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The Story behind Everything

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The Police University enlistment program was one of the most prestigious government-sponsored programs in the country. In this program, young people around 18 years old enlisted themselves to prepare themselves before serving the nation. 


However, there was one particular program for someone who possesses a unique ability, the EVOL enlistment program. This program was dedicated to youngsters with high-level potentials in collaboration with Special Task Force or STF, an independent government agency that works in Evol-related cases. Not many people could be scouted by someone from this program because it is purely based on potential and simulation made during the test. 


Among them, there were three different people with three different backgrounds, which later became the spearhead of STF in the future. 


Gavin Bai, the son of Commander Bai of the Military, a resolution-filled and cold-appearance boy with Wind Control Evol, a common Evol but this person manages to optimize it. 


Then, there was Eli Gu, a warmer appearance and friendlier than the previous one with Teleportation Evol, a rare Evol and useful one for both offense and defense. 


Lastly, Viridian Ark, a girl with poker face expression, possessed the one of rarest genes, dual Evol, meaning she possesses two different Evol from her parents. 


These three people were part of many who were admitted to the program. They did not know what future lies and expectations. 


A man standing upright in the middle of the podium. He wore a white shirt layered with a gray vest and black coat, a golden chain secured placed on the middle button. His gray hair dominated the stands of remaining black hairs, “Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen, parents and guardians of the cadets, and young cadets. Welcome to the opening ceremony of the Police University batch 40. I am Commander Leto, the Commander of the Special Task Force and Head of the University. I would like to congratulate each of you who passed one of the toughest selections and assessments in the country. However, this is only the beginning of your journey as a person who will serve the community in silence. Therefore, I want all the cadets to bear in mind that after the gate closed, you will be sharpened and shaped by our finest instructors. By the time you graduate from this Academy, you will have knowledge and experience in the field. To conclude my remarks, I wish you all the best and good luck with your future endeavors.” Claps from the audience accompanied the man who walked off from the podium and shook hands with the front rows. 


Gavin was not impressed nor excited. Cold as a stone on his face not showing any changes. His eyes ignited a focus that he needed. Her. Because of her, he stood tall with no doubt. His resolution to protect her motivated him to do better and better each day. The pair of amber eyes were not leaving a single trace of distraction interrupting him. Whispers over whispers could be heard through the fluctuation of the vibration of air. The golden boy, the big shot boy, and various nicknames for him. It showed how little they know about Gavin. 


Eli was sitting in the middle row, with a small curved mouth leaving the impression that he was a laid-back person and will not take anything seriously. That was where people often get themselves wrong. Despite a carefree attitude, he passed the test with a high score. Meaning this person could be a dangerous and meticulous one under a loose demeanor. The dark brown guy’s attention was not on the speech, but on the big shot boy that everyone talked about since the beginning. “This batch will be the most interesting one.” 


The girl section was no different from the boys. Viridian is silently sitting and maintaining her poker face expression. Her dual Evol ability surely attracted attention from people around her. Behind her poker face, lingered ideal to protect people. “Why bother entering this academy when you have all the privilege?” She wanted to break all those stereotypes. She wanted to break the fact she does not require to work hard. She must work harder than anyone else due to her advantages. 


The opening ceremony concluded with a ceremonial jacket-wearing for top-tiers. None of the trio standing on the stage. The secrecy of the identity of each participant is highly disclosed. At this moment, either the trio knows each other. The family of the cadets hug each other, saying goodbye or see later on graduation.


Take care, I know you can do it, you will be fine, are common words said to the cadets. 


“Take care of yourself, okay?” A mother figure said to her son, “I will. You too. Take care of yourself, little sister.” Eli said to her mom while disarraying his sister’s hair. She pouted and playfully punched her brother’s biceps. Deep inside her heart, she was sad because she could not meet her annoying brother for at least 4 years, “I will try my best to keep in touch with you.” 


“I cannot believe this day would eventually come.” said the mother to her daughter as she hugged her. The daughter reciprocated the hug and later gave her some distance to look at her mother, “I will contact you soon.” The man beside her also hugged her, “I know you have what it takes.”   


Almost everyone said goodbye to their loved ones, except Gavin who was leaning on a pine tree, watching the scenery from afar. He did not have any family to say goodbye to. He only has a couple of pictures of someone special in his left breast pocket. One was a picture of him and his mother, the only reminiscent of his old house. The other was the girl who saved him from the darkest and deepest pit. She saved him before, so he swore upon his life, he would protect her no matter what. 


The bell rang thrice, signaling the cadets to re-enter the building. All the cadets started to walk away from their loved ones to begin their training. Waving hands fills the field. The white door slowly closed as the last cadet entered the building. 


The cadets now must find their way surviving 4 years of hell alone.