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Steca One-Shots

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Stacie came home from her meeting at the lab and was looking forward to spending time with her amazing girlfriend, Beca. When she walked through the two large glass doors she walked into the kitchen and dropped her bag and keys. She looked around and heard the surround sound coming from the game room meaning one thing, Beca was in the same state she had left her in. Beca was of course playing video games, something she's been doing non-stop recently. Stacie groaned and made her way up the stairs and towards the game room. Opening the door she saw Beca headphones on and all sitting in front of her 60-inch TV and the PS4 on. Ever since Modern Warfare came out Beca has been on it 24/7, and it was starting to annoy Stacie.

"Hey baby I'm home." Stacie says.

Beca just gives a small nod keeping her eyes and attention locked into the game. Stacie sighed and shook her head. Nothing again, Stacie was determined to get her girlfriend off this stupid game.

She bent down and gave Beca a kiss on the cheek "Hey baby, are you hungry?" Stacie asked.

Beca shook her head and didn't even break her focus.

"Thirsty?" Stacie asked trying to get Beca to use her words.

Once more all she received was a shake of the head. Stacie looked over to the TV and watched for a few trying to understand the appeal of it. She knew how popular the game was, but she didn't see the appeal of it, Stacie enjoyed playing video games, but she was more into fighting games like Mortal Kombat. Shooters are something she couldn't get into.

"Is there anything you need?" Stacie asked.

Receiving another shake she gave up and walked away with a groan. She went to the master bedroom to change out of her work clothes. She went into the walk in closet and her eyes landed on the perfect thing. This was just what she needed to break her girlfriends attention from that game. Stacie was about to go full on Stacie Conrad and put her goodies to good use. Looking herself over once more she smirked and sprayed some perfume on and made her way back to the game room.

She entered the room and stood behind Beca for a few to observe. Beca was mumbling and cursing at the other players and teammates, something that always made Stacie laugh. Beca was currently in the middle of a kill streak and was trying to get number 11 before Stacie finally had enough. She took three large strides and stood in front of her girlfriend.

"Stace! I can't see!" Beca shouted trying to move her head to see past her taller girlfriend.

Stacie just kept on moving in front of Beca's eyesight laughing.

"Babe! Come on I'm in the middle of a kill streak!" Beca complained.

Once again all Stacie did was move into her field of view.

Beca ended up getting sniped, and she tossed the controller down ready to give Stacie a piece of her mind till she caught sight of her girlfriend.

"Oh fuck." Beca whispered staring her girlfriend up and down.

Stacie had put on some black lace lingerie with a red lace robe. She took a few steps closer to let Beca get a whiff of her favorite perfume that Stacie had.

"What is this for?" Beca asked still eyeing Stacie like a hawk.

Stacie licked her lips before bringing them next to Beca's ear "This? Oh, this is to show you what you've been missing."

Beca held her breath "What do you mean?"

Stacie chuckled before running a finger down Beca's torso "See ever since you got that new game of yours, you've been so distracted that we haven't had any time to have some fun."

"I'm sorry babe, I've just been trying to level up." Beca said.

Stacie bit Beca's earlobe "You have any idea how much sexual frustration I have that I want to release between work and that stupid game taking up all your time?" Stacie asked seductively.

"I think I have an idea." Beca breathed out.

"Well then you're going to make up for being sorry." Stacie said pulling back and staring at Beca "All night long."

Beca nodded slowly before Stacie spoke up again "Now be a good girl and head to the room." Stacie said in the same seductive tone.

Beca nodded before rushing out of the room and towards the bedroom.

Stacie chuckled and shook her head then walked over to the PS4 turning it off "Nothing can defeat Stacie Conrad and the hunter. Not even video games."