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Steca One-Shots

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"Stace?" Beca answered her phone looking over to the clock on her bedside table "It's 2am what's up?" She asked tiredly.

Stacie sniffled a couple of times "Bec? Ca-can you please come over?" Stacie asked trying to hold the tears in.

Beca quickly shot up from the bed hearing her best friend in the broken state "Stace what happened?" She asked frantically.

"Please I-I'll tell you here. Can you pl-please come?" Stacie asked quietly.

Beca who at this point had quickly thrown on a pair of sweats and a hoodie with her slides snatched her keys and wallet "Yeah of course, be there in 10. Do you want me to stay on the phone?" She asked as she locked her front door and sprinted to her car.

"Yes please." Stacie said softly.

Beca had never heard her best friend speak in this tone. Stacie had sounded like someone told her that her mom had passed. She sounded to broken and defeated. Beca had a million thoughts running through her head.

"I just made a left on Oak wood." Beca said. Beca had been telling Stacie her every turn and every time she passed a street to reassure the other girl she was on her way.

Exactly 10 minutes later after Beca pretty much was going 20mph over the speed limit had finally pulled into Stacie's driveway. She quickly shut the car off and locked it before sprinting towards the door and using her spare key to the house to open the door. When she was in she dropped her keys on the entry table and sprinted over to her best friend who was curled up on the floor.

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong?" Beca asked softly as she dropped down next to the crying girl.

Stacie instinctively threw her arms around the smaller girls neck and cried into Beca's chest. Beca softly returned the embrace and placed a couple of kisses on top of Stacie's head whispering "It's alright, I'm here." A couple of times.

After a few moments Beca spoke softly "What happened baby girl?"

Stacie sniffled and looked at Beca "He- he cheated."

Beca held her tighter "Did you walk in on it?"

Stacie nodded "He said these things just happen."

Beca ran a hand through Stacie's hair "I'm sorry Stace, he's a fucking idiot for not realizing he had the most perfect girl in the world." Beca said softly.

The two stayed curled up on the floor for a few more minutes with Stacie still in tears and Beca trying to calm her down.

"Come on Stace, lets go lay in bed." Beca said softly standing up and pulling the taller girl along.

Once in Stacie's room Beca kicked off her slides before climbing into the bed. Stacie cuddled into Beca's side with soft sobs coming free every now and then. Beca ran a hand through the taller girls hair and softly sang one of Stacie's favorite songs.

"Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter." Beca softly sang the chorus from Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" a song Stacie loved and also a song Beca always listened to when she was down. After a couple more lines Stacie started to hum along with Beca. They finished the rest of the song before Stacie spoke softly.

"Thank you." Stacie said.

"Don't mention it." Beca replied.

Stacie shifted so she could look Beca in the eye "Seriously Bec, thank you for always being there for me no matter the time or place. I know I can be a bit much and I always find myself in these situations, but you're always there so thank you." Stacie said sincerely.

Beca smiled "Stace I'm your best friend dude. It's my job to be there for you 24/7/365 no matter what. I would never just leave you to deal with stuff alone no matter how minor or major it is. And hey you are a bit much, but I wouldn't have you any other way." Beca joked.

The two laid down "I'm only one call away Stace, always. Just know no matter what that you're never alone. You always got me."