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Summer Love

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It started three weeks after they saved 30,000 citizens from a space pod barreling towards the city. Amuro had honestly forgotten about the monitoring app he downloaded onto Conan’s phone. He assumed the precocious child would delete it as soon as he got home. That brilliant professor would have had no problem stripping the spy app from the device. It was only because Conan had wanted to know what Amuro and the PSB were up to that he left the application alone in the first place.

Imagine Amuro’s surprise when he opened the app, intending the wipe the data, to see Conan’s face up close.

But this wasn’t just about the fact that Conan had seemingly forgotten about the spyware. It was what he was doing.

His face was flushed, glasses removed, and mouth parted. Enticingly, his mind supplied. At first…at first Amuro didn’t know what he was seeing. But when Conan leaned back, revealing his naked chest, one hand playing with small, puffy, pink nipples, the other hand disappearing somewhere offscreen, there was no denying it.

Amuro had quickly backed out of the app. His hands were trembling, and his face was burning. He dropped the phone onto the folding table. He was thankful to be hidden away in the small hideout storage space located near the pier. If he had been at Poirot… He didn’t even want to think about that.

Amuro rubbed his hands over his face, trying to reconcile what he had just seen. Edogawa Conan was around eight years old. While boys were known to explore their bodies from a young age…that couldn’t be called exploration. There was intent. He was pleasuring himself.

Flushed face, a beautiful shade on his pale skin. Brilliant, too intelligent eyes darkened to a deep blue with lust. Mouth parted, small pink tongue just in view, panting for air. Small nipples plump and hard with arousal. One hand hidden off screen…

Amuro groaned. The phone taunted him, sitting there as if it hadn’t just shattered something inside of him.

That was two weeks ago.

Amuro hadn’t been able to stay away. It didn’t help that he saw Conan almost every day. But now he noticed things. The way Conan’s lips wrapped around the straw of his iced coffee. The way Conan looked up at Rei from under his lashes when he wanted Rei’s attention. The way he licks his fingers after finishing his food…

Amuro had never had good impulse control. His ‘on-sight’ response to the FBI, taking his anger out on Kazami, pushing a child to assist him with an investigation, driving into an oncoming train at 180kph. His record spoke for itself. So perhaps he should pat himself on the back for holding out for 14 days. If it could even be called holding back. The scene haunted his nightmares(dreams).

He chose the same time, Saturday in the early evening. He hadn’t been paying much attention, but the background hadn’t been from the Mouri Detective agency. Which means Conan was doing this on days he could get away. He knew the child stayed with the professor on weekends unless there was a case. This didn’t look like a room from the professor’s house. The only other place…would be Kudo Mansion. He knew Conan was related to the family somehow, always quoting ‘Shinichi-niichan’. Was he close enough to the Kudos to feel comfortable doing that in their house? Apparently.

It was a fascinating mystery. While he didn’t have Conan’s hunger for puzzles, he could appreciate(fear) the one in front of him.

Taking a deep breath, Amuro leaned back in the small folding chair and pulled up the app.

His hands were shaking.

Amuro almost dropped the phone when the video loaded. This time, it wasn’t a close up of Conan. Instead, the boy was leaning back amongst a pile of pillows, and yes this absolutely was a room at Kudo Mansion, completely naked. His small legs were spread wide, displaying everything between them. One of Conan’s hands stroked obviously at his small erection. As erotic as that was, that wasn’t what had Amuro almost choking on his own tongue. It was the vibrating dildo stretching his anus.

It was clearly not small, adult sized? The switch on the bottom was flipped to high and his hips were stuttering in little aborted motions. Amuro was transfixed. Conan’s skin was flushed, lubricant leaked from around the toy, making his rim wet and inviting. He could see the base of the toy move from Conan clenching down on it. Forcing his eyes up Conan’s body, he almost dropped the phone.

It wasn’t possible for Conan to see him.

It wasn’t.

But he swore their eyes met.

Amuro disconnected the app. He couldn’t watch anymore. (He could and he wanted to.) It was wrong. (Did that matter?) He should give Conan his privacy, it wasn’t his business. (The erection tenting his jeans didn’t care about Conan’s privacy.)

With guilt and self-loathing churning in his stomach, Amuro jerked off to the image of Conan with an adult sized vibrator stretching him out. His mind whispered that he wished he was the one stretching him out.


Conan pulled the toy out with a whimper from the overstimulation. Lightly he traced his twitching rim. The lube left him wet and the vibrator made him soft and sensitive. It was five inches, a nice warm-up for an adult but it felt huge inside of him. It was thick enough to make him feel stretched but not enough to require much effort getting it in. Still, it more than satisfied him in this form.

Being left unsupervised as a curious teen hadn’t been so bad. He’d had access to his own bank card, and no one ever questioned his purchases. So, like any youth left alone too often, he’d explored porn and sex toys. He had delt with his stress and his loneliness by pushing the limits of his body. He had developed quite the collection of toys, including increasingly larger dildos, powerful vibrators, all sorts of interesting items. He missed being able to use many of them but in this form, with his short arms, he couldn’t reach to navigate many of his favorite dildos.

Huffing out a breath and enjoying the relaxed feeling his orgasm gave him, Conan glanced at the phone mounted at the end of the bed. The battery was significantly lower than it had been when he put it there. Stretching, Conan sat up and snatched the phone from the end of his bed. He felt tingles of residual pleasure shoot up his spine. A catlike grin grew on his face. Amuro saw.

When had it started? That weekend, after saving Tokyo, after Amuro had used him so thoroughly to solve the terror attack. He’d been frustrated. More so than usual. It had started as spite, or at least that’s what he wanted to call it. Refusing to remove the spyware, wanting to get caught, wanting to catch Amuro spying. But nothing happened. From there it became a game. When would Amuro notice that the app was still active? When would he try it out? Would he ask or would he watch? Would he ever catch Conan in a compromising position?

And then he had. On a day Conan was sitting up, close to where he had propped to phone, haphazardly riding one of his longer, thinner dildos. The length made it easier to reach and it had a suction base meaning he didn’t have to hold it. He noticed the battery tick down three whole percentage points suddenly. He came hard, knowing Amuro had seen him.

He’d almost given up the entire game when he saw Amuro the next day. He could feel the man’s eyes lingering on him longer than usual. Amuro watched him often but this was different. Amuro’s eyes followed his lips and hands, something they had never done before. Those pale blue eyes grew sharp, watching him sip iced coffee or lick his fingers. Conan wanted more.

Two weeks after the first incident, he got his wish. And what a wonderful time Amuro had picked. He’d posed like that just for him. Just so that Amuro could see him stretched around the vibrator. He’d been hoping the man would watch.

For once, he was lucky.

Conan slept well that night, already plotting his next session. Summer vacation was coming up soon… And if Conan played his cards right, he might get to have that summer fling Sonoko was bugging Ran to try. Maybe even more than that his mind whispered.

He didn’t know if he liked Amuro, but he absolutely loved the cloying aura of danger that drifted around him. Conan didn’t understand how no one noticed it. The man had eyes like a wolf. Madness lingered just in the corners at any given moment. Conan got to see it up close during their mad dash to save 30,000 civilians.

He wanted to see it again.

As Shinichi…he had always had a certain fetish for dangerous people. He was an adrenaline junkie, even he could recognize that. Why else would he chase after strange men in black? It wasn’t just cockiness or arrogance. It was a need for the headrush that always accomplished solving a mystery or surviving a terrifying incident.

As Conan, he got into his fair share of trouble. But he had never found someone as fascinating as Amuro Tooru. The man hid his darkness under kind smiles and layered t-shirts. He was a perfectionist almost to a fault. And he was willing to do whatever was necessary to solve a case, as long as no one died.

If his dreams were now filled with images of large hands slamming him into the bed instead of a car seat and blazing blue eyes daring him to refuse, well, that was Conan’s business.


On Sunday, Conan went to Poirot. He knew Amuro’s schedule. Sure enough, the blond was wiping down the counter in the quiet café. Conan pushed open the door, trotting up to the counter. He pulled himself up into one of the bar seats. Amuro paused in his work, watching Conan enter. It was particularly empty, only two elderly regulars and no Azusa-neesan anywhere to be seen.

“Amuro-no-niisan! Can I have some iced coffee?” Conan kicked his legs back and forth, smiling brightly.

It took Amuro a second to tilt his lips into the familiar smile. But his eyes were sharp, sending a shiver down Conan’s spine.

“Of course, Conan-kun. Just don’t tell Ran-san.” Amuro poured the coffee, adding a little liquid sugar and a few pumps of vanilla. “It’ll be our secret.”

Amuro placed the glass in front of Conan, leaning on the counter in front of the boy. He perched his chin in his palm. Conan smiled up at him, blue eyes peering up through dark lashes.

“You like secrets, Amuro-san.” Conan’s smile became a little sharp around the edges as he pulled the cold coffee towards him.

He wrapped his lips around the straw, holding Amuro’s eyes.

“You’re one to talk, Conan-kun.” Amuro’s words sent a shiver down Conan’s spine.

He was playing along.

After what happened with the PSB and all of Amuro’s various identities along with Conan’s own hidden self, most of what lay between them were secrets. Maybe that was part of what enticed Conan. Amuro was a bunch of ill-fitting parts that made a single man. Conan wanted to piece the puzzle together, twisting and turning it until he got the full picture.

It was clear Amuro wasn’t sure how intentional Conan’s actions were. But if the man was disgusted, well, he probably wouldn’t be so close right now. That gave Conan some hope.

“What are your plans today, Conan-kun?” Amuro asked casually.

“I’ll probably go over to the Professor’s house to work on my summer homework with Haibara. If I get it all done now, I’ll have plenty of time for summer activities starting next week.” Conan explained.

“Oh? Already doing your summer homework? You’re just as studious as I expected.” Amuro responded, folding his arms and leaning closer to Conan.

“Ahahah, I just want to get it done with so I can play for as long as I want!” Conan put emphasis on the word play. Not enough to alert Amuro to exactly what he meant, but enough to shift the man’s attention to the thought.

Amuro’s smile didn’t crack. Not that Conan thought it would, but it was a little disappointing. Until Amuro shifted to reach a hand over the counter, brushing Conan’s bangs back. While it might look like he was ruffling Conan’s hair, it felt more like a caress. His long fingers carded gently through black strands, the pad of his pinky just brushing against Conan’s ear. He could feel his cheeks grow warm.

“Don’t play too hard, Conan-kun. We wouldn’t want you getting hurt…” Amuro let his hand rest on Conan’s head for a few seconds longer than proper.

The boy’s face was soft pink, bringing to mind the other reason he had seen that color spread across the boy’s cheeks. He had been observing Conan for a long time. The only times he saw the child blush involved his pretty Ran-neechan. It was clear the child had some attachment, or a puppy crush of some type on the teenager. Seeing that look directed at him did something funny to his stomach.

Conan could only nod. Amuro didn’t touch him overly often. He would certainly lean close or lend a hand when Conan’s height became an issue, but he rarely went out of his way to touch him. It was something Conan appreciated most of the time. Some adults seemed to think that just because he looked like a child, they could touch him whenever and however they wanted.

Conan finished his coffee, leaving the money on the counter. As he was getting out of his chair, he felt a shiver sneak of his spine. He turned quickly, finding Amuro’s eyes, cold as ice, focused on him. For a moment he thought this must be what a mouse feels like in front of a cat. And then Amuro’s expression evened out. It was like a frigid breeze during the first warm day of spring. Sudden and shocking and gone before you’re sure you felt it. Amuro’s smile warmed the blood that had frozen, letting Conan hop out of the seat.

Conan threw a wave over his shoulder, dashing out of sight.

After Conan left, Amuro was alone with his thoughts. Was he reading too much into his reactions? Was it all an accident and he was spying on a kid? …Or was it intentional?


The next time Amuro watched Conan, the boy was bouncing on a dildo with his back to the camera. This one was longer than the vibrator, but Conan wasn’t taking it all the way to the base. It was far thicker though.

It was the first day of summer break and Conan clearly hadn’t waited long to get started. From the amount of sweat on the child’s back and how flushed he was, he had been going at it for a while.

Swallowing down his guilt, Amuro pulled out his cock. He still wasn’t sure how intentional it was. But he couldn’t stop. It was like something inside of him had cracked. Seeing Conan that first time had been the final blow. He’d already been unreasonably interested in the boy, it just hadn’t been sexual.

Until now.

Amuro stroked himself, the wet slide of it echoing loudly in the hideout. He timed it to the rise and fall of Conan’s hips, eyes transfixed on the way his hole stretched around the toy. Swallowing thickly, Amuro tapped the button to access the mic. It was the one thing he hadn’t done, the one shred of privacy he hadn’t take from Conan. But he needed to hear him.

The sound of wet flesh and heavy breathing crackled to life, loud in the hideout. Conan was moaning and whimpering. No, not just moaning… Conan was talking.

”Amuro-niichan…harder…right there…feels good…more…Zero!” Conan’s voice babbled out.

His name. His nickname. Conan was doing this while thinking of him.

Amuro stroked his cock faster, not even wanting to contemplate the twisted smile spreading across his face. He wasn’t going to last long, not with those sounds. He didn’t want it to end. He could watch Conan like this forever.

“Cumming, Zero, Zero! Cumming!” Conan’s pleasured cry filled the room and Amuro’s hips stuttered, following the boy over the edge.

He watched, unable to catch his breath as Conan fell forward. The toy popped out with a squelching sound, bending to rest against the boy’s thing. Conan’s stretched entrance was on full display. Pink and wet and twitching. Conan tilted his head, one lust darkened eye practically glowing over his shoulder.

“Did you enjoy the show, Zero-no-niichan?”

Amuro disconnected the app. Tossing the phone onto the card table as if burned. This entire situation was insane. He was insane! Conan knew. Any doubts Amuro had about the boy’s knowledge of the app vanished. He was, what, baiting him? What did Conan want out of this? What did Amuro want out of this?

Looking down at his cum covered hand and his barely softened erection, the answer was clear.


Conan was walking back to the Mouri agency. His lower back was sore after the workout, but he felt unreasonably pleased. Amuro saw everything. He’d put a fair bit of effort into this show. He even went as far as talking this time. He couldn’t be sure if Amuro was listening, but he could hope. Regardless, with how far the battery had dipped, Amuro had watched most of his performance. It gave him a giddy feeling. If he was actually a child, he might even be skipping right now.

He was so lost to those thoughts that he didn’t even notice he was being watched until strong hands yanked him into an alley. He struggled against the hand smothering him, clawing at him. A bolt of fear and the memories of pain he’s experienced ever other time this happened had Conan panicking blindly against the hold.

“Conan-kun, it’s me.” A voice, one he recognized, whispered in his ear.

He froze for a second and then went limp in the hold.

“Good to know you have some self-preservation instincts after all.” Amuro huffed, breath warm against the back of Conan’s neck.

His hold gentled slightly, turning Conan to push him against the alley wall. Conan didn’t have any time to think. Amuro knelt down to his level, completely caging him in. He slid one knee between Conan’s legs, letting Conan practically sit on his thigh. One of Amuro’s hand curved over Conan’s hip, pinning him in place, the other was planted against the brick behind him.

“I wasn’t expecting this, Amuro-san.” Conan scowled at the blond.

“You weren’t? That’s surprising considering you were going out of your way to summon me.” Amuro responded with a cold smile.

Conan took a breath, trying to calm his still racing heart. He took the time to catalog Amuro’s appearance. His face was cold, no where near the happy waiter Conan usually saw, this was closer to Zero. He was wearing a black t-shirt and dark wash jeans along with an unzipped black hoody and black baseball cap. He clearly was here with a mission in mind.

“What are you talking about Amuro-no-niichan? I don’t remember calling you.” Conan said in the obviously fake childish lilt.

After everything they went through just a few weeks prior, Amuro wasn’t fooled in the slightest. Nothing was normal about this child.

“You’re not fooling anyone here, Conan-kun. Why haven’t you removed the spyware from your phone? Why have you been going to the Kudo Mansion to do that?” Amuro leaned in close, those intense wolf like eyes drilling into Conan as if the man could see right through him.

“Why are you asking questions you already know that answers too, Zero?” Conan gave up the childish voice.

It was a risk. There was still so much he didn’t know about this man. The one thing he could trust is that Amuro wanted to protect Japan, meaning he wouldn’t easily give up Conan’s secrets to the Black Organization. There would be no benefit if he did that. Amuro was clearly connected to Vermouth and she didn’t want him dead. She would accuse Conan of playing with fire.

The glare Amuro fixed him with sent shivers down his spine. He’d always found the blond attractive. Everyone did. When he saw the intensity of those blue eyes though, the darkness lurking just behind every warm smile, it did something to his insides. It felt risky and scary but in a way that was somehow controlled. Amuro wasn’t a threat to Conan but he wasn’t safe either. He was like a fascinating puzzle.

Conan liked fascinating puzzles.

“I think you already know what I want, Amuro-san. And if you’re here like this, it means you want to give it to me. So, what are you really asking?” Conan reached up one small hand, laying it on Rei’s cheek.

“You’re eight. You don’t know what you’re asking for. You can’t know.” The words were aimed at Conan but the way he spoke it seemed like Amuro was trying to convince himself of that.

“Mm, I’m physically eight. There are a lot of things I shouldn’t know about, right? But I do, you know that already. You know all the parts that don’t add up. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked for my help.” Conan hummed in response.

The truth was unbelievable, he could understand why Amuro was trying so hard to reject it. Despite all the facets of grey that make up Amuro, this must have him feeling like a criminal. But Conan wasn’t convinced Amuro was against it. He watched more than one show. He came to Conan like this. No, Amuro wasn’t planning to reject him, he just didn’t know how to reconcile his own feelings.

“Physically eight…” Conan could practically see the gears turning behind Amuro’s eyes. “Then you-“

“Amuro-no-niichan!” Conan cut him off, switching back to a childish lilt. He saw Amuro flinch but powered on. “Ran-neechan is going with Sonoko-neechan on vacation next weekend and Kogoro-ojisan is going on a trip with some friends to Kyoto. Are you doing anything during next weekend, you have off, right? It’ll be boring all alone. You should let me stay over! Then we could talk lots and lots!”

Conan never knew who might be listening. Even though it was unlikely Amuro would allow himself to be tracked when visiting for this type of reason, it was better to be safe than sorry.

He could see understanding drift through Amuro’s eyes. If he wanted his answers, he would have to take Conan into his home. Anything else they could negotiate at that time. After all, they had an entire weekend.

“…I’ll talk to Ran-neechan about a sleepover. You do seem to get into so much trouble when unsupervised, I would be much happier if you weren’t alone.” Amuro’s expression shifted to one of his kind smiles but his eyes were still sharp, calculating.

Conan wiggled a bit, trying to get Amuro to catch the hint to let him go. Instead, Amuro leaned in closer. Conan’s breath hitched as Amuro tilted his head, slotting his mouth against Conan’s. Amuro’s lips were soft and warm against his, coaxing and surprisingly gentle. It was Conan’s first real kiss...and it felt good. He found himself leaning into it. The hand that had been resting on Amuro’s cheek slipped around his neck, his fingers clutching at the back of Amuro’s neck.

Amuro’s hand, the one that had been braced against the brick wall, cupped Conan’s face, tilting his head up so Amuro could deepen the kiss. Conan shivered when a wet tongue lapped at his mouth, tracing his bottom lip.

“Open you’re mouth, please, Conan-kun.” The words were breathed directly against his mouth, making Conan tremble.

For all his exploration of his own body, he hadn’t had the chance to kiss anyone. Following the request, Conan parted his lips. Amuro immediately pressed his tongue past his teeth, licking into Conan’s small mouth and sealing their mouths together tightly. Amuro rubbed at Conan’s own tongue, coaxing it to slide against his own before retreating, getting Conan to follow. And he did, small body surging up into the kiss. His eagerness sent a shiver down Amuro’s spine. It was an inexperienced kiss, but one filled with earnest desire. Amuro pulled back, enjoying the way Conan’s tongue poked out to try and follow his mouth. He nipped at the boy’s bottom lip before surging back into a deep kiss. He devoured a muffled moan from Conan, pressing him into the harsh brick.

Conan never realized how wet kisses could be. He could feel the build up of spit flowing back and forth as Amuro plundered his mouth, licking over his teeth and the roof of his mouth and the inside of his cheeks. Breathing was becoming difficult, he felt warm and good… On a particularly deep push of Amuro’s tongue that had Conan whimpering in pleasure, he was forced to swallow their shared saliva.

The thought should have disgusted him, instead it sent had heat pooling in his belly.

As if that was his intention, Amuro started to gentle the kisses, slowly pulling away. With one last nip to Conan’s swollen lower lip, he pulled back completely. His hand slipped from Conan’s cheek to his neck, thumb brushing lightly against his throat.

“Such a good boy, swallowing so cutely.” Conan felt his face burn bright at Amuro’s words.

Conan shoved at Amuro’s shoulders, earning a soft laugh from the man as he finally gave the small detective breathing room. Amuro moved into a squat in front of him. He was watching Conan as he gathered himself.

“I wasn’t sure I would be able to do that.” Amuro was smiling, clearly not bothered after the long kiss.

“Oi, oi, don’t treat my real first kiss as an experiment.” Conan deadpanned even with his cheeks still painted red.

That prompted a blush from Amuro.

“I suppose I couldn’t ask for a better one though.” Conan smirked and turned towards the opening of the alley. “See you soon, Amuro-no-niichan.”

As soon as Amuro was left alone, he buried his face in his hands. He had just stolen an eight-year old’s first kiss. Well, no, if what Conan hinted at was true then he wasn’t really eight. It was hard to reconcile it in his head. He honestly hadn’t been sure if he could bring himself to touch Conan like that. The hard on tenting his jeans was more than enough proof that his body was interested. His mind…well, it wasn’t the body that held his mind captivated. It was Conan’s mind. He knew he was infatuated with the boy’s mind more than anything. If they were the same age, Amuro would have pursued him immediately. The only thing that kept him from reacting sexually was that he thought he was dealing with an eight-year-old. He was already compromising his morals from the moment he saw Conan masturbating. Now, with the knowledge that this wasn’t an actual child. Could he pursue Conan sexually…romantically?

The answer was undoubtedly yes.


“Are you sure about taking him, Amuro-san? He can always stay with the professor or come with the girls and I.” Ran asked worriedly.

She hadn’t been expecting the man to approach her while she was trying to make arrangements for Conan while everyone was away. She knew the pair had been closer recently. Ever since the horrible series of events involving her Father’s arrest, Conan had been visiting Poirot every day. She didn’t know what happened but the two had connected during that time. She had asked Conan, but he had just smiled and said that Amuro took care of him while they were separated.

“It’s no problem at all. Conan-kun is such a bright child but he does get into a lot of trouble. I worry about him wandering around alone. I’ll be off work, so I’ll be able to keep an eye on him. And it will be nice to have the company. Haro will be happy to see him again too.” It was almost comical how easily the Mouri’s trusted him.

“If you’re really sure…” Ran knelt down in front of Conan. “Are you okay staying with Amuro-san until we get back? We’ll be back late Monday night, so you’ll have to stay from tonight until Tuesday.”

“It’s fine Ran-neechan! I’m looking forward to a sleep over with Amuro-no-niichan! He has the best puzzles and I’ll get to play with Haro and he said we could watch the new Holmes movie together!” Conan cheered brightly, reassuring Ran who gave him a fond smile.

“Well at least you already know how to keep him distracted.” She stood up, smiling at Amuro. “Just don’t let him sucker you into giving him extra iced coffee. I know sometimes you let him have extra.”
Amuro put his hands up in a placating gesture. Inside, he was thrilled. Ran easily agreed to let Conan spend several nights at his house. It was exciting, knowing that he would have unlimited access to the small detective. They rarely had moments alone between the BO, the Mouri’s, and Conan’s school friends.

“Well then, I’ll come pick you up after my shift, okay Conan-kun?” He bent down, smiling at the boy.

“Okay! I’ll pack my stuff.” Conan dashed off into his room.

It was disconcerting how easily he jumped between childishness and astuteness. Amuro bought into the act until he got to see the other side. He almost couldn’t believe how he had been fooled by the act.

“I can’t thank you enough, Amuro-san. Sonoko was insistent that I not bring him along and there was no one readily available. I know the professor doesn’t mind taking care of him but he’s already dealing with Ai-chan. I know Shinichi lets him stay at Kudo Mansion sometimes. I worry about him being in that big house all alone though.” Ran explained, still clearly concerned about inconveniencing him.

“It’s really no problem. Conan is so smart that it makes him surprisingly easy to talk too. Most of all though, I worry about how often he gets involved in scary situations. When I heard that he might end up alone while you were all away, I couldn’t help the nagging concern. I hope I’m not overstepping but kids, even as smart as he is, need to be protected and that is the job of adults.” Amuro did feel like Conan deserved protection, more than most, the kid was beyond accident prone.

A sick part of him thought she should be doing more to protect Conan from him. To protect Conan from so many of the strange men the kid found himself around. And women, he thought of Vermouth’s less than innocent affection. Given what he had figured out about Conan’s predilection, leaving him around anyone might be dangerous. How would Ran react if she knew she had just given permission for Conan to go on…what, a sex vacation? Some hysterical and broken thing bubbled in Amuro’s chest.

It stayed there, crackling beneath his ribs throughout his workday. Poirot wasn’t busy enough to keep him from thinking about it. And if he jerked off in the bathroom during his break, well, no one needed to know about that.

He watched when the Suzuki heiress came to pick up Ran, followed by Mouri Kogoro driving off to go see his friends. The realization that Conan was waiting for him had him half hard for the remainder of his shift.

“Here, Amuro-san. I made two portions of Poirot Pasta for you and Conan-kun to eat tonight. Enjoy your time off and make sure he eats properly!” Azusa smiled, handing over the two perfectly wrapped dishes.

Amuro thanked her, swallowing thickly. Everyone was congratulating him for watching Conan because they didn’t know what he planned to do to the boy. The thought shouldn’t be a turn on. Heading to the break room, Amuro grabbed his wallet and car keys from his locker and headed out of the shop. The sun was just starting to set.

Taking a steadying breath, Amuro went up the steps to the Mouri detective agency. He knocked on the door twice before entering, seeing Conan siting on the couch.

“Hello again, Amuro-san.” Conan greeted, peering over the back of the couch. A suitcase stood next to the couch.

“Hello Conan-kun. I brought dinner from Poirot. I thought we could eat here and talk before heading to my apartment?” Amuro placed a hand on the arm of the couch beside Conan and placed the food on the table.

Conan’s eyes were bright and wide. He appeared to be thinking about something before a small hand latched onto the front of Amuro’s shirt, tugging him down. Amuro followed willingly, curious. As Conan tilted his head to the side, Amuro realized what the boy wanted. Closing his eyes, her leaned down into the kiss. Conan’s lips were slightly chapped but warm and pliant. A small tongue lapped at his, encouraging to open. Amused, Amuro parted his lips just to nip at the tiny muscle, pulling back with a smile.

“There will be plenty of time for that later.” Amuro placed an extra kiss on Conan’s lips before pulling away completely.

He took a seat across from Conan. The small detective had a soft blush on his cheeks as he turned to sit properly.

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t having second thoughts.” Conan responded cheekily, accepting the takeout container Amuro passed him.

“I wouldn’t be here if I was. While I know I should feel some type of guilt about this…I feel more guilty about not feeling guilty.” Amuro shrugged.

“Well you said you wanted to talk, you can ask me anything. There is some stuff I might not answer but I’ll do my best to be truthful.” Conan hummed, looking up at Amuro from under his lashes.

“I don’t even know where to start. I thought about asking about your identity but I can deduce enough of that truth from the clues you’ve left. Hearing it aloud…isn’t really something I need. You’re not actually a child but physically you’re still eight-years-old. In a court of law, I would still be a pedophile. Knowing who you are doesn’t really change that. Agreeing to do this doesn’t make the situation any less morally questionable.” Amuro commented between bites of pasta.

“I suppose you’re not wrong about that. I’m not asking you to compromise your own morals. If you wish to pretend this never happened, I will delete the spyware and let you confirm its full removal. We can pretend none of this happened.” Despite Conan’s calm response, there was a guarded look in his eye.

He’s afraid of rejection, Amuro realized.

“I’m not rejecting this. I’m attracted to you. Physically and mentally. You being small honestly doesn’t change that. You potentially being over the age of consent doesn’t change that. I approached you without knowing the truth. That being said… I’m not attracted to children. Generally, I’m not attracted to anyone on sight. I’ve been infatuated with your intelligence ever since I realized you were the actual power behind Mouri Kogoro.” Amuro thought about it as he spoke.

He generally didn’t care what his partners looked like. Most of his bedmates had been for missions anyway. Not that he did that type of work often, but sometimes it was unavoidable. Looking at Conan, he was surprised to see the boy blushing brightly. Thinking over his words, Amuro realized that he had practically confessed to him.

“It’s fine if this is only an experiment for you. I’m not trying to demand a relationship. I understand you have your attachments to Ran-san.” Amuro tried to brush the comment aside.

“There’s nothing between Ran and I. Not…not even as the real me, not anymore.” Conan’s eyes went sad around the edges. “It’s highly possible I’ll be stuck growing up a second time. If you want the full story later, I don’t mind sharing it. At this point, you are one of the few people I trust not to turn it around on me. You owe me for the previous case anyway. I’m not opposed to a more…permanent situation if that’s the direction this goes. I find you attractive as well. You’re as brilliant as you are handsome. I’m also a bit enamored with you, dashing and dangerous Zero-no-niichan~” Conan’s words took on a teasing edge towards the end, prompting an amused huff from the blond.

“Is that why you didn’t delete the spyware?” Amuro leaned forward.

“Eh, I suppose? Originally, I kept it to tease you. Call it a little bit of revenge for pushing me into a case. But after a few attempts of hoping you would watch me, I ended up…craving it. When you finally did, I knew I wanted to make it something real.” Conan flushed again, hiding it behind quick bites of food.

“Well, it’s real now. So, what are your limits?” Amuro propped his chin in one hand, smirking as Conan almost choked on his pasta.

Conan opened his mouth to speak before pausing to think. He wanted to say anything but that wasn’t a fair or clear answer. Nor was it true. There were things Conan absolutely didn’t want. Better to state them now then risk them coming up.

“Nothing sharp, I don’t like knives or anything similar. I am fine with bondage but only with fabric or leather…I don’t like rope or handcuffs or tape. I’ve been tied with all of those a few times too many. I’m not big on pain but I’m fine with spanking. For anything else, a safe word method works fine for me. What about you, Amuro-san?” Conan listed off.

“I haven’t explored many kinks. I thought about it a bit while watching you and after our last meeting but nothing particularly useful. I know enough about bondage to do it confidently, same with spanking and other basic kinks. When it comes to you…I want to do anything and everything. I want to control you, pleasure you, devour you…” Amuro trailed off.

Conan shivered as those wolf-like eyes pinned him to the couch. Amuro’s eyes were one of Conan’s favorite features. They were sharp and cold, even when he was pretending to be the kind café worker. And now those dangerous eyes were on him. Arousal burned low in Conan’s stomach, making him squirm.

“If…if there is anything specific you want to do, we can always discuss it. Despite what you may think, I’m pretty tame in my own interests. I like sex toys and I like being tied up but it’s not as if I’ve ever done any of this with a real person. My main fetish is size difference and, well, clearly that’s not a problem.” Conan gestured between them, swallowing tightly to try and regain control.

“You’re a virgin?” Amuro couldn’t help the surprise coloring his voice.

If his suspicions were correct, which they most likely were, he was talking to Kudo Shinichi. He had assumed Kudo Shinichi and Mouri Ran were together. They were childhood friends and all of Ran’s friends seemed to believe Shinichi would eventually come back for her. Amuro wasn’t interested in sharing. Not that he would tell Conan that. He would simply have to become an irreplaceable existence to the boy. Because he wanted him. He wanted all of the disconnected pieces that made up Edogawa Conan and Kudo Shinichi. To Amuro, they were not separate. He was a greedy man. He wanted both.

“I’m only 18 and I’ve been trapped like this for a year. When would I have had the time? No, I was fine with my toys.” Conan’s expression was tense.

“I don’t consider your lack of experience a turn off. It’s simply another drop in the bucket of moral ambiguity. I’m 11 years older than you if you're 18, are you okay with that?” Not that Amuro considered 29 to be old but it was a fairly large age gap.

“It’s fine…if anything, it’s a positive.” Conan shrugged.

“Then, if you’re finished with dinner, I think it’s time to begin our vacation.” Amuro’s smile was kind but the heat in his eyes sent a shiver down Conan’s spine.

Amuro cleaned up the takeout containers and grabbed Conan’s bag, heading out of the detective office. Conan lingered for a few moments, calming his nerves before following. The snick of the lock felt very final.

Once they were seated in Amuro’s already repaired white Mazda, Conan fiddled with the radio until he found the local news. He swung his legs back and forth, fiddling with the edge of the seat.

“I’m surprised they got you a new car so fast, the other one was completely totaled, right?” Conan peered up at Amuro.

Amuro found the nervous energy endearing. Conan was normally such a calm and collected child that it was easy to forget he was only eight. Although that made more sense now. The fidgeting was cute, even the attempt at small talk was oddly adorable. Now that Amuro could fully admit that he was sexually attracted to Edogawa Conan, it was also easier to take stock of all the things he liked about him. Amuro didn’t really experience sexual attraction. He could appreciate people physically just fine and he had no issues with the act of sex but romance hadn’t really been something he thought about. He’d fantasized a little about Hiro, about what they might have become, but that wasn’t the same. This was consuming.

“Yes, the previous car was unable to be repaired so the bureau prepared a new one as soon as possible. It was the least they could do after we saved the city and thirty thousand citizens.” Amuro turned his attention to Conan.

Taking one hand off the steering wheel, he captured one of Conan’s wandering ones. That small hand fit almost completely in his palm. He coaxed Conan’s fingers to curl around two of his own, the rest of his hand holding onto Conan’s wrist.

“They didn’t even come by to put Kogoro-ojiisan’s office back together. That’s not fair at all.” Conan huffed but tightened his grip around Amuro’s fingers.

The man had long, beautiful fingers and strong hands. He could feel the edges of callouses, from guns and other weaponry, probably from the number of sports the man knew.

“Haha, well, I suppose I can charge the bureau for some of our food expenses this weekend and call it compensation. Will that make it up to you, Conan-kun?” Amuro laughed.

“I’m going to order so much sushi then. Or maybe I’ll make you take me to a fancy restaurant!” Conan grinned up at him cheekily.

“Hm… If it wasn’t for your ability to attract bodies, I might even take you out to do public play. But we wouldn’t want you the get caught up in a case like that. No, I think we’ll order in or I’ll cook. Besides, the more alone time we have, the better.” Amuro’s smile turned sharp, hunger burning in his eyes and searing Conan’s soul.

Conan’s free hand wrapped around Amuro’s wrist, not pushing away, clinging. His face lit up red and Amuro wanted to see how far that color could spread.

“Ordering in is fine…” Conan’s voice was quiet, tight, but not scared. No, he sounded ready to combust.

The rest of the drive passed quietly. Amuro didn’t live far and before Conan could calm down completely, they were pulling into the parking deck of Amuro’s apartment complex. Amuro waited patiently until Conan unwrapped his fingers. It was quiet and intimate, the silence in the car and their hands linked.

Conan got out of the car quickly once he released Amuro’s hand. His ears were burning. He could feel the heat in Amuro’s gaze following him even as the man pulled his suitcase from the back. Three flights of stairs. That’s all the stood between him and whatever was going to happen over the next four days. Amuro walked ahead, knowing Conan would follow. Conan stayed close, not even hesitating. And then it was the door, unlatching to let them in. Amuro held it open, staring at Conan with those too intense eyes.

Conan stepped over the threshold with confidence. Because he did feel confident. This is what he wanted. After everything they went through, he trusted Amuro. Beyond the Black Organization, the man had proven his worth. While Conan might not agree with all of his methods, he respected Amuro’s resolve.

Conan stepped fully into the entry way, slipping out of his sneakers. Amuro set the suitcase on the lip of the entryway and slid off his own shoes. He let one hand stroke Conan’s hair, making the boy freeze for a moment, before he walked further into the apartment. Conan followed after him, looking around curiously.

It was a standard apartment set up. There was a kitchen with a small table for two, toilet and a bathroom not far apart. Just passed the kitchen there was a small sitting area that had not furniture but one wall had a small sliding door that led to a small balcony mostly covered in potted plants. There was a washing machine in the hall and a door to what was quickly revealed to be Amuro’s bedroom.

Conan lingered in the doorway. It was a comfortable but sparsely furnished room with a large bed, low table with a floor cushion, a TV, and a guitar. The floor was made of tatami. It was a normal, average, Japanese apartment.

Amuro placed the suitcase beside the TV stand and turned around, smiling at Conan.

“Haro is staying with Kazami tonight, he’ll be back early tomorrow. I’m going to go take a shower, make yourself comfortable, Conan-kun. You can unpack, I don’t have much in the way of drawer space but feel free to do anything you need.” Amuro motioned to the sparsely furnished bedroom casually.

“Okay. Enjoy your shower!” Conan smiled up at him and entered the room fully.

Amuro watched him for a few moments, seeming to think about something before he kneeled in front of Conan. The small detective watched him curiously, drawing closer when Amuro held his arms up. Amuro let one his hands slip into black tresses, the other curling around Conan’s waist. He drew Conan into a hug, tilting the boy’s head to press a soft kiss to his neck. He held him like that for a few seconds, enough for Conan to memorize the slightly spicy scent of Amuro’s aftershave.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long…” Conan whispered before Amuro pulled away, earning a heated look from the man.

When Amuro finally left the room, Conan took the chance to explore. He peered under Amuro’s bed, not finding anything interesting. The guitar was nice, but Conan was careful not to touch it. Considering there were no personal affects, this was a room rented specifically for Amuro Tooru. The guitar must be important if he kept it even while undercover. Conan found the remote from the TV and thought about turning on the news but for once, he had no desire to worry about the rest of the world.

Leaving the room, he went back to the empty sitting area and peered at the potted plants on the balcony. They were all vegetable plants. Somehow, Conan wasn’t surprised that Amuro kept useful plants. Conan padded back to Amuro’s bedroom, steadfastly ignoring the sound of the shower running so close. Glancing at his suitcase, he knew there was nothing in there that he would need tonight, except maybe a change of clothes.

Unzipping it revealed a few pairs of shorts, underwear, t-shirts and a sleeveless hoodie. He packed light, not anticipating the opportunity to wear clothes. Underneath them, the reason for the full suitcase was revealed. He’d brought toys. Probably more than they needed but since he didn’t know what Amuro was into, it was better to be over prepared than under. Conan sealed the suitcase again, eyes turning to the bedroom door.

The water cut off.

Taking a breath, Conan moved to stand beside the table, waiting for Amuro to come to a stop in the doorway. Pale blue eyes watched him. Amuro was shirtless, having changed into a loose pair of black sweatpants. Conan was momentarily captivated by the sight of Amuro’s body. He was beautiful. Muscles carefully sculpted for power not appearance, he didn’t have an ounce of extra weight on him. A few silvered scars danced across his ribs and there was a partial bullet wound over his left hip. His left bicep was wrapped in bandages, reminding Conan of the thick glass that sliced deep into Amuro’s arm. There had been so much blood…

Conan swallowed thickly, dragging his eyes up to lock with Amuro’s. With slightly trembling hands, Conan raised his fingers to his suspenders, slipping them off of his shoulders. His hands drifted to the buttons on his belt and he saw Amuro tense as if expecting Conan to attack him with a soccer ball. Conan’s lips quirked up in a half smile as he removed the belt, pulling it through the loops and sitting it gently on the low table in front of him. Still holding Amuro’s eyes, he raised his hands to his glasses, slipping them off and placing them alongside his belt and suspenders.

He felt naked despite still having all of his clothes on. Without those tools, he wouldn’t be able to fight Amuro off. He had given up every method of protection he had. His shoes were by the door, his weapons on the table, his tracking badge back at the Detective office.

He was defenseless.

Amuro stared at Conan, a deep breath rattling in his chest. Defenseless? No. Whether Conan knew it or not, his eyes, those impossible to deny blue, blue, blue eyes were his greatest asset. Amuro felt his heart skip a beat. By putting aside his weapons, Conan was showing his ultimate faith in Amuro.

Amuro stepped into the room, sliding the door closed behind him. He scrubbed the towel over his hair one last time, making sure it was dry enough not to be annoying before tossing the towel onto the table. He sat on the edge of the bed, he watched Conan, waiting for the boy to move. Amuro wouldn’t chase him. Not when he was already in his room. Conan needed the space to make his own moves.

And move he did. Conan squared his shoulders and walked forward, stepping between Amuro’s thighs. His hands reached up to rest on Rei’s broad shoulders. One of Amuro’s hands landed on Conan’s lower back, dragging up until it tangled with silky hair, the other curved over Conan’s hip. Drawing him closer. The hand in his hair, guided his head towards Amuro, the blond immediately capturing Conan’s lips in a heated kiss.

The hand on Conan’s hip shifted up, dragging his shirt with it. Strong fingers groped at newly revealed pale flesh. Conan was soft in that way all children are. Amuro could feel the toned muscle underneath supple skin. He broke the kiss to pull the shirt up over the boy’s head, smiling softly as his hair got tousled by the move. His body was all pale skins and straight lines. A smooth belly that Amuro planned to decorate in kiss marks and bites, soft, puffy pink nipples looked perfect for playing with. The blank canvas of his skin was only broken by a bullet wound on his lower stomach. Amuro let one hand drift back to Conan’s hip, thumb stroking the puckered scar.

“You’re so fragile but you always throw yourself into danger.” Amuro whispered the words.

“You’re dangerous too.” A satisfied, cat like grin spread over Conan’s face.

Conan placed on hand on top of Amuro’s at his hip and gently pushed it down, guiding it to tug at the waist of his shorts. Amuro took the hint, hooking his thumb in the waist band and starting to work them down. His other hand cam up to lock around the back of Conan’s neck. A shiver ran down his spine when he realized he could circle his entire neck with one hand. He was so small. So delicate. So breakable.

“And here you are, throwing yourself into my bed.” Amuro stroked the front of Conan’s throat with his thumb.

Conan helped Amuro work his shorts off, stepping out of them when they pooled around his ankles. He made no move to cover himself. The hand that had been working his pants off moved to Conan’s chest.

A shuddery breath left Amuro before he pulled Conan up and shifted back onto the bed fully with the boy in his lap. They settled against the wall at the head of Amuro’s bed. Conan kneeled over his lap, hands clutching at Amuro’s shoulders. Holding Conan’s eyes, Amuro reached into the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He felt the shiver run down Conan’s spine, saw the boy’s small erection twitch.

“There are so many things I want to do to you, Conan-kun. I’m going to prep you slowly; I want to take you apart with my fingers until you beg me to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your throat and make a mess of your beautiful face. Then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t take anymore…” Amuro watched Conan’s face as he spoke. Looking for a singe crack, a flash of fear, anything negative. He would only be able to do this if he was confident it was what Conan wanted.

He needn’t worry. Conan’s face burned red and his eyes darkened with lust. Conan shivered, falling forward to bury his face in Amuro’s shoulder. He let out a tiny whimper, panting wetly and Amuro hadn’t even touched him yet. It was his voice, low and filled with promise, every word spoken like a threat. Conan gathered himself. He lifted his head enough to whisper in Amuro’s ear.

”Please.” One tiny plea was all the confirmation Amuro needed.

Amuro pulled Shinichi into a heated kiss, sinking his tongue between those plush lips. He uncapped the lube, squeezing the bottle so that it dripped over Conan’s ass. The boy shivered from the cold, whimpering into the demanding kiss. Amuro started at Conan’s neck, fingers trailing down his spine to cause shivers and twitches. When he reached the curve of Conan’s ass, his fingers sunk into the muscle, squeezing tight and wringing a moan from Conan. He broke the kiss, moving Conan higher on his knees and bowed his head to such at those puffy pink nipples.

Conan’s arms wrapped around Amuro’s head. He’d never played with his chest much, not finding it very pleasurable, but when Amuro licked a hot stripe over one bud, Conan let out a moan. His hips stuttered, pleasure pooling in his stomach. He threw his head back when Amuro stroked over his entrance. Amuro rubbed in a circle, tracing the rim and teasingly pushing. He skillfully pulled whimpers and moans from Conan. Every sound went straight to his cock.

Getting off during work took the edge off, giving him the time to focus purely on Conan’s pleasure. He wanted to make him addicted. He would crave only Amuro. He knew he was possessive, this type of destructive desire that could ruin them both. He should have had the self-control to say no. Should have had the moral backbone to deny this child. His middle finger sunk into the tight heat of Conan’s body. It was too late for thoughts like that.

Conan pressed back into his hand instantly. Amuro nipped at the nipple he was teasing, causing Conan to jerk and twitch, body unsure which direction it wanted to go in. Conan had taken far larger items than one of Amuro’s fingers, but he’d never had something warm and moving and alive. Pleasure was fire in his veins. But Amuro didn’t leave him with only one finger for long. A second sunk in quickly, teasing his walls. They reached so much further than Conan’s own when he prepped himself.

Amuro sucked bright red marks into Conan’s chest and shoulders, staying away from anywhere that would show with a shirt. Conan was tight, despite the stretching he had seen the boy do, he was still incredibly tight. The heat was almost unbearable, it made him want to give up all pretense of going slow and slam inside of him. Would Conan cry? Would he beg Amuro to slow down? Or would he moan and beg for more?

Conan whimpered when Amuro added a third finger. Especially when Amuro began searching for the spot that would make him see stars.

“You’re so warm inside Conan-kun… I can’t wait to be inside of you. Won’t you give me a taste?” Amuro caught one of Conan’s hand and drug it down his chest until it settled over the hard bulge in his sweatpants.

Conan’s face lit up red, prompting Amuro to kiss his forehead gently.

“I want to be in your mouth, Conan-kun. Won’t you let me?” It was posed as a question but Amuro was already shifting to let Conan move between his legs.

He kept his fingers buried deep inside of Conan as the boy shifted to crouch between Amuro’s thighs. He tugged at the waist band, prompting Amuro to lift his hips so Conan could pull the fabric down enough for Amuro’s cock to spring free.

Conan felt saliva pool in his mouth as heat laced through him. Amuro was large. Everything about the man dwarfed Conan but his cock… Conan might break. And he wanted that more than he wanted anything in this moment.

He’d never touched another man before. With trembling fingers, he wrapped too small hands around Amuro, feeling the warmth. The skin was smooth and soft as silk under his fingers. A neat thatch of blond pubic hair sat at the base. Without being guided, Conan pressed little fleeting kisses and licks to the shaft. Amuro groaned low in his throat, fingers starting to move again as Conan tasted him. Amuro’s free hand caressed Conan’s head, fingers tracing over his ears and the back of his neck before locking in the strands and pulling him to the tip.

“Open, let me inside…” Amuro half ordered half begged, needing to feel Conan’s mouth around his cock.

Sapphire eyes peered up at him from under thick dark lashes. Petal pink lips, kiss swollen and shiny, parted invitingly. He took Amuro inside, cheeks immediately bulging after only two or three inches, mouth stuffed fully well before halfway. Amuro watched Conan bob his head over what he could take, tiny hands stroking and teasing the rest.

It felt forbidden, how small every part of Conan was compared to himself. Like that, his control snapped. His fingers locked in Conan’s hair, shoving his head down. Conan gave a muffled cry, eyes watering and little hands digging into Amuro’s thighs. Amuro felt the moment he hit the back of Conan’s throat, felt the way the boy’s entire body jerked as he choked, and then felt the moment he slipped further in. He didn’t relent until Conan’s nose was pressed into his pubic bone.

He fucked three fingers into Conan, matching the pace as he pushed and pulled Conan’s head. The boy stopped struggling after those first few moments. Tears leaked down his flushed face, eyes dark with lust and droll spilling past his over stretched lips. It was erotic. He pushed Conan’s head all the way down, testing the depth with his fingers. He almost came. His cock was stretching Conan’s throat.

Conan couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. His throat felt raw, tender, amazing. He wanted more. When Amuro’s fingers stroked his overstuffed throat… His entire body shuddered as he came. He’d never come untouched before. He felt like he was floating as long fingers stroked and rubbed his prostate through his orgasm. Slowly, Amuro drug his hand up, pulling him off of that thick, long cock with a wet pop. His jaw was sore.

The look on Amuro’s face made him tremble. Hunger. This man was going to break him.

Amuro stared at Conan half in shock. The boy came from getting his throat fucked. Adrenaline shot through Amuro. He couldn’t take it anymore. He flipped them, pinning Conan to the bed. He looked drunk, mouth slack and eyes hazy and stomach splattered in little droplets of cum. Conan looked beautiful. Amuro kissed him, sloppy and wet, before moving down Conan’s body. He sucked kiss marks into his chest, and stomach. He framed Conan’s bellybutton, the skin so beautifully soft and smooth. The bruises appeared almost instantly. He licked up the drops of Conan’s cum, skirting the quickly reviving erection and down to Conan’s thighs.

He held Conan’s thighs apart, sucking bruises into the skin there. Conan watched him, fingers clutching at the sheets. The entire time, those fingers wouldn’t stop moving inside of him. It wasn’t enough. Conan wanted more.

When Conan’s hips started to move again, sluggishly meeting the movements of his hand, Amuro smirked. He opened his mouth, a flash of teeth against Conan’s skin, and then he bit down hard. At the same time, he slipped his pinky inside of Conan, four fingers thrusting into him while his thumb pressed against the smooth skin under Conan’s testicles. He was practically pinching Conan’s prostate.

Conan’s back bowed off the bed, hips thrusting down to meet Amuro’s fingers, leg trying to escape the pain. Amuro’s free hand pinned him there as his teeth sunk further into that pliant flesh until he tasted blood. His moans were music to Amuro’s ears. Desperate and needy, pained and sweet. His body didn’t know what to react to. Did it hurt? Did it feel good? Should he beg Amuro to stop? Should be beg Amuro for more?

Finally, Amuro released his thigh, licking over the bite wound gently as it sluggishly welled with blood. Amuro hoped it would scar, a beautiful mark of their time together. He pressed a final kiss there, earning a whimper, before making his way towards Conan’s fully renewed erection.

“Look at you, Conan-kun. Coming apart for me, coming from having your throat fucked, even biting you so deep didn’t stop your little dick from getting hard again. Do you like the pain? Or is it this…” Amuro rubbed harshly at Conan’s prostate, admiring the way that cute pink hole clung to his fingers.

Conan moaned weakly. Before he could even come up with an answer, Amuro swallowed Conan’s erection, balls and all. The strangled cry Conan gave was beautiful. Amuro thrust his fingers in quickly, massaging Conan’s prostate while sucking and licking at everything in his mouth. Conan tasted a little like salt and something sweet that Amuro couldn’t quite place.

Tiny hands fisted in Amuro’s hair, pulling at the silky strands. Conan didn’t know if he wanted more or less. He tried to ground himself in the moment but it was too much, too soon, and before he knew it he was tumbling over the edge again with a sob somewhere between Amuro’s name and a prayer. He felt Amuro swallow what little release he had. At this age it was practically water. Conan whined when Amuro’s fingers slipped out and when his mouth released, leaving him wet and twitching in the cooler air. He was dimly aware of Amuro moving up his body, pulling close, pressing kisses to his forehead and cheeks.

“You did so good, Conan. You’re so beautiful when you cum.” Amuro’s voice was deep and low, whispering the praise into his skin.

“Zero-niichan…” Conan hummed, enjoying the moment of reprieve after his body was pushed to cum twice so quickly.

“I love it when you call me that. I shouldn’t, not when I’m touching you like this. But you say that nickname like it’s precious… You’re the only one who still calls me Zero.” Conan never took Amuro for someone to fall apart in bed, but the man is more open than he’s even been.

It made Conan’s chest feel warm.

They laid there for a few long moments. Conan’s breathing evened out. He was sure he would be able to sleep if they kept laying like this, with Amuro’s hand stroking his back so gently. If his arm wasn’t moving, Conan would think Amuro was asleep. Still, Conan didn’t come here just for this much. Amuro promised to fuck him…

Conan snuggled into Amuro’s bare chest, smiling as he got a kiss to the top of his head for his efforts. That kiss was followed by a sharp inhale as tiny feet pressed into his still hard cock. Despite the long, quiet moments, Amuro’s body hadn’t calmed down at all.

“You made me fall apart on you fingers and fucked my throat… Next is fucking me until I can’t take anymore… Right, Zero-no-niichan?” Conan wrapped his lips around every syllable, ending with a kiss against Amuro’s chest.

“Are you sure, Conan-kun. Are you absolutely sure?” Amuro rolled them, getting a soft squeak from Conan as he was rolled onto his back once again.

Amuro grabbed one of the pillows, propping it under Conan’s hips. Then he sat back on his heels, kneeling with Conan’s legs sprawled over his thighs. Dried blood was smeared around the deep bite, making a shiver run up Amuro’s spine. He shifted forward, nestling his cock next to Conan’s.

Conan loved the way Amuro looked at this angle. Every inch of him was on display, every unfairly beautifully sculpted muscle, the planes of his chest and abdomen. Conan almost laughed as Amuro swooped his hair back, a habit he’d noticed several times. He was unbelievably attractive.

“Look how deep I’ll reach in this small body of yours. Are you sure you want this?” Despite his words, there was a feral grin splitting Amuro’s face at the sight. His cock ended just below Conan’s bellybutton.

A small hand came to rest over the tip of Amuro’s cock, spreading the pre-cum there. Amuro groaned low, watching as Conan’s eyes grey dark with arousal once more.

“I want you, Zero. Only you, all of you.” Conan said, voice still rough from the deepthroating.

Amuro took one of Conan’s hands in his own, linking their fingers together. There were no more words. Amuro used his free hand to lube his cock, hissing at the cold but not wanting waste any more time. Amuro takes a breath to calm himself and then he’s pushing in.

The head slides in with little resistance. And then it keeps going. It felt endless. Conan had taken so much plastic inside of him. But this was warm and heavy and oh he’s never going to be able to live without this. It’s too much. It’s not enough. It’s perfect.

Amuro pauses, feeling as though he’s in as far as he can get at this angle. He breathes heavily. Conan looks completely blissed out, eyes wide and nearly unseeing, twitching and flinching with every tiny move Amuro makes. There are three inches left. It’s enough. He’s deep enough.

But Conan asked for all of him.

Against his better judgement, if he even has any at this point, Amuro shifts his hips to the left and pushes.

“Zero!” Conan cries out, back arching, and just like that, the final three inches disappear.

Conan can feel Amuro’s pubic hair against his rim. He feels Amuro grab his remaining hands, tugging it away from the sheets he was clawing at. Conan feels like he can’t breathe. Like that cock is lodged all the way up into his throat. And then Amuro is pressing Conan’s hand down, just left of Conan’s bellybutton. Conan’s eyes almost roll back in his head as he moans.

Amuro’s cock is creating a bump in his belly.

The implication. He’s so full…

“Move! Please, fuck me, please, please.” Conan is sobbing.

Something feral breaks free in Amuro’s chest. He presses Conan’s hand insistently to that bump, a silent demand to keep his hand there. He releases Conan’s other hand, letting it curl into the sheets. Two large hands grasp Conan’s slim hips. And Amuro pulls out ever so slowly. The bump vanishes under Conan’s hand, pulling a mournful whine from him.

And then Amuro thrusts in, deep and long, and he grinds into Conan at the end.

And then he doesn’t stop. Amuro uses Conan’s hips as leverage to pound into him, always ending with a sharp grind against that destructively deep spot that makes Conan feel like Amuro’s cock is going to come out of his mouth. It’s slightly painful and so filled with pleasure and Conan is sure he’s going insane.

The picture Conan makes rips at Amuro. He’s beautiful. His eyes are completely glazed over, mouth open and drooling, and so precious and breaking apart on his cock. It’s destructive. Amuro is addicted. He’s never going to be able to get enough of this. Conan is beautiful.

Amuro changes position slightly, curling over Conan and locking his hands under the Boy’s shoulders. Like this he can kiss him, devouring the moans and sobs as he drives into Conan faster. Every thrust drags over Conan’s prostate, every thrust hits that deep spot inside.

“So good, Conan. F-fuck. So good, beautiful, break for me, darling, break for me, only for me.” Conan doesn’t have the breath to respond to Amuro’s pleas between kisses but one particularly sharp thrust has him cumming with nothing short of a scream into Amuro’s mouth.

Amuro groans into Conan’s mouth, tongue plunging deep and stealing away what little oxygen Conan had been able to get. He can feel Conan’s orgasm beyond just the vague splatter against his abs. His insides twitch, milking Amuro desperately. Amuro’s thrusts grow erratic before he’s spilling himself deep inside of Conan.

Conan gives a soft moan as Amuro releasing his lips, licking away the drool as he pants harshly, body trembling over Conan. It takes several long moments for him to relax enough to sit up. He’d never cum so hard in his life.

He looked down at Conan, noting that the boy was barely conscious. Amuro pushed his small body too hard but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. His chest was painted in kiss marks, nipples swollen and red, the bite mark in his thigh was beautiful. His face was red and tear stained, lips bruised and swollen and slick with spit.

Sliding out slowly, Amuro got up and retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge along with a warm damp cloth. He drank half the bottle, clearing his throat before rousing Conan enough to make the boy drink the rest.

“Are you okay?” Amuro asked softly, as he gently wiped off Conan’s face, stomach, thighs, and between his legs.

“Yeah…think so…” Conan blinked up at the ceiling, boneless but smiling.

Amuro pulled the pillow out from under Conan’s hips, helping the boy curling on his side. Amuro pushed him towards the wall, climbing in behind him. Conan didn’t stay there long though, he immediately rolled over to face Amuro, watching as the man got settled and pulled the blanket over them. Amuro curled an arm over Conan’s waist, slotting the boy against him.

“Thank you.” Conan whispered after a few minutes in the dark. He wiggled a bit to lay his head on Amuro’s bicep.

“I should be the one saying that.” Amuro tilted his body to let Conan curl even closer, partially straddling Amuro’s thigh and tangling their legs together.

“Thank you for accepting me. For showing me love. For not rejecting me…” Conan’s words were growing softer.

“…I should be the one saying that.” Amuro murmured around a lump in his throat.

Conan’s soft breaths evened out into sleep. Amuro squeezed him tightly, pressing a kiss to the top of his head and followed him into the most peaceful rest Amuro had in years.