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John Watson in Sherlock Holmes' Eyes

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John Watson thought that Sherlock Holmes, his best friend and only friend at a school, liked him. Both in the sense of being a friend to a romantic feeling. He thought that every sign and care as well as kindness shown by a guy of high appearance, pure white, slender, to have an amazing brain and intelligence that many people did not have, was directed at him. John refrained from feeling sad and disappointed, when reality spoke the opposite of his thoughts and expectations. John also endured not to cry in front of him every time the reality hit him.

John met Sherlock not long after stepping into upper grade where there were new arrivals as new students at John's school. His usual and normal daily life, accompanied by John's enthusiasm to become a doctor, was increased by the presence of new students at his school. Junior John, who entered a class that was quite ordinary for him, became something different for his classmates.

Sherlock is an honest person and sometimes can't stop his thoughts every time he judges and looks at his classmates. Even though sometimes it becomes something that cannot be considered entirely good. Sherlock sometimes offends his classmates easily, upsetting some of the guys in his class and ending up bullying and tormenting him. His older brother, Mycroft Holmes, often came to see how he was like this and talked about it from teachers to the students who had succeeded. John could not do anything even though he wanted it because John's soul wanted to help so that he could not let someone be treated like that. Moreover, an interesting guy like Sherlock Holmes.

The opportunity came when there were classes in chemistry, biology and physics. A lab that is used for combining first, second and third grade to learn some of the same material and introduce juniors and seniors to be able to work together without forgetting to give distance to respect each other. John finds Sherlock standing at a lab table alone as the others have gathered with friends to build groups for the day's class.

"Sorry, do you already have a group of friends-"


John was surprised to hear Sherlock put it so emphatically. John widened his eyes as Sherlock slowly turned to him with both lazy and sharp eyes.

"I'm not sure anyone intends to team up with me."

John blinked a few times. "Then, you don't mind if I-"


Sherlock widened his eyes as John looked sad to hear him say no more clearly to him.

"I, don’t mind."


Sherlock blinked in surprise when John's expression changed to hear that he didn't mind John being in the same group as him. Now in that class the only two of them are while the others have more than two people in their group.

"God, I thought you refused to group with me, because I wasn't sure I could team up with the others."

Sherlock looked up to find John looking around their classroom.

"Most of my classmates are already in groups."

"I'm just saying that I'm not sure anyone intends to team up with me."

John glanced at Sherlock now. "You could say that you're the only one who still wants to be this close to me."

Again, Sherlock found John looking at him sadly. Sherlock couldn't understand the expression he was showing to him.

"Is that how your classmates treat you?"

Sherlock was a little surprised by John's question.


"Ah, my name is John Watson by the way."

Sherlock saw him stretch out his hand.

"I'm not sure how long I can talk to you like this, but as long as we are in the same class in this lesson, nice to meet you."

Sherlock took the hand after hesitating. It feels warm and full of honesty. Similar to his brother, but Sherlock realizes there are different forms. And Sherlock is very curious.

"Sherlock Holmes."

Both of them let go of their hands.

"You can still talk to me if you want."


"Because only you seem to care about me every time, I upset the students here and have to accept their annoyance."

John widened his eyes. "How do you know-"

"Elementary. And I often heard my brother say that John Watson watched me a lot but couldn't do anything because he was afraid, he would interfere and make me uncomfortable."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow as John frowned. There was another sadness that Sherlock found on the face of his senior.

"Sorry, Holmes, I didn't mean." Sherlock waited. "And sorry I can't do anything."

"It’s fine, and I'm sure it's none of your business."

Sherlock found John looking at him. "Before we met and got to know each other now."

John blinked a few times before smiling.

"You... right."

Without realizing it, Sherlock smiled a little. He's interesting, that's what crossed his mind. Sherlock looked at the front of the classroom when their teacher's footsteps that day could be heard entering the room.

"And, Watson." John looked up at a call that sounded even brighter than before. "Just call me Sherlock."

John widened his eyes as Sherlock smiled mischievously at him.

"We're partners as long as we're in this class, John."

John grinned at that. Sherlock smiled even wider when he saw his new partner now, looking as enthusiastic as he was.

"Okay, Sherlock!"

John's daily life changes when he gets to know Sherlock. During the day's lessons and classes, Sherlock worked very fast and deftly, making even John, who was having trouble keeping up, had to scowl until class was almost over. Even so, Sherlock straightforwardly and clearly explained to John to make his senior understand and understand both the explanation from the teacher to what Sherlock was doing. John also sometimes wrote notes from the results of their experiments when Sherlock noted his own parts and gave a little copy to John.

"Well, I didn't know you knew about these things very well, Sherlock."

John let out a long sigh. "I'm not sure I can pass this class without your help."

Sherlock blinked as John stated his honesty before making a sound.

"That's not what they normally say."

John blinked now. "What do they normally say?"

Sherlock snorted. "Piss off!"

John refrained from laughing but because Sherlock was laughing himself, John allowed himself to laugh. Because to them, that sounds stupid.

The days that felt boring were also annoying for Sherlock too, slowly changing because of John's presence that felt different from the others and interested him.



John increasingly looked forward to group class where he could see Sherlock and listen to his chatter about extraordinary things that were wonderful to John. Even though he could see some of his classmates, even the students who disliked Sherlock were amazed that the guy had a friend who could stick with him for hours. John didn't care, and he was sure Sherlock didn't too. For both of them, it is when together and chatter that they argue about each other's lessons and opinions about something that is more important than other people's thoughts on them both.

"Today, there’s new student."

"Seriously? In my class too."

Sherlock watched John in amazement as he was writing the results of their experiment in the combined class that day.

"What’s his name?"

Mike Stamford. He's pretty good albeit a little weird."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. "He immediately wanted to be friends with me because we both intend to become doctors. We often talk about a lot of the same things about it."

"In a few hours?"

John chuckled as Sherlock looked amazed. "Yep. In a few hours."

"I remember how our first meeting in this class."

"You’re right."

John laughed again. "Even though at that time I looked like someone who was about to do bad things to you."

Sherlock frowned. "I don’t mean it."

"Of course. I'm just surprised because it's the first time I've been given such a response by someone. You’re indeed interesting and extraordinary; I’m worried that I won't be able to get along and become friends with you."

Sherlock blinked a few times and John found his hand stopped moving.

"You worried that you won't be able to be friends with me?"

"Yeah." John joined in the blinking now. "Problem?"


Sherlock tightened his grip on a small beaker. "Most of the people don't care what my opinions and thoughts are so they stay away from me." Sherlock narrowed his eyes.

"I didn't know anyone thought like that about me."

John winced at Sherlock who was looking at the small tube in his hand with a different look. John cleared his throat and made Sherlock look up.

“At least I thought so. Come on, instead of thinking stupid things like that, you better continue this experiment of yours."

"This is our experiment, John."

"Most of you do."

John shrugged, smiling teeth. "Your explanation of this matter is more interesting than those who do not know how interesting you’re babbling over my opinion."

Sherlock was grinning now. "At least you're the only one who thinks my babbling is interesting."

"What did you say?"

Sherlock returned to his experiment while chuckling softly in satisfaction. John complained as he wrote down the results of their experiment.

"He's also taking joint classes like this?"



"Oh, yep."

John sighed softly. "Initially he wanted to take the same class as us so that he could be in the same group, unfortunately our homeroom teacher has already decided on a class for him and grumbles because it can't be changed anymore."

Sherlock smiled. "I wonder what he is like."

"Next time I'll introduce him to you." Sherlock turned to John, who was still taking notes. "He's also curious about you, and he's sure he can be friends with you like me."

Sherlock blinked now. "Don't tell me he's your twin?"


Sherlock smiled a little. "Because only you intend to be friends with me and find me interesting, so I think he's your twin."

"Unfortunately, John Watson is only one in this world!"

Sherlock smiled again as John snorted in annoyance.

"You sound jealous, Watson?"


John, who grumbled and held back his embarrassment, was happy to see Sherlock, who rarely smiled so much that he was mostly alone, laughed and smiled. Even though he had to make fun of and upset John. At least for John, that was what he could do for Sherlock when he couldn't do anything when he wanted to help and protect him.

"Then with the new guy in your class?"

Sherlock looked up from his work as John waited to note down his next result.

"His name is Jim Moriarty. Interesting even though he’s annoying."

"He is as smart as you and your brother?"


John smiled faintly as Sherlock declared it without hesitation. "But what I don't like is his way."

"His way?"

Sherlock narrowed his eyes as John raised a curious eyebrow. "He told other guys to harm the students in my class because he didn't want to do it with his own hands or get his hands dirty."

John frowned. "Oh my God."

"Sometimes he also ordered other students to hurt me, but unfortunately I can read it faster so he failed."

John rose from where he was sitting and touched Sherlock's face. The junior was shocked at John's spontaneous treatment.

"You okay? You're not hurt?"

Sherlock found concern in John's eyes. Surprisingly, he felt both warm and embarrassed by John's honest treatment of him. Unlike most people to him.

"You will immediately be noisy like just now if you meet me in a state of battered in this class, right?"

Sherlock patted John's hand that was holding his face. "Ah, sorry."

John grabbed his hand and Sherlock regretted having to do it. The warmth of John's worry and sincerity made Sherlock fall asleep at the kindness of someone he hadn't felt in a long time.

"And again, my brother has intervened after seeing Moriarty's behavior to me and I can notice several people, more precisely the seniors are watching me as his close friend here."

Sherlock sighed softly. "I'm sure you won't notice."

"Hmm, even though you call him annoying, your brother cares about you too."

"He just likes to interfere!" Sherlock grumbled. "I’m absolutely fine."

John smiled a little. "Well, I'm really glad you're fine after hearing the news just now, Sherlock."

Sherlock looked up to find John looking at him gently. "I don't want to be unable to do anything when they do that to you again."

John took his shoulders and relief showed clearly. Sherlock, who narrowed his eyes, looked away.

"If something happened to me, you would be worried right?"

John blinked as Sherlock muttered something he couldn't hear.

“Sherlock? Did you say something?"

"Only your feelings."

Sherlock snorted. "The results are out, John. Until when are you going to day dreaming?"

"What-you didn't say!"

Sherlock smiled a little as John began to write down the results and Sherlock let John do it.

"You just didn't observe."

The day's class ended as usual. The lesson teacher that day again stated that the experimental results of Sherlock and John's group had the best and best results as well as the better cooperation between the two of them than the other groups. The teacher was also a bit confused about how they got close to communicating well while working on the experiments and the material taught in the combined class. The other group just had to refine to repeat their experiment one more time.

"See you later, Sherlock."

Sherlock nodded and turned around before hearing John's voice again. "Ah, wait." Sherlock turned to find John still smiling.

"Since there is an exception from our homeroom teacher to allow Mike to join the joint class later, you can get acquainted with him."

Sherlock narrowed his eyes. "Is he so impatient to see me that he has to do that?"

"Come on, Sherlock."

John chuckled at his junior's outspoken reaction. "I'm sure you will like him too, so be prepared."

Sherlock sighed softly.

"Yes sir."

John smiled broadly before actually turning around, waving. Sherlock saw his senior stepping away and some of his friends started approaching to talk to him. Meanwhile, Moriarty is no exception to him, who to him is both interesting and annoying.

In a different way than Sherlock's view of John.



Sherlock was a little grateful when Moriarty didn't do the same thing to their homeroom teacher like Mike. Sherlock worries that he will do something bad to John to the point of his new friend Mike Stamford who looks interesting and fun to John.

"So, this is the Sherlock Holmes you’re so proud of?"

"Hey! Don't say it like I'm his lover!”

Mike smiled broadly as John blushed. Sherlock looks at the two alternately and sometimes longer at John because of the senior's look at him and also how Sherlock looks in his eyes for others.

"Well, sorry, sorry, my name is Mike Stamford. Recently entered in the same class as John. Even so, I'm the same age as you, Sherlock."


Sherlock sighed softly to find John surprised and Mike chuckled softly.

"It seems so obvious, why didn't you tell John, Mike?"

“What—” John stared wide in disbelief.

"He is interesting after all, is that right, Sherlock?"


Sherlock smiled a little and John had a point about Mike. Apart from his talkative, annoying-sounding mouth, Mike is as interesting as John. There is no resentment that arises from within Sherlock like when he faced the same genius as himself who was Moriarty and Mycroft Holmes.

"What's with your faces as if you guys understand each other's meaning?!"

"It’s true." Sherlock said sternly.


“John, Sherlock is as interesting as you say. Well, though I haven't seen how he'll deduce me like he used to do to you.”


Sherlock sighed softly. “To be precise the first time. He still acts like that even though he already knows I can deduce himself as well as the people around him."


"Wow, I really want to hear."

John grumbled as Sherlock grinned broadly. Mike just stood by waiting for Sherlock's extraordinary explanation and prepared to comment like John used to do to the genius.

Even so, Sherlock continues to explain until he dedicates many things about John and Mike. John, who was used to it, just chuckled and let Mike let out his annoyance after Sherlock finished explaining the incredibly true and accurate explanation to the two of them. John did not comment because most of Sherlock's statements were true when Mike was so eager to beat Sherlock that he managed to read him without hesitation and was so precise. It worked for the day's teacher because Mike couldn't stop being annoyed and yelling at Sherlock for his amazing abilities.

"I can't believe he's so great and so annoying!"

John chuckled. "I told you he's interesting but don't try to challenge him like that."

Mike turned to John. "He's going to piss you off like just now."

"But he's a perfect friend for you, John."


John found Mike smiling at him. “You and Sherlock both have comfort and trust each other that you don't need to worry about. I'm relieved for you.”

"W-what do you mean by that?" John refrained from being embarrassed.

"These days I have a visit from his brother, Mycroft Holmes."

John blinked in surprise. "Mycroft?"

Mike nodded. "I wonder why he doesn't visit you right away or tell you something about your relationship or about Sherlock to you, but he asked me to be able to watch over you two."

John frowned. "He's really protective, huh, about Sherlock."

"That's for sure." John waited for Mike to agree without hesitation. "But I can see him relieved that Sherlock has finally made a good friend."

John widened his eyes. “With their abilities, the Holmes siblings have difficulty making friends even though they have no difficulty communicating and socializing with the others. They just have a hard time connecting with other people who aren't like them."

John frowned. "Ordinary and normal people, you mean?"

Mike just nodded. "His brother doesn't mind that because he isn't really interested in making close friends himself and thinks everyone who knows him is a partner with an advantage."

John blinked. "Advantage..."

"It's no different from an ordinary relationship, but the benefits here come at a price."

John looked up at Mike, who was no longer smiling.

"You mean money?"

Mike nodded again. “Most of them end up with money, not only at Mycroft, but also with Sherlock. Only this time, there are those who do not aim with money."

John blinked. "They mean me?"

Mike nodded again and a smile appeared on his face now. “Sometimes I need money, but it's not like that. But not you, right?"

John blinked. "You must be thinking of borrowing and not asking for it easily, even with someone like Sherlock Holmes."

"Of course! What are you saying?"

Mike shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sure Sherlock knows about it and if you were asked by Mycroft something to investigate into keeping an eye on Sherlock on bail, you would definitely turn it down."

John blinked again. "How do you-"

Mike smiled. "That's what I heard from his own brother, so he came to me first instead of you because he believed you would behave like that."

"And you accept it?"

John frowned.

“Well, Sherlock is interesting. That's true, similar to his brother, but taking money as bail to keep an eye on you two, why not? I also need money."

John smiled an exasperated smile accompanied by admiration for Mike's ingenuity.

"You bastard."

Mike smiled again. “But that's what surprised the two Holmes brothers a bit. That there are people who refuse monetary rewards compared to being Sherlock's friend."

John frowned. “Surprised? You mean Sherlock was also surprised I would turn down his brother's offer if he offered me something the same as his offer?"


Mike blinked behind his glasses. "Because you'd rather see what Sherlock sees than what ordinary people see."

 "I'm just saying that I'm not sure anyone intends to team up with me."

"You could say that you're the only one who still wants to be this close to me."

"Because only you seem to care about me every time, I upset the students here and have to accept their annoyance."

"Are you worried that you won't be able to be friends with me?"

"I didn't know anyone thought that about me."

"You will immediately be noisy like just now if you meet me in a state of battered in this class, right?"

John clenched his fists and Mike saw it. Mike also winced sadly when John put on an annoyed expression shrouded in sadness.

"Why doesn't anyone want to be friends with him?"

Mike frowned. "Not everyone thinks like you about him, John."

John bit his lip.

"Why doesn't anyone want to accept him?"



Sherlock winced when Moriarty, who had just ordered another class to torture their classmate, pointed at him.

"Sherlock Holmes, I know your weakness now."

"I'm not sure I know my weakness and I have one."

Moriarty snorted with a chuckle. Sherlock just narrowed his eyes.

“You have but you don't know! Too bad."

Moriarty smiled mischievously. "You'll regret it if you don't realize it now, Sherlock."

Sherlock refrained from feeling annoyed by Moriarty's provocation to him. Sherlock sighed softly.

"At least Mycroft will be noisy about that."

"Oh, yes, of course."

Moriarty nodded meaningfully and Sherlock didn't like it. "He's also one of your weaknesses, but not to the point of shocking you."

Sherlock frowned. "And you think my weakness that you know can shake me?"

"Oh, yes."

Sherlock waited while Moriarty made a dramatic statement. "Without you knowing you already have a heart that I will burn it down."

"We're sure I don't have it."

Moriarty smiled and Sherlock hated him.

"I'm sure you have it and we both know very well it's true."

Sherlock frowned and he tried not to imagine anyone that came to mind other than his brother Mycroft. Moriarty can read that like he is a genius and Sherlock doesn't want Moriarty's statement to have the truth in it.

"Then why do you bother wanting to break me and my heart you mean?"

Moriarty smiled his teeth now. "Because I wonder what expression you will show on your calm and indifferent face, as Sherlock Holmes."

"My expression?"

"And what will you do if I manage to touch or hurt your heart."


Sherlock's distinctive, well-liked call sound took him by surprise. Both Sherlock and Moriarty turned their heads together when John arrived. Not in his usual co-ed class and it was the first time Sherlock and John spoke to each other outside of class. Especially with John's status as Sherlock's senior and Sherlock's John's younger class.

"Is that-?"

Sherlock frowned. "Why are you here?"


John raised an eyebrow now. "What would the teacher say if they saw the two of you and some students lying there battered?"

Sherlock turned to the scene pointed to by John where there were students groaning in pain not far from Moriarty. Sherlock glanced at his classmate who answered with an expression of deliberate surrender.

"Well, that's my subordinate job, Johnny boy."

John widened his eyes. "Johnny boy?"

“But don't worry, I'm not going to say Sherlock is involved in their work. I just talked to him about weakness."

John turned to his junior. "Weakness?"

Sherlock just frowned, refusing to comment. "We’re done here, right?"

John and Moriarty saw him turn and start walking away leaving the two of them.

"Realize it quickly, Sherlock!"

John saw Sherlock frown when Moriarty made his cheerful voice again. "You will regret it if you continue to argue with it."

Moriarty turned to John, who was standing not far from him. Even though the two boys, Sherlock and Moriarty were of different heights than John and the students who were younger than him had quite a rapid growth.

"Why did you do all that? You told your classmates to hurt the others?”

John asked in a tone that was starting to feel Moriarty just smiled.

“It's just for fun. You don't need to worry."

"For fun?!"


The two of them turned to find Mike coming with several teachers. They put on a surprised expression to see several students lying helpless not far from Moriarty.

"Moriarty, what are you doing?!"

John and Mike saw the new Sherlock classmate shrug.

“Just having fun. Those I told to do it also enjoyed it."

One of the teachers turned to Moriarty with a deep sigh.

"Those who you told so?"

The other teachers turned their heads with expressions of disbelief.

"What if you experienced it yourself?!"

"Oh, of course I won't let that happen."

Moriarty declared it with an expression of both dislike and disgust. "I can't make my clean and beautiful hands stain."

One of the teachers sighed softly again and began to pat Moriarty on the shoulder. She turns the boy’s body and asks him to walk away first.

"Let's talk in the teacher's room while we take care of your classmates."

"Yes sir"

Moriarty stated it out loud even though John and Mike knew he was being punished. Moriarty didn't look guilty nor did he mind the teacher's attitude to him. He seemed to enjoy it.

"You okay?"


John nodded as Mike asked with a worried expression. “I heard Sherlock was here first? Where is he now?"

"He goes back first."

John turned to the hallway which became the path where Sherlock went and disappeared somewhere. Mike followed his gaze.

"What are they talking about?"

"Moriarty said about weakness."


Mike raised an eyebrow as John nodded. "Whose weakness?"

"I think Sherlock." John frowned in worry. “Moriarty is seen as a boy who doesn't care about his weaknesses being ignored or someone who dares to touch his weaknesses. In fact, he seemed to be waiting as well as waiting for it."

John found Mike shudder. "It's scary, that Moriarty." John smiled a little at his reaction.

"Talk to him, John."

John turned and nodded firmly.


Although there are no appointments to meet other than in the joint class, John easily finds Sherlock which other people will have a hard time finding. Except for his own brother. John found his favourite junior sitting against a bookshelf in their library. Sherlock who was silent looked up to see John smiling at him.



Sherlock was a little surprised to see John there and managed to find him when other people had trouble finding him. Even though Sherlock doesn't intend to hide from anyone because at least his brother will find him easily.

"I don't remember we arranged to meet."

"Of course not." Sherlock saw John kneeling now. "I just wanted to meet and talk to you."

Sherlock blinked before grunting softly. "About the weakness that Moriarty talked to me?”

"How do you-"

John shook his head when he was surprised. John finally leans on the same bookshelf as Sherlock and right beside him.

"You didn't ask how I found you here?"

"You quite like books too." John blinked as Sherlock began. "Sometimes I see you here enjoying a medical book alone up to Mike."

John smiled. "You're good at observing, aren't you, Sherlock."

"It's my job."

Sherlock declared without hesitation. "And that's my pride."

John closed his eyes while leaning his head.

"Then about your weakness?"

"I'm sure I don't have it."

"But Moriarty is sure he knows it and doesn't want you to argue with it."

Sherlock allowed silence to envelop them as John looked at him worriedly. He also knew that John was waiting for his reaction and answer.

"I can already guess, but I cannot prove it."

John blinked. "Prove it?"

Sherlock nodded. "Proving that the weakness he meant was according to his expectations and my expectations." Sherlock looked at John now.

"That I do have weaknesses according to his statement."

John frowned now. "Are you sure your brother isn't your weakness?"

"I'm sure not even if he's annoying."

Sherlock narrowed his eyes. "He will always be there for me even though I don't need him."

John smiled again. "You're just not being honest that he's also your weakness."

"At least not what I think he is really my weakness!"

John raised an eyebrow as Sherlock argued in a rather high tone. Sherlock snorted with his eyes back at the book he was reading.

"Well, if you insist, I won't ask anymore." Sherlock sighed softly again as John shrugged as his junior emphasized it clearly to him. "But how can he know when you don't know yourself?"

Sherlock turned to John, who was still curious and asked with an innocent expression on his face. Sherlock wondered why John was still thinking about it when he and the others didn't really care.

"Are you two closes enough in class?"

"He's just acting like that and going on his own."

Sherlock frowns and desperately wants to refute John's statement about him and Moriarty.

"Doesn't that also apply to you?"


Sherlock blinked in surprise. "About going on your own, I mean."

"Don't equate me to him!" John refrained from laughing as Sherlock snorted in disgust in denial. "Not even though I think of him as a friend."

John blinked. "Rival, then?"

"The enemy is more correct."

John chuckled as Sherlock declared it rather proudly. John realized that Sherlock prefers to think of people who are both geniuses and have the same mindset as his enemies than friends to rivals.

"Okay, enemy."

John gave up. "Why would you rather think of them as enemies than friends or rivals?"

"I don't need to use something that ordinary people use."

John raised an eyebrow. "Ordinary people use?"


Sherlock narrowed his eyes. "Emotions, human feelings. Not really my area."

John blinked before smiling faintly. "Hmm, Sherlock Holmes has an area that he does not expert of it when he has almost expert at all the areas."

Sherlock snorted. "Problem?"

"Just not expecting."

Sherlock turned to John, who chuckled. "Then isn't that what Moriarty meant to you?"

"I guess so." John blinked as Sherlock declared it quickly.

"I guess so? Aren't you sure?"

"I said so from the start, John."

John found Sherlock rolling his eyes when John seemed not to be listening and listening very well. Sherlock blinked.

"When it comes to sentiment, that means relating to other humans."

John muttered softly as Sherlock said it. John just stared at the ceiling of the library room where they both are now.

"It seems so." Sherlock glanced at John, who wasn't looking at him. "But if it's not your brother, then who?"

Sherlock narrowed his eyes as John was still thinking about it and raised his head. Sherlock sighed softly and it caught John's attention from the ceiling.

"Your classes will start in a bit, John."


"You sure you will be here until class ends?"


John turned his head at his watch and his eyes widened. "How do you know my class-"

Sherlock sighed softly. "It's better for you to leave immediately rather than asking the reason how I found out."

John found Sherlock smiling slightly at him as he rose to his feet.

"You will regret it if he gets angry at you again."

John grumbled softly. "I'll make sure I hear how you find it out next time, Sherlock!"

Sherlock smiled when he saw John run out of the library and nearly bumped into several students. Not forgetting, he apologized in a hurry until his figure disappeared into the hallway that could not be reached by his eyes.


Sherlock actually knows, his weakness. It is not his brother Mycroft Holmes to the sentiment he is referring to. Rather a student and his senior, John Watson. Sherlock wouldn't let Moriarty, who knew it clearly and easily, do something to the one person who didn't mind talking about being friends with him and to worry that he couldn't befriend him, which is strange and disliked by most people.

Sherlock will make sure Moriarty really regrets it.



Since Sherlock and John met in the library to talk about weaknesses, the two of them often met outside of combined class hours. Every now and then Mike joins in to talk and get involved with the gossip at their school where Sherlock and John just listen. Sometimes junior John interjected to provide comments that ended in reality and truth. Mike and John were amazed every time they heard it.

There was a time when John and Mike invited Sherlock to eat in the cafeteria because Sherlock seemed to rarely eat and refused to provide for his own body. John found Sherlock snorting and grumbling every time the two lectured him about health and nutrition the body needs like a doctor. Sherlock realized that the two of them wanted to become doctors later on.

"I don't like it and don't you try to force me, John."

"Come on, Sherlock. It's good for your body, at least eat a little bit if you really don't want to eat a lot."

John found Sherlock snorting like a child. Well, they are still in a period of growth and rebellion before entering the world of adulthood.

"I rarely eat because eating is boring, let alone eating a lot-"

Mike and Sherlock are surprised when John feeds the mouthful of food, he has chosen that afternoon into Sherlock's chattering mouth. John smiled a little.

"I can hear you, genius."

Mike stifled his laughter when Sherlock cringed in annoyance at being forced to eat by his senior John Watson. He himself believed that Mycroft would never succeed in what John did to him.

"You really are a perfect friend for him, John."

"Is that so? You flatter me again."

Sherlock winced and swallowed the food John forcefully pushed him.

"You compliment him when I manage to piss him off?"


Mike also raised an eyebrow in surprise that Sherlock could find out but ended up giving up because what he did was just useless.

"And you're lucky to have a friend like John, Sherlock."

Sherlock winced as John seemed ready to put another bite of food into his mouth. John blinked a few times.

"What’s wrong?"

"Instead of me having to be forced to eat by you like earlier, I better eat something so you don't nag at me anymore."

"What-well, that's a great idea."

John, who was about to be annoyed, gave up. He sighed softly and moved his hands. "Go bring something to fill your stomach, genius."

But John and Mike found Sherlock just staring at the food John had brought earlier. As well as a bribe given to him by force.


"I want what you have now."

John blinked. "Hah?"

"That means you have to get another new one, John." Mike chuckled softly.

John brushed his hair before letting out a long sigh. Sherlock found him handing him his own lunch for the day.

"Here, finish it."

Sherlock blinked now in surprise. "I can eat again later. Especially since you rarely eat."

"Are you sure?"

John snorted softly. "You're the one who asking why are you in doubt, Sherlock?"

Sherlock scowled slowly. "But you look angry. I don’t mean-"

"I'm not angry, Sherlock."

Now Sherlock found John looking at him gently. "As long as you still want to eat something even a little, and well, the rest of my food you don't seem to mind, then eat it."

Sherlock put on a worried expression where Mike just smiled. "And finish it on my share."

Mike shrugged as Sherlock glanced up at him. He smiled as if he knew that was John's nature. Sherlock blinked a few times before reaching for the spoon John used.


"I wonder how you managed to tame Sherlock Holmes, John."


John blinked. “Mike, he's a human, not an animal. And again, I only asked him to eat even a little bit, is that wrong?"

"No, it's not wrong." Mike declared it playfully and made John wince. "No wonder Sherlock's brother asked me to watch over you two."

"And you receive it in exchange for money, right?"

John grumbled as Mike backed off with laughter. "Well, well,"


Sherlock was silent and enjoyed the food that John ate and was forced to offer him. Sherlock narrowed his eyes.

"I don't remember Mycroft doing the same thing John did to me."

Sherlock is now convinced and realizes that Moriarty's statement is true and he hates it. That he must be awakened by a genius who is both as interesting as he is and is annoying. The fact that Sherlock has a weakness. He shouldn't show it so clearly in front of Moriarty because he knew that Moriarty was going to do something and that the result would shock him. Sherlock couldn't let that happen.


With the extraordinary persistence and intimacy possessed by Sherlock, Mike and John, the combined lesson teacher also allowed Mike to be in the same class with both of them into one group. Mike, who was happy, just smiled and chuckled at the combined class lesson that day and managed to make Sherlock hold his annoyance.

"John, you better kick your friend out if he refuses to help."

"You’re so mean, Sherlock."

John sighed softly. "I agree. Unfortunately, he's too big and fat to kick out of this class."

"I'm not that fat, John!"

Sherlock smiled slightly behind his experiment while John covered his ears while recording the results of their group's experiment that day.

Not long ago and they were talking about subject matter, Mike made a sound.

"Oh yeah, John, it looks like the new guy in the next class is interested in you."

John blinked. "Who?"

"You know, his name is-"

"The son of Inspector Lestrade?"

The two of them turned to Sherlock who didn't look at them with a flat expression as if he wasn't interested.

"You know?"

“His father is an acquaintance of my parents and is a good friend of Mycroft. Even though Mycroft is three years older than him."

John blinked at the explanation from his junior. "What is the age gap between you and Mycroft, Sherlock?"


Sherlock answered without hesitation. "Mycroft and Lestrade in your class are three years apart, and you’re a year younger than him."

"Hmm, I think everyone who is a classmate is the same age."

"Of course not, John."

Sherlock closed his eyes now. "Age does not apply to those who value education and it is not too late for the elderly though."

Mike and John exchanged glances before smiling. Now they see Sherlock busy with their experiments again.

"You're right about that too." Sherlock glanced at John and Mike, who were smiling now.

"Then what's his name?"

"Ah, Greg Lestrade. I got to know him in sports class because he's quite overwhelmed to practice martial arts."

John glanced at Mike with a wicked smile on his face. "You too, Mike."

"I-I can still handle it by myself!"

John chuckled to find Mike shyly arguing. Sherlock blinked.

"He wants to be a cop like his father?"

"Sounds like that, he was quite slow in attending lessons, and also in sports activities. But his cheerful spirit overcame all of that, and he didn't hesitate to ask me for help."

John reached for his pen to continue taking notes. "I'm sure he will also ask your help regarding anything related to the police. Moreover, with your intelligence."

Sherlock blinked as John pointed at him with a pen before smiling.

"I'm really looking forward to it then."

John smiled teeth. "Looking forward to seeing that he will ask me for help with the details of the murder case."


Sherlock chuckled while Mike just laughed freely. John sighed softly and laughed too. The teacher that day approached their table and saw the experimental results which again got an overwhelming reaction and amazement from his expression. The teacher was proud of the collaboration and the results of Sherlock's group which he thought would not go well because few people wanted to talk to Sherlock together like John and Mike.



“Ah, Holmes! Sherlock Holmes!"

Sherlock turned his head when he heard his name called out in a cheerful voice similar to Mike's. Unfortunately, what called him was not John's best friend in class but a student who was the son of the famous inspector, Inspector Lestrade.

"What do you want, Lestrade?"

"Oh, you already know my name.”

Sherlock snorted. "Mike keeps talking about you and if you know my method, you won't be confused about how I can do it."

"Well, you do exactly what John said."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. "What did he tell you about me?"

Lestrade blinked now. "A junior who are smart and extraordinary even though you’re annoying sometimes?" Sherlock winced as Lestrade answered his question. "As well as an interesting friend that no one has."

Sherlock widened his eyes at that. "Well, I'm telling the truth, you know. You look disbelieving."

Lestrade found that his junior was now looking away. "Then?"

"Oh, I want to ask you for a favour."

"You mean about Moriarty torturing your classmates?"

Lestrade widened his eyes. "How do you-" Lestrade shook his head.

"If you know why you didn't do something?”

"None of my business."


Lestrade blinked a few times as Sherlock glared at him. There was seriousness and arrogance in that gaze upon him. In contrast to John's statement about Sherlock to him before.

"Should I say that this is also John's request?"

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"I also asked for his help, especially his ability to medically with Mike even if only a little bit." Lestrade brushed his hair. "But he's also confused about what really happened."

Sherlock snorted softly. "You can ask the teachers for help, right?"

"Unfortunately, that, Sherlock," he waited for the would-be police officer to continue. "Moriarty threatened to injure the others if we reported it to the teacher.” Sherlock frowned.

"I and John have also thought about it from the start, Mike is also eagerly to report immediately, but because he dared to do that, we’ll be in trouble if we face him and end up falling more victims, we don’t want that."

Sherlock blinked. "You sure sound like a cop, Lestrade."


Lestrade blushed as Sherlock praised him without hesitation. "It’s the first time someone said that to me."

"You're going to be a cop, right?"

"Huh? How do you know?" Sherlock shrugged. "Is it because I'm also the son of a famous inspector?"

"No." Lestrade found Sherlock looking at him again. Now with a different look and used to show John and Mike. "You have a similar attitude about justice with John."

Lestrade blinked a few times before smiling. "Well, thanks for that."

Sherlock was now standing facing Lestrade.

"Then how I can help you?"

John and Mike turned to find Lestrade arriving with Sherlock. The expressions of the two changed looking at their genius junior. Sherlock himself had to avert his gaze briefly at the look of relief on John's face.

"Thank goodness you came, Sherlock!"

Sherlock nodded and turned to an empty classroom. There he could find three students lying weak and their bodies battered. Sherlock winced and started walking until a hand stopped him.

"Be careful, Sherlock."

He glanced at John, who was in a low voice. "You know, I mean, Moriarty, the one you used to tell him was using a way you didn't like."

Sherlock blinked before nodding. John's hand slipped from his arm and again he regretted making his senior do that. Sherlock returned to observe and assess the conditions up to their situation there. He stood in the doorway and looked in all directions.

"When did you last see Moriarty?"


"Ah, this afternoon." Mike speaks up for them. "I saw him was in the cafeteria busy choosing lunch."

Sherlock blinked and stepped inside with a deliberate jerk.


John pulled him back when a trap made by an amateur's hand blew an arrow at him. The arrow nearly stabbed Sherlock's leg, injuring him.

"You should have told him that this empty class was given traps by him, Greg!"

"Well, sorry, sorry,"

The grumbling John saw Sherlock glance up at him. "Your reflexes are good, John."

"Huh? Well, my skills in martial arts are pretty good. Didn't I tell you?”

Sherlock blinked and nodded. "You're right."

"Be careful."

Sherlock turned to John again who whispered to him and returned to let him step inside.

"If you're that worried, come in with me."


Sherlock shrugged. "You can protect me if another trap tries to injure me."

John blinked before sighing softly. "We asked you to come here to help us identify what traps are there and how we can help the three of them without getting hurt, Sherlock."

Sherlock rolled his eyes as John brushed his hair. "I can't do everything this far, John. There are things that must be observed closely too."

John found Lestrade stepping beside him. "Then let me-"

"No, Greg."

The two of them stare at each other now. "You don't know exactly how this genius brain works."

Sherlock just smiled a little at that. "So, you can pay attention if you intend to cooperate with him in the future for now."

Lestrade shrugged after exchanging glances with Mike. "Well, please then, partner in crime."

John snorted and Sherlock himself began to walk into the classroom little by little.

"We’re only partners in the lab class, not partner in crime."

Lestrade chuckled and let the two of them work their way. Both he and Mike could see how deftly Sherlock and John worked together without enough words to be heard.

“Sherlock! Don't step on it!"

"This would make a great sample for lab class later, John."

“We're not here for that now! Get it right!"

Sherlock looked up as John grunted.


"I'll accompany you to take all the samples you want later so now listen to my words!"

Sherlock sighed softly before rising to his feet. "All samples I want, John."

"Yes, yes."

Without taking that long, in just a matter of minutes, Sherlock and John made it through the class across it to get close to three injured students without being caught in a trap. John remembered every place and trap Sherlock knew with just one glance. John was somewhat amazed by the ability of Sherlock to be knowledgeable in many areas except human emotions and feelings.

Mike and Lestrade took the three injured and battered students to the teacher's room to give them medication and explanation. They gave a surrendered expression when they heard that what happened to the three students was Moriarty's work again. No one knows where he is now, mostly only a few people know.

"Don't try to chase Moriarty when he's away from school."

They turned to Sherlock who declared it by staring at the watch he was wearing.

"You mean?"

"He will come by himself, so you don't have to look for him." Sherlock gave them a glare. "If you have the time to do it, all of you will return with the same circumstances as the three of them."

They turned to the three students who were now lying on the bed in the medical room after receiving treatment when Sherlock moved his chin to show what was happening.

"And you know where he is now, Sherlock?"

Sherlock glanced at John who asked with a worried expression. There was both fear and worry on his face. Sherlock narrowed his eyes.


They stared in surprise. "I just don't like the way he does work, it's not like I won't be able to predict what he will do and where he is right now."

John frowned. "Work? You mean he is both a genius as you but he uses his abilities completely different from yours?”

Sherlock rolled his eyes. "Of course, John. If it were the same, he wouldn't bother doing what he was doing now." Sherlock stuck both hands into his trouser pockets.

"But because he's different and bored, I'm sure he's doing this to have fun and entertain himself."

“Have fun you say? This includes people's lives, Holmes!"

The four of them found one of the teachers rising from his seat. John looked up to find him wearing an annoyed expression mixed with disappointment.

"Why can't you geniuses use your extraordinary abilities for something more useful to you and to others?"

They found the teacher closed his eyes and there was sadness there. As well as disappointment that he couldn't do anything and left it to the students. Sherlock frowned.

"You think it's easy-"

"They are geniuses, but that doesn't mean all geniuses can control and follow the wishes of many people, teacher."

Sherlock looked up to find John making a sound. Confidence was evident on his face.

"There are geniuses who use their abilities on behalf of others, like Sherlock, even though he himself is reluctant and doesn't seem to mean to do that."

Sherlock blinked in surprise. "There are also geniuses who use their abilities to satisfy themselves and by hurting others." John clenched his hands.

"Maybe that's one of the ways he knows to be able to tell people that his abilities are true and he wants to be approved by others."

Mike and Lestrade had the same worried expressions. "John..."

Sherlock frowned. "Approved..."

"I don't know what Sherlock wants to make so much observations to have an extraordinary intelligence that most people probably don't have."

"A little genius, John."

"I know!"

John growled in annoyance when Sherlock declared it with an innocent expression like a child who had just been grabbed by a toy.

"But at least he is willing to help us to be able to save the three of them with his ability. Sherlock had something that could be taken as proof of his intelligence right. But Moriarty,” John clenched his fist again.

"Maybe he doesn't know, and doesn't know how."

Sherlock found John looking at him again. "I'm sure he doesn't have that many friends?"

"Well, I guess so." Sherlock narrowed his eyes. "Because he is annoying and sometimes indiscriminate, not many people like him and want to be his friend at the same time."

John smiled a little. "He looks a lot like you." Sherlock gave John annoyed look who didn't take it personally.

"But you have friends, now don't you?"

Sherlock blinked a few times. "Moriarty may have, but well, we won't know as well as we think, given Moriarty's own personality."

Mike frowned at where Lestrade sighed softly. He gave up remembering how Moriarty, who was Sherlock's classmate, never stopped torturing his classmates to the other students. With the help of people, he succeeded in influencing or being friends with.

The teachers thanked Lestrade and John for asking Sherlock for help to be able to save the three innocent students who were injured and battered by Moriarty. They could only hope that Sherlock's classmates didn't repeat the same thing again.



Sherlock ran excitedly while pulling his senior's hand toward an empty area filled with shady plants and trees behind their school. John, who was panting, finally heard Sherlock's loud voice at him.

“John! Look there!"

"Wait... let me breathe first..."

"What's with that hard breathe, John? I thought you were good at martial arts so your stamina will increase.”

Sherlock snorted while John was still out of breath.

"I'm not as passionate as you, genius!"

John also found Sherlock waiting for him to rest briefly while wiping the sweat that ran down his chin. John got up and got ready to follow the genius wherever he went.

"Then, where do you want to take the sample?"

Sherlock smiled broadly at that.

The two of them spend time together to take samples which Sherlock thinks will be useful for his combined class with Mike. Even though he was sure that Mike would not like him, but since there was still John by his side, he would hold back. After all, Mike also intends to become a doctor like John.

Apart from the combined class, sometimes Sherlock finds John coming alone with Mike. When with Mike, Sherlock will comb and filter any conversations he can talk to him without offending Mike and upsetting him to the point that he requires John to stop him when he is about to punch Sherlock. If without Mike, Sherlock would state and tell anything without hesitation because he knew John would never care to think what the genius had to say to him because John would hear and accept it without protest. To add as his opinion or knowledge he has about it.

Sherlock realized that John's presence now meant a lot to him and he did not want to be far away and could not be near his senior.

Sherlock, who noticed John's presence in the hallway alone who was walking to his class, made the expression on Sherlock's face change without hesitation. With a gift they could consider a sample for the combined class experiment, Sherlock walked happily towards the senior.



Sherlock stops and finds John being approached by a girl.

"Hey, Jessica."

There was an expression John had never shown him. It's an expression where a man is attracted to a woman who is the opposite sex. Sherlock knew there would be a time when John, his senior, wouldn't be with him all the time, like in their respective classes. But for some reason, Sherlock's chest throbbed every time he saw someone else who wasn't himself with the senior. Even if it's Mike and Lestrade though.

Not long after that, Sherlock blinked as John waved at the girl who walked away from him and waved back at him. Now John's eyes met his and Sherlock knew that his senior was surprised to find Sherlock there. A smile slowly painted on his face.


Sherlock also tightened the thing he was carrying on his chest when he saw John's expression, which turned happy when he saw him. His innocent and honest smile was clearly visible to him. The silent Sherlock found John running towards him without hesitation.

"It's rare to see you here!"

Sherlock snorted softly. "Well, this is the hallway and there must be a lot of students passing it."

John chuckled at Sherlock's dishonesty as he commented. John sighed softly.

"Then what do you bring?"

"Materials for our experiments in the combined class later."

John blinked at a physics and chemistry book that his junior was carrying in his arms.

"Is there any information that will be obtained if we read these two books?"


Sherlock nodded without hesitation as John pointed to the two books he was carrying. "Especially for the brains of both of you which are quite slow in absorbing subjects."

"What did you say?"

Sherlock smiled wickedly as John growled in annoyance. John sighed softly, knowing Sherlock was like that and gave up if he had to fight over it.

"Well, I was really helped you to help us with some lessons."

"Of course. I can't let my comrades don't understand the subject even if they're a bit slow.”

John refrained from getting annoyed when Sherlock stated it clearly and firmly while clutching at the two books he was carrying again. John has his hands on his hips.

"And you came here just to show me that?"

Sherlock blinked before nodding. "Seriously?" Sherlock just nodded again like a puppy being trained an easy movement.

"You didn't even tell Mike?"

Sherlock tilted his head in confusion and John found him so adorable. John knew they were young and childish, but he was surprised to find it in Sherlock Holmes.

"I told you so you could tell him."

John widened his eyes before smiling faintly. "Just say it if you're lazy to do it by yourself."

"I don’t mean it like that!"

John turned around, waving. "Yes, yes, I know."

Sherlock puffed his cheeks like a child irritated that what he didn't listen to and didn't find attractive to others. Sherlock also found John glancing over his shoulder.

"If you have free time, want to help me with math?"

Sherlock smiled.

"Are you sure you asked your junior, John?"

"Be-because you’re smart no problem, right? Please help me a little bit!"

Sherlock's smile grew wider as John blushed from openly asking his junior for help with a subject.

"You're throwing away your pride asking your junior for help?"

“Argh! Yes, yes, I’m throwing it away so you can help me understand it, Sherlock Holmes!"

Sherlock follows John to the library to study a subject which is quite difficult and makes John have to think hard with his help. Only he did not hesitate to ask for help to ask for help from him who was younger than him when others were reluctant and felt proud to do so. Sherlock was relieved that there was still someone who asked him nothing like John Watson and only asked him to be his friend.

Until Sherlock saw a person who was very similar to John Watson in his class under the name Victor Trevor.

John and Lestrade, who started getting close, felt relieved when Moriarty stopped doing something that made the teachers feel headache and disappointed. No more injured students and only peace in the schools they attended.

"I haven't seen Sherlock in a long time, by the way."

John turned his head when Lestrade sounded. "Well, we’re only in the same class in the combined class, so I don't meet and see him that often."

"You didn't make an appointment or exchange phone numbers?"


John blinked that Lestrade's idea had a point. Even so, he remembered that Sherlock was not very close to phones and that most of them preferred books to the point of observing many things that caught his eye.

"It didn't occur to me. Maybe I'll ask him when I see him."

Lestrade, who was chuckling, patted John on the back excitedly. "You sound like his lover, John!"

"What-cut it out, Greg!"

Lestrade's statement about Sherlock that they rarely saw now made John curious. Apart from the combined class, the two of them rarely meet both to chat a little to talk about experiments in the combined class. John saw him often in the library even though it wasn't that long because Sherlock was quickly disappearing and John wasn't sure he'd find him again that day.

When the joint class arrives, John can't wait to meet Sherlock because he wants to ask for his contact and wants to be able to chat with him longer after not seeing him for a long time. Exams up to lessons in each class for their level is annoying. Sherlock came in with a cheerful and unbelievably happy expression. John was a little surprised to see him but he was grateful that Sherlock could put on such an expression behind his cool and sharp expression on many people.

"Looks like someone is very happy today."

Sherlock looked up to find John cradled his face in his hands.


"Then, what makes you happy hmm?"

John found Sherlock averted his gaze. His mouth opened and closed again as if he was hesitant to express what he felt and what was on his mind. John didn't know that Sherlock could act like that. Rarely did he, to the best of John's knowledge, having known the genius of his junior.

"In my class there is another new student."

John widened his eyes. "Is he-?"

"Oh, no, this time he was really interesting and you shouldn't worry about it like Moriarty."

John found Sherlock snorting.

"It's been good time the last few days he seems distracted by something and no longer tells anyone to torture anyone."

John smiled to find that Sherlock still didn't like Moriarty's manner and character. Well, most don't like him because he's like a psychopath and Sherlock isn't one of them.

"In that case, good. Well, tell me who he is?"

The seated Sherlock nodded firmly.

"His name is Victor Trevor. He has short hair with a cut similar to yours, blonde colour that also looks like you, and his eyes are very similar to yours!”

John blinked in amazement. "Wow, well, maybe this time it's really my twin?"

Sherlock nodded firmly once again.

"And he doesn't mind playing pirates with me!"

"Ah, you told me that you wanted to be a pirate?"

“Yep. He didn't hesitate to follow me as a crew member and play together." John found Sherlock's eyes sparkling.

John knew he shouldn't feel jealous to the point that he was a little annoyed, that someone else caught Sherlock's eye apart from him, other than him who was interesting to Sherlock's eyes. But the happiness and smile on Sherlock's face overcame all of that. John has been friends with Sherlock from the start so that he won't be lonely and not alone, and hopes that he is interesting and a genius and can help anyone if they ask for help properly. That Sherlock could be made a good friend instead of being treated harshly and badly.

But deep in John's heart, he hoped that only he was Sherlock's best friend and the one who could deal with him quite carelessly. But John knew, once again, that he couldn't be selfish. That means, he's stealing away the happiness and things Sherlock has probably been looking for all this time.

John is not that kind of person.

“John! Did you hear me?"

"Ah, sorry, sorry, where were you talking about?"


Not long after John listened to Sherlock's explanation and lecture about a new friend in his class, Mike arrived with his usual cheerful demeanour. After waving, Sherlock went back to telling the story and John found Mike getting to know the new student Sherlock was referring to. John chose not to comment out loud, because he was sure that if he said that, he would hurt Sherlock.

Since then, Sherlock has never talked and come to John and Mike in joint class anymore.



Sherlock looked up at the new student in his class, without hesitation approached him and smiled innocently. His figure reminded Sherlock of John. Even though John still hesitates because he is Sherlock's senior and not the same age as Victor.

"I heard you're the genius and smart Sherlock Holmes?"

Sherlock blinked. "Is that what most people say?"

"Yeah. I'm Victor Trevor. Nice to meet you, Sherlock."

The same thing happened again and he saw Victor reach out to him. Like when John did that to him. Sherlock took a hand that was as warm as John's.

"Well, you already know my name."

Victor laughs. "You’re right. Well, I heard that you have friends who are our seniors?”

Sherlock looked away. "Only in the combined class."

"I'm sure it's not just in the joint class." Sherlock found Victor looking at him curiously. "You guys get along pretty well, right outside that class?"

Sherlock blinked before snorting. "They just force it to talk with me."

Victor laughed again and it felt good. He is similar to John but care-free and more open than John and Mike.

Sherlock couldn't believe he could get along with anyone other than John and Mike so quickly. Victor unhesitatingly befriends him and doesn't care what their classmates say about the genius and seems interested only in every explanation to the knowledge of his. Sometimes he is also curious about Moriarty, but Sherlock's enemy rejects the joy and honesty that emanates from Victor. This makes Victor have to give up being Moriarty's friend and hope to be friends with him someday.

"Why should you be interested in Moriarty too?"

"Well, well, you sound jealous, Sherlock."

Sherlock snorted. "I didn't say that."

Victor laughs when he sees Sherlock deny it. The genius himself remembered how he had said that to John, who was his senior.

"Then why don't you meet your friend who is an upperclassman?"

Sherlock glanced at Victor who asked innocently. "We weren't that close and," Victor waited.

"I don’t have his contact."

"Well, too bad, and I wonder what kind of person he is."

Sherlock blinked as Victor looked up at the sky above them.

"You can join the same joint class as me if you want to meet him."

"That is a good idea."

Victor smiled broadly. "Ah, unfortunately on the day the combined class started, I have another class."

Sherlock blinked again. "Language class?"

"Yep. As they say, you’re fast and easy to observe other people."

Victor laughed as Sherlock stated.

"That's my job and it's my pride."

Victor muttered softly in agreement before making a sound.

"Seems so." Sherlock glanced at Victor who gave him a gentle look the way John looked at him.

"Not all of them are good though."

Sherlock scowled and snorted. Victor laughs again when he finds Sherlock grumbling like a kid who didn't buy his favourite ice cream.

Their daily lives are more together than Sherlock with John, making Sherlock rarely appear in the combined class with his two seniors in order to take part in the language class that Victor took. The two of them studied many languages until Sherlock found his favourite language, Japanese. Although it was difficult for him, he really liked it because it was interesting. His relationship with his seniors also seems to fade and change over time and Sherlock's absence from the combined science class.

John, who walked to the library to borrow the combined class book that Sherlock had recommended, found his junior sitting at an empty table alone. John found it as an opportunity for him to chat and talk again with his favourite juniors and those who caught his attention.

Until another figure surprised and stopped his steps.


"Did you find the book?"

Sherlock looked up to find the friend Sherlock had mentioned to John appearing as Victor Trevor with a language book in his hand.

"It was a little difficult, but I managed to find it." Victor sat across from Sherlock with a chuckle.

"I stated it was on the third-row shelf, but you refused to listen."

Sherlock grunted softly and grumbled.

Victor rubbed the nape of his neck. "Sorry, sorry, there are books that are just as interesting as the one I want to read."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. "Astronomy book?"

“Yep! I really like it and it's interesting. How about you?"

“About the stars? The solar system? Not interested!"

Victor grinned as Sherlock snorted again.

"Come on, Sherlock. I'm sure you must be interested."

"Don't force me, Victor."

Unconsciously John clenched his fists. His expression changed from joy to sadness. At the same time jealousy rose in his heart.

John bit his lip.

"I should be happy to see Sherlock be able to make friends with other people and classmates as well as that."

John clenched his fists. "But why do I feel that my only friend is being taken away?" John endured the pain that started to throb in his chest.

"I'm selfish. I’m jealous." John mumbled again softly and his goal of coming to the library disappeared in an instant.

"I really hope that Sherlock's only friend is me."

Sherlock and Victor laugh as they discuss Victor's brought up language. John also made a smile to endure the pain he could no longer endure. As well as the tears that flooded his dark blue eyes. Eyes similar to those eyes of Victor.

"I’m glad, Sherlock. You're not alone anymore."

John turned around after smiling and letting the tears fall.

Without realizing it, that Sherlock looked up to look at him who had disappeared past the tall bookshelves. Sherlock blinked a few times when he felt someone watching him with extreme sadness.



Victor blinked as Sherlock looked away and not the language book they were reading now.

"What’s wrong?"


Sherlock blinked before turning back to Victor.

"It’s nothing."

Moriarty smiled to find John standing not far from him. With both hands clenched behind Moriarty there are several students who are battered by the act of his men who are only alone.

“Well, well, I can't believe Johnny boy approaching me alone like this. Aren't you afraid?"

"Immediately hand them over to me, Moriarty."

"I refuse. What do you have to do with them?"

John frowned. "You hurt them and I won’t remain silent."

Moriarty smiled broadly. There was satisfaction in that smile.

"It seems that there is not only the soul of a doctor in you, Watson."

Moriarty squinted and John stared back at her. "But also, the soul of the soldier in it."

John smiled a little. "You don't know how good my martial arts skills are?"

"That's why you intend to become an army-doctor?"

"As Sherlock said, you’re a genius and both are good at deduction."

Moriarty just smiled before returning to his voice. "You're doing this because Sherlock dumped you?" John frowned.

"Looks like he has found a new weakness."

John blinked. "Weakness? What do you mean?"

"I'm sure you understand it."

“Trevor isn't Sherlock's weakness but a friend! His new friend!"

"And you were dumped, I know your sorrow very well, Watson."

Moriarty shrugged his shoulders as he waited for John to understand the words and saw him stare wide.

"So, you said that Sherlock's weakness earlier..."

Moriarty smiled broadly and John was sure he didn't like that smile.

"Exactly. Sherlock Holmes's weakness is his best friend, John Watson."

John blinked a few times before smiling.

"Well, at least not anymore."

Moriarty shook his shoulders and was countered by John's defensive moves in martial arts.

"Those two are no longer your business so leave them alone."

"You're going to protect both of them for the happiness of that Sherlock needs you think?"

John frowned. "I won't let you do anything to them."

Moriarty snapped his fingers and John found his men hurrying toward him.

"At least I know your weakness, Watson."

John widened his eyes before he easily defeated Moriarty's men. The genius sighed softly before shrugging his shoulders. He walked past John who was panting and patted him lightly on the shoulder.

"They are yours now, Johnny boy."

The two of them stare at each other now. "I underestimated you because I thought you would break easily if Sherlock was taken from you forcibly."

John smiled slowly and Moriarty realized his expression had turned sad. He was a little surprised at that.

“Sherlock Holmes is my weakness. That's all I'll tell you, Jim Moriarty."

Moriarty, who was a bit surprised by John's sincerity and honesty, made a smile. After tapping him on the shoulder several times, Moriarty walked away and left John alone there. With a battered state and also the appearance that he was the one who did it all and not Moriarty.

That way, he seemed to save Moriarty from accusations and punishment and this time John would accept it.

John closed his eyes.

"The one who is alone is actually me, huh?"

Sherlock, who that day was persuaded by Victor to go to his combined class with his seniors, John and Mike strolled to a class that was not far from his class while the second class was quite far away. Sherlock stopped his footsteps when he saw the figures of John and Mike standing not far from the hallway that separated several teachings and learning classes from the teacher room. Sherlock found Mike hugging John without hesitation with tears streaming down his face.


Sherlock who was about to catch up to see the situation stopped at once.

“I'm sure John didn't do it! He's a good one and we all know that!"

Mike insisted on several teachers who didn't know the two of them to teachers who were used to both. They lowered their heads and expressions of surrender and sadness at what had happened.

"Come on, Mike, it’s fine."

Mike grabbed the future doctor's shoulders.

"But what about your sister hearing this news? She will definitely be sad!"

John looked away and Sherlock couldn't see his expression.

“She… won't really care and well, I'm sure she'll just scold me like I've been doing before.”


Silence enveloped Sherlock and rendered him immobile. He tries to read the situations and circumstances, but he finds nothing serious apart from Mike's sadness and disappointment with the teachers who are nearby. As well as their expressions that showed the disappointment he had seen before. But Sherlock could not see the expression shown by John.

"We'll talk about this again, Watson, Stamford."

Sherlock found John and Mike turning their heads at one of the voiced teachers. His hands massaged the area around the nose and eyes.

"But before things are over, you must accept this punishment, John."

Mike turned to John, who nodded without hesitation. Sherlock raised a confused eyebrow.

"Punishment? What was John really doing?"

Sherlock, who wanted to know the real situation and stepped quickly, stopped again. As if his feet were frozen.

"You're suspended for attacking and injuring your own classmates."

Sherlock widened his eyes.

This time he could clearly see John's battered face, his hands bandaged and one knee bandaged. Sherlock saw him nod again.


Sherlock does not believe that a John Watson who is a prospective doctor and upholds justice, so that even refusing to be injured, must injure and hurt others with his own hands.



Mike and Lestrade sat not far from a school park without John. Now the prospective doctor who is their best friend is resting and staying silent in their dormitory after two days of undergoing a given suspension. Neither of them believed that John beat him to the point of harming his own classmates. John is not the one who would do that without a reason.

"This must be Moriarty’s work." Mike choked up his voice.

"Yeah." Lestrade closed his eyes. "But the testimony that appears only from John and no one who saw the truth, will make it difficult for us to clean John’s name."

Mike turned to Lestrade. "There is no evidence to support any of this and we’re sure that Moriarty will not confess, although he will certainly say so without hesitation."

"How about we get Sherlock's help?"

Lestrade let out a long sigh. "You've heard John's statement to us, haven't you?"

Mike lowered his head.

John, who was about to return to his dorm room, found Mike and Lestrade looking at him worriedly.

"Calm down and don't worry, Mike, Greg."

"This must be Moriarty’s work again!"

John only smiled a little. "Forget it and let the teachers take care of it."

"You can't just stay silent even if you're not wrong, John!"

"But the truth is I made that classmate who was his men battered we can't deny, Greg."

"You did it for self-defence."

“Moriarty didn't ask him and our classmates immediately attacked me, Greg. I did it too and challenged him."

Mike opened his mouth but no words or voice came out. Lestrade just bowed his head confused what else to say. John smiled.

"Thank you for defending and worrying about me, you two."

"Of course!" Mike sounded without hesitation when Lestrade nodded. "We have to tell-"


Mike and Lestrade found John making a gentle expression. "Don't tell Sherlock about this."

"Why?" John stifled a laugh as Mike protested.

"He already has a friend he needs to protect and Moriarty knows it."

Mike blinked where Lestrade narrowed his eyes. "You mean Victor Trevor?"

John nodded firmly. "I want you two to look after the two of them as long as I don't attend class." Mike and Lestrade exchanged glances.

"Come on, taking care of a Sherlock Holmes isn't that difficult."

"I'm sure only you can do it, John!"

John suddenly backed off when Mike declared it confidently and Lestrade nodded excitedly. As if that was a fact that could no longer be denied. John smiled a little.

"He's got Trevor now." John narrowed his eyes. "Me and Sherlock weren't that close to where he and I had to worry each other."

Mike and Lestrade had the same expression. John turned and grabbed the doorknob of his room.

"Please. Don't say anything to Sherlock about this."

Lestrade frowned. "I can't believe Sherlock Holmes is so valuable to John."

"John didn't have close friends before meeting Sherlock, Lestrade."

The candidate for police looked up. "You could say, Sherlock is the person who gave him the courage to be friends, like the two of us. Even if he does, he will be hesitant and reluctant at first."

"You're saying that John and Sherlock are alike about being friends?"

Mike nodded in confirmation. "So, both of them are familiar and compatible. Because John has something Sherlock doesn't have and Sherlock has something John doesn't. They fill each other."

Lestrade blinked. "Then what about Trevor?"

Mike looked away. "If Trevor is similar to John, then that means, what John has, is also owned by him, and he can fill in Sherlock's shortcomings, replacing John's position on Sherlock's side."

Lestrade frowned. "Poor John, then."

Mike nodded.

"John is not a person who has the heart to take away the happiness of others, even though the person is Sherlock Holmes."

John Watson sat on the edge of his bed staring at the piece of paper he had made for Sherlock's contact. He smiled faintly with a throbbing pain in his chest.

"At this rate, I won't be able to ask Sherlock's contact again."

John closed his eyes. "I can no longer be his friend and talk to him again after becoming a bad person."

News about Moriarty's behaviour and how John was involved in it began to spread throughout the school. The news on the suspension reached Sherlock's classmates and also his new friend, Victor.

"Isn't that Sherlock Holmes, John's best friend?"

"Too bad, he must be friends with a bad guy."

"Well, Sherlock himself is just as weird, it's not strange that Watson is just as weird as he is."

"There are those who want to be friends with him."

Sherlock winced whenever there was discussion of him and John. Now in his ears, the kind, energetic and sometimes overly honest John sounded so mean and bad to the eyes of others. Sherlock doesn't mind him being considered bad and unkind in the eyes of all school students, but if about John, who is still willing to be his friend, makes Sherlock's chest throb with pain. Sherlock doesn't want the kind-hearted John to be considered bad and the same as Moriarty.

“Ah, hey, stop talking about John Watson in front of Sherlock Holmes. You know it's taboo now, right?"

Sherlock widened his eyes. "I forgot. Did he hear that?”

"See! He stopped, right?"

"God, it’s bad. Let's go."

Sherlock turned his head and found that the two people who had said this were now walking away, not wanting the genius to ask around to call them. Sherlock scowled slowly.


Lestrade who endlessly listened to the news that was spreading in his school walked down the hallway with his head bowed. He hated not being able to do anything when his best friend, who both upheld justices, seemed to be a victim of bad people, aka his junior student who was genius and used to doing bad things.

"Well, well, it looks really bad, now, it is."

Lestrade looked up to find Mycroft standing not far from him. On a green grass in the school.


Lestrade saw him take a step toward him. "I'm sure this must be Moriarty's doing again?"

"John knows about it and he did it on purpose."

Mycroft found Lestrade clenched his hands in disappointment.

"Why does he always-?"

"This too must be for the sake of Sherlock and his new friend, Victor."

Lestrade looked up in surprise when Mycroft didn't look at him. He glanced once before making sound again.

"You must have heard from Stamford that Sherlock's first and only friend was John."

Lestrade blinked. "First?"

"Yes." Mycroft shrugged. "With our abilities and intelligence, it doesn't make it easy for us to have close friends who are interesting and make us want to keep them for so long." Lestrade found Mycroft looking at him now. "That also applies to Moriarty."

Lestrade frowned. "Even though Moriarty doesn't seem interested in making friends."

"He prefers to have lots of enemies and rivals that he can play with."

Lestrade turned to Mycroft again. His gaze fixed on a scene that made Lestrade have to look at him too. There Sherlock walked with Victor and walked together in the hallway to the classrooms and teachers' room.

"Compared to friends who require them to use something they are not good at and it is better to honestly compete to strengthen the relationship by assessing each other's abilities."

Lestrade frowned. "Compete in two different fields even though they are both geniuses?"

Mycroft narrowed his eyes and smiled. "You’re an extraordinary police candidate, Lestrade."

"This is the second time I've heard that and from the same family."

Mycroft who saw Lestrade snorted softly while holding back the embarrassment made him smile even wider. He looked up to find Sherlock and Victor walking away until they were out of sight.

"And Stamford's statement to you about Watson getting the courage to befriend other people from Sherlock is true." Lestrade turned to Sherlock's brother. "Because Sherlock got the same courage from Watson."

Lestrade widened his eyes. Mycroft found sadness there.

"I thought so that they were partners in crime."

Mycroft chuckled as Lestrade declared it. He knew that it was the first time someone had declared his brother and his first friend as partners.

"If you want things back once again between them, you have to encourage them."

Lestrade looked up. "Encourage?"

"Give encouragement, to be more precise to my brother."

Lestrade blinked. "To your brother?"

“He’s a bit stubborn and has a firm stand. Even so, that doesn't mean he didn't listen. He knows what's good for him and what's bad for him, and sometimes he chooses paths that are not good for him for the sake of a big purpose."

Lestrade chuckled. "You do sound like you can read the future easily, Mycroft."

"Well, we can." Lestrade turned to the smiling Mycroft. "But that's not the case for now."

Mycroft patted Lestrade lightly on the shoulder. “I'm sure Victor would do something about this too if he saw Sherlock's condition. But there is encouragement you can do to improve this situation."

Lestrade blinked before swallowing hard. There was nervousness to hear the continuation of Sherlock's brother's statement.

"And what’s that?"

Mycroft smiled broadly.

"By making Sherlock realize that John was all he needed."



After the two-day suspension for John, who was given a week to do that, he, who was asked to not attend any class, occasionally left his room with Mike to enjoy the lunch he brought to a park. The park is one of the places John and Sherlock sampled for the joint class. John missed that moment and he couldn't believe it had become such a memory.

At the same time, it will no longer be repeated.

John stared at the cup filled with hot tea while he waited for the lunch that Mike brought him.

"How's Sherlock doing now?" John muttered softly. "Partner in crime... Greg's statement at that time had a point." John laughed dryly. "I'm sure Sherlock is doing it now with Victor with those enthusiastic eyes."

John sighed softly. "If that's the case, I'd like to know what he's doing with the remaining samples."

"Sorry I took long, John!"

John turned to find Mike arriving with a tray and several bags filled with something on his filled left arm. John smiled a little.

“What are you carrying? I don't eat that much you know."

"Only for your preparations if you don't leave your room."

John sighed softly. "Ta, Mike."

Mike found the sadness on John's face before sighing.

"What? We're friends right?"

John laughed now. "You’re right."

They also talk about medicine and books that will help them in upholding this education. Mike also showed him some of the books he had read as well as their seniors who made it to medical college. John widened his eyes at one of the physics books Mike had brought him.


"Ah, I heard that the book is very effective for us to study as provisions for college. I heard from Lestrade."

John smiled a little as he touched the book. "Sherlock once came to me just to tell me this book would be useful for us to study in a joint class."

Mike widened his eyes in surprise. There was sadness on the face of John stroking the book.

"He really knows and understands our needs."

Mike frowned. "John..."

"Sorry, I have to made the situation like this."

John reached for the bag Mike was carrying besides lunch on the tray. "What’s inside this?"

"Well, mostly your favourites."

John smiled slightly and nodded.


John was reminded of what Sherlock likes and dislikes he didn't hear from his junior's mouth. Sherlock who is not an expert in human emotions and feelings. Sherlock, who is not very interested in the solar system and totally rejects it. Sherlock who likes cookies when John saw him in the cafeteria with Victor chose the lunch snack provided for friends Afternoon Tea. Sherlock, who rarely eats, makes John have to force him at that time. And only once.

Sherlock's liking for slightly odd samples of what the common man saw and needed. The delighted Sherlock uses his intelligence to piss off people and feels satisfaction when he gets the reaction he hopes for. Sherlock likes Japanese recently which he studied with Victor in a combined language class.

"We're not that close, but I'm sure Sherlock knows a lot about me."

Mike found John muttering softly with sadness on his face. Mike didn't say anything about it and let John sound his sadness and thoughts clearly. John looked up.

“Where's Greg, anyway? I don’t see him recently."

"Ah, he's accompanying Mycroft Holmes to investigate Moriarty and what he intends to do next."

John blinked in surprise. "I just remembered he was close to Sherlock’s brother."

Mike nodded. "Partly for the sake of trying to clear your name, but partly because Mycroft is worried that Moriarty will do something to his brother."

John smiled a little. "He really loves his little brother."

"It is more appropriate to say that it is too overprotective."

John laughed when Mike denied it and gave a statement that was more extraordinary than his statement. While enjoying Afternoon Tea, they discussed many more things before John returned to rest. Mike himself attended the last class of the day.

"Ah, John."

John turned to find Mike smiling mischievously at him. "There is something that will interest you. I'll bring it after I get it."

Mike pointed proudly at him. "I hope it's not as weird as the one Sherlock always brought."

"Hey! Only you two are weird and interested enough about it!”

John smiled a little. "Yes, yes. I'll wait then."


Mike waved happily before walking cheerfully toward his class. John sighed softly and walked toward his own dorm room.

"They really need to stop claiming that Sherlock and I are good friends."

John clenched his fists to suppress the throbbing pain in his chest as he declared to himself.

Hoping to find at least Mike in the next joint class he hasn't attended for long, Sherlock blinks in surprise. The table that the three of them used to use was so clean and it was as if no student had ever used it. Sherlock saw an illusion where he, John and Mike talked about many things to experiment in the class together.

The day's teacher blinked in surprise to see Sherlock standing in the doorway.

"Holmes, it's been a long time since I saw you here."

Sherlock nodded. "Is Mike Stamford absent today?"

The teacher raised an eyebrow in surprise. "They haven't told you? Well, with your rare attendance here and you’re seniors and juniors, that's natural.”

Sherlock blinked. "I’m sorry?"

The teacher smiled and Sherlock didn't like the meaning behind it. "Holmes, it's been three weeks since you in one month stopped attending this class, both Watson and Stamford dismissed your study group in this joint class."

Sherlock widened his eyes. "What?"

“At first, Watson attended this class because you attended. He is sure you will be alone and he wants to make it an opportunity to accompany you and be your friend."

Sherlock blinked. "John did that..."

"You must have heard and know that John often saw you bullied and tortured, right? By your own classmates." Sherlock nodded. "John who keeps blaming himself for not being able to do anything for you, begged me and the other teachers to allow him to enter this joint class to be your friend."

Sherlock widened his eyes again. The teacher smiled when Sherlock realized it.

“John did it to protect you. Mike joined not long after that because he was attracted to John, who is your interesting and smart friend."

Sherlock looked away with a frown. "Even though I don't need any help for that."

"We know." Sherlock looked up to see the teacher in front of him. "But John still insisted and asked to keep it a secret from you."

Sherlock frowned. "Since he knows you’re clever and smart, you would easily find it out if John told you the truth."

Sherlock frowned even deeper. "I don’t even know."

The teacher chuckled. "The genius Holmes may be surprised too."

"John, he always surprises me so easily." The teacher blinked at that. "Apart from my brother, there is no ordinary person who can do it to me."

The teacher smiled. "Ordinary person hmm."

Sherlock glanced at him. "Moriarty is indeed a genius who can surprise you, right, Holmes?"

"I just don't like his way."

The teacher frowned. "You're right. His way is very unattractive."

Sherlock finds the teacher smiling and agreeing with Sherlock's opinion regarding Moriarty. Same goes for John. The sound of the bell ringing made the teacher raise her head.

“The joint class will start soon. You can join it if you’re still willing even though you will do everything by yourself."

Sherlock paused before shaking his head. "No. There's no meaning without John or Mike."

The teacher smiled before nodding. "Then go back to your class or your dorm room before your next class."

Sherlock nodded and turned around. The teacher found Sherlock stopped in the doorway and turned to him.

"One more thing," the teacher tilted her head. "What really happened to John?"

The teacher blinked in surprise before averting her gaze. Sherlock found her smiling bitterly.

"I’m sorry, Sherlock, we can't tell you the details."

The teacher turned to Sherlock again. "Although we believe you will find out easily."

Sherlock blinked a few times before nodding.

"Because one thing is certain." Sherlock's steps stopped when he was sure he didn't get an answer from the combined class teacher.

"That John didn't want us to tell you about this."

Sherlock widened his eyes.

"About what really happened."

John finds Mike walking toward his room when he calls him about something that will make John happy. In his hand, John found a music player.


"Music player?" Mike nodded. "You know I rarely listen to songs."

“Yep. But what I want you to hear isn't a song, it's a snippet of the melody that Sherlock is playing."

John blinked. "Melody?"

"Sherlock can play a violin."

John widened his eyes before smiling faintly. "He can play an instrument, apparently."

Mike widened his eyes. "You don't know he can?"

John shook his head. "Sorry, John, I didn't mean-"

"It’s fine, Mike." John reached for the music player. "It’s all fine."

Mike let John pick it up and stare at it for a moment.

"Then you know about this from Trevor?"

Mike gasped in surprise before nodding. There was sadness and disappointment on John's face but it slowly disappeared because his friend had covered him so well.

"Of course, Sherlock will tell Trevor about this."

John closed his eyes. "They're good friends now."

Mike found John turned and grabbed the doorknob of his room. "Then the title of the melody I should hear from this music player?"

"Tone 1, you will find it straight away easily."

John smiled a little. "He doesn't have a good sense for a title." Mike found John lifting the device.

"Ta, Mike."

Mike just nodded and let John enter his room. After the sound of the door closing and John's figure disappearing, Mike winced.

"I miss you two being together, John."

John, who heard a soft murmur from outside his room before hearing Mike's footsteps walking slowly away, made John sound. He muttered the same expectation as his classmate.

"Me too, Mike."



Moriarty, who is now with Lestrade and Mycroft in a room that is also guarded by several people, is in a position as if they are being interrogated. Moriarty who was sitting with one leg crossed and the expression full of enthusiasm on his face made a voice.

“It’s all fine if I confess and tell you the truth. But are you sure you can clear Johnny boy's name that easily?"

Lestrade swallowed hard in the room and felt tremendous tension from both Moriarty and Mycroft.

"That’s easy. So, hurry up and tell us the truth, Moriarty."

Moriarty gave Mycroft a meaningful look before shrugging his shoulders.

"Maybe you better do it when Sherlock and Johnny boy are making up."

Lestrade turned his head as Mycroft gave a long, deliberate sigh. The room fell silent again when Sherlock's brother voiced his irritation so clearly.

"That should be their business and none of our business at this time, Jim Moriarty."

The two of them looked at it now and Lestrade could only stop himself from passing out under the extremely tense circumstances.

"Now state the truth and reality before I do something that will make you regret it."

"Oh! Now that's interesting!"

Lestrade found enthusiastic stars in the eyes of Moriarty who was sitting opposite them.

"Why didn't you say that earlier?"

Mycroft raised an eyebrow as Moriarty leaned back into the chair, he was sitting in. One of his hands went up.

"Of course, that's my work."

Both of them wore shocked expressions. "If you both know and understand what John Watson is like, you need not hesitate to declare him innocent."

Lestrade frowned. "We didn't say that he isn’t."

"Really? I just knew that."

Moriarty widened his eyes in deliberate surprise. He continued. “I was bored and was thinking of some interesting way to destroy Sherlock and Victor, unfortunately that won't shake Sherlock enough. They are close but don't trust each other's lives to each other."

Mycroft narrowed his eyes. "And you used John Watson for that?"

"Actually, I was very surprised, that John Watson came to me of his own accord when I was just asking my men to hurt my last prey."

Moriarty looked at his curved clean fingers. "As Sherlock saw him, John Watson is both interesting and surprising."

Lestrade found Moriarty wearing an excited expression. "He doesn't hesitate to do anything for Sherlock Holmes."

Mycroft narrowed his eyes. "From there you believe that Sherlock's real weakness is John Watson." Lestrade looked up and Moriarty grinned.

"I'm sure Sherlock noticed that too."

"Really? I'm getting really impatient now!”

Lestrade blinked a few times. "Weakness…"

Mycroft sighed softly. "That's enough, Lestrade." He found Sherlock's brother turned to leave the room.

"Are you sure, Mycroft?"

"This could be evidence that can convince the teachers for a while."

Moriarty smiled as Mycroft looked at him. With attraction and disgust mixed together.

"Jim Moriarty."

The door closed when Moriarty smiled so widely.

Lestrade who followed Mycroft beside him found that anger radiated from him. Like a black aura.

"Are you absolutely sure, Mycroft?"

"For now. We have to get Sherlock to do this legwork."

Lestrade sighed softly. "You really don't like doing it directly with your two hands."

"But that doesn't mean I wouldn't step in and interfere." Lestrade paused when he heard Mycroft declare in a depressed tone. "Don't equate me with Moriarty, Greg."

Lestrade rubbed the nape of his neck.


Mycroft only gave a low snort before he started walking again.

"Then what do you mean by weakness?" Mycroft glanced at Lestrade who asked with worry on his face. "How come Moriarty knows Sherlock's weakness and John doesn't?"

"It fits his clear statement, Greg."

The two of them stopped and looked at each other now. "The reason John doesn't realize that he is Sherlock's weakness is because he never thought that Sherlock would think of him as important as he thought Sherlock was to him."

Lestrade widened his eyes. He was shocked at the news.

"Even though my brother didn't say anything about it and I told him there was a senior who really took care of him, he realized John's charisma and how interesting he was to my brother."

Lestrade blinked a few times. "And he is also interesting to you?"

Mycroft nodded. "Because I feel he is the best for my brother. Even though Sherlock doesn't admit it."

Lestrade looked at Mycroft, who was trying to hide the sadness behind his flat face.

"Should... we give Sherlock and John an encouragement?"

Mycroft found Lestrade finally making a sound. "Of course." Lestrade blinked.

"But more to my brother than John."

Lestrade nodded in agreement. Mycroft then walked to the teacher's room to provide evidence of the statement from Moriarty regarding his actions involving John Watson.

Mycroft found one of the teachers making a sound after listening to a recording of Moriarty's confession.

“But Holmes, John himself stated that he hit the student who was told by Moriarty to injure his other classmates. Are you sure he said this to protect Watson?"

“My brother and Moriarty's way are very different. Do you know which one John Watson chose?"

They glanced at each other before turning back to Mycroft.

"Sherlock Holmes."

Mycroft nodded. "Was there just once this good friend of my brother did what he just did without a reason other than self-defense?"

"But Holmes-"

"Did John Watson ever harm anyone other than for reasons of self-defence?"

Mycroft found the teachers glancing at each other again. They shook their heads together.

“Watson and Lestrade have a great partnership in solving the bad stuff at school. They never hesitate to interfere with it. You let Lestrade do it just because he's the son of a famous inspector but not with John Watson who's a nobody and just trying to do what he thinks is right. Aren't you being fair here?"

Mycroft's statement left the teachers speechless. Their room was suddenly silent.

"Sherlock and John have a cooperation and non-verbal agreement that goes beyond those around them."

Mycroft glanced at the combined class teacher where the two had been recently. He found her nodding despite her hesitation.

"Their learning outcomes are very good as well as experimental results in lessons. Sherlock, who is very clever and skilled, did not hesitate to teach and guide the struggling John. Not only that, I could see those who had just met for a day at a close and it was as if they could not be separated. Even the other students who already know each other have a little trouble doing it so much that they are mostly chatting and joking."

Mycroft smiled faintly to find the combined class teacher agreed with his opinion. As if she was better and more carefully watching the development of the two together in the lab.

"I acknowledge the fact that many people will regret to lose the figures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson if you allow it to continue without a solution."

Mycroft turned around. "I really love my brother and really care for him even though he really rejects all of that. But we have to be able to see which one is the best for both of them, as well as the students who are here. You educate human beings with extraordinary potentials. Not educating someone to be a criminal."

Mycroft walked out of the staff room with a cane that was like an umbrella. That stern and clear statement silenced all the teachers who were there and listening to what was happening to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.



Sherlock cringed at the confusion of what to do after hearing a lot of talk about him and John, as well as the news which is a fact where John fights his own classmate who is told by Moriarty to hurt someone else. Sherlock remembered his combined class teacher's statement that John did not want Sherlock to do something until what happened to his senior reached John. Sherlock also heard that John and Mike agreed to dissolve their study group in the combined class because Sherlock was no longer there with them and the main purpose of establishing the study group was for Sherlock's own sake.

So that even Sherlock, who is usually alone, can get friends and the courage to find one.

Sherlock stopped walking when he found someone sitting on a bench in the park he used to go to alone. Sherlock widened his eyes to find that he was John, his own senior who was in the same group in the combined class. In his hand was a music player and a small white headset stuck to his ears.

Sherlock, who didn't know what to do, let his body determine that for him and stepped firmly towards the seated John.


"What a pity, Johnny boy."

Sherlock gasped and turned to find Moriarty beside him now. His appearance as usual did not change like that of a bad student behind his neat and clean clothes. A wicked smile painted on his face clearly.

"Why are you here?"

Moriarty turned to Sherlock. "That’s also my question, Holmes." Moriarty narrowed his eyes.

"Why are you here?"

Sherlock frowned. "That is none of your business."

"Indeed." Sherlock glanced at the shrug Moriarty and acknowledged the statement of the other genius beside him. "But is it not your concern now that John Watson is no longer your business?"

Sherlock widened his eyes. "What?"

"Because Johnny boy thought you were no longer his friend, he let go of you." Moriarty narrowed his eyes again.

"For the sake of your happiness with your new friend, Victor Trevor."

Sherlock blinked. "What did you do to John?"

"I’m not doing anything." Moriarty shrugged. "You made him what he is today, Sherlock."

Sherlock turned to John, who now wore a sad expression behind the soft smile on his face. Sherlock hasn't seen him in a long time and even Victor never showed a smile like that. As well as how his expression when he saw Sherlock. Not as cheerful and happy as John every time his senior saw him.


Moriarty stepped forward. "I'm sure you already know your weakness we talked about, Sherlock."

Sherlock turned around as Moriarty started. His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

"That your weakness is John Watson."

Moriarty walked slowly towards John, who was sitting on the bench when his own legs felt stiff and heavy to catch up with him. It was as if something was preventing him from lifting his leg.

"And there are things you should know too."

Sherlock found Moriarty smiling at him.

"That John Watson's weakness is you, Sherlock Holmes."

Sherlock widened his eyes. "John's weakness... is me?"

"You don't believe it? Well, you can't believe that anyone wants to be friends with you as sincerely as Johnny boy. You also can't believe that anyone thinks of you that much apart from your brother, Mycroft."

Now Sherlock finds Moriarty standing right behind John, but his senior doesn't notice his presence at all. His world entered into the music that was heard in his ears now.

"Well, because Johnny boy is no longer your concern, your weakness, also your friend, can I do something to him?"

"What are you going to do with him?"

Sherlock tried to remove something blocking his leg while Moriarty's hand touched his head and rubbed the nape of John's neck. Sherlock is now eager to stop Moriarty's movement, who dares to touch his beloved brother and best friend.

"Oh, that's a secret."

Moriarty keeps his index finger on his lips on purpose. At once sighed softly as a sign Sherlock to be quiet.

“Your weakness now is Victor Trevor. Go to your beloved one, Sherlock dear."

"He's not my lover and he's my friend!"

"Unfortunately, we both don't think of it that way."

"We both?"

Sherlock blinked a few times and saw Moriarty turn John's face at him. They find the light of life in John's dark blue eyes disappearing. His gaze was so empty.

"Is that right, Johnny boy?"

Sherlock widened his eyes. John considers Sherlock and Victor to be close friends and lovers? Where did he conclude that? And why did John walk away from him and think that they were no longer close friends?


Moriarty let John turn his head slightly to stare at Sherlock, who seemed locked in the place where he stood now. Unable to move as if there was something holding him and binding him there. Even though Sherlock's expression was so desperate and eager to approach him and Moriarty.



Moriarty grinned and rubbed John's chin once more. "Really beautiful hmm, that melody?"

John glanced at Moriarty before nodding. His smile widened and Sherlock didn't want to see that kind of smile on John's face.


"So, Johnny boy. Before that melody piece disappears and vanishes in solitude, how about I end it immediately for you?"

John blinked before nodding. Sherlock widened his eyes and saw that Moriarty's other hand was already holding a penknife. Now the gleaming, beautiful and sharp tip was beginning to take its toll on John.

“John! John!!"

Moriarty moved John’s head so he could give Sherlock another last look.

"Give him your last goodbye, Johnny boy."

John blinked before smiling. Now the light of life slowly appeared in John's eyes that resembled Victor's before his expression changed. Sherlock didn't want to see the sadness on John's face again and wanted to erase it very much. If he is given another chance.

"Sherlock, thank you."

This time Sherlock managed to break the grip on his legs and started walking. As tears slowly flowed from John's eyes down his temples.

"I’m so glad, that you’re not alone anymore."

Sherlock looked at Moriarty's hand deftly and as if he was doing a dance aimed the knife at John's brownish neck and let a thin red line come into view and spurted out its contents. Sherlock widened his eyes as John opened his eyes wide and Moriarty let go of his chin. John slowly limped and fell sideways in the direction Sherlock ran towards him without brakes.


Sherlock raised his hand and found the ceiling of his own bedroom in the dormitory he attended. Sweat ran down his temples all over his body. His eyes widened wide and the raised hand opened so wide as if he was about to reach for something. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach it.

Sherlock sat up to wipe his sweat and saw what time he woke up now. Sherlock found the little clock on his desk indicating two in the night. Sherlock sighed softly with relief that all he saw was a dream. He opened the blanket to see what date today was. Sherlock frowned.

"Today is John's last day on suspension..."

Sherlock widened his eyes at the mention of his senior's name. He looked up and without hesitation grabbed his warm clothes to get out of the room and checked John's presence in his own room upstairs where the senior and junior rooms were one floor apart. In a hurry and a small lamp in his hand, Sherlock walked towards Lestrade's bedroom that he found out when he took a walk. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where John's bedroom is because they never meet or make arrangements around the dormitory.

Sherlock scowled doubtfully before knocking on the door. Slowly and with a little emphasis, the sound of the door slowly unlocking in the third knock gave rise to Lestrade's yawning figure and the room was still brightly lit.

"Who the hell knocking my door at this late-"

Lestrade widened his eyes in surprise. "Sherlock?"

"You haven't slept yet, Lestrade?"

Sherlock found him on his hips now. "Why did you come to my room at this hour? I was just about to sleep."

"It's not good for you to stay up late and make no progress at all in the lesson you’re studying right now."

"Well, mind your business! John and Mike's knowledge of your combined class was scant and is now ended! I don't have any friends who are good at explaining and helping me in these materials other than the two of them!”

Sherlock blinked as Lestrade grumbled. "Then what's your business here? You should be sleeping right now."

"I don't sleep that much and it's just a coincidence."

"That’s true." Sherlock raised an eyebrow as Lestrade agreed. "How do I know? John told me."

Sherlock frowned. "John?"

“Yeah. Sherlock Holmes, as usual who is focused on one thing, will forget about another thing, especially when he is experimenting and collecting samples." Sherlock blinked again as Lestrade explained. "He also rarely eats and rarely sleeps; you have to force him with an excuse he can accept because otherwise he will complain and grumble like a kid whose toys are forcibly taken away."

Sherlock scowled in restraint from being annoyed. "Kid?"

“He also forgets his surroundings sometimes so we have to be more careful with him. There are times when he just disappears without a trace and without a sound like a cat if you don't pay close attention."

Lestrade declared while moving his index finger. "If you chatter and argue with him, you must be able to have a reason to beat him so that it will become an argument-"


Sherlock made the would-be cop stop. "How do you know that much?" Lestrade blinked now.

“I'm sure Victor didn't know it. Although it is possible that Mycroft told you that."

Lestrade blinked again before smiling. “Victor didn’t know about it? Great."

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. "Great? Who do you mean?"


Sherlock widened his eyes. “Everything I know and Mike knows about you, we heard it from John. John Watson."

Lestrade found a look of surprise and confusion on Sherlock's face.

"From... John?"

Lestrade nodded. "Everyone who approaches you will definitely be visited by Mycroft and he will make offers not only in exchange for goods but also money."

Sherlock blinked.

"I also heard that he just visited Trevor yesterday."

Sherlock snorted. "What a meddler."

Lestrade chuckled at Sherlock's dislike of his brother's character. “Trevor agreed to watch over you and become your friend in exchange for the money your brother forced him to. Although he was actually reluctant, he lost to Mycroft's persistence."

Sherlock frowned at the news. Lestrade smiled broadly.

"But he didn't visit John Watson and didn't offer him anything after he approaching and making you his friend."

Lestrade found Sherlock looking up at him with a shocked expression now. The would-be policeman folded his arms with a proud expression.

"You want to know the reason? Because he was sure that John Watson would refuse whatever he offered him in exchange for money and anything. Without hesitation, and right after hearing the offer." Sherlock widened his eyes. "So, he didn't visit John and entrusted him completely to you, who is his beloved little brother and the person he really cares about. You know that your brother doesn't trust someone that easily, right? Especially about you."

Sherlock blinked before wincing. "John..."

"But he trusts John completely after seeing the various reactions you show every time John is beside you and accompanying you."

Sherlock looked at Lestrade who raised an eyebrow. "Then you call us partners in crime?"

"Well, that's the truth." Sherlock raised an eyebrow now. "At least Mycroft and I think so."

Sherlock blinked before grunting softly. "You guys are stupid to think of such a thing."

Lestrade laughed at his reaction. "Now then, tell me your wish before I go to sleep."

Sherlock blinked again before averting his gaze. "I… want to see John's condition."

"Well, you just go to his room." Lestrade shrugged.

Silence enveloped where Sherlock didn't flinch and his gaze still didn't look at Lestrade. Until the police candidate understands his attitude.

"Don't say you don't know John's room..."

Sherlock winced before glancing at Lestrade. "If you know, let me know now."

Lestrade stifled a laugh. “You who are clever and can observe this well don't know where John's room is? You're really interesting, Sherlock!"

Sherlock found Lestrade laughing now. He was sure his face was flushed with embarrassment and let John's friend laugh at him.

“Shu-shut up! Hurry up and tell me!"

Lestrade who hugged his stomach holding back the laughter pointed to the two doors of his room.

“Two doors down from my room, it’s John's room. Mike's room is at the end of this hall."

Sherlock snorted. "I know and I'm not visiting him."

Lestrade found Sherlock starting to walk away from his room.

"Then why did you ask me for John's room?"

Sherlock stopped. "I saw a dream." Lestrade waited. "Where Moriarty took John from me." Lestrade widened his eyes now.

"By killing him right before my eyes."

Lestrade was speechless as Sherlock declared it emphatically and firmly. He could only let Sherlock step into John's room and see what he was about to do.

Unfortunately, Sherlock asked him to go to bed with a movement of his chin and made Lestrade give up knowing what the boy was going to do. Lestrade shrugged and walked into his room and locked it. Sherlock turned and stared at John's door, which was right in front of him. Sherlock was confused about what to do and just stared at the door with John Watson's writing at the top.

When he was about to knock on the door, John's voice was heard from inside. "Ah, I have to ask what experiments he has done with those samples."

Sherlock blinked a few times. His hands went up without direction or purpose. "I forgot what samples he took at that time." Sherlock could hear John shudder inside.

"It reminds me of him asking Mycroft a sample of thumbs and showing them to me."

Sherlock smiled faintly as he recalled John's reaction as he showed John the sample cheerfully and excitedly. Until now, Sherlock has never invited Victor to hunt samples to carry out dangerous experiments. Only with John, he could do that and be so free with him without any hindrance except for the status of both senior and junior.

"I wonder what he did with Trevor these days."

John narrowed his eyes at the notebook that contained stories about his daily life while he was with Sherlock.

“Is he hunting samples again? Is he experimenting with it?"

John sighed softly and closed his book. He put the pen beside the book.

"It reminds me of having to borrow the books Sherlock recommended to me."

Sherlock heard John rise from his chair to turn off the light. The step was so close to the door and unconsciously Sherlock held his breath so that John didn't know where he was.

John's hand touched the light switch but had not pressed it yet.

"Can I also play the pirates with them?"

Sherlock widened his eyes. John shook his head and sighed softly.

"What the hell, John, of course you can’t. Sherlock has found his pirate mate and he can't possibly invite you."

Sherlock opened his mouth and he heard the light switch go off. John's room darkened and John now stepped away from the door that was in front of Sherlock.

"Night, Sherlock."

After making sure that John was fast asleep on his bed, Sherlock put his hands and forehead together. Sherlock closed his eyes before replying to John's words before he went to sleep.

"Good night, John."

Victor finds his best friend now sitting languidly at his own desk in class. Twenty minutes of recess had elapsed but Sherlock neither stood nor got up to do anything during the hour. Victor sighed softly before approaching him.

"Go eat something, Sherlock."

Sherlock glanced at Victor before averting his gaze.

"Not interested. Eating is boring."

"But eating is important for your body."

Sherlock was silent and Victor sighed in surrender. There would be no point in arguing or coercing Sherlock if he had persisted like that. Victor grabbed a chair to sit near him.

"Are you worried about your upperclassman, Watson?"

Sherlock didn't look at him but made a voice to answer.

“I'm not worried."

"Then why do you look lazy and lackluster?"

"I'm always like this and just being bored."

Victor took his face. "Come on, Sherlock. We both know that's not true." Sherlock glanced at Victor again.

"You're not bored."

Sherlock snorted. "Don't try to tempt me with talking about the solar system."

Victor chuckled. "Good idea but it's not the time for now." Victor's statement caught Sherlock's attention. He found the genius raised his eyebrows.

"Go see him before you regret it, Sherlock."

Sherlock widened his eyes. A dream about Moriarty and John last night appeared without hesitation in his eyes.

"I will always be your friend."

Sherlock found Victor taking his hand. There was a warmth akin to John's but not what Sherlock expected. He missed John's genuine touch and concern for him.

"But you don't need me." Sherlock blinked as Victor declared it without feeling sad or disappointed. Victor seemed to know it right before the two of them became friends. "You need John Watson, and he needs you, Sherlock Holmes."

Sherlock winced especially with the confident expression on Victor's face as he continued his statement.

"You’re partners in crime."

Sherlock snorted and Victor was surprised. "Surely you heard it from the idiot Lestrade."

Victor blinked before finally laughing. Sherlock found Victor grabbing his hand to stop the ongoing laughter at him. Victor wiped his tears before returning to his voice.

"Yep, I found out from the idiot Lestrade."

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Sherlock. Be honest with yourself just once."

Victor declared it with an affectionate look. As John used to direct him.

"That you need him."

Sherlock widened his eyes when an image of his memory of John appeared suddenly and so quickly in his eyes. John turned and smiled broadly at him. Happiness and joy emerge from him when John finds Sherlock seeing him.


Victor found Sherlock rising from his chair. There were tears in his eyes when the genius looked at Victor.

"Thanks, Victor."

Victor blinked before smiling. "Yeah, go now, genius."

Sherlock smiled at the nickname John used to say to him besides calling his name. Sherlock nodded firmly as he rubbed his eyes.

"I’m going now!"

Victor sighed softly.

"We'll take him along on our pirate journey, Sherlock Holmes."