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Steca One-Shots

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It was another long day of being a model for Stacie, she had spent a total of five long hours doing two different photo shoots for two different magazines. After that, she had to go to the agency and review what offer she wanted to accept next. Right now she was on her way to her house that she shared with her girlfriend Beca. She just wanted to get home and relax, nothing more, nothing less. Twenty short minutes later, she pulled up to the driveway and parked before entering the house.

"Baby I'm home." She announced as she put her keys and purse down.

She heard footsteps approaching rapidly from the stairs.

"Hey babe." Beca said happily as she ran down the stairs with a smile.

Stacie raised a brow at the smaller girls happiness and wardrobe. She was currently wearing a Star Wars hoodie with pajama pants that had the hero's on one pant leg and the villains on the other. She had her glasses on with her hair tied in a bun.

"What's got you all geeked up?" Stacie asked.

Beca smiled "I did something and I want to show you."

"Does it involve the get-up?" Stacie asked, pointing her finger up and down at Beca's clothing.

Beca nodded "Yeah it does."

Stacie chuckled "Lead the way."

Beca was majorly into Star Wars, Marvel, DC, comic books and all things' horror. Growing up, she was always looked at as the nerd due to her love for the "geeky" stuff. She would collect comics as a kid and all the figurines/collectables. As she grew up, she learned how to hide it from people out of fear that she'd get picked on. When she arrived at Barden she brought some of her favorite comics and collectables but kept them hidden so no one would see them. Stacie however found them one night and since then she's been the only that's known about it. Even now, as the popular music producer that Beca has become, she still keeps this hidden.

Beca led Stacie up the stairs and stopped in front of a door that Stacie knew all too well.

"You finally did something with this empty room?" Stacie asked.

"Yup, and it took me all day yesterday and today to complete." Beca announced proudly.

"Well, it only took two moths to put this room to use." Stacie chuckled. Ever since the two moved into this house, this room has been completely empty. At first, it was going to be a home office, but Stacie handled everything from the agency or her laptop. Then it was going to be an extra guest bedroom, but they already had three guest bedrooms. So it's been empty since they had no idea what to do with. A couple of weeks ago, Stacie told Beca she could do whatever she wants with it.

"Ready?" Beca asked.

Stacie nodded "Yes ma'am."

Beca twisted the nob and hit a switch as she entered. Stacie stepped in and froze on the spot. She looked around before looking towards Beca.

"You didn't." Stacie said shocked.

Beca smirked "Oh, but I did."

The switch Beca flipped turned on the LED lights that she had all through the room. The room was filled with comics and collectables from all of Beca's favorite things. Each wall was devoted to a certain movie. Stacie walked over to the right side, where one wall was only Marvel and the other wall was only DC. She then walked to the other side of the room, where one wall was all horror stuff and the other one had shelves filled with different comic books. To top it all off, there was a huge 65-inch flat screen with Beca's movie and TV show collection next to it, along with her gaming consoles.

"So, what do you think?" Beca asked her girlfriend.

Stacie looked at Beca "I think. I think this is badass, Mitchell."

"Really?" Beca smiled.

Stacie smiled back "Really."

"Thank god, I thought I spent all this money for no reason." Beca sighed.

Stacie raised a brow at this "How much did you spend exactly?"

Beca scratched her head nervously "Uh, about five grand."

"Five grand!?" Stacie exclaimed.

Beca put her hands up "The posters, comics and collectables are all vintage, and you know these things aren't cheap. I got some replicas in here as well, which everyone knows costs a bit more." Beca rushed out.

Stacie sighed and pinched her nose "Ok take a deep breath Stacie." She said to herself before looking at Beca "This is the type of stuff you should talk to me about beforehand baby alright? I know you love all this, but next time, just give me a heads-up."

Beca nodded "I promise."

Stacie smiled "Good. Now tell me about all this."

"Well, this is my nerd cave. I even got a sign." Beca said as she moved to the couch, she put in there grabbing a black sign with red letters that read "Nerd Cave". This got a laugh out of Stacie before Beca went into deep explanations for every collectable, poster, figurines and comic book. She told Stacie about the different masks she had from the different horror movie killers and why she liked each one. Beca then explained how she thought about this and all the different ideas she had come up with before settling for this set up. The whole time, Beca was explaining all this to Stacie, she had a huge smile on her face and looked like a kid in Disney. Something Stacie found adorable.

"I'm glad this makes you happy, baby. I'm glad you have this room where you can let loose and get lost in your world." Stacie said lovingly.

"This is for the both of us, I hope you know that. I know you're not into any of this, but you can still come in here and watch Netflix or movies whenever you want." Beca said.

Stacie smiled and held Beca's hands "Thank you Beca."

Stacie brought her in for a quick kiss "I love you my little nerd."