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Steca One-Shots

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"Baby?" Stacie called as she entered Beca's home studio.

Beca turned around in her chair holding her arms out which Stacie happily obliged sitting on her lap hugging her.

"What's up Stace?" Beca asked planting a kiss on Stacie's head.

"Just wanted to give you a heads up, my mom is coming over on Friday. Her and dad have a wedding and they want to have dinner. I told them we can have a dinner here, is that ok?" Stacie asked.

"I thought your mom wasn't my biggest fan?" Beca chuckled.

Stacie sighed "I know baby, she just wants to spend time with me but I want her to like you."

"Babe, we've been dating since sophomore year of high school. That was eight years ago, call me crazy but if she still hasn't accepted me as your girlfriend let alone fiancé then I don't think she ever will." Beca said.

"You never know. It sucks you know? My dad adores you I just wish my mom would too." Stacie said sadly.

Beca tightened her embrace "Hey, to answer your first question, of course they can come over and have dinner. I'll never not let them come over, there you're parents and my soon to be in-laws. And like always I'll try my best to win her over."

"Thank you." Stacie said giving Beca a quick kiss.

"Of course. Now what are we making for said meal?" Beca asked.

Stacie told Beca her plans and what they needed to get as the dinner was in two days. Stacie wanted this to go perfect because like Beca said, despite the two dating for eight years and now being engaged, Stacie's mom still didn't like Beca for her daughter. This goes back to when Stacie moved three houses down from Beca before the girls freshmen year of high school. Beca had been skating when she saw the Conrad's carrying boxes inside the now sold home. She skated right up to Stacie and introduced herself and telling her that they would be going to the same school and she'd happily show her around. Stacie's mom however worked for the school board and had access to Beca's files and had asked teachers about her, all the teachers said the same thing about the tiny brunette. They all mentioned her attitude problem, how she'd always get into fights and arguments, how she never hung around anyone which everyone found weird and lastly her lack of interest.

Beca was always looked at as the rebel who didn't care about anything or anyone. Truth be told however, it was the complete opposite. Beca had more feelings and emotions then anyone it's just she never showed it. Stacie's mom took all this as Beca would be a bad influence on Stacie, so she always told Stacie how bad Beca would be for her and how she didn't want them hanging out. A year later when they announced they were dating, she immediately voiced her displeasure with it where as Stacie's dad couldn't be any happier. Beca and Stacie's dad had that father/daughter connection which warmed Stacie's heart to see. Whereas Beca and her mother had a rocky connection at best, Beca always tried to get her mom to like her or at least approve but every attempt fell short.

Beca's status of being the big shot music producer didn't help things either. Mainly due to the fact that she was always being captured in photos with other artists and Stacie's mom had her doubts. Stacie's mom didn't like that Beca was constantly surrounded by other females and males, especially at parties where anything can happen.

Two days later

Today was the day of the dinner and Stacie was praying everything would work out. She didn't know what would happen if her mother made a comment about Beca, Stacie knew no matter what Beca tried their was only so much she could take from her mother. Stacie was getting tired of it as well but at the same time it was her mother.

"Is everything all good?" Beca asked as Stacie got out the shower.

Stacie nodded "Yup, food is done and is all contained."

The two got ready and headed downstairs to wait for Stacie's parents. About five minutes later they heard the door bell and they walked to door.

"Hello sweetie." Janice Conrad said as soon as Stacie opened the door.

"Hi mom." Stacie smiled and went for a hug.

"Hey darling." Edward Conrad greeted his daughter with a hug.

Stacie let them in and Edward instantly gave Beca a tight hug "And hello to my in-law." He joked.

Beca returned the embrace "How was the trip E?"

"It was good, luckily no traffic this time." He said as he broke the embrace.

"Glad to hear." She smiled as she turned to face Janice.

"How have you been Janice?" Beca asked.

"Good. Hope all has been well here." She replied bluntly.

Beca nodded awkwardly "Never better."

"Glad to hear." She said before facing her daughter and engaging in a conversation.

Beca sighed quietly "I'll go set the table, I'll leave you three to catch up."

"I'll help." Edward said knowing how his wife can treat the smaller girl.

Beca shook her head "No it's fine. You guys don't really get to spend time with Stace, honestly I'm fine." Beca said with a smile before heading towards the dinning room.

Stacie stared at her fiancé sadly knowing that the fact her mom never approved of her hurt more then she let on. She knew Beca always had to plaster a smile and fake her way through every gathering since her mom made her feel like the outcast.

"Mom please don't do this tonight." Stacie sighed.

"Do what?" Janice asked.

"You know what. Don't treat Beca how you always treat her, how much longer do we have to be together till you accept her?" Stacie asked tiredly.

"I don't know what you're talking about sweetie." Janice said before quickly changing the subject to ask Stacie about her work.

Beca meanwhile served the baked chicken with pasta on the plates. She placed the bread rolls in the middle as well as the salad. She brought out a bottle of whine for Stacie and her mom, while for Edward and herself she placed two bottles of Gatorade.

"Dinner is served." Beca said as she entered the living room.

Everyone proceeded towards the dinning room and took their seats. Dinner went smoothly for the first couple of minutes until Janice asked Beca about a photo she saw.

"So Beca tell me, what's with you and that Kehlani girl? I see you two with each other a lot." Janice asked.

Stacie instantly shot her mom a look as well as Edward. This is what Stacie was worried about.

Beca took a sip of Gatorade and furrowed her brows "What do you mean? Kehlani and I are working together, I'm producing her newest album."

"I'm just asking because some of the photos I've seen of the two of you show you close." Janice said taking a sip of her whine.

"I mean yeah we're great friends, she was one of the first people I met when I got signed, she's always helped me since the beginning." Beca replied.

"I just want to make sure you won't do anything to hurt my daughter. I know how you celebrities can be." Janice said.

"Janice I would never hurt Stacie, she's been my whole world since sophomore year of high school." Beca said sternly.

"Can't blame a mother whose daughter is with someone who is constantly surrounded by people that take who knows what." Janice said back.

Being absolutely fed up with her mom's antics and behavior, Stacie slammed her hand on the table startling everyone.

"Mom that's enough alright. For once leave Beca alone and stop making her out as a bad person." Stacie said before being cut off by Beca.

"Babe it's alright." Beca said placing her hand on Stacie's arm.

Stacie swatted her hand "No it's not baby, she's been treating you this way since we first became friends and honestly I've had it. I never said anything because I hoped that she'd come around but it's obvious she hasn't." Stacie told Beca before facing her mom once more.

"I don't know why you treat Beca the way you do when she has never once given any reason too. She has always been nothing but sweet and caring towards me, she's always been my protector since high school, she's always treated me like royalty and has never ever treated me poorly. That should be more then enough reason for you to treat her nicely. If not then for the fact that for the past nine years she's always been respectful towards the two of you. Even dad loves her like a daughter I don't understand why you can't." Stacie said.

Janice went to speak but Stacie put her hand up to silence her.

"I'm telling you this because you're my mom and I love you and always will but you have to accept this and my fiancé. Weather you like it or not Beca is the women I'm going to marry. She is the women who I will start a family with. She is the women who I'll grow old with. If you can't accept this or her, then you won't be around to witness any of that. I'll invite everyone but you. Now if you don't accept this then the door is right there." Stacie said as she sat back down.

Everyone was stunned and the room was quiet. Beca looked over at Stacie and smiled before holding her hand. Stacie looked at her and smiled back.

"Thank you." Beca whispered softly.

"I love you." Stacie whispered back.

"I love you too." Beca whispered.

Janice meanwhile processed everything her daughter had said and she couldn't stand the thought of not witnessing her daughter getting married or even her grandchild being born. She realized that she had been treating Beca poorly mainly because of the way she saw the tiny girl going all the way back to high school. She realized she was in the wrong.

"Sweetie, your right." She admitted causing everyone to look at her "I have been treating Beca poorly due to judging her way back when and for that I apologize to the two of you. Beca I know it may not seem sincere but I truly am sorry. Stacie was right, you have treated her the way every mother prays someone treats there babygirl and for that I am thankful. I hope given time that you two will forgive me." Janice said.

Beca smiled and nodded "I accept your apology and all is forgiven. I know you were just looking out for Stacie and I can't necessarily blame you for that."

Stacie held out her whine glass "To new beginnings as family."

Everyone cheered to that and the rest of the night when by smoothly.