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All seven were looking at the strange package that someone had left at their door.

They were the mafia, so they feared it might be a bomb beforehand. After security x-rayed the box, it turned out that there is nothing in it. Absolutely nothing.

The only thing that came to mind was a piece of paper, which the x-ray did not show because it was too thin.

It could also be an attack of some Stand. Or a stupid joke.

Nevertheless, the group summoned their Stands to be able to repel the attack should such an event occur.

Each of them felt the need to open the package, after all, it is unusual for them to receive nothing or a simple card in their profession.

They pulled the paper together, then the blinding light hit them and they passed out.


When Giorno woke up, he saw only white in front of him. The white in front of him, above him, and even the floor was white. Behind him, he noticed the bodies of his friends and, trying not to panic, began to check their pulses. He breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out that they were all alive and had no visible injuries.

Then Mista woke up, followed by Narancia a few seconds later. The latter was confused, and Guido looked nervous.

After a while, Fugo joined the group of the conscious, followed by Bucciarati and Abbacchio. Trish got up last.

"Where are we?" The girl asked.

"Oh my God, I heard about it!" Mista said. "No... It's not possible..."

"What are you talking about?" Fugo asked.

"You've never heard of 'BOXGAME'?" Not seeing a response to the question, he continued to talk "It's an urban legend... Someone gets a package, opens it and, under the threat of death, has to complete a certain number of tasks.

“I think it may be the work of an enemy Stand,” Trish said.

"Because this is the Stand's work" confirmed Bucciarati with an unreadable face "I also heard this 'legend' when I was younger only from the other side. I knew a man who was an assassin, he wasn't ours, he was a freelancer, but he worked with Passione a lot. It was like that then. He told me that part of that group was tasked with killing a certain girl. He did not reveal the reason. The part he was with was on a different assignment, but they had done it earlier, so they decided to look at the work of the others from a safe distance. Because you see the Stand of one of them allowed it.

The guy did not understand completely what was happening in front of his eyes. The girl had piles of boxes from which she took out some fancy weapons. In doing so, she did weird things, which was probably code, or rather the way her Stand functioned.

Eventually, they managed to kill her, but then she opened the last box she had at hand, and they all disappeared.

Those who watched it from afar took the box with them, believing that their companions would still come out of it.

Only one of them left the box still alive the next day. He said the same thing Mista said, about assignments and time-limited. He then sent the box back to an address he immediately forgot, saying it was the last dare.

I heard the story about the box two more times after that. It turned out that when someone refused to send it to the next victim, he was caught a second time.

It all happened when I was thirteen or fourteen, and then I forgot about it. It was only Mista's story that reminded me of that."

"Hey Bucciarati, it's not your fault that we got caught..." said Narancia "even if you heard about it, how could you know?"

Suddenly a black rectangle appeared above their heads.




Here are the rules of the 'boxgame'

There are twenty-five levels - rooms.

In each of them, you must complete five random tasks to proceed.

Everything needed to complete the task will be provided.

The time limit for completing all five tasks is five days unless the selected task requires longer.

Food will be provided.

Rooms to fulfil your physiological needs will be provided.

Exceeding the time limit for a given room will result in the death of one selected person.

The cheating attempt adds another five quests, and the time limit will be extended by another two days.

Time flows differently here than in the outside world. About a day will pass in the outside world.

The last task, for which you will also get a five-day time limit, is to send the 'boxgame' to an address you will know after completing all other tasks. 


A small box appeared in front of the group and what appeared to be a stopwatch.


Now you are going to draw numbers one through seven.

You will be able to swap them for the next ten minutes after being drawn.

The numbers will appear in quests and will mark you.

A task that does not have a specific addressee is possible, then you should say the number of the person who performs it 


Have a nice game



After a while, each of them drew a number, Mista last.

"Oh no! Of course, it happens to me!"

"Mista... If you want, we can switch..." Giorno said, handing him back a piece of paper with the word five, and taking the cursed four instead.

After that, no one had any other objections, and everyone waited anxiously for the time to pass.

"Everyone... Listen... Let's agree that no matter what this... Thing... tells us to do our friendship will not suffer from it" everyone nodded at the Narancia's words.

After ten minutes had passed, walls appeared around them. They were in a kind of living room in front of the TV.

Behind them was a kitchenette, and two doors, one probably to the bathroom and the other to the bedrooms.

Suddenly the TV turned on.


Press 'ok' to get a challenge 


Fugo, who was sitting closest, pressed the button.


Challenge number 1 


Kiss everyone here, passionately, on the lips for at least a minute 



"Are we just fucking trapped in a game that seems weirdly like playing a spin the bottle on school trips?" Abbacchio snorted.

"But usually, nobody gave such challenges because people usually chickened on them and the game of truth or dare turned into truth or truth in the final stage," Mista said, straining his memory back to school days.

"And here we play under the threat of death and time pressure," Trish added. The rest didn't say anything, mainly because either they weren't on a school trip where they had a chance to play spin the bottle, or they never were on a school trip at all.

They glanced at the screen where the number finally appeared.




Everyone looked at Fugo. The boy adjusted the collar of his blouse.

"What does 'passionately' actually mean?" but the screen didn't show him the answer, only six red dots. It was obvious that they would turn green every time Fugo kissed someone.

"I have an idea," said Giorno "with such challenges, maybe let's go one by one with our numbers."

"And so that maybe Bruno doesn't have to do something first, let's start at the end sometimes," said Mista.

"It's good for you, Giovanna, because you're always in the middle," the boy just rolled his eyes.

The rest also agreed to something like that.

Bruno and Fugo finally sat down next to each other, the blonde was not looking at the raven-haired man. He was embarrassed because he was supposed to kiss his longtime boss and a friend. Handsome friend.

"Hm. The task says you have to kiss, but not initiate a kiss, right?" Fugo nodded. Usually, he would have had more courage, but this task completely surprised him.

The boy closed his eyes as Bucciarati placed his hand on his cheek. He could feel his breath on his lips. Eventually, their lips met. They kissed slowly, Bruno was confident in himself. The blonde had his arms stiffly by his body, and overall he was stiff. The raven-haired man was also a bit tense, with the other hand he squeezed the boy's shoulder as if he wanted to cheer him up.

Finally, Mista's scream announced that it was over and they broke away from each other.

After that, it was easier with Narancia. Nara cupped his face with both hands. Fugo expected him to do something stupid, but he kissed in such a way that the blonde had the impression that his legs would buckle under him, if not for the fact that he was already sitting. Instead of feeling disgust or whatever, Fugo wondered how the hell Narancia was doing it.

With Abbacchio, he decided that he would take the initiative and, interestingly, the white-haired man allowed him to do so. He allowed him to tangle his hand in his hair, to pinch his teeth into his lower lip.

The power he got felt strange, but he liked it too.

Therefore, with Giorno, he no longer felt ashamed. Somehow he managed to convince himself that it was only a stupid task and that they agreed that their friendship would not be destroyed by something like that.

Apart from experience, Giorno also had pugnacity. When Fugo tried to dominate the kiss, Giorno always tried to tip the scales of victory on his side. He didn't know since when their tongues were in the other's mouth. And why was it starting to get hotter. And why their chests are touching each other. Where did Giorno's hands on his neck come from, where did Fugo's hand in the hair of the other blonde come from.

Mista looked like he didn't want to fight like Giorno. He preferred to kiss slower, slower than Bruno, and was less experienced than Nara or Giorno, but not as submissive as Abbacchio.

Trish did not let herself be dominated. The kiss was very quick, and it had power, but she played the main role in it.

Finally, after that last minute, Fugo was able to rest. He didn't quite understand what had just happened. Because, actually, these kisses were quite pleasant. But he wasn't going to admit it. So he sat down on the couch and waited for the next task with red cheeks.