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It was the blankness of Yuuji's eyes that scared Megumi the most. Yuuji's eyes were normally filled with life, joy and kindness. To see that removed was...unnerving, to say the least.

Megumi turned his gaze to the culprit, the wretched curse spirit that had taken residence in Yuuji's body who was now somehow free. Megumi didn't know what had happened before he had arrived, but he was going to protect Yuuji at any cost and save him from Sukuna, who was slowly running a hand up and down his vessel's body as if Yuuji was a prized possession. "Get your hands off of him," Megumi demanded, getting into a fighting position. Sukuna took note of the position and smirked. "But why?" He drawled in response. "The brat's being so good for once. So quiet, so obedient," Sukuna lowered his mouth to Yuuji's neck, sucking and biting down quite hard. Yet Yuuji made no movement, standing still almost like a doll. "Yuuji, fight him," Megumi tried to call out to his friend. "Please. You've done it before!"

"Ah," Sukuna interrupted, his hands continuing their exploration of Yuuji's body, sliding underneath the boy's clothes. "He was more determined then. More stubborn, less willing to listen to me. But he's been worn down by everything he's gone through."

Megumi's lips thinned as he prepared to summon his Shikigami. "No, no, I can't have you interrupting the fun," Sukuna tsk'd as he read the boy's movements and quickly summoned some wires out of the ground to wrap tightly around Megumi and dragging him down to the ground.

Megumi grunted as his knees hit the ground and he immediately began squirming, desperate to get free to save his friend. "That's enough of that, I think," Sukuna murmured as he gazed at Megumi before he tightened the wires' grip on the boy, preventing Megumi from moving at all.

With Megumi taken care of, Sukuna returned his attention to his docile vessel who stared at him blankly, lips parted slightly. "Much prettier this way, brat," Sukuna grinned as he took Yuuji's chin in his hand and tilted his face up before moving in on the boy's mouth.

Megumi was horrified as he watched Sukuna aggressively kiss his vessel, possessive and dark. "Stop," He called out in anger. "Leave Yuuji alone!" Sukuna pulled away from Yuuji to glance at Megumi with an almost bored expression. "Is that all you have to say, Fushiguro?"

Megumi grit his teeth. "No, it's not," He snapped. "Why are you doing this to Yuuji?" Sukuna pretended to consider his answer, making a highly condescending attempt at a thinking face that really made Megumi angry. "Because I was bored," Sukuna shrugged. "Because he's my vessel and my plaything." Megumi tried to fight against his bonds but they wouldn't budge. "Yuuji is NOT your plaything!" Sukuna rose an eyebrow. "Oho, are you certain of that?" Caught off guard by Sukuna's confident answer for a second, Megumi quickly returned to his senses. 

"Of course I'm sure!" He snapped. "Yuuji would die rather then let you use him for perverted purposes!" Sukuna laughed, loud and mockingly. "And here I thought you were one of the smarter sorcerers." Sukuna turned back to Yuuji then, meeting Yuuji's blank gaze. "Brat. Strip."

Megumi was astounded as Yuuji began to take his clothes off, not even a second of hesitation. What had Sukuna done to his friend?! Sukuna caught Megumi's face and winked as if they were sharing a secret. "You see? The boy will obey anything I tell him to do."

As Yuuji continued to undress, Sukuna moved behind the teen, staying there as Yuuji finally rid himself of the rest of his clothing, standing completely nude. Megumi felt his whole face turn red at the sight of Yuuji naked. It wasn't a sight that was new to Megumi, he had seen his friend naked before when they were getting out of the showers at school, but this was different. Yuuji was about to be violated in the worst possible way. His sweet, caring, innocent friend who never should have been dragged into the jujutsu world was about to be defiled by a monster. "Stay away from him!" Megumi shouted again when Sukuna wrapped an arm around Yuuji's bare waist, pulling the submissive teenager against him. "Or what, sorcerer? Not much you can do from your position," Sukuna gave Megumi a mocking smirk before Yuuji was once again his focus. "Kiss me brat," Sukuna demanded. "Kiss me as if your life depends on it." Megumi wanted to close his eyes and turn his face away from watching his friend's defilement, but found that he couldn't. It was clearly Sukuna's doing, but Megumi wasn't quite sure how.

So Megumi was forced to watch as Yuuji (beautiful, innocent kind Yuuji) leaned forward and pressed his mouth against Sukuna's, sloppy but also passionate; making Megumi's stomach turn with nausea as Sukuna reciprocated the kiss, his tounge sliding into Yuuji's mouth with ease.

After a moment, Sukuna and Yuuji parted, a line of saliva connecting their mouths. Yuuji was panting softly, but other then that was just as submissive as before. "Good boy," Sukuna cooed, running a hand through Yuuji's hair. "Now get on your knees." And Yuuji did.

"Yuuji, STOP!" Megumi cried out again. Sukuna shot him an annoyed stare. "That is enough out of you, Fushiguro." With a simple click of his fingers, a few more wires wrapped around Megumi's mouth, a few even sliding in between his lips to prevent him from talking.

Satisfied that Megumi wouldn't make anymore trouble (for now), Sukuna's red eyes turned to his obedient little vessel. "Now, brat, you're going to serve your King. Blow me." Yuuji inched forward, raising a hand to lower Sukuna's pants, revealing the massive erection there.

A strangled noise came from the direction of the captive Megumi, but Sukuna paid him no more attention, keeping all his focus on Yuuji as the pink haired teen leaned forward, opening his mouth to take in Sukuna's cock. "That's a good slut, keep going," Sukuna encouraged.

Kept going Yuuji did, continuing to take in as much of Sukuna's cock as possible. "Now start stucking, brat." Sukuna ordered, placing a hand on top of Yuuji's head and carding his fingers through the boy's hair. Yuuji obeyed, sucking and moving his tongue all over Sukuna's cock with much enthusiasm. Sukuna lifted his gaze to meet Megumi's, sadistic glee filling the cursed spirit at the tears he could see beginning to form in Megumi's eyes. "Are you still sure he's not my plaything? He seems to be enjoying my cock rather well."

Hatred sparked in Megumi's eyes and Sukuna chuckled. "I bet you wish you were the recipient of this instead of me. I've seen how you look at my vessel, boy." Light pink flushed across Megumi's cheeks. How adorable. Perhaps he was still denying his feelings for Itadori. No matter.

Perhaps, Sukuna amended in his mind, it would be better that way for Fushiguro to continue to deny his attraction. Itadori was Sukuna's vessel, after all, and Sukuna had never been the sharing type. Shoving his thoughts aside for now, Sukuna allowed himself to enjoy Yuuji's mouth and tongue, his cock also appreciating the attention. Before he climaxed, however, Sukuna ordered Yuuji to stop and pull away, to which Yuuji obeyed. "Get on all fours," Sukuna demanded, watching as Yuuji once more followed his orders.

Megumi couldn't believe what he was seeing, watching his friend be treated as nothing more then a puppet for Sukuna's own desires. Where was that stubborn, fighting personality that Megumi had come to know? Megumi felt frustrated as he watched Sukuna approach Yuuji, feeling helpless for the first time in quite a while. Sukuna gripped Yuuji's hips hard, licking his lips in anticipation of fucking his vessel. Megumi made noises of protest at the thought of Sukuna fucking Yuuji dry with no preparation, but was ignored and instead was forced to watch as Sukuna entered roughly, not even ATTEMPTING to be gentle with his vessel. Yuuji made no noises of complaint or pain or anything at Sukuna's brutish invasion. "Moan for me brat. Moan like the little whore you are," Sukuna ordered as he began to pull out.

As soon as those words were uttered, Yuuji began to moan, the volume of his voice only increasing when Sukuna slammed back into him. "Keep making those sweet noises for me, little one," Sukuna praised as he began to set a pace, which seemed rough, fast and bloody, judging from the blood Megumi could see dripping down Yuuji's legs. Anger burned within as he continued to witness Yuuji's rape. Sukuna was actively hurting Yuuji and for no purpose. Well, no, maybe one purpose, Megumi mused. Because Sukuna was a sadistic bastard.

Returning his attention to the situation at hand, Megumi felt himself blush when Yuuji let out a particularly breathy moan of pleasure. All the noises coming from Yuuji were making Megumi's face and ears turn red from how wanton they sounded. Sukuna was clearly enjoying it. 

"Ahh, such a good little plaything--" Sukuna's eyes darted to Megumi for a moment there--"you are." Sukuna's hand reached out and around to Yuuji's front, down to his cock that was quite obviously rock hard. "I bet you want to come right now, don't you? Answer."

"Yes," Yuuji managed to pant out. Sukuna tightened his grip on Yuuji's cock slightly and the boy let out a small groan. "Yes what, boy? Look at me." Yuuji lifted his blank gaze to meet Sukuna's. "Yes, master." Sukuna cackled as he leaned in close to Yuuji's face. "Good boy."

Sukuna quickly pulled back, continuing to slam into his vessel's abused entrance over and over again while keeping a hand on Yuuji's cock, deciding to be generous and give the brat a reward. Yuuji let out a cry as he came, his release spurting quite violently.

It didn't take too much longer for Sukuna to follow, his release spilling into Yuuji's ass. "Ahh, that was fun. More then I've had in a while," Sukuna grinned at Megumi before pulling out of Yuuji. Megumi spat curses at Sukuna, but with all the wires in his mouth, he couldn't be understood. "Ah, right." Sukuna snapped his fingers and the wires removed themselves from Megumi's mouth. "You fucking bastard," Megumi seethed. "I'll kill you!" Sukuna had no doubt the boy would try, but it was of no concern to him at the moment. "I'd like to see you try."

"But for now--" Here Sukuna paused to pick up Yuuji in his arms. "My vessel and I have other places to be. Til next time, Fushiguro." At those words, Sukuna began to sink down into the ground, while at the same time the wires finally sunk back into the ground, releasing Megumi.

Megumi quickly summoned his shikigami and ran towards the sinking Sukuna, but it was too late. Sukuna disappeared just as Megumi reached him, taking Yuuji along with him.