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Steca One-Shots

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"What do you mean 'She's in the basement'?" Stacie said pissed off as she glared at Emily, CR, Amy and Benji.

The group looked at each other nervously knowing how bad it can get when Stacie was mad.

"We were playing truth or dare and Amy dared her to go to the basement." Emily said fidgeting with her hands.

Stacie directed her glare at Amy "You did what!?"

Amy glared at Emily "Gee thanks legacy." She then turned to Stacie "It was just a little dare."

"Till you cut the power and closed the door." CR added.

Stacie's eyes popped out when she heard this "WHAT!" She screamed "She's down there in pitch darkness?"

Amy nodded sheepishly "It was supposed to make the dare that much more daring, but now we don't know how to turn the power back on."

Stacie was livid at this point. See what the other girls didn't know was that Beca was afraid of the dark. She absolutely hated darkness, has since she was a kid. No one else knew this except for Stacie of course. Stacie knew Beca must be spazzing out down there.

"You better hope she hasn't hurt herself trying to find her way out." Stacie said as she headed towards the basement steps.

"Stacie there's no power how are you going to see?" Emily asked.

Stacie looked over her shoulder "I'll figure it out, right now Beca is my main concern." She said before opening the door.

She carefully walked down the steps "Becs?" Stacie called out. She didn't get nothing so when she reached the bottom she called out again "Becs?"

She heard a clutter followed by her best friends voice "Thank you, Jesus." Stacie chuckled at the tone of relive in Beca's voice "Stace?"

"Who else." Stacie chuckled "Where you at?" She asked as she felt around trying to gather her surroundings.

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm currently in a pitch black basement." Beca said sarcastically.

Stacie couldn't help but smile "Oh ha ha real funny. I meant like where? A corner? In the open?"

"Well let me look around. Oh, yeah I can't." Beca responded once more sarcastically.

Stacie shook her head "Alright smart ass look, we both know how you feel about the dark so how about less sarcasm and more helpfulness?" Stacie asked.

Beca sighed "Ok sure."

Stacie stopped "Perfect. Now how about the usual?"

"Deal." Beca said.

The usual meant their twist on Marco-Polo. They've been doing this since they were in high school. It had come in handy in some situations, like when a group of classmates decided to play manhunt in the woods at night, and they had gotten separated. Or during their camping trip with the Bellas freshmen year when they went to find some wood and got split up. They would pick a song and take turns in saying the lyrics.

"I'll start I guess." Stacie said.

"Go for it." Beca responded.

"I want the money." Stacie sang.

Beca turned to left a bit "Money and the cars." Beca sang back.

Stacie stayed put realizing she was closer to the door than Beca "Cars and the clothes." She sang.

Beca kept walking towards her left with her hands out to feel around. She felt a wall, so she took a couple steps back before stopping "I suppose."

Stacie took exactly four steps to her right and one forward. She was keeping track of her steps mentally, so she wouldn't get lost on the way back "I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful." Stacie sang.

Beca started to walk straight still with her hands out "I just wanna be successful."

Stacie smiled as she heard Beca's voice getting closer. She took three steps forward "I just wanna be."

Beca smiled as she heard Stacie her closer to her "I just wanna be successful." She kept walking forward.

Stacie was about to song the next line until she bumped into something. She reached out as she heard "Ow". She quickly grabbed onto Beca's arm as she realized it was her she had bumped into.

"Are you ok?" Stacie asked softly as she brought Beca in for a hug.

Beca chuckled "Oh yeah nothing like being lost in a dark basement." She said as she returned the embrace.

"You know I could have left you in here?" Stacie said pinching Beca.

"Ow! Dude." Beca said rubbing her side "You'd never do that, you care too much about me."

"Exactly so a thank you would be nice." Stacie said with a chuckle.

Beca smiled "Thank you, really. I don't know how much longer I could have been down here for."

Stacie pulled away wrapping an arm around Beca "Sorry for those idiots up there." Stacie said as she retraced her steps.

Beca shrugged "It's ok. I should have known they had something up their sleeve."

The two quickly made their way back up the stairs and through the door that lead to the kitchen where the group was awaiting.

"Oh, thank god you two are okay." Emily said relieved.

"We're all fine here Em." Beca smiled.

"Everyone except for Amy." Stacie said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked hesitant.

Stacie smirked "Oh you'll see."

Stacie looked over to Beca and winked.