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Steca One-Shots

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It was another long day of being a high school student for Beca Mitchell. She hated high school with a passion, the early mornings, the teachers who think their all mighty, the stuck up principal who runs this place like a prison, the snobby popular kids who think there special because of their parents money and being graded on how well you can mesmerize a textbook that hasn't been updated in forever. Not to mention the fact that she had this assumption about her, people saw her as this mean weird loner that was an outcast. She never really gave anyone a reason to think that but since they wanted to think that she just went with it. Sure she had an attitude problem I mean what teenage high schooler doesn't? She had a low tolerance for people's crap, and she didn't like disrespect. She wasn't mean, but her facial expression could give off that vibe. As for the loner part? She can't really change that if no one talks to her. So yeah she really hated high school.

Third period had just ended which meant it was time for lunch. Beca walked to her locker and put away her stuff grabbing her lunch. She found a table in the back corner of the outside courtyard and sat down taking out the two slices of pizza and yellow Gatorade. She was about to take a bite when someone sat down in front of her. She looked up and of course it was non-other than Stacie Conrad.

Stacie Conrad was the head cheerleader and most popular girl in the school. She was the girl that everyone wanted to either date or be friends with. She was also one of the smartest people you'll meet but that always got overshadowed by her popularity. Beca knew Stacie since the two always went to the same schools since elementary but Beca never really shared the same classes with the girl. The two never really talked or interacted with one another till this year. Stacie had this habit of sitting with Beca at lunch and talking to her in school throughout their junior year. Something Beca never understood.

"Hey Beca, how's your day been?" Stacie asked with a smile.

Beca raised a brow "Uhh it's high school, so it's been long and shitty."

"Awww well something good or funny had to have happened today." Stacie said taking a bite from her salad.

"Not really. Umm how's your day been?" Beca asked a bit awkwardly.

"Stressful. We had a huge Chemistry test and then my algebra 2 teacher gave us a surprise quiz. I mean why do we have all these tests for?" Stacie said with a sigh.

"They like to see us suffer. It's like our teachers are jigsaw, and we're the hostages." Beca said taking a bite from her pizza.

Stacie laughed "Great now every time I see Saw I'm going to think of school."

"You like Saw?" Beca asked shocked.

Stacie smiled "I love anything horror. Why so surprised?"

"I just didn't peg you for the horror type." Beca said back.

Stacie smirked "You'd be surprised what I like."

The two fell into a comfortable silence and continued to eat their food.

"You uhh got something." Beca said pointing to Stacie's left cheek where she had ranch.

"Oh shoot." Stacie said trying to lick it off but couldn't reach it.

Beca shook her head "Here." She said as she wiped it off with her thumb and licked it.

"Thank you." Stacie smiled.

Beca nodded before looking over her shoulder where the rest of the cheerleaders and jocks sat. They were all staring at the two and talking amongst one another. Beca turned her head around and tried to brush off the weird feeling she got.

She looked up to Stacie "This isn't some like cruel plan right?"

Stacie's face scrunched in confusion "What are you talking about?"

"You know the popular girl all of a sudden takes interest in the weird loner girl just to humiliate her." Beca said.

Stacie looked over Beca's shoulder and saw all the cheerleaders and jocks staring pointing fingers and talking. She knew where this was coming from and shook her head.

"Listen Beca, I get it. I really do. But this isn't some cruel prank or joke to humiliate or hurt you I promise. I'll never in a million years be one of those cliché high school girls. Just because I'm the head cheerleader and have the popularity doesn't mean I'm evil like the girls in the movies and TV shows. Yeah, some of the girls and guys at that table are like that, why do you think I never sit with them or hang out with them outside of practices. If you feel uncomfortable with me being around you then I understand, I'll leave you be." Stacie said.

Beca stopped her "Please stay, I'm sorry I didn't mean to insinuate anything. I just don't have good experiences with those people over there." Beca said.

Stacie smiled "It's ok and I know, I'm sorry for that."

Beca shrugged "Can I ask you something though?"

Stacie nodded "Of course you can. Ask me anything."

"Why are you so nice to me? I'm sure people tell you to stay away from me." Beca asked.

"Because I believe there is more to a person that meets the eye. I don't judge based on the outside, I judge based on what's the inside. I never go off people's opinions. You've never given me any bad vibes, you've only given me good vibes which is why I constantly try to talk to you and sit with you. Despite you being awkward and weary which like I said I completely understand." Stacie said.

"Wow, thank you for not being like everyone else. Yeah, sorry about that I'm just not used to people actually wanting to talk to me or be around me." Beca said looking down at her drink.

"No problem and lucky for you, I'm here to fix that. You're looking at your new best friend." Stacie smiled.

"Best friend?" Beca asked surprised.

Stacie beamed and nodded "Yup, I feel like we're going to be the best of friends. Don't worry I'll make sure no one gives you any shit. Even though I'm sure you can handle your own." Stacie said with a wink.

"You have no idea." Beca smirked back.