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Steca One-Shots

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"Ladies and gentlemen this what we've been waiting for! The debut of Beca Mitchell's new song called 'You should be sad' stay tuned as Beca herself has a special message at the end. Here we go enjoy." The radio host said before fading away.

Chloe who had been on her way to a meeting stopped and pulled over. Chloe and Beca had dated for five years before Chloe ultimately broke up with Beca as soon as she got a taste of Hollywood. Even though it was Beca who pretty much made Chloe's career. Beca had talked to an executive she was great friends with at 20th Century Studio, and he had given Chloe a small role in a movie. Now Chloe is one of the main characters in the X-Men franchise. Chloe turned up the radio a bit and paid close attention to the words.

"I wanna start this out and say
I gotta get it off my chest
Got no anger, got no malice
Just a little bit of regret."

Regret? Chloe thought.

"No, you're not half the girl you think that you are
And you can't fill the hole inside of you with money, fame and cars
I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you
'Cause you can't love nothin' unless there's somethin' in it for you."

Chloe at this point was trying to keep the pain and tears from showing.

"And I had no warnin'
About who you are
I'm just glad I made it out without breakin' down
And then ran so fuckin' far
That you would never ever touch me again
Won't see your alligator tears
'Cause, no, I've had enough of them."

"I feel so sad
You should be sad
You should be
You should be sad
You should be
You should be
You should be."

"Hello my crazy fans! Thank you so much for all the love and support you all have shown throughout the past four years it's been a crazy ride and I couldn't have asked for better fans. This is the latest song I've made, and it was a bit tough, but I felt like this could be helpful for anyone going through or who has gone through something similar. To anyone who's been there I just want to say that it truly does better, and I hope I can be proof of that."

"That was 'You should be sad' by non-other than Beca Mitchell. Go on and stream it across all platforms right now and show support for our favorite girl. Don't forget to catch our one on one interview with Beca airing tomorrow morning." The host said.

Chloe just sat there in here car staring at the screen of her radio. She always held a bit of hope that Beca and her can reconcile, but clearly that wasn't happening. She was happy that Beca was doing as good as she ever had been, but she still regretted leaving her. She opened her phone when she got an alert from a co-worker saying to check her Instagram. That's when she saw it, Stacie and Beca had both announced that they had been dating for the past four months. They had posted a photo of the two kissing with the caption saying "It gets better."