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Steca One-Shots

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"Now how in the hell are you miraculously doing so well when just yesterday you were in tears from cramps?" Emily asked Stacie as the taller girl walked up the stairs after getting a bottle of Gatorade.

Stacie shrugged "The higher ups answered my prayers?"

Emily shook her head "Well when my time comes I need to talk to whatever higher ups those are."

Stacie winked and went back to her room, while Emily went to check if Beca was awake yet. She gently opened the door to the smaller girls room and found Beca curled up in the fetal position, groaning in pain. Emily quickly shut the door and went to her side.

"Becs what's wrong?" Emily asked worried.

Beca groaned "Cramps. Really bad cramps."

Emily furrowed her eyebrows "But you don't get yours for another two weeks. It's usually Stacie, me and then you."

"Well tell that to my insides then dear sister of mines." Beca said.

"Alright, let me get the heating pad then." Emily said as she got up. She retrieved the pad from her bathroom cabinet and plugged it in, handing it to Beca "Here let me know if you need anything."

Beca simply nodded "Thank you."

Emily stared at her older sister, genuinely confused at how this could happen. Beca never got cramps like that ever. She was the only person she knew that never got any and symptoms. So how and why?

She went downstairs after telling Beca to shout or text her for anything. She sat down on the sofa and kept thinking about the situation before something clicked. She realized that Stacie had the same cramps, in fact Stacie was known for having bad cramps. Stacie had spent all day yesterday in bed while Beca took care of the older girl. Thinking back on all the times that Stacie miraculously healed over night, Beca always seemed to feel the same way Stacie had previously before she healed.

"Son of a." Emily said quietly to herself as she realized that the two were actual soulmates. See when you meet your soulmate you can transfer any pain or sickness they have to yourself in turn for them completely healing instantly. Emily shook her head and made a mental note to talk to her sister about this.

The next day, Beca felt better and was sitting in bed playing some Call of Duty zombies when Emily walked in and sat next to her.

"Can we talk?" Emily asked.

Beca pauses the game and looked towards Emily "Sure sis, what's up?"

"I umm did some thinking yesterday after I gave you the pad and went downstairs." Emily said before stopping.

"About what?" Beca asked.

"You? And Stace." Emily said slowly.

"Go on." Beca raised a brow.

"I'm pretty damn sure you two are soulmates." Emily said.

Beca stayed silent and avoided looking Emily in the eyes.

"Oh my god you knew didn't you?" Emily asked.

Beca sighed "Yes I knew. Why do you think she always heals like nothing happened?"

Emily couldn't believe this "When'd you figure it out? And why haven't you said anything?"

"I found out the summer before senior year when we went to the pool. When she slipped and sprained her wrist, remember she was able to use it like nothing? Well I took on the pain and let me tell you a sprain wrist hurts like hell. As for not saying anything, well what's the point? We all know she likes to date around, and not one of them have been female." Beca said with a shrug.

"Beca that was three years ago! We're sophomores in college, for crying out loud. Tell her." Emily exclaimed.

"What's the use? She only dates guys Em. Face it, were just meant to be best friends or just platonic." Beca shrugged.

"Beca that's like saying Megan Fox isn't attractive." Emily said sarcastically.

Beca rolled her eyes "What's your point?"

"That what you said is false. A three-year-old could notice that you two are meant to be. We've known Stacie our whole lives, pretty much, and I've never seen the two of you happier than when you're together. I've never seen two people more meant for each other than you two." Emily said.

Beca shook her head "Your observation is one thing and her feelings are another sis."

"Well you do realize she'll eventually figure it out right? I mean, she's Stacie." Emily pointed out.

Beca shrugged grabbing the controller "Like you said it's been three years and look at me, I'm still breathing and kicking."

"For how much longer?" Emily said to herself quietly as she got up and walked out the room.

Emily walked downstairs to the kitchen where Stacie was siting eating a bowl of milk and cereal.

"Cocoa Puffs and Rice Krispies mixed?" Emily asked looking at the bowl in front of Stacie.

Stacie nodded as she took a spoonful "It's actually amazing together."

"You have the same weird taste buds as that troll upstairs." Emily chuckled, grabbing a granola bar and water.

"That's why were best friends." Stacie said with a smile.

Emily smiled "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can." Stacie smiled back.

"Do you ever think about your soulmate?" Emily asked.

Stacie tilted her head in thought "Sometimes I do. I wonder what there like or if I've even met them."

"Do you feel like you have?" Emily asked.

"It's possible." Stacie answered.

"Would you care about the gender?" Emily shot back.

Stacie shook her head "Never, I don't care as long as they love me and treat me right."

Emily smiled at that answer "Same. I just wonder if we have met ours and not realized it. Like what if they've been right in front of our faces, and we never put two and two together."

Stacie shrugged "That's just how life rolls sometimes. Anyways, I have to head to class. Text you guys when I get there and leave." Stacie said, putting the bowl in the sink and giving Emily a hug.

Emily watched the taller girl leave and thought of a way to get the two together. She knew it'd have to be done right, and she'd have to be careful that no one got seriously injured. After a few moments of thinking, she came up with the perfect time, when the three would go and play basketball every Friday, which just happened to be tomorrow.

The next day, the three girls got ready and headed towards the gym to play.

"Alright, since I won last time, you two play, and I'll face the winner." Beca said once they arrived.

Emily and Stacie started their game to seven, and it was currently tied five a piece. Stacie had the ball, and Emily knew this would be the best time to execute her plan. So after she checked it up, Stacie drove down the lane and right when she was about to go for a lay-up, Emily jumped up like she was going to block it but elbowed Stacie right on the side of her head. Stacie instantly let out a groan of pain and fell to the floor. Beca immediately ran to the taller girls side as Emily bent down concerned.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Stace." Emily said.

"Stace you alright?" Beca asked.

Stacie groaned in pain and held her head with hands.

"Stacie, can you get up?" Beca asked.

Stacie shook her head slowly.

"Shit." Beca said quietly before moving Stacie's hands and holding the girls head with her own. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she let out a hiss from absorbing the pain.

"Son of a bitch." Beca said, sitting down and bringing her hands to her head.

Stacie sat up and looked over at Beca with a shocked expression "It really is you isn't it?" Stacie asked.

Beca looked up "Surprise." She said.

"You knew?" Emily asked.

Stacie shook her head "I've always had my thoughts, but I never knew a hundred percent." Stacie answered.

"Well now you do." Beca said before looking at Emily "Jesus do you have an elbow made of steel?"

Emily chuckled "Sorry didn't mean to hit her that hard."

Stacie frowned "You meant that? What'd I do to you?"

"Nothing girl, I just wanted to get you two on the same page with the whole being soulmates, so I came up with a plan to make Beca show you. Sorry." Emily answered nervously.

"I'm so kicking your ass when this headache goes away." Beca said.

"I mean, you can try." Emily shrugged.

"Alright you two. Em go get ice for your sister, and tiny Mitchell get up and let's go to an actual chair." Stacie said, holding her hand out for Beca to take.

Emily came back with the ice "I'll let you two talk while I just shot around." Emily winked.

Beca placed the ice pack on her head after taking a pain pill.

"So how long?" Stacie asked.

"When you sprained your wrist at the pool." Beca answered.

Stacie nodded "Why did you never say anything?"

"You always date around and never did anything with a female, so I figured you weren't into girls like that." Beca answered.

Stacie sighed and placed a hand on Beca's lap "Because none of the girls were you. You could have talked to me, you know? I wouldn't of looked at you any different. I mean, we're soulmates." Stacie chuckled.

"That we are apparently." Beca chuckled.

"Makes sense, doesn't it. Considering how we've always been with one another since the day we met." Stacie said.

Beca nodded "Like it was destiny."

Stacie intertwined their hands "I'm just glad my soulmate is my best friend and the person I just so happen to love more than anything in this world." Stacie said with a smile.

Beca squeezed the taller girls hand "Me too."