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Steca One-Shots

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Four years ago

Beca Mitchell was on her way to her girlfriend, Chloe Beale's house after getting off work. Chloe and her had been dating since freshman year and the two had just recently graduated high school. Beca made a left to enter Chloe's neighborhood and pulled into the driveway of the beige two story house. She turned off her challenger and made her way to the door. She opened it knowing that the Beale's always left the front door unlocked for some odd reason. She made her way up the stairs and opened Chloe's door. But what she saw wasn't what she was expecting. There in front of her was her girlfriend of four years sucking on her best friends neck.

"What the fuck Chloe!" Beca shouted causing the red head to jump off her best friend.

"Shit Beca." Chloe said quickly.

Beca just stood there staring at Chloe before her eyes moved over to Chloe's best friend, Aubrey Posen.

"Seriously? With her of all people?" Beca said angrily.

"Just hear us out babe." Chloe pleaded.

Beca shook her head as the emotions started to kick in "Fuck you, this shit is done. Enjoy the blonde bitch." Beca said before she turned around and headed towards the stairs.

"Beca wait!" Chloe shouted as she followed the smaller girl downstairs.

Beca stopped at the door "No, fuck off. Don't even waste your breath. Once I walk out this door you'll never hear or see me again. Hope it was worth it." Beca said as she slammed the door and headed to her car.

Chloe ran after her but Beca just started her car and peeled off. Beca was feeling a mix of anger and sadness as she drove towards her house. Once she got there she unlocked her phone and dialed a certain number.

"Hello, it's Beca Mitchell." Beca said as the other person answered.

"Hello ms. Mitchell, have you made a decision?" The person asked.

"Yes sir I have, my answer is yes." Beca said.

"Great to hear Beca. I'll send the info to your email." The voice said.

"Thank you sir." Beca said before hanging up.

Beca sent a text to her best friend.

Beca: Can you come over ASAP? It's important.

Stacie: Of course. Be there in 10, everything alright?

Beca: I'll explain when you get here.

Exactly ten minutes later Stacie walked through the door using her key. She found Beca sitting on the sofa and sat next to her throwing her arm around her neck.

"What's up Bec?" Stacie asked after kissing Beca's cheek.

"I got some stuff to say so hear me out." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Lay it on me."

"So I just walked in on Chloe pretty much cheating on me with Aubrey." Beca said.

"You what!?" Stacie shouted.

"She was on top of Aubrey sucking her neck." Beca said.

"How the fuck could she do that!? And with Aubrey of all people!" Stacie shouted as she was fuming.

Beca shrugged "Don't know but whatever if she wanted that then let her have it. I have bigger news then that."

"What can be bigger then that?" Stace asked confused.

"I haven't told anyone but I've been in contact with an Army recruiter and after walking in on that I just agreed to join." Beca said.

Stacie's jaw dropped after hearing that. She was stunned for a few before Beca continued.

"It's just after that I don't know, I just want to leave hear and get as far away from them and this place for a while. Plus the benefits are great." Beca added.

"Becs this isn't the type of thing you just decide to do. You need to think about it." Stacie said.

"I have Stace, I've been talking to him for the past month and after a month I decided it was a good thing for me. I even talked to my uncle about it, he's been in the army for 20 years." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "When do you leave?"

Beca checked her email "Says basic training is in 2 weeks. I fly out to Colorado."

Stacie nodded sadly "How long?"

"Four years." Beca said putting a hand atop of Stacie's.

"I'm going to miss you. But if you feel like this is what's best then you know I support you." Stacie said.

Beca brought the taller girl in for a hug "I'll miss you too."

Stacie returned the embrace "I love you shorty. Just please come back alive and in one piece. I can't lose my best friend."

Beca chuckled "I love you too giant. I promise you'll never lose me."

Current day

Beca had just finished her last day under contract and had decided to go back to her apartment. She now had the decision to make if she wanted to Re-Up her contract with the army or not. She was about to jump in the shower when her phone rang. She looked at the caller I.d and saw that it was Stacie's mom.

"Hey Em, whats up?" Beca answered.

Ember, Stacie's mom sniffled "Hey sweetie how was your last day?"

"It was great, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Beca asked worried.

"Uh, god how do I say this." Ember said before taking a breath "Kyler was in an accident and he umm he didn't make it." Ember said as her voice cracked at the end.

Beca was stunned "Oh god, I'm so sorry Em."

"Thank you sweetie." Ember replied.

"How's Stace?" Beca asked concerned about the state her best friend must be in. Kyler was Stacie's younger brother, they were three years apart and for the most part as close as brother and sister can be. Aside from Beca, Stacie only ever confided in her younger brother. After their dad left, Stacie and Kyler became even closer. Stacie had now lost the two most important men in her life.

"She's broken, I'm not even going to sugar coat it. She hasn't eaten, slept, drank anything or left her room. She's been like this for two days." Ember said.

"Two days?" Beca asked.

"The accident was a couple nights ago, sorry I didn't call sooner. I knew you were almost done and I couldn't speak even if I wanted to." Ember said.

"No I completely understand trust me." Beca said.

"I know you must be tired but I was wondering if you can maybe fly out here to help this situation. I think we all know you are the only one who could get through to her." Ember said.

"Of course I'll book the next flight out." Beca said as she headed towards her laptop.

"Thank you so much sweetie. I know this is probably the last place you want to be after everything." Ember said.

"Anything for you and Stacie." Beca said.

"Thank you. Let me know when you land and get here. Love you sweetie." Ember said.

"Will do. Love you to Em." Beca said before hanging up.

Beca booked the next flight that was leaving that same day in 5 hours. She quickly showered and packed the necessities before heading out.

Eight hours later after a three hour flight, Beca had landed in Atlanta. A place she hasn't been in four years. This definitely wasn't the way she planned on returning back here. She walked over to her Uber and texted Ember. After a short twenty minute drive she got out and made her way to the Conrad house. She texted Ember once and more and after a few moments the front door opened.

Ember greeted her with a tight hug, one Beca returned instantly "Thank you for coming. I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too in-law." Beca said referring to the joke they had. Since Beca and Stacie were so close, the Conrad's would always joke around saying Beca was like their daughter in law.

Ember chuckled "How I've missed hearing that."

Beca broke the embrace before closing the door "I've missed telling you that in person. Is she still the same?"

Ember nodded "I at least got her to sip some water but she still in there crying her heart out."

Beca nodded "I'll head up and see what I can do." She headed towards the stairs "If you have any chicken noodle soup start making it and pour two squirts of hot sauce in it." Beca said over here shoulder.

"What?" Ember said.

Beca stopped at the third steps and looked back "It's her favorite." She said and continued to walk up the stairs.

Ember shook her head "I swear she knows my own daughter more then I do." She said as she headed towards the kitchen.

Beca made it up the stairs and stopped in front of the black wooden door that a white mask painted on it. She placed a palm on it and smiled at the memory. Stacie and Beca had decided to paint it black with a white mask in the middle after watching Scream, their favorite horror movie. She remembered how Kyler was the only one that thought it was cool and how he had said he wanted them to paint his door. With a deep breath she opened the door and looked around the room. A room she hasn't been in for four years. She noticed that nothing had changed, it was still as organized as ever something Stacie always made sure of.

She looked towards the right corner where Stacie's bed was located and found her best friend curled up staring blankly towards the door. Beca sighed and closed the door she walked over towards the bed before kicking off her sneakers and placing her wallet and phone on the nightstand. She stared at Stacie whose eyes were bloodshot from all the crying, who had tear stains all over her cheeks, who looked pale as a vampire, whose hair was all messy from laying down to much and who just looked broken. Beca's heart hurt at this sight, she just wanted to take all this pain away. She crawled into the bed and laid right next to Stacie facing her face. Stacie didn't even react she just kept looking towards the door.

Beca scooter closer and wrapped her arms around Stacie and pulled her towards her until the taller girl's forehead was pressed against her shoulder. Beca kissed Stacie's head and ran her fingers through Stacie's hair. Stacie started to cry all over again and soon the crying turned into sobbing. Beca placed more kisses atop Stacie's head as the taller girl began to shake from the crying. After what seemed like forever, Stacie stopped sobbing and Beca kept running her fingers through Stacie's hair.

It was pure silence for a couple of moments till the silence was broken by a croaky voice.

"I've missed you." Stacie croaked out.

Beca smiled and kissed Stacie on the head again before pulling back to look her in eyes "I've missed you too." Beca smiled as she wiped off tear stains from Stacie's cheeks.

Stacie cracked a small sad smile "Thank you for being here."

"Anything for you. You know I'd do anything for you and your mom." Beca said softly.

"I know." Stacie whispered.

"Do me a favor and drink some water?" Beca asked.

Stacie simply nodded so Beca sat up and reached for the bottle of water Ember had brought up earlier. She pulled Stacie to a sitting position and handed her bottle. Stacie drank half of it before closing it and handing it back. Beca placed it back and held Stacie's hand.

"I'm sorry Stace, I wish I could do something to make your pain go away." Beca said softly.

"I know Becs. If only you didn't have to go." Stacie said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Beca asked.

"After this you'll fly back to Colorado and then I'll have no one. I lost my dad, I just lost my baby brother and I don't have you anymore. I just wish you didn't have to leave." Stacie said as fresh tears fell down her cheeks.

Beca felt a wave of sadness surge through her when Stacie said this. She couldn't imagine leaving her best friend again, not after this. Then and there she made up her mind.

Beca wipes the fresh tears away "I'm not going anywhere Stace."

Stacie looked towards her best friend "What?" She sniffled.

Beca smiled "I had an option to re-up but after seeing you, I can't leave you again. Especially not now, so I made up my mind. I'm staying with you."

Stacie smiled for the first time in a couple of days and launched herself at Beca "Thank you!"

Beca returned the embrace "Of course."

After a few moments she pulled back "Do me one more favor? Please eat something."

Stacie nodded "Ok."

Beca smiled and got out of bed and Stacie followed her and held her hand resting her head on Beca's shoulder. The two made their way down the stairs and towards the kitchen where Ember had just served a bowl of the soup.

"Is that what I think it is?" Stacie said softly.

Beca nodded "Your favorite."

Ember turned around and saw the position the two were in and smiled before walking over to her daughter giving her a hug. Stacie hugged her back and Ember looked towards Beca.

"Thank you." Ember mouthed.

Beca nodded and smiled.

Beca knew in her heart that this is where belonged. She needed to come back home, meaning back to Stacie.