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Steca One-Shots

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Beca Mitchell sat down at her desk waiting for the bell to ring as it was now time for her favorite subject, History. She reached into her bag as she grabbed her binder and looked up as she heard someone sit down at the desk in front of her. She looked up and there she was, Chloe Beale. The girl Beca had been secretly in love with since sophomore year. Beca was now in her senior year and prom was coming up meaning everyone was looking for their prom date. Stacie, her best friend, had told Beca to ask her since there was no point in not asking her. Beca however was afraid to.

Chloe was miss popular. She was friends with all the jocks and cheerleaders, she was the "It girl" of East Ridge High school. She was popular with all the guys which obviously discouraged Beca from asking her because Beca was seen as the geek. Beca had the big glasses and was the quiet shy girl who only had one friend really and that friend was looked at as a geek. Stacie similar to Beca had the big glasses and was know as the science freak so high school wasn't the best experience for the two.

Stacie was in a similar position as Beca, see Stacie had a crush on Chloe's best friend Aubrey Posen. Stacie didn't feel as much for Aubrey as Beca did for Chloe but it was still to the point where she'd stare at the blonde girl.

"Hey Chloe, I like your outfit." Beca said as Chloe took her seat.

Chloe raised her eyebrows "Thanks. I like the sticker on your binder."

Beca had a "Music is life" sticker with each letter being a different instrument and note.

"Thank you." Beca smiled shyly.

The teacher walked in and began her lecture. Beca's mind was split between listening and her thoughts about the red head in front of her. To Beca, Chloe was the most innocent beautiful person ever. She just wished she'd be able to have her and be able to give her the world like she deserves.

As the days went by with Beca talking to Stacie about Chloe and vice versa, the two came up with a plan. Beca would ask Chloe to prom first then Stacie would as Aubrey. They'd do it in a lowkey environment not wanting to do it in front of the whole school. They decided after school when Aubrey had cheerleading and Chloe would be by herself as the red head always watched her best friends practices.

Today was the day and Beca was sweating bullets by the time cheerleading practice started. Beca had prepared a whole speech and was ready to wow Chloe away, hopefully. The two made their way over to the bleachers where Chloe usually sat while the practice was going on. To their surprise however Chloe was their with the cheerleaders and the varsity football team. The two stopped as soon as the were spotted.

"Ah look who's here." One jock said.

"Geek and geeker." Another jock said.

"That's not even a word." Stacie said quietly.

"No one asked you." The same jock said rolling his eyes.

Beca wasn't sure if she should just keep walking or just go for it. She knew this could end badly especially with everyone here to witness. However she thought back to what Stacie had said.

"Look B, if it goes wrong yeah it'll suck but in two months after we graduate we'll most likely never seen anyone again until our reunion so why not."

Beca took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind, even deciding not to use the speech she had prepared.

"Chloe can I ask you something?" Beca said trying to hide her nerves.

"Uhh yeah sure." Chloe responded.

"Well your obviously the most beautiful girl in this school and one of the sweetest and I'll was just hoping that you'd want to go to prom with me?" Beca asked.

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds just looking around and at one another. Beca was trying her best to hold on her nerves and try not to crack. Stacie was worried for her best friend but proud that she went for it.

It was quiet till Chloe bursted into a laughing fit causing the rest of them to burst into a laughing fit.

"OMG that was a good one." Chloe said as she tried to regain her breath "Beca listen." Chloe said standing up "I can't go to prom with you because well you're you and I'm me. I have a reputation to uphold and you don't meet the standards. Sorry." Chloe said as she turned and walked away being followed by the rest of the jocks and cheerleaders.

To say Beca was crushed would be an understatement. The girl of her dreams just ripped her heart out and stomped all over it. In front of an audience no less. Stacie was heartbroken for her friend as well as fuming towards the red head.

"Come on B, let's go home. She's just a bitch who cares more about popularity then anything else. You don't deserve this." Stacie said wrapping an arm around her best friend who silently had tears rolling down her cheeks.

Those last two months did go by pretty quickly but Beca's heart remained broken. Stacie did her best to cheer up her best friend as she did feel responsible for giving her the thought to ask her. Beca reassured the taller girl it wasn't her fault as much as she could. Chloe did end up going to prom with the star quarterback and winning prom queen.

"The devil finally gets her crown." Stacie mumbled.

Stacie and Beca both graduated with the same GPA and they were both the valedictorians. They ended up going to the University of Georgia with Beca majoring in Music as she wanted to sing and produce. Stacie majored in Biochemistry wanting to be a researcher. They graduated college in the top of their class just like they did in high school. Once they graduated they both found jobs in LA where they moved into a penthouse that their parents had all pitched in for.

Beca had quickly risen to the top of music using her childhood and teenage years as the main inspirations to her music. She made music about being the outcast, about not having many friends, being the geek, being picked on and being humiliated. She made music that kids could relate towards, something her favorite artist always did. She never did forget that day when she asked Chloe to prom. She always used what she said as a chip on her shoulder to succeed and prove those people wrong.

Stacie meanwhile had worked as a researcher for three years till she met a producer at one of Beca's album release parties. He offered her a role as a chemist in a TV show he was working on and after one season she gained such popularity that she landed a role in a new TV show where she'd be playing Poison Ivy. The show would follow the villains of Gotham with Poison Ivy being the main one alongside Harley Quinn.

The two of them were doing amazing which leads us to the current day. Stacie and Beca were on a jet flying back to Atlanta to attend their high school reunion. Something they were actually looking forward to attending. They landed at the airport and got a Uber to the mansion Beca owner in Atlanta.

The two got ready with Beca wearing her normal attire. She put on a black crop top and topped it with a olive green bomber jacket to pair with high waisted ripped camo skinny jeans with a pair of black laced up high heels.
Stacie in typical Stacie Conrad fashion, went with a tight red cutout dress and black high heels.

They headed to the garage where Beca grabbed the keys to her baby blue Lamborghini Huracan.

"Going all out are we B?" Stacie chuckled.

"Might as well flex a bit. Besides not like their is any normal cars here." Beca shrugged.

The two quickly made their way to the high school where the reunion is being held at. Once they arrived at the parking lot all eyes were on the car. Beca pulled up to the entrance where everyone had to turn the car to the valet parking. The two stepped out with Beca handing the keys and getting the ticket number, she walked over to Stacie and held out her hand.

"Ready?" Beca asked.

Stacie nodded and grabbed her hand "Let's do this."

They walked hand in hand while everyone kept their eyes on the pair. Beca and Stacie could feel that they were being watched like hawks hunting prey. They walked through the doors that lead to the gym and took in the scene.

"Man I don't miss this hell hole." Beca sighed.

"You and me both." Stacie replied.

They grabbed the name tags that were laid out on a table and clipped it to their tops. The two looked for an empty table and spotted one next to the stage where they quickly walked over towards. Once they were seated Stacie pulled out her phone.

"Smile." Stacie said as she opened the camera.

Beca leaned over and cracked a small smile. As soon as Stacie looked over the photo the two were interrupted.

"Excuse Beca and Stacie." The voice said.

The two looked up and saw it was their former history teacher Mrs. Ridley.

"Holy crap Mrs. Ridley!" They both said at the same time.

The teacher smiled "Oh please no need for that. Your no longer students, call me Liza."

"What's up Liza?" Beca asked.

"I'd hate to ask you this but the band's singer is running late, any chance you might be able to preform a couple songs till he gets here?" Liza asked.

Beca smiled "Anything for my favorite teacher."

Beca got up and gave Stacie her bag but just as she was going to walk towards the stage they got more company.

"Hey Beca." Non other then Chloe Beale said.

Beca and Stacie locked eyes with her and Aubrey. It was quiet for a couple of seconds.

"Chloe." Beca said with no care whatsoever.

"It's nice to see you again. You as well Stacie. Chloe smiled.

Stacie rolled her eyes while Beca raised a brow "Is it now? Because last time I talked to you, you and the rat pack laughed at me before you said how I wasn't good enough to be near you."

Chloe took a deep breath "I know and I'm so sorry for that. I was horrible back then but I want to leave that in the past."

Beca and Stacie chuckled shaking their heads after looking at one another "Sorry Beale but I actually use that as motivation. Along with the rest of the shit you and the rats did to us. Now excuse I have to preform." Beca said as she gave Stacie a pat on the shoulder and wink.

Beca preformed two of her most popular songs before turning to the band behind her.

"I got a new song, if I tell you guys the notes and beats think you can pull it off?" Beca asked.

Receiving a nod she proceeded to write down the notes and told them exactly how the melody and flow would go. Once it was all down packed she grabbed the mic.

"Alright so this is my newest song I wrote. I haven't even released this one yet so you guys are going to hear it first. Since this is our high school reunion what better time then to play this one." Beca said taking off her jacket.

She gave the band the queue before screaming "Yeah" into the mic as she stared to nod her head. This song was rock inspired so it relied heavy on the drums. She sent a wink towards Stacie as the taller girl knew what song this was and smiled back. Beca looked at Chloe before starting.

"I loved her fancy underwear
I'd sit behind her every year
Waiting for the chance to get
To tell her I'm the one she should be with, oh
She's popular with all the guys
So innocent in my eye
I could see her in my life
She would've had the world if she were mine
But, see she had other plans, I couldn't understand
Her and her stupid friends, varsity's biggest fans
Never forget the day she laughed and walked away
And I couldn't stop her, I guess she had it all."

Beca sang never breaking eye contact with Chloe.

"She had it all figured out
But she left me with a broken heart
Fucked around and turned me down
'Cause she didn't think I could play the part
But now the prom queen, the prom queen
Is crying, sitting outside of my door
See, you never know how
How everything could turn around."

"Uhhhh, they loved her fancy underwear
Every boyfriend, every year
She tried to keep 'em entertained
When they can hardly remember her name uahh
She did everything she could
Just to make them laugh and treat her good
She'd find herself alone
Asking herself where did she go wrong-wrong-wrong
She didn't realize she chased the type of guys
That don't believe in ties, trying to apologize
Never forget the day she laughed and walked away
And I couldn't stop her, I guess she had it all."

Beca continued with the song as she sang with as much passion behind her still looking at Chloe. When the final guitar rift ended Beca bowed her head and place the mic back on the stand. She hugged each band member before walking over to Liza giving her hug. After receiving hundreds of thanks from the staff she finally made it back to the table where Stacie embraced her.

"I fucking love that song." Stacie said.

Beca laughed "I know, you always tell me when I play it for you."

The two broke apart when they heard footsteps.

"Did you really have to put Chloe on the spot like that? We just wanted to enjoy ourselves." Aubrey asked angrily.

"Did your best friend have to rip out Beca's heart like that in front of everyone and humiliate her? She just wanted to ask a simple yes or no question." Stacie said back.

"That was years ago, get over it." Aubrey said.

"Never. That's what fuels me to stay at the top. It fuels us to keep pushing and being successful. It fuels us to never give up and to prove to kids that you can make it despite what people say about you." Beca said.

Stacie smiled held Beca's hand.

"Sorry but you know what they say about karma." Stacie smirked.

"You two deserve each other." Aubrey said as she walked away.

"Thank you!" Stacie shouted.

"To think they used to be our dream girls." Beca joked.