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Steca One-Shots

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It was a bright Sunday afternoon which meant one thing and one thing only, NFL all day long. Like every other Sunday since they were in middle school Beca was over at the Conrad's watching football. Something that Stacie and her dad were huge fans off. To be fair they loved every sport, but football was by far their favorite. Stacie being the only child meant that her dad showed her sports and taught her how to play the moment she could walk. Stacie was on the basketball, softball, volleyball and the flag football team. Sports is the taller girl's life, while Beca on the other hand didn't know squat about them. She just watched and supported Stacie at all her games and would lounge around and watch the games on TV with Stacie to hang out with her girlfriend.

Beca was currently curled up on the sofa with her head resting on Stacie's chest while the San Francisco 49ers were playing against the New England Patriots. Beca looked up at her girlfriend and smiled at how into the sport she was, Beca always found Stacie's love and passion for sports adorable. She really wished she knew more about them, so they could watch it and even play them as a couple. Beca only really enjoyed UFC due to the pure violence.

"Oh come on! Where's the flag? That's clearly pass interference." Stacie exclaimed at the screen.

Beca chuckled "You know they can't hear you right babe?"

Stacie looked down at her tiny girlfriend "I don't care. They get paid to make the right calls not blow them."

Beca laughed and turned her attention back to the game. She watched as the Patriots ran a trick play where the quarterback passed it to the receiver who then passed it to another receiver for a touchdown.

"Is that even legal to do?" Beca asked confused.

Stacie nodded "Yeah, it was a backwards lateral pass, so that allowed the receiver to throw it downfield to the other receiver running his route."

Beca just nodded "Right of course."

Stacie chuckled at her girlfriend's confusion "It's a lot but yes it's legal."

Beca really wished she could have conversations with Stacie and her dad about this type of stuff.

"Hey pops, what do you think about our remaining games?" Stacie asked her dad.

"Well aside from the Baltimore game, we're looking good. Definitely finishing with the one seed if we beat Baltimore. If not then two seed it is." Stacie's dad answered.

The referees blew the whistle signaling that it was the end of the first half and time for halftime. Stacie's dad went to check on the food while her mom went to assist leaving the couple on the couch. Stacie started to run her hands through Beca's hair while Beca played with Stacie's fingers.

"Babe?" Beca asked looking up to her girlfriend.

"What's up?" Stacie asked looking down towards Beca.

"Can you teach me about football?" Beca asked.

Stacie raised her eyebrows "You serious?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I want to be able to sit here and watch it with you and be able to actually have a discussion instead of just nodding along." Beca responded.

Stacie smiled "Of course I'd love that."

Beca adjusted her position so that her head was on Stacie's lap, and she was staring straight up at her.

"I guess we can start with the basic stuff. Like what teams we like and don't like?" Beca asked.

"We'll as you know by now our favorite team is the Patriots. We're the bad guys that everyone hates because of how much we win. We hate the Jets, Bills, Giants, Steelers and I guess you can say the Dolphins even though Dad and myself actually like them. There just a division opponent so you're not really supposed to like them. Oh, and the Cowboys, no one likes them except for their fans." Stacie said.

Beca nodded "Understood. I'll let you decide what I should know."

"Alright so." Stacie began as she went into deep details about the rules and what each player did. Stacie talked about how coaches could challenge certain things and how plays worked like the trick play Beca saw earlier. The two were so engrossed in the lesson neither of them noticed Stacie's parents looking on with huge smiles on both their faces.

"You think she'll remember all this?" Stacie's mom asked.

Stacie's dad laughed "You should know that small girl would learn anything for our daughter. So yeah I think she'll remember all this and then some."

Fifteen minutes later it was time for the second half kickoff and everyone's attention was back on the game. It was the third play of the opening drive and the Patriots had the ball when the quarterback threw a pass and the receiver missed it, but the referees had thrown a flag and called pass interference on the 49ers.

"So it was PI because the defender held his arm?" Beca asked.

Stacie smiled "Good job baby. Remember you have five yards to do whatever but after those first five yards you can't touch or hold the receiver."

Beca nodded "Right and the same goes for the receiver, they can't push or hold the defender because then it's an offensive PI." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Exactly. See you got this and it that was just fifteen minutes, imagine when I can show you with film."

"I can't wait." Beca said with a genuine smile on her face. Stacie beamed and gave the smaller girl a kiss before pulling Beca into her side to cuddle.

Stacie's parents saw the interaction and smiled at how much the two of them loved one another.

Beca looked up towards her girlfriend and smiled knowing how much closer her learning about sports would bring the two.