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Paint Your Dreams

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"I get it now; I didn't get it then. That life is about losing and about doing it as gracefully as possible… and enjoying everything in between."

Mia Farrow


Insomnia is an insidious devil. It creeps up on you when you least expect it. Poisons you, steals your light, and throws you out the other side - much less of a person than you went in. Or at least, that's how you feel. The lethargy, the relative unstable stability of your emotions, the apathy and moreover, the never-ending feeling that it's never-ending.

It's all very dramatic, but it's exactly how 28 year old Jung Wheein feels. She's a restless soul, always has been. From being 7 years old and asking her mother if there’s a scary monster in the dark keeping her awake, to being just shy of 20 and accepting that broken sleep, loss of an appetite, dark circles that betray her façade of health and using alcohol to numb lull her into rest – is just a pill she had to swallow.

She’s understood for a while that it’s a real problem, chronic sleep deprivation isn't good for anyone, much less an artist struggling to produce art because every time she lifts her brush to create, it just stops happening. Her mind is blank, it’s an empty abyss that cannot control her hands anymore. All she needs is rest. Yet, it eludes her.  
The only constant in her life was her love for art. Art has always been an escape for her, it allowed her to block out the mundane horror of daily life for a while. She could be anywhere, anytime and with anyone she pleased. When Wheein was painting – she had peace. It's why, as time passes and she suffers an ever increasing severity of insomnia, that she feels the most useless. Her one joy in life is suddenly the biggest effort. She feels guilty if she paints exhausted, and guilty if she doesn’t.  

Currently, Wheein is stuck in another bout of not sleeping well. She tries to exercise, she tries to count sheep. Fruitless. She has decided that she’s going to start work on a new project, maybe it’ll mentally tire her enough to sleep. She’s planning on doing a portrait painting for a change, instead of the abstract art that she is used to. Something fresh is sure to satiate her and let her sleep. If it’s good enough perhaps she’ll even showcase the work in her favourite gallery. For this, she’s advertising for a model. She going for an intimate portrait that captures the beauty and the sadness of life.  Now, restless or not, Wheein is somewhat famous and renowned in the art world. Showcasing her talents in London, Paris and NYC became commonplace for her. When it art is going well, it’s going well. When it isn’t? Best not to think too much on it.

Of course, The Jung Wheein has a plethora of models interested, however, none seem to catch the artist’s attention. She sitting at her desk, her short blonde hair tied in a low ponytail, glasses perched on the end of her nose. Eyebrows crinkled in concentration, she scans the applications, pausing on the picture of a very happy looking woman.

Kim Yongsun, Korean, 32 years old, average height, long black hair, 10 years modelling experience. Slim athletic build and mochi cheek connoisseur.

Mochi cheek connoisseur?  Wheein chuckles softly, studying the smiling woman’s photo, it’s not hard to guess why she’s written this in her bio. She’s smiling so wide her cheeks are puffed out and her eyes have formed the cutest crescent moons she’s ever seen.  If there was ever an unusual model bio, this was it. Sultry side glance? No. Piercing gaze? No. From the looks of it, this Kim Yongsun got lost, someone took her pic and posted it to Wheein as a joke. Not that the woman isn’t beautiful, her picture is just not what comes to mind when you imagine ‘Portrait Model’.

Wheein scans the rest of the woman’s bio,

Based in Seoul, open to artists and photographers, nudity is accepted if tasteful, payment in advance, call number below to arrange a first meeting.

Nudity. Oh.” Wheein thought, she never really considered going down the nudity route, she was thinking more along the lines of a side portrait, on her roof, during the sunset. Nudity? She’ll think on it. Wheein is into woman. Always has been. Although her relationships never tend to last very long due to the apathy that creeps up on her. She bites her lip softly, she’s intrigued by this Yongsun. She can’t help but realise that this woman is her type. Dark haired, soft looking. No harm can come from at least meet her right? She grabs her phone from her nightstand and begins to dial the number to this Yongsun, mochi cheek connoisseur. Worst case? It really is a mistake. Best case? She invites Yongusn for an interview, a coffee. Understand if she is the right fit for project. Maybe dinner, a movie, sex. Sex? Wait no. Wheein get a grip of yourself. Clearly it has been too long for her.

She dials the given number and waits patiently,

“………..” dial tone.

Huh. Odd. Wheein tries again,

“………..” dial tone.

For fear of leaving so many missed calls on this strangers phone, Wheein tries a third and final time.

“…………………” dial tone.

Wheein sighs softly. Resigned that this mochi woman isn’t answering, She’s so engrossed in calling her that she could’ve sworn she heard a phone ringing outside her apartment door. Crazy. Lack of sleep is getting to her early tonight that she starting to hear things. She decided she’s worked late enough and closes her computer, rubbing her face a little and releasing her hair from its ponytail. She exits her study in her sweatpants and tank top and goes to grab some tea from her moderately sized kitchen.

As she heads to her bedroom with her tea to relax, she starts from sudden loud banging on her apartment door. It’s incessant. BANG BANG BANG BANG. Quick succession. Guys, Wheein is not a fighter, she’s never even been in a real life fight apart from the one time a desperately drunken girl accidentally head-butted her in a club. Wheeins’ nose was busted wide open and she felt the need to apologise to the girl, for being head-butted by her.

Slowly, she inches towards the stranger banging on her door. Replaying the memories of her short life and saying goodbyes to her family in her mind in preparation for the probable axe-murdering that is about to take place.

Excuse me!” a woman’s voice shouts through the door. Soft yet direct. Wheein creeps forward, glasses in one hand raised up like a weapon. To scare who? Its glasses. She checks through her peephole to no avail. The shouting person on the other side of the door has their face pressed to closely for Wheein to see.

“I really need some help if anyone is home”, stranger shouts. Wheein listens.

The woman stops shouting, assuming that the occupier of apartment 225 is not in or not answering. She hears a defeated sigh and small footsteps as the woman moves onto apartment 226.

Wheein, in her rational mind thinks that it should be safe to open the door to help this woman right? Not that women can’t be axe murders as well. What does she have to lose? She unlocks her door, take a few steps out of her apartment and turns to the left to finally get a glimpse of this woman.

“Eh..hi…Excu-“, Wheein starts,

“OMG yes!” shouts the frantic woman, turning now to face Wheein directly. The woman in question has long silky black hair, a much toned body from where it is exposed by her shorts and tshirt, she's Korean and has the cutest cheeks Wheein has ever seen…..?

Wait a hot second. Oh. Omg.

Wheein knows this face, albeit in the picture the woman was a lot less frantic and a lot less wet. Wet? What is going on?

“Mochi connoisseur” Wheein blurts before she can think.

The gorgeous stranger approaches her, stops in front of her and cocks her head confused, eyebrows scrunched,

“Mochi what-now?”.  

Wheein gulps. Oh great.


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“He came into her life wearing a Syracuse ball cap and blue jeans that had holes in them.”
J.R. Ward


Have you ever experienced that moment in your life whereby you’re aware that someone is speaking directly at you, yet, they are underwater? The only sound you’re hearing is the beating of your heart pumping blood around your body while the blurry underwater voice is attempting - and subsequently failing - to gain your attention? Wheein knows it well.  In fact, she can honestly say that for the past few minutes she has stood completely vacant in front of this soaking wet woman and hasn’t listened  to a single word that has come out of her mouth since she asked what a ‘mochi connoisseur’ was. 

“…….and then of course the wrench got stuck on something rusty and the next thing I knew I’m standing there with water dripping down from my eyebrows and the kitchen cupboard filling with this water”.

There is a lull in this woman’s story now, Wheein should reply. She’s too busy being stuck on the fact she was looking at this woman’s picture not 10 minutes ago. What kind of small universe is this? She clears her throat softly and drags her attention to the dark haired stranger, speaking softly,

“I’m so sorry, I’ll be honest, I completely spaced out there for a minute. What happened? Why are you so wet?”

Saved it. First time meeting this woman and already there’s the word wet involved. Fantastic. Honesty is the best policy. That’s what we get told right? Who even decided this? Anyway, the stranger smiled slightly, dark eyes focused Wheein, almost piercing,

“I was just saying that I am sorry for banging on your door so late like a madwoman, but the pipe under my sink in the kitchen burst and I came to ask someone for a hand. I have been trying to deal with this for like, 2 hours now. Hence the wet”, dark eyes responds.

Wheein is grateful that her earlier lack of attention is ignored as the woman continues,

“I’m not exactly equipped to deal with these sort of things. The last time I attempted any kind of home repair I ended up accidently causing the TV mount to smash into my floor, almost crushing my poor jingjing. That’s my dog by the way. She’s so cute and so friendly. She’s also alive and well. No TV crushing for her. ” She blinks at Wheein, seemingly having gone off on a tangent to herself, “Again, I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

Wheein smiles back at her,

“It’s no problem, I actually thought you might have been an axe murderer. I was getting prepared to defend myself and everything.”

“Oh, is that so? Yet you opened the door without a weapon, another person or any kind of recording device? Where is the logic in that Miss apartment 225?”

Wheein laughs. She likes her new neighbour she’s decided. She seems friendly from this very short interaction they’ve had so far. Model business aside, she’d liked to get to know her a little better. Although she’s well known in the art world, Wheein doesn’t keep many friends. She finds it much too tiring nurturing all those relationships when she can barely rest herself. The only exception being her lifelong friend Ahn Hyejin. The fact they have been friends so long is due solely to Hyejins stubbornness. In fact, Wheein vividly remembers being in middle school when Hyejin waltzed right up to her and announced right then and there that they were now friends, Wheeins’ consent or interest be damned.

Miss Apartment 225? This my name now?” Wheein asks playfully,

“Well, we’ve been standing here now for a few minutes and I’m yet to catch a name blondie. I’m afraid I’m a bit lacking in the telepathy department. Sorry. ”, dark eyes retorts, folding her arms across her chest. Smirk firmly painted on dark red lips,

“I could say the same Miss Apartment 224. All I know is that you’re possibly an axe murderer and you’re very wet”, Wheein fires back, eyebrow raised.  

The stranger breaks into a full grin at that, drops her arms, inches towards Wheein slowly until there is centimetres between. Wheein holds her breathy, not expecting the stranger to come so close.

“It’s Kim Yongsun. You can call me Yongsun. Pleasure to meet you”, she breathes, extending her smooth hand for Wheein to shake. Yongsun scans Wheeins body as they shake. Wheein forgot she wasn’t exactly dressed to meet people at 11:23pm on a Friday night.

Wheein clasps the offered hand, pretending that she doesn’t feel that little spark of nervousness in her stomach at the touch. Pretending she didn’t take a sharp intake of breath. Pretending that she doesn’t notice Yongsuns gaze paying attention to her chest. Didn’t happen. Nope.

“Jung Wheein, Wheein is good. Nice to meet you too”. The two shake. Probably for a little longer than is appropriate as Yongsun teases Wheein before letting her hand go,

“And I’m not always wet you know.” Wheein Gulps. Multiple inappropriate scenarios flash through her mind, aided by Yongsuns next comment,

“But sometimes it’s good to be, no?”  Yongsun smirks red lips at her and beings to walk away to what Wheein assumes is the direction of her apartment. She doesn’t want the interaction to end. She wants to know her. Rushing out the words,

“Wait, eh Yongsun, don’t you need some help with your kitchen?”

Yongsun turns slightly, looking over her shoulder and smiling at the blushing Wheein, 

“Aren’t you coming? Or did we just waste 10 minutes of small talk, never to speak again? A sad, forgotten meeting in our apartment building. A fleeting moment of humour in our separate lives. A ---“,

“Yes yes okay Miss dramatic I’m coming”, Wheein laughs, heading down the hallway behind Yongsun.

Wheein won’t lie, she has been staring at Yongsuns ass the entire walk along the hallway. Yongsun could actually be leading her to a gory, bloody death, chopped up into pieces, flushed down the toilet, never to be seen again and Wheein really couldn’t care any less. If the last thing she’s sees before she dies is Yongsuns jean short clad ass – she’ll die happy. Listen, she’s not a pervert ok? She just has a very good set of eyes that appreciate when something looks good. Art. Ass. Same difference.

“Good” Yongsun replies.

They reach the door of apartment 224, residence of Kim Yongsun and pause for a moment while Yongsun fishes her key card form her jean short pocket,

“Yongsun” she turns, looking at Wheein in question,

 “I want to say upfront that I am not a plumber. So, in the event that I send your kitchen sink into the abyss or god forbid- flood all your downstairs neighbours – please don’t sue me” Wheein laughs.

Yongsun laughs softly,

“Don’t worry dear Wheein, if anyone was going to send my sink to an abyss it would’ve been me. I think you’re safe. Besides, I don’t sue pretty ladies”. The door clicks open and Yongsun enters leaving a blushing Wheein at the entryway.

Wheein is now sure that Yongsun is flirting with her. Maybe? Right? She won’t read to much into it. Maybe Yongsun just has a flirty personality.

“Wheein-ah! You can come in!”

Wheein-ah? She likes it. Wheein enters the apartment, closing the door behind her. Yongsun apartment is very neat. Black and white is the theme of the living space. The white leather couch, the black marble table top, the large, wall sized window that gives a perfect view of night-time Seoul. From the living room alone, Wheein understands that Yongsun is very organised, neat and clean. There are small details that make it a home, and not just a show-flat. The framed family pictures strewn about the room, Yongsuns jackets hanging by the door, a jumper left over the back of the couch and a black purse left sitting on her coffee table. It nice, it’s warm and inviting and Wheein is suddenly having visions of being wrapped up in a blanket on the sleek leather couch. Preferably being spooned by Yongs-

“ Wheein-ah, I’ve been talking to you for like, 10 minutes now. That’s the second time you’ve spaced out while I’m talking. Am I that exciting?” Yongsun laughs, showing she’s not really annoyed.

“Ah, sorry Yongsun I just got distracted by your home. It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, I’ll show you around one day we have time to actually talk? If you want to.” Yongsun offers.

Wheein is giddy inside, Remain calm. It’s all good. Just a friendly invitation to spend time in close proximity to this devastatingly hot woman who keeps flirting with you. Probably a tour of her bedroom. Focus Wheein. There is a kitchen sink emergency to deal with.

“That sounds great. Let me know when and I’ll bring beer and tteokbokki”

At the mention of the word tteokbokki Wheein watches as Yongsuns eyes light up. Her cheeks forming a massive grin,

“I LOVE IT. Tteokbokki is my life. I’m not even kidding, I would live on it if it was healthy Wheein-ah. You already know the way to my heart.” Yongsun fake gasps and presses against her chest in imitation that she’s going to faint.

She is so fucking cute, Wheein has decided.

“Okay so let’s take a look at this enemy of yours. Making no promises that I’ll be able to do much Yongsun. Just saying.”

They enter the kitchen where the disaster awaits. A cupboard on the bottom is open with various bath towels down on the floor attempting to soak up the slow leak that Wheein can see happening from a pipe inside,

“Can you pass me the wrench please?” Wheein asks as she bends down onto her knees, Yongsun handing her the wrench meanwhile.

Wheein angles her slim body half into the cupboard to get the wrench in the correct position for tightening.

“So, how old are you Wheein? You look young, maybe 26/27?” Yongsun makes conversation as Wheein tightens the nut at the pipe.


“Not bad, 28. You?” Wheein responds automatically,

“How old do you think I am? Choose wisely Miss Jung. You’re in a very vulnerable position right now.” Yongsun jests.

Wheein thinks for a moment, she knows that Yongsun is 32, she read her file. Oh, okay the memories of Yongsun saying she’s open to nudity have just came flooding back and she’s dropped the wrench. Picking it up again and composing herself she replies,


Why she lied she doesn’t know. Flattery most likely. She want to make Yongsun feel good. She’s also not sure how to broach the subject of ‘hey I read your file and I can’t stop thinking about the nudity and you and how come you haven’t recognised me? She applied for the position, surely she knows what Wheein looks like? It’s a bit odd. Yongsun is a bit odd.

“Oh you liar. Flattery will get you nowhere Jung. I can see you smirking inside that cupboard. Add some 6 years to that and you’ve got the answer. I’m 32.” She laughs.

“Don’t look a day over 26  Miss Kim” is the reply she gets.

“mhm, feeling brave now Wheein-ah? Flirting with your unnie? Do you want to call me unnie Wheein-ah?”

Wheein is blushing red. A furious red. In not universe has the word ‘unnie’ sounded so hot than when it was just now breathed by Yongsun. She’s pretty positive that there is now some kind of sexual undercurrent going on.

“Sure, unnie” she squeaks, changing the subject Wheein asks the dark haired woman,

“Hey, didn’t you day you say you had a dog? JingJing?”

“Aw yes, she stays with my parents out of town. I started working so much after becoming partner at the firm that it was unfair on her. I still see her pretty regularly and my mother send me pictures often so I don’t feel bad”.

“A firm? What do you do?” Wheein groans out. This pipe really needs some strength. Seems it’s never been moved since now and it’s stiff as a rock.

“I’m a divorce attorney actually. Just recently took over the firm that I’ve been working in since I graduated many years ago. Listening to failed marriages all day every day really puts a damper on your outlook on love I tell you” Yongsun tells her.

Wheein finally finishes with a grunt. Sweat beading on her forehead and a sure as hell damp patch on her ass from the towels she’s been laying on. She groans as she angles her body, twisting to escape the small space.

What she was not expecting when she stood up, was how close Yongsun was standing to her from where she was watching,

“Well, hi”

She was a mere breath away. So close that her perfume was invading Wheeins nose. Making her dizzy. She scanned Yongsuns face, the elder of the two was just watching her, dark eyes checking over her face. Her eyes, her nose and Wheein is sure she caught her glance at her lips. She’s warm. So warm. She’s sure it’s not just because of the small space she was in. Yongsun runs a hand through her dark hair, Wheein noting the mole under her eyebrow.

There is silence. Nothing is stirring. Yongsun took in a breath. Wheein took in a breath. Yongsun licked her lips, which of course Wheein dropped her gaze to. Her lips are plump and inviting and Wheein wants to bite them. She wants to feel them on her skin. She can feel Yongsuns breath on her lips, her eyes close gently as she feels her head moving forward. A word is spoken so softly, as if the speaker’s throat is made of glass,


Wheein open her eyes and glances up at the dark orbs,

“You’re poking me” Yongsun breathes.

Poking her? What?

Wheein glances down, the wrench she was using is awkwardly angled at her front and is gently pressing into Yonsguns white shirt covered stomach. Fucking hell.

“Omg I’m sorry unnie I didn’t even notice”, she apologises as she moves away from Yongsun and sets it down on the countertop. She lets out a breath she didn’t even realise she was holding and turns back to see that Yongusn has moved to a more appropriate distance away from her and is fixing her shirt. She has a sparkle in her eye and a smirk on her face as she says,

“Don’t worry about it Wheein-ah, I’ve been poked before. “

Wheein wishes she would stop saying ‘poke’. It’s such a weird word. Poke. Yongsun and poke. Poking Yongsun. Fuck. No don’t think about fuck. Fucking Yongsun. Being fucked by Yongsun. Help. She needs to leave ASAP.

“Glad to know unnie” she retorts before motioning to leave, avoiding eye contact with the elder “I’m gonna head back now and gets some sleep if you don’t mind? It was so nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to beer another time if you’re still interested?” she queries at the doorway.

“Oh, I’m very much interested Wheein-ah. I have a feeling we’re going to get to know each other very well. Thanks again for help with the sink. I’ll have to think of a way to repay you for your kindness” Yongsun replies wholeheartedly. 

“You’re welcome. Gotta help out neighbours right? Building community and all that.” She replies.

“Yes sure Wheein-ah” comes the reply.

Wheein passes the threshold of apartment 224 and bids goodnight to the attractive woman,

“Goodnight Yongsun, see you” she waves softly. She’s waving now, Great. Way to go Wheein.

“Goodnight Miss Jung my plumber” Yongsun chuckles as she clicks her door shut leaving Wheein to mumble up the hallway,

“I am not a plumber”.








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“What you seek is seeking you.”
Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi


"Baby, I’m so deep, you're taking my fingers so well"

"Ugh, don’t stop. Please don't stop." She pleads with the older woman, eyes screwed shut and breathing heavily.

Wheeins bedroom is hot. Heavy breaths and soft moans are all that can be heard. The slapping of skin is loud in the quiet room. The bodies writhing on Wheeins bed are sweaty, far gone in pleasing each other.

Wheein grips Yongsuns toned back hard, black polish chipped nails scratching angry red marks, strong thighs wrapped around the elders waist as Yongsuns’ fingers fuck her deep, slow and hard. There’s a skilled thumb on her aching clit, a cruel twist of a straining wrist and a harsh bite followed by a sinful suck into her neck. Her back is pulled taught, muscles tight. Yongsun is above her, panting hotly into her sensitive ear, biting her earlobe as she thrusts at a rhythm that Wheein is sure will end her. One of her hands moves from Yongsuns back and grips the back of the older womans neck as she moans softly,

“Oh, god”

A groan, followed by an obscene grunt as Wheein feels it building inside her. All it’s going to take is for Yongsun to pant and whisper hotly into her ear one more time and it’s over,

“Mmm, not god Wheein-ah, just Yong” is breathed into her neck and it has Wheein soaring towards the edge. Yongsuns free hand is gripping Wheeins hair tightly, her wrist flexing as she fucks her. Obscene wet sounds audible evidence of what’s happening in the room.

Wheein is clenching now, she's so close. Yongsun doesn't stop. She's relentless in her thrusting, in the dark of Wheeins bedroom. All she needs is a little bit more, press a little bit harder, a little faster and she’s cumm-

"You've got that look on your face when you're thinking about something you shouldn't be Wheein-ah", Ahn Hyejin states, flicking her long black hair over her tan shoulder.

She's eyeing Wheein with a look. One that for sure is saying – ‘Hey, I know you’re thinking about something dirty and I want all the details right this second’. As the CEO of one of the biggest fashion brands ‘HWASA INT,’ she’s surrounded daily by gossip. Her taste for it never fades.

"Do tell what's making you blush like this Hm?" Hyejin teases, cocking her head to the side mischievously.

Wheein is brought crashing back to earth with a cold dose of ‘What the Fuck Was I Thinking About?’ She blushing furiously, having been caught red-handed fantasising about her hot neighbour.  She's embarrassingly wet considering she’s sitting across from her friend having an innocent dinner. How the fuck does she explain what she as thinking about just now? Oh hey Hyejin-ah by the way, while you were speaking for the past 20 minutes I was being imaginarily fucked by my neighbour.

It’s been a few weeks since she helped Yongsun deal with her kitchen sink and she can honestly say, over the course of this time, her mind is being invaded consistently with thoughts of the older woman. Usually they’re simple - what is she doing? Is she home? What are her friends like? Should I go and see her? However, the past few days Wheeins’ thoughts have started to turn towards more adult subjects – What is she wearing? What does she sound like during sex? Is she a top? Wheein won’t deny that she’s attracted to the dark haired woman, who wouldn’t be? She’s stunning. She’s smart, she’s funny and friendly.

As expected, catching some sleep has become almost non-existent. Thoughts of Yongsun are the cause of keeping her up this time. She decided, during one of the many all-nighters, that she’s going to paint Yongsun. They still have to meet up for the beer and tteokbokki that was promised. She’ll ask her then she’s sure of it.

“It’s nothing Hyejin-ah” Wheein replies, hoping her lifelong friend will drop it,

“Oh really? Then why is your face fucking brighter than the sun right now?” She laughs,

“C’mon Wheeinie, spill it! You know I can’t resist some gory details, besides, we tell each other everything anyway? What’s so scandalous you can’t tell your favourite person?"

Hyejin places her elbows on Wheeins kitchen table and rests her head in her hands, staring intently at Wheein. A slow grin begins to spread across her smooth face as Wheein starts to recount the interaction and subsequent thoughts about her neighbour. As innocently as possible. She reaches a conclusion,

“You should fuck her”

“Hyejin-ah!” Wheein scolds. Scowling at the bluntness of the younger woman.

“What? Sorry to be blunt but you should, whether you want to be all shy about it or not. I say, meet up with her and go for it. It’s been too long anyway since you got laid.” Hyejin responds. Leaning back into her chair, placing her fork onto the table top

“From what you’ve described and the picture you’ve shown me, she’s hot as hell and was flirting with you from the very start”

“Yeah I know, but you know I’m not the type to just have sex with randoms. Maybe that’s just her personality. A lot of people are like that you know?”

“What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you. Zero, well maybe a little bit of dignity and face but who hasn’t?” is the retort. Wheein pokes the beef she’s eating around on her plate,

“I dunno, Hyejin-ah. She seems nice, I don’t’ wanna end up in a bad situation with her. I have enough problems without adding trying to avoid my neighbour every time I want to go out. Or, I end up trapped in the elevator with her, my brain would explode. No joke. What if it goes well then I have to explain about the insomnia and the bad days and al-”

“Listen Wheein I love you, you know that right? But you’ve spent too long cooped up in this apartment, not eating or sleeping properly, avoiding every advance from every woman. Your own hand can only take you so far” Hyejin laughs softly,

“Best case – You have a good night, have a laugh, get laid and release some of this pent up angst that you radiate. Worst case- you have a good night and enjoy her company. At least you would’ve gained a new friend. Cause just having me is not enough. As much as I know you love me. I’m not saying you should go and propose to her right now and declare some undying love for her on her doorstep, just invite her for dinner is all.”

“Besides, you wanted to paint her for your new collection. That means…” Hyejin points at her, “…that you’ll have to spend time with her anyway”

Wheein bites her lip and sighs, defeated by Hyejins logic.

“Okay you win. I’m not making any promises that it’ll go smoothly but I’ll try” Hyejin smiles triumphantly

“I’ll ask her for the beer and Tteokbokki that we spoke about. But! Just as neighbours. I’m not going there expecting more, that’s a tad creepy and I don’t want to scare her off. I’ll bring up the subject of painting her and see what she thinks at least”.

“Yay!” Hyejin claps her hands loudly, “My little Wheeinie is getting laiiiddddd”

“Oh, shut up Hyejin-ah” Wheein laughs as she gently swats at her friend. The pair continue their dinner for the night trading barbs and chatting animatedly.

Wheein is busy with washing up dishes, left alone with her thoughts as Hyejin left for the night. She enjoys the weekly dinner plans they have. It’s almost a tradition now that the two of them sit down every Monday night and update each other on the happenings of their busy lives. Wheein is grateful to have a friend like Hyejin. She’s caring, trustworthy and honestly and completely unapologetically herself. She knows that whatever advice she needs, Hyejin will tell her exactly how it is. She’s also aware of the problems sleeping that Wheein suffers from. There was even a period of time, when they were younger, that Hyejin would spoon her to sleep most, the comforting feeling of her best friend being one of the few things able to lull her to sleep. Of course, as they grew older and started real jobs and advancing their careers, their lives became extremely busy, often with conflicting schedules, so Hyejin is unable to stay as often as Wheein would like. It’s okay though, for a long time Wheein has accepted that this is just a struggle in her life that she deals with. Some days are better than others. Days sent with Hyejin? Definitely the good ones.

Wheeins phone dings, indicating a text has come through. She dries her hands off on a towel and picks up her phone to read the message:

From Hyejinie: 22:23pm

Don’t forget to go see small, dark and mysterious in 224. I’ll be waiting for updates Wheein.

Take protection! Haha Love You! Mwah.

p.s Thanks for cooking dinner as always.

Wheein smiles at the stupid message, grumbling to herself,

“Yeah yeah Hyejin-ah”

She understands the sentiment behind Hyejins words though. She cares and she wants Wheein to be happy. She types back a response:

To Hyejinie: 22:24pm

Yes boss. Message received. Get home safe. Love you too.

Once the kitchen is sorted, Wheein changes into a white boyfriend t-shirt and some black sweatpants after having a quick shower. She lays down on her bedspread and lets out a long sigh. I wish sleep would come. I am so tired of feeling tired. As expected her mind wanders to Yongsun. So far, apart from the kitchen moment, the only interactions they’ve had are a passing ‘hello, how are you?’ in the hallway. Every time she wants to start more of a conversation the dark haired woman is already leaving her sight. She always appears to be in rush. Must be her job. Can’t be relaxing being a lawyer. Wheein is at least afforded the luxury of working at home whenever she pleases. It doesn’t help that Yongsun looks fucking gorgeous every time Wheein see her. Tight pantsuits and black heels were practically made for Yongsun.

Fucking hell. Wheein rubs her hands over her tired face. Thinking about Yongsun always ends with her turning herself on. She’s not even sure Yongsun is even into women. Her hands that were gently resting on her stomach, trace a small path up to her neck. Images of Yongsun kissing her neck enter her mind as she closes her eyes. Falling into the fantasy she feels herself getting wet. Just as she’s about to slip her hand past the band of her sweatpants and ger lost in various scenarios, her door is knocked.


The fuck? Wheein check the clocks on her bedside table. Its 11:03pm on a Monday night. Hyejin will home by now. Frustrated, she removes her hands from her waist and drags her herself up and out of her bedroom. She’s too tired at the moment to even be concerned that it’s an axe murderer outside. Checking her peephole, her stomach flips and her palms start to sweat. Oh god. It’s Yongsun. Why is she here so late? Another DIY issue? She hopes not. Brushing her hair out of her face she shakily begins unlocking her door. Okay be calm, I can be calm. I’m a 28 year old woman for fuck sake. I’m an artist! A famous one at that! Who is Wheein kidding? She’s a mess. She's about to open the door to a woman she was fantasising about not 3.34 minutes ago.

A loud click signals the door is open and there she is. Standing in all her black shorts and black t-shirt glory. Black hair tied up into a messy ponytail. She looks cute. Hot, but cute. Wheein has to take a breath and beg her voice to project properly,

“Oh hey, Yongsun. Everything okay?” She asks kindly, because it’s late, and a bit odd to be going to your neighbour’s apartment. So far, so calm.

“Hi! Wheein-ah I’m good thank you. Everything’s good. I’m sorry to be knocking so late, it’s not exactly a sociable time I know. Are you busy? Or, sorry, I mean, if you want to sleep or you have company or whatever or you just don’t want to that’s okay too -”

“Hey, breathe” Wheein chuckles at the rambling woman. Very different from the flirtatious and in-control Yongsun she met a few weeks ago. She begins to feel more at ease.

“Sorry” Yongsun laughs lightly, “What I mean to say is…” She raises her arms to show Wheein the small bag she’s carrying with what looks like beer and some kind of food container,

“I still haven’t repaid you for your help the other week and I know we spoke about meeting for drinks and dinner. The thing is, I was working on a difficult case lately and haven’t had a single moment for myself until now, and was wondering if you’d like to have that drink now?  Sorry again it’s so late”.

Wheein is smiling, this woman is surprising. She can’t say no even if she wanted too. Not that no ever entered her mind. Wheein blinks a few times and replies,

“Beer sounds great right about now, come on in Yongsun. Let me take the bag from you” Wheein moves aside to let Yongsun enter her apartment,  closing her eyes when the woman passess to contain herself, taking the bag from her in the meantime. Shivering at the way Yongsuns hands touched hers. Yongsun walks into the livingroom leaving a breathless Wheein in the hallway to compose herself. Get it together. Wheein enters the kitchen and shouts through to her unexpected guest,

“Please make yourself comfortable, I’ll just heat this up and get you a glass. Or do you prefer from the can?”

Yongsun turns to the voice, and walks over to stand at the threshold of the kitchen,

“I’m actually not a huge drinker Wheein-ah, I brought the beer mostly for you but I’ll have a little. From the can is fine for me” She smiles sweetly, hip propped on the door.

“You didn’t have to unnie, but thanks for the gesture” Wheein replies, opening the cupboard to get two bowls out as the Tteokbokki heats up.

As Yongsun turns to head back into the living room, Wheein thanks all the gods above that she at least cleaned her apartment. It has the same layout as Yongsun of course, but her style is very different. Where Yongsun is neat, cold and chic, Wheeins apartment is very welcoming. She has various artwork hanging in every room, eclectic furniture that are so different but seemingly complement each other. She's not messy, but she’s not neat either. She has blankets strewn across her black leather couch, multiple cushions and jumpers hanging from the majority of chairs. Canvases are placed against the wall and she has white vertical blinds on her huge windows.

While in the kitchen, she texts a quick frantic message to Hyejin,

To Hyejinie: 23:15pm

Hyejin-ah! She’s here! Hot neighbour! What did you do? She's suddenly turned up at my apartment. What do I do? Or say? Or think? Omg. Help.

How can I ask her to be my model if I can’t even think when she’s around!

She looks so good and I’m a mess and she’s in my livingroom right now and I can smell her perfume and you should see what she’s wearing!

Motherfucking torture is what this is. At least if I was painting her I could be professional but this?!

Hyejin responds within seconds with just one word,

From Hyejinie: 23:15pm


“FUCKKKKKK!” Wheein exclaims quite loudly.

“Wheein you okay?” Yongsun asks from the other room in response to Wheeins exclamation,

“Yeah unnie, foods just hot! Don’t worry about it” She lies. Rolling her eyes at herself. She's acting like a school-kid. Get a fucking grip, for the hundredth time.

Wheein exits the kitchen to find that Yongsun is sitting crossed legged on the floor, back resting against her couch, looking at her. She looks like she belongs there in Wheeins opinion. She sets the food down and sits opposite her, avoiding the elders gaze and opening her can to take a much needed gulp of alcohol. What a bizarre night. How will I survive this?

“So…” Yongsun starts, picking up her spoon to eat her food. Looking directly at Wheein as she sucks the sauce off. Wheein swears she’s trying to kill her with the look in her eyes. Wheein flushes, gulps,







Chapter Text

“All we need to do is get those nervous butterflies in our stomachs flying in formation.”
Cathy Burnham Martin


Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist, once said ‘a beautiful woman is a source of terror’.

Wheein wholeheartedly believes this. Especially right now, in this moment. Currently, sitting in her spacious living room eating tteokbokki with Yongsun, she has to bear witness to this woman sucking the sauce off her thumb. I mean, okay, Wheein knows that she’s not trying to fluster her on purpose, she’s just desperately attracted to her. Who wouldn’t be? It’s actually kinda embarrassing how whipped she is for her already. Lack of relationships. Let’s put it down to that. Yongsun could go put on a bin bag to clear up leaves from the street and Wheein would think she was sexy. What’s funny is, she’s not sure of Yongsun is even fully aware of the effects she’s having.

For the past hour they’ve been getting to know each better, enjoying the food Yongsun brought with her. Wheein is feeling a lot more relaxed now, having drank a full can of beer, Yongsun only a quarter. Apparently the older has an issue trying to hold her alcohol.

Wheein discovered that Yongsun has an older sister, Yonghee. She works in the fashion industry in Seoul and from what Wheein could gather, she’s very successful at what she does. They meet each other as often as they can, but as Yongsun explained, her job makes it quite difficult to see people regularly or at a social time anyways. The way Yongsun spoke of her sister let Wheein understand the pair were very close. She excitedly showed Wheein a picture of her sister and Wheein was shocked to discover that beauty was not something the Yong sisters lacked. That was some fucking amazing family genes. Her parents live out of town but they keep in contact often by phone and video call, with them coming up to visit and stay over as much as they can.

Yongsun herself was a successful divorce lawyer as she mentioned before, but she also deals in a lot of pro-bono work. Helping vulnerable women who have been victims of domestic abuse take back control of their lives. It can’t be easy on her mind. You have to be built with a strong mentality to switch yourself off from the horror she must hear and see daily. The sweet woman in front of her looks like she needs protected from the world, sitting casually in her shorts and t-shirt thoroughly excited by tteokbokki. Another thing she noticed while chatting is that Yongsun is all hands when she speaks, flailing them around when she’s excited. Wheein wants to make her excited over and over, seeing Yongsun smile so wide her eyes disappear into cute crescent moons and her cheeks bunch up like an adorable rabbit melts Wheeins heart. Oh Jesus, I’ve become some mad creep in a cheesy, badly written romance novel. Next thing will be some revelation and ex drama watch this space.

Personally, Yongsun is an enigma to Wheein. The more they talk, the more intrigued by the dark haired woman she becomes. Yongsun comes across as a very successful and driven woman, and judging from her clothes and apartment she has a decent amount of money. She’s well put together, flawlessly gorgeous and accidentally hilarious – she just finished explaining that she uses her phone so often that when she was recently handed a printed photo, in a moment of stupidity, try to physically zoom in on the paper.

Everyone knows the negative connotations associated with people with money – can be rude, condescending, silver spoon attitude, power addictions – to name a few. Of course that’s generalising a group of people but Wheein knows people with money in her industry. She’s not a massive fan. Hence, the tendency to stay alone. However, Yongsun is the total opposite of what she knows. She exhibits a very soft persona when in a casual setting, when she’s not chronically flirting with Wheein, she has this very innocent, quiet and almost childlike quality to her. She can change from soft to sexy in a heartbeat and to be honest, Wheein is having a difficult time keeping up with her. She gets very excited and animated easily when she’s happy or discussing something she’s passionate about and yet, Wheein can sense a feeling of a façade somewhere.

Wheein knows that beneath this soft and quirky exterior that Yongsun is sharp witted, incredibly observant and analytical. However, Wheein gets the feeling though that something is being hidden. She has too many secrets that she knows when someone else is also hiding a lot. The time will come though, after all, they don’t know each other very well yet. To complicate matters more, Wheein doesn’t understand how she ended up on a modelling application stating she has 10 years experience. From what Wheein has heard of her life, modelling is the furthest thing from Yongsuns life. She’ll find out at some point. For now she just wants to enjoy her company without analysing everything about her.

Yongsun is effortlessly beautiful. Her long dark hair, her toned and tanned body. The mole under her eyebrow. Wheein even noted she has a cute freckle on her pinkie finger. Yes, she’s at the stage that she’s noticing such tiny details of this woman. Her lips are so inviting that Wheein has to consciously tell her to fucking look at her eyes Pervert. Now, she’s doing it now and she thinks Yongsun has noticed,

“You sure love to space out and stare into space Wheein-ah” she laughs lightly, “not that I mind, I mean, you look kinda cute while doing it. Like a little lost puppy”

Wheein blinks, cute? Not the look she’s going for,

“Excuse me, eh unnie, I’m not cute actually, I’m a fucking badass” Wheein crosses her arms in fake confidence, putting the meanest scowl on her face she muster without laughing. Yongsun chokes on the beer she was just swallowing, coughing out,

“Yeah….yeah, okay, you’re reallll scary Wheein-ah. I take it back. Forgive me” Yongsun fake bows in a mock apology,

“Good! You should be sorry. You’re sitting in my apartment you know. It’s a privilege” Wheein taunts, grinning fully now. Yongsuns eyes darken as she leans her body forward slightly, elbow braced on the table across from Wheein,

“Mhm, I have no doubt that it is… Wheein.” She husks. Just like that any fake confidence or thoughts of teasing this woman have left her. She gulps, blinks and chuckles nervously. Yongsun doesn’t remove her gaze. Dark orbs study her. She’s daring Wheein to push her. Maybe Wheein wants to.

Wheein take a drink of her beer to collect herself. Every little thing seems to fluster her. She’s sure Yongsun has noticed and that’s why she does it.

“So…” Yongsun leans back and Wheein is sure she saw the ghost of a smirk cross her face, “How long have you lived in this building? You know I’ve just moved in a few months ago. I’m actually shocked I didn’t bump into you before a few weeks ago. ” She asks,

“Hmm, roughly around 4 years now. I lived in Busan before, came up to be closer to my gallery. Although I loved the sea, was just more convenient you know?”

“I get that yeah. You have your own gallery? That’s pretty cool. I’ve never met an artist with their very own gallery”

“Ah, it’s nothing special unnie really, I just opened it a few years ago to display my work and eventually it started gaining recognition”

“No, it is Wheein-ah, you should be proud of your accomplishments. You’ve clearly worked hard for them and you deserve everything that comes with hard work” Yongsun encouraged. Sipping at her own drink.

“I guess” Wheein replies. The dark haired woman seemed to sense there is more hidden behind Wheeins reluctance to be excited by her work, so she moved the conversation away from Wheeins past.

“So these paintings are yours?” Yongsun gestures to various artwork hanging around the room, getting up from her space on the floor to take a closer look at the painting opposite her.

Wheeins eyes follow her slim frame, as she slowly stands to walk towards the woman, stopping next to her and looking at a particular painting.

“Most of them yeah, this was one of the most recent. Took months this one, it’s actually one of my favourites believe it or not” She says, eyeing the painting critically.

Yongsun is studying the painting with a lost look as she asks Wheein curiously, eyes tracing the younger womans’ face,

“What does this one represent? I’m not exactly an art connoisseur but paintings usually have meanings right?”

The painting itself is of a lone lighthouse, surrounded by water and high rocks, dark waves drawn crashing onto the small shore. The waves are unfriendly, large and foreboding. Ready to sweep away anyone caught in their clutches. The sky is painted a deep dark blue, with the beam of the lighthouse a brilliant white, in stark contrast. Wheein sighs softly, her finger reaching up to touch her brush strokes,

“This one represents loneliness”, she starts, getting lost in her mind. For a fleeting moment Yongsun is not there. She’s back in her mindset of when she painted this, “The lighthouse signifies the feeling of being alone. Even if you are clearly seen, in the dark of the night it’s just you. Alone. With your own thoughts”

Wheeins fingers continue tracing the painting, she wistfully continues, “The waves are thoughts. Out of our control. They move how they like. Crashing into us when we least expect it. It’s when you’re alone your thoughts are the most dangerous” Yongsun is facing her now, eyes no longer focused on the painting but in the younger woman in front of her. Wheein has a small scowl as she continues,

“People think that if you have money, fame, a nice apartment, a car and whatever else material shit you can think of that you’re happy. In reality, the happiest people are often the loneliest. In the end though, everyone is alone. I’ve come to accept that” She finishes sadly, retracting her hand and turning to look at the older woman who has been staring at her intently. She clears her throat, her eyebrows crinkled slightly in the middle as she waits for Yongsun to respond,

“Doesn’t it make you sad? Looking at it every day? Yongsun queries quietly, almost afraid to startle Wheein as if she were a doe. Wheein shakes her head slightly,

“Not anymore, it’s more of a reminder of the dark places and moments that you can go through, but you can out the other side wiser and more aware of your emotions you know? Plus, I just really fucking like this painting, it matches my couch” She chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.

For a split second, Yongsuns eyes hold an expression Wheein can’t fathom before she turns her attention back to the lighthouse. Wheein watches as the older woman worries her lip, looking lost in thought before she offers a reply, ever so quietly,

“I understand, Wheein-ah” Yongsun blinks, fingers tracing the painting as Wheein did before. The atmosphere in the room has changed to one that feels electric. Wheein doesn’t want to move from this moment as she watches the older woman entranced.

“I’m sorry unnie, I’ve just totally put a downer on the mood. Forget I said anything” She rushes out, concerned that she’s put off Yongsun with her deep thinking. I mean, she did ask for the meaning right?

“Wheein-ah” Yongsun breathes, turing and gently placing her hand on Wheeins shoulder. Wheein starts, unprepared for the sudden contact, “It’s beautiful….the painting I mean. The meaning behind it too. Thank you for sharing it with me…” She smiles, squeezing Wheeins shoulder softly, “and don’t be daft, talking about dampening the mood. I came here to get you know better. It’s exactly what we’re doing! Now I know there’s a deep side to you. You’re not just a pretty face after all” She says cheerily, clearly trying to ease Wheein out of whatever mental state she just entered.

Wheein is grateful for the change in subject. She smiles back, comforted in the fact Yongsun doesn’t seem put off by her earlier moment.

“So I’m cute AND have a pretty face now? My list of good qualities just keeps on getting bigger with you around unnie” she jests. Yongsun drops her hand and returns to the space she vacated earlier, sitting down with a tired and unglamorous thud.

“Mm, true. Guess I’ll just have to keep coming around more to make the list even bigger right?” She cocks her head to the side in question, a small smile on her face.

“Without a doubt unnie. Need my daily dose of ego boost” she laughs.

“Daily?” is the question thrown at her. Yongsun is eyeing her from her inferior position on the floor, yet Wheein still feels like a deer caught in headlights.

Wheein stutters a weak noise in response, realising what she means. Yongsun wants to test her? Let’s rise to the challenge. She’s been flustered too many times for her liking.

“Yeah, daily. That a problem? I think it’s only fair since I helped you with that huge huge disaster the other week. I mean, who knows, that burst pipe might have ended the world!” She throws back, staring Yongsun down in a war of wits.

“Daily it is. You’ll find me here at 11pm every night.” She replies resolutely. Unflinching from the eye contact with Wheein. Yongsun crosses her arms over chest, looking ever the jaguar. Ready to capture its prey. It was a fucking mistake. Abort. ABORT.

“Say what now?”

“You asked for daily, you’ll get daily. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to regret this ‘ego boost’. She smirks. “Besides, if you’re dressed like that every time, how can a girl say no?...” Yongsun drags her eyes down Wheeins body, making a show of blatantly checking her out. Wheein thinks she might be having a stroke. She’s not entirely sure.

She goes for the killing blow with her final words, “Soon I think ‘yes’ might even become your favourite word” Wheein holds her breath, unsure how to respond to such an obvious come on. She watches Yongsun, Yongsun watches her. Smirking away. Red painted lips taunting her. She catches her wetting her lips with her tongue and feels her thighs clench. Oh fucking Christ above save me.

She stands, and approaches Wheein slowly and deliberately. Her hips are swaying more than usual right? Wheein finds herself backing into the wall where her painting is hanging. Heart thumping, sweating. Yongsun continues to walk towards her,

“I, uh….I’m not, you know….It’s just that…” Wheein stutters at the approaching Yongsun, eyes glues to the elders that are glinting. Yongsun moves with such poise and grace that Wheein can’t help but feel like prey. She has nowhere to go except accept the sweet torture shes feeling at the moment. Her underwear is a mess and nothing has even happened.

“Shhh….Wheein-ah” Yongsun presses her long fingers to Wheeins lips hushing her mumblings. Wheein whimpers. Yongsun purposefully leans into Wheeins space, close enough that she can reach her ears, but without touching her. Wheein can feel the tension. The heat emanating from the lithe body in front of her. It’s still, no one moves. Just the two of them standing there, inches apart with Wheein backed against the wall. Yongsun leans into her ear very carefully and whispers in the deepest tone Wheein has heard from the older woman,

“I’ll see you tomorrow” as her lips ghost over Wheeins ears for a moment, causing Wheeins eyes to close and her breathing to slow. She pulls back to look at a very flustered and confused Wheein. She’s frozen in this moment, staring back at her as if time had stopped. Feeling the elder’s lips still on her ear.

Yongsun turns with a devilish smile on her face, happy at the effect she has on Wheein and begins to head down the hallway towards the front door, but not before shouting a gleeful and teasing,

“Goodnight Wheein-ah! Thanks for the company and drinks. I had a great time! Don’t stay up too late! Bye!”

Wheein lets out the shaky breath she didn’t know she was holding and swears she hears a high pitched laugh from along the hallway laugh. She’s not entirely sure because she’s still against the wall. Sweaty, flustered and very wet. No fucking wonder! That woman will be the death of her. Remind her never to challenge Yongsun again. She’ll clearly lose.

After composing herself, she washes the bowls they were using and throws the empty cans in the trash before going for a very cold shower. When she’s finished, she enters her bedroom in a futile attempt to get some sleep. She still processing her night. She got to know the older woman a bit better and definitely got more comfortable being around her. There is just one problem.

She’s catching feelings. She’s sure. She has an urge to want to make Yongsun happy, and not in a sex way only. She wants to know everything, what makes her laugh, what her favourite colour is, what her favourite pyjamas are. She wants to spoon her to sleep and wake her up with breakfast.

Fuck. Fucking fuck. What is she going to do?

Sighing, she gets into her bed, settling down on her side before her phone beeps. As she goes to check the message she finds a piece of pink paper stuck ontop of her phone. Huh. It’s a handwritten note that reads,

‘Wheein-ah, I figured we’d forget to exchange numbers, what with my company being so enthralling. Kidding. Maybe? So I’ve written mine on this paper and stuck it to your phone. Hope you don’t mind! Feel free to use it. I won’t bite. Yet. Yongsun.

With a smiley face and a small love heart drawn beside her name.

Wheein groans. This woman is adorable. How can she be so sweet and then in a minute have me pressed against the wall and ready to fucked into oblivion?

Regardless, she happily enters the number into phone and decides to send a quick message to Yongsun so she has her number too.

To Yongsun Unnie: 01:23am

Hey, unnie it’s Wheein from 225. Thanks for leaving your number. I had a good night.

Thanks for the food and beer.


Wheein waits a few minutes for a response, Should I have added a kiss at the end? Or an emoji? Maybe I should’ve put Yongsun instead of unnie. Oh for fuck sake Wheein stop analysing your text. This isn’t high school. When it doesn’t come after a few miutes, she clicks her phone closed and places it back on her bedside table. Must be asleep. Or busy. She rolls onto her back and stares at the ceiling in the dark. Mind filled with thoughts of the woman. She should call Hyejin tomorrow and update her on the situation, Not that there is much to say. Two friends had dinner. That’s all. That’s definitely not the situation Hyejin will believe but she’ll try. She knows she won’t sleep, but she closes her eyes in rest anyway.

A few hours pass of lying awake and so Wheein is quietly reading a book in the low light of her lamp in hopes that it helps makes her eyes sleepy.


Her phone. A reply. Picking up her phone she’s surprised to see a message from Yongsun. At this time?

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:23am

Hi miss 225. 

You’re very welcome, Thanks for using it. I had a good night too.

Wheein squeals inside. Okay calm down. It’s just a friendly message. She should reply. She doesn’t want to stop speaking to the older woman. It’s late though. Fuck it Yongsun texted at this time so clearly she doesn’t mind. She goes with an obvious opener,

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:25am

Can’t sleep?

It is interesting that Yongsun is texting her at this time. But, it’s not unusual for people just to have a restless night. Anyway, she’s just hoping Yongsun will be up for talking. Maybe it’ll help Wheein feel more sleep ready.

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:29am

As Always. You?

As always? Wonder what that means. Wheein makes a mental note to ask Yongsun about it at some point in the future. They continue the light chat for a little while. Wheein can finally feel her eyes drooping.

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:31am

Same. What are the chances haha

From Youngsun Unnie: 03:33am

One in a million I’d say.

If I were cheesy as fuck.

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:36am

So you are cheesy as fuck? Haha

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:39am

Lies and slander Miss Jung!

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:40am

You said it though miss ‘one in a million’ hahaha

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:42am

You should respect your elders Wheein-ah.

Or you’ll be punished.


Oh. Okay. The conversation is entering dangerous territory now, Yongsun is such a flirt that Wheein again finds herself struggling to keep up. However, she has one advantage this time, Yongsun is not here. Anyone can be brave over text. That’s exactly how she’s going to be.

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:44am

I’d enjoy it.

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:47am

Oh how bold. Over text our Wheein-ah is brave.


To Yongsun Unnie: 03:49am

It’s noted?

That I’d enjoy being punished?

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:52am

Yes. It’s very much noted.

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:55am

Why is it noted unnie?

Wheein is turning herself on. She not denying it. She wants to see how far Yongsun will take this.

From Yongsun Unnie: 03:57am

Because I’m going to punish you.

You’re being very bad, Wheein-ah

Oh fuck.                                                                              

To Yongsun Unnie: 03:55am

You love it.

I’m right here unnie. 225 Remember?


From Yongsun Unnie: 04:00am

Mhm. I know. I’ll be seeing you soon.

Sleep well Wheein-ah. Goodnight.

To Yongsun Unnie: 04:03am

Can’t wait.

Goodnight unnie.

The message exchange ended there as Yongsun no longer responded, having fell asleep Wheein assumed. She exhales loudly, rubs her eyes and rolls over. I’ll be seeing you soon. Finally, getting some sleep.

Chapter Text

“Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.”
 Emma Donoghue


Wheein did see Yongsun the next day. In fact, Wheein saw Yongsun every day since their ‘this is not a date but is definitely a date’ a few weeks ago. To say the pair have become closer is a bit of an understatement. It started with surface level conversations, back they were still in the stage of maintaining some kind of façade or dignity or acting as if the presence of the other doesn’t affect the. Then it progressed to knowing how each other takes their coffee, what their favourite colour is – Yongsuns is green – and what they wanted to be when they were kids- Yongsun wanted to be a singer. I bet she’s amazing. I should ask her to sing one day.

They know each other’s small habits. Like how Wheein brushes her hand through her hair when she’s nervous or how Yongsun will bite and worry her lip if she’s deep in thought about something.  They know each other’s likes and dislikes. Yongsun positively hates pineapple on pizza, yet loves mint chocolate ice cream. Wheein personally thinks it tastes like toothpaste, but each to their own.

Wheein was surprised to find that she finds it easy to open up to Yongsun. She’s usually the ‘suffer in silence’ type of girl until pushed to her limit and angry crying all over the place in frustration. Who hasn’t done this though? Yongsun brings out a very carefree attitude in her that makes her feel comfortable and familiar. The only other person she even remotely feels this way about is Hyejin. Except without the burning desire to bury her head between her legs and never leave.

It’s down to the fact that Yongsun is very attentive, watching and listening to everything Wheein has to say. She listens to Wheein as if the younger girl’s voice is her favourite sound. See, it’s thoughts like that that lets Wheein know she likes Yongsun much more than a normal friend. You don’t fantasise about your friend kissing your neck. Or kissing their neck. Or sucking marks into their thighs. Or how they would feel clenching around your fingers. Jeeze.

Wheein understands that how she feels about Yongsun goes beyond the appropriate boundary of friends, and, as much as Yongsun is a massive flirt, the older woman has yet to give Wheein a concrete feeling of ‘she wants me too’. As in, more than a sex-type situation.  It will come to a head one night. Wheein feels it in her soul. Either she will snap and confess, or, alcohol will be her friend and she will blurt it out. Probably embarrassing herself in the process.

Yongsuns visits are always at night, after her work. They usually have dinner and talk about their day. Usual things. Not coupl-ey at all. It gotten to the point whereby Yongsun will let herself into the youngers apartment, having been given Wheeins passcode for convenience, make herself comfortable by removing her blazer and shoes and go to assist Wheein in the kitchen.

Yongsun will be telling her some animated story of what she got up to that day, the draining meetings, the endless phone calls, and the never-ending paperwork. It starting to feel a bit domestic. As if Wheeins wife has just come home and updated her on her life. Okay let’s move away from talk of a wife please. Wheein daren’t think about it for too long. The implications give her a massive headache.

Of course, on Monday nights that she meets Hyejin, Yongsun comes later. Almost as if she’s apprehensive about meeting another friend in Wheeins life at the moment. Wheein doesn’t mind, she likes the idea of having the woman to herself – at least for the moment. Hyejin was ecstatic when Wheein updated her on the situation, screaming down the phone at Wheein and asking a whole bunch of totally inappropriate questions. She wouldn’t be Hyejin if she didn’t though. The disappointment Hyejin displayed that no sex had been happening, not even some innocent kissing was almost touching.

They’re in a bubble, you could say. As if the outside world doesn’t exist while the two of them talk for hours on Wheeins couch. Getting lost in each other’s stories. Wheein has trouble listening sometimes, still prone to chronic spacing out. She can’t help it. She undeniably attracted to the dark haired woman. She’s not proud of it but many nights she has spent touching herself to images of Yongsun, and what they could be together. These thoughts are much easier to deal with that the craving for domestic activities she’s been having. Those thoughts get pushed down until she’s ready to deal.

They always spend the nights at Wheeins apartment as well. She’s not sure of the reason why? Maybe Yongsun doesn’t feel settled in her own apartment. Wheein will find out. She’s happy to host the older every night in return for such good company. The end of the night is always the hardest. Wheein can always feel her heart clench when Yongsun announces that it’s getting late, shuffling to the door, and eyes heavy but with a happy smile on her face that she should go. Wheein can see that sometimes Yongsun gets this strange look in her eyes, almost longing. As if she’s willing Wheein to ask her to stay. She has been tempted many a time to ask the older woman of she wants to spend the night, curl up on the couch and watch movies. Or fuck for hours until Yongsun can’t walk. I mean, same difference right? Yet, she always lets her go. Slow and steady Wheein.

Wheein noticed that Yongsun is a very ‘touchy’ person, the more comfortable that she gets. A light brush of a hand on her back here, a squeeze of her arm there. She tries not to read too much into it, blaming Yongsuns excitable personality for it, the woman cannot control her motions sometimes she’s so excited.

During the day, Wheein has been painting. The positive impact on her life from having Yongsun in it has been astounding. She has to revisit the whole ‘painting Yongsun’ thing but at a time she has the courage to ask the older woman without coming across as creepy. The fact that Yongsun has refused to mention the modelling has Wheein thinking there may be some personal reasoning as to why. Regardless, right now she’s focusing on an abstract painting. Putting her current emotions onto paper. Sealing them in history. Her sleeping hasn’t improved much, but that’s not a surprise to Wheein sh-


Her phone beeped. New text message. Wheein broke into a smile seeing it was from her favourite mochi.

From Yongsun Unnie: 20:13pm

Hey! Little Wheein-ah, I’m finishing work early.

Can I come by sooner than usual? 

To Yongsun Unnie: 20:16pm

Hi unnie.

Who are you calling little omg. Rude.

And yes, of course you can.

From Yongsun Unnie: 20:22pm

Perfect! See you in 20!

Ps. You. I’m calling you little.

Wheein chuckled. Yongsun sure does love to push her buttons in the right way.

approximately 34 minutes later, Wheein is busy cooking some chilli as she awaited the other woman to arrive. She already had the wine ready for the elder. The tell-tale ‘click-clack’ of Yongsuns heels on the tiled floor near the hallway gave her away. She stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, looking towards Wheein, having discarded her jacket and shoes with a small smile on her face,

“Hey Wheein-ah, smells good in here. What’s cooking…-

“ Don’t say it omg unnie no - ”

“-…good lookin” she finished, smiling. Thoroughly pleased with herself.  

“Good god unnie you’re awful, that joke is like 50 years old by now. I know you’re old but fucking hell” Wheein teased, blowing on the spoon to get a taste of her concoction,

“Excuse me Miss Jung Wheein!” Yongsun exclaimed in mock anger, picking up the nearest tea towel to throw at Wheeins head, “I am not old! Take it back right now! I am aging like a fine wine! An expensive wine!” Wheein ducked, avoiding the towel. She’s laughing, a hearty whole body laugh as she responds,

“Fine wines are all old. Sorry. Expensive wines are old too. So, ergo- you’re old. No?” She catches eyes with Yongsuns whose are full of amusement. Pretending to be offend the older nods her head and inches forward,

“ Not old. Never ‘old. Two completely and totally and fundamentally different words Wheein-ah’” She says old in a mocking tone, “but you know what? You still seem to have no respect for your elders. I ought to teach you a lesson”,

“Oh? And what kind of lessons did they teach when the dinosaurs roamed? Do tell. T-rex survival tactics?”

Yongsun gasps and grabs the closest thing to her hand and gently throws it at Wheein. It just so happens to be the ice cream that Wheein was eating while cooking. Yes. Ice cream. She can eat it when she wants she’s an adult. Stop judging her.

Wheein lets out a squeal, raising her hands to defend her poor clothes and dignity from Yongsuns ice-cream attack. She notes that the other woman is dressed in a white button up. She has an idea.

“ Yah! Unnie! Okay okay I take it back! You’re a young thing. A young and beautiful woman! My INNOCENT ICE-CREAM! IT DIDN’T DESERVE THIS” she croaks, wiping the ice cream from her favourite black thrasher tshirt with vigour. Hands sticky now but a smile plastered on her face.

“Mhm, that’s more like it. Please feel free to continue” Yongsun smirks, please with herself. She’s full on laughing at Wheein now, enjoying the flustered state of her a bit too much.

Wheein walks towards the sink, giving the impression that she’s going to clean her hands from the sticky mess they’ve become. Instead? She has another idea. She turns on the water before commencing her little plan,

“Omg unnie I forgot to ask you?” She queries. Yongsun blinks, but keeps up with the subject change, moving closer to in her serious tone. Yongsun cocks her head to the side curiously

“What’s up?”

“Is it raining outside?” Wheein asks in all seriousness. Meanwhile, she’s busy collecting a small puddle of water in her two hands.

“Eh, no. Not when I got here. Why?” is the dark haired woman’s reply.

“Because you seem to be all wet” trying really hard not to laugh at this point.

“Huh? I don’t--------AHHH. FUCK. “Is all Yongsun manages before she’s rudely cut off by the cold water drenching her chest. Soaking her shirt in the process. Black lace bra completely visible. Wheein is doubled over in laughter at her own joke. Isn’t that a sign of madness? She’s struggling to breathe out any words she’s laughing so hard. The furious scowl on Yongsuns face directed straight towards the younger woman has her laughing even harder.

“Oh…Oh, unnie….I can’t…help” she wheezes, hearing small chuckles coming from the older woman. 

“Your face…omg I wish I had recorded it. Omg…” Wheein is sure she’s going to die of laughter. Yongsun eyes the laughing woman, grunting softly before she moves faster than Wheein has ever seen her.

In an instant, Wheein is roughly slammed against the kitchen sink by Yongsuns body pressing right against her. Heat mingling with Wheeins own. Wheein gasps, not expecting such a force or such contact so suddenly. She’s acutely aware that Yongsuns shirt has become completely transparent.

Yongsuns hands are braced on either side of the younger girl as she stares directly into Wheeins eyes. Wheein hold her breath. Unsure what she’s supposed to. She lets her arms fall to her sides. The air around them has changed from playful banter to something else. It’s charged. It’s quiet. Save for the thump thump thump of Wheeins heart. It’s the first time Wheein is feeling how strong Yongsuns body is. Her lithe hips have Wheein pinned against the sink with her toned forearms arm locking her in.

Wheein has seemly found herself in similar situations with Yongsun multiple times. Again in the kitchen. Mimicking the first time they met. If she’s being honest, she’s starting to feel a little frustrated. She wants to be brave and just fucking kiss her already. She’s tried waiting for Yongsun to make the first move but it never comes. The older woman enjoys the tease too much. She wants to watch Wheeins resolve break right in front of her.

She watched through hooded eyes Yongsun lick her lips pushing into Wheein further, making Wheeins eyes flutter closed for a second. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Her hips angle in just a way that the sound of Wheeins soft gasp is loud in the silent room. Holy fucking shit.

“What’s wrong Wheein? Feeling okay?” Yongsun teases quietly, her voice has dropped several octaves into a tone that Wheein has never before.

Wheein knows that this moment, is the time to be brave. With the way Yongsun is angling her hips and the way she speaking it’s obvious that she’s coming onto her. Why can’t she move? She’s frozen.

“Cat got your tongue?” is husked into her face. So close that she can feel the dark haired woman breath on her lips. She licks them catching the way Yongsuns eyes flicker down. Yongsun wants her. Now, she’s sure.

“What a shame. Tongues are useful things. There’s a lot you can use them for, don’t you agree?” Wheeins thighs clench. She’s embarrassingly wet she can feel it. Yongsun is pushing her to the edge. She wants her to just do something. Anything. The older woman repeats her movements from the day she studied Wheeins painting and brings her red painted lips to the shell of Wheeins ear. Wheeins eyes roll back as she feels a tongue run along the shell of her ear before she hears,

“They’re useful for talking right? But, there’s something else that they do even better than talking. Wanna guess what it is, Wheein?” Yongsun pushes her strong thigh up into Wheeins centre. Wheein gasps, her arms come up to finally touch the older woman, gripping her back in an almost bear hug,

“Un..unnie..I –“she manages to breathe out before she’s interrupted by the devil at her ear. Yongsun has started to apply rhythmic pressure to Wheeins centre now. Wheeins panties are ruined.

“Mmm…shhh”, a bite to her ear, a push of her thigh, “don’t interrupt. I have something important to say”

Wheeins eyes remain closed, focused on the feeling of Yongsuns body and her thigh and her mouth and oh god she’s dying. She needs more. She can hear Yongsuns shaky breaths indicating the older woman is just as turned on as she is. A bite, a lick, and then the words, whispered into her sensitive ear,

“The food is burning”

“ Hmmm…..wait what?” Wheein opens her eyes confused. Yongsun competed detaches herself from Wheein while smirking like a devil. Yongsun points and nods her head towards the pot that used to contain Wheeins chilli. Now slowly on its way to becoming a solid black mass.

“The food. Is burning” she repeats, “I am assuming it used to be food anyway. Seems like you forgot about it. Wonder why?” She shrugs haughtily. Yongsun then turns, preparing to leave the kitchen as she says,

“I guess I have to borrow a shirt, mine seems to have gotten a little wet. Do you mind if I take a shirt Wheein-ah? I think we are roughly the same size. Thanks. So, what are we eating then? Since your food was ruined, which I have no doubt would’ve tasted ama…-“Yongsun beings to ramble. Holding a conversation so casually that you wouldn’t think that not 1 minute ago she had Wheein pressed against the kitchen sink, basically grinding on her and whispering and biting her ear.

No. Just No. Not again.

Wheein snaps.

“Yong” She says. Tone hard.

“….an of chilli to be honest but I…” Yongsun stops suddenly in the middle of her ramble at the shortened, informal version of her name. Wheein has never addressed her this way before. The dark haired woman turns to find Wheein gripping the sides of the countertop. Knuckles white. Face red Chest heaving. Wheeins eyes are dark. They’re scanning the older woman’s body in such a predatory way that Yongsun feels herself turning fully to face her,

Yongsun stills. Waiting for whatever Wheein wants to say. Nothing happens, Wheein just stares at her. Minutes pass and no one moves, no one speak until Yongsun breaks the tension. She sighs.

“Wheein-ah, are you alright you look a bit….frustrated? I can order food if that’s what you’re thinking about. I’ll just go now and grab my phone, be back in 2 minutes. Or come join me in the living room?”

Yongsun turns, smiling, fully aware of what she’s doing before she’s stilled again. This time more forcefully,  

“Yong. Stop.” Is spoken in the room.

Again, Yongsun turns to face her,

“Wheein.” Is all she says. Eyes piercing right through her.

There’s a blur, and a startled squeal from Yongsun as Wheein rushes forward and grabs her by the front of her shirt, bunching it up. Her face is inches from Yongsuns. Yongsun doesn’t moves, just licks her lips, flits her eyes down to Wheeins and waits.

Wheein inches her face closer, close enough that Yongsun closes her eyes in preparation for what she thinks is coming. Wheein inhales. She exhales. Finally, she husks out in the softest, whispered tone that has Yongsun biting her own lip,

“Fucking kiss me, Yongsun”.


Chapter Text

 “As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
Pablo Neruda

“Fucking kiss me, Yongsun”

Her hands are gripping Yongsuns white shirt, knuckles blanched. She waits for Yongsun to move, to heed her order, to finally claim her lips with her own and satisfy the hunger Wheein has been feeling for weeks now. Yongsuns head tilts, her hands holding the blondes waist gently but securely. Her nose brushes Wheein's ever so softly as both sets of dark eyes close in preparation for what they both want. Wheein inhales, wets her bottom lip. She’s ready.

The first press of Yongsuns soft lips against hers has her moaning into the older womans mouth. Her bottom lip is captured between Yongsuns. She feels a thrill run through her body as Yongsuns hands grip her waist a little harder. Both their lips are still, a teasing kiss, a first. Both savouring this feeling and moment.

A moment passes, and a river has been opened. Wheein surges forward, her hand coming to grip the side of Yongsuns neck as she captures her lips more aggressively, wanting to kiss the dark haired woman properly. Yongsun, to her credit, responds just as quickly, groaning into Wheein's mouth as her hands drag up along the blondes back. Their lips have picked up the pace. Wheein feels herself being moved towards the countertop and gently pressed against it by Yongsuns strong body. The sound of heavy breathing and the smacking of lips is loud in the silent apartment.

Wheein holds the side of Yongsuns jaw, drunk on the movement of lips. They’re so soft and pliant she can’t tear herself away. Her other hand is braced against the elders shoulder, holding her close.

Wheein is lost. She feels Yongsuns hands back on her hips, pulling her impossibly closer and slipping a toned thigh between the blondes’ legs,

“Unnie…” is moaned somewhere in between one kiss and the next.

Yongsun responds by pushing up against Wheein's centre with more pressure. She commands Wheein's hips to grind down slowly, eliciting soft groans from the blonde. Wheein feels the touch of the dark haired womans tongue, asking for entrance into her mouth. She readily allows the older woman to explore her mouth with her tongue, taking control of the intense make-out they’re having. Wheein is sweating. She’s incredibly warm, she’s very wet and she’s struggling to take breaths in between the attack from Yongsuns mouth. Her hands slide from the elders jaw to her side, pressing her fingers hard into her side. The moment of separation allows Wheein a brief,

“I’ve been thinking about this for weeks” before Yongsuns mouth is on hers. The elder pulls back, cheeks flushed, dark hair rumpled from the blondes hands. She lays kisses along Wheeins jaw as the blonde tilts her head to the side, allowing more contact. Soft bites and licks are given to her jaw, down over her neck as Yongsun breathes out,

“Mmm…me too. Stop talking” into Wheein's neck. 

Things begin to escalate as Yongsun presses even harder into Wheein's centre at the same time as one of her hands slides up the blondes’ front, the goal of cupping her breast, feeling her.

“Can I?” is asked before she goes further, A soft bite given to Wheein's collarbone,

“Please, yes, Yongsun” Wheein consents.

As Yongsuns hands trace under her breast and her hot mouth sucks a devilishly purple mark into Wheein neck a noise is heard. Lips detached from a neck, hands drop from a waist and a thigh is removed from Wheein's centre. Both women are breathless, sweaty and suitable flushed for two people heavily making out against the wall.

“What the fuck is that noise and how do I make it stop” Wheein curses. Frustrated she’s been rudely interrupted. The noise continues as she leans forward and begins leaving kisses on the older womans neck. Yongsuns eyes close and she groans out,

“Wheein-ah….ah…stop, wait.”

Wheein groans in annoyance, still sucking gently on Yongsun's neck as she asks,

“Mmm what’s wrong unnie?”

She detaches her lips from the dark haired woman and looks up at her through hooded eyes to find the elder listening intently.

“I think my phone is ringing, let me just go check okay? I’ll be back in a sec it’s in my jacket pocket” she says, gently removing herself from Wheein, grabbing a quick kiss on her lips before exiting the kitchen to go check her phone. In the meantime, Wheein gets a few minutes to collect herself on what just happened. Am I dreaming? 

While Yongsun answers the phone call, Wheein busies herself by throwing out the charred mess that was supposed to be their dinner, cleaning up the rest of the kitchen in the first place. They’ll order in. Wheein is ecstatic on the inside. She wants to let Hyejin know what’s happened, fuck it, she wants to shout what happened from the roof of her building. She, Jung Wheein, finally got to kiss Kim Yongsun and it was fucking incredible. Ugh. What a night, and it’s far from over. Wheein buzzes on the inside with excitement.

Drying her hands on the dishcloth previously used as a throwable weapon, Wheein walks out from the kitchen slowly into the hallway where Yongsun is on the phone. Now, her intention wasn’t to eavesdrop. Not at all. She just wanted to ask the dark haired woman what she wanted to eat. However, as she exited the kitchen she caught the tail end of what seemed like a very intense exchange,

“No, I’m okay really. Stop worrying about me. It hasn’t happened in years and if she ever tried again I have all the numbers to call. You’re making a fuss as usual. I appreciate the concern but really there has been no sign.”

Wheein's eyebrows knit, huh? Her steps slow as she listens to Yongsun speak in a very hushed tone,

“My accounts are fine, nothing strange. The letters stopped months ago, I haven’t had any since I moved. Okay, okay, yes I understand. Thanks for checking up detective. Goodnight.” The call ends and Wheein watches as Yongsun pinches the bridge of her nose and exhales softly. The elder shakes her head and motions to turn, placing her phone back inside her jacket pocket. Wheein takes this time as her cue to move away for risk of being caught listening. She shouldn’t have, but she couldn’t help herself.

Yongsun returns to the living room to find Wheein already sitting on the couch, her legs drawn up beside her. She smiles at the blonde softly before taking a seat at the other end. The blonde notices that something is off, Yongsun is worrying her lip and her leg is bouncing. She reaches across the couch and touches the dark haired womans thigh gently to cease her nervousness, accidentally startling her and asks,

“Everything okay back there? You look a little out of it? I mean, I know I’m a good kisser but I’m not that good” she chuckles lightly, hoping to lighten the mood in the room. Yongsun turns to look at her, slightly dazed for a minute before familiarity graces her features. Wheein watches as something crosses the elders face as she replies,

“Huh? Oh yeah, it’s good. Just an old friend surprised me by calling so late. Don’t worry too much about. I’ll call them back another time.” Is the excuse offered to her.

“Are you sure? You look a little stressed. You know you can talk to me abo-…” Wheein presses,

“I said its fine Wheein. Leave it” the brunette snaps. Wheein retracts her hand from Yongsuns thigh, hurt gracing her delicate face.

“Ah, I’m sorry unnie. I didn’t mean to pry into your personal life” Wheein offers.

“Wheein-ah, it’s not that I…I don’t….Bah, I’m sorry. Can we speak about something else? Food? I heard something about dinner?” Yongsun weakly responds. Wheein can’t lie, she finds Yongsun brushing her off slightly hurtful. Not that she is entitled to know all the older womans business but she just wanted to make her feel better. Fine, Wheein will let it go but it will be a topic that will be revisited. Yongsun clearly has some skeletons in her closet.

It’s decided. Wheein will try to make Yongsun feel comfortable enough to open up to her. Taking the brunettes lead and changing the subject,

“Yeah sure unnie. Let’s order in hm? Unless you feel like eating that black mass in the bin. Which I’m blaming you for, by the way” she laughs

“Ah well, what can I say? You’re too much fun to tease Wheein-ah. One ruined dinner is worth it. So! Onto more important topics, I want tteokbokki!” Yongsun claps excitedly.

Wheein visibly relaxes, Yongsun having moved on from her earlier moment of sombre at the mention of food.


A few hours pass. Their bellies are full and they’re relaxed on Wheein's couch sharing a thin blanket. It’s approaching 1am and yet Yongsun has gave no indication of leaving. This is the latest she has ever stayed. Wheein takes it as something amazing. Maybe she’ll ask her to stay. That’s not to forward right? They don’t have to have sex tonight. The kiss and subsequent make out session in the kitchen earlier hasn’t been brought up since Yongsun got that odd phone call. Wheein is afraid if she mentions it Yongsun will look at her crazy because she imagined it.

The brunette is currently sitting pressed against Wheein's side, clutching at the shorter womans t-shirt for grim death as a horror movie lays out on the TV. The only sources of light in the room. Wheein gave up watching a while ago, more focused on how the light dances across the older womans beautiful face. She chuckles every time Yongsun startles, cursing under her breath,

“You know we didn’t have to watch something scary right unnie? You could’ve told me you were afraid of these kinds of movies” Wheein tries to keep the laugh out of her voice,

“I’m not afraid! I’m just moderately startled”,

“Moderately startled?” Wheein chuckles,

“Yes! Just moderately star---TLED!!” At that moment the axe murder appeared behind the college kids, chopping the brunette in half. Yongsun squealed and pushed herself further into Wheein's body. The blonde gave the older woman some shorts and a tank top earlier to be more comfortable, she know that pantsuits are not exactly movie watching attire. Wheein kind regrets it a little bit, Yongsuns chest is pushed right up against her arm, with a lot of it clearly visible and her bare legs are crossed over the top of Wheeins lap. Giving her the full feeling of just how smooth they are. It’s like a sweet kind of torture. She loves it, yet she hates it.

As the movie slowly progresses, Yongsun is getting more and more wound up. To the point whereby she’s gripping Wheeins' arm almost painfully, eyes glues to the screen. For someone so scared, she has no problem looking at the horror unfolding,

“That axe murder could’ve been you by the way” Wheein teases, “the day you came banging on my door like the neighbourhood nutter” Yongsun draws her wide eyes from the gore happening to the blonde whose lap she’s almost sitting in,

“See that’s where you’re wrong Wheein-ah. Look at him, I’m much more attractive than that hairy oaf. Can say my beard is not as impressive though, I’ll give him that. Besides, from this movie I get the feeling that axe murdering is way too loud and inconvenient, someone would notice. I think I’d poison you. Stick it in that horrible ice cream you like. ” the brunette retorts, pleased with herself,

“Wow omg unnie. You’ve thought about killing me already and we haven’t even been on a proper date yet” Wheein lets slip. A slow smiles creeps up on Yongsuns face, teeth showing,

“You want to take me on a date?” she questions, eyes full of warmth.

“Yes? I mean, yes!” Of course, if you’d want to?” Wheein stutters, suddenly unsure of herself, “Ow!” she squeaks, Yongsun having swatter her with her arm,

“What was that for?! I just offered to take you on a date and I suffer this terrible abuse in return! Where is the justice?!” Wheein exclaims playfully, the brunette chuckling beside her.

“For asking if I want to! Of course I do. Unless you took what happened in the kitchen as me disliking you. If that’s the case I’m curious what passes for liking you in your book Wheein-ah” she smirks. Wheein laughs now, fully and heartily,

“No no, I got your point trust me. Noted”

“Good then. A date it is” the brunette responds, smiling at the blonde and holding eye contact.

“A date it is” Wheein repeats wistfully, smiling back at the elder.

They break eye contact when Yongsun moves her attention back to the movie, with Wheein subtly snuggling a little closer to the brunette. It difficult for Wheein to watch from this angle without casing strain on her neck but if she can snuggle against Yongsun it’s a win for her. The brunette notices, and moves to rest her back against the arm of the couch, motioning for Wheein to get between her legs and rest her back against the older woman front. Blanket covering them. The blonde does as requested, finding the new position much more agreeable than the previous. For multiple reasons.

Time passes quietly, Wheein being gently relaxed by Yongsuns rhythmic breathing and the gently thumping of her heartbeat against her back. Of course, the inevitable begins to happen on screen. The two leads in the movie are clearly about to have sex, the kissing has already started. The moans from the screen start to fill the room, and Wheein becomes acutely aware of the brunettes lips that are by her ear. She getting turned on by the entire situation. She can feel Yongsuns heartbeat start to quicken as the woman on screen is being taken roughly from behind. Wheein is sweltering under the blanket, made worse by the slow movement of Yongsuns hands on her thighs. Drawing small circles.

The scene in front of them continues, the blonde hears and feels Yongsuns mouth opening before she has to quell a moan from escaping her lips as the brunette takes her earlobe into her mouth. Letting out a husky breath into Wheein's ear. She starts to suck gently, small bites are added as the moans of the screen start to crescendo. Wheein has her eyes closed tightly, completely at the mercy of the older woman. Yongsuns hands spread over Wheein's thighs, and trail up her leg to the inside, briefly ghosting over her shorts and where Wheein wants her most. Yongsun moves from sucking her earlobe to leaving bites on the side of neck, soothing them with her tongue while her hands move up the younger woman's torso.

Wheein is breathing heavily, lost to the touches the brunette is giving her. Slim hands cup her breasts over her shirt and squeezing slightly, making her gasp loudly, the first verbal confirmation to the room of what’s going on. She hears Yongsun's breathing behind her and knows the older woman is just as affected as she is.

Wheein groans as Yongsun bites particular hard on her neck and whispers a command in her ear,

“Turn around” she husks. Wheein wastes no time. She throws the blanket off of them both before turning abruptly, steadied by Yongsuns hands on her hips as she straddles the older woman.

Yongsun pulls the blonde down and connects their lips finally, for the second time that night. It's heady, Yongsun is flushed, Wheein is a mess. Yongsuns hands are tangled in her hair, tugging on it at the same time as she bites the younger girls’ bottom lip. Wheein presses her tongues into the brunettes’ mouth, desperate to just feel more.To let it out. From their position, Yongsun is able to move her thigh so that Wheein is resting on top of it, making the younger girl groan,

“You and this fucking thigh” she lets out between harsh kisses. Her own hands braced on the back of the couch.

“Ride it” is all that’s breathed out between their lips and Yongsun take a hold of Wheein hips, urging the younger girl to move.

“Oh….fuck…..unnie” Wheein moans softly and her core is being moved back and forward over the strong leg. Her panties are soaked and she’s sure Yongsun must be able to feel the wet patch collecting on her shorts.

As she grinds down on the older woman, Yongsun slides her hand up the inside of Wheein's shirt, touching her skin. Wheein shivers at the contact. She grasps the bottom of her own shirt, leaning back slightly as she lifts the shirt over her head before dropping it unceremoniously on the floor. She’s left in a light pink lace bra, the swell of her breast looking fucking delectable.

“Oh wow…Wheein-ah, fuck. You’re beautiful” Yongsun groans, sitting herself up into a sitting position and leaving bites along Wheein's torso and chest. Dragging her tongue over her collarbones.

"Let me feel you too" Wheein pleads, desperate to touch the older woman's skin. Yongsun complies with the request, letting Wheein remove the tank top slowly. Wheein's pupils are blown wide, staring at Yongsun's tan skin. Accentuated by the black lace bra she's wearing. Fuck. She wants to destroy this woman. They claim each others mouths again and again, both moaning as their skin touches. Yongsun is groping and feeling Wheein's lace covered chest as Wheein doesn’t let up riding the brunettes thigh. The blonde strangles out a moan as Yongsun bites her stiff nipple over her bra, soothing the peak with the mouth,

“Ugh Unnie yesss…..again” she pleads, desperate for the shock she just received. Yongusn looks up at the blonde, warmth and lust swimming in her eyes. She still for a moment as she lays a gentle kiss on Wheeins lips. Wheein is trying to catch a breath as she husks,

“Unnie, stay tonight?” Please.”

Yongsun leans up and bites Wheeins bottom lip softly, leaving a kiss and asks her quietly, lips brushing the blondes own,

“Take me to bed, Wheein-ah”














Chapter Text

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

 Émile Zola


“Ah…fuck!” Wheein groans as her the small of her back smacks roughly into the doorknob leading to her bedroom,

“Mmm, sorry” Yongsun apologises in between sucking on Wheeins bottom lip harshly.

They’re stumbling clumsily towards Wheeins bedroom, lips refusing to separate and shirts long forgotten by the couch. Wheein revels in the feeling of Yongsuns warm skin against her and the soft pants into her mouth. Yongsun is grouping the blondes’ breasts, teasing her stiff buds through her bra as Wheein attempts to locate the doorknob that just assaulted her. The brunette is not making it easy to accomplish this simple task as she’s moved onto sucking on her neck.

“Yong…I…I can’t” She moans out, eyes rolling at the bites she’s receiving and the brunettes teasing hands, “I can’t get the door Yongsun…ugh” is panted out. Hands flailing behind her.

Yongsun pulls away from her neck, flushed and eyes looking like she wants to devour the younger woman. Her hand smooths along Wheeins sides and reaches behind her to turn the elusive doorknob. She smirks, capturing the blondes’ lips in searing kiss.

Wheein finds herself being pushed through her room, almost tripping on a rogue sweater she left on the floor as she eventually feels the back of her knees hit her bed. All the while never separating from the brunettes lips. She hooks her hands around the elder neck and pulls her on top of her. Finally Wheein is able to explore the elder’s smooth skin, the toned muscles of her back ripple as she holds herself up onto of the blonde. Wheein moves up the bed with Yongsun following suit, crawling onto of her like an apex predator. She sits astride the blondes hips, Wheein holding onto her thighs, and husks,

“Are you okay?” in a sincere tone, double checking that the younger woman is completely okay and comfortable with what is happening. Wheein slides her hands up and along the brunette’s thighs, curling them inwards towards her most sensitive area. Wheein can feel how worked up the older woman is through where her centre meets Wheeins hips,

“More than okay. Are you?” she breaths, hand moving upwards, caressing Yongsuns stomach, stopping just below where the brunettes bra begins. The older woman nods at her, signalling she’s okay. Wheein hesitates, holding her hands their as she asks,

“Can I?” gesturing to Yongsuns chest. The older nods again and breathes,


Yongsun lets out a sinful groan as Wheein cups her full chest. Fingers grazing the brunette’s nipples through her bra,

“Fuck, Wheein-ah….that’s good” as she beings a slow grind of her centre atop Wheein.

The blonds is completely absorbed in the woman above her, pinching her nipples as Yongsun seeks out her own pleasure on top of her. Excited, Wheein moves her hands around to Yongsuns back, fingers playing with the clasp of her bra. She fingers it gently for a few seconds before moving her eyes to the elder above her in question,

“It’s okay, go ahead” Yongsun grants permission.

Just as Wheein is fumbling with the bra clasp, the same obnoxious ringing sound that disturbed them in the kitchen is heard once more.

“Fucking hell…Yong, your phone again?” Wheein sighs, hands coming down to rest on the elder’s thighs, head thumping back and down against the bed. The brunette leans down, chest to chest and captures Wheeins lips as the ringing sound plays in the background. She moans into Wheeins mouth, and the blonde starts to get lost in the older woman again. Yongsun pulls back for a moment,

“Leave it, whoever it is will stop” she pants, attaching her lips to the youngers throat,

Who the fuck is calling at half one in the morning?” Wheein says frustrated, eyes closed and enjoying the attention the brunette is paying to her neck,

“Don’t know, and I don’t much care at the moment. Not when I have you underneath me” Yongsun bites her lip, and smothers Wheein with them, shutting the younger woman up. They eventually get back into it, yet, the ringing doesn’t stop. It’s incessant. Someone must be very desperate to speak to the brunette.

“Omg Yong, please just go and see who it is, turn it off, then get back here. Okay?” Wheein breathes. She needs the noise to stop. The elder groans, annoyed at having been interrupted.

“I’ll be right back, I’m sorry Wheein-ah.” She apologises, getting off of Wheein and heading out of the bedroom. She looks so fucking good in just shorts and a bra.

Wheein rubs her face, sighing loudly. Letting out the breath she didn’t know she was holding. She’s way too turned on and way too frustrated. A voice appears from the entrance to her bedroom as Yongsun returns, phone in her hand,

“They stopped just as I got there, but I brought it with me here in-case they call again, that okay?” She asks, head tilting to the side cutely

“Yes, course unnie” Wheein replies.

“Perfect!” Yongsun exclaims, setting her phone onto the nightstand with a dull thud. She throws herself down next to where Wheein is laying, facing her on her side. She reaches over and tucks a piece of Wheeins hair behind her ear,

“You’re so beautiful Wheein-ah, did you know that?” Wheein blushes, reaching up to interlace her fingers with the brunettes, “If no-one tells you that then they should. It was the first thought I had when I saw you that day in the corridor” She finishes, smiling warmly at the blonde. Holding her hand gently, the brunette sighs,

“I’m sorry, I’ve killed the mood huh?” she questions, Wheein chuckles lightly at her pouting face,

“Unnie, I’d say, I’m more than happy right now, and just laying here with you is enough” Wheein responds, leaning forward to capture Yongsuns lips in a soft kiss. She feels the brunette sigh into her mouth, pulling her closer gently.

They lay there in comfortable silence. Both contented in the presence of each other. A few minutes pass and Yongsun breaks the silence,

“Would you mind if I took a shower? I’m so sweaty, and not in the hot way. In the ‘omg-you-stink, kinda way” she asks quietly. Wheein laughs softly, endeared by the older woman,

“Yeah of course Yong. Do as you would at your house, let me grab you some towels and some fresh clothes to sleep in. Oh and I’ll show you how the shower knob works cause, trying to use someone else shower is up there with cracking the da vinci code level of fucking difficult” The brunette laughs at her, gives her thanks and stands to walk towards the bathroom joined with Wheeins bedroom.

Wheein ushers her inside and explains how to work the temperature and pressure and leaves the clothes for her,

“….and when you’re done just stick those old clothes there and I’ll wash them’ Wheein finishes.

“You’re a hero Wheein-ah”

“I do try unnie”

Yongsun is staring at her. Why is she staring at me?

“Eh, Wheein-ah, the shower? I mean, you can stay if you want to. Twos company” the brunette smirks, hands gesturing to take off her bra.

Wheein cocks her head the side for a moment before realising what the elder meant,

“Oh! Right, my bad” She stutters, Yongsun laughs lightly at her, “I’ll be in the bedroom if you need me” She rushes out before leaving a smirking Yongsun to shower.

Wheein lays down the queen sized bed. Absorbing and processing the developments from tonight. She’s reached some conclusions. One – Yongsun definitely likes her back, two- She definitely likes Yongsun deeper than just wanting to fuck her, and three- that woman can fucking kiss. Ugh. Just when she’s staring to turn herself on thinking about Yongsun naked, wet and steamy not meters from her, Yongsun phone beings to ring yet again. Wheein just sighs, Yongsun sure does seem like a popular woman. Eventually, after 3 missed calls. The ringing stops and a text is sent, indicated by the cute ding Yongsun has installed as her message tone.

Feeling curious, even though she knows she shouldn’t, but come, this person has been trying to contact her multiple times tonight. What if it’s her sister and she’s in trouble. She’ll just glance at the notification on the lock screen to make sure no one is in trouble.

She sits up fully, hand reaching out to pick up Yongsuns phone, she clicks the side on and her face is lit up in the dark room as she reads the message.

From Detective Moon Byul-yi 1:56am

Miss Kim, there has been a development in your case.

Your lack of response is concerning.

Call me back as soon as possible.

Det. Moon

Wheein stares at the message. A detective? This must be who Yongsun was on the phone to earlier in the hallway. What case? And why is her lack of response concerning? Wheeins head is spinning. She feels like the walls are closing in around her. What the fuck is Yongsun involved in? For the first time since meeting the brunette, Wheein realises she might not know who she is. Yet here she is, humming away to herself in Wheein shower, not 10 minutes ago was about to sleep with her. As Wheein has her existential crisis, she feel Yongsuns phone vibrate and hears it ding as another text is sent. She’s afraid to look. Dragging her eyes down to the screen she read a message from Kim Yonghee, Yongsuns sister. The message contains only three words, and they’re enough to make the hairs on Wheeins arms stand up

From Yonghee:D: 2:05am

She got released. 








Chapter Text

"You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast"

Catherynne M. Valente


There comes a time in your life where you have this eye opening moment. A moment that shakes you to your foundations. A moment that forces you to accept the realisation that, in the end, all you have is yourself. It’s a depressing moment, a sad and dramatic moment that is inevitably shared by millions of people. It’s a hidden commonality that we all share, yet we never speak of it. We don’t discuss the fact that at any moment, everything you thought you knew about a person is changed forever.

Society as whole is all about pretending. Pretending to be happy, rich, satisfied, and calm. Sometimes people pretend to be sad, or angry or even depressed. Pretending is what makes the earth continue to rotate, countries continue to capitalise and society to continue to fester. When we are given or discover information in that moment that makes us question everything, we go along, for the most part, pretending. We pretend we are fine. We pretend that our lives are perfect and most importantly, we lie to ourselves. We lie to ourselves that we knew this. We will be fine. It won’t happen to us. Wrong. It can, and it will.

Wheein has had this moment. She can vividly remember when she was 14 and her dad announced , on a casual summer day in Busan, to her and her distraught mother that he was leaving immediately to live across the country with his ‘other family’. Another family he had been cultivating for the past 7 years in secret. For the outside world, Wheeins father was the image of a perfect husband and father. The marriage between the Jung’s appeared almost step ford like. Dinner parties, playdates, art shows. Anything Wheein needed, was given. Her mother seemed happy, from Wheeins perspective anyway. What can a 14 year old really understand about a marriage? She saw them going out, cuddling, gifts on valentines and anniversaries never forgotten. She saw them dance, laugh and love. Her mother had a love for art, as she herself now does, and she would watch her father be completely absorbed in what her mother was painting. Almost as if he was most interested in her, than what she was painting. It was beautiful. They heard it often, ‘what a beautiful family’, your family is so perfect’, or ‘I wish I had a mom and dad like yours’.

So, at 4:23pm on a gorgeous summer day in Busan, Wheein thought she had been shot. That’s what it felt like. As she watched her father gathers his belongings, a meagre single suitcase, and pack it into their family car to leave, she felt as if she had been shot right in the chest. She remembers standing, frozen, tears streaming silently from her eyes as her mother wailed hysterically from the doorway of their house. In this moment, everything she thought she knew and understood about her family had been a total lie. All of it. Everything she thought she knew about her father was a total farce.

Coming to terms with this abandonment and complete destruction of her belief system and her ability to trust was extremely difficult, as would be expected. She threw herself in her art. Her mother becoming increasingly distant and withdrawn, Wheein had only the company of her canvas and brushes. At night was the worst, her difficulties sleeping were exacerbated by the swirling thoughts of her father leaving, her mother withdrawing and the added pressure of still maintaining this happy pretence to the outside world, was draining her soul. Sleep was an impossibility, even when she did it was for short period, having been awoken by horrendous nightmares – almost always involving events of that day.

She made a pact with herself – she would escape from Busan, open her own gallery and try to trust people. The relationship with her mother was okay, at best. Her mother had never been the same after that day. She tried to lean on Wheein, but with her being so young, she turned to other forms of comfort. Albeit at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. However, they managed to reach a place that Wheeins mother would call regularly and sometimes visit her if, and when she could. Her reliance on alcohol also subside with help. Overall, you could say the Jungs’ have known pain. They’ve known betrayal, and they’ve known how to survive.

These are the thoughts that swim through Wheeins mind as she sits on her bed, Yongsuns phone in her hand. It seems dramatic to compare hat her dad done to her as to what she read on Yongsun phone, but the principle is the same. Okay, granted, she hasn’t known Yongsun very long, and they are not even in a relationship, they haven’t even had sex, but Wheein can’t help the bitter feeling of betrayal. Or, the feeling that something important is being hidden from you. Listen, she’s mature enough that she understands that this is Yongsuns business, her life and it’s completely within her right to keep whatever she feels like a secret. Yet, Wheein can’t deny that it hurts her a little bit. It reminds her of the feeling of being completely blindsided by someone you thought you knew. She wished that Yongsun felt that she could open up to her.

She’s stuck between a rock and hard place. On one hand, she wants to ask Yongsun what is happening, who got released, and who is detective moon? She wants to know why the detective was concerned that she didn’t pick up the phone. She wants to know where Yongsun comes from. Who her parents are. What are her ex’s like? Most importantly, she wants to understand if Yongsun is in danger. The last thing she want is the older woman coming to any harm. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to ask Yongsun all these questions, because then, the brunette will understand that Wheein looked at her phone. Invaded her privacy. Maybe she’ll get annoyed that Wheein is questioning her as such an early stage in – whatever this thing between them is.

Wheein sighs, rubbing the space between her eyebrows and places Yongsuns phone back on the nightstand. She really fucking likes this woman. She feels the most contented she ever has in a very long time, just by being in her presence. The fact that there is some secret makes her feel uneasy. For many different reasons. All she can do, is trust. Trust that Yongsun will tell her, or, that Yongsun is not in any danger at least.

All she can do is trust. Even though every atom in her body is screaming at her not to.

She lays down on her soft bed, closes her eyes and tries to clear her head. She hears the water in the bathroom being shut off, some fumbling around that signals Yongsun is finished showering and will soon join Wheein in bed. This makes Wheein feel both excited, yet apprehensive. How can she act normal knowing there is something going on with the older woman? She wants to kiss her. She wants to just kiss her, and forget. Curiosity killed the fucking cat, indeed.

Then bathroom door is opened, steam emanating from the room as well as Yongsuns illuminated form. Wheein cracks her eyes open slightly, internally groaning as she notes the brunette is only wrapped in a towel. She sits up gently, flicking in the lamp on her nightstand. Fuck. She’s greeted with Yongsun in a towel, hair up in a messy ponytail, water droplets sliding down her neck and shoulders. She smells of Wheeins body wash and has a very soft look on her face. Bare faced Yongsun is definitely Wheeins favourite. Wheein gulps.

“Ugh, Wheein-ah thank you so much omg. I feel so much better.” the brunette sighs, eyes Wheein for a moment, “Erm, not that I felt bad! Just clean, fresh you know? Got a bit sticky. Sweaty! So thanks! Are you going to shower? Not that you smell! Just if you wanted to I wouldn’t mind. Not that I’m forcing you! You don’t have to”.

A slow smile begins to spread over Wheeins face. She’s so adorable. How can she think this woman would hide something bad intentionally? Yongsun notices Wheeins smile and begins to return one of her own,

“Please feel free to jump in and shut me up at any moment Wheein-ah”

Wheein laughs softly, eyes trying not to drag down the brunettes’ towelled body,

“Oh no, please continue unnie. I’m kinda enjoying your inane rambling.”

“Inane?!” Yongsun scoffs n mock offence,

“Mhm, I mean, this rambling is coming from the woman who was telling me to ride her thigh on my couch”. Wheein retorts, chuckling to herself. Yongsun clears her throat and replies,

“Well, that was a different time. I’m a changed woman now”. The brunette raises her eyebrows. Wheein nods her head,

“Ohh okay I do sincerely apologise dear Yongsun. I’m guessing you won’t ask me that in the future then? Changed woman an all” Wheein smirks.

“I’m not making any promises Jung. Now scoot over, I’m coming in” The older woman announces, motioning to take the towel off and change into the shorts and t-shirt Wheein gave her.

“Unnie, not that I mind, but, why didn’t you put the clothes on in the bathroom?” Wheein asks, reaching over to turn the lamp off, giving Yongsun the darkness as some privacy. Wheein can only make out the outline of the brunettes body, the moonlight shining on her curtains the only source of light in the room.

“ ‘cause I wanted to talk with you and maybe cuddle as soon as possible”, the older woman states as if it were a known fact, pulling the borrowed shorts up her smooth legs.

 “Oh” Wheein whispered out, her stomach fluttering at the response.

“Can I come in?” The brunette asked, gesturing in the dark to what Wheein assumes is the unoccupied space in her bed.

“Of course, unnie, make yourself comfortable” Wheein replies, lifting the covers up, allowing the older woman to get in beside her. Wheein feels Yongsun shift around, turning onto her side, facing Wheein. She can feel the body heat radiating from the brunette.

The room is still, the only sound that can be heard is the breathing of the two women. Wheein can just about make out Yongsuns face in the dark, centimetres from her own. The silence that enveloped them is broken by the older woman, as she whispers,


“Yeah?” She breathes.

“Thank you”


“Letting me stay. Inviting me to. Having me sleep in your bed…” Is husked out, “… for being there” is added quietly.

“Oh, of course Yongsun, you don’t have to thank me for that” Wheein whispers back, “Thank you for being there too”.

“You know….” The brunette starts, a hand coming up from under the covers to gently touch Wheeins own, signalling that Yongsun wants to hold her hand. Wheein smiles in the dark, clasping her fingers through the brunettes as she continues to whisper softly,

“You’re the first person in a long time that I feel safe with. Is that weird to say that? Like, I can say anything to you and you won’t judge me. You make me feel so safe and listened to. Ugh, I’m not good with expressing myself with words at all but, I don’t know, I just wanted you to know that I like you. I really like you Wheein –ah. I’m so glad my kitchen sink exploded and I met you”. She finishes, chuckling gently and squeezing Wheeins fingers with her own.

Wheeins heart is beating like crazy. Hearing Yongsun say how much he likes her is a relief, she feels the same way. She squeezes Yongsuns hand back in response,

“I’m glad your sink exploded too, Yongsun-ah”.

She sees a huge grin break across the brunettes face and she bites her lip,

“Wheein-ah?” she asks softly,

“Mmm” Wheein hums out, tracing patterns on Yongsuns hand,

“Can I kiss you?”

It’s the softest spoken question Yongsun has given to her. As if, I this moment. Wheein is precious and will break if she speaks to loudly.

“Always” She replies, moving her head forward and closer to Yongsuns.

Their lips meet in the softest kiss they’ve shared. There is no rush, no urgency that they felt before. Both content to just feel. To express what they feel through the kiss. Wheein lets Yongsun lead, feeling that the older woman is having a moment. The brunettes had moves up to gently stroke the side of Wheeins jaw, their tongues meet gently, the younger woman moaning softly.

The brunette break the kiss, gently pulling Wheeins bottom lip with her as she lets go of her jaw.

“Mmm, wow”, she husks

“I know” the blonde replies, hand going back to tracing patters on Yongsuns hand.

The brunette yawns, signalling that she’s getting tired, Wheein smiles and moves to kiss her lips quickly,

“Yongsun, I think you should get some sleep. You look like you’re struggling” She says, playing with Yongsuns thumb. The brunette is watching her through hooded eyes. She huffs,

“I should get some sleep?....” She questions, “And you?”

Wheein blinks, “Some, unnie yeah” is all she offers. She sees an expression flicker across the older womans’ face as she’s’ asked,

“Just some? You don’t want to sleep?”

“Yes some, and I do, but it is what it is” is all the blonde replies, turning on her side gently to face away from the older woman.

“Okay, Wheein-ah” is all the brunette replies, content in not pushing the meaning behind Wheeins words.

Wheein feels Yongsun move, she assumes the other woman is moving to turn away from her, to get comfortable but she sees a light illuminate the room. Yongsun is checking her phone. As Wheein is facing the other way, she can’t see the expression on the brunettes face, nor does she hear any sharp intake of breath or response. All she hears is the quick tap tap tap of the older womans fingers on her phone as she replies to the text messages. Wheein lays still, awaiting any indication that Yongsun is upset, or shocked, or surprised. There is nothing, nothing at all.

She hears the thud of Yongsuns phone being placed back down the nightstand, the room again plunged into darkness. There is only the sound of Yongsuns body rustling the covers and she turns back around to face Wheeins back. Wheein hears it. There is the quietest sigh, so soft that she could convince herself that she missed it.

She feels a hand, gently trace her back, touching her shoulders. Back and forth. Wheeins eyes close, enjoying the feeling. She feels herself begin to relax, the brunettes hand soothing along her shoulder. The hand continues, down her side, along the curve of her ass. The older woman repeat this motion, as if she is lost in thought. It happens without a word being spoken, Wheein lets out a soft moan at the brunettes ministrations, unconsciously moving her body backwards towards the older womans front, in a silent question. Hold me? The brunette catches the hint, bringing her body forward so that it’s pressed flush against the blondes back. Wheein feels the older woman press against her, her arm coming up and over to hold Wheeins front, resting at her stomach. Entwining her hand with the blondes. She presses her face into the back of Wheeins neck, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Her legs entwine with the youngers, effectively cocooning the blonde.

“ Mmm this is nice” The brunette groans against her neck, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” she asks, breath tickling the blonde.

“Cause someone was too stubborn to stay over before” Wheein responds, revelling in the feeling of warmth radiating from the older, eyes closed.

“I know, but I meant when I said I wanted to get to know you before, bed stuff happened”

“Bed stuff?” Wheein chuckles, “Like PG bed stuff?” she asks lightly

“PG bed stuff wouldn’t remain PG bed stuff Wheein-ah” the older replies, kissing the back of the blondes’ neck,

“It’s pretty PG now unnie, no?” Wheein breathes,

“Mhm now. Just because of the interruption though. I was definitely not thinking PG thoughts before” the older woman responds, drawing shapes on Wheeins clothed stomach.

Wheein opens her eyes. Yongsun has brought up her phone. Wheein has to proceed gently. Don’t be too obvious at prying.

“Ugh, me too, your phone is a devil. I hope you told whoever it was you were about to have the best sex of your life”

“Best sex of my life? How confident you are Jung.” The brunette laughs, “I’ll be sure to tell them that next time”

Wheein chuckles, feeling brave, she decides to ask playfully,

“So who was it that wanted you so late? Interrupting an amazing situation. I have half a mind to sue them”

Yongsun laughs lightly,

“Pleased don’t sue, I don’t want to have to tell my sister she being sued for interrupting my sex life. I can see her expression now” the brunette shudders,

“Ahh Yonghee, okay. Since she’s a Kim I’ll let her off this time.” Wheein says, happy Yongsun didn’t hide the fact it was her sister. Even if she didn’t mention the detective.

“Is she okay?” Wheein asks, “It’s pretty late to text, I hope everything is okay?” she puts out. Awaitig the olders response.

She feels Yongsun hesitate in her response, seemingly choosing her words carefully. Given their position, Wheein can feel the heartbeat of the brunette speed up.

You know that moment when you think you know someone? You think you know their actions, the predictability? Well, contrary to the distrust Wheein always associates with people, for the first time – she gets pleasantly surprised: Yongsun doesn’t lie. She doesn’t hide. She doesn’t hold back any facts. She simply, decides to let Wheein in.

Holding the blonde, in the silence of Wheeins bedroom, face pressed against her neck, the brunette starts,

“She was texting to let me know that someone from my past has been released from prison….”

Wheein sucks in a breath, feels the brunette hold her tighter,

“Wheein-ah….it’s not a very nice story” she starts, voice shaking,

“Unnie, it’s okay, really, you don’t have to tell me now” the blonde reassures her, “Whenever you’re ready”. Wheein feels her eyes water. Yongsun will tell her. She’ll let her in. But, Wheein wants her to be ready. Knowing she will tell her is enough for her to understand the womans feelings towards her.

“Thank you, Wheein. I’ll tell you the story. You have a right to know. I lo----like you so much, you deserve to know. Maybe, just not tonight? I don’t want tonight to be spoiled” is stuttered out by the older woman.

Wheein closes her eyes, gripping the brunette’s hand,

“I really like you too Yongsun-ah. You can tell me whenever you’re ready. I’m here

She feels a kiss being pressed against her neck and a soft “Thank you” breathed against her skin.

For the first time in a long time, with Yongsun holding her, legs entwined, bodies close – Wheein feels herself drifting off to sleep.





Chapter Text

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”
Hunter S. Thompson


Wheein awoke groggily to the feeling of being trapped inside a scorching hot furnace. There wasn’t a single part of her body that didn’t feel like it was on fire. It didn’t help that she was trapped inside her covers in sweltering human cocoon. She attempted, albeit feebly, to sit up and her bearings but was momentarily surpirsed to discover she wasn’t alone in bed. Wait a minute? Right, Yongsun stayed over. Yongsun Kissed her. Yongsun undressed her. Oh.

Flashbacks of the night before caused Wheeins cheeks to flare. She cleared her throat quietly. Wow. She got ahead of herself, the brunette was so tempting it plays havoc with Wheeins self-control. She does want to take the older woman on a date, wants to hold her hand, buy her flowers. All the mushy shit you know? She means more to her than just sex, which, judging by last night, Yongsun would’ve liked to have had some with her. If not for the interruption, Wheein is sure she would’ve been completely at the brunette’s mercy all night.

The interruption, right. Wheeins thoughts are spinning. Prison. Someone Yongsun knows was released. I mean, she doesn’t want to judge, after all, no one said it was anything abhorrent. Right? Yet, there is a place, in the back of Wheeins mind that is uneasy with this theory. For the simple fact that some detective Moon had called, and then tried to call Yongsun multiple times last night. Her sister ominously texted her in the middle of the night. Yongsun did admit to her about the release sure, but was cagey about the phone call with the detective. Moreover, she hasn’t explained why she has an advert for modelling, why she’s moved to Seoul or why she suddenly changed apartment. That doesn’t bode well for the whole ‘don’t judge it might be fine plan’.

She’s staring to get a headache overthinking all of it. Right now, she wants to focus on two things: one – she really really likes this woman, she makes her feel cared for, and wanted, and gives Wheein a sense of belonging that she’s never really felt before – and two, Yongsun said she will explain to her at some point what happened. She has nothing left to do but take her word for it. The blonde has no choice but to wait. Wait for the older woman to feel contented enough, comfortable enough to open up and trust Wheein.

Wheein groans, glancing at the wall clock to see it’s only a little past 8am, the early sunshine barely illuminating the room from where it bounces off of her drapes. Plenty of time left to cuddle with Yongsun, to cling onto the last remnants of sleep. She tilted her head to glance back at the adorable sleeping woman currently mushed ungraciously into her neck. Her long silky dark hair covering her face. The only indication that she was even alive was the soft gentle snores emanating from the older woman. I have to tell her she snores.

At some point during the night the tired brunette had stuck to her like a koala, clinging on to her for dear life as if Wheein was her only anchor in the world. She had no idea the elder was the clingy type. She gives off such a commanding presence that one would be totally shocked to discover she likes to cuddle at night. Regardless of the warm and increasingly sticky situation Wheein now found herself in, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that she actually got some much needed rest. How?

After the storm of thoughts plaguing her mind about her past and Yongsuns past, she should have been restless all night. She can’t explain it. Never has she been able to fall asleep so quickly. For the first time in a while Wheein didn’t awaken tired. She’s pretending she doesn’t realise it’s because the brunette held her all night and makes her stomach do flips when she looks at her. Nope. Shes pretending it’s not because she has feelings for the older woman that are becoming stronger with every passing day. Nope. She definitely pretending it’s not because she’s getting a sneaking suspicion that she she's falling for the mochi lady. NOPE.

Regardless of the reasons that she’s pretending she doesn’t know about, she’s contented that she actually rested. She’ll have to call Hyejin and her mum to let them know. Hyejin. OMG. Wheein should call her. She needs to be updated. Not that anything exciting happened. Except everything exciting happened. Her thoughts about her best friend are interrupted by a soft groan and a huff from her neck, a sign that the elder was in the process of waking up. Wheein closes her eyes again, feigning sleep, happy to tease the older woman.

“Mmffph” is breathed into the blonde’s neck. Wheein takes that as a 'good morning'. Yongsun inhales deeply, squeezing her arms tighter around the younger woman, as if she has just remembered where she is, burying her face farther in Wheeins neck. Moulding her legs with the blondes. 

The soft breaths on the back of the blonde’s neck and shoulder are starting to affect her, she won’t deny it. She’s still contemplating and processing the events of the night before. She remembers quite vividly how Yongsun looked in her black lace bra, teasing her with what is underneath. She remembers the way Yongsun moaned when they kissed, and she remembers the breathy tone the brunette husked when she asked her to ride her thigh. 

 Even now, half asleep at 8 in the morning, trapped in a human cocoon, she feels herself inexplicably attracted to the elder and and becoming increasingly turned on. Feigning sleep is going to be harder than she anticipated.

She feels Yongsun lift her sleepy head, seemingly checking gently if Wheein had awoken yet. Sensing that the blonde was awake, she felt a pair of lips graze the back of her neck, leaving soft nips on her skin in the most delicious way. Wheein bit her lip, desperatley trying to remain still, the brunettes hand that was on her stomach had taken to dragging itself along her side, dipping into the side of her sleep shorts before returning back to her stomach. The blonde could feel Yongsuns hot breath on her skin, the elder having taken to lightly sucking on a particularly sensitive spot after soft bites.

“Wheein-ah” is husked into her skin. The blonde tries not to move, testing the limits of the elder, “Wheein-ah, I know you’re awake”, the brunette whispers softly. Her hands sliding over the younger woman’s sides, coming to a stop just below Wheeins breasts.

“Hey, sleepyhead….I can see you biting your lip you know?” the brunette offers, tempting Wheein to reply. Wheein remains firm in her game. Even though she can feel herself reacting to the elders ministrations.

“Mhm, okay. Is this how you want to play….Wheein?” is scorched into her neck with a bite, soothed with the brunettes tongue just as her hand moves up to cup Wheein over her shirt. Hand palming her nipples.

“Ugh..un…unnie” is moaned out unintentionally, Wheein abandons her game immediatley in favour of the pleasure the elder is offering. Hands are squeezing her breast softly over her shirt, her nipples teased. Her neck has become the brunette’s playground and she’s becoming unbearably wet. Any resolve she had, which was none, is completely destroyed is by the words husked into her ear,

“Oh look, you are awake after all. Who would’ve thought”, a harsh bite to the blonde’s neck, “is this okay Wheein-ah? You’re okay?”, the elder asks her concerned, pausing the movements of her hands and mouth, just to be sure the younger woman is comfortable with how she’s being touched at the moment. Wheein lets out the breath she didn’t know she was holding as she nods her head firmly and replies,

“More than okay Yong, I’m more than okay” she breathes, craning her neck forward to encourage the older woman to continue what she was doing.

“I’m so glad”, is the response before a hot tongue is dragged up the side of her neck and soft bites are being littered on her jaw.

Wheein grips the brunettes hand and pushes it firmly under her shirt, allowing the dark haired woman to touch her soft skin. Wheein shivers at the groan delivered by Yongsun in response.

“Can I?” the elder whispers, hand resting on Wheeins side, awaiting acknowledgement that it’s okay to go further.

“Please” the blonde rasps, eyes squeezing tightly shut as Yongsuns hand cups her firm breast fully for the first time, “Oh, shit” is cursed out by the younger woman as her nipple is pinched deliciously between the brunette’s fingers. The moan that escapes Yongsun at the feeling betrays the effect the blonde is having on her.

“Wheein-ah” Yongsun smirks, “It’s wrong to fucking curse”.

Wheeins eyes roll at the tone used by the elder, the brunette playing with Wheeins stiff bud, rolling and pinching it in a way that has Wheein become a groaning mess. Her panties are compeletey unsalvagabe at this point. Yongsun is heavy breathing into the back of her neck and Wheein is becoming frustrated that they haven’t even kissed yet. She fucking wants this woman and she wants her now. The blonde shifts up slightly, nudging the dark haired woman softly away from her and she sits up and turns to face her. Eyeing the brunette with a stare,

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” the elder asks breathlessly, eyes trained on Wheeins face, concerned she has overstepped or made Wheein uncomfortable. The brunette brings her hands to rest on Wheeins thigh as the blonde leans up slightly over the older woman,

“Huh? No, nothing’s wrong Yong”, the blonde laughs lightly, bringing her hands to untwine her fingers with the dark hair woman, “I just want to kiss you is all and I can’t do it from where I was, it was frustrating me to be honest”, she smiles at the brunette, squeezing her hand, biting her lip in shyness, “If that’s okay? Can I kiss you, Yongsun-unnie?” She asks, head tilting to the side as if to make her question even more inviting than it already was.

The blonde is half leaning her body over the older woman, awaiting excitedly for the elders reply. The brunettes eyes darken, she licks her lips quickly, her hand coming up to grasp Wheeins neck as the blonde find herself being pulled down on top of the older woman.

“Fuck yes you can” is spoken against the blondes lips as they crash into one another. Mouths hot, biting at each other’s lips. The tension form last night returning tenfold. Wheein squeals lightly as the brunette pulls her fully down on top of her. The older womans hands explore the blondes back as Wheein slips her firm thigh between Yongsuns legs, pressing against the older woman’s hot centre, finally getting a chance to give back,

“Fuck, Wheein-ah”

Wheein smirks devilishly, lewdly sucking on the brunettes bottom lip before releasing it with a pop,

“Mm mm, Yong…” she kisses her, “…someone…”, she kisses her jaw, “…once told me…”, she kisses her neck, moving to the older woman’s ear, “…that it’s fucking wrong to curse”. She sucks the brunette’s earlobe into her mouth, pressing her thigh harder against the elder’s damp centre, drawing obscene groans from the older woman.

The blonde is slowing rocking her thigh into the brunette as the elders hands grip her neck and jaw, sucking on the blondes tongue in the process. Yongsuns hands travel to the younger womans ass and squeezes it gently, drawing a loud exhale from the blonde into her mouth. Her hands travel up the youngers back, lifting her shirt along with it. Wheein takes the hint and removes herself from the elder’s mouth for a moment, straddling her.

They stare at each other for a moment, both of them fully taking in this scene. The soft breeze in the room from the open window is blowing the drapes gently that allows the sun to illuminate the brunette in a way that Wheein would be convinced if you told her she was a goddess. The only sounds that can be heard is of the heavy breathing from the two woman The brunettes hands are resting on Wheeins thighs, waiting patiently for the blonde to remove her shirt.

Wheein watches her. How her chest rises and falls, how her dark eyes seem to hold something more. Something unspoken. Something that gives Wheein shivers. The old cliché saying is that eyes are the window to the soul, if that’s the case. She’s afraid to look.

A slow smile creeps across the elders face,

“What are you thinking about?”

“That you’re fucking gorgeous Yongsun” is the immediate response.

The brunette laughs, a full bodied dolphin laugh, eyes squeezing shut hands caressing Wheeins thighs,

“You’re too kind for your own good Wheein, and a terrible liar” the older woman responds, blushing.

“I’m not, I’m just honest. Probably to a fault. Or so I’ve been told”

“Are you?”

“Yeah. Ask me anything, I’ll always tell you my honest thoughts.” The blonde smiles, nodding her head proudly, "gets me into trouble sometimes but it's who I am"

“Okay. What are you really thinking about?” the brunette questions, watching the younger womanintently,


“What about me” she rasps

“And me”

“What about you and me” is the retort by the older woman. Both of them are softly smiling now.

“I’m thinking that I like you, Yong. That I want to take you out. That I want to kiss you, hold your hand, make you soup when you’re sick. Laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry. I’m thinking about how you have a secret, but that it’s okay that you need time before you tell me. I’m thinking about how to show you that I’m here to support you, and care for you. I’m thinking about how you’re important to me regardless of what has happened in your past. I’m thinking about how is it possible to feel this way about you after such a short time. Overall, regardless of all of these thoughts in my head right now, I’m thinking about the fact that I might be falling for you and your lips look so fucking good right now. There, that’s it. Sorry if it’s too much I jus---“

Yongsuns grasps the younger woman by the back of her neck, bringing their lips together suddenly. Touched, by the blonde’s openness the brunette responded in the best way she knows how. With actions. She never was a talker.

The kiss is intense, some invisible wall that existed between them has been broken. The brunette grips the bottom of the youngers shirt, gesturing for her to sit up quickly so she can remove it. Wheein lifts her arms, allowing the shirt to be removed and tossed across the room, exposing the blonde’s slim, tattooed upper body to the room.

“Wow, Wheein-ah. Fuck. You’re so beautiful” the older woman gasps out, eyes trailing over the blonde’s body. Yongsun licks her lips. Wheein feels hands come up behind her before she’s falling, Yongsun having flipped them over.

“Unnie!” she laughs, which is soon replaced by a groan as the dark hair woman leaves kisses along her collarbone. Soft sucks interspersed. She trails kisses along her chest, eyes seeking approval from the blonde as she reaches her breasts. Wheein nods, husking out a soft,


 A stiff peak being taken in to Yongsuns warm mouth. She swirls her tongue, testing different patterns, her other hand rolling the blondes other nipple between her fingers in tandem with her mouth. She sucks gently, teeth scraping the soft bud before releasing it with a wet pop. Wheein can only groan in response.

“Mmm Wheein-ah, let me test your honesty again huh?” The older woman teases, cupping and rolling the blondes nipples with her deft fingers. Wheeins centre clenches, barely able to pay attention to the older with the way she's playing with her.


The older woman pinched particularly hard to get a response before sucking it into her mouth to soothe it.

“Yong, what!?” the blonde huffs and semi-groans out, absorbed in the pain mixed with pleasure,

“Are you enjoying yourself Wheein-ah?

“Yes…..unnie, shit, yes I am”, a nipple sucked, released with a sloppy pop,

“Mmm I’m glad. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please. No I don’t.”

The brunette smirks, holding Wheeins jaw softly to encourage the younger to open her eyes. They lock eyes, the brunette husks,

“Are you wet?” She questions as she drags her hands down Wheeins slim torso, stopping at the waistband of her shorts.

“You tell me", Wheein states, looking directly at the brunette, biting her lip. The older woman is clearly enjoying being in control. Wheein wants to change that. She wants to ruin her. She wants her to beg.

“Ugh, I---“ the elder is interrupted,

“Take your fucking clothes off Yongsun.” Wheein affirms. Tone strong. She watches the older woman gulp. With hooded eyes, the brunette, astride Wheein, grabs the bottom of the loaned shirt she was given and swiftly yanks it over her head, abandoning it to the floor.

“Yong…” Wheein sighs, taking in the view of a bare chested Yongsun sitting on top of her, cheeks flushed, skin hot. Nipples hard.

Wheein splays her hands over the older womans thighs. Revelling in the smooth feeling of Yongsuns skin. The brunette lets out a breath,

“Wheein-ah, come here”, she gestures for Wheein to sit up, so that they’re chest to chest. They kiss, moaning at the feeling of their chests rubbing against each other. Wheein grips Yongsuns back, smoothing her hands over every piece of skin she can. They both breathing heavily now. They kiss languidly for a few minutes, taking turns being in control. Wheein moves her hands to cup the older womans breasts, pinching and rolling her nipple in the same way that was done to her.

“Fuck you feel amazing Yong” she breathes, rolling the older womans nipples harder. The harder she rolls, the more intense the dark hair womans groans are. Spurred on by the positive reaction, the blonde sucks a nipple into her mouth, teeth gently grazing the stiff bud. At some point, the brunette had started to slowly grind into Wheeins thigh, smearing her very apparent wetness over the younger womans leg.

“Uh, Wheein-ah, shit”

“Yong?” she smirks, tensing her thigh, sucking on her nipples.

“That’s good…so good” she husks, eyes closed, head thrown back and grinding herself on the younger woman.

Wheein lets her nipples go, and lays back down on the bed, Yongsun straddling her once more.

“Take them off” the blonde points to the now very ruined shorts the older woman is wearing. Yongsun nods, under Wheein spell as she lifts her hips and slides the shorts down her legs.  Left in just her panties, Wheein doesn’t think she’s ever seen a woman so beautiful.

“You just said that out loud, Wheein” the brunette states, blushing.

With the brunette fully naked, Wheein splays her hands over her thighs, loving the way the older woman shivers at her touch. The blonde can see in how excited the dark haired woman is and it turns her on to know she’s reason for it.

“I meant it” she replies, “and take them off too. You won’t need them”.

Yongsun complies, hurrying to remove her ruined underwear.  Wheein is aching to touch her, and so, after a final nod of approval from the woman above her Wheein slides her fingers over the dark haired womans soaked slit.

“Fucking hell, you’re so wet Yong” she gasps, shocked at the level of arousal she feels under her fingers.

The brunette gasps, falling forward and bracing herself with her arms above the younger woman. Wheein watches herself play with older woman, lost in the image of her touching Yongsun in this way.

“Yeah, I have wanted you for so long Wheein-ah” she groans out, Wheeins fingers playing at her tight entrance.

“Is that so?”

She drags the wetness from the brunette’s entrance upwards, fingers sliding over her sensitive clit that has been otherwise neglected till now. She gently beings to rub slow, lazy circles over the brunettes clit, relishing in the way the dark haired woman moans softly at the touch, her hips lurching forward every now and then. Wheein watches intently at the pleasure dancing across the older womans face, eyebrows knitted, lip between her teeth and hands clutching at the bedsheets beside them.

“Yes, Fuck. Oh” she moans as Wheein increases the pressure of her thumb on her clit, rubbing tighter circles on the swollen nub. She's mesmerised.

“Don’t stop, please, just like that. It’s so good” soft moans are spilling out of the brunette’s mouth with every flick of the blonde’s wrist. Wheein is happy to let the brunette come like this, but she wants more. She removes her thumb from the brunettes clit with a whine and a glare directed towards her from the older woman,

Why’d you---“ the brunette starts,

“Let me fuck you”, Wheein states. Eyes glued the elder’s hooded ones, “Can I fuck you, Yong?” She teases, fingers playing at her entrance. The brunette smirks at the question, not giving Wheein a chance to retort she quickly sinkS herself down onto the blonde’s finger.

“Oh my fuck, Wheein-ah” she moans out loudly, taking the blondes finger inside her. 

“Yong! Shitting fuck. You’re so hot”  the blind gasps at the right, warm feeling engulfing her finger.

The blonde gives her some time to adjust to the feeling before moving her finger in and out of the brunette in a twisting motion. The older womans warmth and wetness surrounding her finger is driving Wheein insane.

“Yes! More, Wheein. Please more” she begs, lifting her hip to give Wheein better access.

The older woman is so wet that Wheeins second finger slides in with no resistance to join her first. This prompts the brunette to let out an obscene moan and slam her hips down onto the blonde’s fingers.

“Ride my fingers Yong” Wheein gasps as the dark haired woman picks up her pace, wildly riding the younger womans fingers. She thrusts herself again and again onto the blonde, whose thumb is back to rubbing circles on her clit. Wheein is sweaty, her wrist aching from pumping them in and out of the brunette, the room is stifling. The muscles on Yongsuns stomach clench and stretch as she takes her pleasure from Wheein. Her moans have become more disjointed, beads of sweat are pooling around her forehead and chest, her eyes are screwed shut and Wheein can feel her clenching around her fingers.

“Wheein-ah, I’m close” is stuttered out by the brunette in between thrusts. 

“Fuck, Yong I want you to come. Come all over my hand baby." the blond responds, maintaining the same pressure and rhythm for the brunette.

Yongsun is beyond words, the only things she’s capable of muttering are sequences of Uh and groans of what Wheein thinks is her name. 

Wheein watches it happen. Yongsuns eyes roll back, her chest lurches forward, the veins on her neck protrude, face red, squeezing tight around her fingers as she’s sent into oblivion. Wheein continues to stimulate her gently, drawing out her orgasm. When the peak is over, Yongsun slowly comes back to earth, whining softly when the blonde removes her fingers. The older woman falls forward, body sluggish and shivery as she starts to feel the cold air of the room again. Wheein kisses her softly and lays her down on the bed on her back, leaning up on her elbow to look at the blissful smile on her face.

She lays small kisses over the dark hair womans chest as she catches her breath, basking in the calm. Yongsun lets out a contented sigh, opens her eyes and turns her had to capture Wheeins lips. She blushes,

“Hi” she whispers softly against the blondes lips, holding them next to the blonde, not quite kissing her,

“Hi yourself” Wheein giggles back, resting her forehead against the brunettes.

They stare goofily at one another for a moment, unspoken emotion shining in Yongsuns eyes,

“Wheein-ah?” she questions quiet, as if afraid to break the moment,

“Yeah?” she answers, equally quietly, fingers drawing patters on Yongsuns collarbone, content to just watch the other woman,

“I think about those things too, just so you know” she smiles, moving a rogue piece of hair from the blondes face.

Wheein smiles a bashful smile, “I think I can work with that unnie”, as she leans in to give her a soft kiss.

“Mmm”, the brunette groans before speaking, “Wheein, don’t think I have forgotten about something” she teases, running her hand down to cup Wheein through her shorts.

“Shit unnie. It’s hard to keep up with you” she chokes out, suddenly confronted with how wet she is once more. She needs to be touched. She’s aching.

“Do you have somewhere to be today Wheein-ah?” she asks, starting a slow rub through the blondes shorts,

“ Yong. Do you? Ugh” She moans, eyes closing at the feeling of Yongsun pressing against her aching clit through her shorts and the sloppy bites being littered on her neck.

“I need to go out later, around lunchtime. I want to have you all morning. We have so much time, after all it’s only…” she detaches her lips from Wheeins neck and jaw to quickly reach around to check the time on her phone.

Wheein opened her eyes in that moment, wanting to capture the brunettes lips when she turns around.

That’s when she saw it. Happened in a millisecond. How she wishes she kept her eyes closed. A message to the brunette that must’ve been sent last night or during this morning when they were having sex. Wheein felt like she’d just been shot.

She repeats the words in her mind, trying to get them to make sense. Over and over and the brunette turns back around to face her. She must’ve noticed Wheeins blank stare,

“Wheein-ah, you okay? You ready to s---“ she starts, only to be bluntly interrupted by the blonde. Tone vastly different to how she’s ever addressed her. Eye dark, eyebrows furrowed, Wheein asks the dark haired woman a very simple question,

“What does it mean ‘Yongsun got released?”




Chapter Text

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
 Rosa Luxemburg


“Well?” Wheein affirmed her question with a slight tilt of her head, in a dark tone, watching the eyes of the startled brunette, sweat from their earlier activities still glistening on the older woman’s forehead. The breeze in the room was nice. The only sounds that could be heard where the birds outside.

“Whee-“, Yongsun starts, placing her phoneback down on the nightstand, turning to fully face the younger woman,

“No, Yong. Listen” the blonde interrupts softly, fingers tracing the side of the brunettes face gently,

“I know that whatever it is you’re keeping from me, that you might be scared to tell me? I get that. You haven’t known me very long. I know you’re a guarded person and I really like that about you. You’re intriguing and sexy and I never really quite know what you’re thinking”, Wheein breathes out softly, the brunette leaning into her touch, carefully watching the younger woman as she continues,

“We haven’t even had a serious conversation about what exactly we’re doing.  Maybe you’re concerned about my reaction, or maybe you think its none of my business but, I like you. Okay? As I said earlier, I want to try, with you. To like, have something more? If you want? Or not, that’s okay. I mean, I would prefer you wanted to cause I don’t just have sex with anybody. Not that I didn’t enjoy…. -” Wheein rambles on, getting lost in a jumble of thoughts before the brunette rescues her from her own mind by leaning in and placing a gently kiss on her lips,

“Wheein-ah?”, Yongsun whispers, forehead resting on the blondes,

“Yeah, unnie?” Wheein responds, eyes closed, basking in the feeling of the older woman being so close, the brunettes hand caressing her side softly under the bed covers,  

“I want something more with you too”, Yong laughs gently, “I already told you this. But, you’re right. That there is something I’ve been keeping from you. I just didn’t want to broach the subject so soon into, whatever this is becoming” She gestures between them, “I didn’t want to ruin it before it began” is whispered out by the older woman.


“ I know you want to know, and I’ll tell you I promise I will” she smiles softly, placing her hand on her chest “ but I don’t want to go over it all after the amazing night we just had, you know? It’s not the best part of my life and it’s heavy, Wheein-ah. Even entertaining the fact that it could become an issue for me again gives me a migraine, that I don’t want you to suffer through at the moment. Can we just, spend the day, maybe have a date or two and then, I’ll tell you everything?” She asks quietly, almost scared to hear Wheeins reply, “We can sit down, and I’ll tell you”.

The blonde considers Yongsun for a minute, weighing up how she should handle this situation. On one hand, she doesn’t want to push the older woman over what is clearly a sensitive topic, especially if she’s concerned about how Wheein will feel towards her after the news. Then again, Wheein thinks there’s a part of her that has a right to know? What if she’s in danger? What if Yongsun is in danger? What if there’s some crazy psycho out there with the same name as the Burnette planning to kill her? Or kidnap her? Seems a bit extreme. Yongsun looks way to calm for someone who would have a murderer after her. Wheeins head is starting to ache.

The blonde lays on her back, letting out a deep sigh as she closes her eyes,

“Yong?” she questions,

“Mhm?”, the brunette responds, laying on her side, her head propped up by her elbow, studying the youngers face,

“Are you in danger?” Wheein asks. The question preying on her mind,

The question is loud in the quiet of Wheeins bedroom.

The older scowls for a second and scoots herself forward, tucking herself into the crook of Wheeins neck, exhaling softly, a smile gracing her features at the concern shown by the younger woman,

“No, Wheein-ah. I am not in any danger. You are not in any danger. That’s what you’re worried about?”

Wheein hums, agreeing. Yet, satisfied with the answer before asking something she’s been trying not to,


“Yes, Wheein-ah?”

“Are you, I mean, I’m sorry to ask this but, are you, you know…...the danger?” Wheein questions quietly.

The blonde’s eyes fly open as she stares at the ceiling, startled by the loud snort of laughter coming from her neck,

“Oh, Wheein-ah, no. Omg. Help, how very breaking bad of you”, she laughs out, squeaky dolphin sounds reverberating around her bedroom.

The brunette stops laughing when she notices the furious scowl adorning the blondes face, part amused and part sorry, she leans her face forward to place a kiss on the younger woman’s neck.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. You walked right into that one”, she chuckles lowly before continuing, “No Wheein-ah, I’m not dangerous and we’re not in danger. Does that comfort you?”

No response.

“Wheein-ah?” The brunette lifts her head up to catch the youngers eyes. She finds her trying not to smile.

“Wheeeiiinnnnn---aaaahhhhh” she drawls,

No response.

“You’re being stubborn” the older woman pouts, face remnant of a scolded child.

The blond huffs, crosses her arms over her chest and closes her eyes. She feels the bed move, signalling that the brunette was planning something.

“Mhm, okay I guess if you’re not gonna talk then you won’t mind if I leave right? Got things to do” she smirks, motioning to get up and leave the bed.

Wheein eyeballs the older woman, gulping at the brunette’s nakedness as the bed sheets drop from her shoulders, exposing her bare chest and back.

“Fuck” She accidently exclaims, catching the attention of the older. They lock eyes for a moment, both trying not to grin,  

“She speaks!” the brunette squeaks, tackling a giggling Wheein and laying on top of her.

“Uff unnie, you’re heavy!” Wheein laughs, “Where’s the need!?”

“Excuse me Jung Wheein, are you calling me fat?”, she fake scowls, face to face with the red faced blonde,

“Never”, she replies, leaning up to kiss the brunette softly.

“Mm, good” the older replies as they separate.

What you said earlier…” Wheein starts, eyes locked on brown, “It’s good, I mean, if you feel comfortable and you promise to tell me, Yong”, she scowls gently, “ and you will tell me right? Cause I want to—I want, -- I just---“, she sighs, hands rubbing soft patters on the brunettes back.

“There’s nothing that you can tell me that’ll make me like you any less” She says firmly, watching a smile break out on the elders face,

“Okay?” She finishes

“Okay, Jung Wheein”, the brunette replies, bring her hand up to the blondes’ face,

“Pinky promise?”

“Wow, how old are you unnie?” she laughs,

“Hey! Pinky promises are sacred! I might be a high-powered lawyer but even I, Kim Yongsun, do not make fun of or break the law of pinky promises!” she exclaims, looking weirdly serious. As serious as a naked grown adult holding out a pinky finger can look mind you. Wheein smacks her arm playfully whilst grasping the brunettes pinky in her own,

“You’re such a dork” The blonde laughs, endeared by the older woman,

“You’ll come to love it I know it”, the brunette retorts.

From their conversation that lazy morning in bed, the pair grew closer. Not only physically, but emotionally as well. In time, Wheein found herself opening up to the brunette. She finally began to feel safe, trusted and dare she say it, loved. She doesn’t want to assume but she knows she’s falling for the older woman, and she hopes the feelings are returned. She not saying she would jump into marriage right at this moment, but, she at lest feels able to talk about what concerns her a bit easier.

They went on dates. Designating every Friday night as date night and every Saturday as a lazy day. At first, they would alternate on who was planning the dates. Dinner here, dinner there. Eventually though, Wheein began to find it difficult to keep up with the older woman’s enthusiasm for planning and organisation, her dates being much more action planned and exciting. This meant that the pair agreed that Yongsun would plan the majority of their dates because she loved doing so, and Wheein was happy to humour the older woman. She loved how much the brunette lit up when she was guiding her around a museum, recommending the best dishes from restaurants and the latest movies to see. Being around the brunette brought Wheein so much contentment, she was the perfect match to the blondes much more subdued nature.

A few months have passes at this point, and the issue of Yongsuns past has not resurfaced since that day in bed. Wheein knows that something is going on. She sees the way the brunette places her phone face down on the nightstand when they go to bed. She notices the way the brunette will avoid questions sometimes about what she had been doing that day. I all honesty if Wheein didn’t know the older woman any better she would think she was cheating on her. Of course, she knows its nothing of the sort. She can feel how much the brunette cares for her.

One of the many things Jung Wheein has come to learn, is that, everyone expresses love in their own little ways. For example, Yongsun will always brush hair from Wheeins eyes when they’ve fallen over face, she’ll automatically take heavy bags from the blonde if she’s struggling, she’ll make sure her fridge is always stocked with her favourite beer. She waits for Wheein to come to bed if she stays over to giver her a kiss before sleeping. She’ll hold Wheeins hand a bit tighter if she notices the blonde is nervous or stressed.

To you, these gestures may be small and insignificant, but to Wheein? They make her smile.

One Friday date night, they duo are at a very nice Indian restaurant downtown. It small, intimate yet very well respected. Usually the place is booked up for months, especially being in the heart of Seoul, but Wheein happens to be an acquaintance of the owner, who was more than happy to give her a booking at such short notice due to the free promotion she would gain form having THE Jung Wheein dine in.  Yongsun is wearing a strapless black dress and heels, her dark silky hair is flowing over her shoulder in soft waves and the shade of red on her lips is positively sinful. Wheein, in contrast yet stylish herself, opted for black baggy dress pants, a fitted black tank, with an oversized white blazer to top it off.

“Mmm I love seeing you like this. Have I told you that recently?” The brunette starts, red lips sipping from an expensive French wine.

Wheein leans back in her chair, fingertips caressing the glass of whiskey she’s been nursing for the past fifteen minutes. Both are finished eating, now contented to bask in the afterglow of a good dinner and good company.

“Maybe a few times” She replies, smirking over her glass.

“Well I’m telling you again, you look beautiful Wheein-ah” Yongsun states matter-of-factly

“ Thank you, Yong” Wheein smiles.

Wheein watches the older woman, who has been staring at her in what looks like deep thought, lean back in her chair. Devilish smirk planted firmly on her smooth face.

“Unnie!” Wheein whisper shouts. She feels a foot start to caress the inside on her calf, trailing slowly up her pant leg.

“Yes?” The devil asks, foot continuing it’s journey up the blonde’s leg. She sees the brunette bit her bottom lip.

When did she slip off her shoe? We’re in public! In a reputable place as well! Omg it feels good. Stop. No don’t stop?

Wheeins eyes flutter when said foot traces along her inner thigh. Yongsun, to her credit, looks calm and collected where anyone to look over at their table. Only Wheein is looking a bit worse for wear. She red, breathing heavier than should be expected having a dinner and is struggling to keep her eyes open,

“ You know, Wheein-ah….”, a smirk, “ if you grip that glass any harder, you’ll smash it”

Wheein groans internally, the foot has reached her clothed centre. Teasingly close. The brunette pauses. Wheein is glad for the respite and angry for the respite simultaneously.

“What’s wrong?” The elder questions teasingly, “you look a little flustered”. Yongsun leans forward, giving ample view of her chest in her dress to the already flustered blonde,

“Tell me, Wheein-ah”, she bites her lip, locking eyes with the younger woman as she asks her,

“Are you wet?”

Wheeins eyes roll back as the brunette finally pushes her foot against the blonde’s centre, playing around with the pressure she’s giving.

“Answer me” She commands. Staring at the younger woman. Searing the pleasured expression on her face into her mind.

Wheein opens her eyes, hips beginning to slowly grind against the brunette’s foot under the table. Her clit is aching, her panties are ruined, and she’s pretty sure she’s gonna come before dessert does.

“Yes, Yong. Fuck, I’m so wet” She whisper moans, almost forgetting herself. If anyone were to see her now, they assume she was sick.

“Good girl”

Wheein feels it. The way the brunette is stimulating her with her foot, the excitement and danger of being caught in such a public setting is getting to her.

“Yongsun, Yo—I’m close”, she breathes out as quietly as she can.

“Fuck, you look so hot right now baby” the brunette moans, turned on herself.

Wheein grips the side of the table, Yongsuns assault is relentless and just as she’s about to come in the middle of this restaurant without even having been touched directly, the pair are rudely brought back to earth by the waiter,

“Dessert, ladies.” Is announced, startling the blonde enough that she smacks her knee off the underside of the table while the brunette animatedly sits up poker straight, retracting her foot at an almost lightning speed,

“Ah fuckingshithellgod” Wheein exclaims, drawing looks from the waiter and Yongsun,

“Erm, Thank you! Thanks. Thanks a lot”, the brunette coughs and bows slightly to the waiter, as the younger woman attempts to compose herself.

“Do enjoy and let me know of you need anything else” the waiter politely responds, eyeing the couple with a strange expression on his face before walking away.

Yongsun beings to laugh quietly as Wheein scowls at her and downs the rest of her drink,

“It’s not funny Yong!” she whisper shouts at the laughing brunette,

“It is a little bit. No? Teeny tiny bit?” she teases, picking up her fork to dig into her tiramisu, “looked like you were really having a great time over there”

“NO” Wheein states firmly, “I was just fucking edged within an inch of my life in the middle of a fucking restaurant!”

At that, the brunette proceeded to swallow the dessert the wrong way and starts cough-laughing loudly, drawing some stares from other tables. After a death glare from the blonde, Yongsun calms enough to clear her throat and take a sip of her wine. Both chuckles softly, smiling at each other goofily.

A comfortable silence settles between them as they eat their deserts. The silence is broken by a rather nervous sounding brunette,

“Hey, Wheein-ah?”

Wheein looks up, noting how nervous the elder looks and puts her fork on her plate, giving the older woman her full attention.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something, but I can’t seem to find the right time, I keep wimping out or whatever” she cutely rambles. Wheein watches her amused and endeared,

“You? Wimping out? About 10 minutes ago you were trying to make me come in the middle of this restaurant using only your foot, unnie” she chuckles, watching the  brunettes face heat up, “I find it hard to believe you’re wimping out about something” she finishes, eyes shining with warmth for the older woman.

“That’s different though? I get nervous about serious stuff you know. I care about you and I don’t want to mess stuff up. Stuff is important. Stuff. Yes” she nods at…..herself?

Wheein laughs quietly,

“Unnie what is it? You’re starting to sound like you’re buffering”

“Would you, If you want, or not that, I mean, Like…-“


“Would you like to be my girlfriend Wheein-ah? Officially. Us. Together. Me and you. Being like, a couple?” She cringes at herself.

“I’m usually smoother than this Wheein-ah, I’m just nervous” she grimaces.

“Yong”, Wheein states, making the nervous brunette look up at her, “I would love to. I would love to! I wanted to ask you myself, but you beat me to it, it seems” Wheein exclaims happily, clapping her hands together for dramatic effect.

“You would?” Yongsuns face brightens almost immediately, “Me and you?”

“Me and you”, Wheein confirms, clinking their glasses together.

They both smile softly,

“God we are so mushy unnie, what the fuck” Wheein laughs,

“I blame you. I was a cold lawyer lady before my sink broke and I met you”.

“Oh, I’m sure you were, Miss-Fancy-Lawyer-Kim-Yongsun”, Wheein smirks, teasing the older

“I was! Miss-Dark-and-Gloomy-Artist” She retorts

“Mhm sure”

They finished their dessert and drinks and opted for a late-night stroll along the Han river front. Both not wanting the night to end. The air was cool, not to warm, not to cold. Was perfect. The brunette is holding the blonde’s hand as they walk lazily along, chatting about whatever nonsense enters their mind. Wheein feels perfectly contented in this moment, Yongsun is her girlfriend. Not that she really had any doubts that they would reach this stage but she’s glad it was aired out in the open. Relationships take commitment, comprise and effort. All of which she’s willing to give selflessly to the brunette whos’ passionately telling her in great details about why Squirtle is the best starting Pokémon.

“……to blastoise, and he’s cute too! How can you not agree?” She questions Wheein, who had been momentarily lost in her thoughts,

“I don’t think Pokémon prowess is determined by cuteness unnie” She laughs, with the brunette looking utterly scandalised at the thought. They pause at the river front, both resting gently on the railing, facing the water,

”Lies and slander Wheein-ah! Some would argue that cuteness is THE number one asset all Pokémon should have” she states, finding no flaws in her logic,

“Why?” the blonde questions, amused by the inner workings of her girlfriend’s mind.

Having not expected to actually be asked why, the brunette is stumped,

“Well…. because…why not?” is all she comes up with.

Wheein smiles at her confused face and leans in to place a kiss on her red lips.

“You’re cute” the blonde whispers against the elder’s lips, “I’d choose you”

“Mhm” The brunette moans, deepening the kiss slightly, “You’re too cheesy Wheein-ah” she breathes, continuing to kiss her anyway.

They part, and turn back to watching the streetlights dance along the river,

“It’s beautiful here, don’t you think?”, the brunette questions, tilting her head,

“I’ve seen things more beautiful” Wheein responds, looking directly at the elder,

“Oh Jeeze, you’re getting worse. At this rate I might have to throw you in there” she laughs, gesturing to the river,

“I’m serious Yong”, Wheein affirms, tugging on her hand gently to get the brunette to look at her,

 “I would love to paint you”.

The words tumble from the blonde mouth before she can stop them.

“Oh, Wheein-ah. I…I would, I would be honoured. But I’m sure there are much better things to paint” the brunette replies, eyes shiny,

“First of all, you’re not a ‘thing’….”, Wheein scolds gently, “You’re my girlfriend, and second, you’re beautiful. I’d want to paint you even if I didn’t now you. Just from seeing you” she says, pulling the older woman’s body forward against her own.

“ Yongsun, I need to tell you something”, Wheein breathes against the brunette’s lips, closing her eyes,

“Anything Wheein-ah” she replies. Breaths hitting the youngers face.

The blonde pulls back for a moment but keeps Yongsun close to make her feel at ease.

“I’ve seen you before.”, she whispers.

The brunette looks at her, really looks at her. She appears confused,

“What do you mean, ‘before’?”, she asks, equally quietly.

“Before the sink episode I mean, like, before I met you.”

“I don’t understand?” The brunette asks, “you mean as in, we’ve met? Because if you were a client or something at work, I’m sure I would’ve reme---”

“No, not at work unnie, well, not your work anyway” Wheein interrupts softly,

“At yours?” The elder looks even more confused than before, “I haven’t really visited any galleries Wheein-ah, before you I didn’t have a huge interest in art or th---”

“No, Yong listen”, Wheein starts, pulling back further to address Yongsun properly. She holds the brunette’s hands gently,

“A few months ago, just before we met, I was in a bit of a slump. Art wise. I decided that I wanted to start a new project, see if it would invigorate my passion again you know?”

The brunette nods along softly, listening intently.

“I wanted to do a portrait and I needed models for that obviously” Wheein says, checking the older womans face for any sign of recognition or thought as to where she was going with this. The brunette appears blank.

“I got a bunch of application given to me by a lot of different models. Some I had worked with before, and some I hadn’t”,


“There was an application from you, Yong”, Wheein finally lets out.

Yongsun just stares at her, head tilted, holding her hand. Innocent look plastered all over her face.

“What?” she queries, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “How is that possible?”

“I don’t know, unnie. I just know that it was a picture of you with your details” Wheein responds, also thoroughly confused, paying rapt attention to the brunette’s face,

“Details? What kind of details?” she asks, looking more and more concerned the more Wheein speaks,

“Things like your age, where you live, your appearance….”, the scowl on the brunettes face beings to darken, “…you’re modelling experience……”

“Wha….” Is all the brunette manages as Wheein continues,

“It was actually your picture that drew me in, you had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and your cheeks were puffed all the way up. I thought you were so unique and you took my breath away…..” Wheein breathes out, “imagine my surprise when I found you outside my door asking for help that same night” The blonde finishes.

Yongsun looks devastated. That’s the only word to describe the expression on her face.

“Sorry, Yong. I know it’s a lot to take In and we just had a lovely night, but I wanted t---”

“Wheein-ah” The brunette speaks, firmly, grasping her hands tighter, “ I didn’t send you any application” she states. Looking into the blondes eyes,

“You didn’t?” she questions again,

“No. Never. Never in my life” she responds immediately, “ the first time I met you or even saw you was in front of your apartment when my sink burst. Did the application ask for payment in advance?”

Fuck. Wheein knew something was off. The way Yongsun never brought it up was too odd.

“Yes? That’s not too unusual in that line of work? I don’t understand unnie----” Wheein starts, cut off by a kiss to her lips by the brunette,

“What was that for” The blonde questions, pleasantly surprised,

“For courage Wheein-ah.”

“Courage? For what?”

“To tell you the story of my past becasue I think it's coming back to haunt me" she speaks quietly, pulling Wheein closer, "I trust you Wheein-ah, I'm safe with you".She whispers, 

" Always" the blonde whispers back, squeeing the brunette slightly, 

" I'll tell you the story of Park Sodam and Park Yongsun”






























Chapter Text

“Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.”



The walk back to the couple’s apartment complex was quiet. Not awkward or tense, the type of quiet whereby you’re just comfortable, contented. There is no need to fill the silence with pointless words when the presence of the person next to you is saying everything by saying nothing.

It’s an unusual habit that human beings possess. Why do we feel the need to fill silence? We listen to reply, not to understand. By doing this, we unconsciously block out and dampen the world and people around us. Have you ever actually stopped and took notice of how beautiful the world is at night? Everything is still. Everything is calm. The air has that ‘smell’ that can only be described as night. People are different at night too. They drop their pretences of the day, the masks that they wear for others, and some for themselves. They become more open and unguarded, as if they feel safe in the dark, secrets exposed.

If you ever find the person with whom you do not need to fill the silence with, hold onto them.

Wheein continues to contemplate the night. The quiet, all the while sneaking glances at the older brunette holding her hand. She notes that Yongsun has a crink between her eyebrows, a sign that she’s deep in thought or a little bit frustrated, understandable considering she’s planning on opening up to Wheein about her past and what’s been going on. From what the blonde understands about Yong, she’s a pretty guarded woman. No doubt, for reasons she’ll explain.

After sensing her frustration, Wheein gives an encouraging squeeze of the elder’s soft hand that draws a small smile from the brunette, glancing to the blond briefly and squeezing back. After their chat at the river, Wheein is more sure than she has ever been recently that she’s falling for the older woman, and she’ll do everything she can to be supportive and there for her. The night itself is cool, warm enough for a light coat but with a gentle breeze keeping them from becoming overly warm. Her hand feels comfortable enclosed in the elders.

Wheeins thought process is interrupted gently by Yongsuns soft voice,

“Hey Wheein-ah”, she starts, turning to look at the younger woman, “your place or mine?”

“Yours? We’re at mine often and I thought maybe you’d wanna be in your own space to talk? Not that I don’t want you in mine or if y……”

“I’m happy wherever you are” the brunette cuts, smiling wide at Wheeins rambling,

“Oh okay. Let’s go to yours. I love your bed more anyway”
Yongsun smirks, “you’re assuming you’ll be in my bed huh?”

Sensing the teasing tone, Wheein inches closer to the brunette who had briefly stopped walking, and whispers,

“I’m not assuming, Yong, I’m just stating facts” Wheein finishes with a soft and fleeting kiss on the brunettes lips, pulling back to find the older woman’s eyes closed,

“Mmm, after you” the brunette replies, gesturing for them to continue the walk back home. Wheein winks, dragging the elder woman with her, Yongsun giggling quietly behind.



“Wow. I’m so unfit it’s not even funny”, Wheein breathes out, face red, forehead borderline sweaty and trying desperately to pretend she’s not exhausted,

“You asked to take the stairs you know?” Yong teases, removing her shoes by her doorway, “for ‘stairway kisses’ apparently”, she smirks at Wheeins incredulous expression, 

“Stairway kisses are important! Everyone should have them once!”

“Oh is that so? And you’re assuming I’ve never?” The smirk on the older woman’s face has bloomed into a mischievous grin upon seeing the darkening expression of the blonde,

“No…I mean, I haven’t really thought abou….”

“You think no one has wanted to kiss me on the stairwell Wheein-ah? I’m that repulsive?” The brunette continues teasing, walking slowly towards the flustered blonde on her sofa,

“No! Why woud…..I don’t…..Yong!” Wheein starts, getting increasingly tongue tied and annoyed as the brunette continues,

“Happy to know that’s what you think of me, Miss Apartment 225”

“I….Mmmff….” Wheeins retort is interrupted by Yongsun capturing the blonde’s lips in a soft kiss, effectively silencing her.

Wheein responds almost immediately, her hands coming up to gently cup the brunettes’ neck to hold her in place as they continue to kiss softly. The brunette drags her hands over the blondes’ collarbone that sends a shiver down Wheeins spine. She hums quietly, pulling the older woman to straddle her lap as they make out on the sofa for some minutes. The brunette escalates the situation when she lets her tongue explore the blondes’ mouth, her fingers playing with the hair on the back of Wheeins neck. Soon, teeth are biting lips, hands are grasping the hems of shirts and both women are thoroughly lost in each other.

“……Yong….”, Wheein whispers between kissing, “….Yong…” She tries again, pulling back gently to look at the brunette.

Yongsun doesn’t get the message and simply moves her kissing to the blondes neck, leaving soft bites on the smooth skin,

“Ugh….Yongsun wait” Wheein breathes through hooded eyes.

The brunette halts her assault on the younger woman’s neck at the call of her name, pulling back slightly to give her full attention to her lover,

“Are you okay? Something wrong?” she queries, fingers gently stroking over the blondes’ cheek as she watches her with dark eyes.

“Yeah! No! Everything’s good”, she emphasises her point by capturing her lips for a moment, “It’s just, we should talk? Right? ‘Cause if we continue like this there won’t be any talking”

The brunette smiles, nodding her head as she moves to stand, “Yeah, Wheein-ah good point” she chuckles, “I can’t help myself. You’re just so……you. So cute. My Wheein”, she gasps dramatically, giggling at her own jokes.

Wheein laughs wholeheartedly, “and you’re a cheesy mess Miss Kim! Good God!”

“You love it!”

“I love y……I do!” is ushered out of Wheeins mouth before she can stop herself.

The room is silent. Both of them taking stock of the implications of Wheeins small slip up. This silence is not as the one when walking home. This is the type of silence that gets under your skin. The type that eats you up inside. The type that begs you to fill it until you can’t take it anymore. Every second that passes by in this situation feels like days. Time stands still. Your heartbeat becomes unbearably loud and you become hyper aware of every single movement you’re making. It’s not a complete declaration, but close enough to it that Wheein is counting every second that the brunette doesn’t speak. Unable to bare it any longer Wheein breaks the awkwardness by clearing her throat and announcing,

“So, I’m gonna grab a drink, you want something?” She asks, standing and heading towards the kitchen, “I’m thinking a tea? Late for coffee and I can’t sleep as it is…….” She rambles to herself, preparing a tea for them both.

Yongsun remains standing in the same position, her face hidden from the blondes view as the younger woman continues to ramble to herself.

Fucking hell Wheein. Get it together. Stupid…..

Just as the blonde is pouring the water into the mugs, she starts and almost spills the water from the kettle as a pair of arms encircle her waist quite abruptly. She feels the older woman hug her back tightly for a few seconds as she whispers softly,

“I love it too”

Just as quickly as it happened, the arm are gone and she’s left alone in the kitchen. Wheein bites her lip and smiles. She loves it too. She loves it too. She wants to do a fucking celebration dance in the brunette’s kitchen.

“Wheein-ah! Whats happened in there? Are you physically away to pick the tea?!” is shouted by Yongsun from the sofa

“Coming Yong, Hold on a sec!” she grumbles, grabbing the mugs and returning to the brunette.

“Your tea, your majesty” Wheein bows, laughing when Yongsun smacks her on the ass in response as she sits next to the older woman.

“So...” Wheein starts, turning and sitting cross legged on the sofa, knees pressed against the older woman,


The brunette sighs deeply, fully facing the blonde now, taking small sips of tea.

“First off, Wheein, I’m sorry you’re dragged into this mess”

“I’m not? Yong, there is no mess?”

“Yet, Wheein, yet. I’m just sorry okay? For any mess you might end up involved in if you wanna continue this”

“Hey...” Wheein holds the brunettes hand, softly stroking over her knuckles, “I’m not going anywhere, and I’m here. Me and You. We decided, so…you’re stuck with me. Deal with it” she chuckles lightly, squeezing the older woman’s hand.

The brunette squeezer her hand back as she continues,

“I wasn’t married. Let’s start there”

“Thank Fuck” Wheein slips, apologising with her eyes at the look Yongsun gives her as she continues,

“Before I lived here, I lived in Daegu…..” Wheein listens intently,nodding her head encouragingly,

“… my early twenties. I done the whole ‘go to university and get some kind of degree thing’ that people do and then they work in a totally unrelated field. But, I actually ended up falling in love with law. Studying became my passion. I know people have negative views about lawyers sometimes…..”

“They don…..” Wheein tries to interrupt her,

“They do. Wheein-ah. Don’t worry I’ve heard it enough, I’m thick skinned now” she chuckles,

“Anyway, for me, I wanted to help people. Especially women. I wanted to be the voice for them that they can’t be for themselves”. Wheein smiles at the brunette, thinking she’s adorable.

“So when I finished law school, I got my first job at a small company. Ease myself into it you know? Fresh graduate and all. Learning the ropes and shit”. Wheein laughs gently at the brunette’s description.

“Everyone was super nice as well, like, I didn’t have much experience but they were nice. They took time to teach me everything. To try and be the best version of me that I could be. I enjoyed it, for a while I was so happy Wheein, honestly” she smiles wistfully, kissing Wheeins knuckles gently before continuing, her expression slowly darkening,

“In my 4th year of working there, we had this case……..” a soft pause, “a very wealthy woman with considerable social status was secretly being physically abused by her arsehole of a husband at the time. Rather than letting the real reason come out, which she was worried would ruin her reputation, she asked for ‘irreconcilable differences’ to be included in the paperwork. Save face right? Of course she was concerned that he’d try to take her money - who wouldn’t be? - And sought our help. Situation being delicate an all and our company had an excellent reputation for being discreet and professional...” Yongsun sighed.

Wheein leaned back on the sofa, pulling the brunette to lay with her back against her chest, tracing patterns on the older woman’s stomach as she continued her story,

“My boss at the time decided that because of the woman’s status and reputation, that it’d be great to seek some advice from an experienced divorce lawyer who runs her own firm. Well known, powerful. Strong and direct type.” Wheein kissed the brunettes head,

“At first I was like, ‘OMG, finally another woman to have around the office’. I thought to myself, ‘imagine what I can learn from her?’ I was so excited. Have you ever met someone who complete blew you away? Who you felt you just connected with?” She queried,

“I have some idea, yeah” Wheein replied, tightening her hold on the older woman.

“Her name was Park Sodam. At first, I thought she was amazing. I admired her work ethic immensely, she was so motivated Wheein, and passionate about her clients and her work and she was the epitome of everything I wanted to aspire to in this profession”.

“She sounds awesome Yong” Wheein encouraged. Feeling a bit like she would’ve loved to meet this Sodam,

“She was. For a while”

“For a while?”

“Yeah. After she advised on that high profile case and protected the client’s assets as well as maintaining total privacy for such a public figure, my boss was completely enamoured with her. I was too, in the professional sense. Not to bore you with the details but he offered her partner in his firm, along with her own meaning she’d technically be running two law firms. For such a young woman, in this profession, was incredible.”

 Yongsun leaned forward to pick up her tea and take a sip, placing it gently back on the table and laying back on Wheein. Seeking comfort in her arms.

“Of course, we worked together often. She regularly asked my assistance on her cases, as a lawyer, a colleague and eventually as a friend. It was obvious from the beginning that we’d become close friends, I mean, I would see her almost every day for 12, 13 sometimes 16 hours. We laughed and we cried. I got to know her family, and her mine. She hit it off with my sister, my mum and even Jing Jing.”

“Shame I didn’t meet her” Wheein laughed, attempting to lighten the sour mood she could see Yongsun falling into.

“No. It’s not.” The brunette replied resolutely. Scowl evident on her face.

“We went through a lot, we were there for each other. Breakups, fights with family. Deaths in the family. I was there for her when her mother passes unexpectedly.”

“Okay? Yong, what happened? I can sense something happened” The blonde whispered into her ear,

“Wheein I’m gay.”

“Eh, I should hope so? Otherwise I’ll personally give you the Oscar for best actress right fucking now” Wheein laughed. Amused by the statement.

“But, it doesn’t mean that every fucking woman I meet I’m attracted to them. How annoying is it when people do that? When you’re gay and they automatically assume you like them” She huffed,

“I understand love, it happens” the blonde agreed, “I’m guessing the same happened with Sodam?”

“Yeah, kind of. It basically turned out that Sodam liked me. Like that.”

“I see” Wheein offered, paying rapt attention,

 “The problem was. I didn’t feel the same way about her. Not at all, I loved her as a close friend but I didn’t have any sexual or romantic feelings towards her you know? I viewed her almost as a sister.”

“Ah, that’s rough.”

“Yeah. Well one night it came to a head in her apartment. We were reading case notes on this case of a contract breach, nothing too heavy. We had some wine, you know me after 2 glasses” the brunette laughed quietly,

“I do, miss lightweight” Wheein replied, pinching her side playfully causing insanely loud dolphin squeaks to assault her ears.”

“Anyway, after a few glasses she was clearly drunk, and she tried to kiss me. I pushed her off when it happened and she got really offended. Like, a lot Wheein-ah. I tried to apologse to her and explain that I didn’t see her like that but she just exploded I’d never seen her temper like this before”


“She kept shouting all these things about how I was gay and why wasn’t she good enough and I had been leading her on by being so nice and caring and all this shit. I started doubting myself, like, maybe I did lead her on? I was just being a good friend and I’m pretty sure I didn’t give any indication of wanting something more? You saw how relentlessly I flirted with you right? I was obvious?”

“Yeah omg, Yong. You were as transparent as a fucking ghost. Sorry to tell you but you are not as smooth as you think you are”

“So kind.” She turns her head to kiss Wheeins lips before continuing,

“Eventually she started crying and crying and getting really offensive so I left. Hailed a cab and went home. Kind of shell shocked and dreading work the next day.” She pursed her lips.

“What happened?” Wheein asked,

“She turned up at my apartment the next day super embarrassed and apologetic. Saying it was the alcohol and that she was being stupid. Honestly this should have been the warning for me that something wasn’t right, But, I’m the forgiving type and in all fairness it was the first time we’d ever had a fight. I gave her the benefit of the doubt”.

“You’re kind”

“Too kind at the time.” Yongsun replied.

“Mhm” Wheein hummed.

“From that fight, Things started to escalate with her. It started small. She’d ask me where I was going. Who I was going with. If I wanted to hang out every night. She’d text me often throughout the day, even if I had just seen her in person. I thought she was just being clingy. Maybe she was stressed….”

Wheein didn’t like where this was heading. Especially since she knows this woman ended up in prison.

“….eventually, she started to get really snippy whenever I mentioned I was going out to dinner with someone or visiting friends. She would even act weird whenever I went to visit family. She stared slacking at work, which was something she never ever done. Her work was her life. Or so I thought. After weeks of this behaviour I asked her outright, if she was okay because she’s not acting like herself and I missed my friend. I offered to help her with her cases, or get her actually help for stress. She just claimed she was tired and again started apologising for all the weirdness”

“You’re a good person Yong. Even in the middle of all the weirdness you were still concerned for your friends’ wellbeing”

“Yeah of course! But, everyone has their limits. I reached mine one random Tuesday night. I was actually on a date with this police officer at the time. She was rising quickly through the force and she was funny, kind and completely goofy” the brunette smiled,

“Mmm feeling a tad jealous” Wheein joked,

“Don’t be daft, love.” Yongsun assured her, kissing her cheek briefly,

“Anyway, we had been on a few dates, and things were progressing. I could see myself really liking this woman. Even though she insisted on calling me ‘Yongsunnie’ all the damn time.”

“Cuteeee! YONGSUNNIE” Wheein cackled, “I am so calling you this in bed”

“Wheein-ah! Please don’t. That’s so fucking creepy on so many levels” the brunette huffed,

“During desert, suddenly out of nowhere this screaming drunk woman comes barging through the restaurant claiming that I’m cheating on her and that I’m a ‘dirty fucking slut’”

“Holy shit…”

“I was so embarrassed! My date, she was totally dumbfounded. She started asking all these questions and making accusations about how I never told her I was married and how could I lie to her, all the meanwhile fucking Sodman is screaming like a madwoman at me. Eventually we got escorted out by security and left in the street to continue the utter shit show.”

“Didn’t your date intervene? She was a cop?

“Yeah, eventually she put aside her anger and tried to get Sodam to calm the fuck down. We eventually got her into a cab to take her home while I was left to deal with the fucking mess with my date.”


“I explained to her about Sodams weirdness and how things have been recently with the clinginess and possessiveness”

“How’d she take it? She believe you?”

“She did, actually, I appreciated that about her. She said that I should be careful of Sodam, that she seems overly attached and looks like she’s on the border of having a nervous breakdown. If she hasn’t already. I took her advice on board but refrained from putting in a police report or anything like that, I was sure that Sodam was just having a hard time.”

“I’m sorry, Yong.”

“Me too. After that night it completely killed the mood between me and the cop. We kept in contact for a while, becoming a sort of friends? Friends that didn’t really see each other much, but we’d chat on the phone and shed ask how I was doing, how things were going with Sodam. She cared about my safety and I appreciated it. We both agreed that there was no romantic feeling there and I was gladwe were on the same page. After the Sodam shit I can be dealing with another one thinking I’m leading them on. But, she understood.”

“She sounds kind.”

“She is. Some time passed, and I hadn’t really heard from Sodam, which worried me because of the decline in her mental state and her weird obsession with me. After 3 weeks of radio silence and no appearance at work, I asked my cop friend if she’d come with me to check in on her. I was worried.”

“Was a good idea, can’t imagine how worried you’d be at her disappearing. Even after all the shit”

“Wheein-ah. When we got to her apartment. That’s when we saw it.” Yongsun shuddered at the memory,

“What?” the blonde hesitantly asked.

“Her apartment. It was ….It was….”

“Breath Yong, I’m here” Wheein reassured a nervous Yongsun,

“There were pictures of me everywhere. All over the walls. Pictures of me at work, buying groceries, driving my car, at bars. Everywhere Wheein-ah”

“Fuck. She was following you?”

“Seemed that way. She had written all over the pictures. My name, her name. Our names together. Byul, the cop, she was fucking stunned. She was speechless. Most importantly she was glad she came with me to Sodams place. God forbid I went there alone…”


“Ah yeah, she was promoted to detective after helping me with my case and she still looks out for me now. She keeps up professional pretences on the phone at all times when she’s on duty”

“Ah okay. Makes sense….I think?”

“Good. But, it wasn’t just pictures. We found some of my clothing, stuff from my house. Toothbrushes, hair, socks – all kinds of weird shit I just assumed I was misplacing.”

“Misplacing a toothbrush?” Wheein asked,

“Yes! Well my first instinct wasn’t to think my fucking so called friend was a nutter stalker making some kind of creepy shrine to me in her apartment” Yongsun replied

“Point taken”

“Apart from the weird photos and stolen stuff. It got serious when we went into her bedroom. We found copies of my credit card detail, bank details, birth certificate, passport identification and serial numbers, drivers’ licenses. Addresses from close friends and family. Byul suspected that shes was attempting to comit some kind of identiy fraud. She didn’t need money though, she was better off than me. Byul genuniley believed that this woman wanted to become me.”

“What….?” Wheein was horrified,

“Yeah, it was confirmed when we found energy company letters addressed to her as ‘Park Yongsun’ in her kitchen. It was basically a fucking treasure trove of horror. This woman was trying to steal my life. To become me. If I didn’t want her, she’d just be me. Warped I know. Can’t say anyone has ever stolen my name before”

“Fucking hell Yong….How did they catch her?”

“They put out a bait online, have a ‘client’ ask for her help in suing me. Was Byuls idea and it worked like a charm. Fucking Sodam approached this ‘client’ pretending to be me through emails. Eventually she got caught and charged with identity theft, criminal damage, theft and forgery of legal documents. Was revealed in court that she had been doing this for years. Kim Yongsun”

“How much time did she get?” Wheein asked, now holding Yongsun tight,

“8 years. 7 with good behaviour and regular psychiatric evaluation.”

“Shit, and the time is is finished?” Wheein knew the answer but asked anyway.

“The time is up. She was released a few months ago. Not long before I met you” the brunette breathed, body tense in Wheeins arms.

“I am so fucking sorry, Yong. I’m so sorry.”

“I had to move city Wheein. Move my life, my job that I loved. My apartment that I spent thousands. Abandon my friends. Change my bank, my insurance, remove all traces of me from social media. My family needed police protection because she had been giving out their addresses and job locations on dodgy websites in exchanged for money and to hurt me. She wanted to be my knight. I was devastated. I felt violated and betrayed. I still do.

“It’s awful baby. I’m truly sorry” Wheein kissed her head,

“The letters she sent me from prison were the worst of it all.”


“She’d tell me she loved me. That we should be together and that we’re soulmates. That she’s Yongsun too and she deserves me.”

“That gives me the shivers”

“It progress from creepy declarations of love to threating me and my family with violence if she ever found us. Almost every day for around 3 years I would get these letters. Until I moves here, to Seoul. I tried to move on with my life, but t stick with you, I your mind. That at some point she’s gonna be out there. Park Yongsun. Park Sodam. Whatever the fuck she’s calling herself. I hadn’t heard anything until Byul let me know she had been released. Then you told me that someone had posted an advert claiming to be me a few months ago. She’ll need money. Been in prison so long that she’ll be desperate for money.” Yongsun stopped. Took a deep breath, and finished her walk through memory lane with,

“I’m just so tired Wheein, what did I do to deserve this?”

Wheeins heart crumples at the tone used. Deeply concerned for the woman in her arms. She can’t let the brunette know how worried she is, it’ll only stress her more.

“Yongsun” She says, turning the woman in her arms to face her,

“First, this psycho doesn’t know where you live. Second, Byul and I won’t let her touch a fucking hair on your beautiful head and third, we’re already one step ahead of her because we know she’s out, we know she’s posing as you again. We can have her arrested again if something happens. Okay? I’ll not sit back while some nut tries to hurt my girlfriend. I care about you more than anyone in this world at the moment. No, you don’t deserve it, but it’s the situation we are in. We. Yong. We. We’ll get through it. Together. Thank you for sharing with me. You mean everything to me.”

The brunette eyes the blonde with a curious expression on her face. She stares long enough in silence that Wheein starts to feel a little uncomfortable,

“Did I say something wrong? The blonde starts, worried she said something,

“Kiss Me. Wheein” the brunette commands, “Just please fucking kiss me”

Brown eyes flit between the older woman’s and her lips before their mouth crash together. Yongsun straddles the blonde as she devours her lips, biting the younger womans bottom lip. Wheein can barely keep up, her hand grabbing at the older womans ass to grind her along her thigh, relishing in the quiet moans the brunette is letting out. Time passes, as the situation on the couch reaches an intensity that the blonde is struggling to keep up with.


The brunette detaches herself from the blonde, sitting astride her torso and staring down at her lover in silent question. They watch each other. The silence once again enveloping them. They’ve reached a new level of understanding. Secrets finally out in the open, no holding back any truths. The older woman brings her hands to gracefully push some stray hair that had falling near Wheeins eyes, as gently as if the blonde where made of glass.

Wheein starts to panic upon seeing that the older womans eyes are glassy,

“Yong, are you okay?”

“In this moment, Wheein-ah. I am more than okay” Is the reply.

Wheein grabs her neck, pulling her back down to continue kissing. Pulling away for a moment, the blonde asks,


“I think that’s a fab idea. After all, didn’t you say mine was more comfortable?” the brunette teases, finally releasing some of the held tension of the heaviness of the conversation tonight.

“Anywhere with you is more comfortable”

“Ack! And you were calling me cheesy!”

“Hey I learned from the best!” Wheein laughs, running towards Yongsuns bedroom after being smacked on her ass from the older woman.

“Get back here!” The brunette cackles trying to catch up.

Amongst the laughing and due to the lights being off in the bedroom, the pair end up tripping over Yongsuns plush black rug and tumbling to the floor, the brunette landing onto of the blonde, elbow first,

“Ow fuck”” Wheein exclaims, half laughing half whining,

“I’m sorry…., shit, Wheein-ah……I. Can’t” The brunette stutters out from laughing at the stupid situation. Limbs flailing everywhere in the darkeness. The two end up in full hysterical laughing at the state of them.

The brunettes’ laugher died down first, content to watch Wheein giggle along with herself. She moves Wheeins hair from her face again, making the younger woman still her laughter. She senses the brunettes’ serious energy.

“Mmm, you make me laugh Yong” She smiles at the endearing woman, “ Not that I don’t love your floor but I think we sho-----“

“I love you.”







Chapter Text

"Sex is an emotion in motion "

Mae West


I love you

Those three words hung heavy in the charged air between them. Wheeins flustered mind was desperately trying to catch up, having been taken completely off guard by the older womans sudden declaration. She was half expecting be woken up and realise that she just hallucinated the whole statement.

Yongsun, to her credit, looked totally calm, composed and had a small smile on her face. She was just casually sitting patiently awaiting a response from the younger woman trapped between her thighs. She had the best poker face that Wheein had ever witnessed in her short life. Fuck gambling with her omg.

I love you

Those three words can have such profound effect on people. They can crush you, in the heat of an argument and conversely, they can repair that same damage from an argument. They can lift you up from moments of grief and sadness, yet they can make you feel more alone than you ever have. Wheein has always wondered why? They’re just words. The reason those little three words can make or break you, is down to the person saying them. That person could be holding your entire heart and life in their hands and can choose to crush them at any given moment. Murder, arson, kidnap, theft, spiders, heights, porcelain dolls and creepy ventriloquist dummies – sure these are all pretty scary things – but can you honesty say that the moment you tell someone you love them, that it’s not the most terrifying and heart stopping, time stilling moment of your entire life?

That being said, judging by the soft and calm look plastered on Yongsuns face, Wheein would be completely within her rights to assume that it was a casual conversation the brunette had just initiated. However, if you look closely, you would see the slight tremble in the brunettes’ hands that are resting on Wheeins torso. You’d notice how she gulps every now and then, as if she’s afraid to breathe. You’d notice how she’s blinking a lot more often than usual and you’d notice that her shirt is being gently moved by the thumping of her heart.

“Yong, I-” Wheein starts, taking a deep breath to compose herself, bringing her hands up to stroke the older woman’s thighs. Trying to comfort her in a way.

“Wheein-ah….” She interrupts softly, “You don’t have to say it back”

“But I w-” she tries, squeezing the brunettes’ thigh,         

“No listen, please?” She asks of the blonde quietly, grabbing and holding her hands, “Just for a minute?”

Wheein nods her head at her lover, hanging on every word being uttered in this moment.

“You don’t have to say it back” Wheein eyes her, a curious look on her face. Unconvinced.

“Don’t look at me like that, Wheein-ah I told you because I felt it. I feel it. That’s it” the brunette offers, smiling down at the younger woman.

“Don’t feel pressured to say it back. Just because I wanted to tell you, doesn’t mean you should say it back at the same time. I won’t be upset, promise. I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. With the way you were laughing and smiling, I just couldn’t” She kisses the blondes knuckles,

“Also glad you’re not freaking out right now not gonna lie” she chuckles, more to herself than the blonde.

Wheein watches her from the floor, enraptured by her sweet rambling. The blonde is more than aware of her feelings for the older woman, but she won’t ruin Yongsuns moment. She’ll surprise her. She’ll let the brunette have her moment.

“You love me?” the blonde questions, eyes sparkling. A grin breaks out on the brunettes’ face, her eyes crinkling,

“I do. Wheein, I really do” the older woman responds, resolute.

“Kim Yongsun of apartment 224 loves me?” She questions again, teasing. The brunette rolls her eyes at the woman below her,

“Yes, goof. I do!” she plays back, head tilting in mock annoyance, “and Miss Kim Yongsun wants you to kiss her, just in case you were wondering”

“Your wish is my command” the blonde emphasises her point by pulling the brunette by the shoulders to capture her mouth with her own, teeth pulling at her bottom lip.

“Mmff-“, the brunette breaths between kisses, “Wheein-ah….ugh, fuck. Can we get off the floor? Your poor back must be fucking ruined” She half laughs, half moans as the blonde palms her ass and sucks on her neck, leaving purple marks on her collarbone.

“Oh god, please” she huffs out, the brunette helping guide her up off the floor. Wheein will wait to declare her own feelings, but at least she can express it this way. Making love. Call it lame to say that, but it’s what it is. Expression of your desire for someone else. To want to make them feel good – is making fucking love.

As soon as they’re standing, the blonde is forcefully pushed back into the wall adjacent to the bed by her shoulders, with Yongsun immediately attacking her neck with her mouth, roaming her hands over the blondes torso,

“Fuck, Yong…”

“Mhm?” is hummed out into her neck, tongue soothing a bite. Yongsun isn’t really paying attention, too focused on lifting the blondes’ leg, guiding her to wrap it around her.

Wheein is hot all over. She’s incredibly wet already and if she doesn’t get Yongsuns shirt off right now she’s pretty sure she’ll die. Dramatic but, who cares when the brunette is sucking on your neck like that right?

Yongsun presses her thigh up against Wheeins clothed centre, savouring the groan she receives in response. Hands come to wrap around the older woman’s neck as Wheein uses her for leverage, grinding herself down onto the thigh for some relief.

“Ugh…” she breaths as the brunettes’ leg hits her clit over and over through her clothes. Applying delicious pressure. Her underwear is completely ruined, but judging by the soft groans from the older woman, hers is too.

The older woman has moved from Wheeins neck to sucking on her bottom lip, biting it occasionally as she trails her hands up over the blondes’ stomach to her breasts.

“Yes, unnie” Wheein groans and Yongsun palms her chest, trailing kisses now along her jaw. Her thigh still pleasuring the blonde.

Wheein becomes impatient, bringing her hands to the straps on the brunettes black dress,

“Off, unnie, off now” she moans, dropping her leg from around the older woman, giving her space to take her dress off.

“Yes, boss” she smirks, detaching herself from Wheeins neck and chest and taking a small step back.

Wheein bites her lip, pupils’ dilated as she watches the small show the brunette is putting on for her, removing her dress impossibly slow. Knowing the effect it’s having on the younger woman, Yongsun lets out a small groan. Wheeins breathing intensifies as she watches the brunette trail her own hands over her neck and collarbones, never breaking eye contact with the blonde. She smooths her hands down over her body, moaning as she cups her own breasts

“Holy Fuck, unnie” Wheein exclaims. She can’t look away. She clenches her thighs for some sort of relief as she watches the older woman rake her hands over herself.

“Wheein-ah” She groans, playing with her chest, “I need some help, love” she whispers.

“Anything Yong”

“Unzip me?” she asks, turning to face her back towards the blonde, gesturing to the zip on her dress.

“’Course” Wheein whispers, coming to stand at the brunettes back.

Goosebumps appears on the older womans’ skin as Wheein trails her fingers ever so gently over her arms, up past her shoulder and over her neck. The brunette tilting her head slightly to allow her better access. She parts the brunettes hair over her shoulder and leaves soft bites on the back of her neck,

“Wheein-ah, you’re killing me” she gasps after a particularly hard bite,

“Is that so, unnie?” she teases, soothing her skin with her tongue. The blondes’ hands roam the older womans torso, cupping her chest from behind and squeezes,

“Fuck, Yes!” she moans loudly as Wheein slowly pulls the zipper down on her dress with one hand, and teases her nipples with the other.

Once the brunettes dress drops to the floor, she’s left in just black lacy panties that Wheein suspects she wore on purpose.

“Yong, do you own any other colour of underwear other than black?” Wheein chuckles, turning the brunette around and guiding her towards Yongsuns bed.

“Mmm, why would I when black gets you this wet?” she retorts smirking, proving her point by pressing her hand against Wheeins clothed centre as she’s pushed onto the bed.

“Ugh, true” Wheein agrees as she straddles the half-naked brunette, hands coming to play with her chest as she sucks on the older womans neck.

“You are way too dressed right now Wheein” is groaned out into the room.

“Patience love”

Wheein leaves marks along the brunettes’ chest, pulling loud groans from the older woman as she pinches her nipples hard. Harder than she has before.


Wheein notes that the brunette appears to enjoy it a bit rougher and pinches hard again, drawing the same response. Excited by this information, Wheein takes a stiff peak into her mouth and sucks hard. Teeth scraping along the sensitive bud.

“Ugh, Wheein…baby…fuck” is grumbled out from the older woman, her hand holding the back of the blondes head as she lavishes attention on her chest.

The blonde continues her assault on the brunettes’ chest as her hand smooths along a soft thigh, causing the brunettes to spread her legs wider to accommodate the blonde,

“Just like that”

“You like it?” she questions between sucks, hands trailing along her inner thigh towards where the brunette wants to be touched the most.

“I love it, god I love it” Her eyes are closes tightly, relying solely on her sense of touch as she feels fingers playing at the hem of her ruined panties.

Yongsun whines as the blonde detaches herself from her nipples to look at her. Wheein takes in the sight of a panting, red faced, half naked and sweaty Yongsun and doesn’t think she’s ever seen something so beautiful. She tells her as much, which causes the brunette to blush further.

Wheein hold eye contact with the brunette as she asks,

“How wet are you right now, unnie?”

The older woman eyes her, legs spread and aching to be touched,

“Soaked” is the breathy reply

“Maybe I should help you with that?” Wheein asks, confirming she can go ahead before she touches her,

“Please, Wheein-ah. Fuck me”

Wheeins resolve breaks at the curse uttered by the brunette, fingers immediately applying pressure to the brunettes’ clit through her panties. Yongsun whines, head thumping back on the pillow at the touch, finally happy for some relief. The blonde loses her patience and takes off Yongsuns pantie, the smell of the brunettes arousal evident in the room.

Fucking hell, you are soaked Yong” Wheein marvels at the older woman, fingers splaying through her soaked folds.

“Mmm please, do I have to beg?” Yongsun asks, frustrated. Wheein tilts her head in thought. Interesting idea. She has a better one.

She positions her fingers at the brunettes’ entrance, waiting as her other hand rains down torture on her nipples.

“Say it Yong”

“What?” she huffs, watching the blonde through hooded eyes, moving her hips to attempt to get the blonde to enter her.

“Say it again”

Yongsun looks confused, “Say what….-Oh” she smiles, hips moving slightly.

She shits up onto her elbows, holding the blondes’ eyes as she whispers,

“I love you”

Wheein bites her lip, pushing the very tips on two of her fingers into the brunettes’ entrance, Yongsuns eyes roll, head falling back on the pillow as she closes her eyes tightly,

“Again” the blonde encourages

“Fuck, I love you Wheein-ah” the brunette groans as fingers are pushed deeper into her.

“One more time unnie” Wheein taunts, enjoying the control she has over the older woman at the moment. Her fingers are stretching Yongsun in the most delicious way, all she needs is a tiny little push and she’s fully enveloped by the brunette.

“I love you!” she shouts at the blonde,

“Fuckkk Yes! Wheein” she exclaims loudly through a groan as the blonde finally enters her fully, pushing deep into the brunette.

“Mm, unnie” Wheein breathes, immensely turned on herself, the sounds of Yongsuns arousal is loud in the rom. The wet slapping of skin is all that can be heard over soft groans and breathy whispers as the blonde starts to fuck her lover faster.

“Yes, please. Like that. Don’t stop”

The blonde twists her fingers with every pump of her hand, reducing the brunette to a moaning mess. She brings her thumb up to press her clit in small circles with every thrust, knowing how sensitive the nub is. It won’t be long until the older woman is coming all over her hand.

“You’re so fucking sexy Yongsun” She breaths, captivated by the way the older womans tits bounce with every deep thrust she’s giving.

“Wheein-ah, please don’t stop” She begs, eyes rolling in the back of her head,

“I won’t stop unnie” Her arms is starting to burn at the pace she’s fucking the brunette, but she won’t stop. She wants her to come.She wants her to come hard.

“Come here” She lifts the brunettes leg and places in on her shoulder, adjusting the angle to allow her to fuck her deeper this way

“Yesssss, God!”

“Fuck unnie”

“I’m so close, fuck you’re so deep”

“You feel so good Yong”

The brunette reaches behind her to grasp the bed rail, needing to be grounded from the pleasure she’s receiving. The squelching from the brunettes soaked centre is almost obscene at this point. Wheein can feel her thighs tensing, shaking slightly and her fingers are being squeezed harder and frequently. She knows the older woman is close. She just needs a little bit longer. She kisses the brunettes leg near her head and she maintains how hard she’s fucking her.

“Take it Yong, Fuck. I want you to come. Come all over my hand love”

The words seem to be enough. The brunette is about to reach her peak with Wheeins fingers deep, thumb on her clit.

“I’m gonna…fuck, Whe….fuck…fuc…..gonn” is all the brunette manages, back taught like a bow, any second now and –

Wheein stops all movement and rips a horrifyingly frustrated groan from a now absolutely furious Yongsun

“What the fuck Wheein?!” she ask, devastatingly confused

Wheein caresses the brunettes’ soft calf as she replies with a quiet laugh,

“Oh, I’m sorry Yong. Did you seem to forget the restaurant? Not very fun being edged is it?” She smirks, thoroughly pleased with herself.

“Aw well, what a shame” she shrugs, completely amused at the ever darkening expression on the older womans face.

“Wheein” She states,

“Mmm?” She questions, “I’m gonna go wash up unnie okay?” she adds, pretending to attempt to get off of the brunette, placing her leg back down on the bed.

“You’re not fucking going anywhere” the brunette responds, sitting up and holding Wheein in place, face inches from the blondes.

“Oh? Something wrong?” Wheein giggles, wrapping her arms around the brunettes neck, nuzzling.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna eat you out, Wheein. Then, I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you can’t fucking walk tomorrow and you forget all about the fucking restaurant. Okay?”

Wheein is stumped. No words come to her and all the blood rushes to her core.


10 Minutes later Wheein is laying on her back with the brunette thoroughly working her with her tongue between her legs. She changes between soft flicks of her tongue on the blondes’ clit to sucking it into her mouth and grazing her teeth over the nub.

“Fuckk Yong” the blond moans, pinching her own nipples with one hand and holding the brunettes hair with the other at a particularly hard press on a tongue.

The older woman increases the pressure on the blondes’ clit, licking in small circles’ in a rhythm that has Wheein a moaning mess.

“Yes, yes unnie” she groans, hips lifting off the bed to rub herself harder onto the brunettes face. She should be embarrassed at the fact her wetness is no doubt spread all over her lovers face but it just seeks to turn her on more. It doesn’t help that she can feel and her the soft moans coming from the brunette as she eats her.

“Ughh……shit” Wheein gasps, the brunette entered her with two fingers to join her tongue. Giving the blonde the much needed feeling of being stretched at the same time. Wheein makes the mistake of looking down and catching sight of the brunettes’ hand fucking her and her mouth on her clit. When they lock eyes for a moment Wheein knows she’s about to come.

She feels her muscles tighten, and so does Yongsun as she grips her hips harder to hold her down as she ups her assault on all fronts. In the middle of a delicious suck, fingers buried deep Wheein has an idea,

“Unnie, unnie….ughh….shit…unnie, slow down”

The brunette looks up in question, slowing her tongue and fingers down a little, but enough that Wheein is still be stimulated,

“Come up here” she gestures to around her head,

The older woman replaces her tongue on her clit with rubbing slow circles with her fingers, Wheein groaning in slight disappointment at the now empty feeling. Yongsun lays on her side, her lips by the blondes’ ear.

“Yes, love? You okay?” she queries, unable to stop herself from sucking the younger womans earlobe into her mouth and increasing the pressure of her fingers.

“Perfect, ugh…I want to come together, let me touch you too” she gasps, struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Mmm, a fab idea” the brunette replies, grabbing Wheeins hand and bringing it to her core. They both groan at the contact of the blondes’ fingers on her clit, mirroring the older woman. The feeling of simultaneously pleasuring each other getting to them both.

“I’m not gonna last much longer Yong” Wheein breathes,

“Me too baby” Yong replies into her ear. The brunette is resting her head against the side of the blondes, both of them sticky with sweat.

The pressure on the blondes’ clit becomes faster and a little sloppier, the older woman clearly approaching her orgasm.

“Fuck Wheein, you’re so good. Shit, I’m close. Please don’t stop” She breathe laughs, hoping she’s not edged this time.

Wheein doesn’t respond, her eyes roll back. Her back arches tight like a bow at the same time she hears a gasp from her side and the brunettes’ legs clenching.

They both come. Away in bliss for a peaceful few seconds where nothing exists except this intense tingling around your whole body.

When Wheein finally comes down she turns to find the brunette resting quietly on her back, forehead sweaty and trying to get her breathing back. She groans at the tired feeling of her muscles as she lays completely on her side, watching the older woman. She reaches her hand out strokes along a mochi cheek as Yongsun sighs gently.

“Well” she clears her throat “you were right”

“About?” Wheein whispers, cuddling herself closer to the brunette

“My bed is more comfortable”         



Chapter Text

“He had no faith in love's capacity to cause him anything but pain.”

Kristen Roupenian


Ask yourself this question for me: How does it feel to be in love?

I’m sure one of the first thoughts you had just now were “I’m not really sure” or “It’s difficult to explain”. Some even, will think “I’ve never ben in love so I don’t know”. There are, of course a select few individuals that will go to great lengths to explain what love felt like to them. Usually this involves poems, songs, comparisons to stars and the moon and everlasting happiness and how they couldn’t live without that person.

Listen, this is bullshit. Sorry but it’s true. Love is not some romantic fairy-tale whereby you fall so hard for this person that they become your entire fucking universe. It’s not some mystical feeling that makes your partner out to be the best person that walks the earth – some perfect person. Love is not some feeling that makes everything hearts and rainbows and everything is drenched in sickly pink.

Love is risk. Plain and simple. It’s the biggest game of risk and reward that you can play.

Think about it. Some people will meet someone and become so consumed by ‘love’ that they cannot imagine their life without them. Their life. Do you have any fucking idea how terrifying that is? That you need someone so desperately that you literally can’t imagine yourself functioning without them. One day you realise that your life is not yours anymore.  

Love is handing someone a gun and hoping that they don’t obliterate your heart into a million tiny pieces.

More often than not. This is exactly what happens. Regardless of whether the person pulling the trigger meant it or it was accidental, you will be shot.  You’ll be left trying to stop the bleeding for the rest of your life. Even when the wound has healed. You’re still left with a scar.

This begs the question then. Is this risk, worth the reward? Would you take the leap knowing what the consequences could be?

Time for Wheein to play.  




“I know”

“I mean, fucking wow, Wheein-ah” the younger brunette chuckled at her best friend, popping some chocolate into her mouth through Wheeins heavy sigh before continuing,

“She has some balls; I’ll give her that. How did she react when you didn’t say it back?”

The blondes’ eyes drift to a small mark on the table, breaking contact with Hyejins curious ones,

“She seemed fine? I’m pretty sure? Like, she told me not to say it back. I think she knows I’m not ready.” Wheein starts to pick at the skin on her index finger, a nervous habit. Hyejin clears her throat as the older girl looks up. She’s giving Wheein a knowing look as she asks,

“Really?” A smooth eyebrow lifts, “She was totally fine? The woman professed her love for you and you just, ignored her?”

“I didn’t ignore her!” Wheein exclaims embarrassed, “We were….she was….I didn’t ignore her. It was sudden and I didn’t expect it and it caught me off guard, but I didn’t ignore her. I wouldn’t do that to her”

“Mhm, okay”

“Hyejin-ah” Wheein warns, feeling herself getting angry at the sudden interrogation from her friend,

“Don’t look so offended Wheein, you’ve done it before” Hyejin taunts,

“That was different” The blonde counters scowling,

“Was it?” Hyejin counters right back,

“You fucking know it was” Wheein states crossing her arms over her chest indignantly, eyes boring holes into the younger girl,

“How so?” Hyejin questions, relentless in her attack.

“It just fucking was!” The blonde shouts, voice rising now,

“Calm down Wheein-ah. No need to shout. I didn’t ignore your love declaration” the younger girl smirks,

“I didn’t fucking IGNORE her! I love her!” Wheein roars, loud enough that Hyejin starts to think she went to far this time.

A wide grin begins to crack across the younger girls’ face. Mission accomplished.

“Omg, Hyejin. I love her” Wheein speaks quietly, as if she was just now coming to the realisation.

“I know Wheein-ah” She laugh, “I’ve never seen you so happy recently, never mind the fact that you’re even starting to sleep better. I could see the effect Yongsun is having on you. I also know that you never smile this much”,

Wheein softens her gaze at her friend as she continues,

“So you never said you love her back. So? From what you described happened it sounds as if she wasn’t expecting anything in return, and you know what. For that simple fact that she told you how she felt without expecting it to be reciprocated……. she meant it Wheein-ah. I know you do too.”

Wheein just listens quietly, processing the kind advice given, Hyejin is not usually one for speaking so delicately on these things,

“We’ve known each other a really long fucking time. You struggle with trust, with letting people in. Moreover, Wheein-ah, you struggle with yourself. Admit it to yourself and the rest will follow. You love her. That’s it. No need to start planning weddings and declaring everlasting love from the fucking rooftops” She chuckles, earning a soft smile from the blonde, “You deserve to feel Wheein-ah. Just feel. Take it from there. Okay?” She finishes, taking the older girls’ hand in her own.

Wheein is eternally grateful to call Hyejin her friend. They are each other’s rock. Right now, that’s all she needed to hear. Unsure of how to express her thanks she simply lifts Hyejins hand and kisses it.

They share a soft smile before Hyejin interrupts the suddenly serious atmosphere. Retracting her hand back,

“Okay enough of that thanks! I wanna know the good stuff”

Wheein laughs gently, rising from the table to prepare fresh coffee for them both,

“The good stuff?”

“Yeah” Hyejin replies, signature smirk plastered across her face, “How’s the sex?” she asks nonchalantly.

Wheein almost smashes the cup she was holding,

“Hyejin!” she scolds, face turning red,

“What?” she shrugs, “I wanna know about the best sex you’ve ever had”

“Who’s the best sex you’ve ever had?” A deep foreign voice interrupts them.

Two sets of heads spin comically to the doorway of the kitchen to find Yongsun leaning against it, a smile wide on her face.

Wheein is mortified.

Hyejin is amused.

Yongsun is smirking.

“Yong! Hey! Hi! You’re here? So early…”

Hyejins eyes widen at hearing the shortened version of Yongsuns name flow so effortlessly from the blonde’s mouth.

“Oh, you said 7pm no?” Yongs’ eyebrows scrunch together as she tries to remember if she’s mistaken on the dinner date they set.

Wheein glances at the clock. 7pm. Right. Dinner. She looks at Yong apologetically,

“Ah, shit sorry Yong time flew away from me”

“I can go and come back later?” the brunette suggests, gesturing towards the door,

“No! Please, stay. Hyejin and I were just catching up” The blonde stutters, “Sorry I didn’t mean that I wanted you to leave. You’re always welcome here Yong” She pouts.

The brunette smiles gently, both holding the gaze of the other until an amused voice interrupts them,

“Well, not that I want to interrupt you lovebirds, but I should be going. Anymore of this staring and I’ll get toothache” Hyejin complains as she stands and gathers her things, “Unnie, walk me to the door?” she asks of the older woman. Yongsun nods, throwing a wink towards the blonde before heading down the hallway.

Hyejin hugs the blonde tightly, whispering last words of support in her ear as she lets her go,

 “Just feel”

“Thank you, Hyejin-ah”

Hyejin turns to leave, joining the older woman at the door to Wheeins apartment. The pair met a few months ago, not long after Wheein and Yongsun became official. Yongsun had decided one morning that she had to meet ‘Wheeins favourite person in the world and major pain in her ass’. That day the pair had met Hyejin for lunch at an upscale restaurant of Hyejins choosing. After an initial awkwardness, Yongsun and Hyejin got along surprisingly well. They had a similar humour and were both very interested in one another’s lives. Hyejins relentless teasing of the older woman was very endearing. At some point Wheein began to feel like she was third wheeling in the entire situation. After a few weeks Yongsun and Hyejin would meet for lunch and coffee dates to have a catch up without Wheein. The blonde was grateful of well the pair got along; they were important to her.

At the entranceway, Hyejin was putting on her shoes when the older womans voice reached her ears,

“The best sex she’s ever had huh?” She smirks, biting her lip. Hyejin rolls her eyes at the older woman,

“Fucking hell, of all the parts of the conversation about you to hear and it was that” she responds,

“Oh? so it was about me!?” she asks gleefully. Hyejin pauses, realising her mistake.

“Unnie stop” Hyejin rubs at her temples,

Yongsun is too busy clapping her hands and emitting ear-piercing dolphin sounds. Eyes scrunched.  

“Unnie! Please! I do require the use of my ears you know!”

Yongsun laughs quieter this time, even more amused at the disapproving look being thrown her way by the younger woman.

“You’re never gonna let this go, are you?” she drawls,

“No. Sorry, never. I’m the best sex she’s ever had” She grins triumphantly.

“Ew” is all that is offered in response by the younger woman.

“You asked her”

“As a joke!”








“Unnie!” Hyejin breaths, “hard to believe sometimes that you’re a fully functioning grown woman” she taunts, opening the apartment door,

“Yes! A fully functioning grown woman who’s the best sex Wheein has ever had!” she retorts, pleased with herself

“Fucking kill me” Hyejin mutters as she exits the threshold. She turns to the older woman grinning widely at her from the doorway.

“Unnie” she asks, tone quieter.

Sensing the serious tone from the younger woman, Yongsun focuses her attention,

“Yeah, Hyejin-ah?”

The younger woman steps forward, entering the older woman’s space,

“Give her time. She feels it” she whispers.

Yongsun tilts her head in confusion at the younger woman’s words. Before she has time to process them, Hyejins hugs her briefly before turning and leaving down the corridor to the elevator. Waving her goodbyes.

“Get home safe, Hyejin!” she shouts at the retreating figure.

A faint “Yeah!” is heard before Yongsun closes the door.

From the kitchen, all Wheein could make out was the crazy dolphin laughter emanating all over the apartment. She just finished clearing away the cups they were using and is walking out of her kitchen and slap bang right into Yongsun who was walking into it.

“Oof!” The older woman exclaims, chest to chest with the blonde. Her arms are around the blonde’s waist as a reflex to steady herself. Wheein finds herself a hairs width from the brunettes’ lips.

Deep brown eyes bore into Wheeins. No one moves. The air is still. She sees the slight tilt of Yongsuns head as their noses bump,

“Hi there” the older woman breaths onto Wheeins lips. Eyes fleeting between hers and her lips.

“Hi” is husked back. Wheeins tongue pokes out to wet her lips in anticipation. The brunette watches.

The blonde’s hands come up to rest on the brunettes waist as she feels herself being slowly pushed against the wall across from the doorway. The brunette’s body is welcomed against her. The older woman smooths her hands up Wheeins front, gently toying with the lapels on her black dress shirt as she breaths,

“I heard this interesting thing today”. She leans forwards, brining her face into Wheeins neck, dragging her nose along till she reaches the blonde’s ear. Wheein tightens her hold on the older woman waist,

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm” she hums into the blonde’s ear, taking an earlobe into her mouth. The blondes eyes close, enjoying the attention she’s receiving.

“Wanna know what it is?” a bite on her neck. The blonde moans, subtly moving her hands round to the older woman’s ass.

“Yes” she husks, breathless.

“A little birdy told me that I’m the best sex you’ve ever had” the brunette chuckles into her ear. Trying not to dolphin laugh directly into the younger woman’s face.

“Omg Yong!” she exclaims, smacking her on the arm playfully, “You’re such a man” she chuckles.

“Ouch Wheein-ah!” she jokes, leaving a kiss on the blondes’ neck before moving back towards her face.

“Well, you are” Wheein shrugs. The older woman is taken aback at the bluntness.

“Well, Wheein-ah dear, this man is gonna kiss you now” she replies, moving her head forward to capture the blonde’s lips and hush her.

They kiss softly for a few minutes against the wall, enjoying each other’s touch. Wheein in controls the kiss as she leads the older woman’s tongue to enter her mouth. Wheein groans, feeling herself becoming increasingly turned on at the situation.

The brunette is the one to reluctantly break the kiss. Licking the remnants of Wheein from her mouth as she moves her head back,

“Mm, not that I don’t love this right now, but would you like to actually eat dinner?” she asks, holding the blonde’s hands on her own as she waits for a reply,

“Ugh yes, I suppose so” the blonde responds, leaning up to steal one more kiss from the older woman.

The brunette smiles with closes eyes, savouring the taste of the blonde,

“After you” she gestures to the Livingroom

“Such a gentlewoman” Wheein giggles,

“Oh? I though we established it’s gentleman” the brunette laughs, following behind.

Dinner was quiet. They ordered some delivery food and cuddled up to watch some kdrama that Yongsun is obsessed with now. They treasure these quiet moments. It being peace to Wheeins mind. Lately, all she can think about is Yong confessing to her. Even though it was a few weeks ago, it makes her feel restless still at night. There’s been no change in the older woman’s’ behaviour, so she thinks Hyejin is right that she’s not expecting anything back so soon. Its some relief at least to know she’s not unintentionally hurting the brunette. Everything just needs time.


Wheein blinks, having missed what her lover said, absorbed in her thoughts,

“Sorry, love. What did you say?” she places a kiss on the brunettes’ temple, currently hugging her girlfriend from behind on the couch.

“I was asking if you’re alright? You’re quiet. I can feel your brain ticking” the older tilts her head to the side to watch her face carefully,

“Oh. Yeah, Yong I’m okay sorry. Just lost in thought” she responds quietly. She feels the brunette stroke her thumb over her hands softly,

“You sure?” she whispers, afraid to break this quiet atmosphere that has surrounded them,

“I’m sure” she squeezes the older woman to emphasise her point.

Yongsun hums, seemingly satisfied with the answer before placing her attention back on the tv.

She’s’ beautiful. Wheein thinks. Even laying here in just sweats and a tank top. It’s not just on the outside though. Yongsun is caring, and kind. She genuine. Wheein is hopelessly in love with her she knows it. She’s admitted it to herself, and now to Hyejin. So why is it so difficult to admit it to Yongsun? Every time she comes close, she clams up. No words escape her. Yongsun never pushes her or pressures her. She just looks at Wheein as if she were the most precious thing in her life.

She has given Wheein the figurative gun. She’s trusting her not to pull the trigger.

Why can’t she? It gives her a headache thinking about it.

At first, she thought it was because of the Sodam situation. Maybe some part of her is concerned about the woman reappearing in Yongs life and causing some trouble. Yongsun assured her time and time again that that won’t happen but how can she be sure? She can’t predict the future. Sodam is a smart woman judging by the descriptions she’s been given so who’s to say she won’t start up again? Wheein know Byul is watching out for Yong but there’s only so much that one detective can do. The fact that she’s been quiet since her release months ago just makes Wheeins stomach turn more. What is she planning? When will she appear? Stop. She shouldn’t be thinking like this she knows it. What is the point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened? It’s a complete waste of energy. If Yongsun is concerned, then she’s doing a fantastic job of hiding it.

Even if Sodam did appear, why would that mean Wheein can’t tell Yongsun that she’s in love with her? Bah. Too much thinking.

Wheein was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t realised that the drama had long finished ,with some animated movie now playing on the screen and a very asleep Yong pressed gently against her She didn’t even notice the older woman lean her whole body weight onto her. She hugs the woman closer to her, wrapping her arms fully around her torso. She presses her face into the brown locks and breaths in her scent to comfort herself. In moments like this it’s easier to pretend that nothing besides them exist.

After a few minutes of being in the moments, Wheein decides that for the sake of her back and Yongs neck, she should get them to her bed. Softly, she attempts to wake the brunette.

“Yong” she whispers, stroking her hands over her arms.


“Yonnnngggg” she drawls this time.

Still nothing. Wheein knows Yongsun sleeps like the dead so she tries another tactic.  

She presses her face into the older woman’s neck and kisses her, bringing her hands up to gently cup her breasts. Squeezing.

“Babe” she husks, biting softly. She feels the brunette shift slightly, letting out a small noise. She slips her hands under the older shirt now, stroking along the waistband of her sweats. This draws a soft groan from the older woman,

“Mmmf. Wheein-ah. If you keep doing that, we’re not going anywhere” she groans groggily.

“Welcome back unnie” Wheein smiles, peppering kisses along Yongs jaw.  

“What did I do to deserve this wake-up call?”

“Absolutely nothing unnie. It was either this or me shouting in your ear. I went with option one” she laughs quietly into the older woman’s neck.

“Good choice” the older agrees

“C’mon Yong, we should go wash up and head to bed. You’re tired” Wheein suggests.

“Are you tired?” Yongsun asks as she sits up slowly, her back now feeling the effects of falling asleep in that position

“Some” Wheein offers, avoiding the brunettes gaze.

“You’re still having trouble?” she asks, tilting Wheeins chin up to look in her eyes.

“No more than usual unnie, it’s okay” she smiles gently.

The older woman frowns slightly, letting out a small sigh. Perhaps feeling frustrated on behalf of Wheein.

“Let’s go” She offers her had to the younger woman as they head to the bedroom.

Wheein is lying in bed in the dark, Yongsun having ordered her to shower first whilst she cleaned up in the Livingroom. Wheein complained about helping her but ultimately gave in because bossy Yong is hard to deny. She can hear Yongsun humming in the shower and smiles to herself at how cute the brunette can be without trying.  

Although she is sleeping better than she used to, it is still hard to come by. The worrying isn’t helping her either. Before she can descend into her thoughts again, the bathroom door opens to reveal a towel clad Yongsun making her way to ‘her’ side of the bed.

“I love hearing you sing” Wheein speaks quietly, turning on her side and eyeing Yongsun who is looking in the drawers for pyjamas.

“Thank you” the older woman smiles, picking up shorts and one of Wheeins t-shirts.

“Fuck” Wheein breaths as she watches Yongsun drop her towel. The older woman smirks and turns to face her. Bared in the darkness.

“Something wrong Wheein?” She teases. Wheeins brain short circuits as she reaches her handout to the naked brunette,

“Get over here” she growls, pulling the other woman onto the bed causing her to let out a surprised squeak.


Wheein turns in bed for what seems like the fifth time that night. The clock beside her reads 3:12am. Yongsun is snoring quietly beside her, her bare back turned towards her. Wheein sighs, reaching out to touch the older woman’s back softly. She traces the fingernail marks she left on the brunette, making a mental note to sooth them with some cream in the morning. She smiles thinking about their night. Yongsun is the best sex she’s ever had. She can’t deny it. The brunette is a master of controlling and playing Wheeins body. She makes her feel levels of pleasure she’s never felt before.

Yet, it’s more than sex. It’s more than Yongsun being great at it. It’s love. It all goes back to fucking love. Sex is great yeah, it easy to stimulate someone and have them orgasm. Yet, to make love is to be give every part of yourself over. Not just physically but mentally. To want to share with them every part of yourself. Their pleasure becomes more important than your own. The connection and the feelings that you can portray during sex with someone you’re in love with in unparalleled and is the pinnacle of human emotional connection.

Wheein wants to give Yongsun the gun. There’s just something. A nagging feeling in the back of her mind. She sighs, turning onto her back.

A lot of the trust issues and fear of commitment that she’s experiencing trace back to her father. She thinks so anyway. The way she sees it, if her father, whom she loves with all her heart can just walk out and leave her like she was nothing, what is there to stop Yongsun doing the same? This situation can’t last. She will either commit herself fully to the amazing brunette beside her, who deserves the world, or…...she’s not sure what the alternative is but she doesn’t want to entertain it now.

“I’ll tell you Yong, just wait a little more” She whispers into the dark.

Almost by some supernatural coincidence at that exact moment there is a thunderous crash heard from Yongsuns apartment through the wall. The sound is loud enough that it wakes up the brunette with a start,

“Wha---?” she asks, sleep still heavy in her voice,

Wheein sits up immediately, turning on the bedside lamp

“Unnie it came from your apartment” the blonde offers, heart rate picking up

“Jing Jing is with my parents” Yongsun replies, sitting up with the covers pulled up to her chest,

“Should we check it out?” Wheein questions,

“What if it’s a burglar?” the older woman responds, fear evident in her voice

“Good point, but if it is, we can call the cops? Text Byul, ask her to come check?” Wheein asks

“It’s 3:30am Wheein, I can’t call and ask her to come check out a noise” Yongsun whisper shouts,

“Yeah but that’s exactly it! It’s 3:30am! Who the fuck would be in your house at that time?” the blond replies

“Good point” Yongsun responds, “I’ll text Byul and see if she’s awake and in the meantime, we can at least check outside to see if they broke my apartment door”

“Okay, yeah okay, we can do that” Wheein replies, slipping on pyjamas at the same time.

After both women are dressed, they reach the door to Wheeins apartment, keys jingling loudly in the quiet of the night as Wheein unlocks her door. Yongsun is gripping the blondes’ hand as well as a hammer, as a precaution, as they enter the corridor quietly.

The closer both women get to Yongsuns front door, the more noise can be heard from within. The sounds of smashing, banging and what sounds like grunting. What’s odd is that there are no signs of forced entry, no broken glass or wood. The door looks just as if Yongsun had locked it.

“Unnie, maybe we should wait?” Wheein asks, afraid of going any further, “someone is clearly in there”

“Yeah, you’re right. Okay wait, I’ll call the cops and tell them I’m being burgled. Byul said she’s on her way as well.”


At that moment, the noise stops, and heavy footsteps can be heard approaching Yongsuns front door. The pair immediately panic and run back to Wheeins apartment and close the door. Both women are breathing heavily. They hear the jingle of keys as the mystery burglar opens and subsequently locks Yongsuns door again. They had access.

Wheein eyes the brunette. Someone has keys to her house? Who? Why? What the fuck? Her mind begins to spiral to all possible scenarios. Was Yongsun hiding something else from her? Was the nagging feeling she had her intuition trying to warn her?

“Yongsun” Wheein starts, the brunette busy looking through the peephole, trying to get a glimpse of the person.  

“Wait, I’m trying to see Wheein-ah, come see” she encourages, missing the serious tone of the blonde voice. She gestures with her hand for the blonde to come closer.

“Yongsun” she states firmer this time, drawing the eyes of the brunette from the door,

“What?” she asks, still shaken up

“What the fuck is going on?” the blonde questions

“What? I’m being robbed!”

“Bullshit!” Wheein snaps. Yongsun turns fully towards her now. A hurt expression crosses her face when she reaches for Wheein but the blond steps back

“Wheein?” she asks confused, “Why are you speaking to me like that?”

“They had keys to your apartment. They know where you live” Wheein responds, eyes hard.

“I don’t know how! I swear Wheein-ah I have no idea what going on” she tries exasperated

“It’s 3:30am! They used keys to get into your house” Wheein shouts. She’s starting to lose her temper. She knows she should try to calm down, she has no reason not to trust Yongsun, but she must ask,

“Was it Sodam?”

Yongsun scowls at the mention of Sodam,

“I couldn’t see, they walked the other way. She doesn’t know where I live. According to Byul she doesn’t even know in here in Seoul” the brunette replies. Her face is going red and her eyes are watery at the mood of Wheein.

“Are you seeing someone else?” the words slip out of the blondes’ mouth before she has a chance to think. The devastated expression that lands on Yongsuns face makes Wheein wish she had a time machine.

“Oh” is all the brunette replies. The tears that were threating to spill over are tracing lines down her cheeks. She clears her throat quietly, sniffling.

Shit. Wheein didn’t mean that. She’s just stressed. It’s a stressful situation. Yongsun has just been burgled but not burgled possibly by Sodam but also possibly not by Sodam. Her emotions are all over the place and here she is accusing Yongsun, who has been nothing but genuine to her, of something awful.


“Yong I---” Wheein starts, voice quiet as she takes a step towards the brunette. Her heart lurches as she sees the older woman take a step back, wiping at her eyes,

“It’s fine. Wheein-ssi” she interrupts and clears her throat again. Wheein feel her eyes well up at the formal tone from the older woman,

“No I didn’t----” She tries

“Please.” Her tone is hard, she avoids eye contact with the blonde, “I need to go and check my apartment. I’ll collect my stuff and go okay?”

“Yongsun please, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that” Wheein croaks out, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

The older woman looks at her crestfallen, bypassing her to collect her things from the bedroom. The blonde remains where she is. Unsure as to how to deal with this situation. A few minutes later the brunette appears wearing her own clothes, small backpack over her back.

“Yong, don’t go please? It’s not safe in there!” She tries, grasping at the brunette’s wrist as she walks by. The older woman looks at where the blonde is holding her. Ever so softly she traces her thumb along the younger woman’s arm and removes it gently from her body. The softness at which she did such action hurts Wheeins heart even more.

“Byul is here. We’ll check out the damage and I’ll stay the night at hers.” The brunette offers.

She finally locks eyes with Wheein and the devastation that she sees makes the blonde wish the ground would open and swallow her.  Of everything you could do to someone. Someone that told you they are in love with you. Not trusting them, even if you didn’t mean it. Is painful. Yongsun is completely devastated. Wheein thinks so little of her? That she thinks something like that? Even if it was a mistake. She still thought it.

“Please” is all the blonde can reply.

“Goodnight, Wheein-ssi” she smiles sadly, opens the door to Wheeins apartment and leaves. Closing it quietly behind her.

All this time, Wheein was concerned about Yongsun using the gun to shoot her.

Who would’ve thought it was her pulling the trigger?

Chapter Text

“It is easy to be wise after the event.” 

Arthur Conan Doyle


Hindsight is the devil. Everything and anything that you realise through hindsight will hurt you regardless of the context. Suddenly remember the answer to that annoying exam question? Suddenly realise that perhaps walking past that older lady struggling with bags was shit behaviour? Suddenly you think about your parents or guardians and that maybe getting high at 17 in someone’s trash backyard leaving them wondering if you’re okay every night, hurts them.

Maybe, you realise in hindsight that you should’ve chosen your words more carefully when someone you care about is in distress.

That’s the things about words. We use them every day to communicate, yet we rarely pay attention to what we are using them for, really. How many of you listen to people to reply, not to understand? Think about that for a minute.  There are hundreds of different alphabets, languages, and dialectics in the world and yet at any given moment, words are being uselessly thrown around with little to no understanding of what they are trying to say. We can't forget let ourselves forget how important words are. Whether it's what we say or what we write, we can't forget the power that our words hold. Your words can change someone's life. Your words can make someone fall in love and that is life changing. Don't ever think that your words don't matter. Your words matter.

All of you remember I love yous and goodbyes. All of you remember feeling small or feeling big because of something someone said. Your words will carry.

Wheein thinks about her words in hindsight. She realises that she could’ve chosen better, less hurtful ones. Maybe she shouldn’t have used words at all in that moment. She replays the scene over and over in her head. Each time a completely different outcome. In one scenario, her and Yongsun chase the burglar together comically like in some FBI tv show dramatic play by play. In another, the brunette hugs her, forgiven. Alas, hindsight is the devil.

All she sees is red, red everywhere as she paints angrily on a canvas. Her emotions are spilled all over this painting. The scene is a girl, wearing a red raincoat with her back towards the viewer. She’s alone at the end of a pier. It’s night, the brilliance of the red contrasting with the black of the sky. The anger and sadness of the painter can be felt through the brushstrokes. It has been a while since Wheein has painted something so close to her emotions. She had too. The situation between her and Yongsun is causing untold amounts of stress on her mentally. She feels deeply sorry. Of course, she would never assume Yongsun would do something like that to her. She doesn’t know why she said that.

Are you seeing someone else?

Okay. She does know. She knows all too well. Stemming from her childhood. She is insecure. She’s afraid to love. She’s afraid to trust and her natural defence mechanism is to push people away for fear of being hurt. That what she did with Yong last week. Wheein got so caught up in her emotions that she had to push. Push Yong away.

Yong. The woman who bared her soul, who took the leap and was brave and honest, and Wheein took some words and hurt her. She really hurt her; you could tell from the devastated look on the older woman’s face. Wheein knew that she had experienced a rough time in her life as well, so for her to blurt that out? Hindsight kills.

Wheein sighs, continuing to paint, soft music playing in the background of her studio. She glances at her phone, hopeful for any sort of message from the brunette. Nothing. Thinking about all of this hurts her head. Yet, she can’t stop. There is just emptiness where Yongsun would be. You could say that Wheein is being dramatic. Maybe. But, when you feel like you have hurt the most important person in your life, you can’t sleep. You can’t eat. All you want to do is find them, hug them and most importantly, remind them of how much they mean to you.

It has been a week since her words sliced Yongsun. A week of barely there text conversations and excuses to avoid dinner with the blonde. Work. Byul. Yonghee visiting. More work. She misses the older woman immensely. The one brief lunch she managed to convince her girlfriend to have with her, the brunette was very tight lipped. Avoided eye contact and appeared like she was itching to leave at the earliest opportunity. She didn’t bother removing her suit jacket. Her heart aches as she recalls the conversation yesterday from when they bumped into each other in the corridor:

“Oh, Hey Wheein-ssi.”

“Unnie hi! I miss you, how are you?”

“Fine. Thanks”

“Ah, okay good” Wheein stalls. The conversation dragging to a halt. The cold look in Yongsuns eyes feels like It could cause hell to freeze over. The older woman offers no continuation of the conversation, so Wheein tries,

“What have you been up to? I miss you” she chuckles, attempting to lighten the mood. Yongsuns expression doesn’t change. It doesn’t help that she is looking as flawless as ever.

“Working” she states as she checks her watch. Wheein feels small. Useless. She’s supposed to be her girlfriend.

“Good, good” she tries. Yongsun is avoiding her gaze now as she speaks

“Do you wanna get----” is as far as Wheein gets at another dinner invite before she’s interrupted,

“Sorry I’m so busy with work and everything Wheein-ssi. Another time yeah? I’ll text you.” The brunette cuts, offering a tight smile as goodbye before turning on her heels and heading to her apartment.

“O…kay” Wheein responds, already out of earshot of the older woman who hastily entered her apartment.

It takes Wheein all of 5 minutes before she finds herself crying to Hyejin.


Wheein is lost. She’s tried calling, texting, knocking on her door. Everything. She accepted she’ll just have to give Yongsun time. But damn if it isn’t killing her. She misses her laugh, her touch, holding her at night. She hears her sometimes. Through the wall. Mainly its slight bangs when the clumsy older woman drops something, with some mumbling that Wheein assumes is swearing. She finds it amusing, if sad at the same time.

So, she paints. She paints deep into the night. Thought splayed across her canvases. Her brushes the only things capable of understanding her plight. Sleep is gone, but her art is always here. Her constant companion.

Her wrist arches smoothly across the canvas, continuing to contour the girls red jacket when she hears it. A muffled voice in the brunette’s bedroom. That’s odd? It’s 2:14am, Yongsun is usually fast asleep, along with most people.

The blonde gets up from where she’s painting, shuffling closer to the wall of her bedroom. The sound is louder now. It’s Yongsun.


Wheein hears what she’s sure is the sound of soft crying. Yongsun is crying.

Wheein feels her heart break into tiny little pieces. What you should understand about the older woman is that she is not a crier. From what Wheein understands about her, she’s a very strong person. Bit guarded, but independent and forthright. To hear her sob, it as if Wheein has entered some nightmare parallel universe. Surely, she can’t be crying because of this situation with her girlfriend, right? She’d come and talk to Wheein directly, right?  

Wheein sets her brushes down and reaches for her phone. She not having her fucking girlfriend crying alone in the middle of the night. She grabs her phone, paint covered hands desperately searching for Yongsun contact info.

Dropping all pretences, Wheein immediately texts her lover:

To Yong: 2:17am

Hey unnie, are you awake?

Wheein hears the chime of her messages through the wall as her ears are pressed against it. A few minutes pass and the sound of crying can still be heard but no response. Trying again, she types another message,

To Yong: 2:22am


I just wanted to say that I miss you.

 Sorry for texting so late.


She waits patiently. Faintly, she hears some shuffling around. The sound of crying has stopped. She assumes that the brunette is reading her messages, probably wondering who is texting her so late. Just as Wheein is about to send the third and final text she hears Yongsun sneeze through the wall violently.

To Yong: 2:22am

Bless You.

Another chime of Yongs phone. For a second, she spots Yongsun typing a message. The little dots appear and disappear as if the older woman is struggling with how to respond. Wheein hurts a little. She never wants Yongsun to feel like she can’t talk to her. She has an idea. If Yongsun doesn’t know how to respond, she’ll settle for any kind of confirmation that she’s speaking with the blonde.

To Yong: 2:26am

Unnie, are you okay?

Knock once for yes and twice for no

Wheein can’t believe she’s resorted to this, but you must do what you must do. She’s elated when she hears two soft knocks, well, she’s elated she got a response before she’s immediately saddened at the fact Yongsun is not okay.

To Yong: 2:28am

Are you in pain? Do you need help?

 Two knocks. Wheein sighs, glad.

To Yong: 2:30am

Are you upset?

One knock.

To Yong: 2:31am

Is there something I can do?

Two knocks. This hurt. She wants nothing more than to go to the brunette and comfort her. She changes tactic again and attempts humour.

To Yong: 2:33am

You know this conversation makes me look like a crazy person?

Talking with myself.

One knock. Wheein smiles softly for the first time that night.

To Yong: 2:36am

I bet you’re enjoying me looking crazy right?

You’ve probably got that smirk on your face as well.  

One knock. She’s sure she hears a soft chuckle.

To Yong: 2:38am

It’s okay. I’ll allow it since it’s a beautiful face.

Wheein swallows at her word choice. It’s the most outright flirty she has been in a week. All other attempts were not reciprocated by the older woman. She waits for any sound of knocking. No response. She supposes its because she didn’t directly ask question. She decides to text the woman again, seeing as though she has her attention, and she’s feeling the quiet moment they seem to be locked in.

To Yong: 2:40am

You’re awake late unnie.

I’m sorry you’re upset.

I can come hold you?

Wheein regrets her word choices, cursing out loud in her bedroom. Way to be smooth Wheein fucking hell. Just jumping right in there. She barely spoke to you all week!

To Yong: 2:41am

Shit sorry, I didn’t mean that

To Yong: 2:42am

Wait! I did, that didn’t sound right!

To Yong: 2:43am

I wanna hold you! But I’m sorry if I was too forward?

Sorry I’m all over the place

To Yong: 2:44am

I’m a mess. Forget I said any of this please.

Wheein closes her eyes in frustration, clutching her phone to her chest. Nobody ever warned her it’s so difficult to be caring but distant and comforting but formal but wanting to apologise when you’re in the wrong but fearing hurting them further. No more sounds are heard form Yongsuns side of the wall and Wheein doesn’t receive any texts back she assumes that the older woman has fallen asleep or is ignoring her. She sends a final text. Hoping it doesn’t upset the brunette further.

To Yong: 2:56am

Goodnight Yong.

Placing her phone onto the nightstand, the younger woman goes to take a quick shower and no doubt ruminate over the events of tonight. She hums softly to herself as she’s shampooing her hair. Shower noisy, steam blanketing her. Lost in her thoughts. She will attempt to get some sleep tonight, ready to face tomorrow. After around 15 minutes, she decides that she luxuriated enough I the hot water and exits the shower. Drying off and brushing her teeth while she’s there. She opts to sleep in comfortable cotton underwear and an oversized t-shirt, the weather recently making it unbearable for anything less.

Wheein exits her bathroom into her dark bedroom, having not bothered to turn on the lights as she was just going to sleep anyway. Reaching her hands out to find the start of her bed, she just about has a heart attack as her hands reach a warm lump laying under her covers. Panicked, she hurriedly turns on her bedside lamp to find Yongsun laying with her tank top covered back to her,

“My god, unnie. I just about had a stroke” she croaks, slightly out of breath.

Not that the brunette can see her but Wheein does what she would call a ‘celebratory dance’ in the middle of her bedroom. Trying not to make any noise. This is the first time that Yongsun has been in her bed this close to her. In a week.

She’s unsure how to proceed. Should she get in the bed? What if it startles Yongsun? She came over and knew Wheein would be in bed, though right? Does she want me to hold her? Should I ask? When in doubt just ask. Her ramblings are interrupted by the quiet voice of the older woman,

“I’m sorry”

“For what Unnie?” Wheein blinks.

“Startling you” The brunette replies in the same ‘matter-of-fact’ tone that she has been using all week. Wheein sighs.

“That’s okay” She whispers.

“Do you want me to get in the bed with you? Or, I mean, I can sleep on my couch it’s really no problem” the blonde offers.

“It’s your bed”

Wheein is unsure how to take that. She doesn’t want to hurt Yongsun. The brunette must want her to hold her but won’t bring herself to say it. Or can’t say it.

“Yeah, but... You know…I….” She tries, voice failing her. She opts for the path of least resistance and decides to give the older woman her space, if she needs it.

 “You have it tonight unnie, the couch is good for me. Me and that old thing are good friends” she chuckles, attempting to break this tension.

There is again, no response from the brunette. Wheein sighs, deflated but accepting that Yongsun is hurt, needs comfort and if this will help her feel better, she’d sleep on her couch forever. Just as she is gathering up another blanket and heading towards the door, she hears a sharp intake of breath before Yongsun squeaks out,


The blonde halts, awaiting Yongsuns comment.

“Can you hold me?”

Wheein closes her eyes. Relief flooding her veins.

“Always, Yong.” She replies, dropping the blanket and approaching the bed.

Careful not to spook the older woman, Wheein lofts the comforter and slides in besides the brunette. In the dark she can make out the vague shape of Yongsun and can feel the warmth radiating from her. She smells of vanilla and by god Wheein wants nothing more than to kiss her. Slowly, she slides her body up closer to the brunette, her chest stopping just an inch from the elders back, letting Yongsun adjust and take control. Carefully, she feels the older woman ever so slightly lean back, pressing herself against Wheeins front. Wheein lets out a shaky breath.

The blond doesn’t move. She feels Yongsuns hand under the comforter reach back slowly and find her arm. She closes her eyes as the brunettes’ hand slides down her arm to her wrist, motioning for Wheein to wrap her arms around her. Wheein complies and finally engulfs the older woman. She holds her. Her arm around her waist, her other hand resting beneath her had and her face pressed into a smooth neck. She inhales. Savouring this feeling. She can feel the thumping of Yongsuns heart from where she’s pressed against her and is comforted to know she’s just as nervous.

In this moment, Wheein wants nothing more than to bare her heart. Ever so quietly, she whispers into the brunettes’ ear. She chooses her words with the utmost care. As she should’ve done a week ago.

“Love, don’t respond it’s okay. Please just listen”

She presses a gentle kiss to the back of the older woman’s neck,

“I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry for what I said Yongsun”. Another kiss.

“I wasn’t thinking, and I know that’s a fucking awful excuse, but I really wasn’t. I was so caught up in the emotion and the stress of the situation that I didn’t even take a minute to think about what I was saying. You didn’t deserve that. Never. You are nothing but kind and gentle and so fucking smart and genuine that I don’t want you thinking for a minute that I would ever think you would do something like that. I know I did make you feel that way and I’m so fucking sorry. Please understand how sorry I am Yong…..”.

The blonde feels her eyes being to fill up, she’s opening a dam that she’s long kept closed. Now is the time to set it free. She took the gun and shot Yongsun.

She won’t let her bleed alone.

“…….I’m new to all this stuff. I’ve kept myself locked away for so long that I just panicked. I panicked because I care about you so much and it’s scary and my mind went straight to worst case scenario because all I’ve ever known is pain…… ”

The blonde’s tears spill down her cheek s and onto the older woman back, who throughout Wheeins apology has remained silent,

“….you didn’t deserve it and I’m just sorry. That’s it Yong. I’m so sorry. I can’t take it back but I want you to know that if I could, I would. In a heartbeat”.

Wheein takes a deep breath. Waits. Time is still. All that can be heard is the thrum thrum of the blondes’ air conditioning in the dark room. Her heart is restless, she’s gripping the brunette’s shirt, awaiting the rejection she can feel coming. She awaits the inevitable gunshot.

“You made my sink worse”

Wheein blinks. Huh?

“Huh?” she eloquently replies.

“My sink. You made it worse when you fixed it. The water doesn’t drain properly”

Wheein breathes. Blinks and then laughs. She laughs louder and louder until she’s full on belly laughing into the brunettes back. God. She loves this woman.

“I think you should apologise for that too” the brunette offers. Hint of a warm tone evident in her voice. Wheein continues to laugh as she replies,

“Excuse me but I seem to remember I made an explicit declaration that I’m not a plumber” she teases, becoming increasingly happier at the rapport the brunette has started. She feels  the older woman chuckle gently,

“Mmf, true” she shrugs, “my fault”

“Besides...” Wheein continues, “…I just wanted to kiss you” she whispers into the older woman’s ear,

“I knew it” Yong laughs softly.

The room falls silent again. Both women in a much more comfortable silence than before.

“Wheein-ah?” She whispers

The blonde feels her heart jump at the term,

“Yong?” the blond whispers back,

“Can you kiss me now?”

Wheein inhales sharply.

“You never have to ask”

She turns the older woman onto her back gently as she takes a spot leaning over her. They’re nose to nose in the dark, Wheeins hair blanketing them like a curtain. She can just make out the brunettes’ eyes in the light. The older woman beings her hands up to touch the blondes’ neck, guiding Wheein towards her mouth. Wheein tilts her head at the same time as the brunette. She feels the older woman’s breath on her lips, sees her eyes close. Just as soft lips are gently touching, that space in between kissing and almost kissing –

Wheein hands Yongsun the gun.

“I love you, Yongsun”


Chapter Text

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.”

Toba Beta


The thing about love is this: it makes you vulnerable. Some people can’t handle that and seek to close themselves off – intentionally or not. Take, for lack of a better example, the quintessential ‘party girl’ - excuse the crude and generalising analogy. To the casual observer, the ‘party girl’ is out living what appears to be her best life. Alcohol, wild parties, always on the move with a new warm body in her bed every night. However, look a little deeper and you start to notice things. You notice that she cries herself to sleep at night alone, unsatisfied with life. You notice that no one ever comes close to her. A concrete wall protecting her emotions that even she herself is afraid to listen too. You notice that she has groups and groups of friends and yet no one simultaneously. Why? Because it’s easier to block out real human connection for fear of rejection. That’s all it is for all of us. Fear of rejection rules our lives with an iron fist.

Those of us brave enough to let someone in do so in the understanding that at any moment you could have your heart ripped to tiny pieces. Yet, we do it anyway because the alternative of being alone in a crowded room is too much to bear.

Wheein isn’t a party girl by any stretch, but how she handles her emotions is the same. She closes herself off to the point that she forgot how to feel ‘love. Fear of rejection. Fear of abandonment. After all, if her dad can leave so suddenly, what’s to stop Yongsun from doing the same?

Wheein doesn’t know why she said it. It bubbled up from her stomach and the words were out of her mouth quicker than her brain could comprehend.

I Love You

All she was thinking about was how difficult it was being away from Yongsun for the week. That may seem dramatic to you, but for Wheein? She hasn’t felt this way about someone for such a long time. There is something about Yongsun that just makes her feel at ease. It’s easy with her. Above all, Yongsun makes her feel loved in return.

After her confession last night, the two of them didn’t really get a chance to talk things over due to Yongsun falling asleep rather soon after. Wheein understood the exhaustion, she’s still not entirely sure why the older woman had been crying. There must have been something bothering her over and above the situation with the blonde. She followed shortly after the brunette, holding the older woman close in the hope it eased her mind. She slept for a few hours, restless but asleep, nonetheless.

She’s currently lying in her bed staring at her bedroom ceiling. The fresh morning sun shining into the room signalling the start to a new day. She can’t bring herself to get up, she’s too encased in the warmth of her comforter to even muster an attempt. Besides, those few moments when you first wake up are precious. Time stops.

The blonde turns her head on her pillow to catch a glimpse of the sleeping brunette beside her. Yongsun is laying on her side, her back facing towards Wheein. The blonde doesn’t know why, but she feels like she should wait for Yongsun to wake up before moving to hug her. After all, they still have things to discuss and she doesn’t want to risk upsetting the older woman so early in the morning. The blonde is content now to just gaze at the brunette.


A text on Yongsuns phone startles Wheein from her staring.



Wheein sighs. It shouldn’t be like this but every time the brunettes phone goes off, she thinks about Park Fucking Sodam and the uneasy feeling in her stomach makes a reappearance.





“Make it stop…” is groaned out into the quiet of the room. Wheein smiles softly at the gravelly morning voice of the older woman beside her.



“Argh! Fucki…” the brunette huffs, moving quickly forward to the source of the annoyance on the nightstand. She jabs her fingers against the screen, screwing her eyes up to read the messages. Wheein watches the back of the older woman flex before she sees her silence the notifications, huff grumpily and practically throw herself back onto the bed, landing on her back.  The older woman’s eyes are closed, as if she’s trying to will herself back to sleep.

Wheein turns gently onto her side, watching the brunette quietly. Waiting for any kind of acknowledgement that she even knows Wheein is there. Some minutes of silence pass and just as the blonde is starting to think the older woman has fallen back asleep, she’s startled by the brunette’s soft voice cutting the silence,

“I’m sorry”

Wheein blinks, confused. The brunette isn’t looking at her, still laying there with her eyes closed.

“For?” She replies,

“For last night. Just letting myself in like that and getting all up in your space. I didn’t ask, so I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable”. The brunette sighs, Wheein sees her playing with her fingers, a sign that she’s nervous,

“Don’t be daft Yong, you know you can come here anytime and you sure as hell don’t make me uncomfortable” Wheein affirms.

The bed shifts as the older woman finally opens her eyes and turns onto her side, facing the blonde. Sharing eye contact for the first time that morning,

“Yeah but, cause of the situation I didn’t think it through. I wasn’t….I don’t..--” She starts,

“Unnie, I think after last night I made it pretty clear that you don’t have to think it through” Wheein chuckles softly at the apprehensive brunette.

Yongsun smiles gently, eyeing Wheein with an unreadable expression on her face. The blonde sees her lean forward slowly, eyes fliting back and forth on the blonde’s lips and eyes. Wheein bites her bottom lip, willing Yongsun to hurry and close the distance between them. They’re close enough to feel each other’s breath on their lips,

“Can I?” the older woman whispers, her hand tracing the blondes’ arm as she tilts her head,

“Please” Wheein replies, eyes closing.

The brunette closes the remaining distance between them and captures the younger woman’s lips in the softest kiss they’ve ever shared. Wheeins hand strokes through the brunette’s locks as she returns the kiss. The blonde feels the older woman sigh into her mouth as she pulls away slowly, licking her own lips in the process. The older woman rests her forehead against the blondes, eyes still closed,

“I love you too, Wheein-ah” she whispers, breath hitting the younger woman’s lips.

Wheein responds with a soft kiss of her own. They remain this way for a number of minutes. Both just enjoying the other woman’s touch before the older woman pulls away, laying back down onto the bed,

“We need to talk huh?” she queries, moving a stray piece of hair that has fallen in front of the blonde’s eyes.

“Yeah, think so Yong”

“Can we do it over breakfast? I’m starving” the brunette asks, stretching her arms. Wheein doesn’t even try to hide her blatant gawking at the older woman’s body.

“Of course, I need coffee”

“You wanna go out? Or you prefer here?” Yongsun asks, sitting up in the bed,

“I’d actually prefer here, its comfy and I kinda want to have a lazy day with you? I missed you” The blond replies.

Yongsun smiles,

“Me too, Wheein-ah”

“You need special help unnie”

“I need help? YOU need help!”

“Oh please! You’re being so weird right now”

“Weird?! Pot calling the kettle black here!”

“Pot calling the kettle black? Showing your age there unnie”

“How dare you?!”




“Age is just a fucking number”

“Age makes you do this unnatural process unnie”


“No need to shout about your weirdness, I accepted it about you”

“My weird.......I can’t. Here! Eat this and shut up!”

“Wow, touchy”

“Actually no, give it back you don’t deserve it”





“Fine, here, I don’t want it anyway. Was made with too much weirdness”

“No, I don’t want it back now”


Both woman stare at each other. Faces deadly serious. No one blinks. No one moves.

The older woman raises her eyebrow, smirks at the blonde, and husks,


Both women descend into hysterical laughter. The brunette is doubled over holding the cereal box in one hand and the bowl in the other. The blonde has tears in her eyes at the sheer stupidity of the situation before offering a truce,

“Let’s agree to disagree that adding the milk before the cereal is fucking weird”   

“Agree” the older woman laughs, placing the items down before heading to the kitchen island to sit with her breakfast. The blonde moves to join her laughing quietly still.

“You make me laugh” the blonde states as she sits down.

“Not on purpose”

“That’s why you’re funny Yong”


Silence befalls the pair as they eat. Trading glances now and then. Neither of them is sure how to start broaching the subject of the past week and the unfolding confession it brought.

“So…” Wheein starts, sipping her coffee.

“So” The brunette reiterates.

“I can start---”

“---Wait, Wheein-ah, I can go first” the older woman offers, “You already apologised last night”

“I know but—”

“Just let me?”

“Sure, Yong. Go ahead”

“Thanks” the older woman responds, smiling at the blonde encouragingly.

“What you said, last week, fucking hurt Wheein” the older woman states.

Wheein winces at that, having not expected Yongsun to be so direct and the brunette must notice because she reaches across the table to take Wheeins hand, stroking her thumb over her knuckles.

“Yong I’m so—” Wheein attempts,

“Wait, please let me finish?”

The blonde nods as Yongsun continues,

“It hurt not because you were pressuring me in a situation that was already scary. I mean, someone broke into my apartment, but it hurt because I thought to myself – ‘Wow, I bared my life to this woman, confessed that I lover her, and yet she doubts me?’ What have I done?”

Wheein bites her lip. She regrets having ever said it. Was so stupid and sudden.

“It made me feel inadequate Wheein” Yongsun says plainly.

The blonde tilts her head, ashamed to having made the older woman feel this way. Fucking idiot.

“At first I was so angry. Having someone you love to doubt you when you’ve never given a reason too isn’t a great feeling at all. But I did think it over, I know it was a stressful situation and I accepted your apology, but it didn’t ease the hurt, you know?”

“No of course, I know”

“But I also know that you have struggles of your own and I believe you were sincere in your regret Wheein-ah. To be completely honest with you, there is so many stressful things happening in my life, I just want you to have my back? Because I always have yours.”

“Of course? I do!” Wheein states firmly, “ Yong, I’ll say it again. I am so sorry; it was such a stupid thing to say and If I could take it back I would”

The older woman nods,

“I know Wheein-ah” she smiles softly,

“I hope you do”

The older woman squeezes Wheein hand as she finishes,

“Lets just move on from it okay? It’s done now” the brunette suggests

“Yes, please” The blonde grimaces. Grateful. Wheein hides the pain she’s feeling. Regret. Shame.

They lock eyes. Wheein tries to express her sorrow. She hopes Yongsun understands.

Wheein clears her throat, her eyes feeling heavy. She needs a moment. She’s buckling.

“You want more coffee unnie?” she croaks

“Oh, that’d be great yeah” the older woman smiles at the blonde, passing her cup over as Wheein starts towards the kitchen.

“Fuck” Wheein groans, placing the cup down the counter hard enough to make a cracking sound. She grips the edge of the counter as her eyes close. She breathes deeply. Having someone you care about telling you to your face how much you hurt them and what you made them feel is not easy to handle you know? We are built against criticism.

She takes a few deep breaths. Mentally berating herself. Way to go Wheein. You’re such a disappointment. She sighs loudly.

“Shit!” she gasps at the feeling of smooth arms encircling her waist from behind. The brunette rests her head on the blonde’s shoulder,

“You scared me”

“Mm, sorry but I could hear you thinking from in there” the brunette replies, hugger herself closer to the blonde,

“That loud huh?” the blonde chuckles,

“Yeah, Wheein-ah it was. I know you’re in here berating yourself about it but please, let it go. Just leave it be now” The older woman sighs into Wheeins ear, leaving a soft kiss on the blondes’ ear. Wheein tilts her head towards the older woman lips, revelling in the affection she has been sorely deprived of.  

A groan resonates in the kitchen as Wheeins earlobe is bitten gently,

“Mmm unnie, shit” she moans quietly.

Kisses are being trailer along the side of the blondes’ neck as the older woman’s hands have started roaming around Wheeins front. As much as she’s enjoying the attention being lavished on her neck, there are a few niggling thoughts in her head that the blonde would like to address.

“Yong…” she tries, grasping the countertop hard

“Hmm?” is groaned into her neck, the brunette’s hands coming up dangerously close to Wheeins clothed chest. The blonde musters up every ounce of willpower that she has and turns in the brunette’s arms,

“You okay?” Yongsun queries, licking her lips.

Wheein has trouble tearing herself away from the older woman’s heady gaze,

“Yeah, yeah. Was just thinking…”

“What?” the brunettes head tilts,

“Did you, you know, find out what happened in your apartment? That night I mean” Wheein grimaces at her heavy handedness, but curious nonetheless

“Oh, eh yeah I did” the brunette replies, dropping her arms from around the blonde and stepping back, an awkward expression on her face,

“You don’t have to---” the blonde starts,

“No, its okay, you should know”.

The blonde doesn’t like the tone the brunette used. Nothing good can come from this conversation.

“Basically, someone did break into my apartment but what was weird was that nothing was stolen”

“Nothing was stolen?”

Not a single thing. Byul had a look around and even asked some of her friends on the force to keep an eye out for anything weird, but there was just nothing.” The older woman shrugged,

“That’s fucking weird. Are you okay?” Wheein asks

“Yeah I am now but I was fucking freaked out. That night, after what happened I stayed at byuls for the week, apart from last night and she was saying all this stuff like, I’m being stalked, or someone was doing it just to fuck with my head”

A deep scowl began to form on her face,

“Can’t they do something? The police I mean?”

“No not really, they said that it’s all just speculation of a stalker or could have just been a random weird isolated incident at this point”

“But that fucking Sodam is around?!” Wheein exclaims, “surely that is reason enough?”

“Apparently that’s not enough. No proof of her doing anything suspicious or even being in Seoul in the first place.”

“Can’t Byul help?”

“Not as a cop no, she has no real power other than just being able to watch my back more closely and keeping an eye out”

“This is bullshit Yong” Wheein frowns

”You’re telling me. I’m so fucking stressed out, that’s why I was so upset last night. I didn’t want to sleep there alone you know? Knowing someone was in there feels like a violation.”

“I’m sorry”

“It is what it is” The older woman shrugs.

So what? We just wait around until some fucking creep shows up again?” Wheein asks exasperated,

“I don’t really have any options Wheein-ah” the older offers, leaning forward to take Wheein into a hug.

“What a mess Yong” she sighs

“Mhm I know”

“Fuck, Wheein….yes, yes there”

“You like that?”

“fuck yes, I love it. Don’t stop, please”

“Mmm I won’t Yong”

“Ugh, god…...”

“You’re so fucking wet unnie, shit. Look how well you take it”

“I’m close”

“Yeah, c’mon baby just a little bit more. Good girl. Faster.”

Wheeins bedroom is stifling. The smell of sweat and sex is everywhere. The wet slapping of skin on skin and deep groans is all that can be heard throughout the apartment. The brunettes head is bent upwards, eyes screwed shut, hair sticking to her bare back, muscles tense as she rides Wheeins strap hard and fast. The blonde’s hands grip the older woman’s waist as she helps her ride, deliciously thrusting the toy up into her delirious lover. She seers the image of Yongsun riding her into oblivion into her memory. The brunette lets out another obscene moan as Wheein circles her hips, thumb playing with the elder’s clit.  

“You’re so fucking hot Yong” Wheein breaths shakily. She moves her hand up to pinch the brunette’s nipple hard.

“Fucking Christ”

The older woman falls forward, bracing her hands on either side of the blondes’ face. Wheein is unbearably wet, the toy hitting her clit in just the right way on the downward thrust of the brunette’s hips.

“Yong, I’m gonna cum soon” the blonde announces, knowing she can’t hold on much longer with the images and sensations.

“Me too, just fuck me Wheein-ah”

“As you wish”

The blonde changes the angle of her hips, hitting the brunette deeper and is rewarded by the deepest groan from the older woman yet. Yongsun buries her face into the younger woman’s neck. Wheeins eyes roll back as the toy hits her clit particularly hard. Their skin sticks to each other as their moans get lost in the moment.

“Wheein, fuck I’m gonna…I’m----” Wheein feels the older woman tense suddenly, her muscles taught, breath held as she comes hard all over the toy and bites harshly into the younger woman’s neck. She groans in pain at the bite but continues to fuck the brunette softly, helping her ride out the orgasm. The woman on top lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding as she leans her full weight onto the blonde below. Wheein still her hips, not wanting to hurt the oversensitive brunette. She trails her hands up and down the older woman’s back as she waits for her to come back down. A few minutes pass of silence and Wheein is about to ask the brunette if everything is okay before---

“Oh fuck” Wheein moans, not expecting the brunette to slide her hand under the harness and onto her clit.

The older woman circles her clit with her fingers, hurtling the blonde towards the edge she was already on,

“Yon….unnie, shit”

“Wheein-ah, I want you to cum” is whispered into her ear. Her muscles clench, she can’t take much more. Yongsun applies more pressure but keeps the same speed and Wheein is finished.

“C’mon love”

“Yes….yes….Yong! Fuck!” The blonde comes. Her thighs attempting to close but can’t. Her back tight as she lifts up from the bed, bringing the older woman up with her. The brunette holds her close as she comes down,

“I’ve got you”

Yongsun lays her gently back down onto the bed before lifting herself off the toy and detaches it from around Wheeins hips. Wheein grunts out what she hopes is a thanks. The toy is mercilessly tossed to the floor as Yongsun plops down beside the spent blonde, leaning up on her elbow as she traces patterns on the younger woman’s stomach.


“I know” the brunette agrees

“Just, wow. We should argue more often if this is how the sex is. I can’t feel my legs”

The older woman chuckles as she replies,

“Totally agree”

The blonde turns her head to look at the older woman. She stares at her for a moment in thought,

“Is there something on my face?”

“Yong” she says, tone serious

“What?” the older woman’s eyes widen in worry,

“I’m gonna go get ice cream. I’m craving some right now. You want me to bring some back for you?” she questions


“Ouch! What was that for!” Wheein exclaims, thoroughly offended at the playful slap on her side from the brunette

“I thought something bad had happened! Your face was all serious!” Yongsun states, clearly shocked,

“Oh, sorry” she laughs, leaning up to capture the brunette’s lips in a kiss, “nothing bad. Just ice cream “she smiles. 

As the  blonde sits up to leave the bed, she turns to Yongsun,

“Unnie, stay right here. I’m getting ice cream and when I get back, I’m fucking you again. We’re not leaving this bed. A week is too long”

The brunette only smirks at her,

“As you wish boss. Just gonna grab a shower and ill be here. I’ll try to wait for you….” She trails off.

The blonde snaps her head up from the sweatpants she’s currently trying to rush putting on,

“You fucking better” she warns, biting her lip. Yongsun simple shrugs from where she’s lounging on the bed.

“Don’t be long” she says through a kiss on the blondes’ lips as Wheeins jogs from her bedroom.

“Oh Wheein-ah!?” the brunette starts, halting Wheein at the front door of her apartment,

“Yeah?!” she shouts back,

“I love you! And I want chocolate flavour! Thanks!”

Wheeins face breaks into a grin. A warmth spreads through her chest as the words easily come to her mouth,

“I love you too!”

Feeling contented, Wheein hums a tune as she waits patiently for the elevator to arrive at her floor. In her haste, she’s opted for simple grey hoodie and matching sweatpants. It’s just to grab ice cream, not attend a fashion show. Hearing footsteps in the corridor, she turns to see a woman approaching her, around her age or a little bit older. Wheein doesn’t recognise her but that’s not surprising. A lot of people live in this apartment building. Said woman continues her approach and stops just adjacent to the blonde, offering her a friendly smile. She’s around Wheeins height, maybe a few centimetres taller, with short brown hair. She appears to be very well put together.

Wheein is startled by the noise signalling the elevator has arrived and the doors open. The woman gestures to Wheein to enter first,

“Thanks” the blonde says, smiling

“No problem” a soft voice replies.

The elevator begins the short journey to the ground floor. The strangers phone beeps multiple times but Wheein pays it no mind,  too busy thinking of Yongsun waiting for her naked in her bed.

As the elevator is approaching the ground floor, the stranger startles Wheein by speaking suddenly,

“Hi, sorry excuse me”, stranger starts, turning towards Wheein“ could you tell me which direction I have to go from here to reach this restaurant?

The stranger shows the address from her phone to the blonde,

“Eh yeah sure, from here it’s a left” she smiles at the brunette.

“Ah thank you so much! I love seafood, I’ve heard great things about this place”

“Oh, me too! I’ve been before and its fantastic you’ll love it I’m sure”

The elevator opens, and Wheein lets the stranger go first in reciprocation for the kindness earlier. The brunette looks surprised but says her thanks and exits, Wheein following. As they exit the apartment building, the stranger turns one last time to the blonde,

“Thanks again. Was nice to meet you!”

“You’re welcome!” Wheein replies before starting to walk . Just as she’s about to leave earshot of the stranger, she hears it muttered by the brunette,  

“Have a great day Wheein



Chapter Text

"Your absence has gone through me, Like thread through a needle, Everything I do is stitched with its colour.”

W.S. Merwin


Wheein feels uneasy. For the entirety of her walk to the ice cream parlour she’s had this gnawing feeling in her chest. She feels……icky. That’s they only way she can describe it.

Have a great day Wheein

It’s that feeling that you get in your chest that something is very wrong, like when the man across the street is acting weird, or you just know that you have left your oven on by accident and went out. Listen, Wheein is well aware of the Sodam situation and the break-in to Yongsuns apartment. However, if she’s being completely honest with herself, she didn’t really think they were in any real physical danger. Sodam hasn’t made any moves in person, just created that creepy fake modelling advert. She thought that the cops would just deal with it if something happened in person, because the situation right now, they can’t really do much if no threats have been made, no altercations etc.

From the police point of view, they can’t even be entirely sure it was Sodam that broke into Yongsuns apartment. It’s total speculation. It’s a horribly frustrating situation for Yongsun to be in. She knows she’s being stalked; she knows there will be an escalation, it’s just a matter of time– but the fact that the authorities don’t take you seriously until an actual offence has taken place is completely unfair, and recklessly dangerous.

Up until this point, Wheein had be hoping that nothing more would come of the Sodam situation, that she wouldn’t be able to find Yong and would just give up. It seems like she has completely misjudged the level of obsession the older woman has for her girlfriend. Obsession never dies.  

Yongsun had shown her pictures of Sodam of course. They were years old, but how much can a person really change? A lot. It seems. From the images she’s seen of Yong with Sodam when they worked together, Sodam looked to be around Yongsuns height, short blonde hair and had a pretty smile. In another lifetime, Wheein is sure they could’ve been good friends.

The woman in the elevator was pretty and polite with short brown hair. She can’t remember if she smiled or not and she has no idea what Sodam sounds like when she speaks either. Fuck. It’s difficult when you’ve only seen someone in pictures, you can’t really say whether you would recognise them in real life. Especially if the pictures were from 9 years ago. To top it all off she wasn’t really paying attention, she was absorbed in the post sex high and was thinking about getting back to her brunette quickly. Maybe it was a total coincidence that the elevator woman wanted directions to her and Yongsuns favourite seafood restaurant.

The only thing that Wheein can be sure of is this:

She knew her name.

How can that be possible? Okay, she is a famous artist with works displayed in galleries all over Korea and abroad but, why would you say it so creepily like that? Without saying something like ‘oh you’re Wheein! Can I have an autograph?!’ And why would you wait until the very end of the conversation?  Unless your intent was to creep the other person out. Then again, Wheein might be calling a totally innocent woman a creep.

“Ugh…” she sighed.

All these thoughts are giving Wheein a headache. She’ll let Yongsun know about what happened, maybe she can give an update to Byul and be more vigilant. Given the situation, she might suggest for Yongsun to stay at her apartment for a while instead of her own, until they can verify who this elevator woman was.

The artist picks up the ice cream tubs and begins the short walk back to her apartment where her lover is waiting, feeling slightly anxious. She’ll speak with Yong. Yes. That will help.

Wheein lets a small smile grace her face as she punches in her door code thinking about her naked girlfriend waiting for her, fumbling around with the door handle and juggling the ice cream at the same time. Closing the door with a loud thud, the artist makes her way into her kitchen, grabbing two spoons and placing Yongsuns into the top of her chocolate tub as she calls out for her girlfriend,

“Yongsun? I’m back!”

While she waits for a reply, she starts to look for some strawberry syrup to put on her ice cream. No reply comes.

“Yong?” she shouts again, looking towards the direction of her bedroom as she spoons some ice cream into her mouth while placing the syrup back,

“I’m gonna eat your ice cream at this rate! Have you fallen asleep?!”

Again, the artist is met with silence. A few more minutes pass by with no sign of the brunette.

An anxious feeling begins to settle low in her stomach. She puts her spoon down, and begins a slow walk towards her bedroom where her lover was last located,

“Yongsun?” she tries again, closer to her bedroom door.

She reaches her hand out and turns the bedroom doorknob, pushing it open. Her heart rate has started to pick up.

“Yong...” She whispers in case the brunette has fallen asleep.

The bedroom door opens, the artist stepping inside hoping to find her girlfriend in her bed, where she left her. Wheein observes the room, her bed is messed up from their earlier activities, some of their clothes are scattered around the floor. Other than that, it’s as exactly as she left it. The curtains are slightly open, allowing the morning sunshine to shine in, the window is open with a nice breeze.

There is no Yongsun.

“Yongsun!” Wheein shouts now, tone becoming harder as she starts to panic just a little bit. If the older woman was going back to her apartment, she would’ve sent a text or called at least.

She crosses her bedroom to her bathroom, opening the door and switching on the garish bright light, hoping to find the older woman showering.

Nothing. There is no sign of Yongsun.

Dread begins to creep up on Wheein. A slow, poisonous dread.

Where the fuck is she?

Wheein is trying not to panic. There could be a myriad of explanations to where the elder went. Okay. She’ll check the older woman’s apartment first.

Breathing out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, Wheein begins to walk  towards the bedroom door again, when she hears a sound that shatters her,


She turns, and there, on the bedside table of which Yongsun was laying beside, is the older woman’s phone.


Wheeins world beings to spin. She can hear her heartbeat in her ears, she’s starting to sweat. There is no way Yongsun would go anywhere without her phone. Not with her profession, the older womans life is on that phone.




The phone beings to ping loudly and incessantly before Wheein recognises the shrill ring tone of the phone indicating someone is calling. She practically leaps across the bed to get to the phone, almost dropping it in her panicked state. She checks the caller ID and sees the name ‘Yonghee’ displayed.

She stares at the call. Her body feel weighted, her thoughts are all jumbling together.

Now is not the time to panic. In her state, Wheein declines the call, mentally apologising to Yongsuns sister, and looks for the contact of the only person that she can trust to listen to her right now.


The tone rings once before a gravelly voice picks up,


“Hi is this Byul?” Wheein breaths out heavily, pacing back and forth in her bedroom. Her left hand pressing on her forehead,

“Yes, can I ask who this is? I was expecting someone else from the caller ID” the detective replies politely,

“Oh shit, I’m sorry this is Wheein, I’m Yong’s---”

“---Girlfriend” The detective finishes, chuckling slightly, “She speaks about you very often Wheein. All good things I promise”

Wheein smiles at that, biting her lip. So Yongsun tells her friends about us. Now is not the time Wheein!

“I’m sorry to be bothering you but I think something is wrong and you’re the only person I could think of to help and I don’t know what to do and maybe I’m overacting but in case I’m not-----” Wheein rambles out, barley catching a breath.

She hears paper rustling on the other end of the phone and a door closing,

“Wheein. Calm down; Tell me what’s happened” the detective orders, her tone alert.

Basically, I was with Yong this morning, and I left her here to go and buy ice cream. When I came back, she’s not here, but she’s left her phone and all her things”

“Where is ‘here” Byul asks,

“My apartment”


Wheein can hear the scratching on pen on paper, she supposes Byul is taking notes. She’s not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. A few minutes pass before the detective speaks,

“Wheein, can you talk me through this morning. When was the last time you saw Yongsun?”

Wheein stops pacing, opting to sit at the edge of her bed,

“This morning in bed, she stayed over at mine last night and then this morning we talked, had breakfast and went back to bed” Wheein blushes at the implication but now is not the time to be shy,

“Afterwards, I wanted to go get ice cream for us both while Yong stayed in bed. When I came back, she was gone but all her stuff is still here. I’m so worried Byul”

“Okay Wheein, anything else?”

Wheein remembers the elevator woman,

“There was something weird when I was going out” she starts,

“Tell me” the detective replies,

“A woman in the elevator knew my name and wanted directions to Yongsun and I’s favourite seafood place”

“Mhm, can you describe her to me please”

“Around Yongs height, short brown hair, Korean” Wheein offers.

More scratching on paper. Minutes tick by and Wheeins anxiety levels are rising.

“Okay Wheein, listen. I’m going to come over to your apartment and help you look. This is not usual behaviour from Yong. Especially given her situation. Even if she had went out, she would always, always carry her phone. It’s part of her protection. Don’t panic but I must inform you that if by any chance we don’t find her in the next 12 hours I’m going to have to put in a missing person’s report. Lock your door until I arrive okay? I’m leaving now, I’ll be there soon”

All the blood rushes to Wheeins head. Her heart is pounding. Beads of sweat are trailing down her forehead. Her hands are shaking slightly where she’s holding Yongsuns phone. Missing…….Missing? How can this be. She was with her 45 minutes ago. They were happy.

“Okay, please hurry” She almost begs. She hangs up the phone.

Time stands still. The only sounds that can be heard are the ticking of her bedroom clocks, and the distant sound of traffic outside. Wheein feels the tears well up in her eyes, she places her palms over them as they begin to spill out.

Yong. Where are you?

She cries silently, releasing the stress before Byul arrives. She doesn’t move from the position that she’s in on her bed as she lets out her frustration. She will need a clear mind for what’s to come.




The notifications on Yongsuns phone pierce the silence of the bedroom. Wheein sniffs loudly, turning her head to the phone next to her. She picks up the older women’s phone, unlocking it with the passcode, and starts to read some of the messages. Searching for possibilities as to where the brunette has gone.

Unexpectedly, the messages are all what one would call normal.

Yonghee asking her to dogsit, some clients asking about paperwork and documents and some of her friend group chats discussing dinner plans.

Wheein sighs, she was half expecting big scary messages from Sodam saying something dramatic like:


Stupid. Something like that would never be so obvious.

Wheein is startled slightly at the loud knock on her door. Wiping her tear-stained face with the back her hands, she walks towards her apartment door, the neglected ice cream dripping all over her kitchen table. She sighs, composing herself briefly before she opens the door to find a slighter taller silver haired woman on the other side. She beautiful.

“Hi Wheein, nice to finally meet you. I mean, not nice under these circumstances but, you understand” She speaks, reaching her hand out to shake Wheeins. Smiling at the younger woman with kind eyes.

“Byul, nice to meet you too. Come in please” she gestured her hands behind her, stepping to the side to let the detective enter the apartment.

“How are you feeling?” she asks, placing her jacket onto the couch and turning to face the distressed blonde,

“I’m…...pretty shit in all honesty. I’m so fucking worried Byul. I’m so fucking worried that Sodam has done something” her voice cracks as she speaks, tears threatening to spill over.

The detective walks over to the blonde with a sympathetic look adorning her features and rubs her arms for comfort,

“I Know, trust me I feel the same. Listen to me…” she tilts the blonde’s eyes up to look at her,

We’re going to get to the bottom of this. Okay? I won’t stop until we find Yong. You have my word” she smiles softly at the teary blonde.

“Thank you” The artist sniffs, grateful that the detective is here.

“Do you want a coffee?” She asks the detective

“Yes, please. Do you have a table I can sit at? I need to sort out my notes.”

“Of course, in the kitchen” Wheein replies.

The pair enter the kitchen with Byul setting up her laptop and notes at the table while the blonde prepares some coffee for them both.

“Thank you” the silver haired woman replies in response to the coffee.

“You’re welcome” Wheein says, taking a seat across from the detective.

“Where do we start?” The blonde queries, taking comfort in the silver haired women’s calm and collected presence.

“First step, have you checked Yongsuns apartment?” the detective asks, eyeing Wheein

Fuck. How stupid.

“N…no….I actually haven’t. I just panicked and called you and I wasn’t….thinking” She stutters out, embarrassed,

“That’s okay Wheein. You did the right thing calling me straight away. Besides, Yongsuns apartment hasn’t been the safest place as of late” the silver haired woman replies.

“True. But we should’ve been ore vigilant for this reason. I was so stupid leaving her here” Wheein closes her eyes. Shame and guilt beginning to form in her stomach.

“Hey, none of this is your fault. Do you hear me? Don’t go down that road. It would be crazy to expect you and Yongsun to become complete hermits just because there may or may not be a stalker. Emphasis on the may not I might add Wheein. Don’t beat yourself up about this.”

The detective reassures her, placing her hand over the blondes on the table. Wheein sighs, again grateful for the silver haired woman.

“I’ll go over and check Yongsun apartment. Then, you’ll tell me all her usual haunts. Where she likes to run, her gym, her favourite grocery store. All these things, we will narrow down all the usual places she may be until there’s none left. In the meantime, think positively. She could have gone out a run and just forgot her phone and she’ll be back any minute. Okay?”

“Okay” Wheein agrees, feeling better at the planning and focusing her mind on the tasks.

Wheein stands to clean her used coffee mug as the detective starts,

“Wheein I have to ask you something for clarification. Don’t panic if the answer is what I am expecting okay?” the detective asks tentatively.

The silver haired woman stands, pulling out her phone and opening the camera roll,

“The woman in the elevator, was it her?” She turns her phone towards the blonde.

Wheein eyes the photo. There is no doubt that it’s the woman she met earlier in the elevator,

“Yes….” She replies. She has a horrible suspicion she knows where this is heading.

She watches the blood drain from Byuls face, the only falter in her calm presence that Wheein has seen as she croaks out a devasting reply,

“Okay. Wheein, it was Sodam in the elevator with you. She’s here.”



Chapter Text

Accept the things to which fate binds you and love the people with whom fate brings you together but do so with all your heart.

Marcus Aurelius


"Do you believe in fate, Wheein-ah?", the brunette whispers in a husked voice, severing the peaceful silence enveloping the dark bedroom as her fingers trace delicate, intricate patterns along the blondes’ arm resting upon her slim waist. Her fingers caress the soft skin of the troubled artist slowly, her eyes following along with the movement, utterly mesmerised. Brown eyes lift to brown in the soft glow of the candle burning on the windowsill, the sweet scent of vanilla filling the room.

"In what way?" is whispered back into the night. The blondes tired eyes are heavy, yet she’s complacent in enjoying the soft touches of the older woman on her naked skin, the silk of the brunettes’ bed sheets the only thing protecting her from feeling the cool air of the bedroom. The brunette smiles softly at her lover, her wandering fingers now trailing across the younger woman’s’ sharp collarbone, gently pushing at the silk to expose more of the blondes skin.

"Hm, that feels good" the blonde breathes, her eyes closing gently at the caress,

"Do you believe that you have control over your life?" the brunette clarifies quietly.

Wheeins' eyes open sleepily, locking with the older woman’s, she swallows briefly, her throat having went dry at the intense look sparkling in the older woman’s eyes, her fingers now trailing delicately over her jaw,

"I guess, I've never really thought about it much before?" she responds honestly, shuffling closer to the woman laying opposite her. She wraps her legs in between the older woman’s, enjoying the feeling of her warm skin on her own. Placing her hand under her head, she licks her lips before adding,

"Have you?"

Brown eyes flit to the blondes’ lips briefly before returning,

"Hm, sometimes" is offered softly.

The brunette’s bedroom is quiet. Distant 3 am traffic and the sound of their slow, relaxed breathing the only noises to be heard. The sweat from their lovemaking has long since dried on their marked skin and expensive silk sheets. Eyes are heavy, bones are tired. Souls are content.

"Do you believe, unnie?" the blonde asks, searing the soft contented image of the brunette into her memory. The blonde lifts her own fingers to smooth over a plump cheek.

There is a hesitation in the brunettes’ response, this question has plagued her long before she met the blonde. Wheein notices and leans forward ever so slightly, resting her forehead gently against the brunettes. She feels the older woman exhale, her eyes now closed. The blonde slowly wets her lips before capturing the brunettes plump bottom one between her own, kissing her softly. She feels a quiet groan from the older woman reverberate against her lips and pulls back to catch a glimpse of the lawyers’ face, savouring the taste of the brunette’s mouth. Yongsun is smiling, a soft, uninhibited smile. A smile that makes her fall in love with her.

A soft sigh,

" I do now"




Wheein is startled suddenly, subsequently being abruptly dragged back to her cruel reality by the sound of her apartment door violently crashing against its hinges, signalling someone has entered her apartment and has probably marked her wall where the door hit.

"Wheein!" is screamed from down the hallway, the voice seemingly desperate. Wheein turns towards the voice yet, she struggles to produce any sound. She remains rooted in the same spot in her bedroom that she's been in since Byul asked her to come and get Yongsuns phone from the bedside table. She feels frozen. Stuck in time. She wishes she could close her eyes to go back to drifting through her memories. Anything for a silent reprieve from what she’s feeling right now.

Lost. Confused. Worried. Angry.

Fuck, Yong. Where are you?

"Wheein! Are you here?!" is screamed again, this time emanating from the direction of the kitchen. Wiping the silent tears that she didn't notice escaping down her cheeks, the blonde exhales softly to gather her chaotic thoughts. She pockets the brunettes’ phone and slowly walks out from her bedroom, closing the door gently as in in preservation of her last memory with the brunette. As she approaches the kitchen, she hears hushed voices conversing quietly,

" too. Yongsuns' mentioned you a few times now. Nice to be able to put a face to a name. How's Wheein doing?" a low voice asks,

"She' expected you know?" she hears the detective reply, "given the situation I think she's holding herself together pretty well. It's Yongsun I'm concerned about right now honestly"

"Fuck, you really think something bad has happened to her?" is whispered solemnly. Wheein hesitates at the threshold of the kitchen, anxious of the silver haired woman's reply,

"I think we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves right now, Hyejin-ssi. Panicking and worst-case scenarios are not what Wheein and Yongsun need right now" the detective replies kindly. Wheeins' heart pounds in her chest. She’s beyond scared but eternally grateful for the calmness and security the detective exudes. Yongsun is lucky to have a friend like her.

"Yeah....yeah you're right" she hears whispered in response. Hyejin accepting the detective’s advice. Wheein doesn't think she’s ever seen Hyejin so agreeable so quickly. The younger woman usually likes to mess round with new people, make them awkward and embarrassed. All in good fun though. She puts these thoughts to the back of her mind for the moment, mentally noting to ask Hyejin about it later. Realising she's eavesdropped for longer than appropriate, she enters the kitchen to find her best friend sitting opposite the detective at her table, nursing a cup of strong black coffee. Both sets of eyes gaze upon her, a weak smile offered by the detective as Hyejin immediately stands, her cup clanking loudly against the table as she rushes over to her best friend to envelope her in a tight hug.

"Oh, Wheein" she says gently, her hand rubbing soothing circles on the blondes back, conveying her feelings with the simple gesture. Wheein closes her eyes, comforted by the younger woman’s presence as she speaks,

"Hyejin-ah, you're here" she breathes. Hugging the younger girl back with the same force offered.

"Of course, I would be, I care about you. Yong too" Hyejin smiles reassuringly, pulling back slightly to look the blonde in the eyes, "she grew on me, kind of like a barnacle. A smart, devastatingly beautiful and stubborn barnacle" she chuckles gently, feeling the blonde let out a small chuckle of her own,

"She has that effect on people" she responds, wrapping her arms around Hyejin to cocoon her in a hug again.

A soft cough is heard from behind the pair where Byul is watching them, a gentle smile gracing her face,

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but we should take stock of where we're at and what we know so we can move forward" the silver haired woman informs. Reaching into her backpack for a small black notepad and pen.

The blonde nods, removing herself from Hyejins embrace, walking towards the table to sit opposite the detective as she begins to scribble some notes. She removes the brunettes’ phone from her pocket and passes it to the silver haired woman as requested, drawing a grateful glance from the detective. Hyejin has no option but to sit adjacent to the silver haired woman, eyeing her curiously. The blonde watched her friend closely, sure that she is sure she can see a faint blush stain her cheeks. Interesting.

"Thanks for this Wheein" she gestures to the phone. A nod from the blonde.

"Okay, so. Approximately 2 hours ago Wheein returned home from buying ice cream to find Yongsun gone, right?"

Wheein swallows, reliving her panic all over again. Gone is a horrible word. Missing is even worse. Shaking her mind of her thoughts she responds,


Hyejins reaches across the table and closes her manicured hand over the blondes calloused one, holding onto it carefully.

"and just before leaving the apartment building, you encountered who we have established to be Park Sodam, in the elevator, correct?"

Hyejin shoots her a questioning glare, eyebrow raised, having been informed about the Sodam situation by the blonde a few weeks ago. With the brunettes blessing of course. Wheein shrinks under her gaze apologetically,

"I didn't know Hyejin-ah, was just before all this happened, I didn't get a chance to tell you” Hyejin nods at the explanation, her eyes sliding back to the silver haired woman,

"Wheein, can you describe Yongsuns mood throughout the day? We may be able to pinpoint where she might have gone, if she went willingly, if we can get a sense of how her mindset was?" the detective enquires respectfully. Both sets of eyes fall on the blonde.

Wheein shrinks under their gazes. She never was one for the spotlight. Funny, given how successful her career has been and the fame generated from it.

"She was happy. Content even.", she sighs, "we had a bit of a misunderstanding last week. It was actually completely my fault" she grimaces, her mind thinking back to the horrible night she accused Yong, "but last, this morning actually, we sorted it. I mean, I'm sure we did?"

Yongsun wouldn't just leave her. Right? Even if she was mad, especially without her phone. They sorted their problem out, they made up. They had breakfast and other activities and Yongsun seemed like her usual self. Thinking back, she’s not so sure now.

No. They repaired it. They communicated like adults. Her panicked mind is just playing tricks on her.

"You had a fight?" Byul asks, scribbling away furiously in her notebook,

"Yes, about a week ago. I said something stupid but its fixed. We fixed it. Was the night her apartment was broken into" she repeats.

"Yongsun never mentioned it?" the detective states, tilting her head and eyeing the blonde, "though I did find it weird that she wanted to stay at mine for the night on the couch rather than with you. But I know better than to push her about something she's not comfortable talking about until she wants to" she smiles sadly at a teary eyed Wheein.

"Yeah, I said something. Something so stupid. An accusation. She was probably too embarrassed to say anything or in her mind, she didn't want you to think bad of me. Fuck, Byul-ssi,.....I didn't.....I couldn't....--" she starts, her voice breaking slightly from the tears she can feel threatening to spill.

"Heyy, hey Wheein-ah, it's okay" Hyejin reassures, squeezing the blondes’ hand, urging her to look at the younger woman.

The blonde sniffs before continuing,

"What if she was still mad Hyejin-ah? What if I just assumed. You know I always assume too much. I'm so stupid. What if she was still hurting and I didn't notice" Wheein cries freely now, the tears that were threatening to spill now effortlessly cascading down her red tinted cheeks.

"Oh, Wheein-ah" Hyejin grimaces, in pain at the sight of her friend, "please don't cry, you'll make me cry and we both know I look terrible crying. So don't make me look ugly in from of this nice detective yeah?" she laughs, hoping to break the tension and comfort the artist.

"Wheein listen..." a low voice interrupts the pair. The blonde turns her sniffling face to the silver haired woman who leans forward, her elbows braced on the table. A resolute expression adorning her face.

"I've known Yongsun for quite a while now, and if there's one thing, I can honestly say about her is this..." she starts, passing tissues to the upset blonde, gesturing for her to wipe her tears,

"Even if she was hurting, hurting bad. She wouldn't make you hurt in return like this. Never like this I promise you. At the most she'd be a little closed off and cold but not just upping and leaving, worrying everyone like this" she affirms. Nodding her head to emphasise her point to encourage the teary blonde.

Wheein glances at Hyejin, wiping her face with the tissues,

"Thank you. Both of you, truly" she whispers, feeling a little overwhelmed.

"That's what we're here for" Hyejin responds, squeezing the blondes’ hand for the second time. The tension in the room is alleviated by Byul who asks,

"Okay. Yongsun was happy, she had no reason to suddenly leave with no trace. That’s helpful to know. Can you tell me what you were doing just before you left? Or during the morning? Did Yongsun mention that she might have had to go anywhere?"

Wheein flushes a deep red. Hyejin raises an eyebrow, smirk placed firmly on her face,

"I know you told me a little bit on the phone and I'm sorry to ask the same questions over and over but sometimes it helps you to remember facts or details you might have forgotten or even overlooked" the silver haired woman encourages,

The blonde retracts her hand from Hyejin, leaning back in her chair and folding them over her chest as she recounts her morning,

"We made some breakfast after talking things over in the morning. About the misunderstanding you know?" she smiles sadly, Byul writes the details down,

"We explicitly mentioned that we didn't have anything to do today, that’s why after breakfast we went back to bed to watch some movies, a lazy day to just relax. One thing led to another, and we had sex around late morning into early afternoon" Wheein breaths, her cheeks are now a crimson shade. Hyejin smiles at her shyness.

"After, I really wanted something sweet, so I decided to go get some ice cream while she stayed in bed"

"Okay" the detective scribbles in her notebook quickly,

"Just as I was leaving, she said she was gonna take a quick shower. Then as I was leaving, she shouted that she loved me, and that she wanted chocolate flavour" she smiles wistfully, "she has such a sweet tooth"

The blondes’ expression turned sour,

"When I was leaving the building, I met a woman in the elevator who wanted to know about a seafood restaurant" she scowls,

"Which restaurant?" the detective queries, intrigued

"Yongsun and I's favourite" the blonde replies, passing the silver haired woman the name of the place, having goggled the address on her phone, 'She knew my name when she was leaving. Which I thought was fucking weird. In the moment though, I didn't pay attention" she closes her arms around her waist, holding herself,

" I should've realised who it was, especially knowing that Sodam was potentially around, and someone messing around in Yongs’ apartment last week, but I wasn't focused you know? I was happy and excited to be back on good terms with Yong and.....and...."

"And?" Hyejin encourages,

"Careless. I was fucking careless" she breathes, closing her eyes tightly. Her hands clench into tight fists, anger rising within the artist. Hyejin and Byul share a worried glance,

"Wheein-ah don't think like that-" Hyejin starts,

Wheein snaps her eyes open, startling the younger woman and giving the detective pause on her frantic scribbling,

"Don't think like that?" she exclaims, "don't think like that?!" her voice rises,

"Wheein---" Byul tries, sensing the blondes’ distress,

"It was fucking Sodam in that elevator and I wasn't paying attention! If she's done something to Yong......and she’s can that not be my fault?! I was with her! I gave her the fucking name of our favourite place!" she shouts, angry tears now spilling down her cheeks, "Yong trusted me to take care of her! The one time when it mattered, I let her down!".

Her hand slams into the table, soft cries emanating around the room. The stress is too much.

"Whe---" is breathed from Hyejin, desperation etched onto the younger woman’s face.

The blonde must leave the room. She can't breathe. It's too much. Stress. Guilt.

I'm Sorry, Yong.

The blonde stands abruptly, worried eyes watching her, not daring to speak. Even the detective knows that right now is not the time. The blonde must process the situation. Wheein wipes at her eyes angrily before pushing in her chair, offering a small bow to the detective and Hyejin,

"Excuse me please", she pleads helplessly before retreating to her bedroom and closing the door. She just needs a minute. Or two.

Why do the people I love always leave?

It's happening again. I can't.

Come back to me Yong, please.


Minutes turned into hours. Day turned into night. The blonde having sobbed herself to sleep clutching at the pillow the brunette was laying on, her perfume still lingering on the soft cotton. If Wheein thinks hard enough, she can almost will herself to think the brunette is there with her.

Wheein sits up groggily, sleepy refusing to let her escape its clutches fully. A scowl graces her features as the events of the day flood her mid. She notices that her room is dark, signalling that she must've been out for a while. She must've needed the rest. Sighing, she heaves her tired body from the messy bed, inhaling the sweet smell of Yongsun one more time. She smooths down her wrinkled clothes and looks at herself in the mirror.

Red rimmed swollen eyes, hunched. Tired.

That’s not important right now. Need to find Yong.

She scolds herself.

She can hear the soft voices of what she assumes is some tv show playing quietly from her living room. In that moment, she allows herself a moment of reprieve from reality. A moment, whereby she'll walk out and find the brunette curled up on the couch with her favourite blanket and adorably childish duck printed pyjamas. She'll look at Wheein and she'll smile. She'll gesture for her to come and join her. She'll hold her close as they laugh at nothing and everything.

She'll love her.

A crash that sounds like something smashing followed by a string of mumbled curse words bring her out of her sombre thoughts. Who?

Upon exiting her bedroom, Wheein stumbles upon a flustered Hyejin, violently brushing up broken glass from what appears to be Wheeins favourite mug that's now in multiple pieces scattered across the hard floor. Wheein feels guilt crawling and prickling at her back as she thinks about how she lost her temper at her friend. Hyejin has never been anything but patient with her and her moods. Understands her. Sighing,

"You can pay for that" she states at the younger woman, trying to make her voice sound light. Even though she feels suffocated inside. Like her throat is full of rocks.

If the younger woman was startled by her presence she gave no indication, continuing her task of cleaning up the cup destruction without looking back at the blonde,

"I will"

The blonde grimaces at the tone, "Hyejin-ah?"

"Mhm?" She continues to sweep, the shovel gaining her rapt attention,

"I'm so sorry" she starts. locking eyes with her friend who turns so quickly she’s lucky she didn't get whiplash,

"Sorry?" she questions, holding the broken glass in the small shovel and the brush in the other, her face slightly sweaty,

Wheein blinks, confused at the question,

"For earlier. For shouting" she clarifies, obvious.

Hyejin scowls at her, deep and meaningful. Wheein shivers. The only other time Hyejin has scowled this much at her is when she told her she’s giving her ex-girlfriend another chance after being caught cheating on her with her literature professor.


Wheein gulps,

"Don't apologise Wheein-ah" the younger woman’s face softens, "you didn't do anything wrong. It's a pretty fucked up situation and I'd say, you're handling it pretty fucking well" she affirms, depositing the glass carefully in the bin in the kitchen. Leaving a shell shocked Wheein in the living room.

"Huh" is all she can articulate.

The younger woman returns to the Livingroom and takes a seat on the couch, gesturing for Wheein to do the same next to her. The blonde obliges her friend and takes a seat as the younger brunette starts,

"Byul went back to the station", Wheeins head whips up, "even though you can't file a missing person’s report yet, she said she’s got a pretty good friend in the force who could help her try and track Yong using CCTV from your building and the streets. At the very least it would narrow down if she left the building."


"She said she couldn't before because she had to be absolutely sure that Yong didn't leave willingly or because she was hurt after an argument. She could get into trouble as it is, but if she checked using the CCTV and then it turned out that it was a 'lovers tiff' if you wanna be crude, then she'd be up shit creek"

"I see", The blonde nods. She sighs, rubbing her face with her hands as Hyejins looks at her sympathetically.

"We'll find her Wheein-ah" she whispers,

"It's dark now, Hyejin-ah" Wheein states, anxiety rising again, "and I feel useless just sitting here"

"I understand it's hard, but Yongsun doesn’t have her phone, or her car. There's nothing you can do" Hyejin states,

"That has never made anyone feel better when they say that you know?" Wheein eyes her friend

"It's the fucking truth"

"God, you curse so much Hyejin"

"You're damn right I fucking do" she smiles. Making Wheein chuckle lightly.

"Byul is on it Wheein-ah, and I trust her. She seems nice and respectable and trustworthy." Hyejin trawls, her eyes glazing over slightly. The blonde raises an eyebrow and folds her arms across her chest,

"You think so?" she smirks,

"Yeah, and her hair is so pretty, and she looks pretty strong don't you think?" Hyejin stammers,

"Wow" The blonde laughs,

"What?" the younger woman scowls at her friend, lines leaving deep marks in her forehead,


"No, what is it?"

"Oh, nothing. Just that you're sweet on miss detective, no?" she smirks,

"I am not" Hyejin states firmly.

Wheein just stares at her for a few seconds before watching the realisation dawn across Hyejins face,

"Oh Fuck"


The settle into a comfortable silence. Both lost in thought before Wheein speaks up,

"Byul checked Yongs' work, right? It's the only place I can think of that she would suddenly go to without letting me know. Maybe an emergency?" she questions hopeful.

Hyejin eyes her friend, "She did, as soon as she left, she checked her work. Even contacted some of her colleagues and the doorman to ask if they saw her around or in the building. But nothing. She wasn't there. They all said the same thing - it was her day off".

" I see" Wheein nods sadly.


Hyejin stayed with Wheein into the night, the pair having fallen asleep on the couch curled into one another, awaiting any news from the detective.

The blonde feels restless. By the morning, if there is no news Wheein will have to involve Yongsuns family. At the very least her sister. Moreover, she’s decided that she'll start to go around to her and Yongsuns favourite spots. She didn't do this earlier under the advice of Byul who theorised that Wheein should be there if Yongsun returned suddenly. But, by morning. Enough is enough.

She's awoken suddenly by her obnoxious ringtone blaring into the quiet of her apartment, Hyejin grunts beside her into the darkness, also awoken.

Wheein stumbles to reach her phone, eyes squinting as she read the caller ID:

Detective Byul

Wheein swallows, bracing herself with the wall before bringing the phone to her ear shakily,


"Wheein!" the detective urges quickly,

The blonde feels anxiety creeping up in her bones, this is the most panicked the artist has ever heard the silver haired woman,

"I'm here, any news? Did you find her? Please tell me you found her?"

There’s a lot of commotion in the other end of the line. The blonde can hear voices and what sounds like a lot of machines and people moving around,

"We found her........"

Wheein blinks. The rest of Byuls news is blocked out by the sound of the blood rushing to her ears. The sound of her own heartbeat is deafening.

"......Wheein? Wheein are you there?" the detective is almost pleading.

Shaking her head, she pays attention to the detective as Hyejin come to stand by her, close to the phone to listen in,

"Wait Byul sorry, can I speak to her? Where are you? Is she okay?" Wheein asks frantically, eyes wide and adrenaline rushing through her veins,

A brief pause, the noises on the other end of the line continuing,

It sounds chaotic.

"No, Wheein. She's not okay. You have to come to Severance hospital now."

The line drops.




Chapter Text

I will seize fate by the throat; it shall certainly never wholly overcome me.

Ludwig van Beethoven.



"It's cute unnie, don't pout! Wheein says firmly, bringing her white paint covered hands up to slowly smooth out the deep creases stuck between a very disbelieving brunettes’ eyebrows, scrunched into a frown. The brunettes’ eyes shine, catching the low sunlight of the late afternoon,

"Don't patronise me"

"I'm not!" Wheein responds incredulous, "Honest!", she tries, attempting to stifle a laugh at the very serious expression painted across the older woman’s face, "It's" she affirms smiling, gesturing her arms to the white rabbit crudely painted on a canvas,

"Very me?" a perfectly sculpted eyebrow raises,

"Yes" The blonde nods, "It's sweet, it's pretty and it's adorable" she whispers, leaning forward slowly to steal a kiss from the brunettes pouting lips. She feels the older woman hum against her lips as she presses against her gently.

"When did you become so greasy?" the older woman laughs softly as she pulls away from the blonde’s kiss with a smile,

"Since always unnie" the blonde retorts, more than pleased that she's managed to shift the brunette’s attention away from the rabbit she was attempting - attempting being the operative word here - to paint under the blonde’s guidance. Paint is strewn around the room, with both of their clothes covered because according to the brunette 'it doesn't count if you don't end up covered in paint'. The sun is casting a deep orange glow around the room as Wheein watches her lover concentrate on her painting as if her life depended on it. She watches her delicate fingers command the brush around the canvas with fluid movements, more often than not becoming distracted and choosing to stare at the woman herself. This afternoon led to the discovery that while the brunette was great at many things, painting just wasn't one of them. Of course, she didn't have the heart to tell the older woman because her pout was just too adorable, so they soldiered on - Wheein teaching the brunette to paint a small rabbit.

"Mhm" the brunette replies distractedly, sighing as she picks up a different brush to return to the rabbit, "this poor creature...." she whispers to herself more than to Wheein, ".... art really isn't my forte" she giggles leisurely.

"But you're trying, I didn't expect you to suddenly be Picasso. Then I'd be worried I'd be put out of business" the blonde laughs,

"True, maybe I'm just pretending for that very reason" the brunette smirks, "I have to let you think you're better than me, I don't want you getting a complex"

"Oh, I have no doubts unnie" The blonde whispers, slowly inching her face towards the older woman. The brunette catches her eyes, enraptured,

"Wheein-ah?" she asks, questioning the sudden intense gaze thrusted upon her.

"You know" Wheein asks quietly, the atmosphere changing, "I have to tell you something” she states, sliding her hands along the inside of the older woman’s legs, parting them gently, moving in-between,

The brunette’s expression shifts as she is placing down the paintbrush, the blonde can see the moment her eyes darken as she hears her groan, "Wheein-ah."

"You've been such a good student baby" a soft bite on the brunettes’ shoulder, "I think you deserve a reward" a kiss to soothe it,

"Fuck, Wheein", the brunette gasps, eyes closed and gripping the side of the chair as the blonde lays down an assault on her neck

Wheein feels the breathing of her lover stutter as she traces her nose up a slim neck towards the older woman’s ear, tickling the small hairs there, she breathes,

"I love you" against the sensitive shell of the brunettes’ ear, "I love you so much Yong"




The blonde is shaken from her reverie by the sound of Hyejins' concerned voice filling the small car. She turns to look at her friend - currently breaking every traffic law in Seoul to get to the hospital - and shakes her head,

'I'm sorry I spaced, what?" she asks, noting the way the younger woman’s eyes worriedly flit to her,

'I was asking if you've had any update from Byul?"

The blonde blinks,

'Ah, no not yet" she sighs worriedly.

The detective hadn't given any updates as of yet apart from the initial phone call. It worries Wheein of course, but she assumes the silver haired woman is dealing with the nurses and doctors to establish what's going on. The anxiety that the blonde feels can't be helped. The woman she loves has been rushed to hospital with some unknown affliction and unknown outcomes. The fear of the unknown has never been so present. Her hear is racing, her palms have never been so sweaty and for some reason memories of her and Yongsun continue to fire through her mind non-stop, like a playbook of your life being read back to you. The artist assumes it's a defence mechanism. She tends to shut down when the going gets rough, keeping it all in until the stress manifests itself in other ways - hence her sleeping problems. After all, it's easy to get lost in your good memories. It's safe there. Comforting. She was concerned about this when she first started her relationship with the brunette, that she's worried she'll not be there to support her in her time of need, that she------


"Ouch!" The blonde exclaims at the slap given to her arm, "What was that for?!" she scowls deeply, rubbing her arm,

"I can practically hear your mind exploding over there Wheein-ah, and I know you too well to know what you’ll be thinking about" her friend replies gently.

Wheein gulps, sometimes Hyejin knew her too well for her own good,

"I'm not.... I wasn't...", she tries weakly, fully aware that she’s been caught mentally berating herself. The younger woman arches her eyebrow,

"You're a shit liar", she states firmly, swerving the car around another tight corner violently,

"Humph" the artist huffs, crossing her arms over her chest as she watches Seoul speed by. The younger woman’s eyes soften at her friend as she hears the blonde speak,

"I'm so worried, Hyejin-ah", her face scrunches as she remains gazing out the window, people blurry,

"I know, but Yongsun is in the best place for her right now, okay? We don't know what the situation is yet"

The blonde sighs for what feel like the hundredth time, willing the tears that want to overtake her to remain where they are, with a longing glance at the sky, the artists breathe,

"I'm just so fucking worried..."


Tires screech aggressively against smooth concrete as Hyejin had to brake hard at the blonde practically launching herself like a tiny speeding rocket out of her car the moment they arrived in the hospital car park.

From the driver side window, the younger woman scolds, "Wheein! Calm the fuck down!", at the hastily retreating form of the artist, unclipping her seatbelt, and starting after her frantic friend. The blonde tries to catch her breath, her body on autopilot as she rushes towards the accident and emergency section of the busy hospital. Ambulances were strewn all around, the sound of sirens invading her senses. Upon approach, she spots the familiar silver hair of the detective pacing outside the entrance.

"Byul-ssi!" the blonde shouts forgetting where she is as faces turn towards her, drawing a surprised look from the detective who stops pacing when she spots the blonde. Uncharacteristically, Wheein throws her body against the detective in a taught hug, gripping onto the older woman’s jacket as she frantically asks,

"Byul-ssi, what's happening? Where is she?"

The detective rubs her back soothingly for a few mins before pulling back to look at the blonde. She clears her throat, nodding at Hyejin in acknowledgement as the younger woman catches up,

"Listen, let's go inside and sit down, okay? Get a coffee" the detective suggests to the pair,

"A coffee?! I don't want a coffee, I want to know where Yong is and what's happening?" she raises her voice, immediately regretting her tone at the look given by the detective and her friend, "I'm sorry, I'm just....",

"Wheein" the detective starts firmly, "I know you're worried, but there's nothing to be done right now and I'd rather explain what's going on in a calm way. Okay?" she asks gently, her hands on the blondes’ shoulders. The detective shares a sympathetic glance with Hyejin who seems to understand the unspoken question,

"I agree Wheein-ah. Emotions are high right now so let's just grab a seat and we'll find out everything from Byul-ssi okay?" she asks, rubbing the artists arms softly. The blonde takes a breath, realising that the detective and Hyejin are right. She needs to be calm, for herself and for Yong, she can't help in this situation if she's a mess right now.

"Right, okay" she breathes. Her hand is squeezed by the detective reassuringly as they enter the hospital, following Byul who has been there enough times to know the way to the cafeteria. Once inside, the blonde and her friend take a seat while the detective kindly collects the coffees. No one says anything. The air is static, the waiting is intense. Honestly, Hyejin isn't sure what she could even say that could help Wheein right now, other than offering her support by just being present. Wheein hates hospitals, she supposes that most people do. They're clinical, empty, and full of sadness. Destruction of hope happens in places like this. Everything was going so well until this? How can they go from happy to whatever this is?

Love isn't easy. She gave the gun to Yongsun a long time ago, who knew that she would be forced to confront her fears so soon? Love is a responsibility.

She's brought out of her thoughts by Byul placing the coffees down and taking a seat - the scraping of her chair strangely loud in the almost empty cafeteria.

"Thanks" Hyejin offers, breaking the silence currently surrounding the table.

"You're welcome" Byul replies, offering a small smile to the brunette, glancing at the artist in the meantime.

The blonde raises the crude plastic cup to her lips to take a sip, immediately grimacing at the horrible taste - more water than coffee but she wouldn’t expect anything less than this from vending machine coffee. She closes her eyes momentarily before fixing her gaze on the detective,

"Please Byul, what's going on?"

Byul places her coffee down, lacing her fingers together as she leans forward to begin explaining what they know so far,

"So, roughly an hour ago the kitchen porter of the Jogabi seafood restaurant and bar found Yongsun lying on the ground outside the back entrance door- when he went out to smoke--"

"Oh", the blonde squeaks, closing her eyes harshly but unable stop top the torrent of tears spilling down her face. Hyejin grimaces beside the blonde, biting her lip to remain composed as the detective continues. Her tone is somewhat cold, having reverted to her 'cop' voice io order to remain calm for the distraught women in front of her,

"He called the ambulance straight away. They found her with a severe headwound, inflicted by some kind of blunt object. We suspect a baseball bat at the moment"

"Yong." the blonde gasps. Hyejin clears her throat, tears now spilling down her face freely too,

"Whoever it was blindsided her. The gash is on the back of her head, which tells me she probably didn't see her attacker either". They assaulted her, dragged her through the alley, and just left her there in the cold-----" Byuls voice cracks, she rubs at her face and looks apologetically at the blonde. Wheein is sitting completely still, unmoving.

"I don't know why she was there in the first place without her phone or without telling anyone where she was going", the silver haired woman takes a long gulp of her coffee, "but." she starts, "according to the orthopaedic consultant, she can easily recover from the physical damages of the assault, they're not concerned about any lasting physical damages but...."

"But?" Hyejin questions, voice trembling,

"She hasn't regained consciousness since the attack" The silver haired woman breathes, watching the artists reaction closely "the neurosurgeon is concerned about mental capacity changes due to severe head trauma"

"What does that even mean?" the brunette asks,

"They're worried about her memory, Hyejin-ah. She's been out for hours, there's no way to know if her mind has been affected until she regains consciousness"

The detective relayed the information as delicately as possible, all the while watching the blonde for any signs of distress. Seeing no response from the artist, she continues to fill the silence,

"My department has officially opened a case to find out what is going on. We'll keep you informed about anything we find. I'll find out who is responsible for this Wheein-ah, I promise"

Wheein is silent, her eyes are unfocused, and her arms are closed around herself. It's Hyejin who speaks first,

"Sodam right? Surely it was her. She was with Wheein in the elevator and obviously went to the restaurant?"

Byul sees the artist tilt her head down and closing her arms further around herself,

"Most likely. but that's speculation at the moment. -"

"Speculation? Are you serious?" the younger woman asks annoyed,

"Yes Hyejin-ssi. We have to comb through witness statements and the CCTV and collect enough evidence to get a charge and hopefully a conviction. We have to play it smart. No matter how much I would like to play Sodam a visit. But I assure you I'll do everything in my power to get to the bottom of it. If it's found to be Sodam, she'll be put away for a long time this time" Byul scowls, having had enough dealings with Sodam to understand the type of person she is. She keeps this to herself for the moment, not wanting to distress the younger women further.

"I contacted Yonghee as well, she's on her way back from out of town" the detective finishes. Hyejin nods, satisfied.

Throughout the conversation, Wheein has remained silent until now. She has only one thing to ask of the detective,

"Can I see her, please?" she slides her eyes to lock with the silver haired woman’s, Byul smiles softly,

"Of course. I informed the nurses you would be coming when I saw Yongsun earlier. Would like us to come?" she gestures to Hyejin and herself, "Or do you want some privacy?" she questions delicately.

"Alone, please. Can you just tell me the ward and the room number please?" she stutters. She's overwhelmed.

"27C, you can take the elevator at the entrance and follow the signs" she smiles softly. Wheein stands abruptly, chair squeaking loudly, startling the other two women with her sudden movement. Before walking away without saying anything, Hyejin grabs the blonde’s wrist as she says,

"Please call me if you need anything or if you can't...." she trails off, hoping Wheein understood. The blonde slips a tiny smile, nodding at the younger woman before leaving for Yongs' room.


The journey to Yongsuns' room feels like the longest of Wheein' life. Never-ending white hallways, an ever present cacophony of noise from frantic doctors, machines, families of other patients. Patient. That's what Yongsun is now. A patient. Overnight her world has spun off of its axis and landed the blonde firmly in the stratosphere. Did you know there's a condition whereby someone is afraid to be happy because they're worried that means something bad is going to happen? Cherophobia, they call it. Right now, Wheein understands those people.

In the haze, Wheein can only hear the ever buzzing sound of her own breathing and her heartbeat.

Assaulted. Memory. Unconscious.

These words spoken by the kind detective felt like they were seared onto the blondes' skin with a burning hot poker. Etched onto her soul. The worst part of all of this? She can't shake the guilt. The guilt feels like ants, creeping around under her skin, perpetual irritation.

I shouldn't have left. I should've noticed Sodam. I should've paid attention.

Was the same when her father left those all those years ago. She felt the same creeping dread that she had somehow done or said something to facilitate the changes in his behaviour. It's silly of course, she was a child, but the trauma of this event refuses to leave her. Her insomnia is a consequence of this. People - mainly Hyejin - reminded her many a time that nothing was her fault, yet, how can they say that now? When has something happened again? Wheein understands what you're thinking:

'how can she be so absorbed in what she is feeling when Yongsun is lying unconscious in hospital?'

You know why? Because Wheein is selfish, at least, that's what she thinks of herself. It's one of the reasons she told Yongsun in the dead of night she was scared. Scared of who she is. Why would someone like Yongsun want to be with someone so broken like her?

Again, she's dragged from her despairing thoughts by the sound of a soft unfamiliar voice,

"Hello, excuse me miss, can I help you?"

The blonde turns to find a kind looking young nurse address her. She didn't realise she'd been standing in the Ward 27C corridor like a statue for a number of minutes. She clears her throat,

"Yes, no....I'm sorry" she stutters, rubbing the back of her neck embarrassingly, "I'm looking for the room of Kim Yongsun? I was told she's allowed visitors" she says quietly.

The nurse smiles gently at her before glancing down to the clipboard she was holding,

"Of course, can I ask your name please? Just so we can keep a record for the police investigation of any visitors Miss Kim receives"

"Jung Wheein"

"Ah, Miss Jung. Detective Moon told us to expect you" the nurse relays, scribbling Wheein name down onto a sheet attached on the clipboard.

"If you would like to follow me, I'll take you to her?" the nurse offers. Wheein nods gratefully and begins to follow the nurse along the corridor. They pass by many rooms Wheein can't help but look at the people inside, even though it makes her unbearably sad imagining her Yong in a similar position.

They come to a halt outside a room at the bottom of the corridor when the nurse turns to Wheein,

"I hope it's okay but, Detective Moon informed me of your relation to Miss Kim. -"

"That's okay" Wheein assures. Her heart is beginning to race, knowing Yong is on the other side of the door, waiting,

"Ah, great. I just say because it means that if you would like any information relating to miss Kim’s injuries, let me know, okay?"

Wheein gulps, "Thank you, I think Byul---ah, Detective Moon gave me the jist of what happened"

"Oh, I see. Well, in that case, I'll give you some privacy. Any issues use the emergency buzzer next to Miss Kim or find me just up there at the nurse’s station, okay?"

"Thank you" the blonde replies terse, becoming impatient to see Yongsun.

The nurse smiles sympathetically at Wheein before leaving her standing alone at the door.

She presses her hand against the cold wood and takes a deep breath as her thoughts run wild,


Mochi what now?

My sink is broken

My plumber miss apartment 225

Beer and Teokkbokki

Can I kiss you?

Squirtle is the best Pokémon

I love You Wheein-ah

Do you believe in fate?

I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable

You made my sink worse

You're a weirdo!

Chocolate flavour!

The blonde resigns herself and pushes the door open, eyes widening with a gasp as she catches the first sight of her lover for the first time since yesterday afternoon.

Oh my, Yong.


The room itself is dimly lit, a small lamp the only source of illumination in the room. The blondes’ eyes slide across the room to land on her lover.

Yongsun is laying perfectly still. In any other situation you would assume the brunette is perfectly asleep - if not for the white bandage wrapped around the top of her head. She has bruising up the left side of her face, presumably from where she fell to the ground. Her mochi cheek a nasty shade of purple. Wheein eyes water at the sight, the gown the brunette is wearing exposes the bruising along her left arm and elbow, also indications of how hard she must've hit the ground. The blonde approaches the bed slowly, almost afraid she will disturb the older woman. She notices a drip connected to the older woman’s hand, hooked up to what she assumes is fluids, and a machine softly beeps in the background, signalling the steady heartbeat of the brunette.

Wheein blinks back her tears and drags a spare chair across to sit beside the older woman.

"Oh, Yong" she whispers, bringing her hand up gently to brush her brown locks away from her eyes. She gently takes the brunettes right hand in her own, gently stroking her knuckles. She leans up as gently as she can to place a kiss on the brunettes’ cheek just as the door opens abruptly, the nurse from before interrupting her,

"Oh, I'm so sorry---" she blushes at the blonde, "It’s time to take her vital readings". Wheein smiles in response,

"That's okay don't worry, go ahead” she assures.

The nurses move around quietly, taking recordings of the brunette’s blood pressure and heart rate. She approaches the bed to listen to the older woman’s breathing, all the while the blonde never letting go of her hand as she starts a small conversation,

"Could I ask you something?" the artist whispers. The nurses’ eyes flit to the younger woman as she listens to the brunettes breathing,

"Of course, Miss Jung"

"Do you know for sure if she'll have lost her memory, Detective Moon said that the doctor told her it was a possibility, given the head injury?"

Wheein was terrified of the answer, she gripped the Brunettes hand a little tighter. The nurse finishes listening to the older woman’s breathing, and turns to answer the blonde,

"Honestly, it's impossible to know at the moment because she hasn't awoken since being admitted. The neurosurgeon has to warn you in advance that it's a very strong possibility"

'I see" Wheein deflates, expecting this,

"As soon as she wakes up, we will know more about the situation in her head. We'll take good care of her Miss Jung, trust me" the nurse reassures, offering a comforting smile at the blonde before exiting the room, leaving the artist alone with Yongsun once again.

Time passes, the sun having set low in the sky a long while ago, the blonde sent a text to Hyejin and Byul to come if they wanted but they were adamant at giving her some privacy with the brunette. They also were so stubborn they refused to go home, choosing instead to wait out in the waiting area for a while - in the case that Yongsun woke up or Wheein needed support.

Leaning her head back in the chair, she speaks to her love,

"I'm so sorry, Yong. I'm sorry that this happened to you. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to stop it and I'm sorry I didn't find you soon" she whispers, "I need you. Please don't forget me, I wouldn't survive it" She brings the brunettes hand up to kiss her knuckles softly,

"I love you so much. I promise I'm here".

She lays her head next to the brunette’s arm on the bed, her eyes feeling heavy from the build-up of stress. The steady beeping of the brunette’s heartbeat lulling the younger woman into a restless sleep. The room is quiet, both of them seemingly in their own dreamland.

Wheein doesn't notice the beeping becoming irregular or how the hand she's holding begins to twitch. Brunette eyebrows pinch harshly, and a soft groan is let out. The blonde doesn't notice.

A croaked voice suddenly shatters the silence and Wheein heart simultaneously,

"Excuse me, why are you holding my hand?"






Chapter Text

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved"

Charles Morgan


" I love you, Yong. Fuck, I love you. Yes, there... " is rasped into the darkness of Wheeins' bedroom.

The smell of sweat lays heavy in the room, coating the air and slicking the bodies entrapped on the soft sheets of the artist’s messy bed. Their bodies writhe and glint in the darkness, the moonlight strewn through the window reflecting the evidence of their lovemaking. Wheeins' tense fingers are entangled in soft brunette locks as the older woman wreaks havoc between her thighs thrown over strong shoulders. The blonde trembles in excitement as she feels a sharp bite given to her thigh in response to her words, casting her eyes down to lock with a dangerous smirk painted across delicate features,

"Fuck, unnie" she whimpers at the sight of the brunettes slick stained mouth, completely at the mercy of the older woman, '"Don't stop, please"

Yongsun keeps eye contact with the quaking blonde as she lowers her mouth back to Wheeins' centre, urging the artist to watch her work her. Wheein gulps, watching her wet her lips, savouring the taste of the younger woman before sucking her sensitive nub back into her talented mouth, tracing tight circles in a well-practiced motion.

"God......" Wheein groans lazily, her eyes closing involuntarily as her head thumps back down onto the pillow. Her hand grasps the bedsheet tightly, her nails almost digging angry red marks into her palm as the other grips the older woman’s hair harshly. Her skin is sticky, her muscles are burning, and her veins are on fire as her love plays with her body.

She's close, overly sensitive to every measured swipe of the brunettes’ tongue across her clit. Yongsun has made her come twice already and is pushing her rapidly towards her third. She's been enjoying the artist for nearing on 40 minutes, slowly torturing her with each passing second. She supposes it's revenge for having her own way with the older woman.

Her breathing shortens and her hear races as the pleasure spikes as she feels Yongsun hum against her centre, her hands gripping the younger woman’s thighs as she takes her in fully. The brunette more than aware than Wheein can't hold on much longer, the shaking of her thighs a tell-tale sign. Yongsuns fingers splay across her sticky thighs, locking the younger woman in place for when she peaks.

"Yong, I'm close, I can't...." she breathes desperately, her face scrunched in effort, as she tries to take a breath against the lawyers’ relentless tongue,

"Ugh Yong!" she mewls loudly at the increased pressure from the brunettes, rapid circles now overwhelming her. The brunette grips her thighs harder and keeps pace and pressure, driving the artist towards her release, her face is coated in Wheeins' slick, sloppy sounds and soft groans penetrating the otherwise silent room. A sharp inhale,


Time slows as Wheeins’ orgasm overtakes her, her fingers crush the bedsheets violently as her back arches, taught like apollos bow. Strong hands grip her thighs, locking her in place, taking everything the artist has to offer, prolonging the sweet electricity flowing destructively through her bones. Wheein struggles against the brunettes’ mouth as she comes down, entirely too sensitive. The brunette understands and softly pulls her mouth away with a soft hum of approval, satisfied.

'"Shit...'"Wheein croaks tiredly, closing her thighs with a whimper as the brunette crawls up her spent body, a knowing smirk planted firmly on her lips that drop gentle bites up the artists body, drawing a slow path towards her lips.

"Mmm, you okay baby?" Yongsun queries quietly from the crook of the blondes' neck, nosing at her ear gently, her body half laying on the artist.

"Huh? Yeah. I'm good, just need a minute" she replies, voice low, energy lost,

"Hmm" is whispered into her neck in response with a kiss.

Wheein feels the brunette sigh deeply, hooking her leg over the artists as she drags the bed sheets up to cover them slightly, the chill of the air slowly returning to their bodies. She settles herself into the artists side, her head encased into the crook of Wheein neck happily, her eyes closed as she listens to the blondes breathing even out. The artist feels the brunettes’ fingers trace across her collarbones, soothing her rapid heartbeat with her gentle touch. Wheein brings her arm to circle around the brunettes back, holding her close. The room is once again bathed in silence. Moments like these are seared into Wheeins' mind. Just the two of them, wordlessly communicating. Safety. Trust. love.

Wheeins' eyes are closed as she caresses the smooth shoulder of the older woman, enjoying the feel of her naked skin pressed against her. She can feel herself beginning to drift off, and she's startled slightly by the whisper in her ear,

"I love you too, Wheein-ah"

The blonde smiles tenderly, pulling the brunette closer. A few moments pass, the sound of the drapes blowing gently from the open window can be heard.

"What are you thinking about?" Yongsun purrs, nosing at Wheeins’ neck, her eyelashes tickling the blonde’s skin. The artist hesitates,

"That you've saved me, Yong"

The blonde feels the brunette pull back slightly from her neck to look at her face questioningly, hoping to catch her eyes,

"I don't understand?" she breathes, watching Wheein, bringing her leg up as she rests on her elbow over the blonde.

Wheein turns her head to lock onto soft brown orbs. She finds love shining there. Her eyes flit to the brunettes swollen lips and back. Wheein sees' the brunette notice and wordlessly leans up slightly, her lips a breath away from the older woman. Yongsun closes her eyes, awaiting the kiss she knows is coming. Wheein exhales, closing her eyes,

"You don't have to"

Wheein tries not to tremble. Words are stuck in her dry throat as she sits there, grasping Yongsuns' hand tightly, desperately trying to bring her thoughts under control at the brunette’s question. It feels as though time is standing still, and each second that passes increases the blondes' anxiety tenfold. She can't hear anything other than the sound of her heartbeat and the blood rushing through her head. She's staring blankly at their joined hands as her mind runs rampant.

How can this happen? Not to Yong, her Yong. They were just starting; how can they go back? What if Yongsun doesn't want her? How can her heart--------


------deal with this? She'll have to try again. She won't give up. She can't give up. Yongsun really needs---------


-----her right now and she's panicking. Oh god her family. She'll have to break the news to her family and--------

"Baby, you've spaced out"

------what if they blame her? She already blames herself for what’s happened its-----

"Wheein-ah, come back to me"

Wheein shrieks like a banshee in the quiet of the hospital room, having not expected a soft hand to cup her cheek so suddenly,

"Ah! god!"

"Not god no, I thought I'd covered this already?" the brunette smirks amused.

Wheeins head flips up, in shock at the brunette. This can't be real right? She's hallucinating again,

"Yong?...." she questions, trying not to get too hopeful at the situation in front of her.

The lawyer takes a look down at herself and shrugs,

"Last time I checked, yes?" she laughs gently at the shell shocked blonde. A few second pass by, the blonde staring at the brunette intently,

"Whe---" the lawyer starts before she's interrupted by a loud cry, "Oh, Wheein-ah, hey----" she soothes at the blonde, who has now flung herself at the brunette and is sobbing loudly into her neck. Drenching the brunette in tears. The older woman opts for stroking her hand up and down the blondes back in an attempt to soothe her, her own eyebrows scrunched at the devastated look she caught on Wheeins' face.

"You're okay, baby you're okay" she repeats, "Can you look at me please?" she asks gently. The blondes’ sobs quieten into soft whimpers as she pulls back to eye the brunette, her nose sticky from a mixture of snot and tears. Wheein grimaces as she uses her sleeve to wipe her nose,

"Ah, I'm so sorry. You're the one hurt and here I am crying like a baby" she sniffs, teary eyed. She grips Yongsuns' hand tightly as she continues, "Yong I was so scared, they were saying all these things that you might not be the same and you might have lost memories and have forgotten-----" she starts, sobs beginning to overtake her again. Yongsun brings her hand up to wipe away the escaping tears,

"Hey, hey" she coos, "I'm here. I'm okay, I haven't forgotten you Wheein-ah. How could I?" She smiles, "You're way to annoying" she adds, prodding a small chuckle from the blonde as she continues,

"My head and eyes hurt like crazy, and I haven't seen myself yet, I'm sure I'm no oil painting at the moment but I promise, I haven't forgotten. Miss apartment 225" she laughs softly.

The blondes’ eyes widen, her emotions at the moment are overwhelming her. She was sure life was cruel. Too cruel to allow her love to escape something like this relatively unharmed, save for a few surface wounds. She didn't deserve this.

"I thought, when you asked about holding your hand..." she trails off, heart clenching at the thoughts she had in that moment,

"Ah, well, I was just waking up and could feel someone holding my hand. I didn't know who or what or even where I was" she pulls the blonde closer to her, "until I opened my eyes to find you sitting there like a statue with the most heart breaking look on you face" she scowls slightly, "I'd be happy if I never have to see that expression again" she finishes, cupping the blonde’s cheek.

Wheein nods, understanding gracing her features,

"I thought I'd lost you.." she whispers, "In that moment, I really thought I did..." her voice breaks,

"Oh, Wheein come here" she urges, bringing the blondes lips closer to capture Wheeins' bottom one between her own. Wheein kisses her back immediately, pouring her emotions into the kiss. She pushes against the brunette slightly, causing the older woman to pull away with a pained groan as she scrunches her eyes closed tightly,

"Ah" she mutters, leaning back on the bed with her eyes closed. Wheein watches her concerned,

"Are you okay, unnie?"

"Just, when I move too much I feel so dizzy" she answers pained. Wheein scowls, reaching for the brunette’s hand again to trace her knuckles with her thumb,

"I'm so sorry, Yong" she whispers, he guilt rearing its head,

The brunette opens her eyes, scowling slightly at the blonde,

"For what?" she asks, bringing her hand up to rub at the side of her bandaged head,

"For leaving you that afternoon, especially with Sodam around"

Wheein notices the older woman’s scowl deepen at the mention of the name as well as the darker tone as she speaks,

"Wheein, listen to me carefully" she directs, "nothing was your fault. I wanted to surprise you with your favourite sushi before you came back from getting ice cream. It was a spur of the moment thing; I didn't even take my phone. There's no way to know something like this could've hap----"

"I met Sodam" the blonde interrupts, gauging the brunette’s reaction,


"Yeah, In the elevator when I was going to get ice cream. She got on at our floor" Wheein informs her carefully,

"How? Wait, what?" the older woman questions, wincing at the pain in her head.

"At the time I thought she was just a normal tenant of the building who wanted directions to a food place. I wasn't paying attention, Yong"

"That's...I don't...." she starts, voice failing her, " Are you sure it was her? What did she say to you?" she asks worriedly,

"Byul-yi confirmed it was her when she came to my apartment to help me find you"

"Fuck. Fucking fuck Wheein-ah" the brunette sighs, defeated, "Okay but that's a separate issue, doesn't mean what happened is your fault----" she starts,

"She asked me directions to the restaurant Yong. The one you were going to that very same moment" the blonde announces, afraid to make eye contact with the brunette "and she knew my name" she finishes, gripping the older woman’s hand increasingly tight,


"Like, I knew it was weird Yong, when she walked away I had such an uneasy feeling in my gut. I should've turned back, and came to you immediately and I didn't, I fucking didn't"

The older woman eyes the blonde who's looking down at their joined hands, crestfallen. Silence envelops the room for a few minutes, both women absorbing the information. The artist hears the older woman exhale loudly, before she’s tugged forward into a warm hug. The brunettes’ lips pressing a kiss against her ear,

" Wheein, I love you" she states in the gentlest tone the blonde has ever heard from the older woman, "I love you so much" affirms. Wheein feels her eyes well up at the sincerity she hears as the brunette continues,

"The actions of some psycho are not your responsibility. Even if you had taken her by the hand up to my apartment as said 'hey Yongsun is in here', it still wouldn't be your fault" she hugs the blonde closer as tears leak freely from the artists eyes,

"Because you do not control other people, and you're certainly not responsible for something that's completely out of your control" she finishes.

Wheein cries. She feels absolved, even though a piece of her still feels guilty,

"Besides, we don't even know for sure it was her who attacked me."

Wheein detangles herself from the brunette, wanting to look into her eyes,

"I know, but it's pretty obvious right? Who else would do something like that to you?" Wheein asks. The older woman tilts her head slightly,

"Well, believe it or not, in my profession I've pissed off a lot of unstable people. A lot -not all-" she gestures, "but a lot of them were men. Men who had serious issues with women"

Wheein blinks, it never even occurred to her until now that an upset client or an upset relative of a client could be responsible for this. She hums in agreement with the older woman as she listens to her continue,

"A random beating in the middle of the street isn't really Sodams’ style anyway"

"I guess......but Byul-yi said they've opened an investigation, so they'll be able to find out"

"Good" the brunette nods, her lips cracking into a small smile, "so can you come here for a minute?" she gestures at the side of her bed, "I just want to lay with you right now, enough talking" she pats the space beside her, moving herself over slowly as to not induce vertigo, smoothing the bedsheets to make more space,

"Your wish is my command" Wheein smiles, gently manoeuvring herself onto the bed, nestling herself against the older woman’s side, her face pressed against her chest. She finds comfort in the soft beating of the brunettes’ heart against her ears.

The room is quiet. Yongsuns arms that are wrapped around her finally allow her to release the tension she's been holding in her shoulders since the brunette disappeared. She allows herself a moment of solace. Of peace in her lovers’ arms. For the first time in a long time, she doesn't feel like the world is against her. Her thoughts are interrupted by the brunettes’ low voice asking her a question,

"Wheein-ah, can I ask you something?" she questions seriously,

"Always unnie"

"How bad do I look?" she whispers

Wheein grunts, trying and failing to supress a laugh at the older woman,

"Don't laugh!" she exclaims,

"I'm not laughing!"

"You so are"

"I promise I'm not"

"You're a bad liar"

"So people tell me unnie" Wheein chuckles, having been caught red handed. She lifts herself up over the brunette gently, trying as little as possible to jostle her. She smiles lovingly at the brown eyes looking up at her,

"You're beautiful" she breathes, watching a slow smile paint its way across the older woman’s face. She starts to lean towards her lover, her lips looking entirely too delicious,

"Is that so?" the brunette teases, her hands coming to rest on Wheeins' shoulders,

"It is. These--" she traces her fingers ever so delicately over the purples bruises scattered across the brunettes face, "could never take away from how gorgeous you are to me, Yongsun-ah" she husks, capturing the older woman lips as she feels her lover sigh contentedly into her mouth. She feels the brunette groan against her lips, their kiss starting to border on inappropriate both for the older woman’s health situation, and the location.

The bedsheets rustle in tandem with the brunettes’ hand that's came up to grasp the back of the blondes’ neck, pushing her lips harder against the blonde.

"Mmmpff" is groaned as a tongue enters a mouth hotly, both becoming loss in each other. Wheein opens her mouth wider, seeking the brunettes’ tongue-----------


They scramble apart suddenly at the loud intrusion, Yongsun groaning in pain and grasping at her head in response to the sudden movement as she leans back into the bed. Wheein has the manners to at least wipe her mouth free of the remnants of the brunettes’ lips before blushing a furious shade of crimson.

'"Well, I was planning to ask how you were feeling Yongsun unnie, but judging by how deep you were just now in dear Wheeins' throat, I guess I don't have to"

"Hello to you too, Hyejin-ah" the brunette rolls her eyes, an affectionate smile giving away her fake annoyance. As the younger brunette approaches the bed to give Yongsun a gentle hug, Byul-yi, who had entered the room first, moves to the other side,

"If I don't have to walk in and witness that again, I'll be more than pleased Yongsun" the detective scowls playfully at her friend before addressing the most embarrassed person in the room, "Who knew Wheein was so deviated"

Wheeins mouth opens slightly to retort but is interrupted by the lawyer detaching herself from Hyejin,

"Shut up Byul-ah"

Wheein smirks at the detective at the brunettes’ reprimand "leave poor deviated Wheein-ah alone" she speaks, causing the detective and the younger brunette to laugh at Wheeins scandalised expression,

"Hey! You were pretty involved yourself!" she defends,

"Mhm, but I'm a pervert so.." she agrees, shrugging as if it's common knowledge.

The detective and Hyejin watch the exchange with soft eyes before the silver haired woman speaks,

"How are you feeling Yongsun?"

The artist takes a seat on the bed next to the brunette as Hyejin moves to occupy the other chair, leaving Byul to stand at the bottom of the bed. The older woman holds the artists hand gently, comforted by the contact,

"I'm okay, I mean, my head is killing me, like a drill is piercing though my skull and every time I move I feel like I wanna vomit" she scowls, "these hurt like absolute hell too" she gestures to her face. Wheein grimaces at the description as she lock eyes with Hyejin who shoots her a sympathetic look,

"I'm so sorry that this happened" the detective starts, "we've opened an investigation and I'm going to have to ask you a few questions if you're up for it?" she questions gently. Yongsun smiles at her friend,

"It's always so weird to see you in work mode, no matter how many times I've seen it" Yongsun chuckles, drawing small laughs from the other occupants of the room,

"I know, but I care about you Yongsun, Wheein too. I really want to help" she clarifies, earning a soft look from the brunette and the artist,

"Of course, Byul-ah" she replies, "go ahead".








Chapter Text

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”




"You're hovering"

"I'm not!"

"You are babe, I can see you out the corner of my eye" the brunette laughs softly at her lover, who has been glancing at her every 5 minutes from various spots around the blonde’s apartment, trying and failing to be subtle about it.

Yongsun was released a few days ago from the hospital, after giving a statement and walkthrough of her whereabouts to Byul and getting thoroughly checked out by the neurosurgeon who cleared her to be released. In that time, they decided the safest option for Yongsun was to stay at the artists apartment with her while she recovered. Wheein was more than happy to accommodate her lover, after all she went through there would be no doubts. The plan was thought up mostly for safety reasons as well as the blonde being able to take care of her, which of course, she vehemently claimed she didn't need. But one long look from the blonde and she gave in. Even if the artists apartment is only next door, they are not aware that anyone - Sodam - actually knows Wheein lives there. Besides, it was this or a hotel, and Yongsun hated the idea of living in a hotel for weeks.

Speaking of the older woman is currently seated all wrapped up in a blanket on the blonde’s couch while the Wheein tithers about her apartment - trying and failing to not make it look like she's crowding the brunette.

"I'm just making sure you're okay" the blonde exclaims from the kitchen. She hears a soft chuckle from the couch before a low voice responds,

"I'm the same as when you asked me 10 minutes ago"

Wheein sighs internally, okay perhaps she's being a bit too much, but Yongsun has head trauma. She wants to be there for her lover as much as she can. Rubbing her face gently, she fills the mugs with water for the tea and stirs them before exiting the kitchen, returning to her injured love looking adorable and cosy on the couch. As she approaches the tired woman, the brunette lifts her head with a soft smile and addresses the blonde approaching her,

"I know you want to help Wheein-ah, but you've done enough just by being here and letting me stay---"

"Of course I would" the blonde scowls, the notion that she wouldn't extremely displeasing to her. She watches the brunettes’ eyes soften as she says,

"I know babe, I wasn't meaning otherwise" she smiles gently, whispering a "thank you" to the blonde who passes her the mug of tea and takes a seat on the couch beside her, careful not to jostle the older woman. The blonde brings her legs up underneath her, turning in the seat to face the brunette as they talk. The artist blows on the hot tea, eyeing the older woman who’s staring back at her,

"What?" the brunette questions at the stare,

"Hm? Nothing" the artist replies, caught red handed,

"You're staring"

"I am?"

"Yes, Wheein-ah, what is it? I can practically hear your mind ticking"

"I just..." she trails off, avoiding the brunettes’ eyes,

"You just?" the brunette encourages, dipping her head to catch the blondes,

"I was gonna ask if you were okay" Wheein winces, "then I realised you're right. I'm asking too much" she frowns, looking down at her mug. She hears the brunette sigh, reaching forward with a noticeable wince to place her mug on the table. Leaning back slowly, she takes one of the blonde hands in hers,

"Wheein-ah, don't apologise for worrying about me okay? I know you care about me, and I feel the same way but, I promise, if I don’t feel good I'll tell you. Okay? Just, let's spend some time just us? No injuries or worries" she offers, eyeing the blonde.

Wheein hesitates, she knows full well that the stubborn brunette wouldn't tell her straight away if she wasn't feeling good. She's hard-headed that way, however, she wants to just rest her mind for a little while, so she acquiesces.

"Okay, unnie" she smiles, leaning forward as gently as she can to place a kiss in the older woman’s bruised cheek. The purple marks still litter the side of the lawyer’s face. Even though she no longer has the head bandage, she is suffering from bouts of vertigo and sharp pain if she moves to quickly. The doctors assured her that with rest she'll slowly start to recover.

"I was so scared to lose you" the blonde whispers,

'I know, babe, I know" the older woman soothes, wrapping the artist in her arms.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Wheeins’ curiosity gets the better of her as she tilts her head towards the brunette,

"Yong, can I ask you something?" she breathes quietly,

'"Of course love" the older woman replies against the artists neck, from where she’s hugging her from behind. The blonde feels her arm wrap around her in a sweet embrace,

"At the hospital, when you said there's clients that you wouldn't be shocked if they attacked you, what did you mean by that? Is there someone?...." she trails off,

"Mm" is hummed against her neck, a kiss placed gently on the side of her neck, "there is, yes. It comes with the nature of my job" she replies, leaning back to get comfortable, bringing the artist close,

"There's one that comes to mind. There was a woman who came to us one day, saying she found an advertisement for our firm in the centre for vulnerable women she was staying in"

"Hm" Wheein whispers, tracing her fingers across the brunettes,

"At first, she claimed she needed some legal advice on adoption, because she was having trouble conceiving a child the natural way. I wanted to help her of course, but adoption wasn't really my speciality as you know. So, I asked Sodam if she would consider helping out pro bono because this woman was completely broke"

"Sodam?" Wheein scowls at the mention of the name,

"Yes. She specialises in family and child law. At this point she hadn't caused any issues either, so I didn't have any reason not to trust her, and she was great at her job as well"

"Fair enough" the blonde replies,

"She agreed straight away and after passing her the case notes, that was the last I heard if for a while. I just assumed she was dealing with it, and everything was going as planned, until one night she came barging into my office in a bit of a mess, raising her voice and looking extremely frustrated"


"Mhm, turns out the case was a little more complicated than the woman was letting on"

"How so?" Wheein queried, intrigued,

"Well, for a start, she wasn't having trouble conceiving - she was completely baron"

"Oh my god" the artist whispered,

"Yes. It came to light that her husband abused her physically. He used to repeatedly kick her to the point that she suffered irreversible damaged to her uterus"

"I can't imagine...." Wheein replies horrified,

"We tried to convince her to divorce him, to have him charged and to get away from him. Protection you know? Not only for her sake but if she wanted any chance of adoption she had to prove she was in a safe environment - which she definitely wasn't"

"Of course" Wheein agreed, nodding her head, "What happened?"

"Well, at first she was adamant that wasn't the right choice---"

"What? How?!"

"She was so scared of retaliation from him if he found out. The stories that she told us about him gave us an air of caution as well, when usually I'm all for getting the victim away. But this was an extremely delicate situation. Especially because Sodam and I were involved, I didn't particularly want some nutter after me you know?"

"No, of course Yong"

"But there was an incident that happened---" the brunette starts,

"Incident?" the blonde questions, not looking forward to where this is heading,

"Yes, I was working late one night, it wasn't too late though, around 8pm if I remember correctly. Everything was quiet, until this random guy crashed through my office door suddenly"

"Oh my..."

"His face was all red and his veins were almost bulging. I couldn't even get a chance to react either because I was still in shock at what was happening. He was screaming all sorts at me - that I was a bitch, a whore you know?"

"Unfortunately I can imagine" the blonde sighs, frowning at the image of the brunette being accosted,

"Sodam must've heard the commotion and called the security to come right away, but before they could arrive, the guy grabbed me by the collar and pushed me against the wall"

The artists gasp rings throughout the Livingroom,

"Just as security were coming up, he threatened me. That he'd take away something I loved, like we were trying to do to him"

"I don't understand?" the artist whispers,

"Which part love" Yongsun breathes, snuggling into the blonde’s neck,

"How did he find out? What was happening?"

The blonde hears the older woman let out a dry chuckle at the question,

"Someone leaked the information to him. Told him everything, including who his wife spoke to and which lawyers were involved in the case"

"What the fuck, who would do something like that?"

"I have my suspicions now of course, but back then I really had no idea. I was just confused, and scared honestly"

The blonde feels a shiver pass through her, a deep scowl etched on her face,

"She's horrible, Yong. I'm so worried" she confesses,

The brunette senses the atmosphere turning solemn, and hugs herself even closer to the artist, words failing her. She can't reassure her lover when she’s concerned about the same thing.

"I love you" is all breathes against the artists neck,

Eventually the pair fell into a restless sleep together on the couch. Every small piece of rest is important for the brunette to recover as soon as possible. The artist is laying on her side, her back pressed against the older woman’s front, lazy snores by her ear. They're awoken by the ringing of the brunette’s phone, a groan resonating throughout the apartment.

"Wha......" she groans, pain shooting to her head immediately as she tries to detangle herself from the artist and sit up. Sensing the brunette in pain, Wheein sits immediately, offering her help,

"Yong wait, sit, I'll get it for you" she offers, walking through to the bedroom where the brunette’s phone was last located. Grabbing the device form the nightstand, she returns to her lover on the couch who is rubbing her temples gently. Wheein smiles sympathetically at her before passing her the phone. The brunette clears her throat,

"Hello?.." she grumbles,

"Yongsun!" Byul rushes. At the tone, the brunette straightens and gestures to the blonde to sit next to her to listen

"Byul-ah, is everything okay?" she asks nervous,

"We got him Yongsun" Wheeins’ heart drops,

Wheeins eyes widen as she mouths 'got him?' to the older woman who asks on her behalf,

"Got him who?"

"The man who attacked you in the alley, we caught it on CCTV Yongsun. We know what he looks like" Byul hurries, voice excited.

Wheein sees the brunette swallow hard, a scowl beginning to grace her features. She reaches her hand out to gently hold the older woman’s,

"Who is it? Have you caught him?" she asks,

"We haven't caught him yet, but we know what he looks like at least"

"Show me please" Yongsun demands, her tone a level of deadly the blonde has never heard

"Okay I'll send a screenshot through"

They pair hear shuffling around on the other end of the phone for a few seconds before the brunette’s phone beeps signalling an incoming message,

"Did you get it?" the detective questions,

The brunette switch the phone to speaker for the silver haired woman as she opens the screenshot of the assailant.

Wheein watches in slow motion, as the colour drains from her beautiful face slowly. She sees the tension in the older woman’s shoulders as she speaks to the room,

"Byul-ah, I know him"











Chapter Text

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”
William Blake


The air in the artists apartment is tense. Thick. A cacophony of troubling emotions swirling around and choking anyone who would dare enter the space. Two sets of eyes shift nervously around the room, struggling to focus on one point or another. Following the brunette’s revelation that she has seen the suspect before, the detective informed the pair that she'd be on her way over as soon as possible - trying to tie up leads on her end before coming to the apartment. In the meantime, the duo were unsure as to what to do with their time while waiting. Was like being stuck in an odd sort of limbo. Wheeins' eyes flit to the quiet brunette every few seconds, simply out of habit, but was noticed by the older woman,

"Wheein, what is it?" she questioned cautiously, reaching her hand over to cover the blondes, soothing her thumb over her knuckles in comfort,

"Huh? Ah, nothing unnie. I'm just feeling a bit anxious waiting on Byul. I can't believe it's him" she speaks quietly, offering a sad smile to the injured brunette. She hears Yongsun sigh before shifting slowly on the couch to bring Wheein closer to her, pulling the younger woman to sit with her back against her front as she speaks softly into her ear,

"I know, me too honestly, but for the fact he's back and found out where I live is so weird. It's been years as well since his case. I have no doubts there's something bigger at play here than just some disgruntled client" she scowls slightly, tightening her arms around her lover for comfort,

"Mmm" Wheein hums in agreement, "but we have Byul, and the rest of the force right? They'll keep you safe?" she queries, the brunette’s safety of the upmost importance to her. The thought of more harm coming to the older woman makes her soul ache.

"I hope so Wheein-ah. Knowing Byul, I'm actually surprised I'm not on some kind of house arrest" she laughs softly, "she can be so protective over her friends" she finishes, dropping a sweet kiss to the blondes' neck,

"Yeah, I noticed. She's a good person. I'm happy you have someone like her in your life"

"Me too, Wheein-ah" she agrees truthfully.

Silence envelopes the pair for a few moments before the blonde speaks,

"Unnie, how are you feeling?"

She feels the brunettes soft laugh reverberate across her body,

"Physically? I'm okay. Mentally? I just want all this to be over with, and spend carefree time with you, without all this added baggage" she sighs. Sensing the sad tone, the blonde responds,

"Yong, I love you" she twists her head to look at the brunette behind her, "no matter what has happened in your life, or what's happening now. I'm in this with you, I'm here. Always. I meant that the first time I told you" she speaks honestly, pouring as much comfort and love as she can into her words, "you've taken care of and helped so many people in your career and your life, let me do the same for you, okay?" she breathes, turning her body fully to face the brunette. Yongsun watches her, nodding her head gently with such softness and looks at her with such love in her eyes that Wheein can't help but shift forward to place a soft kiss on the older woman’s lips. Yongsun hums into the kiss, returning it with equal adoration for the younger woman. Wheein breaks the kiss first, attempting to move back from the brunette to speak but is pulled gently back to the older woman who captures her lips again, with more force than before. Wheein groans, having not expected such a bold move so soon after getting out of the hospital. She feels the older woman’s hands slide up her neck, one hand combing through her hair, the other grasping her jaw slightly, as if Wheein were made of porcelain.

"Mmpfff...unnie.." she breathes against lips, eyes closed, "you're hurt...---" she starts, words stolen again by the older woman’s mouth. The kiss becomes more and more demanding as the minutes pass by, groans lost in each other’s mouths as they lose themselves to the feeling.

It's only when the brunette deepens the kiss by biting the blondes’ lower lip that the younger woman pulls away with a gasp, realising where this will end up,

"Yong, we really can't" she husks, lips touching the older woman’s as she speaks, "your head..." she trails, rubbing her nose against the brunettes gently, refusing to move away just yet. Yongsun, with her eyes still closed, traces her nose across the blonde’s cheek, trailing up the side of her face to her ear and breathes,

"I want you"

"Fuck" Wheein gasps as her earlobe is taken into a hot mouth, eyes rolling at the sensation. She's taken to straddling the brunettes’ thighs as she allows the older woman to touch as she pleases, biting her lips as she feels hands trail down her body to rest atop her thighs,

"Don't you want me...Wheein-ah"? she tempts, sucking on the sweet spots of the blonde’s neck,

"You're the devil" Wheein groans, grinding herself softly onto the brunette below her, losing her resolve

"So let me punish you"


Evening fell, as did the pair into bed. Their lovemaking was slow, tender. Partly to ensure Yongsun felt okay with her head and partly to express how much they cared for each other. Finding your love in this life is difficult, expressing what they mean to you is even harder. They lay atop Wheeins's bed, content in the silence of the bedroom. The brunette is laying on her back, the blonde tucked into her side, her leg resting over the older woman’s' under the bedspread. Every so often the brunette groans, thoroughly enjoying the hand tracing patters across her collarbones and neck. Wheein traces intricate patterns, memorising the feeling of Yongsuns' soft skin under her fingertips. The only light in the room is from a small bedside lamp, shrouding the pair is a dim light, giving their tired bodies a golden overglow.

"That feels so nice" the brunette breathes, tilting her head slightly to expose more of her neck for the blonde to touch. Wheein hums in approval, contented with making the older woman feel good. She wants to ease the older woman’s pain. She's had a difficult life, they both have. it sounds cheesy but Wheein can't help but think they were supposed to meet. Two broken souls, here to piece each other together. That's how she feels anyway, like Yongsun is her missing piece. Her mind begins to wander, and she’s broken from her reverie by her tired lover,

"I can hear you thinking" Yongsun teases, curious what’s on the blonde’s mind. Wheein smiles, pressing a kiss to the brunettes naked shoulder,

"You can? What a skill that is. Law was the wrong path for you unnie" she retorts, chuckling quietly,

"Ha-ha, very funny" she laughs along, the movement tussling the blonde slightly,

"I thought so", another kiss, "I was just thinking about you actually"

"What about me?" the brunette sighs with her eyes closed, Wheeins fingers tracing patterns over her bare chest now,

"You make me feel complete" Wheein breathes, watching the brunette closely. She hears a sharp intake of breath from the older woman, her arm coming to stroke along the blondes’ side and back,

"I...." Yongsun trails hesitantly, unsure how to respond to such a magnitude of statement, "Whee...."

Wheein chuckles, "Mmm I'm taking credit that that's the second time I've rendered you speechless this evening" she teases. Yongsun laughs lowly,


Never having been the best with words, Yongsun tilts her head to the side to capture the blondes' lips, hoping to convey the same feeling to the younger woman. Wheein understands. Of course she does, this is how the brunette expresses herself, to ease the pressure of words for her lover, she says,

"I know, Yong. I know. I feel it" she husks against lips, resting her forehead against the brunette,

She feels wetness touch her cheeks, tears having escaped the older woman, not used to being so vulnerable with another person. One who understands her. Without the need for words.

"Ah, don't cry unnie!" Wheein gasps wiping the streaks from her lovers face gently, laughing at the emotional brunette. The older woman laughs back,

"I love y-----"


"What the fuck" Wheein starts, the pair sitting upright suddenly on the bed. Loud banging on a door can be heard in the corridor outside Wheeins apartment. Unsure what to do, the blonde voices as much,

"Yong, what's happening?" she whispers, as if the noise could hear her,

"I don't know. Put your clothes on" the brunette hurries, heaving herself from the bed, wincing at the cold air and dizziness assaulting her body as she picks up her scattered clothes around Wheeins' bedroom. The blonde nods in agreement, following the brunettes’ movements rapidly.


They jump, he sound of wood smashing and breaking booms throughout Wheeins' apartment. The brunette starts towards the door to get a look through the peephole onto the corridor, but is stopped by the blonde pulling on her arm,

"Yong! Where are you going?!" she squeaks,

"Just to look, get your phone incase we need to call the cops" the brunette assure,

"Okay" the younger woman complies, jogging back to her bedroom to pick up her phone as the brunette shuffles towards the door. The banging continues, the artists heart rate is going through the roof. The last time they heard something similar was the break in at Yongsuns apartment. The blonde rushes back to the older woman, who as pressed herself against the door to get a look out onto the corridor.

"Fuck!" she shouts as the sound of wood splintering is loud in the hallway,

"What? What is it" Wheein asks frantically, sliding up beside her lover, "What can you see?"

"I can't see anything!" she whisper shouts, "But it sounds like it's coming from the direction of my apartment"

"Oh my god, Yong, What if it's him?" Wheein asks, panicked,

"Again? How would he know that I'm okay?" she asked, wide eyed,

"I don’t know! How would he know you were going to that restaurant?! Shit, what should we do?!" the blonde hurries. The brunette hesitates, seemingly thinking,

"Call Byul, call her right now" she demands, eyeing the peephole again. The blonde nods frantically in agreement, scrolling her contacts as quickly as she can to find the detective and hitting dial. She brings the phone up to her ear as she waits nervously,


"KIM YONGSUN" a booming, low voice shouts in the corridor.

The pair freeze, halted in time. They lock eyes, the same expression of fear painted reflected across their faces. The artist watches the colour drain from Yongsuns face. Wheein can hear her heartbeat in her ears as she looks at the stricken face of her lover,


Wheein feels as though she’s underwater, a soft voice trying to bring her up from drowning,

"Wheein, are you alright? I'll be over soon to go over details" she hears yet can't place the voice. The smashing continues for a few seconds,


"Wheein what was that?! Wheein? Where's Yongsun?!" she hears the detective shout through the phone. Snapping out of her thought, she shakes her head quickly and responds to the worried detective,

"Fuck Byul you have to come. That guy who hurt Yong is smashing down her apartment door" she shouts, the brunette head snapping to the blonde at the mention of Byul,

"What?! Oh shit, okay. Listen to me, get away from your door, make sure it's locked. Do not, and I’m being serious, Do not make any noise or attempt to open your door to him" she commands. Wheein hears rustling and the jangling of keys as she assumes Byul is getting in her car, "Call the cops, I'm on my way over but call them too"

"Okay, okay I can do that" she assures herself more than the detective, gesturing to the phone at the quizzical look from Yongsun.

Hanging up the phone to the detective she start to dial the emergency services as the crashing intensifies. Yongsun begins to pace as Wheein informs the police about the situation, desperately praying for Byul to appear.


Wheein hangs up the phone,

"Byul and the police are coming. She said to keep away from the door and too be quiet" she informs the brunette,

"Okay, shit, okay" she breathes. Just as the brunette is about to make her way to the Livingroom, they hear her apartment door finally give way. Scared, Yongsun launches herself at her girlfriend,

"Whee......what the fuck are we gonna do?"