let Beca get a whiff of her favorite perfume that Stacie had.

"What is this for?" Beca asked still eyeing Stacie like a hawk.

Stacie licked her lips before bringing them next to Beca's ear "This? Oh, this is to show you what you've been missing."

Beca held her breath "What do you mean?"

Stacie chuckled before running a finger down Beca's torso "See ever since you got that new game of yours, you've been so distracted that we haven't had any time to have some fun."

"I'm sorry babe, I've just been trying to level up." Beca said.

Stacie bit Beca's earlobe "You have any idea how much sexual frustration I have that I want to release between work and that stupid game taking up all your time?" Stacie asked seductively.

"I think I have an idea." Beca breathed out.

"Well then you're going to make up for being sorry." Stacie said pulling back and staring at Beca "All night long."

Beca nodded slowly before Stacie spoke up again "Now be a good girl and head to the room." Stacie said in the same seductive tone.

Beca nodded before rushing out of the room and towards the bedroom.

Stacie chuckled and shook her head then walked over to the PS4 turning it off "Nothing can defeat Stacie Conrad and the hunter. Not even video games."

Chapter Text

"Stace?" Beca answered her phone looking over to the clock on her bedside table "It's 2am what's up?" She asked tiredly.

Stacie sniffled a couple of times "Bec? Ca-can you please come over?" Stacie asked trying to hold the tears in.

Beca quickly shot up from the bed hearing her best friend in the broken state "Stace what happened?" She asked frantically.

"Please I-I'll tell you here. Can you pl-please come?" Stacie asked quietly.

Beca who at this point had quickly thrown on a pair of sweats and a hoodie with her slides snatched her keys and wallet "Yeah of course, be there in 10. Do you want me to stay on the phone?" She asked as she locked her front door and sprinted to her car.

"Yes please." Stacie said softly.

Beca had never heard her best friend speak in this tone. Stacie had sounded like someone told her that her mom had passed. She sounded to broken and defeated. Beca had a million thoughts running through her head.

"I just made a left on Oak wood." Beca said. Beca had been telling Stacie her every turn and every time she passed a street to reassure the other girl she was on her way.

Exactly 10 minutes later after Beca pretty much was going 20mph over the speed limit had finally pulled into Stacie's driveway. She quickly shut the car off and locked it before sprinting towards the door and using her spare key to the house to open the door. When she was in she dropped her keys on the entry table and sprinted over to her best friend who was curled up on the floor.

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong?" Beca asked softly as she dropped down next to the crying girl.

Stacie instinctively threw her arms around the smaller girls neck and cried into Beca's chest. Beca softly returned the embrace and placed a couple of kisses on top of Stacie's head whispering "It's alright, I'm here." A couple of times.

After a few moments Beca spoke softly "What happened baby girl?"

Stacie sniffled and looked at Beca "He- he cheated."

Beca held her tighter "Did you walk in on it?"

Stacie nodded "He said these things just happen."

Beca ran a hand through Stacie's hair "I'm sorry Stace, he's a fucking idiot for not realizing he had the most perfect girl in the world." Beca said softly.

The two stayed curled up on the floor for a few more minutes with Stacie still in tears and Beca trying to calm her down.

"Come on Stace, lets go lay in bed." Beca said softly standing up and pulling the taller girl along.

Once in Stacie's room Beca kicked off her slides before climbing into the bed. Stacie cuddled into Beca's side with soft sobs coming free every now and then. Beca ran a hand through the taller girls hair and softly sang one of Stacie's favorite songs.

"Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter." Beca softly sang the chorus from Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" a song Stacie loved and also a song Beca always listened to when she was down. After a couple more lines Stacie started to hum along with Beca. They finished the rest of the song before Stacie spoke softly.

"Thank you." Stacie said.

"Don't mention it." Beca replied.

Stacie shifted so she could look Beca in the eye "Seriously Bec, thank you for always being there for me no matter the time or place. I know I can be a bit much and I always find myself in these situations, but you're always there so thank you." Stacie said sincerely.

Beca smiled "Stace I'm your best friend dude. It's my job to be there for you 24/7/365 no matter what. I would never just leave you to deal with stuff alone no matter how minor or major it is. And hey you are a bit much, but I wouldn't have you any other way." Beca joked.

The two laid down "I'm only one call away Stace, always. Just know no matter what that you're never alone. You always got me."

Chapter Text

"God Beca!" Stacie said tired of the constant back and forth. Beca and Stacie were in a weird situation, they both had feelings for one another but Beca couldn't get the past out of her head. The two would fuss and fight often over their situation.

"I'm sorry Stacie I know this is always my fault, but you have to understand where I'm coming from." Beca said as she plopped on the sofa.

Stacie sat on the table in front of her "Hey, I do ok."

Beca looked at her "It's just these memories I got, I can't get them out of my head."

Stacie sat there and nodded "I know Bec." Truth is that Chloe had really ruined Beca. The girl sitting in front of Stacie was nothing like the girl she used to know. Beca was never afraid or hesitant to get the girl she wanted. Chloe and Beca dated for 5 and a half years before Chloe suddenly broke it off claiming that she wasn't feeling the relationship. Come to find out that she left Beca the moment her career took off.

"It's just if someone can do that after almost six years than anyone can just come in my life and fuck it up even more." Beca said still looking at the taller girl.

"You know I'm not like her Bec. I've known you since middle school, almost fifteen years of friendship. I don't give a shit about your fame or status, I only care about you." Stacie said as she held Beca's hand.

Beca wished she could just get over the past and the memories that haunted her, but it proved to be harder than she ever thought. She really did love Stacie and want to be with the taller girl, but she was still afraid that history can repeat itself. She didn't and couldn't lose Stacie, not after fifteen years of being best friends.

"I know Stace I honestly do. Truth is that I want this, and I want to let you in and try, but I can't get past this. Every time I think of jumping in the memories flood back in." Beca said playing with the ring on Stacie's middle finger.

"You can't let the past keep you from moving on." Stacie said.

"Don't you think I know that. Don't you think I want to get over this shit and be happy?" Beca said getting tired of hearing people tell her that.

"I never said you didn't Beca. I'm just saying your letting this consume you. The old Beca would have moved on and shown that person that she didn't need them." Stacie replied.

"Well I'm sorry that I'm not the Beca you knew ok. Life changes people and love fucks with people." Beca said back a bit bitterly.

Stacie just sighed and took a deep breath "Listen Bec, I really don't want to fight anymore." Stacie got up has she finished speaking.

"So that's it? You're just going to walk away?" Beca asked.

Stacie looked back "Yes Beca, before this escalates again. I want this, I really do. More than anything, but I'm tired of the back and forth. I don't like arguing with you, and you know that."

Beca shook her head "Now you sound like her." Beca said quietly, but Stacie still heard it.

"Are you serious? Did you just compare me to her of all people?" Stacie asked taken back.

Beca groaned "I-" Beca stopped to take a deep breath "I didn't mean it like that Stace, I just meant she would say the same shit and look what happened."

Stacie shook her head "Get it through that thick stubborn skull of yours, I'm not like her and I never will. When you want to talk you know where to find me." Stacie said then walked towards her room closing her door and sliding down the door.

Beca threw her head back against the couch and mentally scolded herself.

"God why can't I just get this shit right. Why can't I just let the past fucking go." Beca thought to herself.

Stacie meanwhile leaned her head against the door and shut her eyes tight "Why why why can't things just go right. Why can't she see that I'm not like the others and won't do her wrong." Stacie thought to herself as a few tears spilled out. All this arguing was starting to get to Stacie, she truly did hate fighting with Beca. It would always make her sad and seeing the state her best friend and the girl she was in love with was in wasn't making things better for her.

After a few minutes of cooling down Beca got up and knocked on Stacie's door "Stace, can you open up please?" Beca asked but was met with nothing but silence.

After a few moments of silence she spoke up again "Look I'm sorry for comparing the two of you, I just want to talk now that I've cooled off. Please just open up." Beca said.

Stacie reached over her head and unlocked the door as she moved to the side.

Beca walked in and closed the door taking a seat in front of the taller girl "Hey why are you crying?" Beca asked softly wiping a few tear stains off Stacie's cheek.

"Because I'm exhausted of this Bec. I don't like fighting with you plus I just want you to be happy." Stacie said sadly looking down.

Beca lifted her head by placing her index finger under Stacie's chin "Listen, I'm sorry ok. I don't mean to take out my pain, anger and frustration out on you, but sometimes I just can't help it. It's just my heart can't take any more false hope and fake love. Ever since Chloe I just feel like there's this icebox where my heart is supposed to be, and I can't help feeling like I can't trust no one." Beca said.

"But I've never given a reason not to." Stacie said.

"I know sweetie I know. I thought she wouldn't and look where I'm at. I opened up to her and bared my heart and soul to that girl just for her to do me dirty." Beca said.

Stacie looked Beca directly in the eyes " I will never do you the same. And that's a promise." Stacie said seriously.

Beca cracked a smile "Good because I really want to work this out. I'm so tired of fighting."

Stacie chuckled "Really?"

Beca nodded "Yup, still want me the way I want you?"

Stacie nodded eagerly "Of course."

"I won't be easy to deal with." Beca said jokingly.

"When have you ever?" Stacie joked back.

Beca pulled Stacie close to her and slowly leaned in placing a soft kiss on Stacie's lips. Stacie slowly responded to the kiss and placed her hands on Beca's cheeks. After a few they broke apart resting their foreheads against one another.

"I don't want to mess this up." Beca smiled.

Stacie smiled "Same."

"Then you better keep your eye on me girl." Beca smirked.

Chapter Text

Stacie was jolted awake by a loud bang followed by an equally loud thud. She quickly reached for her phone seeing that it was 3am, she slowly got out of bed and pressed an ear to her closed door. She heard slight rustling and someone mumbling incoherent curses, Stacie knew only one person that did that. With a groan she opened her door and flicked on the hallway light. She walked down the hall and saw her best friend and roommate Beca leaning against the kitchen counter clearly drunk.

"Becs come on." Stacie groaned walking over to the smaller girl.

Beca stumbled as she turned around "Heyyy Stacieeeee." Beca said with a light giggle.

Stacie chuckled at the smaller girl who kept stumbling with each step "Let's get you to bed." Stacie said picking up the smaller girl bridal style.

Stacie took Beca to her room seeing as she was probably going to be having to nurse her back anyway. She put Beca on her bed before heading to Beca's room to get her some clothes. When Stacie came back she found Beca calling someone.

"Hey hey hey, no drunk calling." Stacie said snatching the phone looking at the call log.

"Hey! Give it!" Beca said lounging for the phone only to have Stacie nudged her right back down.

"Jesus Beca." Stacie said scrolling through the call log "Why are you calling past flings for?" Stacie asked looking over to her friend.

Beca shrugged "I don't know."

Stacie sat down next to Beca "You have to stop doing this Beca."

"I'll take what I can get." Beca replied.

This wasn't new for Beca to do. Beca always struggled with her insecurities and anxiety. Going back to middle school Beca was always seen as an outcast due to her style, looks and interest. She always struggled to fit in and often times was lonely and growing up that turned into just wanting to find love however she could.

"Hey listen, you don't need these hookups or random people in your phone. Becs you have to stop looking for validation from those people." Stacie said wrapping an arm around the smaller girl.

"I try to do that but some days I can't help it. Some days I feel like I'm spiraling out of control and there's nothing I can do to prevent it. Some days I just want someone to say something good about me regardless if it's fake or not." Beca said.

Stacie tightened the embrace and rested her head atop of Beca's "I understand Becs, but sweetie you don't need those people telling you anything. This isn't the right way to deal with this, and you know it. Like I've always told you since day one, if you need someone you call or come see me. You are an amazing human being who deserves the world."

"Thanks Stace." Beca replied.

"It's what I'm here for little one." Stacie said with a smile.

Beca sighed "I just wished I didn't have to deal with this or at least be stronger you know."

"You are strong Beca. Everyone hits bumps in the road every now and then." Stacie said back.

"I seem to hit a fuck ton of speed bumps then. I don't even know what to do with me sometimes, so how can I expect other people to? I've literally let all this turn me into my worst enemy." Beca said playing with the hem of Stacie's tank top.

"Come on now, I know what to do with you. Haven't I proved that time after time?" Stacie joked "But in all seriousness we all become our worst enemy when we get lost in our thoughts and minds. You just need someone to pick you up and get you out of that state when it happens. That's what I'm here for, to help you see and realize just how dam amazing, talented, beautiful and funny you are." Stacie said before taking a breath "What your doing right now is never going to help you. This battle you have with your insecurities and anxiety takes time to overcome."

"I've been battling this since dam near middle school Stace." Beca interrupted.

"I'm very much aware of that. But you have to be patient with yourself if you want to overcome it. Some people deal with this for half their lives before getting over it and some deal with it forever, but they manage to look past it and be happy. You can overcome this if you just go about it the right way. Surround yourself with people who truly care and love you. People who see just how fucking awesome you are. Searching for other people's opinions the way you do is the wrong way of going about things." Stacie said.

Beca took all that in and nodded "Alright, You're right."

"Good now change and I'll go get you some water and Advil for when that headache kicks in." Stacie said planting a kiss on Beca's head before heading to the kitchen.

When Stacie came back to her room she found Beca laying in bed staring at the ceiling. She places the water and Advil on Beca's side before climbing in bed herself. Beca instantly curled up to Stacie's side causing Stacie to wrap an arm around the smaller girl.

"Thank you for always being there." Beca said sleepily.

"Of course Beca. I always will." Stacie said back.

Chapter Text

Stacie was finishing up the last bit of her assignment when her phone rang, looking at the caller I.D she saw that it was her best friend calling.

"Hey small stack." Stacie joked.

"What's up skyscraper?" Beca asked.

"Finishing up this assignment, it's kicking my ass. How's the music coming along?" Stacie replied.

Beca sighed "I'm just about finished and ready to send it in."

Stacie smiled "I'm happy for you Beca, your dream is finally coming true."

"Thanks Stace I appreciate that. But let's be real I couldn't have done this without your support." Beca said back.

"Yeah I guess you're right. I expect a nice shopping spree as a thank you when that check hits." Stacie joked.

Beca laughed "Done deal."

"When are you coming back? I miss my best friend." Stacie asked with a pout.

"I honestly don't know Stace. It's looking like next week." Beca answered.

"We can't spend my birthday together then?" Stacie asked.

"Sorry Stace, I tried to rush this song to be there tomorrow, but I had other things on the schedule." Beca said.

"I get it. It's alright honestly just sucks. We've always spent our birthdays together since we were kids." Stacie said with a sigh.

"I know, but I'll make up for it promise." Beca said with a smile.

"I'll hold you to it." Stacie said back.

"Look I'll call you tomorrow alright?" Beca asked.

"You better Mitchell." Stacie said.

The two hung up and Beca went back to her song. This song meant a lot to Beca not only because it was her first song  with Khalid's record label but the meaning behind it was huge. This song was coming out tomorrow and no one really knew that outside the label. Beca wanted this to be a surprise, a birthday surprise for Stacie. She also had a another part to the surprise that she knew Stacie was going to love. All in all everything about this song and day was huge and Beca wanted all of it to go according to plan.

Stacie had just finished everything and had gotten everything cleaned up when her phone went off. It was a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: 12pm, Hits 99.9, tune in.

Stacie read the text over and over still confused by who or what this was.

Stacie: Uhhh who's this? And why?

Unknown: Hits 99.9 just tune in at 12pm! You won't regret it.

Stacie: Ok.

Stacie looked her phone and thought about it before deciding she might as well just tune in. She was still curious as to why she wouldn't regret it.

The next morning Stacie woke up to the usual birthday texts but didn't see one from her best friend which she didn't make a big deal out of. Stacie figured Beca pulled another all-nighter for her song was still sleeping. She went about her usual morning routine and by the time she finished she saw that it was almost 12pm. She quickly pulled out her phone and opened the radio app and tuned into Hits 99.9 like the text said.

"Welcome everyone to Hits 99.9 the best spot to listen to all your favorite songs! Today is going to be a special one as we have a brand-new single from a brand-new artist."

"No way!"  Stacie thought to herself "This can't be Beca can it?"

"This new single is from DJ Khalid's newest signed talent, Beca Mitchell. This song is called "All of Me" enjoy."

The beginning of the song started with the piano and Stacie instantly focused all her attention and focus to hear what her best friend cooked up.

"What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind
I'm on your magical mystery ride
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright."

Stacie was trying to figure out who this song was for as the message was pretty clear.

"My head's under water
But I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh oh."

"Wow this is beautiful." Stacie said out loud.

"How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you."

Stacie was mesmerized by the emotion and vocal range Beca was putting on display with the song. Stacie knew Beca had the most beautiful voice she'd ever heard, but this was different.

"Give me all of you
Cards on the table, we're both showing hearts
Risking it all, though it's hard

"'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh oh."

The final piano keys played out and Stacie couldn't help but become overwhelmed with emotions. She was happy that her best friend had finally achieved her lifelong dream and officially release a song on the radio. She felt emotional because of how beautiful and powerful that song was. Lastly she was feeling emotional because the very same girl she had feelings for just released a powerful love song, and she didn't know what that meant for her.

"Wow people I don't know about you guys, but I feel like buying my wife two dozen roses now." The host joked "Now let's welcome the beautiful girl behind the beautiful song, Beca Mitchell."

"Thank you for having me." Beca said.

"Pleasure is all ours Beca, now tell us about this song. Sounded like there was a meaning behind it?" The host asked.

Beca smiled and nodded "Yes indeed there is."

Stacie knew there was a combination of a smirk and smile on that face.

"The song was meant for this beautiful girl I have in my life. This girl who since the moment I met has been the center of my universe. This girl who has never ever given up on me no matter how difficult I've been. This girl who has always been able to push me out of my comfort zone and do these crazy amazing things. This girl who has spent the past decade and a half as my best friend. This girl with the heart of gold and the brain of a genius." Beca said.

Stacie was speechless right now with tears slowly streaming down her face. She couldn't believe this.

"Wow that's deep. Sounds like quite the special and lucky girl." The host said.

"Oh she is special, but I'm the lucky one. You know what, it's actually her birthday today. Happy birthday belleza, I hope you enjoyed your present." Beca said.

Stacie gasped she really couldn't believe that all this was actually her gift. Now it made sense why Beca was busting herself night in and night out for this song. She wanted it to be a birthday surprise.

"So is this a declaration of sorts?" The host asked.

"Yup, see I struggle with speaking how I feel, so I figured why not convey my feelings by what I do best and that's music." Beca answered.

"That's a beautiful way to tell her and I hope she enjoys it all." The host said with a smile.

"I do to." Beca said.

The interview ended and Beca got into the car that was driving her around. She told the driver the address of where she wanted to go and the driver took off.

Stacie meanwhile as still in shock over everything. She had just found out that her best friend wrote the most beautiful song ever as a birthday gift for her and declared her love for her. To say Stacie was emotional would be an understatement. She was so caught up that she completely forgot about the phone in her hand. She dialed Beca's number.

"What's up Stace?" Beca answered with a smirk.

"What the hell just happened Beca?" Stacie asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Beca joked.

"I would love to actually if you wouldn't mind explaining." Stacie said.

"You'll get your answer soon enough." Beca said before she quickly hung up.

What the hell is that supposed to mean. Stacie thought to herself just as someone knocked twice on her door. She walked over to the front door revealing non-other than Beca who stood there with a smirk and arms crossed.

"Happy birthday belleza." Beca said.

Once again Stacie didn't know what to do. Beca sewing this chuckled and made her way inside the apartment closing the door behind her.

"Anyone home?" Beca joked knocking on the side of Stacie's head.

Stacie swatted her hand "Sorry it's just what are you doing here?"

"Spending your birthday with you? Like we've done for the past fifteen years." Beca said raising a brow.

"Enough with the sarcasm please. Just tell me what all this means." Stacie said with a sigh.

Beca held both of Stacie's hand and pulled her close before slowly kissing the taller girl.

"It means that I Beca Mitchell love you Stacie Conrad with all my heart and soul. I am completely in love with you." Beca said once they broke apart.

Stacie smiled through her tears "I love you to with all I got."

All of Me - John Legend

Chapter Text

Beca and Stacie have been best friends since the womb. Their parents were best friends in high school and college so it was only natural they would be as well. Since birth the two have been inseparable, always sleeping over each other's houses and never doing anything without the other. If you ask their parents Stacie and Beca would crumble without the other. Stacie couldn't imagine not having her little sarcastic firecracker of a best friend by her side and Beca couldn't imagine not having her tall beautiful genius of a best friend by her side either.

That was until the two of them were fifteen and Beca's grandma got diagnosed with cancer. At first Beca's parents said they didn't need to move to LA but her grandma got worse. Her grandma's condition was getting worse quicker then most people which caused her mom to make the decision to move to LA. This meant that Beca and her father had to come as well to be there for the inevitable. When Beca got the news she instantly started to cry for two reasons, one being her grandma wasn't going to have much time and two being that she'd had to leave Stacie for who knows how long.

The Conrad's couldn't believe what was happening either. Stacie's parents knew how hard this was going to be on both Beca and Stacie. They also knew what this could possibly mean for Beca. Stacie didn't want to believe that her best friend would be moving across the country. She didn't like that no one knew how long this would last. So when the day came to say their byes, the girls didn't want to move a muscle.

"Go on Beca, we can't miss the flight." Her mom said sympathetically.

Beca nodded and slowly made her way towards the taller girl who was shaking and in tears already. Beca stood in front of Stacie and wiped some tears of her cheeks before bringing the taller girl in for a tight hug.

"We'll see each other again Stace. I promise you." Beca said through the tears.

Stacie gripped Beca tighter "I don't know what to do without my best friend."

"You'll continue to be the genius you are and make us all proud." Beca said.

"It's going to be so hard with out you." Came Stacie's reply.

Beca chuckled "My life is going to be just as hard without you."

"I love you Beca." Stacie said.

"I love you to Stacie." Beca said holding back the tears.

The two stayed in the embrace until Beca's mom came up to them "Come on girls."

They broke up with Beca wiping tears of Stacie's cheek once more "I'm going to miss you genius."

Stacie smiled "I'm going to miss you too firecracker."

With that the Mitchell's drove to the airport and headed towards LA.

The next year was a tough one for everyone involved. Beca's dad got a new teaching job while her mom worked part time to make time to still be there for her mother who had gotten worse and worse. Beca had to adjust to a new city and new school which meant new friends. But at the end of the day the only friend she wanted was back in Atlanta. Beca had spent her first birthday away from Stacie and it was tough. She had turned sixteen and her parents along with the Conrad's had all pitched in to get her a microphone and mixing equipment. Her grandparents had gotten the girl an iPhone which meant she would now be able to constantly talk to Stacie.

Two months later however the inevitable happened and Beca's grandma passed from her battle with cancer. Something that broke Beca's mom and ultimately lead to her being depressed. The months that followed only brought more heartbreak for the small girls, her mom's depression put a strain on her parents marriage. Six months after she lost her grandma her parents came to a mutual agreement to get a divorce. They thought it'd be best considering the situation at hand. There was no bad blood or hostility, they split everything 50/50. Beca's dad left back to Atlanta after getting a job at Barden University while Beca and her mom stayed in LA.

Stacie had been in constant communication with Beca through all this. The two literally talked, texted and FaceTimed 24/7 no matter what. It was like nothing had changed, they still talked about what was going on in each others lives and still had their random conversations. Stacie had told Beca how she wanted to pursue a career in science which Beca knew she would dominate. Beca had told Stacie that she wanted to officially do music which Stacie knew Beca would succeed in.

Which brings us to the next year, the two girls were seventeen with them both being seniors in high school. They were both upset that they wouldn't go to prom together or graduate with one another but they knew this just meant they were one step closer to seeing each other. Beca and her dad had stayed in constant communication with one another since the divorce. They talked every night and her father had said how he could get her a free education at Barden. Beca told her dad that if any deserved that it'd be Stacie and that she wanted to purse music first.

More then halfway through senior year Beca had been creating her own music, making beats and writing songs. One day she decided to record herself singing one of her songs and post it online. One week after she posted it on both YouTube and Soundcloud she received an email. She saw the preview said "Offer" and immediately opened it up.

The email was from a talent manager from Universal Music Group and in it said that they wanted to meet with her to talk about a possible deal. Beca couldn't believe her eyes, this was legit and the moment she'd been waiting for. She instantly FaceTimed Stacie because her mom was currently at work and who else would she call first.

"Hey Beca, what's up?" Stacie smiled.

"Stacie oh my god you'll never believe what just happened." Beca exclaimed.

Stacie chuckled at her friends excitement "What happened B?"

"UMG just emailed me!" Beca shouted.

Stacie raised her eyebrows in confusion "Uhh who now?"

Beca groaned "Universal Music Group, they own pretty much all the major music labels." Beca said.

Stacie's face showed her shock "No way, that's freaking huge Beca."

"I know! They want to set up a meeting to talk about a possible deal." Beca said.

Stacie couldn't believe it "A deal? That's serious. I knew you had it in you."

The two stayed talking about the possibilities until Beca's mom arrived and Beca told Stacie she needed to talk to her mom about it. Beca grabbed her laptop and ran towards her mom in the kitchen.

"Woah what's got you all hyper?" Her mom joked.

"This!" Beca said excitedly as she shoved her laptop in her moms face.

Beca's mom grabbed the laptop and scanned over the email and had similar reactions to the two younger girls.

"Sweetie this is amazing." Her mom said.

"So?" Beca asked.

"Of course Beca, this is your dream." Her mom said.

The two replied to the email and set up a meeting with the talent manager. The meeting was in two days and Beca couldn't be more anxious and excited for it to come. She broke the news to her dad and he couldn't be more proud of her daughter.

The next days went by quick and it was now the day of the meeting. Beca and her mom made their way to the building and arrived a few minutes before. After waiting for about ten minutes they were called into the office.

"Welcome ladies, my name is Andre and I'm one of the talent managers here. As you know Beca we were impressed by your song and wanted to see if a deal is possible." The gentlemen said.

Beca nodded "Thank you so much for the consideration and if possible I would love that."

"Great, I just want to get to know about you and your inspiration for music." Andre said.

Beca went on to tell him where her love and inspiration for music comes from. She went on to tell him the basic like where she's from, her hobbies and how she learned to write songs and create beats. She told him how the song she posted cane about and how the title "Saint Nobody" came from something her grandma had told her about nobody in life is really ever a saint. She said the song was about how she's willing to work more then anyone to get where she wants to be. She told the man that she her music can be a bit weird at times but that's what will make her special.

"Well I'm going to be honest here, I absolutely love everything I heard and I truly do believe you have what it takes. With that being said, we'd like to offer you a deal with one of our labels if you are interested." Andre said.

Beca looked at her mom in astonishment and received a nod "Yes yes yes I am more then interested." Beca said excitedly.

Andre chuckled along with her mother "Perfect, this contract will be with Interscope Records. Read it over and get back to me within the week."

Beca and her mom nodded and thanked the man for his time and the offer. They made it back home and Beca FaceTimed Stacie while her mother FaceTimed her dad. They all talked about the deal and what the specifics. They all agreed that everything sounded fair and that Beca should sign it.

A couple days later Beca and her mom returned to the Andre's office with the signed contract after having a lawyer look it over just in case.

"Perfect, now as you assumed we want you to record "Saint Nobody" so that we can officially release on all platforms and get it on the radio." Andre said.

"Wow that was quick." Beca joked.

"We want people to really know who you are. If this does good then we can record more soon." Andre said.

"I can't wait." Beca said.

They decided on recording the song the same day. It only took two attempts for the song to come out just how everyone wanted. Beca was told to give the team a couple days to get everything polished and ready to send out.

While all this was happening for Beca, Stacie had been applying to colleges and waiting for responses. That was until Beca's dad told her about what Beca had told him a couple days before. When Beca had told her dad about the deal, she told him to give her free spot to Stacie who would put it to better use then she ever would have. Beca's dad told Stacie she would be going pretty much for free and would only have to worry about textbooks as the her dorm would even be free. Stacie graciously took it and was now happy that she didn't have to sit by the mail anymore.

It was now release day for Beca's debut single and everyone was excited to see how it would do. The song was release at 12pm and within the hour it was trending on YouTube and iTunes with fans raving about it. Everyone was digging the flow and production saying it was a breath of fresh air for the game. The record label were happy with the success and gave Beca the green light to record more content. Beca couldn't believe that she was really going to live out her dream and that people actually enjoyed listening to her. Stacie couldn't be more proud for her best friend. The two spent that whole day talking about what the future held.

Over the next six months Beca and Stacie had both graduated. Beca was working on her debut EP while Stacie had just arrived at college. Stacie was in the process of unpacking her stuff at college while Beca was in the process of finishing up the last song for her EP. Beca had released two more songs after her debut with both of them bringing in huge numbers. She had been featured on other artists songs and was quickly becoming a rising star in the industry at just seventeen years old.

Stacie had choose to pursue a degree in biochemistry. She graduated high school as the valedictorian and was stoked to start college. Beca's father was able to snag Stacie a single room, something the taller girl preferred over sharing with some stranger. She was told by Beca's dad that there were some fun clubs she could join. So that's where she finds herself at the moment, in the middle of the activities fair. She walks around for a good amount of time before she ends up in front of a booth with a blonde and red head. They tell Stacie how they are an acapella group and need beautiful talented singers who know how to dance. Stacie agrees thinking it could be a fun thing to do. She tells Beca who immediately bursts into a laughing fit at the idea.

One month has passed and Beca who had finished her EP was granted time off. She knew exactly just what she wanted to do now that she had money, she wanted to fly back to Atlanta and surprise Stacie. Her EP was set to be released in two days time and Stacie had told Beca that she had her first Bella's performance in three days. Beca called up her dad and told him about her idea to which he agreed and told her he would pick her up from the airport. Beca and her mom booked the flight and they were set to arrive the day of the Bellas performance. They let the Conrad's know and they promised not to say anything to Stacie.

Beca's debut EP dropped two days later and it debuted at number two on the charts. The EP consisted of seven songs and all seven songs were on the top fifteen charts. Everyone was happy at the results and Beca knew in her heart that she had actually made it. Now all she wanted to do was spend time with her best friend who she hasn't seen in almost three years.

Beca and her mom arrived the next day in Atlanta and luckily Beca didn't get noticed as they arrived at 5am. Beca's dad picked them up and drove them back to the house they used to live in. Stacie had told Beca that the performance started at 5pm meaning she had plenty of time to get her rest. Beca had a feeling that people might recognize her considering it'd be full of college kids and other teenagers. So when time came to get ready she threw on some camo cargo jogger pants with a pink bomber jacket with a black under shirt and some black combat boots with a black hat. The three of them quickly drove to the venue and Beca opted to sit towards the back.

Once the Bellas took the stage Beca couldn't help but smile and laugh at the outfits and the song choices. She could never see herself doing this no matter how much you paid her. She was happy to be in the same vicinity as her Stacie again and couldn't wait to surprise her after the performance. Beca was impressed at how well Stacie was doing up there and how she was able to move so effortlessly in that outfit. As the the set came to an end Beca made her way over to her father who gave her a Barden administration pass. She showed it to one of the security staff who let her through and told her where the Bellas were at.

Beca quickly found the group of girls and easily spotted Stacie. She ducked down to avoid detection and stood directly behind her.

"Wow so I leave and the genius becomes a singing flight attendant." She joked with a smirk.

Stacie instantly turned around and was stunned "No way! What are you doing here!?" She exclaimed.

Beca chuckled "Oh you know I decided to work along side my dad." She said sarcastically "What do you think I'm doing here genius?"

Stacie threw herself towards Beca causing her hat and glasses to come off. Beca returned the tight embrace.

"I can't believe your actually here. You know how long I've been waiting for this." Stacie said as tears sprung to her eyes.

"I think I have an idea." Beca joked.

The two remained in their tight embrace until someone cleared their throat causing the two girls to break apart and face the group who were stunned.

"Oh right, girls this is my best friend Beca." Stacie said pointing towards Beca.

"We know who she is Stacie, pretty sure everyone knows who she is by now." Chloe said before looking towards Beca "Huge fan by the way, I love your EP."

Beca smiled "Thanks I appreciate it, nice to meet you girls."

"How do you two know each other exactly?" Aubrey said.

After Beca and Stacie told the girls how they are best friends the judges announced that the results were in. The Bellas finished in second behind a group called the treble makers. The girls said that they were planning to head out to eat but Stacie declined telling them that after almost three years she just wanted to spend time with Beca.

The two girls headed back to Stacie's dorm after stopping for pizza. They spent hours talking till Stacie brought up a question she was wandering about.

"So what now?" She asked Beca.

"What do you mean?" Beca asked back.

"Well now that you've released an EP and all that. What's your plan? Stay in Cali with your mom?" Stacie asked.

"Actually I've been talking to my parents and I'm moving back here." Beca said with a smirk.

"Really?" Stacie asked.

Beca nodded "Yup, I've got money and I can live by myself now so why not."

Stacie threw her arms around Beca "I get my best friend back."

Beca returned the embrace "Finally reunited."

Chapter Text

Beca was on her way home from working on a history presentation with her partner. The two had to use the local library to do some extra research on their topic on the Great Depression. It was a rainy Friday night and the rain was really coming down heavy. Beca was a senior in high who had just turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago. She's trying to make it home before it was too late, but the rain was making it hard for her to drive. After carefully driving through the heavy rain she finally pulled into the driveway and grabbed her coat.

She sprinted towards her front porch but stopped in her tracks when she came into contact with boxes that were packed up. She opened one up and saw that it was her clothes, she was confused to say the least. She went to unlock the front door but noticed that her keys wouldn't work.

"They changed the locks. Really." She mumbled.

She was about to knock when she saw an envelope taped on the window next to the front door. The envelope had her name on it, so she grabbed it before opening it. There was a letter inside and after scanning it twice she started to cry a bit. The letter had mentioned that she was no longer allowed to live there due to her sexuality and since she was eighteen she could legally live else where. Her parents mentioned that every single item from her room and bathroom had been boxed up individually.

"Geez thank you for thoughtfully packing my stuff up neatly." She said sarcastically.

Beca stood there for a few minutes trying to hold in the sobs, if this is how they felt then she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of breaking down right here. She pressed the button to open her trunk on her keys and began to place the bigger boxes first. She was absolutely drenched and was sure that her belongings were drenched as well from all the water hitting the boxes. Once she was able to fit everything in the trunk, back seats and passenger seat she pulled out and drove to the nearest plaza as she parked in the empty parking lot. She stared at the time and saw that it was 11:25pm, she rested her head against the steering wheel as tears made their way down her cheeks.

"Why can't they just accept me." She cried.

After she got over this wave of sadness she looked back towards the time and saw it said 12:05am. She rested her head against the head rest and thought where she can go before she realizes there's only one place she can go. So with that she starts up her car and turns on the windshield wipers as it is still pouring rain and heads to her destination. She arrives twenty minutes later and pulls into the driveway of a beautiful two-story house. She quickly turns off her car before sprinting towards the door. She stands in front of the door hoping that when she rings the bell she won't be sent away.

Stacie who had just finished up her science lab assignment was taking her plate and cup to the kitchen to wash before heading up to her room. She had just placed the cup and plate in the sink when the doorbell rang. She looked at the time and was confused as to who would be here this late during the week. She made it to the door before checking the peephole and seeing Beca. Stacie unlocked the door and opened it up.

"Beca?" Stacie asks adjusting her glasses.

"Hey Stace." Beca says a bit timid.

"What are you doing here this late?" Stacie asks as her face shows her confusion.

Beca looks at the taller girl and silently thinks about how to go about the situation.

Stacie sensing her uneasiness steps aside "Come on your soaked. Talk to me inside."

Beca cracks a small smile "Thank you." She says quietly.

Stacie leads her to the kitchen as she grabs a towel from the downstairs bathroom handing it to the smaller girl.

"Talk to me Becs." Stacie says as she sits down at the kitchen island.

Beca sits next to the taller girl and sighs "Uhh my um-" Beca stops and takes a deep breath trying to hold the tears at bay.

Stacie places her hand on Beca's shoulder gently "Hey, it's just me. It's just Stacie remember your best friend." Stacie says soothingly with a smile.

Beca nods "My parents kicked me out, and I need a place to stay." She says looking down at her hands.

Stacie takes a second to take that in "What do you mean they kicked you out? Why?" She asks.

Beca reaches into her jacket and pulls out the envelope with the letter before handing it over to Stacie. Beca up to this point had kept her sexuality a secret from everyone. Stacie, who had been her best friend since 5th grade didn't even know. Stacie looked at Beca with a look of confusion before Beca nodded her head towards the envelope.

Stacie took it and pulled out the letter scanning over it similar to Beca. To say Stacie was shocked would be an understatement, she didn't know what to think or to do for that matter. For one, she had just found out that her best friend of almost ten years was gay, secondly the fact that her parents just kicked her out like that and left her to dry with no care in the world aside from packing up her stuff.

Stacie put the letter down and instantly brought Beca in for a tight hug. Beca instantly returned the embrace and nuzzled her head into Stacie's neck as tears began to spill out. Stacie had tears in her eyes from thinking how her best friend must be feeling at the moment. Stacie broke the embrace after a few minutes and looked at her best friend in the eye and smiled.

"I just want to let you know this doesn't change a thing. You will still always be the same brat in my eyes. You will always be my little Beca." Stacie said.

"Thank you for still being here." Beca smiled.

"Now let's get you into some dry clothes." Stacie said getting up.

"Pretty sure all my clothes are drenched from the rain." Beca said.

"I'll throw them in the dryer. You can borrow something from me." Stacie said as she grabbed a coat and shoes.

They brought in the two boxes that held Beca's clothes and threw them in to dry before heading up to Stacie's room.

"Help yourself, you know where everything is." Stacie said as she sat on her bed.

"Thank you." Beca responded as she grabbed a t shirt and some shorts. She changed and out her clothes in the hamper before sitting down next to Stacie in bed.

"Your not mad I didn't tell you about being gay?" Beca asked looking down.

Stacie put her hand on top of Beca's "No of course I'm not. It's your life Beca, I know you would have told me when you felt comfortable and right. Like I said I support you no matter what."

Beca looked over to Stacie "I'm glad someone can accept me."

"Becs you know you'll always, and I mean will always be welcomed here with open arms no matter what. My parents and I love you to death and that'll never change." Stacie with a smile.

"You sure they'd be cool with everything?" Beca asked a bit hesitant.

Stacie chuckled "I mean they took me coming out as bi amazingly so yeah it's safe to say you're good."

Beca raised a brow "Bi? When'd that happen?"

"A few months back. I just realized I'm attracted to girls just as much as I am to guys. I told them, and they said they'd love me no matter what." Stacie said with a smile.

Beca nodded and looked down, hearing about how Stacie's parents were so open and accepting made her feel sad. Stacie quickly picked up on this fact and brought her in for a hug.

"I'm sorry Becs, I didn't mean to make you feel bad." Stacie said quickly.

Beca rested her head on Stacie's shoulder "It's not your fault. I just wish they would understand and accept it."

"I know Becs, I'm sorry you have to go through this." Stacie said.

The two stayed in that position for a few minutes with Stacie rubbing her thumb on Beca's shoulder.

"Come on let's lay down." Stacie said.

Stacie pulled Beca into her side and Beca rested her head on Stacie's chest. Stacie had one arm around Beca while Beca was holding her other hand.

"Remember Beca, I will always love you no matter what." Stacie said as she kissed the back of Beca'a hand.

"I'll always love you too Stacie." Beca said back.

Chapter Text

Four years ago

Beca Mitchell was on her way to her girlfriend, Chloe Beale's house after getting off work. Chloe and her had been dating since freshman year and the two had just recently graduated high school. Beca made a left to enter Chloe's neighborhood and pulled into the driveway of the beige two story house. She turned off her challenger and made her way to the door. She opened it knowing that the Beale's always left the front door unlocked for some odd reason. She made her way up the stairs and opened Chloe's door. But what she saw wasn't what she was expecting. There in front of her was her girlfriend of four years sucking on her best friends neck.

"What the fuck Chloe!" Beca shouted causing the red head to jump off her best friend.

"Shit Beca." Chloe said quickly.

Beca just stood there staring at Chloe before her eyes moved over to Chloe's best friend, Aubrey Posen.

"Seriously? With her of all people?" Beca said angrily.

"Just hear us out babe." Chloe pleaded.

Beca shook her head as the emotions started to kick in "Fuck you, this shit is done. Enjoy the blonde bitch." Beca said before she turned around and headed towards the stairs.

"Beca wait!" Chloe shouted as she followed the smaller girl downstairs.

Beca stopped at the door "No, fuck off. Don't even waste your breath. Once I walk out this door you'll never hear or see me again. Hope it was worth it." Beca said as she slammed the door and headed to her car.

Chloe ran after her but Beca just started her car and peeled off. Beca was feeling a mix of anger and sadness as she drove towards her house. Once she got there she unlocked her phone and dialed a certain number.

"Hello, it's Beca Mitchell." Beca said as the other person answered.

"Hello ms. Mitchell, have you made a decision?" The person asked.

"Yes sir I have, my answer is yes." Beca said.

"Great to hear Beca. I'll send the info to your email." The voice said.

"Thank you sir." Beca said before hanging up.

Beca sent a text to her best friend.

Beca: Can you come over ASAP? It's important.

Stacie: Of course. Be there in 10, everything alright?

Beca: I'll explain when you get here.

Exactly ten minutes later Stacie walked through the door using her key. She found Beca sitting on the sofa and sat next to her throwing her arm around her neck.

"What's up Bec?" Stacie asked after kissing Beca's cheek.

"I got some stuff to say so hear me out." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Lay it on me."

"So I just walked in on Chloe pretty much cheating on me with Aubrey." Beca said.

"You what!?" Stacie shouted.

"She was on top of Aubrey sucking her neck." Beca said.

"How the fuck could she do that!? And with Aubrey of all people!" Stacie shouted as she was fuming.

Beca shrugged "Don't know but whatever if she wanted that then let her have it. I have bigger news then that."

"What can be bigger then that?" Stace asked confused.

"I haven't told anyone but I've been in contact with an Army recruiter and after walking in on that I just agreed to join." Beca said.

Stacie's jaw dropped after hearing that. She was stunned for a few before Beca continued.

"It's just after that I don't know, I just want to leave hear and get as far away from them and this place for a while. Plus the benefits are great." Beca added.

"Becs this isn't the type of thing you just decide to do. You need to think about it." Stacie said.

"I have Stace, I've been talking to him for the past month and after a month I decided it was a good thing for me. I even talked to my uncle about it, he's been in the army for 20 years." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "When do you leave?"

Beca checked her email "Says basic training is in 2 weeks. I fly out to Colorado."

Stacie nodded sadly "How long?"

"Four years." Beca said putting a hand atop of Stacie's.

"I'm going to miss you. But if you feel like this is what's best then you know I support you." Stacie said.

Beca brought the taller girl in for a hug "I'll miss you too."

Stacie returned the embrace "I love you shorty. Just please come back alive and in one piece. I can't lose my best friend."

Beca chuckled "I love you too giant. I promise you'll never lose me."

Current day

Beca had just finished her last day under contract and had decided to go back to her apartment. She now had the decision to make if she wanted to Re-Up her contract with the army or not. She was about to jump in the shower when her phone rang. She looked at the caller I.d and saw that it was Stacie's mom.

"Hey Em, whats up?" Beca answered.

Ember, Stacie's mom sniffled "Hey sweetie how was your last day?"

"It was great, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Beca asked worried.

"Uh, god how do I say this." Ember said before taking a breath "Kyler was in an accident and he umm he didn't make it." Ember said as her voice cracked at the end.

Beca was stunned "Oh god, I'm so sorry Em."

"Thank you sweetie." Ember replied.

"How's Stace?" Beca asked concerned about the state her best friend must be in. Kyler was Stacie's younger brother, they were three years apart and for the most part as close as brother and sister can be. Aside from Beca, Stacie only ever confided in her younger brother. After their dad left, Stacie and Kyler became even closer. Stacie had now lost the two most important men in her life.

"She's broken, I'm not even going to sugar coat it. She hasn't eaten, slept, drank anything or left her room. She's been like this for two days." Ember said.

"Two days?" Beca asked.

"The accident was a couple nights ago, sorry I didn't call sooner. I knew you were almost done and I couldn't speak even if I wanted to." Ember said.

"No I completely understand trust me." Beca said.

"I know you must be tired but I was wondering if you can maybe fly out here to help this situation. I think we all know you are the only one who could get through to her." Ember said.

"Of course I'll book the next flight out." Beca said as she headed towards her laptop.

"Thank you so much sweetie. I know this is probably the last place you want to be after everything." Ember said.

"Anything for you and Stacie." Beca said.

"Thank you. Let me know when you land and get here. Love you sweetie." Ember said.

"Will do. Love you to Em." Beca said before hanging up.

Beca booked the next flight that was leaving that same day in 5 hours. She quickly showered and packed the necessities before heading out.

Eight hours later after a three hour flight, Beca had landed in Atlanta. A place she hasn't been in four years. This definitely wasn't the way she planned on returning back here. She walked over to her Uber and texted Ember. After a short twenty minute drive she got out and made her way to the Conrad house. She texted Ember once and more and after a few moments the front door opened.

Ember greeted her with a tight hug, one Beca returned instantly "Thank you for coming. I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too in-law." Beca said referring to the joke they had. Since Beca and Stacie were so close, the Conrad's would always joke around saying Beca was like their daughter in law.

Ember chuckled "How I've missed hearing that."

Beca broke the embrace before closing the door "I've missed telling you that in person. Is she still the same?"

Ember nodded "I at least got her to sip some water but she still in there crying her heart out."

Beca nodded "I'll head up and see what I can do." She headed towards the stairs "If you have any chicken noodle soup start making it and pour two squirts of hot sauce in it." Beca said over here shoulder.

"What?" Ember said.

Beca stopped at the third steps and looked back "It's her favorite." She said and continued to walk up the stairs.

Ember shook her head "I swear she knows my own daughter more then I do." She said as she headed towards the kitchen.

Beca made it up the stairs and stopped in front of the black wooden door that a white mask painted on it. She placed a palm on it and smiled at the memory. Stacie and Beca had decided to paint it black with a white mask in the middle after watching Scream, their favorite horror movie. She remembered how Kyler was the only one that thought it was cool and how he had said he wanted them to paint his door. With a deep breath she opened the door and looked around the room. A room she hasn't been in for four years. She noticed that nothing had changed, it was still as organized as ever something Stacie always made sure of.

She looked towards the right corner where Stacie's bed was located and found her best friend curled up staring blankly towards the door. Beca sighed and closed the door she walked over towards the bed before kicking off her sneakers and placing her wallet and phone on the nightstand. She stared at Stacie whose eyes were bloodshot from all the crying, who had tear stains all over her cheeks, who looked pale as a vampire, whose hair was all messy from laying down to much and who just looked broken. Beca's heart hurt at this sight, she just wanted to take all this pain away. She crawled into the bed and laid right next to Stacie facing her face. Stacie didn't even react she just kept looking towards the door.

Beca scooter closer and wrapped her arms around Stacie and pulled her towards her until the taller girl's forehead was pressed against her shoulder. Beca kissed Stacie's head and ran her fingers through Stacie's hair. Stacie started to cry all over again and soon the crying turned into sobbing. Beca placed more kisses atop Stacie's head as the taller girl began to shake from the crying. After what seemed like forever, Stacie stopped sobbing and Beca kept running her fingers through Stacie's hair.

It was pure silence for a couple of moments till the silence was broken by a croaky voice.

"I've missed you." Stacie croaked out.

Beca smiled and kissed Stacie on the head again before pulling back to look her in eyes "I've missed you too." Beca smiled as she wiped off tear stains from Stacie's cheeks.

Stacie cracked a small sad smile "Thank you for being here."

"Anything for you. You know I'd do anything for you and your mom." Beca said softly.

"I know." Stacie whispered.

"Do me a favor and drink some water?" Beca asked.

Stacie simply nodded so Beca sat up and reached for the bottle of water Ember had brought up earlier. She pulled Stacie to a sitting position and handed her bottle. Stacie drank half of it before closing it and handing it back. Beca placed it back and held Stacie's hand.

"I'm sorry Stace, I wish I could do something to make your pain go away." Beca said softly.

"I know Becs. If only you didn't have to go." Stacie said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Beca asked.

"After this you'll fly back to Colorado and then I'll have no one. I lost my dad, I just lost my baby brother and I don't have you anymore. I just wish you didn't have to leave." Stacie said as fresh tears fell down her cheeks.

Beca felt a wave of sadness surge through her when Stacie said this. She couldn't imagine leaving her best friend again, not after this. Then and there she made up her mind.

Beca wipes the fresh tears away "I'm not going anywhere Stace."

Stacie looked towards her best friend "What?" She sniffled.

Beca smiled "I had an option to re-up but after seeing you, I can't leave you again. Especially not now, so I made up my mind. I'm staying with you."

Stacie smiled for the first time in a couple of days and launched herself at Beca "Thank you!"

Beca returned the embrace "Of course."

After a few moments she pulled back "Do me one more favor? Please eat something."

Stacie nodded "Ok."

Beca smiled and got out of bed and Stacie followed her and held her hand resting her head on Beca's shoulder. The two made their way down the stairs and towards the kitchen where Ember had just served a bowl of the soup.

"Is that what I think it is?" Stacie said softly.

Beca nodded "Your favorite."

Ember turned around and saw the position the two were in and smiled before walking over to her daughter giving her a hug. Stacie hugged her back and Ember looked towards Beca.

"Thank you." Ember mouthed.

Beca nodded and smiled.

Beca knew in her heart that this is where belonged. She needed to come back home, meaning back to Stacie.

Chapter Text

"I can't do this any more Em. These feelings I've bottled up for the past five years are killing me. I can't take it anymore." Beca said with her head in her hands. She had been in her room with Emily for the past fifteen minutes talking to her about how she was feeling. Usually Beca would go to Stacie her best friend to talk about this stuff but since this was about Stacie, Beca turned to the next closest person she has, Emily the girl she considered as her little sister.

Emily sighed before sitting next to Beca "Just tell her Beca."

Beca looked up with a sniff "I'm scared Em. What if she doesn't feel the same way? I can't lose her."

Emily cracked a small smile "Beca listen, ever since I've known you, you've always gone after what you wanted. You've never been afraid to say what you feel. You are the toughest girl I know so why is this any different?"

Beca sniffed "Because this is Stacie. Stacie who I've known since senior year of high school. Stacie who is the most beautiful and sexy person in the world. Stacie who has been my best friend for five whole years."

Emily smiled again "See Beca, the same way you just told me that, with confidence and love in your eyes is the same thing you have to do with Stacie. You say your worried about Stacie not feeling the same, but how would you ever know if you never tell her? If you want her as bad as you say you do, then tell her. I promise you, you may be surprised." Emily said.

Emily said that last part due to the fact that she knew Stacie felt the same way. Emily had overheard Stacie tell Amy a couple of weeks ago before a date when they were all over at Stacie's and Beca's apartment.

"You think so?" Beca asked.

Emily nodded "I know so. You're an amazing girl Beca. You're beautiful, talented, smart, funny but most importantly, you have a heart of gold. Stacie would be lucky to have you. So go down there and tell her how you feel. You got this." Emily answered.

Beca nodded and took a deep breath. She felt this surge of confidence flow through her as soon as she got up.

"I'll be here no matter what." Emily said as she got up.

Beca nodded before opening the door and walking downstairs towards the kitchen where Stacie was with Amy.

"Oh hey Beca." Stacie beamed at her best friend.

"Stacie." Beca stopped a few feet in front of the taller girl and froze. All that confidence she just had vanished.

Emily has just reached the bottom of the steps and sensed that Beca was going to freeze up, so she walked up to her.

"Lay it out there." She whispered in her ear as she casually passed by her giving her a squeeze on her shoulder.

"Becs? What's wrong? Why have you been crying?" Stacie asked as she eyed the smaller girl who was now standing stiff.

Beca took a deep breath as tears were still building up in her eyes "I need to talk to you. I've needed to talk to you for a while now." Beca said.

Staci nodded "Alright, you know you can tell me anything." She said softly now worried.

"I know. It's just this isn't easy for me to say. I've been afraid to say this, every time I go to say this to you, I just freeze." Beca said.

Amy who was looking on looked towards Emily who gave Amy a knowing nod. These two had been talking about trying to get Beca and Stacie to tell the other how they were feeling. Emily and Amy slowly made their way towards the dinning room table.

"I'm in love with you!" Beca blurted out catching everyone by surprise.

"Wow, she just went for it." Amy mumbled.

"At least she finally said it." Emily mumbled back.

"I'm in love with you, so fucking in love with you Stace. I have been for a while and these past couple of months have been pure torture for me. Seeing you go out on all these dates with guys and girls while I just stand on the sidelines has made my life hell. I can't just stand on the side anymore, I need to get this out. Stacie I've been afraid to tell you because I didn't want to possibly ruin our friendship, I was afraid that if you don't feel the same then you wouldn't want to be my friend anymore, and I can't lose you. I need you in my life." Beca said in full-blown tears.

Stacie was speechless as she had tears running down her cheeks.

"I don't know how you feel or if all these dates make you happy. If they do then by all means don't let me stop you, I don't want to get in the way of your happiness. I just want to be honest and transparent with you, you deserve that much. I just, if you do by some miracle feel the same way about me, please give me a chance. Give this a chance because I promise you that you won't regret it. If you do give me a chance then I'll do any and everything I can to make you happy and please you. I love you so much that it hurts, and I'll never stop loving you Stacie Conrad." Beca said with as much love and honesty she could muster up.

Stacie cracked a tearful smile and stood up walking over to her best friend. She stared at Beca in the eyes and admired those stormy blue eyes. She wiped some tears from her face before bringing her in for a passionate kiss. Once they broke it, Stacie rested her forehead on Beca's.

"I'm in love with you too, you goof." Stacie said softly.

Beca smiled "Really?"

Stacie nodded "A thousand percent."

"So you're willing to give us a chance?" Beca asked hopeful.

"Oh yeah." Stacie smiled before bringing Beca in for another kiss.

Chapter Text

"What do you mean 'She's in the basement'?" Stacie said pissed off as she glared at Emily, CR, Amy and Benji.

The group looked at each other nervously knowing how bad it can get when Stacie was mad.

"We were playing truth or dare and Amy dared her to go to the basement." Emily said fidgeting with her hands.

Stacie directed her glare at Amy "You did what!?"

Amy glared at Emily "Gee thanks legacy." She then turned to Stacie "It was just a little dare."

"Till you cut the power and closed the door." CR added.

Stacie's eyes popped out when she heard this "WHAT!" She screamed "She's down there in pitch darkness?"

Amy nodded sheepishly "It was supposed to make the dare that much more daring, but now we don't know how to turn the power back on."

Stacie was livid at this point. See what the other girls didn't know was that Beca was afraid of the dark. She absolutely hated darkness, has since she was a kid. No one else knew this except for Stacie of course. Stacie knew Beca must be spazzing out down there.

"You better hope she hasn't hurt herself trying to find her way out." Stacie said as she headed towards the basement steps.

"Stacie there's no power how are you going to see?" Emily asked.

Stacie looked over her shoulder "I'll figure it out, right now Beca is my main concern." She said before opening the door.

She carefully walked down the steps "Becs?" Stacie called out. She didn't get nothing so when she reached the bottom she called out again "Becs?"

She heard a clutter followed by her best friends voice "Thank you, Jesus." Stacie chuckled at the tone of relive in Beca's voice "Stace?"

"Who else." Stacie chuckled "Where you at?" She asked as she felt around trying to gather her surroundings.

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm currently in a pitch black basement." Beca said sarcastically.

Stacie couldn't help but smile "Oh ha ha real funny. I meant like where? A corner? In the open?"

"Well let me look around. Oh, yeah I can't." Beca responded once more sarcastically.

Stacie shook her head "Alright smart ass look, we both know how you feel about the dark so how about less sarcasm and more helpfulness?" Stacie asked.

Beca sighed "Ok sure."

Stacie stopped "Perfect. Now how about the usual?"

"Deal." Beca said.

The usual meant their twist on Marco-Polo. They've been doing this since they were in high school. It had come in handy in some situations, like when a group of classmates decided to play manhunt in the woods at night, and they had gotten separated. Or during their camping trip with the Bellas freshmen year when they went to find some wood and got split up. They would pick a song and take turns in saying the lyrics.

"I'll start I guess." Stacie said.

"Go for it." Beca responded.

"I want the money." Stacie sang.

Beca turned to left a bit "Money and the cars." Beca sang back.

Stacie stayed put realizing she was closer to the door than Beca "Cars and the clothes." She sang.

Beca kept walking towards her left with her hands out to feel around. She felt a wall, so she took a couple steps back before stopping "I suppose."

Stacie took exactly four steps to her right and one forward. She was keeping track of her steps mentally, so she wouldn't get lost on the way back "I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful." Stacie sang.

Beca started to walk straight still with her hands out "I just wanna be successful."

Stacie smiled as she heard Beca's voice getting closer. She took three steps forward "I just wanna be."

Beca smiled as she heard Stacie her closer to her "I just wanna be successful." She kept walking forward.

Stacie was about to song the next line until she bumped into something. She reached out as she heard "Ow". She quickly grabbed onto Beca's arm as she realized it was her she had bumped into.

"Are you ok?" Stacie asked softly as she brought Beca in for a hug.

Beca chuckled "Oh yeah nothing like being lost in a dark basement." She said as she returned the embrace.

"You know I could have left you in here?" Stacie said pinching Beca.

"Ow! Dude." Beca said rubbing her side "You'd never do that, you care too much about me."

"Exactly so a thank you would be nice." Stacie said with a chuckle.

Beca smiled "Thank you, really. I don't know how much longer I could have been down here for."

Stacie pulled away wrapping an arm around Beca "Sorry for those idiots up there." Stacie said as she retraced her steps.

Beca shrugged "It's ok. I should have known they had something up their sleeve."

The two quickly made their way back up the stairs and through the door that lead to the kitchen where the group was awaiting.

"Oh, thank god you two are okay." Emily said relieved.

"We're all fine here Em." Beca smiled.

"Everyone except for Amy." Stacie said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked hesitant.

Stacie smirked "Oh you'll see."

Stacie looked over to Beca and winked.


Chapter Text

Beca had carefully left the apartment that she shared with her girlfriend Stacie. Beca was currently on her way to pick up Stacie's present. There was no birthday or anniversary, this was something Beca wanted to do for her loving girlfriend who was going through a rough patch at the moment. See Stacie dealt with major anxiety which lead to the girl often times having episodes of depression. Lately it's been hitting Stacie hard and with Beca being an intern at the label, she couldn't always be by Stacie's side like she would like. Stacie had spent the past week being depressed and randomly crying. It didn't help that Beca had to leave causing Stacie to be alone, only being able to FaceTime Emily and CR.

With all that in mind Beca had spent the last three days in contact with someone her dad knows. Beca had called him up and told him what she was looking for, and he said he had exactly what she wanted. So after a couple of conversations she was now here picking it up. Once it was safely secured in her car she made her way back home.

During this time however Stacie woke up. She felt around for Beca but when she realized she wasn't in bed she searched for her. Realizing she wasn't home, Stacie went to lay back down and cuddled with Beca's pillow. Whenever Stacie got these episodes she would always cuddle with something that smelled like her girlfriend.

Exactly twenty minutes later Stacie heard the front door open and close. Beca made her way to the room and saw Stacie cuddled with her pillow. She walked over to her and kissed her head giving her a hug.

"Good morning beautiful." Beca said softly.

"Where'd you go?" Stacie asked sadly.

"To get your surprise." Beca smiled.

Stacie turned over and looked at Beca "What surprise?" She asked.

"You'll see." Beca smirked holding out her hand.

Stacie accepted it and stood up "What's the surprise for?"

Beca smiled as she grabbed the blindfold "I know you've been feeling down, and I haven't been able to be by your side and that's made me feel like shit, so I got something to help you when I can't be here."

Stacie let Beca put the blindfold on "It's okay baby, you have a career to focus on."

"I know love but still your happiness comes first." Beca said as she led Stacie towards the surprise.

Beca lead Stacie towards the kitchen where she stopped "Ok now when I take off the blindfold wait till I say open ok?"

Stacie nodded "Ok."

Beca took off the blindfold "Ok. 1,2,3 open." Beca said.

Stacie opened her eyes and gasped. She brought her hands to her mouth as her breath got caught. She blinked a couple of times as tears made their way towards her eyes.

"For real?" She asked staring at Beca.

Beca smiled and nodded "For real babe."

Stacie burst into tears as she flung herself at Beca "Thank you thank you thank you." Stacie said repeatedly.

Beca chuckled "No problem babe. Now enough hugging me, show it some attention."

Stacie smiled and nodded before looking towards the sofa. There on the sofa was a small black pit bull puppy. It currently had the stuffed microphone that Beca kept in the middle of them for the past three days. Now Stacie understood why Beca had it, so their scent would be on it and the puppy would learn it. Stacie walked up to it and stuck her hand out, the puppy sniffed her hand and after a few seconds his tail started to wiggle. The puppy started to lick her hand happily causing Stacie to let out a lovingly "Awww".

Stacie picked up the puppy and hugged it carefully "I already love you my sweet boy."

Beca chuckled "Let's see if you'll still say that when you have to take it to its lessons and clean up after it."

Stacie smiled at her "Of course I will. I grew up with pit bulls remember."

Beca smiled at how happy her girlfriend was and hoped that this little companion could keep that beautiful smile on that beautiful face.


Chapter Text

It was another long day of being a high school student for Beca Mitchell. She hated high school with a passion, the early mornings, the teachers who think their all mighty, the stuck up principal who runs this place like a prison, the snobby popular kids who think there special because of their parents money and being graded on how well you can mesmerize a textbook that hasn't been updated in forever. Not to mention the fact that she had this assumption about her, people saw her as this mean weird loner that was an outcast. She never really gave anyone a reason to think that but since they wanted to think that she just went with it. Sure she had an attitude problem I mean what teenage high schooler doesn't? She had a low tolerance for people's crap, and she didn't like disrespect. She wasn't mean, but her facial expression could give off that vibe. As for the loner part? She can't really change that if no one talks to her. So yeah she really hated high school.

Third period had just ended which meant it was time for lunch. Beca walked to her locker and put away her stuff grabbing her lunch. She found a table in the back corner of the outside courtyard and sat down taking out the two slices of pizza and yellow Gatorade. She was about to take a bite when someone sat down in front of her. She looked up and of course it was non-other than Stacie Conrad.

Stacie Conrad was the head cheerleader and most popular girl in the school. She was the girl that everyone wanted to either date or be friends with. She was also one of the smartest people you'll meet but that always got overshadowed by her popularity. Beca knew Stacie since the two always went to the same schools since elementary but Beca never really shared the same classes with the girl. The two never really talked or interacted with one another till this year. Stacie had this habit of sitting with Beca at lunch and talking to her in school throughout their junior year. Something Beca never understood.

"Hey Beca, how's your day been?" Stacie asked with a smile.

Beca raised a brow "Uhh it's high school, so it's been long and shitty."

"Awww well something good or funny had to have happened today." Stacie said taking a bite from her salad.

"Not really. Umm how's your day been?" Beca asked a bit awkwardly.

"Stressful. We had a huge Chemistry test and then my algebra 2 teacher gave us a surprise quiz. I mean why do we have all these tests for?" Stacie said with a sigh.

"They like to see us suffer. It's like our teachers are jigsaw, and we're the hostages." Beca said taking a bite from her pizza.

Stacie laughed "Great now every time I see Saw I'm going to think of school."

"You like Saw?" Beca asked shocked.

Stacie smiled "I love anything horror. Why so surprised?"

"I just didn't peg you for the horror type." Beca said back.

Stacie smirked "You'd be surprised what I like."

The two fell into a comfortable silence and continued to eat their food.

"You uhh got something." Beca said pointing to Stacie's left cheek where she had ranch.

"Oh shoot." Stacie said trying to lick it off but couldn't reach it.

Beca shook her head "Here." She said as she wiped it off with her thumb and licked it.

"Thank you." Stacie smiled.

Beca nodded before looking over her shoulder where the rest of the cheerleaders and jocks sat. They were all staring at the two and talking amongst one another. Beca turned her head around and tried to brush off the weird feeling she got.

She looked up to Stacie "This isn't some like cruel plan right?"

Stacie's face scrunched in confusion "What are you talking about?"

"You know the popular girl all of a sudden takes interest in the weird loner girl just to humiliate her." Beca said.

Stacie looked over Beca's shoulder and saw all the cheerleaders and jocks staring pointing fingers and talking. She knew where this was coming from and shook her head.

"Listen Beca, I get it. I really do. But this isn't some cruel prank or joke to humiliate or hurt you I promise. I'll never in a million years be one of those cliché high school girls. Just because I'm the head cheerleader and have the popularity doesn't mean I'm evil like the girls in the movies and TV shows. Yeah, some of the girls and guys at that table are like that, why do you think I never sit with them or hang out with them outside of practices. If you feel uncomfortable with me being around you then I understand, I'll leave you be." Stacie said.

Beca stopped her "Please stay, I'm sorry I didn't mean to insinuate anything. I just don't have good experiences with those people over there." Beca said.

Stacie smiled "It's ok and I know, I'm sorry for that."

Beca shrugged "Can I ask you something though?"

Stacie nodded "Of course you can. Ask me anything."

"Why are you so nice to me? I'm sure people tell you to stay away from me." Beca asked.

"Because I believe there is more to a person that meets the eye. I don't judge based on the outside, I judge based on what's the inside. I never go off people's opinions. You've never given me any bad vibes, you've only given me good vibes which is why I constantly try to talk to you and sit with you. Despite you being awkward and weary which like I said I completely understand." Stacie said.

"Wow, thank you for not being like everyone else. Yeah, sorry about that I'm just not used to people actually wanting to talk to me or be around me." Beca said looking down at her drink.

"No problem and lucky for you, I'm here to fix that. You're looking at your new best friend." Stacie smiled.

"Best friend?" Beca asked surprised.

Stacie beamed and nodded "Yup, I feel like we're going to be the best of friends. Don't worry I'll make sure no one gives you any shit. Even though I'm sure you can handle your own." Stacie said with a wink.

"You have no idea." Beca smirked back.


Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell sat down at her desk waiting for the bell to ring as it was now time for her favorite subject, History. She reached into her bag as she grabbed her binder and looked up as she heard someone sit down at the desk in front of her. She looked up and there she was, Chloe Beale. The girl Beca had been secretly in love with since sophomore year. Beca was now in her senior year and prom was coming up meaning everyone was looking for their prom date. Stacie, her best friend, had told Beca to ask her since there was no point in not asking her. Beca however was afraid to.

Chloe was miss popular. She was friends with all the jocks and cheerleaders, she was the "It girl" of East Ridge High school. She was popular with all the guys which obviously discouraged Beca from asking her because Beca was seen as the geek. Beca had the big glasses and was the quiet shy girl who only had one friend really and that friend was looked at as a geek. Stacie similar to Beca had the big glasses and was know as the science freak so high school wasn't the best experience for the two.

Stacie was in a similar position as Beca, see Stacie had a crush on Chloe's best friend Aubrey Posen. Stacie didn't feel as much for Aubrey as Beca did for Chloe but it was still to the point where she'd stare at the blonde girl.

"Hey Chloe, I like your outfit." Beca said as Chloe took her seat.

Chloe raised her eyebrows "Thanks. I like the sticker on your binder."

Beca had a "Music is life" sticker with each letter being a different instrument and note.

"Thank you." Beca smiled shyly.

The teacher walked in and began her lecture. Beca's mind was split between listening and her thoughts about the red head in front of her. To Beca, Chloe was the most innocent beautiful person ever. She just wished she'd be able to have her and be able to give her the world like she deserves.

As the days went by with Beca talking to Stacie about Chloe and vice versa, the two came up with a plan. Beca would ask Chloe to prom first then Stacie would as Aubrey. They'd do it in a lowkey environment not wanting to do it in front of the whole school. They decided after school when Aubrey had cheerleading and Chloe would be by herself as the red head always watched her best friends practices.

Today was the day and Beca was sweating bullets by the time cheerleading practice started. Beca had prepared a whole speech and was ready to wow Chloe away, hopefully. The two made their way over to the bleachers where Chloe usually sat while the practice was going on. To their surprise however Chloe was their with the cheerleaders and the varsity football team. The two stopped as soon as the were spotted.

"Ah look who's here." One jock said.

"Geek and geeker." Another jock said.

"That's not even a word." Stacie said quietly.

"No one asked you." The same jock said rolling his eyes.

Beca wasn't sure if she should just keep walking or just go for it. She knew this could end badly especially with everyone here to witness. However she thought back to what Stacie had said.

"Look B, if it goes wrong yeah it'll suck but in two months after we graduate we'll most likely never seen anyone again until our reunion so why not."

Beca took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind, even deciding not to use the speech she had prepared.

"Chloe can I ask you something?" Beca said trying to hide her nerves.

"Uhh yeah sure." Chloe responded.

"Well your obviously the most beautiful girl in this school and one of the sweetest and I'll was just hoping that you'd want to go to prom with me?" Beca asked.

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds just looking around and at one another. Beca was trying her best to hold on her nerves and try not to crack. Stacie was worried for her best friend but proud that she went for it.

It was quiet till Chloe bursted into a laughing fit causing the rest of them to burst into a laughing fit.

"OMG that was a good one." Chloe said as she tried to regain her breath "Beca listen." Chloe said standing up "I can't go to prom with you because well you're you and I'm me. I have a reputation to uphold and you don't meet the standards. Sorry." Chloe said as she turned and walked away being followed by the rest of the jocks and cheerleaders.

To say Beca was crushed would be an understatement. The girl of her dreams just ripped her heart out and stomped all over it. In front of an audience no less. Stacie was heartbroken for her friend as well as fuming towards the red head.

"Come on B, let's go home. She's just a bitch who cares more about popularity then anything else. You don't deserve this." Stacie said wrapping an arm around her best friend who silently had tears rolling down her cheeks.

Those last two months did go by pretty quickly but Beca's heart remained broken. Stacie did her best to cheer up her best friend as she did feel responsible for giving her the thought to ask her. Beca reassured the taller girl it wasn't her fault as much as she could. Chloe did end up going to prom with the star quarterback and winning prom queen.

"The devil finally gets her crown." Stacie mumbled.

Stacie and Beca both graduated with the same GPA and they were both the valedictorians. They ended up going to the University of Georgia with Beca majoring in Music as she wanted to sing and produce. Stacie majored in Biochemistry wanting to be a researcher. They graduated college in the top of their class just like they did in high school. Once they graduated they both found jobs in LA where they moved into a penthouse that their parents had all pitched in for.

Beca had quickly risen to the top of music using her childhood and teenage years as the main inspirations to her music. She made music about being the outcast, about not having many friends, being the geek, being picked on and being humiliated. She made music that kids could relate towards, something her favorite artist always did. She never did forget that day when she asked Chloe to prom. She always used what she said as a chip on her shoulder to succeed and prove those people wrong.

Stacie meanwhile had worked as a researcher for three years till she met a producer at one of Beca's album release parties. He offered her a role as a chemist in a TV show he was working on and after one season she gained such popularity that she landed a role in a new TV show where she'd be playing Poison Ivy. The show would follow the villains of Gotham with Poison Ivy being the main one alongside Harley Quinn.

The two of them were doing amazing which leads us to the current day. Stacie and Beca were on a jet flying back to Atlanta to attend their high school reunion. Something they were actually looking forward to attending. They landed at the airport and got a Uber to the mansion Beca owner in Atlanta.

The two got ready with Beca wearing her normal attire. She put on a black crop top and topped it with a olive green bomber jacket to pair with high waisted ripped camo skinny jeans with a pair of black laced up high heels.
Stacie in typical Stacie Conrad fashion, went with a tight red cutout dress and black high heels.

They headed to the garage where Beca grabbed the keys to her baby blue Lamborghini Huracan.

"Going all out are we B?" Stacie chuckled.

"Might as well flex a bit. Besides not like their is any normal cars here." Beca shrugged.

The two quickly made their way to the high school where the reunion is being held at. Once they arrived at the parking lot all eyes were on the car. Beca pulled up to the entrance where everyone had to turn the car to the valet parking. The two stepped out with Beca handing the keys and getting the ticket number, she walked over to Stacie and held out her hand.

"Ready?" Beca asked.

Stacie nodded and grabbed her hand "Let's do this."

They walked hand in hand while everyone kept their eyes on the pair. Beca and Stacie could feel that they were being watched like hawks hunting prey. They walked through the doors that lead to the gym and took in the scene.

"Man I don't miss this hell hole." Beca sighed.

"You and me both." Stacie replied.

They grabbed the name tags that were laid out on a table and clipped it to their tops. The two looked for an empty table and spotted one next to the stage where they quickly walked over towards. Once they were seated Stacie pulled out her phone.

"Smile." Stacie said as she opened the camera.

Beca leaned over and cracked a small smile. As soon as Stacie looked over the photo the two were interrupted.

"Excuse Beca and Stacie." The voice said.

The two looked up and saw it was their former history teacher Mrs. Ridley.

"Holy crap Mrs. Ridley!" They both said at the same time.

The teacher smiled "Oh please no need for that. Your no longer students, call me Liza."

"What's up Liza?" Beca asked.

"I'd hate to ask you this but the band's singer is running late, any chance you might be able to preform a couple songs till he gets here?" Liza asked.

Beca smiled "Anything for my favorite teacher."

Beca got up and gave Stacie her bag but just as she was going to walk towards the stage they got more company.

"Hey Beca." Non other then Chloe Beale said.

Beca and Stacie locked eyes with her and Aubrey. It was quiet for a couple of seconds.

"Chloe." Beca said with no care whatsoever.

"It's nice to see you again. You as well Stacie. Chloe smiled.

Stacie rolled her eyes while Beca raised a brow "Is it now? Because last time I talked to you, you and the rat pack laughed at me before you said how I wasn't good enough to be near you."

Chloe took a deep breath "I know and I'm so sorry for that. I was horrible back then but I want to leave that in the past."

Beca and Stacie chuckled shaking their heads after looking at one another "Sorry Beale but I actually use that as motivation. Along with the rest of the shit you and the rats did to us. Now excuse I have to preform." Beca said as she gave Stacie a pat on the shoulder and wink.

Beca preformed two of her most popular songs before turning to the band behind her.

"I got a new song, if I tell you guys the notes and beats think you can pull it off?" Beca asked.

Receiving a nod she proceeded to write down the notes and told them exactly how the melody and flow would go. Once it was all down packed she grabbed the mic.

"Alright so this is my newest song I wrote. I haven't even released this one yet so you guys are going to hear it first. Since this is our high school reunion what better time then to play this one." Beca said taking off her jacket.

She gave the band the queue before screaming "Yeah" into the mic as she stared to nod her head. This song was rock inspired so it relied heavy on the drums. She sent a wink towards Stacie as the taller girl knew what song this was and smiled back. Beca looked at Chloe before starting.

"I loved her fancy underwear
I'd sit behind her every year
Waiting for the chance to get
To tell her I'm the one she should be with, oh
She's popular with all the guys
So innocent in my eye
I could see her in my life
She would've had the world if she were mine
But, see she had other plans, I couldn't understand
Her and her stupid friends, varsity's biggest fans
Never forget the day she laughed and walked away
And I couldn't stop her, I guess she had it all."

Beca sang never breaking eye contact with Chloe.

"She had it all figured out
But she left me with a broken heart
Fucked around and turned me down
'Cause she didn't think I could play the part
But now the prom queen, the prom queen
Is crying, sitting outside of my door
See, you never know how
How everything could turn around."

"Uhhhh, they loved her fancy underwear
Every boyfriend, every year
She tried to keep 'em entertained
When they can hardly remember her name uahh
She did everything she could
Just to make them laugh and treat her good
She'd find herself alone
Asking herself where did she go wrong-wrong-wrong
She didn't realize she chased the type of guys
That don't believe in ties, trying to apologize
Never forget the day she laughed and walked away
And I couldn't stop her, I guess she had it all."

Beca continued with the song as she sang with as much passion behind her still looking at Chloe. When the final guitar rift ended Beca bowed her head and place the mic back on the stand. She hugged each band member before walking over to Liza giving her hug. After receiving hundreds of thanks from the staff she finally made it back to the table where Stacie embraced her.

"I fucking love that song." Stacie said.

Beca laughed "I know, you always tell me when I play it for you."

The two broke apart when they heard footsteps.

"Did you really have to put Chloe on the spot like that? We just wanted to enjoy ourselves." Aubrey asked angrily.

"Did your best friend have to rip out Beca's heart like that in front of everyone and humiliate her? She just wanted to ask a simple yes or no question." Stacie said back.

"That was years ago, get over it." Aubrey said.

"Never. That's what fuels me to stay at the top. It fuels us to keep pushing and being successful. It fuels us to never give up and to prove to kids that you can make it despite what people say about you." Beca said.

Stacie smiled held Beca's hand.

"Sorry but you know what they say about karma." Stacie smirked.

"You two deserve each other." Aubrey said as she walked away.

"Thank you!" Stacie shouted.

"To think they used to be our dream girls." Beca joked.

Chapter Text

It had been six long months since the nasty breakup between Chloe and Beca. The breakup at tore the friend group apart. Beca and Chloe had been dating since Beca's freshmen year and had just celebrated seven years together when all of a sudden they broke it off. Beca had told her best friend Stacie that she needed to break it because the relationship was doing more bad then good for her. Beca told Stacie that Chloe wasn't the same Chloe she fell in love with. She felt like she was slowly losing herself trying to please the red head.

Chloe meanwhile had tried to make it seem like Beca was at fault. She told everyone how she just abruptly ended it despite Beca talking to Chloe how she was feeling. Something that always lead to Chloe fighting with Beca about how wrong she was. To make matters worse two months after the split, Chloe started dating a fellow co-star on her TV show. Something that tore Beca up even more and tore the Bellas more. The Bellas didn't know whose side to be on or what to believe. They were torn between their two captains and best friends. Stacie and Emily had obviously stuck to Beca while Aubrey and Ashley had stuck to Chloe.

After news broke that Chloe started dating, Beca packed her bags and booked a flight to her "Get away" house in Colorado that was in the mountains. She loved going here when she felt suffocated by the press and work. She told Stacie and Emily that she needed this and didn't know when she'd back. She had been in Colorado for the last four months and had pretty much isolated herself from everything. Social media obviously talked about the break up constantly and even now six months after they still bring it up. Beca has spent this time in Colorado sorting out her emotions the only way she know how to, music and exercise. The only people she'd talk to were Stacie and Emily, she'd pass news to them and they would keep Beca up to date on any major news.

Today however was the day that Beca was flying back. No one knew she was flying back and no one really knew she left to Colorado. She hopped out of the jet and quickly made her way to her driver.

"Welcome back Beca." Her driver said as he grabbed her bags.

"Thanks Dame." Beca replied getting in the car.

The two arrived at Beca's house, a place that felt so odd being in without Chloe. Beca had done a great job at getting all those thoughts and feelings out of her and she was actually happy with the songs that she made. She checked her e-mails and saw a request for her to appear on SiriusXM for an on air interview. Deciding it'd be the perfect time to just clear the air and release a new song she accepted and told them she wanted to debut the song and talk about it. The two sides quickly sorted everything out and were scheduled in two days time. Beca took to Twitter breaking her silence and sent out a cryptic like tweet.

@_beca: 2 dt lytlm. SXM.

The tweet meaning "two days time lose you to love me. SiriusXM." The moment she broke her silence her tweet instantly blew up with millions of people throwing out theories of what it could possibly mean. As she was unpacking her phone went off. She didn't even have to check to know who it was.

"Yes dear." Beca answered.

"Umm what the hell does that mean?" Stacie said.

"Use that degree of yours. You should be used to cracking codes." Beca chuckled.

"My degree isn't in computer science genius." Stacie joked back.

"I have an on air interview in two days at Sirius and I'm debuting a new song." Beca answered.

"What? Your flying back?" Stacie asked.

"I'm home already. Just got back actually." Beca answered.

"WHAT!?" Stacie shouted.

Beca flinched at the high pitch "Jesus Stace. Just come over and we'll talk." Beca said before hanging up.

Beca explained everything to Stacie and Emily about her time away, the song, how she felt and why she wanted to this interview so soon.

Two days later

It was now the day of the interview and Beca was feeling a bit anxious but she still felt great. She got ready by putting on a black bra under a red hoodie topping it off by putting a white button down sweater that was unbuttoned. She paired that with some black joggers and a pair of red and white Jordan 1s. She met up with Stacie and Emily who were waiting in Emily's car and they were on their way.

"How you feeling?" Stacie asked.

Beca nodded "Great. But anxious but that's because I haven't done anything public in a while."

They arrived and the girls were quickly escorted to the studio.

"Beca, thank you for agreeing to this." The host said.

"Thank you for having me." Beca smiled back.

"Before we start, I just want to know if there's anything you don't want to talk about. We want this to be comfortable for you." The host said.

Beca shook her head "You can ask anything, just you know please don't push you feel me? This is my first public thing in six months."

The host nodded "I completely understand, if at any time you feel uncomfortable give me a signal like adjust your headphones and I'll change the subject or back off."

"Will do." Beca smiled.

Ten minutes later once everything was set up and they got the green light the host started the introduction.

"Good morning my fellow music heads. Hope you all are having a blessed morning as we have been blessed by the presence of non other then the Beca Mitchell. Welcome to the show Beca." The host said.

"Thank you, great to be here." Beca responded.

"Now talk to us, what has the great Beca Mitchell been up to?" The host asked.

"Took some time off as you all now. Spent four months in Colorado up in the mountains isolated just sorting things out dude. It's no secret what happened and I needed to get away and heal my mind and emotions." Beca answered.

"How'd that go for you? Do anything special like hike or ski?" The host asked.

"Nothing like that unfortunately. Just exercise and do music, the two things that always calm me down and help me relax. As for the first part, it helped big time. I feel a thousand times better and happier. Almost as if nothing happened." Beca replied.

"I'm glad to hear that. I know this may be a touchy subject but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask, any post breakup thoughts?" The host asked.

"It's alright man you can ask. Uh as far as she goes, I just hope she's happy with her decisions and you know stays healthy, fame can do damage if your not careful. As far as I go, I'm just trying to live in the moment like I always do. I got the best crew I can ask for and the best fans. Not to mention my right hand women and my left hand women, Stacie and Emily. So yeah I'm over everything, the music really helped me get it out of my system." Beca answered.

"Can't ask for anything better then that now can you. What can you tell us about the music?"

"It's obviously personal and more on the soft emotional side. It's just my inner thoughts and emotions during the past six months. Hopefully this can help people going through similar situations you know. At the end of the day I just hope my music can help people get through tough times." Beca answered.

"And that is why you are one of the best people in the industry. You care more about the people then the fame and accolades. That's what it's all about, connecting with the audience and making something meaningful." The host smiled.

"Exactly that's all I ever wanted to do." Beca answered.

"Now time for your surprise. Take it away." The host said.

"Alright my people here is my newest single 'Lose You To Love Me' hope you all enjoy." Beca said as they transitioned into the song.

The first piano note hit and everyone in studio as well as the world was focused on the song.

"You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
Set fires to my forest
And you let it burn
Sang off key in my chorus
'Cause it wasn't yours
I saw the signs and I ignored it
Rose colored glasses all distorted
Set fire to my purpose
And I let it burn
You got off on the hurtin'
When it wasn't yours, yeah."

Beca's voice was so soft and full of emotion. It was beautifully soothing to hear.

"We'd always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dance, it was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, yeah
I needed to lose you to love me, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, yeah
I needed to lose you to love me."

Beca looked around the room and saw everyone nodding their heads and listening intently. She looked over to Stacie and Emily who looked back with a small smile. They understood how tough this must of been to make.

"I gave my all and they all know it
Then you tore me down and now it's showing
In two months, you replaced us
Like it was easy
Made me think I deserved it
In the thick of healing, yeah."

You could hear the hurt and emotion behind this verse. It hurt Beca to see how easy and quickly Chloe jumped into another relationship and posted it all over social media. She made seem like she was the victim at times which made Beca receive backlash from Chloe's fans. To the point where people were saying she deserved to be sad.

"We'd always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dance, it was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, yeah
I needed to lose you to love me, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, yeah
I needed to lose you to love me."

Beca by this point has wiped away a few tears as she thought back to the process of making this song. This song had taken a lot out of the smaller girl at the time.

"You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
Set fires to my forest
And you let it burn
Sang off key in my chorus."

At this point their was a few people who had teary eyes from the emotion and wording.

"And now the chapter is closed and done
To love, love, yeah
To love, love, yeah
To love, yeah
And now it's goodbye, it's goodbye for us."

The song finished with Beca's voice going to the soft soothing tone she had in the beginning. The room started clapping and whistling before the host gave a signal.

"I mean wow folks there you have it. Beca Mitchell's newest single, "Lose You To Love Me" and my god that was beautiful yet tough. Talk to us about it." The host said.

"Firstly thank you. Secondly, yeah as you can imagine this has been the toughest song I've ever written it worked on. It took me a week just to be able to get through it, I made this right when I got to Colorado when I was still in a very emotional state. Finishing this song was the turning point of sorts in my recovery. This song definitely took a lot out of me but also helped me to realize you know self love and how I don't need another person to be happy." Beca said before taking a pause.

"I was in a relationship where I always put her first before anything and everyone in our circle knew that. I did everything to make her happy and in that process I lost myself. I lost my true self, the person who didn't need others approval or others validation. I loved me for me and when your in a relationship like that, you tend to change to please the other person and if you try to much you end up loosing control. I realized what was happening towards the end of the relationship and that was a huge part of what happened. This song is pretty much about me finding myself again. I just want to be the old me that I was prior to the relationship. And to anyone in a similar situation, just know you will come out on the other side as a stronger and better version of yourself." Beca finished.

The interview finished shortly after that and the world was buzzing about the song and what Beca had said. Beca quickly tweeted out that she didn't want people attacking anyone and this was nothing more then life being life itself.

"That was amazing Becs." Emily said as they all got into the car.

Stacie sat in the back with Beca and threw an arm around her.

"I'm proud of you for everything you've done you know that." Stacie said softly.

Beca leaned into the embrace "Thanks Stace. Thank you for being my best friend and sticking by me through all this."

"Of course B. Love you." Stacie said.

"Love you to." Beca said back.

"Geez I love you guys too." Emily said sarcastically.

Beca laughed "Thank you Em, you know I'll always appreciate you being by side. I love you to death sunshine."

The three girls laughed and joked on the way back to Beca's.

"Yeah I already feel better." Beca thought to herself.

Chapter Text

Stacie Conrad is currently riding shotgun in her best friend, Beca Mitchell's car just staring out the window in silence. She thinks back to the day her life changed.


Seven year old Stacie Conrad had just sat down on the grass and placed her backpack beside her. This was her first day at her new school, she had just moved to Atlanta from Orlando. She wasn't enjoying this experience so far because let's face it, no one like being the new kid. The new kid always gets all the stares and no one wants to be seen with them. No one ever wants to be the first person to talk to them. So seven year old Stacie Conrad finds herself sitting alone just trying to get through this day.

She takes out her sketchbook that her mom had gifted her and opened up to her latest drawing. This had been something she had come to love, and for only being seven years old she was insanely talented at drawing. She was currently drawing a mad scientist who was in the middle of mixing. She was about to analyze the line she had just done when someone snatched the book from her.

"Hey!" She exclaimed as she looked up to see who grabbed it.

"What do we have here huh?" A girl with dark red hair asks as she flips through the pages.

"Give it, it's mine." Stacie says as she is about to get up.

"Sorry but I don't think so." The red head says as she pushes Stacie back down.

"Just stop and give it back." Stacie says looking up.

The other girl laughs "And what if I don't? What are you going to do about piggy?" The other girl says due to Stacie having pigtails.

The red head and her friend are laughing while looking through the sketch book meanwhile Stacie is just looking down sadly. Stacie was really hating this even more now. She was afraid to look back up towards the mean girls. That was until she heard a loud "ow" followed by a cry. Peeking up she saw a small girl with light brown hair and stormy blue eyes staring daggers at the red head.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you respect Stephany?" The small girl said as she stepped closer to the other girl who was on the ground holding her lip.

"Wait till we tell." Stephany said looking up towards the other girl.

Stacie meanwhile was just sitting there frozen not knowing what to do.

"Go ahead tell on me. But wait until I say you were bullying the new girl. I bet the adults would love that." The small girl smirked.

Stephany gets up holding her lip and runs away with her friend right behind her. Beca chuckles and looks in Stacie's direction staring at the new girl who has tears in her eyes and is sitting with her knees pulled to her chest. She tilts her head and reaches for the sketchbook fixing the page before cracking a small smile and handing it to the it's rightful owner. She sits down next to Stacie and looks up at the sky.

"Thank you." Stacie says.

The smaller girl nods "You okay?"

"I am now." Stacie responds.

"Good." She responds before facing Stacie "My name is Beca."


End of flashback

That day Stacie knew in her heart that Beca and her were going to the the best of friends. She was never able to explain why she felt like that but she instantly loved Beca. That day changed Stacie's life, it gave her the best friend she could ever ask for. Beca soon became her lifeline of sorts, any problem she had Beca would soon find a resolution. If someone picked on her then Beca would intimidate the person. If someone said something about Stacie then Beca would force the person's mouth shut. If someone hurt Stacie in anyway then Beca would hurt them 10 times worse.

Beca was always this tough as nails don't take shit from anyone girl. Beca had this tough and hard exterior but Stacie knew just how sweet and caring she was inside. Stacie knew Beca acted that way to protect her emotions and feelings. Stacie knew how vulnerable Beca was. Stacie thought back to when she first truly saw that side.


Eleven year old Stacie has eleven year old Beca sobbing on her bed. Beca was sobbing so hard she began to shake and the nosies coming from the smaller girl was breaking Stacie's heart. Beca's mom had taken off leaving behind only a note as her apology. The moment Beca's dad broke the news, Beca wanted to go to Stacie's. Beca's father called up the Conrads and explained the situation, the Conrad's instantly understood and said Beca was more then welcome to stay over. Stacie's mom explained everything to Stacie before Beca arrived and told her daughter this was something that would likely always hurt her friend. Stacie automatically asked what she can do to make Beca feel better. Her mom just said be there for her always, you can't heal a broken heart that easily.

So that's what Stacie did, she wrapped her arms around her friend and placed two soft kisses on her head.

"Why did she leave me?" Beca sobbed into Stacie's chest as she hugged the taller girl tightly.

"I don't know Beca, but I never ever will."

End of flashback

Stacie's mom was right that day, that event did change Beca. She became reserved and kept to herself not allowing anyone close to her, except for Stacie. At times however Stacie had to pry Beca to open up and talk to her. The smaller girl never showed any emotion other then annoyance and anger. People thought she was this cold hearted person who only cared about herself but Stacie still knew that heart of gold was still in there. Stacie knew this was just her walls guarded herself.

After her mom left Beca and Stacie got even closer and the love Stacie had for Beca grew more and more each day. Stacie knew that she loved Beca probably more then anything but at the time she didn't know the impact that would have down the road in both of their lives.

Stacie thought back to how those years after the incident affected her best friends life. Beca was never one to back away from confrontation but after her mom left, Beca seemed to seek it even more. Stacie thought back to how many times she had to drag her smaller friend away from a fight or pull her off someone. It was pretty much once a week that this would occur. She thought back to one night that'll forever stick with her.


Thirteen year Stacie is currently balled up under the covers in her room watching "Underworld" one of her favorite movies thanks in part to Beca. It had been a bad day for the tall girl, some girl at school had been spreading rumors about her and now she had been getting verbally assaulted by everyone in school. This had been going on for a week but today was the worst day, the girl Valentine had gone as far as putting up flyers spreading the rumors. It wasn't just one thing she was spreading no she had said something new everyday. Valentine being the head cheerleader she was meant that all the kids just followed her and went with whatever she said, typical high school stuff.

To make matters worse Beca hadn't been in school all week which is why Valentine went harder with the rumors. Without Beca to protect Stacie she saw this as a chance to strike. Stacie just wished she had her best friend to make her days better but no she was serving a one week suspension for confronting another cheerleader about leaving Stacie alone which led to Beca slapping the girl. Stacie sighs and closes her eyes for a second.

"Don't let those bitches get to you." Beca says leaning against the door surprising Stacie.

"Jesus Beca!" Stacie shouts "How long have you been there?"

Beca chuckles "Long enough to see Selene be the badass she is."

Stacie notices a bag in Beca's hand "What's with the bag?"

Beca tosses it to her friend "Got you all your favorites." She turns her attention back to film.

"How'd you know?" Stacie asks while looking in the bag.

Beca shrugs "People talk."

Stacie grabs the sour gummy worms "Thank you." She pats the spot next to her.

Beca kicks off her shoes and sits next to her "Don't listen to Valentine, she's a dumb bitch. You're to smart and beautiful to let her get to you." Beca says never taking her eyes off the movie.

Stacie beams while looking at Beca and grabs her hand "Thank you." Stacie sighs "It's just tough without you."

Beca looks over towards Stacie and squeezes her hand "Don't worry about her anymore." Beca says with a wink.

"Becs." Stacie says slowly "What did you do?"

"I caught up with her at dough boy's and I may or may not have busted her lip. That'll keep her from talking for a couple of weeks." Beca smirks.

Stacie shakes her head "You and busting lips." Stacie chuckles "But seriously Beca you gotta stop punching people and getting in trouble."

Beca shrugs "She hurt my best friend and disrespected you. No one and I mean no one hurts my best friend or disrespects you. I don't care what the consequences are." Beca says grabbing three of the sour gummy worms.

Stacie just stares at her best friend and smiles thanking the universe for blessing her with such an amazing best friend.

End of flashback

That day changed something inside of Stacie but she couldn't quite figure out what it was. It was almost as if she felt even more love and appreciation for Beca but couldn't quite figure out why that was. She always assumed it was because of how close they were and that they were best friends. After that night Valentine never bothered the two again and just like Beca said she couldn't speak for two weeks without her lip splitting open. Beca still got into her scuffles every now and then but Stacie knew how to calm her friend down.

It took sometime for Stacie to figure out why she was feeling the way she was but she finally did. Which leads us to the current situation. Two weeks ago Stacie had talked on and on about going to the pumpkin patch since it was October and she really wanted to carve a pumpkin. She begged Beca to go with her since they announced the opening and Beca kept on trying to get out of it. However in typical Stacie Conrad way, she convinced Beca to join her.

Two weeks ago

Beca had just bought Stacie a slice of pumpkin pie and they were walking until they came across a game. The objective was to destroy the four pumpkins stacked on top of one another using two swings with a hammer. Beca stepped up and smashed all four easily in one swing, she pointed towards the big Jack Skellington stuffed doll knowing it was one of Stacie's favorite characters. The man handed it over and Beca walked back towards Stacie who had just sat down at a table.

"How does someone so small use a sledgehammer with that much ease and win in one turn?" Stacie asked genuinely confused.

Beca chuckles "You know I like to break things. It's my specialty."

Stacie shakes her head "Why do you believe that?"

Beca stares at the doll "It's the truth. All I know how to do is break things."

Stacie shakes her head once more "That can be more far from the truth. You don't break anything, matter of fact you do the complete opposite. You fix everything, your able to mend anything. Remember when red head Stephany came and picked on me for being the new kid? You came in and rescued me, you fixed the page and became my best friend. Remember when Valentine was spreading all those rumors about me? Yeah you stepped in and fixed all that then came to my house with all my favorite snack and mended me back to my normal self. Don't you get it Beca? You don't break anything except for people's lips." Stacie said causing both of them to laugh.

"Beca you've never once broke me, your always fixing me and saving me and that's why I love you as deeply as I do. That's why I will never leave your side, even when you try to push me away. I promised you that day when we were eleven that I would never and I meant it." Stacie said looking her best friend in her eyes.

End of flashback

Stacie knew just what she felt and why she felt that way. She had discovered that she did in fact have feelings for Beca and always did looking back on it. Stacie knew how Beca was and knew how should could possibly react. Which is why she is currently sitting in Beca's passenger seat staring out the window looking at the pouring rain. Beca had been a bit distant from Stacie since that night and Stacie had gotten fed up with it. Beca would avoid talking about the situation at hand every chance she got and Stacie just wanted an answer.

Stacie looks over at Beca who's as an annoyed look on her face. Stacie shakes her head having enough of this and opens the car door before proceeding to march down the sidewalk. She doesn't even care about the fact that it's pouring and she's only wearing a tank top and shorts. Stacie is just fed up. She doesn't know weather her cheeks are wet from the rain or tears, probably a mixture of both. She takes another couple of steps before a hand wraps around her elbow causing her to turn around.

"Are you shitting me Conrad!? What are you thinking huh? Get back in the car before you catch something and die! Your barley wearing anything and it's freezing out here." Beca shouts.

Stacie shakes her head and jerks her arm out of Beca's grasp "I'd rather catch something out here and be hospitalized then get back in there with you Mitchell!" Stacie shouts back as now she is certain those are tears rolling down her cheeks.

Beca is shocked that Stacie would say something like, that stung. She takes two steps towards Stacie only for Stacie to take two steps back. Beca stops and stares at Stacie "Why are you acting like this? What the fuck did I do to cause you to hate me? When have you ever not wanted to ride with me!" Beca shouts a little hurt.

Stacie shakes her head as a sob like sound escapes her mouth. A sound that Beca will never forget, a sound that causes something in Beca to snap.

"How could you think I hate you Rebeca? That hurts me more than anything if you think that. If you honestly believe that I could ever hate you then you really don't know me or a dam thing about anything. I could never hate you even if I fucking tried." Stace says through tears.

Beca shakes her head and groans while mentally scolding herself for being so stupid and oblivious. Beca closes the distance between the two.

"That's not true, I do know you Stacie. I know you more then I know myself honestly. I know your favorite color is blue, and not any blue but powder blue. I know that you enjoy watching horror movies just because you know I love them even though you struggle trying to sleep afterwards. I know your favorite candy is sour gummy's when you're sad but a cookies n cream Hersey bar when you're happy. I know your dream is to live in Denver because you fell in love with the mountains when we visited there. I know that despite your insane talent when it comes to drawing you want to major in space science and work for NASA. I know that you can't sleep if your not wearing either the black t-shirt I got you with your name written in the stars or the powder blue hoodie I got you with the spider-man comics on it. I know that you have the most kind soul out of anyone I know." Beca says with a crack in her voice from holding in her tears.

Stacie is staring at her small friend who is finally opening up.

"I know that I'm not easiest person to be friends with let alone be around. I know that I've probably giving plenty of reason to break off this friendship over the years. I know that I struggle with telling you things and that it bothers you. I know that I'm a bitch majority of time but, but I-" Beca stops as she bites her lip to hold back her tears, but one look at Stacie's eyes breaks that and the tears fall down "I know that I need you. I know that without you I wouldn't be here right now. I know that you make every single thing about my life a hundred times better. I know that no matter what you'll always be by my side. I know that I find your enthusiasm to be adorable and that it always puts a smile on my face. I know that your beautiful smile always brightens up my day. I know your dumb puns and dad jokes always make me laugh. I know you're the only person who can ever make me this way."

Stacie reaches out her hand "Becs."

"I know that for the past decade you've been my best friend. I know we've been inseparable. I know we've been there for one another always. But it's always been more then that hasn't it? Always been more then just friends? I know that you've noticed it and I know that we both knew it all along but were to young to understand what was happening. I know you realized that and probably did a while back but not me. I know it's you Stacie, always has been." Beca says reaching out for Stacie's hand.

"I know that I love you. Actually most importantly I know that I am absolutely in love with you." Beca says softly.

Stacie smiled through her tears and pulls Beca in for a kiss, a kiss Beca eagerly returns.

Stacie knows this is the love that she always wanted. She knows this love will forever last.


Chapter Text

It was a bright Sunday afternoon which meant one thing and one thing only, NFL all day long. Like every other Sunday since they were in middle school Beca was over at the Conrad's watching football. Something that Stacie and her dad were huge fans off. To be fair they loved every sport, but football was by far their favorite. Stacie being the only child meant that her dad showed her sports and taught her how to play the moment she could walk. Stacie was on the basketball, softball, volleyball and the flag football team. Sports is the taller girl's life, while Beca on the other hand didn't know squat about them. She just watched and supported Stacie at all her games and would lounge around and watch the games on TV with Stacie to hang out with her girlfriend.

Beca was currently curled up on the sofa with her head resting on Stacie's chest while the San Francisco 49ers were playing against the New England Patriots. Beca looked up at her girlfriend and smiled at how into the sport she was, Beca always found Stacie's love and passion for sports adorable. She really wished she knew more about them, so they could watch it and even play them as a couple. Beca only really enjoyed UFC due to the pure violence.

"Oh come on! Where's the flag? That's clearly pass interference." Stacie exclaimed at the screen.

Beca chuckled "You know they can't hear you right babe?"

Stacie looked down at her tiny girlfriend "I don't care. They get paid to make the right calls not blow them."

Beca laughed and turned her attention back to the game. She watched as the Patriots ran a trick play where the quarterback passed it to the receiver who then passed it to another receiver for a touchdown.

"Is that even legal to do?" Beca asked confused.

Stacie nodded "Yeah, it was a backwards lateral pass, so that allowed the receiver to throw it downfield to the other receiver running his route."

Beca just nodded "Right of course."

Stacie chuckled at her girlfriend's confusion "It's a lot but yes it's legal."

Beca really wished she could have conversations with Stacie and her dad about this type of stuff.

"Hey pops, what do you think about our remaining games?" Stacie asked her dad.

"Well aside from the Baltimore game, we're looking good. Definitely finishing with the one seed if we beat Baltimore. If not then two seed it is." Stacie's dad answered.

The referees blew the whistle signaling that it was the end of the first half and time for halftime. Stacie's dad went to check on the food while her mom went to assist leaving the couple on the couch. Stacie started to run her hands through Beca's hair while Beca played with Stacie's fingers.

"Babe?" Beca asked looking up to her girlfriend.

"What's up?" Stacie asked looking down towards Beca.

"Can you teach me about football?" Beca asked.

Stacie raised her eyebrows "You serious?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I want to be able to sit here and watch it with you and be able to actually have a discussion instead of just nodding along." Beca responded.

Stacie smiled "Of course I'd love that."

Beca adjusted her position so that her head was on Stacie's lap, and she was staring straight up at her.

"I guess we can start with the basic stuff. Like what teams we like and don't like?" Beca asked.

"We'll as you know by now our favorite team is the Patriots. We're the bad guys that everyone hates because of how much we win. We hate the Jets, Bills, Giants, Steelers and I guess you can say the Dolphins even though Dad and myself actually like them. There just a division opponent so you're not really supposed to like them. Oh, and the Cowboys, no one likes them except for their fans." Stacie said.

Beca nodded "Understood. I'll let you decide what I should know."

"Alright so." Stacie began as she went into deep details about the rules and what each player did. Stacie talked about how coaches could challenge certain things and how plays worked like the trick play Beca saw earlier. The two were so engrossed in the lesson neither of them noticed Stacie's parents looking on with huge smiles on both their faces.

"You think she'll remember all this?" Stacie's mom asked.

Stacie's dad laughed "You should know that small girl would learn anything for our daughter. So yeah I think she'll remember all this and then some."

Fifteen minutes later it was time for the second half kickoff and everyone's attention was back on the game. It was the third play of the opening drive and the Patriots had the ball when the quarterback threw a pass and the receiver missed it, but the referees had thrown a flag and called pass interference on the 49ers.

"So it was PI because the defender held his arm?" Beca asked.

Stacie smiled "Good job baby. Remember you have five yards to do whatever but after those first five yards you can't touch or hold the receiver."

Beca nodded "Right and the same goes for the receiver, they can't push or hold the defender because then it's an offensive PI." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Exactly. See you got this and it that was just fifteen minutes, imagine when I can show you with film."

"I can't wait." Beca said with a genuine smile on her face. Stacie beamed and gave the smaller girl a kiss before pulling Beca into her side to cuddle.

Stacie's parents saw the interaction and smiled at how much the two of them loved one another.

Beca looked up towards her girlfriend and smiled knowing how much closer her learning about sports would bring the two.


Chapter Text

"Are you ready Becs?" Emily asked as she approached the Beca.

Beca shook herself as she was a bit nervous "Yeah just trying to shake off my nerves you know."

Emily nodded "Hey, I know you must be nervous but just focus on the music and nothing else." Emily said placing a hand on Beca's shoulder.

Beca nodded "Yeah I can do that. Just feel the music."

"Exactly." Emily smiled.

Beca was at a karaoke bar with Emily, Jessica, CR and of course Stacie. Beca was off to the side as she was up next, but she was nervous due to the song choice and the meaning behind it. Beca for a long time has had feelings for Stacie and after talking to Emily and Jessica, she decided to let the taller girl know by using what she does best, her voice. More specifically her voice by singing. She hoped that this went well and by the end of the night Stacie would be hers.

"Alright give it up for Dean ladies and gentlemen." The host said as the club clapped for the previous performer "Now for our next performance we have Beca singing "Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)" by Alicia Keys." The host announced as Beca walked on stage and sat down on the stool. She took a deep breath and gave the DJ a nod to start.

"Moment of honesty
Someones gotta take the lead tonight
Who's it gonna be?
I'm gonna sit right here
And tell you all that comes to me
If you have something to say
You should say it right now (you ready?)"

Beca sang softly as she closed her eyes before finding Stacie's.

"You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it
It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
And I can't take it
I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby?
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
If you ask me I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready."

Emily, Jessica and CR all looked over to Stacie who had an unreadable face. They were hoping Stacie was going to get Beca's song choice and see that they are meant to be together. They have heard Beca rant and vent on so many occasions about her feelings and how she just wanted Stacie to see that she was the one and not the idiots she went on dates with.

"I know you said to me
"This is exactly how it should feel when it's meant to be"
Time is only wasting so why wait for eventually
If we gonna do something 'bout it
We should do it right now."

Beca took a deep breath as she was trying to keep her feelings in check and not break in front of everyone watching.

"You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I know I deserve it
It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
It is what we make it
I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby?
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
Or would it be so beautiful? Either way I'm sayin'
If you ask me I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready."

Stacie was just nodding her head to Beca's performance simply enjoying it. She was a huge fan of this song, and she loved how Beca was singing it.

"Why give up before we try?
Feel the lows before the highs
Clip our wings before we fly away (fly away)
I can't say I came prepared
I'm suspended in the air
Won't you come be in the sky with me."

Beca sang putting more emotion into the ending of the song.

"I was wondering maybe?
Could I make you my baby?
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
Or would it be so beautiful? Either way I'm sayin'
If you ask me I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready
If you ask me I'm ready."

Beca finished off just as softly as she started making eye contact with Stacie once more before looking down. Everyone in the club clapped and cheered as she handed the mic back to the DJ who was getting ready to introduce the next person. Beca slowly made her way back to the table silently praying everything would go smoothly and ok.

"That was so beautiful." Emily said as she clapped and hugged Beca.

"Seriously Beca that was amazing." CR said.

"Holy crap Beca I honestly might like your version better than Alicia's." Jessica said.

"Thanks guys." Beca said still standing in front of the table.

Stacie meanwhile was still quiet but was looking at her best friend.

Everyone was looking at the two in anticipation.

Beca was getting more nervous by the second as she was taking the silence has bad news.

"I'm uhh going to get something drink after that." Beca said before turning around and heading towards the bar. As she walked away she shook her head and looked down in defeat, something everyone at the table saw.

The three girls just stared at Stacie who had her head tilted to the side watching Beca as she walked away. Without saying a word Stacie got up with a smirk and headed towards the bar.

"Uhhh ok?" Emily said confused as did the other two girls.

Beca rested her head on her hands silently cursing herself for being so stupid.

"Not bad shorty. Not bad at all." Stacie said as she sat down at the bar next to Beca causing the small girl to get startled.

"God Stacie why do you always sneak up on me?" Beca asked.

Stacie shrugged "Got to hand it to you though, you matched the flow perfectly."

"Well I've only heard this song a couple of hundred times thanks to a certain someone." Beca said back.

Stacie ordered a drink before turning back to the smaller girl who still looked a bit nervous "Relax Bec."

"What are you talking about?" Beca asked.

Stacie chuckled "You of all people should know just because I act dumb doesn't mean I actually am. I catch everything and notice everything that's happening around me. Especially things involving you." Stacie said before receiving her drink and paying for it.

"Again, what are you talking about?" Beca asked.

"Come on Bec, I've noticed how things are between us and how they've gotten over the past month or so. I see how you get when I go on dates or when people hit on me. I get the same way when it happens to you, trust me on that. Then we show up here, and you preform, something you never do, when you get up there you sing one of my favorite songs of all time which just happens to be about a love confession. Like I said I may act like a dumb bimbo, but I'm far from that." Stacie finished as she took a sip from her drink.

Beca was a bit in shock that Stacie not only knew what she was doing but knew this whole time. She realized that Stacie however said she felt the same when Beca would go on dates or get hit on.

"You said you felt the same?" Beca asked.

"Of course I do. You think I enjoy seeing people hit on you or going on dates with you?" Stacie chuckled.

"I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier then, I just wasn't sure, and then I figured it'd be easier for me to just sing." Beca said playing with her cup.

"Sorry? There's nothing to be sorry about Beca. Listen I understand, I didn't exactly give you any for sure signs that I felt like I did." Stacie said placing a hand on Beca's lap.

"So does this mean you like me in that way?" Beca asked hopeful.

Stacie shook her head "I don't like you Beca. I love you. In love with you to be more precise."

Beca looked up and smiled "Yeah? For real?"

Stacie smiled "Yes. I Stacie Conrad am in love with you, Beca Mitchell."

Beca smiled before hugging Stacie tightly "That's all I've wanted to hear for so long."

Stacie pulled away and brought Beca in for a kiss.

"Well you're going to hear that so much from now on." Stacie smiled.

"I'm so ready for that." Beca smirked bringing Stacie in for another kiss.


Chapter Text

"Get out! If you're not going to listen to me or even respect me, then I want you out." Steven Mitchell yelled.

Beca looked at him in disbelief "What?"

"You heard me. You don't want to listen to me when I tell you things, you don't show your own father the respect I deserve and you want to be such a rebel. Then fine be a rebel and get the hell out." He said narrowing his eyes.

"You're really serious?" Beca asked to make sure she wasn't losing her mind.

"Dead serious Rebecca. Now I'll give you twenty minutes to pack what ever you need and I'll even let you keep the car. Starting now." Steven said as she opened the stopwatch on his phone.

Beca shook her head before making her way upstairs and grabbing her two duffle bags and her two suitcases. She stated to fit all the clothes in the suitcases before grabbing her music things and placing them in one duffle bag. The other duffle bag was for bathroom stuff and other things she felt she really needed. She quickly took those bags and suit cases and threw them in her backseat before going up and grabbing her backpack and her laptop. With one last look at her dad she slammed the door heading to her car and driving away. If this is how it was going to be then so be it she thought.

The next morning Stacie woke up and after having a quick bite to eat she walked out her house ready to head off to school. When she made to her car she noticed a black Subaru WRX STI, she stayed staring at it until she saw the little stormtrooper sticker next to the license plate. She only knew one person with that car and sticker, her girlfriend Beca. She quickly made her way over to the car and tried her best to look inside the car but the tints weren't letting her so she simply tapped on the passenger window.

Beca who was still asleep at this point was startled away by the tapping. She quickly looked around and saw Stacie tapping on the window. She unlocked the car allowing Stacie to enter and sitting in the passenger seat. Stacie looked at her girlfriend and analyzed her eyes and her cheeks, it was clear that the girl had been crying. She looked at the state Beca was in, hair was all messy plus she was wearing the same clothes as last night.

"Becs, are you ok?" Stacie asked worried.

"Everything is just peachy." Beca said sarcastically.

"Why are you asleep in the car outside my house?" Stacie asked in the same tone.

"Oh you know I just decided it'd be a fun thing to do." Beca replied with a eye roll sarcastically.

Stacie shook her head "I'm sorry for worrying about my girlfriend." Stacie said as Beca moved the seat up.

Beca sighed and looked over towards Stacie "I'm sorry alright? I've just had a rough night with a lot of crap go down." Beca said tossing the blanket she was using in the back seat and reaching in one of her bags.

Stacie's worry grew even more when she saw the amount of bags and suitcases Beca had in her backseat. It looked like half her room was back there.

"Leaving?" Stacie asked.

Beca chuckled "Nope."

"Then why is half your room in your backseat?" Stacie asked.

"I mean there's more in trunk." Beca shrugged.

"Why?" Stacie asked once more.

"Because I couldn't fit everything in the backstreet." Beca replied.

Getting fed up Stacie groaned "Dam it Beca can you not be so dam sarcastic and a smart ass for one moment and simply talk to me! I'm your girlfriend and I just woke up to find the girl I love more then life itself sleeping in her car with all her shit packed up in it. Now tell me why that is?"

"Because my dad fucking kicked me out! There happy?" Beca shouted "My dad kicked me out last night and gave me twenty minutes to get my shit and leave. He said he was done with me so when I packed everything I came to only place I feel loved and that I consider home alright? There now you know." Beca said.

Stacie sat there momentarily frozen, she knew Beca and her dad didn't have the best relationship but she never thought he'd actually kick her out. She couldn't fathom what her girlfriend must be feeling like on the inside. Plus the fact that Beca said this was the only place she felt loved and at home made Stacie feel for her girlfriend even more. Stacie brought Beca in for a hug.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this." Stacie said sadly.

Beca returned the embrace "You do realize hugs and kisses don't solve problems right?"

Stacie hugged Beca tighter and gave the smaller girl a passionate kiss. Beca returned it with just as much passion as to let Stacie know she understood she was just trying to give her comfort. When they broke apart Stacie rested her head on Beca's shoulder.

"At least you're got the car." Stacie said.

Beca chuckled and kissed Stacie's head "He doesn't have a use for it. Plus him letting me keep it was in a way him knowing that as long as I had it I wouldn't need to go back." Beca said.

Stacie however could hear the sadness and bitterness behind that response. She knew how tough Beca could be and would never show just how much something is affecting her.

"You know it's alright to be sad." Stacie said playing with the bracelet Beca had on her wrist.

"I won't give him the satisfaction." Beca said.

"It's not about that baby, it's about you holding stuff in. You have this badass facade where you don't show your emotions so you keep it bottled up till you explode. You know I don't think of you any different when you cry in front of me." Stacie said looking up into her girlfriends eye "I love you regardless and that'll never change."

Beca looked at her girlfriend who was staring at her. She looked into Stacie's eyes and studied her face, she saw nothing but love and care. They stayed looking at one another before tears slowly started to roll down Beca's cheek. Before she knew it she was full on sobbing. Stacie lifted her head and brought Beca in for a hug and started to run a hand up and down her back soothingly.

"It's alright baby, everything will be ok." Stacie whispered.

Beca pulled her head back "No it's not. I can't just live out of my car babe." Beca said in tears.

Stacie smiled and wiped away some tears "How about this, my parents are off today and are probably making breakfast right now. Why don't we go in there and talk to them?"

Beca looked hesitant "Really? You think it's a good idea?"

Stacie hugged her girlfriend tighter hearing how broken and afraid she sounded "I'm sure baby. They've known you for six years now, you're practically family at this point."

Beca nodded and the two slowly made their way out the car. Stacie held Beca close to her as she opened the front door and closed it behind it. Stacie's mom poked her head out the kitchen and looked towards the door surprised to see her daughter and girlfriend.

"Shouldn't you girls be in school?" Natalia Conrad asked.

Stacie smiled "About that, there's more important things that need to be handled."

Taylor Conrad turned around "Like?" He asked keeping an eye on the hash browns.

"You see umm-" Stacie started before Beca cut her off.

"My dad kicked me out and I slept in my car outside your house. Stacie saw it when she went outside and yeah." Beca said looking down towards the end.

Taylor and Natalia looked at one another before looking towards the girls.

"Sit." Natalia told them.

The two girls nodded and sat down at the dinning table with Stacie holding Beca's hand. Taylor finished cooking and served everyone before he joined them at the table.

"Alright so, Beca do you have anywhere to stay that obviously isn't your car?" Natalia asked.

Beca shook her head sadly "No, I don't have any family here. The closet relative I have is Texas."

"Mom, dad, look I know what I'm about to say may sound crazy but she can stay here. I don't mind sharing my room with her or we have the guest room that no one ever uses. Plus it's not like you have to buy her anything, she already has all her clothes and stuff with her." Stacie said "She even said it herself when I asked. She said this is the only place she feels loved and at home."

"Stace-" Beca said trying to get her girlfriend to stop.

"No, don't Stace me. Like I told you everything is going to be alright and I'm going to make sure of that. You don't deserve any of this." Stacie said facing Beca.

Taylor and Natalia smiled at one another after hearing their daughter stand up for her girlfriend, who in their eyes was already their daughter- in- law.

"Sweetheart." Natalia said gaining her daughters attention "I'm glad and it makes us happy to see that you have someone you love and care for as much as you do for Beca." She said before facing Beca "And you mijita, I'm so dam happy and proud that you consider this your home and that you feel loved here. That's music to a Hispanic women's ears." She said with a smile.

She shared one last look with her husband before whispering in his ear. When Taylor nodded, she turned back to the girls.

"Sweetheart we were never going to reject Beca." Natalia said causing both girls to looks a bit surprised "We would never do that. Beca, mijia we've known you since you were this quiet little sixth grader and know you're this quiet still little senior. You're our daughters world and we know how much you love her and how happy you make her, and for that we thank you. To Taylor and I, you're already our daughter-in-law. To us you're family and we don't turn our back on family. So you are more then welcome to live here with us." Natalia said with a smile.

Hearing this brought more tears to Beca's eyes but this time they were happy tears. She looked at Stacie who smiled.

"See I told you everything was going to be alright." Stacie smiled.

Beca nodded before getting up and walking over to the older women and giving her a tight hug.

"Thank you so much Nat. This means everything to me, I love you guys so much. I promise to pay you back somehow." Beca said.

Natalia hugged the smaller girl back "It's our pleasure Beca. The only thing we ask is you keep loving our daughter and keep that smile on her face."

Beca nodded "Always." She said before whispering in the older women's ear "It's my goal to marry her and spoil her."

Natalia pulled away and looked her in the eyes before nodding "Can't wait." She whispered back.

Beca turned to Taylor "Thank you as well Tay."

Taylor patted her shoulder "Hey, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about my daughter getting pregnant." He said causing Beca to burst into laughter.

"Dad!" "Taylor!" Stacie and her mother both shouted.

"What? It's true. Besides now I have someone I can talk to cars about and do all the reckless crazy things with." He said looking towards Beca.

Beca smirked "Oh for sure."

Stacie shook her head and walked up to her girlfriend giving her a quick kiss and hugging her tightly.

"Always remember this baby, mi casa is tu casa."

Chapter Text

Six months ago

Beca who had just got done with another late night studio session was on her way to her girlfriend, Chloe's house. The two had been dating for five years now since Beca's sophomore year of college. Despite them dating for five years and Beca being the popular singer she was, they still lived separately. Something Beca never really understood why Chloe insisted on that but she never was one to pry. She parked her Jeep in the drive way before walking to the door and using her spare to opening the front door.

"Chlo?" She called out but got no response. Figuring she was in bed already she headed to the master bedroom. As she crept up the stairs she heard movement come form the room. She slowly made her way over towards the door where the noises got louder. She placed an ear to the door.

"Oh god." She heard Chloe moan.

"Dam babe." She heard a guy moan back.

Beca stood there frozen and broken. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She just stood there hearing her girlfriend of five years cheat on her and clearly enjoy it. She snapped out of it when her phone vibrated in her hand. She looked at it and saw it was Stacie asking how her session had gone. Beca sent a quick reply saying to meet her at her house. Once she received an ok from Stacie, she headed downstairs and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

To Chloe,
Hope you enjoyed your little boy toy "babe" hope he was worth it and the others if there were others. Have a nice life.

-your ex, Beca

Beca folded the noted stuck it to the fridge writing "read me" on it. She left her spare key on the counter and walked out getting in her Jeep. She made her way back to her house and Stacie was already waiting for her in the driveway. She parked her Jeep as Stacie got out and followed her inside. Once inside Beca headed towards her room grabbing a suitcase.

"Huh ok Becs, what's wrong? I know you only go quite like this when something bad happens and you try to process it." Stacie said placing a hand on Beca's back.

Beca flinched "She cheated. I walked into her house and stood outside her door and heard the moans. When you texted I snapped out of my trance and left a note telling her to enjoy him." Beca said as she opened up the suit case.

"She did what?" Stacie asked angrily.

"You heard me. Don't make me repeat it. This is exactly why I don't do relationships." Beca said.

Stacie was fuming at Chloe because Stacie knew what comes next. She knew Beca would isolate herself and retreat behind her walls that would become even tougher to crack. Stacie knew Beca was packing up to go someplace far from LA, only question was always just how long. She knew Beca would cut off all communication till she processes everything properly. Stacie also knew this why Beca doesn't do relationships, she had seen this too many times before. Her parents got divorced and were practically enemies and then her brother got divorced and lost everything. She just didn't do love, she didn't believe in it. Chloe made her go against everything and give a chance and now this happens, yeah Stacie figured this would be bad and tough on her best friend.

"Where to?" Stacie asked sadly.

Beca sighed and turned to face her best friend "Drew's. It's as far from here as possible plus at least I'll be with my brother." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "I'm sorry this is happening to you."

Beca brought Stacie in for a hug "Shit happens Stace. If this is what she wanted then so be it, you know how I am. Once I process everything I'll be back like always. A better version of me."

Stacie returned the embrace "At least let me take you to the airport."

"Of course." Beca said.

Stacie helped Beca pack and drive her to the airport after Beca booked a flight. When they got to the drop off Stacie hugged her best friend tightly.

"Be safe in Toronto and tell Drew to visit soon. I miss him." Stacie said.

"I will." Beca said breaking the embrace.

"I'll miss you." Beca said as she opened the door.

"I'll miss you too." Stacie said before Beca closed the door.

A couple hours later after Stacie had gotten ready for bed her phone started to ring, she looked at the caller I.D and her blood started to boil.

"Yes Beale?" Stacie asked bitterly.

"Woah what's with the hostility Stace? I was just calling to see if you've seen or heard from Beca?" Chloe asked.

"Yes I have." Stacie answered.

"Well where is she? I've been trying to contact her for like an hour now and she won't answer." Chloe said.

Stacie chuckled "I'm sure you read the letter Beale. She won't answer you, she doesn't respect cheating ass bitches." Stacie said.

"You know?" Chloe asked slowly.

Stacie laughed at this "Of course I do. Who do you think she called to come over? Santa? Shriek? Listen she's done with you and that's final. You're lucky I don't come over there and rip your face apart for what you did, but honestly you're not worth it. So here's how it's going to go, you will lose my contact info and Beca's. If I hear from Beca that you called her, I will drive my ass over there and break your hands. Understood?" Stacie said threateningly.

"Alright alright I get it." Chloe said.

Stacie hung up right after and deleted Chloe's contact info and unfollowed her in everything blocking her in the process.

Current day

It had been two months since Beca got back and eight months since she practically disappeared. Eight long months of silence and the media along with fans were wondering what was happening. By this point they caught on that Chloe and her had broken up, they obviously knew she was alive as she still went out to places but she never talked or used her social media. That was until a week ago, when it was announced she'd open the Teen Choice Awards with a brand new single. An event that Chloe would be attending with her new boyfriend who was an actor and was nominated for two awards.

So here they are backstage getting everything set up. Beca was wearing a white laced gown with white vans and her hair would be wet. There would be water falling down on stage to make it look like it was raining and she was singing in a rain shower.

"You good?" Stacie asked her.

Beca nodded "Yup, like I said this is the final step."

Stacie smiled "You got this. Go out there and steal the show like you always do."

Beca chuckled "Thanks, see you on the other side."

Beca held out her hand and they did their little handshake before she got her que.

All the lights turned off and a thunder sound effect went off before the piano started up. Right before she was about to start singing the stage lit up and the water started to fall down.

"I don't hate you
No, I couldn't if I wanted to
I just hate all the hurt that you put me through
And that I blame myself for letting you
Did you know I already knew?"

Beca sang softly as she closed her eyes.

"Couldn't even see you through the smoke
Lookin' back, I probably should have known
But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin' alone."

Beca said the last part with a bit more edge letting some of the hurt and anger she had left out.

"Love me with your worst intentions
Didn't even stop to question
Every time you burned me down
Don't know how, for a moment it felt like heaven
Love me with your worst intentions
Painted us a happy ending
Every time you burned me down
Don't know how, for a moment it felt like heaven."

This was the first time anyone other then Beca herself was hearing this song. No one at the label had heard it or Stacie. Beca never even mentioned what the song was about.

"And it's so gut-wrenchin'
Fallin' in the wrong direction
On my tip-toes
But I still couldn't reach your ego
Guess I was crazy to give you my body, my mind
Don't know what I was thinkin' 'til now
Everyone thinks that your somebody else
You even convinced yourself."

Beca waited for the pause in the song till she opened her eyes for the first time and there was no tears or nothing. You could clearly tell she was over everything and was ready to move on now.

"Couldn't even see you through the smoke
Lookin' back, I probably should have known
But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin' alone
Love me with your worst intentions
Didn't even stop to question
Every time you burned me down
Don't know how, for a moment it felt like heaven
Love me with your worst intentions
Painted us a happy ending
Every time you burned me down
Don't know how, for a moment it felt like heaven."

As she sang this bit the lights got brighter and the water that was falling got lighter.

"And it's so gut-wrenchin' (ooh, ooh)
Fallin' in the wrong direction (ooh, ooh)
How did you sweep me right off my feet?
Baby, I can't keep falling in the wrong direction
How did you sweep me right off my feet?
Right off my feet
Couldn't even see you through the smoke
Lookin' back, I probably should have known
But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin' alone."

By this point the lights were bright and the water had completely stop. It was Beca's way of saying the sun comes out on the other side of ones darkness.

"Love me with your worst intentions
Didn't even stop to question (oh, no)
Every time you burned me down
Don't know how, for a moment it felt like heaven
Love me with your worst intentions
Painted us a happy ending (ooh)
Every time you burned me down (me down)
Don't know how, for a moment, it felt like heaven
And it's so gut-wrenchin'
Fallin' in the wrong direction."

Beca finished as the last piano keys played out. She looked into the camera and smiled before bowing her head mouthing a "Thank you." The crowd instantly started to cheer and clap as they loved every second of it. Chloe meanwhile just sat their and couldn't believe it. After not hearing or seeing Beca in eight months she drops this. She didn't do anything but let a singular tear drop and feel the wave of guilt and regret that passed through her.

Beca walked backstage and grabbed the towel offered to dry off her arms. She made her way towards the dressing room as photos of her were being snapped. She smiled to herself as she made her way because she couldn't wait to put all this past her. As she was walking she nearly got tackled off her feet by a bone crushing hug.

"Holy shit that song was beautiful Becs." Stacie exclaimed.

"Thanks Stace." Beca said as she pulled back.

"What now?" Stacie asked.

"Move forward and enjoy life each step of the way." Beca said with a smile.

Chapter Text

"It's crazy when
The thing you love the most is the detriment
Let that sink in
You can think again
When the hand you wanna hold is a weapon and
You're nothin' but skin."

"Baby guess what!" Stacie said excitedly as she entered the apartment she shares with her girlfriend Aubrey.

"What?" Aubrey asked not even looking up from the case files she was reviewing.

"I got the internship at the studio!" Stacie said holding the letter out.

Aubrey peeked up and grabbed the letter scanning it "Uh this says it's in California."

Stacie nodded "I know, but that's where the main location is at where they do the internships."

"Stacie we can't leave to California you know that. I can't leave the law firm." Aubrey said.

"What if we do the long distance?" Stacie asked hopeful.

"No, I don't do that. We're either together here or we're not together at all." Aubrey said sternly.

Stacie nodded sadly, she couldn't leave Aubrey. Stacie loved Aubrey too much.

"Alright I'll let them know." Stacie said as she headed towards the room.

"Hey." Aubrey said grabbing her wrist "I love what you have on." Aubrey said licking her lips and staring Stacie up and down.

Stacie cracked a small smile "Thank you baby."

"Oh, 'cause I keep diggin' myself down deeper
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
I keep running, I keep running, I keep running."

"Stacie come on we're going to be late." Aubrey shouted upstairs.

Aubrey had an office party for the law firm she worked at, and she saw it as a chance to get to know her bosses better. She wanted to make a good impression and that meant being there early and having Stacie looking her best.

Stacie came down the stairs a few minutes later.

"Why did you choose that dress when you know we're going to the office?" Aubrey asked looking at her girlfriend.

Stacie frowned and looked at herself "What's wrong with it? I thought I looked nice."

Aubrey groaned "We're going to a law firm Stacie not one of the hobbit's album release parties. You're supposed to look respectful."

"I'll go change then." Stacie said.

"No, then will be late. Just grab a jacket or something to make it better." Aubrey said heading towards the car "I'll be in the car waiting."

Stacie went to grab a black jacket that would still go with her dress. She looked in the mirror and looked at herself sadly before heading out.

"Anything to make her happy." She thought to herself.

"They say I may be making a mistake
I woulda followed all the way, no matter how far
I know when you go down all your darkest roads
I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard
Oh, 'cause I keep diggin' myself down deeper
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
I keep running when both my feet hurt
I won't stop 'til I get where you are
Oh, when you go down all your darkest roads
I woulda followed all the way to the graveyard ."

Stacie was on the phone with Beca, her best friend.

"So any news on the internship?" Beca asked.

"Yeah I got it." Stacie said sadly.

"Why do you sound so down about it?" Beca asked.

"Because I had to turn it down." Stace answered.

"What do you mean you had to turn it down? This is your dream Stacie, it always has been." Beca said.

"Aubrey couldn't leave, and you know how much I love her." Stacie said.

Beca sighed "Stacie, you can't give up a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially if it's your dream, for Aubrey."

"I love her Beca ok? I'm in love with her." Stacie replied.

"Stace, she's toxic. I'm telling you this as your best friend and because I love you too much to let you pass this up. She's never cared about your goals or dreams, it's always been about her little lawyer career. She treats you more like a prize than a girlfriend, all she cares about is your body if we're being honest." Beca said.

"That's not true Becs." Stacie tried defending Aubrey.

"Please Stace, I've been through the same exact situation. I know the signs when I see it alright. I left now and look at me, living my dream of producing. It's time for you to live yours of being a singer. Starting by taking the internship or coming to Miami where I'm at." Beca said.

"I can't leave her Becs." Stacie said sadly.

"Yes you can Stacie. If you want I'll fly out and help you. You're my best friend and I want you to be happy and successful. Being with Aubrey won't accomplish any of those. Just please open your eyes and come to your senses." Beca said.

"Look, I'll call you tomorrow ok? Aubrey is about to get home and I have to cook." Stacie said.

Beca chuckled "Of course you do. I have to get back to recording any ways. Think about what I said alright? Love you." Beca said.

"Alright I will. Love you too." Stacie said before hanging up.

"You look at me
With eyes so dark, don't know how you even see
You push right through me
It's gettin' real
You lock the door, you're drunk at the steering wheel
And I can't conceal."

"I can't right now Stacie, I'm busy with this file." Aubrey said agitated.

"But baby we haven't had a date night in forever. I already cooked the meal, I just want to sit down and have a nice dinner with you." Stacie said softly.

Aubrey slammed her pen down "For the love of God Stacie!" Aubrey shouted looking up "I can't, I don't have time to waste. This case is too important, and they trusted me with it."

Stacie saw the look in Aubrey's eyes, and she'd never seen those green eyes turn so dark and violent.

"You never seem to have time for me." Stacie said sadly.

Aubrey got up and walked towards Stacie "That's because I have a career to focus on, an important one at that."

"I understand that baby but can't you spend one dinner with me?" Stacie asked.

"How many times do I have to say no? How else can I explain it?" Aubrey said now in her face.

Stacie just stood there staring at Aubrey not knowing what to do.

"Now leave me to my case file." Aubrey said putting her hand on Stacie's shoulder pushing her out the room before locking the office door.

Stacie made her way to the kitchen before sitting down on a stool. Once seated she looked at the dinner she had made before she started to silently cry. She thought back to what Beca had said and compared it to when Beca went through a similar situation back in college. She started crying even more when she realized that her best friend was right about Aubrey, she was right all along.

With that she picked up her phone sending a text to Beca.

Stacie: I need you.

Stacie knew that one simple text would be enough for Beca to understand.

Beca: Be there tomorrow.

"Oh, it's funny how
The warning signs can feel like they're butterflies."

"What the hell is going on and why is she here?" Aubrey said angrily as she came home from work and found Beca helping Stacie pack her belongings.

Beca looked at Stacie who gave her a nod.

"I can't do this any more Aubrey. I should have realized this a while ago, but I was too blinded by my love for you to see just how toxic you are and this relationship." Stacie said.

Aubrey raised her brows and laughed "Oh that's a good one. Beca here filling your head up with crazy theories I see." Aubrey said before facing Beca "Shouldn't be surprised since she's never liked me because I took her from you." Aubrey said.

Beca glared at Aubrey "She's not a prize you dumb bitch. I never liked you because you are a rotten person who doesn't know how to treat people, especially your girlfriend."

Stacie put a hand on Beca "Thanks B, but I have to do this." Stacie said.

She turned towards Aubrey "I should have seen this back then but like I said my feelings were blinding me. I ignored all the signs earlier on because I was just hoping that you'd change. I truly was in love with you Aubrey, but I realized how bad that is. I realized I deserve better. I realized I'm worth it. It's time I chase my dreams and start loving myself." Stacie said before giving Beca a nod and grabbing her bags.

"Good luck Aubrey." Stacie said before walking out.

Present Day

"That was "Graveyard" by Stacie Conrad and produced by Beca Mitchell." The host said.

"Sounds personal." The host said.

"Yeah it is, we both went through toxic relationships and that's what the song touches on." Stacie said.

"We wanted this song to be about realizing that your love for someone has blinded you to the danger they are to your heart." Beca said.

"That's a beautiful way to show it, and I'm glad you two both got out of those situations." The host said. "And don't forget Stacie's new album drops in exactly one month."

"Thank you for having us." Beca and Stacie said as the host ended the show.

The two girls made their way to the car and smiled at all the love their new song was getting.

"You really did it." Beca said looking at Stacie.

Stacie smiled and rested her head on Beca's shoulder.

"I really did it." She thought to herself.

Chapter Text

"Now how in the hell are you miraculously doing so well when just yesterday you were in tears from cramps?" Emily asked Stacie as the taller girl walked up the stairs after getting a bottle of Gatorade.

Stacie shrugged "The higher ups answered my prayers?"

Emily shook her head "Well when my time comes I need to talk to whatever higher ups those are."

Stacie winked and went back to her room, while Emily went to check if Beca was awake yet. She gently opened the door to the smaller girls room and found Beca curled up in the fetal position, groaning in pain. Emily quickly shut the door and went to her side.

"Becs what's wrong?" Emily asked worried.

Beca groaned "Cramps. Really bad cramps."

Emily furrowed her eyebrows "But you don't get yours for another two weeks. It's usually Stacie, me and then you."

"Well tell that to my insides then dear sister of mines." Beca said.

"Alright, let me get the heating pad then." Emily said as she got up. She retrieved the pad from her bathroom cabinet and plugged it in, handing it to Beca "Here let me know if you need anything."

Beca simply nodded "Thank you."

Emily stared at her older sister, genuinely confused at how this could happen. Beca never got cramps like that ever. She was the only person she knew that never got any and symptoms. So how and why?

She went downstairs after telling Beca to shout or text her for anything. She sat down on the sofa and kept thinking about the situation before something clicked. She realized that Stacie had the same cramps, in fact Stacie was known for having bad cramps. Stacie had spent all day yesterday in bed while Beca took care of the older girl. Thinking back on all the times that Stacie miraculously healed over night, Beca always seemed to feel the same way Stacie had previously before she healed.

"Son of a." Emily said quietly to herself as she realized that the two were actual soulmates. See when you meet your soulmate you can transfer any pain or sickness they have to yourself in turn for them completely healing instantly. Emily shook her head and made a mental note to talk to her sister about this.

The next day, Beca felt better and was sitting in bed playing some Call of Duty zombies when Emily walked in and sat next to her.

"Can we talk?" Emily asked.

Beca pauses the game and looked towards Emily "Sure sis, what's up?"

"I umm did some thinking yesterday after I gave you the pad and went downstairs." Emily said before stopping.

"About what?" Beca asked.

"You? And Stace." Emily said slowly.

"Go on." Beca raised a brow.

"I'm pretty damn sure you two are soulmates." Emily said.

Beca stayed silent and avoided looking Emily in the eyes.

"Oh my god you knew didn't you?" Emily asked.

Beca sighed "Yes I knew. Why do you think she always heals like nothing happened?"

Emily couldn't believe this "When'd you figure it out? And why haven't you said anything?"

"I found out the summer before senior year when we went to the pool. When she slipped and sprained her wrist, remember she was able to use it like nothing? Well I took on the pain and let me tell you a sprain wrist hurts like hell. As for not saying anything, well what's the point? We all know she likes to date around, and not one of them have been female." Beca said with a shrug.

"Beca that was three years ago! We're sophomores in college, for crying out loud. Tell her." Emily exclaimed.

"What's the use? She only dates guys Em. Face it, were just meant to be best friends or just platonic." Beca shrugged.

"Beca that's like saying Megan Fox isn't attractive." Emily said sarcastically.

Beca rolled her eyes "What's your point?"

"That what you said is false. A three-year-old could notice that you two are meant to be. We've known Stacie our whole lives, pretty much, and I've never seen the two of you happier than when you're together. I've never seen two people more meant for each other than you two." Emily said.

Beca shook her head "Your observation is one thing and her feelings are another sis."

"Well you do realize she'll eventually figure it out right? I mean, she's Stacie." Emily pointed out.

Beca shrugged grabbing the controller "Like you said it's been three years and look at me, I'm still breathing and kicking."

"For how much longer?" Emily said to herself quietly as she got up and walked out the room.

Emily walked downstairs to the kitchen where Stacie was siting eating a bowl of milk and cereal.

"Cocoa Puffs and Rice Krispies mixed?" Emily asked looking at the bowl in front of Stacie.

Stacie nodded as she took a spoonful "It's actually amazing together."

"You have the same weird taste buds as that troll upstairs." Emily chuckled, grabbing a granola bar and water.

"That's why were best friends." Stacie said with a smile.

Emily smiled "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can." Stacie smiled back.

"Do you ever think about your soulmate?" Emily asked.

Stacie tilted her head in thought "Sometimes I do. I wonder what there like or if I've even met them."

"Do you feel like you have?" Emily asked.

"It's possible." Stacie answered.

"Would you care about the gender?" Emily shot back.

Stacie shook her head "Never, I don't care as long as they love me and treat me right."

Emily smiled at that answer "Same. I just wonder if we have met ours and not realized it. Like what if they've been right in front of our faces, and we never put two and two together."

Stacie shrugged "That's just how life rolls sometimes. Anyways, I have to head to class. Text you guys when I get there and leave." Stacie said, putting the bowl in the sink and giving Emily a hug.

Emily watched the taller girl leave and thought of a way to get the two together. She knew it'd have to be done right, and she'd have to be careful that no one got seriously injured. After a few moments of thinking, she came up with the perfect time, when the three would go and play basketball every Friday, which just happened to be tomorrow.

The next day, the three girls got ready and headed towards the gym to play.

"Alright, since I won last time, you two play, and I'll face the winner." Beca said once they arrived.

Emily and Stacie started their game to seven, and it was currently tied five a piece. Stacie had the ball, and Emily knew this would be the best time to execute her plan. So after she checked it up, Stacie drove down the lane and right when she was about to go for a lay-up, Emily jumped up like she was going to block it but elbowed Stacie right on the side of her head. Stacie instantly let out a groan of pain and fell to the floor. Beca immediately ran to the taller girls side as Emily bent down concerned.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Stace." Emily said.

"Stace you alright?" Beca asked.

Stacie groaned in pain and held her head with hands.

"Stacie, can you get up?" Beca asked.

Stacie shook her head slowly.

"Shit." Beca said quietly before moving Stacie's hands and holding the girls head with her own. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she let out a hiss from absorbing the pain.

"Son of a bitch." Beca said, sitting down and bringing her hands to her head.

Stacie sat up and looked over at Beca with a shocked expression "It really is you isn't it?" Stacie asked.

Beca looked up "Surprise." She said.

"You knew?" Emily asked.

Stacie shook her head "I've always had my thoughts, but I never knew a hundred percent." Stacie answered.

"Well now you do." Beca said before looking at Emily "Jesus do you have an elbow made of steel?"

Emily chuckled "Sorry didn't mean to hit her that hard."

Stacie frowned "You meant that? What'd I do to you?"

"Nothing girl, I just wanted to get you two on the same page with the whole being soulmates, so I came up with a plan to make Beca show you. Sorry." Emily answered nervously.

"I'm so kicking your ass when this headache goes away." Beca said.

"I mean, you can try." Emily shrugged.

"Alright you two. Em go get ice for your sister, and tiny Mitchell get up and let's go to an actual chair." Stacie said, holding her hand out for Beca to take.

Emily came back with the ice "I'll let you two talk while I just shot around." Emily winked.

Beca placed the ice pack on her head after taking a pain pill.

"So how long?" Stacie asked.

"When you sprained your wrist at the pool." Beca answered.

Stacie nodded "Why did you never say anything?"

"You always date around and never did anything with a female, so I figured you weren't into girls like that." Beca answered.

Stacie sighed and placed a hand on Beca's lap "Because none of the girls were you. You could have talked to me, you know? I wouldn't of looked at you any different. I mean, we're soulmates." Stacie chuckled.

"That we are apparently." Beca chuckled.

"Makes sense, doesn't it. Considering how we've always been with one another since the day we met." Stacie said.

Beca nodded "Like it was destiny."

Stacie intertwined their hands "I'm just glad my soulmate is my best friend and the person I just so happen to love more than anything in this world." Stacie said with a smile.

Beca squeezed the taller girls hand "Me too."

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell and Stacie Conrad have been dating since freshmen year of high school. They've obviously gone through a lot together in that time like Stacie hitting puberty and turning into a dam model that just happens to tower over her girlfriend. Beca had, well not grown but she did in the words of Stacie "Become one hot fireball." The two had been best friends since the fourth grade before Stacie asked Beca to be her girlfriend. Both of their families were very accepting and had a hunch this would happen considering how the two were together. It was now their freshmen year of college and they were coming up on five years together.

The Bellas all had a gut feeling that the two were dating but Beca and Stacie never confirmed nor denied anything. They didn't want to announce anything because they didn't know how people would react considering not everyone accepts this. So the two just acted like they always did which to others seemed very close for only friends. Beca and Stacie weren't stupid, they knew the Bellas had their assumptions and would soon figure it out. So one night when Beca and Stacie were in their room at the Bella's house, Beca came up with a plan.

"Babe?" Beca said quietly as she climbed into Stacie's bed.

Stacie turned over "What's up?"

Beca sat next to her girlfriend "I want to talk about something." She smirked.

Stacie sat up "About?"

"Us." Beca said taking Stacie's hand.

Stacie looked at Beca a bit wary and worried "What do you mean us?"

Beca chuckled "It's not like that. You know I wouldn't leave you in a million years." Beca said kissing the back is Stacie's hand "This is about the Bellas catching on."

"Oh yeah. There starting to put things together." Stacie nodded.

"Exactly, what if we have fun? You know mess with them a bit?" Beca said.

"How so?" Stacie tilted her head in thought.

"Well what if we go on "dates" with other people?" Beca suggested.

Stacie raised a brow "Excuse me?"

"Like ok, we pretend to leave with someone when in reality it's just one of our friends the Bellas don't know. All we'd be doing is hanging out with our friends. But they obviously won't know that." Beca explained.

"Okay but then what?" Stacie asked.

"Well I could start giving you the cold shoulder or something like that and then they would want to fix it and bam! We have a little fight cause a scene and storm off." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "So I'll be the one going on dates?"

"Yeah it'd be more believable. I mean people are already trying to get with you 24/7." Beca shrugged.

"They try to get with you too. You're just to oblivious to notice." Stacie joked.

"I don't care about that. I got you already." Beca smiled.

"So when do we start this?" Stacie asked.

"Tomorrow, text one of our friends that the Bellas don't know and explain to them what we're doing. Then you know get all glammed up." Beca said heading towards her bed.

"Sounds like a plan." Stacie said laying back down.

The very next morning Stacie texted one their friends explaining the plan and setting up the "date" for 7pm. Stacie told Beca who and where she was going and around what time she was returning. At six o'clock Stacie started getting ready.

"You and Stacie going out?" Amy asked Beca as she entered the kitchen where the rest of the Bellas were seated.

"No, she has a date." Beca answered taking a bite out of her pasta.

Everyone looked a bit surprised. Beca looked around at their faces.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing, it's just she's never accepted any dates." CR said.

"Well she's never liked anyone that's asked her." Beca responded.

Thirty minutes later after everyone had ate and washed the dishes Stacie came walking down the stairs. Beca tried her best to not stare to hard but she couldn't help it. Not with how her girlfriend looked.

"Dam Stacie. Who you trying to impress?" CR said.

Stacie smiled "No one. I just like dressing up, you all know this."

"There's dressing up then there's this." Beca said.

"You like?" Stacie asked doing a twirl.

Beca nodded "It's looks good."

"Thanks! Now I'll be back soon. Have a good night people." Stacie said as headed out.

That's how it went over the course of the next couple days. Stacie would go on a date everyday while Beca would act like it wasn't bothering her. The Bellas would always look amongst themselves debating on what they should do.

"Anyone else find it odd how Beca is acting?" Chloe said.

"What do you mean?" Jessica asked.

"Well it's obvious that those two like each other but yet Stacie goes on dates daily while Beca acts like she doesn't care." Chloe pointed out.

"Maybe she really doesn't." Ashley said.

"It's Beca, the girl who never shows how she really is feeling." Chloe said.

"So what?" CR asked.

"We need to get them in a room and have them realize their feelings. Or make one of them realize and tell the other." Chloe answered "And I may have just the plan."

Chloe sat there and explained her plan and how they were going to execute it to perfection. After about twenty or so minutes the Bellas got to work.

Meanwhile Beca and Stacie were in their room listening to music.

"Hey, I think I should start acting distant and cold towards you." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Ok, just remember-" Stacie got up and walked over to Beca narrowing her eyes and getting close to her face "Remember Mitchell, we still are dating. Be careful what you say and do." Stacie said slowly.

Beca smirked and got up "You remember Conrad, All is fair in love and war." Beca gave Stacie a quick peck on the lips "But of course I came up with the plan remember."

Beca walked towards the door and winked "Follow my lead." She said before opening the door "For the love of God Stacie, I don't care. It's your love life not mine." Beca said loudly in an aggravated tone.

Stacie shook her head and stormed over to the door "Well excuse me for asking a simple question." Stacie shouted back following Beca down the stairs.

All the Bellas who were in the kitchen after Chloe talked about her plan turned their focus towards the living room where the brunettes now stood.

"A simple question in which I don't care." Beca said.

"What's your problem huh? For the past week you've been giving me the cold shoulder and these indifferent short answers. It's like you couldn't give two shits about me or our friendship." Stacie said getting Beca's face.

Beca narrowed her eyes "I don't have a problem Conrad. I just don't care about all these dates you've been on. Especially when none of them result in anything. How many more dates are you going to on before one of them stick?"

Stacie raised her brows in a look of disbelief "Are you serious right now? Jesus Beca, you make it sound like I'm some hoe who has relationship problems. News flash it's college, I'm just having fun."

Beca chuckled and shook her head "Whatever dude I'm out. Have fun with your flavor of the day." Beca said before walking out the front door and slamming it behind her.

Stacie groaned and marched back upstairs slamming the bedroom door.

The Bellas meanwhile were all shocked and left with their jaws open.

"What did we just witness." Amy said.

"This is bad." CR said.

"We need to rush this plan." Chloe said.

An hour later when Beca returned all the Bellas were waiting for her.

"Uh sup guys?" Beca said as she walked through the door.

"Hey Beca, get dressed we're heading to a party on campus." Chloe said.

"Yeah, no." Beca said walking towards the stairs.

"Come on please? We just want a Bellas night out." Chloe pleaded.

Beca sighed and looked at the group who was ready to go "Fine give me like fifteen minutes."

"Oh Stacie said she'd meet us their. She went out." Chloe said.

"Of course she did." Beca said loudly keeping up the act.

Twenty minutes later Beca came down wearing a white hoodie with black ripped jeans and a pair of black and white high top converse. The group of girls walked about a block to the house where the party was at. Beca had texted one of her friends to meet up with her their. Once everyone was situated with some drinks, Beca and Stacie saw each other. Beca gave Stacie a wink and pointed towards her phone where she had sent Stacie a text.

Mi amor: I invited Kelsey and I told her my plan. She's going to be flirting with me and all touchy feely ok? Hopefully the girls notice this and try to do something. If not then come over to us and act mad or jealous.

Stacie quickly texted Beca back and Beca read the reply.

Mi corazón: Ok I'll get my green eyed monster prepared ;)

Beca gave Stacie one last head nod and went towards Kelsey telling her it was a go. About thirty minutes later Beca and Kelsey we're sitting on a couch with Kelsey all over Beca. She had her head on Beca's shoulder while she was fiddling with the strings of her hoodie. Stacie saw this and walked past the Bellas and marched towards Beca, the Bellas saw this and quickly ran behind the tall brunette.

"And action." Beca said causing Kelsey to giggle.

"Well look at this, if it isn't miss little Mitchell. And you want to give me crap about going on dates when you have some bimbo all over you." Stacie said.

Beca smirked "Is someone mad?"

The Bellas just arrived and Chloe got in the middle "Ok girls why don't we head back and talk this out like in private where we won't cause a scene."

"There's nothing to talk about Chlo." Beca shrugged.

"Beca cut the crap, you obviously have some issue or you wouldn't be acting like this." Stacie said.

"Stacie's right Beca, just please don't cause a scene." Chloe said.

"Fine whatever if it'll get you all off my back then lets go home and talk." Beca said sarcastically getting up before turning to her friend "Text you in a few?"

Kelsey simply nodded.

The girls all made their way back across campus towards the Bella house. Once inside they all went to the couch while Beca went to the kitchen and grabbed bottle of water.

"Ok you two need to seriously talk, it's obvious something is going on." Chloe said.

Beca took a sip and rested against the wall "Like I said Chlo, there's nothing to talk about."

"Then why are you acting childish?" Stacie said agitated.

"I'm not acting childish I just don't care about your dates." Beca shrugged.

"I'm your best friend I'd hope you care just a bit." Stacie said.

"Sorry to break it to you Stace but I don't care because I know their not going to result in anything." Beca answered.

"I don't think it's that, I think you're just jealous that I can actually get a date." Stacie smirked.

Beca raised her brows "Oh really? Just because I don't care about dates doesn't mean I can't get one."

"Right of course." Stacie nodded.

"Not everyone craves attention like you do Conrad alright. Some of us can live with out being the center of attention." Beca said.

"Alright girls lets relax and think about our words." Chloe said standing up.

Stacie scoffed "That's really what you think of me?"

"I don't know is it?" Beca shrugged.

"Wow if that's how you feel then I don't know what to say. After ten years of friendship if that's what you think then we really shouldn't be friends." Stacie said.

Beca chuckled before walking towards the door "So be it." She walked out the door and met up with Kelsey.

Stacie looked down sadly before excusing herself and locking her room.

The Bellas all looked at each other in complete shock.

Stacie changed as she got a text from Beca

Mi amor: You think they bought it?

Mi Corazón: Oh yeah most definitely.

Mi amor: Perfect, I'm staying at Kelseys so in like 20 minutes come over and we'll make them worry more with the two of us being out ;)

Twenty minutes later Stacie changed into a hoodie and some sweats before telling the Bellas she'd be back. She made it to Kelsey's and gave Beca a kiss.

"Attention craver and center of attention? Really?" Stacie asked.

Beca chuckled "Yeah I came up with it on the spot. Didn't really know what else to say so I went with what people said to you in high school."

Stacie slapped Beca upside the head "You're lucky I love you."

The two spent the night at Kelsey's since she had an off campus apartment by herself. They woke up early and made their way back to the Bella house hand in hand.

"Their going to be so mad." Stacie said as they approached the steps.

"It's worth it." Beca said as she opened the front door.

They were met by six eyes staring daggers at them. When an angry and frantic Chloe came up.

"Where the hell have you two been? I know you two have cellphones that work, would it kill you two to reply?" Chloe said.

"And why are you two holding hands and cool?" CR asked crossing her arms.

Stacie and Beca looked at the girls before looking at one another bursting into laughter.

"Oh man this was good." Beca said.

"What was?" Chloe asked.

"This little joke we played on you guys." Stacie answered.

"What joke?" Amy asked.

"The whole Stacie going on dates and me acting the way I did." Beca said walking to the love seat with Stacie following her.

The Bellas soon joined them.

"Explain." Chloe demanded.

Stacie and Beca told them all about Beca's plan and how everything went down. They finished by telling them where they were last night.

"So why do this exactly?" Jessica asked.

"Because we knew you guys were putting everything together and would figure out that we were actually dating, so we decided to have some fun." Beca said.

"Hold up two are dating?" Chloe asked.

"Yup, since ninth grade to be exact." Beca answered with a smile.

"Unbelievable, I'm happy for you two but kind mad that you went through all that just as a joke." Chloe said.

"We just wanted to have some fun." Beca smirked.


Chapter Text

It was another long day of being a model for Stacie, she had spent a total of five long hours doing two different photo shoots for two different magazines. After that, she had to go to the agency and review what offer she wanted to accept next. Right now she was on her way to her house that she shared with her girlfriend Beca. She just wanted to get home and relax, nothing more, nothing less. Twenty short minutes later, she pulled up to the driveway and parked before entering the house.

"Baby I'm home." She announced as she put her keys and purse down.

She heard footsteps approaching rapidly from the stairs.

"Hey babe." Beca said happily as she ran down the stairs with a smile.

Stacie raised a brow at the smaller girls happiness and wardrobe. She was currently wearing a Star Wars hoodie with pajama pants that had the hero's on one pant leg and the villains on the other. She had her glasses on with her hair tied in a bun.

"What's got you all geeked up?" Stacie asked.

Beca smiled "I did something and I want to show you."

"Does it involve the get-up?" Stacie asked, pointing her finger up and down at Beca's clothing.

Beca nodded "Yeah it does."

Stacie chuckled "Lead the way."

Beca was majorly into Star Wars, Marvel, DC, comic books and all things' horror. Growing up, she was always looked at as the nerd due to her love for the "geeky" stuff. She would collect comics as a kid and all the figurines/collectables. As she grew up, she learned how to hide it from people out of fear that she'd get picked on. When she arrived at Barden she brought some of her favorite comics and collectables but kept them hidden so no one would see them. Stacie however found them one night and since then she's been the only that's known about it. Even now, as the popular music producer that Beca has become, she still keeps this hidden.

Beca led Stacie up the stairs and stopped in front of a door that Stacie knew all too well.

"You finally did something with this empty room?" Stacie asked.

"Yup, and it took me all day yesterday and today to complete." Beca announced proudly.

"Well, it only took two moths to put this room to use." Stacie chuckled. Ever since the two moved into this house, this room has been completely empty. At first, it was going to be a home office, but Stacie handled everything from the agency or her laptop. Then it was going to be an extra guest bedroom, but they already had three guest bedrooms. So it's been empty since they had no idea what to do with. A couple of weeks ago, Stacie told Beca she could do whatever she wants with it.

"Ready?" Beca asked.

Stacie nodded "Yes ma'am."

Beca twisted the nob and hit a switch as she entered. Stacie stepped in and froze on the spot. She looked around before looking towards Beca.

"You didn't." Stacie said shocked.

Beca smirked "Oh, but I did."

The switch Beca flipped turned on the LED lights that she had all through the room. The room was filled with comics and collectables from all of Beca's favorite things. Each wall was devoted to a certain movie. Stacie walked over to the right side, where one wall was only Marvel and the other wall was only DC. She then walked to the other side of the room, where one wall was all horror stuff and the other one had shelves filled with different comic books. To top it all off, there was a huge 65-inch flat screen with Beca's movie and TV show collection next to it, along with her gaming consoles.

"So, what do you think?" Beca asked her girlfriend.

Stacie looked at Beca "I think. I think this is badass, Mitchell."

"Really?" Beca smiled.

Stacie smiled back "Really."

"Thank god, I thought I spent all this money for no reason." Beca sighed.

Stacie raised a brow at this "How much did you spend exactly?"

Beca scratched her head nervously "Uh, about five grand."

"Five grand!?" Stacie exclaimed.

Beca put her hands up "The posters, comics and collectables are all vintage, and you know these things aren't cheap. I got some replicas in here as well, which everyone knows costs a bit more." Beca rushed out.

Stacie sighed and pinched her nose "Ok take a deep breath Stacie." She said to herself before looking at Beca "This is the type of stuff you should talk to me about beforehand baby alright? I know you love all this, but next time, just give me a heads-up."

Beca nodded "I promise."

Stacie smiled "Good. Now tell me about all this."

"Well, this is my nerd cave. I even got a sign." Beca said as she moved to the couch, she put in there grabbing a black sign with red letters that read "Nerd Cave". This got a laugh out of Stacie before Beca went into deep explanations for every collectable, poster, figurines and comic book. She told Stacie about the different masks she had from the different horror movie killers and why she liked each one. Beca then explained how she thought about this and all the different ideas she had come up with before settling for this set up. The whole time, Beca was explaining all this to Stacie, she had a huge smile on her face and looked like a kid in Disney. Something Stacie found adorable.

"I'm glad this makes you happy, baby. I'm glad you have this room where you can let loose and get lost in your world." Stacie said lovingly.

"This is for the both of us, I hope you know that. I know you're not into any of this, but you can still come in here and watch Netflix or movies whenever you want." Beca said.

Stacie smiled and held Beca's hands "Thank you Beca."

Stacie brought her in for a quick kiss "I love you my little nerd."


Chapter Text

Here Beca is sitting in this huge auditorium trying to lie low surrounded by countless people. Everyone here to see their kids or family members receive their diplomas. Beca was happy to be here witnessing this, this was something she absolutely made sure she had time for. She looked around and laid eyes on the reason she was here. She stared at her and couldn't help but proudly smile while admiring her sitting there in her white graduation gown, looking like an angel.

"Stacie Conrad." The dean announced.

Beca stood up, clapping and whistling as loud as possible. She was by far the loudest person in that room currently, which says a lot of, considering how quiet she always is. Luckily for her, she was seated towards the side, so Stacie couldn't see her. She had wanted to keep her being here a surprise. Seeing Stacie get her diploma and walk off-stage made Beca feel like a proud partner, despite the two not being partners. Aside from being partners in crime, that is.

This has been five years in the making for Stacie. She had been able to accelerate her studies and get her master’s degree earlier than expected. Stacie had been accepted to the University of Miami during their senior year, whereas Beca had gotten a record contract during their senior year. Beca had moved to Cali as soon as she graduated, while Stacie moved down to Miami for school. Over the course of these five years the two had only seen one another during holidays since that was the only time their schedules allowed them to. They missed one another heavily during these years.

An hour later, after the ceremony ended, it was now time for the parents and family to meet up with the graduates. The Conrad's and Beca's father lead the way so Beca could remain hidden. Stacie's parents gave their daughter a hug and kiss as they congratulated her, telling her how proud they are. Beca's dad was next, and he hugged her while turning her back towards Beca who was now right behind the taller girl. He broke the embrace, telling her he was proud of her.

"Long last, the brainiac has graduated." Beca said.

Stacie quickly spun around, hearing her best friends voice. When she came face to face with Beca she couldn't help the smile that went from ear to ear.

"BECA!" Stacie shouted happily as she threw herself at the smaller girl.

Beca chuckled at the reaction as she threw her arms around Stacie tightly.

"I'm so damn proud of you, Stace. You finally did it, congratulations." Beca said softly.

"Thank you so much for always believing in me and giving the confidence to push through. Couldn't have done this without you by my side." Stacie said back.

Their parents recorded this whole interaction with smiles on their faces. They all knew how much these two missed each other.

Beca broke the embrace with a smile.

"When did you get here?" Stacie asked.

"Last night. I'm here for four days." She responded.

"Four days of us hanging out." Stacie said excitedly.

Beca nodded "Exactly."

They all took photos together before Beca removed her bandanna she had tied around her head.

She held it out "Do me a favor and put this on." Beca said.

Stacie looks at her confused "Why?"

Beca chuckles "Do you trust me?"

Stacie nodded "With my life."

Beca raised her eyebrows "Then put it on."

Stacie gives in and hands her diploma to her dad, while Beca ties the bandanna around her eyes. The Conrad's and her dad give her a questioning look, to which she just winks and smirks.

"Don't worry nothing kinky going on here." She jokes.

She leads everyone to the parking lot, and to say their parents were stunned would be an understatement. They pull out their phones and record this.

"Alright, so I got you a little graduation gift. This is for all your hard work and dedication, I know how hard this was on you and I just want you to know you deserve this. Also think of this as a thank you for being my friend all these years. We all know I'm a mess half the time." Beca chuckled.

"I wouldn't trade you for the world." Stacie smiled.

"Alright, when I remove this, keep your eyes closed till I say open." Beca says.

Receiving a nod from Stacie, she takes off the bandanna and stands to her side.

"And open." Beca says.

Stacie opens her eyes and is instantly speechless. Her jaw drops as well as her phone from being speechless. Beca chuckles and picks up her phone.

"You can't be serious." Stacie says as she looks towards Beca.

Beca smirks and tosses her the keys "Oh, but I am babe." Beca says with a wink.

Stacie catches the keys still stunned.

"I know how much you love mine, so I got you one as well." Beca says.

Ever since Beca has gotten her Lamborghini Aventador, Stacie had fallen in love with that car. She always gushed over it and Beca figured why not get Stacie one as a gift.

"I got dark red because I know you love dark red cars." Beca said.

Stacie didn't know what to say to show how happy or how much she loved this gift. So she did the only thing she can think of that'll get her point across. She grabbed Beca by the face and gave her a passionate kiss, catching everyone by surprise.

She pulled back and laughed at everyone's stunned expression "Oh don't be so shocked, it's me and Beca what'd you expect?"

"Definitely not that. But if that's the thanks I'll always get them, I'll buy you anything you want." Beca says.

Stacie held her hand "Come on I want to break this bad boy in."

Chapter Text

"Baby?" Stacie called as she entered Beca's home studio.

Beca turned around in her chair holding her arms out which Stacie happily obliged sitting on her lap hugging her.

"What's up Stace?" Beca asked planting a kiss on Stacie's head.

"Just wanted to give you a heads up, my mom is coming over on Friday. Her and dad have a wedding and they want to have dinner. I told them we can have a dinner here, is that ok?" Stacie asked.

"I thought your mom wasn't my biggest fan?" Beca chuckled.

Stacie sighed "I know baby, she just wants to spend time with me but I want her to like you."

"Babe, we've been dating since sophomore year of high school. That was eight years ago, call me crazy but if she still hasn't accepted me as your girlfriend let alone fiancé then I don't think she ever will." Beca said.

"You never know. It sucks you know? My dad adores you I just wish my mom would too." Stacie said sadly.

Beca tightened her embrace "Hey, to answer your first question, of course they can come over and have dinner. I'll never not let them come over, there you're parents and my soon to be in-laws. And like always I'll try my best to win her over."

"Thank you." Stacie said giving Beca a quick kiss.

"Of course. Now what are we making for said meal?" Beca asked.

Stacie told Beca her plans and what they needed to get as the dinner was in two days. Stacie wanted this to go perfect because like Beca said, despite the two dating for eight years and now being engaged, Stacie's mom still didn't like Beca for her daughter. This goes back to when Stacie moved three houses down from Beca before the girls freshmen year of high school. Beca had been skating when she saw the Conrad's carrying boxes inside the now sold home. She skated right up to Stacie and introduced herself and telling her that they would be going to the same school and she'd happily show her around. Stacie's mom however worked for the school board and had access to Beca's files and had asked teachers about her, all the teachers said the same thing about the tiny brunette. They all mentioned her attitude problem, how she'd always get into fights and arguments, how she never hung around anyone which everyone found weird and lastly her lack of interest.

Beca was always looked at as the rebel who didn't care about anything or anyone. Truth be told however, it was the complete opposite. Beca had more feelings and emotions then anyone it's just she never showed it. Stacie's mom took all this as Beca would be a bad influence on Stacie, so she always told Stacie how bad Beca would be for her and how she didn't want them hanging out. A year later when they announced they were dating, she immediately voiced her displeasure with it where as Stacie's dad couldn't be any happier. Beca and Stacie's dad had that father/daughter connection which warmed Stacie's heart to see. Whereas Beca and her mother had a rocky connection at best, Beca always tried to get her mom to like her or at least approve but every attempt fell short.

Beca's status of being the big shot music producer didn't help things either. Mainly due to the fact that she was always being captured in photos with other artists and Stacie's mom had her doubts. Stacie's mom didn't like that Beca was constantly surrounded by other females and males, especially at parties where anything can happen.

Two days later

Today was the day of the dinner and Stacie was praying everything would work out. She didn't know what would happen if her mother made a comment about Beca, Stacie knew no matter what Beca tried their was only so much she could take from her mother. Stacie was getting tired of it as well but at the same time it was her mother.

"Is everything all good?" Beca asked as Stacie got out the shower.

Stacie nodded "Yup, food is done and is all contained."

The two got ready and headed downstairs to wait for Stacie's parents. About five minutes later they heard the door bell and they walked to door.

"Hello sweetie." Janice Conrad said as soon as Stacie opened the door.

"Hi mom." Stacie smiled and went for a hug.

"Hey darling." Edward Conrad greeted his daughter with a hug.

Stacie let them in and Edward instantly gave Beca a tight hug "And hello to my in-law." He joked.

Beca returned the embrace "How was the trip E?"

"It was good, luckily no traffic this time." He said as he broke the embrace.

"Glad to hear." She smiled as she turned to face Janice.

"How have you been Janice?" Beca asked.

"Good. Hope all has been well here." She replied bluntly.

Beca nodded awkwardly "Never better."

"Glad to hear." She said before facing her daughter and engaging in a conversation.

Beca sighed quietly "I'll go set the table, I'll leave you three to catch up."

"I'll help." Edward said knowing how his wife can treat the smaller girl.

Beca shook her head "No it's fine. You guys don't really get to spend time with Stace, honestly I'm fine." Beca said with a smile before heading towards the dinning room.

Stacie stared at her fiancé sadly knowing that the fact her mom never approved of her hurt more then she let on. She knew Beca always had to plaster a smile and fake her way through every gathering since her mom made her feel like the outcast.

"Mom please don't do this tonight." Stacie sighed.

"Do what?" Janice asked.

"You know what. Don't treat Beca how you always treat her, how much longer do we have to be together till you accept her?" Stacie asked tiredly.

"I don't know what you're talking about sweetie." Janice said before quickly changing the subject to ask Stacie about her work.

Beca meanwhile served the baked chicken with pasta on the plates. She placed the bread rolls in the middle as well as the salad. She brought out a bottle of whine for Stacie and her mom, while for Edward and herself she placed two bottles of Gatorade.

"Dinner is served." Beca said as she entered the living room.

Everyone proceeded towards the dinning room and took their seats. Dinner went smoothly for the first couple of minutes until Janice asked Beca about a photo she saw.

"So Beca tell me, what's with you and that Kehlani girl? I see you two with each other a lot." Janice asked.

Stacie instantly shot her mom a look as well as Edward. This is what Stacie was worried about.

Beca took a sip of Gatorade and furrowed her brows "What do you mean? Kehlani and I are working together, I'm producing her newest album."

"I'm just asking because some of the photos I've seen of the two of you show you close." Janice said taking a sip of her whine.

"I mean yeah we're great friends, she was one of the first people I met when I got signed, she's always helped me since the beginning." Beca replied.

"I just want to make sure you won't do anything to hurt my daughter. I know how you celebrities can be." Janice said.

"Janice I would never hurt Stacie, she's been my whole world since sophomore year of high school." Beca said sternly.

"Can't blame a mother whose daughter is with someone who is constantly surrounded by people that take who knows what." Janice said back.

Being absolutely fed up with her mom's antics and behavior, Stacie slammed her hand on the table startling everyone.

"Mom that's enough alright. For once leave Beca alone and stop making her out as a bad person." Stacie said before being cut off by Beca.

"Babe it's alright." Beca said placing her hand on Stacie's arm.

Stacie swatted her hand "No it's not baby, she's been treating you this way since we first became friends and honestly I've had it. I never said anything because I hoped that she'd come around but it's obvious she hasn't." Stacie told Beca before facing her mom once more.

"I don't know why you treat Beca the way you do when she has never once given any reason too. She has always been nothing but sweet and caring towards me, she's always been my protector since high school, she's always treated me like royalty and has never ever treated me poorly. That should be more then enough reason for you to treat her nicely. If not then for the fact that for the past nine years she's always been respectful towards the two of you. Even dad loves her like a daughter I don't understand why you can't." Stacie said.

Janice went to speak but Stacie put her hand up to silence her.

"I'm telling you this because you're my mom and I love you and always will but you have to accept this and my fiancé. Weather you like it or not Beca is the women I'm going to marry. She is the women who I will start a family with. She is the women who I'll grow old with. If you can't accept this or her, then you won't be around to witness any of that. I'll invite everyone but you. Now if you don't accept this then the door is right there." Stacie said as she sat back down.

Everyone was stunned and the room was quiet. Beca looked over at Stacie and smiled before holding her hand. Stacie looked at her and smiled back.

"Thank you." Beca whispered softly.

"I love you." Stacie whispered back.

"I love you too." Beca whispered.

Janice meanwhile processed everything her daughter had said and she couldn't stand the thought of not witnessing her daughter getting married or even her grandchild being born. She realized that she had been treating Beca poorly mainly because of the way she saw the tiny girl going all the way back to high school. She realized she was in the wrong.

"Sweetie, your right." She admitted causing everyone to look at her "I have been treating Beca poorly due to judging her way back when and for that I apologize to the two of you. Beca I know it may not seem sincere but I truly am sorry. Stacie was right, you have treated her the way every mother prays someone treats there babygirl and for that I am thankful. I hope given time that you two will forgive me." Janice said.

Beca smiled and nodded "I accept your apology and all is forgiven. I know you were just looking out for Stacie and I can't necessarily blame you for that."

Stacie held out her whine glass "To new beginnings as family."

Everyone cheered to that and the rest of the night when by smoothly.