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Steca One-Shots

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Beca had carefully left the apartment that she shared with her girlfriend Stacie. Beca was currently on her way to pick up Stacie's present. There was no birthday or anniversary, this was something Beca wanted to do for her loving girlfriend who was going through a rough patch at the moment. See Stacie dealt with major anxiety which lead to the girl often times having episodes of depression. Lately it's been hitting Stacie hard and with Beca being an intern at the label, she couldn't always be by Stacie's side like she would like. Stacie had spent the past week being depressed and randomly crying. It didn't help that Beca had to leave causing Stacie to be alone, only being able to FaceTime Emily and CR.

With all that in mind Beca had spent the last three days in contact with someone her dad knows. Beca had called him up and told him what she was looking for, and he said he had exactly what she wanted. So after a couple of conversations she was now here picking it up. Once it was safely secured in her car she made her way back home.

During this time however Stacie woke up. She felt around for Beca but when she realized she wasn't in bed she searched for her. Realizing she wasn't home, Stacie went to lay back down and cuddled with Beca's pillow. Whenever Stacie got these episodes she would always cuddle with something that smelled like her girlfriend.

Exactly twenty minutes later Stacie heard the front door open and close. Beca made her way to the room and saw Stacie cuddled with her pillow. She walked over to her and kissed her head giving her a hug.

"Good morning beautiful." Beca said softly.

"Where'd you go?" Stacie asked sadly.

"To get your surprise." Beca smiled.

Stacie turned over and looked at Beca "What surprise?" She asked.

"You'll see." Beca smirked holding out her hand.

Stacie accepted it and stood up "What's the surprise for?"

Beca smiled as she grabbed the blindfold "I know you've been feeling down, and I haven't been able to be by your side and that's made me feel like shit, so I got something to help you when I can't be here."

Stacie let Beca put the blindfold on "It's okay baby, you have a career to focus on."

"I know love but still your happiness comes first." Beca said as she led Stacie towards the surprise.

Beca lead Stacie towards the kitchen where she stopped "Ok now when I take off the blindfold wait till I say open ok?"

Stacie nodded "Ok."

Beca took off the blindfold "Ok. 1,2,3 open." Beca said.

Stacie opened her eyes and gasped. She brought her hands to her mouth as her breath got caught. She blinked a couple of times as tears made their way towards her eyes.

"For real?" She asked staring at Beca.

Beca smiled and nodded "For real babe."

Stacie burst into tears as she flung herself at Beca "Thank you thank you thank you." Stacie said repeatedly.

Beca chuckled "No problem babe. Now enough hugging me, show it some attention."

Stacie smiled and nodded before looking towards the sofa. There on the sofa was a small black pit bull puppy. It currently had the stuffed microphone that Beca kept in the middle of them for the past three days. Now Stacie understood why Beca had it, so their scent would be on it and the puppy would learn it. Stacie walked up to it and stuck her hand out, the puppy sniffed her hand and after a few seconds his tail started to wiggle. The puppy started to lick her hand happily causing Stacie to let out a lovingly "Awww".

Stacie picked up the puppy and hugged it carefully "I already love you my sweet boy."

Beca chuckled "Let's see if you'll still say that when you have to take it to its lessons and clean up after it."

Stacie smiled at her "Of course I will. I grew up with pit bulls remember."

Beca smiled at how happy her girlfriend was and hoped that this little companion could keep that beautiful smile on that beautiful face.