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Steca One-Shots

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Beca and Stacie have been best friends since the womb. Their parents were best friends in high school and college so it was only natural they would be as well. Since birth the two have been inseparable, always sleeping over each other's houses and never doing anything without the other. If you ask their parents Stacie and Beca would crumble without the other. Stacie couldn't imagine not having her little sarcastic firecracker of a best friend by her side and Beca couldn't imagine not having her tall beautiful genius of a best friend by her side either.

That was until the two of them were fifteen and Beca's grandma got diagnosed with cancer. At first Beca's parents said they didn't need to move to LA but her grandma got worse. Her grandma's condition was getting worse quicker then most people which caused her mom to make the decision to move to LA. This meant that Beca and her father had to come as well to be there for the inevitable. When Beca got the news she instantly started to cry for two reasons, one being her grandma wasn't going to have much time and two being that she'd had to leave Stacie for who knows how long.

The Conrad's couldn't believe what was happening either. Stacie's parents knew how hard this was going to be on both Beca and Stacie. They also knew what this could possibly mean for Beca. Stacie didn't want to believe that her best friend would be moving across the country. She didn't like that no one knew how long this would last. So when the day came to say their byes, the girls didn't want to move a muscle.

"Go on Beca, we can't miss the flight." Her mom said sympathetically.

Beca nodded and slowly made her way towards the taller girl who was shaking and in tears already. Beca stood in front of Stacie and wiped some tears of her cheeks before bringing the taller girl in for a tight hug.

"We'll see each other again Stace. I promise you." Beca said through the tears.

Stacie gripped Beca tighter "I don't know what to do without my best friend."

"You'll continue to be the genius you are and make us all proud." Beca said.

"It's going to be so hard with out you." Came Stacie's reply.

Beca chuckled "My life is going to be just as hard without you."

"I love you Beca." Stacie said.

"I love you to Stacie." Beca said holding back the tears.

The two stayed in the embrace until Beca's mom came up to them "Come on girls."

They broke up with Beca wiping tears of Stacie's cheek once more "I'm going to miss you genius."

Stacie smiled "I'm going to miss you too firecracker."

With that the Mitchell's drove to the airport and headed towards LA.

The next year was a tough one for everyone involved. Beca's dad got a new teaching job while her mom worked part time to make time to still be there for her mother who had gotten worse and worse. Beca had to adjust to a new city and new school which meant new friends. But at the end of the day the only friend she wanted was back in Atlanta. Beca had spent her first birthday away from Stacie and it was tough. She had turned sixteen and her parents along with the Conrad's had all pitched in to get her a microphone and mixing equipment. Her grandparents had gotten the girl an iPhone which meant she would now be able to constantly talk to Stacie.

Two months later however the inevitable happened and Beca's grandma passed from her battle with cancer. Something that broke Beca's mom and ultimately lead to her being depressed. The months that followed only brought more heartbreak for the small girls, her mom's depression put a strain on her parents marriage. Six months after she lost her grandma her parents came to a mutual agreement to get a divorce. They thought it'd be best considering the situation at hand. There was no bad blood or hostility, they split everything 50/50. Beca's dad left back to Atlanta after getting a job at Barden University while Beca and her mom stayed in LA.

Stacie had been in constant communication with Beca through all this. The two literally talked, texted and FaceTimed 24/7 no matter what. It was like nothing had changed, they still talked about what was going on in each others lives and still had their random conversations. Stacie had told Beca how she wanted to pursue a career in science which Beca knew she would dominate. Beca had told Stacie that she wanted to officially do music which Stacie knew Beca would succeed in.

Which brings us to the next year, the two girls were seventeen with them both being seniors in high school. They were both upset that they wouldn't go to prom together or graduate with one another but they knew this just meant they were one step closer to seeing each other. Beca and her dad had stayed in constant communication with one another since the divorce. They talked every night and her father had said how he could get her a free education at Barden. Beca told her dad that if any deserved that it'd be Stacie and that she wanted to purse music first.

More then halfway through senior year Beca had been creating her own music, making beats and writing songs. One day she decided to record herself singing one of her songs and post it online. One week after she posted it on both YouTube and Soundcloud she received an email. She saw the preview said "Offer" and immediately opened it up.

The email was from a talent manager from Universal Music Group and in it said that they wanted to meet with her to talk about a possible deal. Beca couldn't believe her eyes, this was legit and the moment she'd been waiting for. She instantly FaceTimed Stacie because her mom was currently at work and who else would she call first.

"Hey Beca, what's up?" Stacie smiled.

"Stacie oh my god you'll never believe what just happened." Beca exclaimed.

Stacie chuckled at her friends excitement "What happened B?"

"UMG just emailed me!" Beca shouted.

Stacie raised her eyebrows in confusion "Uhh who now?"

Beca groaned "Universal Music Group, they own pretty much all the major music labels." Beca said.

Stacie's face showed her shock "No way, that's freaking huge Beca."

"I know! They want to set up a meeting to talk about a possible deal." Beca said.

Stacie couldn't believe it "A deal? That's serious. I knew you had it in you."

The two stayed talking about the possibilities until Beca's mom arrived and Beca told Stacie she needed to talk to her mom about it. Beca grabbed her laptop and ran towards her mom in the kitchen.

"Woah what's got you all hyper?" Her mom joked.

"This!" Beca said excitedly as she shoved her laptop in her moms face.

Beca's mom grabbed the laptop and scanned over the email and had similar reactions to the two younger girls.

"Sweetie this is amazing." Her mom said.

"So?" Beca asked.

"Of course Beca, this is your dream." Her mom said.

The two replied to the email and set up a meeting with the talent manager. The meeting was in two days and Beca couldn't be more anxious and excited for it to come. She broke the news to her dad and he couldn't be more proud of her daughter.

The next days went by quick and it was now the day of the meeting. Beca and her mom made their way to the building and arrived a few minutes before. After waiting for about ten minutes they were called into the office.

"Welcome ladies, my name is Andre and I'm one of the talent managers here. As you know Beca we were impressed by your song and wanted to see if a deal is possible." The gentlemen said.

Beca nodded "Thank you so much for the consideration and if possible I would love that."

"Great, I just want to get to know about you and your inspiration for music." Andre said.

Beca went on to tell him where her love and inspiration for music comes from. She went on to tell him the basic like where she's from, her hobbies and how she learned to write songs and create beats. She told him how the song she posted cane about and how the title "Saint Nobody" came from something her grandma had told her about nobody in life is really ever a saint. She said the song was about how she's willing to work more then anyone to get where she wants to be. She told the man that she her music can be a bit weird at times but that's what will make her special.

"Well I'm going to be honest here, I absolutely love everything I heard and I truly do believe you have what it takes. With that being said, we'd like to offer you a deal with one of our labels if you are interested." Andre said.

Beca looked at her mom in astonishment and received a nod "Yes yes yes I am more then interested." Beca said excitedly.

Andre chuckled along with her mother "Perfect, this contract will be with Interscope Records. Read it over and get back to me within the week."

Beca and her mom nodded and thanked the man for his time and the offer. They made it back home and Beca FaceTimed Stacie while her mother FaceTimed her dad. They all talked about the deal and what the specifics. They all agreed that everything sounded fair and that Beca should sign it.

A couple days later Beca and her mom returned to the Andre's office with the signed contract after having a lawyer look it over just in case.

"Perfect, now as you assumed we want you to record "Saint Nobody" so that we can officially release on all platforms and get it on the radio." Andre said.

"Wow that was quick." Beca joked.

"We want people to really know who you are. If this does good then we can record more soon." Andre said.

"I can't wait." Beca said.

They decided on recording the song the same day. It only took two attempts for the song to come out just how everyone wanted. Beca was told to give the team a couple days to get everything polished and ready to send out.

While all this was happening for Beca, Stacie had been applying to colleges and waiting for responses. That was until Beca's dad told her about what Beca had told him a couple days before. When Beca had told her dad about the deal, she told him to give her free spot to Stacie who would put it to better use then she ever would have. Beca's dad told Stacie she would be going pretty much for free and would only have to worry about textbooks as the her dorm would even be free. Stacie graciously took it and was now happy that she didn't have to sit by the mail anymore.

It was now release day for Beca's debut single and everyone was excited to see how it would do. The song was release at 12pm and within the hour it was trending on YouTube and iTunes with fans raving about it. Everyone was digging the flow and production saying it was a breath of fresh air for the game. The record label were happy with the success and gave Beca the green light to record more content. Beca couldn't believe that she was really going to live out her dream and that people actually enjoyed listening to her. Stacie couldn't be more proud for her best friend. The two spent that whole day talking about what the future held.

Over the next six months Beca and Stacie had both graduated. Beca was working on her debut EP while Stacie had just arrived at college. Stacie was in the process of unpacking her stuff at college while Beca was in the process of finishing up the last song for her EP. Beca had released two more songs after her debut with both of them bringing in huge numbers. She had been featured on other artists songs and was quickly becoming a rising star in the industry at just seventeen years old.

Stacie had choose to pursue a degree in biochemistry. She graduated high school as the valedictorian and was stoked to start college. Beca's father was able to snag Stacie a single room, something the taller girl preferred over sharing with some stranger. She was told by Beca's dad that there were some fun clubs she could join. So that's where she finds herself at the moment, in the middle of the activities fair. She walks around for a good amount of time before she ends up in front of a booth with a blonde and red head. They tell Stacie how they are an acapella group and need beautiful talented singers who know how to dance. Stacie agrees thinking it could be a fun thing to do. She tells Beca who immediately bursts into a laughing fit at the idea.

One month has passed and Beca who had finished her EP was granted time off. She knew exactly just what she wanted to do now that she had money, she wanted to fly back to Atlanta and surprise Stacie. Her EP was set to be released in two days time and Stacie had told Beca that she had her first Bella's performance in three days. Beca called up her dad and told him about her idea to which he agreed and told her he would pick her up from the airport. Beca and her mom booked the flight and they were set to arrive the day of the Bellas performance. They let the Conrad's know and they promised not to say anything to Stacie.

Beca's debut EP dropped two days later and it debuted at number two on the charts. The EP consisted of seven songs and all seven songs were on the top fifteen charts. Everyone was happy at the results and Beca knew in her heart that she had actually made it. Now all she wanted to do was spend time with her best friend who she hasn't seen in almost three years.

Beca and her mom arrived the next day in Atlanta and luckily Beca didn't get noticed as they arrived at 5am. Beca's dad picked them up and drove them back to the house they used to live in. Stacie had told Beca that the performance started at 5pm meaning she had plenty of time to get her rest. Beca had a feeling that people might recognize her considering it'd be full of college kids and other teenagers. So when time came to get ready she threw on some camo cargo jogger pants with a pink bomber jacket with a black under shirt and some black combat boots with a black hat. The three of them quickly drove to the venue and Beca opted to sit towards the back.

Once the Bellas took the stage Beca couldn't help but smile and laugh at the outfits and the song choices. She could never see herself doing this no matter how much you paid her. She was happy to be in the same vicinity as her Stacie again and couldn't wait to surprise her after the performance. Beca was impressed at how well Stacie was doing up there and how she was able to move so effortlessly in that outfit. As the the set came to an end Beca made her way over to her father who gave her a Barden administration pass. She showed it to one of the security staff who let her through and told her where the Bellas were at.

Beca quickly found the group of girls and easily spotted Stacie. She ducked down to avoid detection and stood directly behind her.

"Wow so I leave and the genius becomes a singing flight attendant." She joked with a smirk.

Stacie instantly turned around and was stunned "No way! What are you doing here!?" She exclaimed.

Beca chuckled "Oh you know I decided to work along side my dad." She said sarcastically "What do you think I'm doing here genius?"

Stacie threw herself towards Beca causing her hat and glasses to come off. Beca returned the tight embrace.

"I can't believe your actually here. You know how long I've been waiting for this." Stacie said as tears sprung to her eyes.

"I think I have an idea." Beca joked.

The two remained in their tight embrace until someone cleared their throat causing the two girls to break apart and face the group who were stunned.

"Oh right, girls this is my best friend Beca." Stacie said pointing towards Beca.

"We know who she is Stacie, pretty sure everyone knows who she is by now." Chloe said before looking towards Beca "Huge fan by the way, I love your EP."

Beca smiled "Thanks I appreciate it, nice to meet you girls."

"How do you two know each other exactly?" Aubrey said.

After Beca and Stacie told the girls how they are best friends the judges announced that the results were in. The Bellas finished in second behind a group called the treble makers. The girls said that they were planning to head out to eat but Stacie declined telling them that after almost three years she just wanted to spend time with Beca.

The two girls headed back to Stacie's dorm after stopping for pizza. They spent hours talking till Stacie brought up a question she was wandering about.

"So what now?" She asked Beca.

"What do you mean?" Beca asked back.

"Well now that you've released an EP and all that. What's your plan? Stay in Cali with your mom?" Stacie asked.

"Actually I've been talking to my parents and I'm moving back here." Beca said with a smirk.

"Really?" Stacie asked.

Beca nodded "Yup, I've got money and I can live by myself now so why not."

Stacie threw her arms around Beca "I get my best friend back."

Beca returned the embrace "Finally reunited."