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Steca One-Shots

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Stacie was in the middle of her workout in her off campus apartment that she shared with her lifelong best friend Beca. The two had gotten this apartment for their sophomore year of college after deciding it would be better for the two. Beca in the meantime was out with a boy they had met last year, Dalton. The two girls met him during orientation last year and ever since he has been infatuated with Beca. He always tried to get her to be his girlfriend and was relentless in his pursuit. Finally, after almost a year and a half Beca reluctantly agreed. Stacie found it odd considering Beca's current situation with her sexuality.

But Stacie being Beca's best friend let it go and just told her to call her if anything. She was just about to finish when all of a sudden the front door opened revealing Beca and Dalton. More like an angry Dalton and a shaken up Beca. Stacie raised a brow and paused her music.

"Huh what's wrong Becs?" Stacie asked confused and concerned.

"You're what's wrong." Dalton said agitated.

Stacie furrowed her brows "Me?" She looked over at Beca.

"Hey don't look her way!" Dalton said in the same agitated tone.

"I'm sorry I can look at her all I want. Now tell me what I've done." Stacie said with an eye roll.

"A year and a half, that's how long I've been waiting for this moment. That's how long I've been waiting to finally be with Beca! It was finally about to happen but no you somehow managed to fuck it up!" Dalton raged.

Stacie nodded slowly still not knowing what the hell he was talking about. She decided to stay quiet and see where exactly he was going with this.

That was until he grabbed Beca by the wrist and dragged her in front of him.

"You want to say what happened or should I?" Dalton asked.

Dalton was treating Beca how a parent treats their kid when they force them to admit to something. Stacie watched as her best who was as tough as they came and never backed down from anyone suddenly look shaken and afraid. Stacie had never seen her best friend look like this before and that was worrisome.

It was quiet for a few before Dalton spoke up "I guess I'll tell her. After countless attempts of pursuing -"

"Pleading." Beca mumbled under her breath eating an intense glare from Dalton and a chuckle from Stacie.

"Pursuing her, she finally agreed to give me a chance, and she agreed to sleep with me. I was about to sleep with Beca fucking Mitchell but no you fucked everything up!" Dalton yelled.

"Oh my god are you ever going to just say what the fuck I did exactly?" Stacie said annoyed.

"She said your name! Yeah, in the middle of everything whose name does she fucking say? Stacie! That's who." Dalton said pissed.

Stacie was quiet for a minute before she started to laugh as hard as possible. She was completely bent over in a laughing fit. This caused Beca to chuckle some.

"Stop laughing! It's not a fucking joke!" Dalton shouted. The laughing was only making him more agitated and pissed.

Stacie got up right and took a few breaths "Oh baby boy this is absolutely fucking hysterical. And what makes it better is you coming here and what? Trying to confront me? I don't know what you were trying to accomplish with that. I'm sorry you didn't get your little pity fuck since we all know that's all you can get." Stacie said as she approached Beca and wrapped an arm around her "Hey how did all this happen?" She asked Beca softly.

"I let it slip that I might be gay, and he threatened to out me." Beca said softly.

At this revelation fire burned in Stacie's eyes in a way that Beca had never seen. Beca had seen Stacie get heated before but not like this, Stacie looked like a pissed demon that just shot through hell fire. Stacie slowly removed herself from the embrace and faced Dalton. She slowly marched up to him and got in his face.

"You blackmailed her? You blackmailed my fucking best friend!" Stacie grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the door "You are the biggest piece of shit I've ever laid my eyes on, you are nothing but a low life. A pathetic excuse of a man who can only get a girl by blackmail or begging. You don't deserve that beautiful kind soul right there." Stacie said pointing to Beca "No girl deserves this, you don't mess with someone's sexuality EVER!" Stacie backed away but not before delivering a knee below the belt causing the boy to drop down in pain.

Stacie being down and grabbed a handful of hair "Now here's what we're going to do, you WILL leave Beca and myself alone. You will NOT mention her sexuality to ANYONE or else your balls will be meeting with the heels of my stilettos, trust me those things can crush grapes like no one's business. They will do damage. Now when I let go you will leave, and will NEVER AGAIN come near us." Stacie said in a menacing voice.

Dalton nodded and Stacie pushed his head down against the floor for good measure. Dalton quickly darted out of the apartment and ran towards his car before Stacie slammed the door shut.

Stacie turned around and looked towards her best friend. Beca gave a smile and approached Stacie before tightly hugging her and burying her face in Stacie's chest.

"Thank you." Beca said.

Stacie smiled and calmed down returning the embrace placing a kiss on the top of Beca's head "Of course love. No one deserves that let alone you. My best friend deserves nothing but love and respect."

The embrace broke and Stacie smiled "Now about you saying my name."