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Steca One-Shots

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Beca currently bored beyond belief as she was in Stacie's room, her girlfriend of two years. They had started dating back in junior year of high school and the two were now finishing up freshmen year of college. Stacie was working on some scientific mumbo jumbo that Beca swore was gibberish. Beca was laying down face first in Stacie's bed waiting for her girlfriend to finish, so they can do something together. Beca popped her up and put her hand under her chin.

"Baby?" Beca asked.

Stacie hummed "What's up love?"

"Are you almost done?" Beca asked.

Stacie sighed "Not really babe. I only have three questions left, but each question involves multiple questions in one. So I don't know."

Beca groaned "Baby I'm bored and just want to spend time with you."

Stacie stopped what she was doing and spun around "I know love, but I really just want to get this over with. This is literally all I have left then we can have the whole weekend to ourselves."

Beca groaned again and let her face fall again into the sheets.

"I'll try to be done soon. Work on music or something in the meantime." Stacie said as she spun back around.

Beca smirked "Music huh?"

Stacie nodded "Yeah Bec."

"If you say so." Beca said as she sat up.

Beca had instantly known just what she wanted to do. She was going to do one of her favorite things in the world, annoy her beautiful girlfriend. And Beca knew what would annoy her the quickest.

"Hey Stacie?" Beca asked.

"Yes Beca?" Stacie asked back.

"Can I come over after school?" Beca said in a song like voice.

Stacie groaned "Please don't."

"We can hang around by the pool, did your mom get back from her business trip?" Beca sang out loud.

Stacie dropped her pen "Babe!" Stacie exclaimed as she spun around to face her girlfriend.

Beca grinned "Is she there, or is she trying to give me the slip?"

Stacie stomped her foot "Beca Mitchell!"

"Stacy's mom has got it goin on!" Beca sang loudly.

Stacie shot out of her seat and Beca shot off the bed running towards the door. She ran towards the dinning table and stood at one end while Stacie stood in the other side.

"She's all I want! And I've waited for so long!" Beca continued on.

Stacie glared "Beca." Stacie said in a warning voice "Stop."

Nothing annoyed Stacie more than this stupid song. Well except for when her girlfriend sang it, Stacie knew Beca was doing this out of boredom but still annoyed her to death.

"Stacy, can't you see?" Beca said grinning.

"Finish that verse, and you'll be seeing the single life quick." Stacie glared as she started circling around the table causing Beca to circle the other side. The two were currently just circling the table.

"Oh baby you know you'll never leave me." Beca grinned.

"You're testing your limits Mitchell." Stacie shot back.

Beca chuckled "I'm a limit pusher." Beca shrugged.

"You're a patience pusher." Stacie groaned.

"That's what makes me, me." Beca said.

Stacie sighed "Yeah I know." Stacie stopped her movements "Look my love, I really need to finish those questions. After that we can do whatever you want." Stacie said.

Beca smirked "You know what I want baby girl."

Stacie shook her head and chuckled "Of course that's what you want." Stacie looked at her girlfriend "Well if you're a good girl then I'll treat you right." Stacie said seductively as she backed away towards her room.

Beca quickly followed and sat back down on the bed "You know I was talking about your mom. But you'll do." Beca joked.

"Rebecca." Stacie said in a warning tone.