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How to be human - A complete guide for the Geo Archon

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Childe felt absolutely betrayed once he realized how much he messed up his own image with actions he didn't even know the purpose of.


When he found out about the contract Zhongli made with Signora and the Tsaritsa, the harbinger was truly surprised. Why didn't anyone tell him that this was the logic behind releasing that God of the Vortex to attack Liyue and gain the rage of the adepti and the Qixing alike?


Why didn't Zhongli let him know about this whole scheme being built around him?


Sure, Childe wouldn't really hold it against the Archon (now that he knew the guy had his own reasons for creating such an elaborate plan), but it still stung a little, you know? As much as the harbinger liked Zhongli, he still had to take a little time for himself to gather his thoughts before seeing the elder again.


However, in that short span of time where he was away from Liyue and from Zhongli, Childe realized that his like for the Archon won't let him keep his distance for long. As risky as it was, he decided he would go visit him often. Not as business associates, nor as 'strategist and weapon of attack', but just as friends.


Or, well, if things work out well... More than just friends.


But that would take some time, won't it.


At first, Zhongli was surprised when Childe came to visit him after the battle in the harbor. For one, he thought the man hated him for the way he used him during that scheme, so what reason would Childe possibly have to come over and see Zhongli like this again? Aside from that, the harbinger literally sneaked up on him through a narrow, hidden alleyway, so no wonder the Archon was startled.


But even so, Zhongli would be lying if he said he wasn't relieved that Childe seems to have forgiven him for his so-called misdeeds.


After that first time where they sorted everything out, Childe told Zhongli he will regularly come by to check up on him and hang out, but he didn't really give the elder a reason to stand behind his actions. Zhongli decided against questioning it, thinking that, if Childe felt like it, he will come out and explain himself on his own, without the need of any inquiries. Plus, the harbinger seemed pretty pleased when his reasons were not doubted, and Zhongli wanted to be a good friend.


If this... thing between the two of them can actually be called friendship at all.



Childe kept true to his word, sneaking inside Liyue Harbor almost daily and meeting up with Zhongli in different locations the two of them previously established. The Archon grew to enjoy the harbinger's company more and more with each meeting, and Childe- who was already gaining feelings for the beautiful (yet utterly oblivious) god -only allowed his like to slowly morph into infatuation for the elder.


Zhongli was strong, calculated, composed and righteous, yet even so, there was another side of him that not many others got to see. A side meant to create a balance of the man's traits, which showed Zhongli in an entirely new light for Childe the more time they spent together. The Archon was humble, maybe more than he probably should be, and he knew so many facts about his land that it was always fascinating to listen to him when he started speaking even about the smallest of things such as various flowers or foods.


Zhongli was also cute when he didn't know how to behave in certain situations, and Childe couldn't help himself but chuckle and tease the elder about it. The Archon would initially seem a little upset, but he never once scolded Childe for it, which the harbinger took as a sign to keep going since it would cause Zhongli to momentarily lose his cool composure.


Seeing as many of those fleeting moments of shyness and embarrassment as possible was a brand new goal Childe set for himself shortly after the first time he witnessed one.


With time and a bunch of other meetings, Childe grew to realize Zhongli was really not accustomed to his new life as a human among the rest. The elder may seem like a know-it-all at most times, but he didn't really have any clue about certain aspects of a human's life and how to work around this annoying lack of knowledge. It was frustrating, and since Childe noticed it made Zhongli feel bad, he decided he should lend the man a hand.


Even if he would end up overusing his power later on.



"Childe, pardon my curiosity..." 


Childe was definitely not ready for this turn of events.


"What is this action of greeting that humans do sometimes called again?" Zhongli questioned in his calm, smooth voice, motioning towards a couple that was sharing a gentle kiss a few meters away from where the two of them sat at. A tall man was holding a slim woman by her petite waist, and the two of them were pressing their lips together as a greeting after being apart from each other for a long time, most likely.


Childe almost choked on the drink he was sipping from, but he managed to keep himself from it before he thought about how he could phrase a proper explanation for someone as smart as Zhongli. It was strange to think someone who lived for so many millennia didn't know what a kiss was and what it meant, but then again, the harbinger couldn't blame Zhongli for it knowing the man was most likely busy with wars and contracts and whatever the hell else a god usually does.


Once he was sure he knew what to say, Childe hummed, trying to act as nonchalant as he could even if his mind was currently cooking up a scheme that would earn him something out of this entire situation. "It's called 'kissing', Sensei. I thought I told you about it before, but I suppose I neglected my tasks as a teacher more than I initially thought I did~" He joked, but Zhongli didn't laugh. The Archon tilted his head a bit and seemed to be thinking about something, most likely trying to figure out the actual meaning behind the kissing and whatnot.


"Does it hold any special meaning? I noticed quite a few of the inhabitants of Liyue doing it these days, so maybe it is something normal?" The elder found himself saying, and Childe finally saw the window he needed to apply the plan he suddenly came up with.


Oho... He could, indeed, use this.


"Hmm... What do you think, Sensei?" The harbinger questioned, wondering what Zhongli's idea of kissing was so far, with him not having much knowledge to go on. Zhongli furrowed his brows a little, and Childe felt his heart shudder at how pretty the Archon was no matter how small the gestures he made were.


After a bit more thinking, Zhongli spoke. "I am not yet certain... I never experienced such greeting before, so I don't have a clear idea of what it represents and what meaning it may have behind." He said, genuine and having quite the objective view on the matter.


Typical Zhongli behavior, as Childe had come to understand.


But that's not what matters here.


What matters is that the elder just offered Childe the best opportunity to play the cards he had prepared.


With a playful smirk, Childe murmured. "Would you like to try it out?" He asked, expecting Zhongli to find his suggestion ridiculous and turn him down since it may seem like a waste of time to him.


But just as it usually happens, Zhongli managed to surprise Childe once again.


"Yes. I would like to form a proper theory about the meaning behind a kiss." The Archon explained, and Childe thought he didn't hear him right at first.


But when it dawned on him that yes, Zhongli- the beautiful, intelligent, amazing Zhongli -just agreed to try out kissing with him, Childe felt his heart almost leap out of his chest.


Oh gods, have mercy on him. This man is too cute to be allowed to act freely.


Taking a moment to take a deep breath and not freak out about his crush being willing to kiss him, Childe sighed softly to himself and managed to regain his previous, playful persona, humming and leaning a bit closer to Zhongli, checking for signs that the elder would want to back away. When Zhongli did not make a move to do so, the harbinger slowly shuffled closer on the bench the two of them shared, up to the point where their thighs brushed against each other and Childe could feel Zhongli's body heat seep through the fabric of their pants and onto his own skin.


Zhongli eyed Childe with great curiosity as the youth slowly raised a hand and touched his cheek, wondering if that was necessary, but deciding against questioning it. Childe noticed the curious look, and since he was well aware of Zhongli's thirst for knowing more, he explained. "It's just a gesture that adds to the feeling. Don't worry about it too much."


And Zhongli nodded.


Childe started closing in, slowly, as if he was interacting with a scared deer that may bolt as soon as he tried making any sort of sudden or forceful action. Zhongli never once looked anywhere else, and he tensed up a bit when he felt the harbinger's free hand settle on his waist, unsure if it had any purpose. Childe chuckled a little under his breath, finding it adorable that the Archon was so jumpy when touched, and even if he could feel his heart pounding in his ears, he still moved close enough for their lips to brush together, shuddering at the touch.


He didn't even press in yet, and it already felt so electric.


Zhongli just stood frozen and waiting, and Childe wanted to tell him to relax, to take it easy and allow himself to feel. But he knew that the elder wouldn't be so easily persuaded, so instead, the harbinger decided to let his actions do the talking, closing the distance between them and allowing the kiss to take shape.


That was so nice.


For a bit, Childe had to remind himself not to try anything risky, even if every fiber of his body was screaming at him to nibble on Zhongli's lower lip and ask for entrance. He kept his lips pressed to the elder's for a while, but when he noticed Zhongli wasn't making a move to reciprocate, Childe slowly pulled back and opened his eyes, finding out that the man still had his eyes open and seemed entirely unaffected by the action.


Seems like this will be harder than Childe initially thought, huh?


"Sensei..." The youth started, earning a small hum of response from a very calm Zhongli. "In a kiss, both parties need to be involved. It feels awkward if one person is kissing the other and the other person stays stiff as a rock... You should try it out a little." Childe explained, and Zhongli gave him one of those curious looks again. "The next time I kiss you, close your eyes and tilt your head a bit to the side. Try to mimic what I do, I am sure it will help!"


Zhongli nodded, albeit a bit reluctantly since he wasn't truly certain about what he should do. Childe could tell the Archon was still lost, but he hoped the man would allow himself to feel the rhythm of the kiss this time around.


And oh boy, was Childe taken by surprise by Zhongli's ability to learn.


The next time he initiated a kiss, Childe ended up shuddering a little when Zhongli, who closed his eyes as he had been told to this time about, tilted his head and pressed back into him. The harbinger hummed softly and kissed the Archon gingerly, and Zhongli mimicked his actions skillfully, as if he had done it a thousand times before when he literally learned about kissing not even a few minutes back.


Well... maybe now is the time to get a bit risky. Just a bit.


Childe tentatively stuck his tongue out and licked a tad at Zhongli's lower lip, nibbling on the soft skin and smiling to himself when Zhongli tensed up in return. The Archon wouldn't have any way of knowing what he should do in that situation, and yet...


When Zhongli parted his lips shyly for Childe to do what he wished to, the harbinger thought he must have been dreaming.


No... He can't be that much of a scumbag. He can't just take advantage of Zhongli like this, only because the man is so innocently clueless. With that thought in mind, Childe slowly pulled back, and he was pleasantly surprised when the elder tried chasing his lips as if he wanted so much more of that treatment.


"Did I... make a mistake?" Zhongli murmured, uncertainty and slight nervousness laced in his usually composed tone. Childe shook his head quickly as a no and chuckled, before he realized he was still holding his hands on the elder since earlier. Removing them rather hastily, Childe found himself flushing as realization hit him that he just kissed the man he had been pining for for the past few months. He sighed deeply, earning himself a questioning glance from the Archon at his side.


"Ah, no, no... I apologize, Sensei. You didn't make any mistake, don't worry about it~" Childe said, his tone once again playful and singsong, knowing it usually eased Zhongli's worries whenever he spoke as such. "I hope that helped you figure out your answer, though? What do you think a kiss is used for now?"


Zhongli crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his arm with his index finger slowly in thought, closing his eyes as he searched for his answer. Once he came to a conclusion, he looked at Childe and spoke. "Perhaps it is a greeting meant for those one respects?" The elder questioned, thinking his answer to be close to a correct one.


Childe wanted to laugh, but he felt himself get all giddy by the fact that Zhongli finds him to be someone worthy of respect. However, a small part of him was all disappointed that the Archon didn't seem to get his feelings, but the biggest issue now was...


Wait. What if Zhongli ends up thinking he can just kiss with anyone he deems worthy of his respect? That would be disastrous!


Childe felt a strong stroke of possessiveness hit him and, in a fit of that feeling, he pulled Zhongli closer to him by his waist with one arm, raising his free hand and cupping the man's chin softly to make the Archon look his way. Zhongli was taken aback by it, but he didn't seem uncomfortable, so Childe brought himself up to voice what he wanted to say.


"A kiss is not meant to do with everyone you respect, Sensei... I won't tell you what the right answer is since I know you want to find it yourself, but what I can tell you now is that..." Pausing, the harbinger smiled in a seductive manner, his blue eyes never leaving the dragon's golden own.


"It's something you're allowed to try only with me and no one else."


Perhaps Childe was abusing his authority a bit too much in this scenario, but the thought of Zhongli kissing anyone else but him- the image of some weird freak or some stranger claiming the Archon's plush lips for themselves -upset the harbinger greatly.


And Zhongli seemed to understand as he nodded in agreement.



After that day, Childe began getting more daring with his advances towards Zhongli.


The elder was rather receptive and eager to learn more, and his technique in regards to kissing improved drastically since the first time he and Childe tried it out. The diplomat was rather excited to see that, and the fact that Zhongli was doing it only with him brought him great joy, really.


However, there is a limit to how much of only kisses and no touching a man of Childe's age and vigor can take.


While Zhongli was still in the search of his answer about the meaning behind a kiss, Childe was deep in thought about how he could get himself inside the elder's pants as soon as possible. Well, now that he thinks about it, before that, there probably should be a confession...


Childe is genuinely suffering because of how dense Zhongli can be to all his shameless flirting and advances, but at least he can appreciate the fact that the man is tolerating him and feeling comfortable enough to allow Childe to touch him, you know?


After all, Zhongli could, at any time, just say that he doesn't want to do something and Childe would never force him into it.




But so far, the Archon had been more than willing to try everything Childe told him about, from kissing, to hugs to holding hands and so on. It was truly giving Childe a lot of hope, but on the other hand, the youth was doubting his chances because of Zhongli's simply curious nature.


There were no feelings involved for the Archon... were there?


It was just a mere thirst for knowledge.


As Childe was struggling to think about his current situation, Zhongli (who was in the room with him at the Liuli Pavilion) was looking over a book he picked up from the library not long ago, pacing about the chamber and seeming quite absorbed in his lecture. Childe sighed softly to himself, his longing for more contact quite obvious, and when he allowed his gaze to shift over towards the other man, he froze stiff from head to toe, his face suddenly burning.


Oh dear Lord.


How did he never notice that before? Was it even there until now? Did Zhongli have that all this time without Childe knowing??


When did he add a window to the back of his coat?!


Childe felt his throat suddenly going dry as sand, and he couldn't help the absolutely involuntary gulp that he did in return. His blue eyes were fixated on that lone, exposed patch of silky smooth skin on the elder's body, and with each move Zhongli made to turn the pages of his book, the muscles in his back would shift, making Childe want to scream.


He could picture himself standing behind Zhongli, trailing his mouth over the man's pale skin, tasting it and marking it for the world to know whom the Archon belonged to. What kind of pretty sounds would Zhongli make? What would he say to that? Would he enjoy it? Would he make one of those 'upset' faces that always made Childe smile at how cute he is?


There were oh-so-many options.


Zhongli turned another page of his book, and Childe clenched his fist on top of the table he sat at. He was struggling to keep calm, but his mind was flooding with indecent imagery that was driving him right up the walls. The object of his affections was right there, in plain view like a piece of tasty meat in front of a hungry carnivore, and Childe could just waltz up to him and snatch him off his feet-


"Childe? Is something the matter? You seem slightly troubled..."




Breaking out of his small trance when he heard Zhongli call out to him, Childe cleared his throat and tried to think of a good excuse. What could he even say? 'I was just ogling you like a totally normal friend, you know, tally on-'  


That was out of the question.


For a brief moment, Childe didn't know what to do. Zhongli was waiting for his answer, seemingly concerned for him, and all he could think about was that he wanted the Archon so bad it was driving him absolutely insane. It could be a very big risk if he tried to do something crazy right now, but if he took the way things between the two of them have been evolving into account, Childe considered he had good chances of success.


Worst case scenario, Zhongli just won't trust him anymore.


But hopefully that won't happen.


Getting up from his seat, Childe walked over to Zhongli, the Archon just watching him silently, not sure what it was all about. The harbinger didn't have any more hesitations, deciding that, once and for all, he was going to come out about everything and spare himself anymore of this silent suffering and longing. Carefully pulling Zhongli closer by his waist, Childe gazed into the dragon's mesmerizing, amber eyes, which looked his way with that familiar sparkle of curiosity and question typical for the elder.


"Sensei, I want to say something. Something that had been bugging me for a very, very long time." Childe started, and Zhongli tilted his head slightly, seeming to tense up a tad at the seriousness of the situation. He never liked feeling uncertain, and Childe knew that all too well. "I don't know if you just don't like me that much, or if you simply didn't notice my advances, but... I like you. I really, really like you, Zhongli." The harbinger stated, using Zhongli's actual name for a change.


"To be honest, I took on this whole role of a teacher for you because I saw it as a way for me to get closer to you without you suspecting anything... But the more I stood at your side, the more my feelings grew into what they are today." Childe was putting his heart out for the Archon to see at this point, and sure, he never liked feeling vulnerable, but... He could make an exception this time about, just for the sake of settling things right. 


As Childe spoke about his feelings, Zhongli silently listened, and the fact that his expression didn't shift in any way was making Childe feel both relieved and anxious as all hell. The diplomat didn't know if he should take it as a good sign or not since, as predictable as Zhongli may seem, he was actually the epitome of unpredictability. For the lack of anything better to do, Childe continued his confession, his heart racing, his face flushing again.


"You... To me, you are the most beautiful and amazing person ever. You are intelligent, caring, and despite what people may think, you are soft and sweet as well, Zhongli. I couldn't help but fall for you, haha... Even if-"


But Childe didn't get to finish his thought.


Not with Zhongli suddenly kissing him as if his life depended on it.


The youth was shell-shocked, freezing entirely, his mind genuinely short-circuiting. Zhongli kissed him for a bit before pulling back, almost as if he did it in order to silence Childe. Turns out that was the case after all when Zhongli offered the harbinger a small, gentle smile, the Archon deciding to speak up after listening to everything and watching Childe struggle to confess. "You talk too much sometimes, Childe." The elder started, and Childe flushed impossibly redder, huffing and furrowing his brows, but not speaking up in protest.


He could tell Zhongli had more that he wanted to say.


"It surprises me to hear everything you said... Mostly because I thought you were the one who didn't see me as a suitable partner. I thought my own advances were something you did not enjoy, and as such, I-"


Childe interrupted him.


"Your advances?? Wait, wait, wait-" He certainly thought he didn't hear Zhongli right. Advances? Zhongli made advances on him and Childe didn't get them??


What sort of twisted world do they even live in??


"I- Wait, what do you mean by that?" Childe asked, wanting some form of clarification. Zhongli furrowed his brows a bit before he averted his gaze with the smallest sigh the harbinger had ever heard in his life.


"Well... For example, I had this new coat especially tailored for you... I heard some of the women around the harbor mention that their romantic partners enjoy it when they show more of their skin... I did not understand the reason behind it, but I thought you may like it, given our recent activities." Zhongli explained, and Childe suddenly realized just how much of an utter idiot he himself turned out to be.


'Romantic... partner...? Me?'


Of course Zhongli figured it out. He was smart, so there was no way he wouldn't notice Childe's special behavior towards him. But since he lacked the experience to be more direct about it, the Archon tried to 'court' Childe in his own way, and the harbinger felt so embarrassed that he didn't realize it earlier that he just wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole so he wouldn't have to deal with the repercussions.


'Oh, Tartaglia, you sure are a blind fool.'


Zhongli's so-called 'advances' were too subtle, though... So maybe Childe can cut himself some slack for not seeing it, this time around.


He has a much more important issue to think of right now.


"Was I mistaken? Did I read your actions wrong, Childe? I wish to apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable... I genuinely-" 


And this time around it was Childe's turn to kiss Zhongli and silence him up.


Zhongli widened his eyes for a brief moment at first, but then he slowly eased into it just the way he always did whenever Childe kissed him. The youth smiled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around Zhongli's waist, humming softly as he held the man closer. Zhongli instinctively wrapped his arms around Childe's neck and the harbinger playfully nibbled on the Archon's lower lip, to which Zhongli replied by opening his mouth to allow him access inside. They tried this type of kiss before a couple of times, but Zhongli never seemed to get a knack for it.


Until now, that is.


Childe was almost tempted to pull back since he knew Zhongli wasn't good with these yet, but the elder made a small sound akin to a growl when the diplomat made the faintest move to do so. Childe's heart felt like it was about to pop out of his chest and go soaring, and he hummed in delight before complying, deepening the kiss and making Zhongli shudder at the sensation.


And for the first time ever since they attempted such kiss, Zhongli eagerly replied.


The slowly heating dance of their tongues had Childe's wild fantasies getting reignited inside the depths of his mind, and as much as he wanted to keep it going for as long as possible, he had to break the kiss for a bit in order to breathe. Zhongli immediately chased his lips, the hesitation he used to have in the past now being nothing more than a faint memory as he gazed at the youth with half-lidded, needy-looking eyes.


And Childe ended up groaning in delight.


"Zhongli... Does this mean you like me too, perchance? I wouldn't want to get my hopes up without any confirmation, you know~" Childe teased, and even if the things Zhongli did until now were enough of an answer for him, he still wanted to get a proper confession from the Archon himself.


Zhongli hummed and offered him another smile, before he leaned in close enough for their lips to brush as he whispered. "I believe I would not have done any of the actions you suggested with you if I didn't enjoy your company, Childe. I don't know if you did not notice, but I am not much of a social person and I heavily dislike being touched by others. Even more so without my consent." The dragon stated, determined and very serious, even if there was still lingering heat behind his tone. "And... I believe you helped me find my answer, too." 


Childe smiled, but the playfulness he usually had was now replaced by affection and fondness for the man currently in his hold. He chuckled, "And what may that answer be?" curious to hear what Zhongli had concluded after all this time.


"A kiss... is an act you do only with someone you deeply cherish, in ways that go beyond mere friendship." Zhongli murmured, seemingly confident with his answer this time about.


And Childe rewarded him with another loving kiss for all of his research efforts.



A couple of weeks later, the day Childe had been yearning for finally came by.


The harbinger went through the trouble of securing a large sum of money from the Fatui funds in order to spoil Zhongli with the most exquisite date he could possibly offer the Archon. Childe took Zhongli to the most expensive places, bought him numerous gifts that Zhongli insisted he did not necessarily need (but appreciated nonetheless), and rented the deluxe suite of the best inn in all of Liyue for the night.


This time it was definitely going to work.


For the past two weeks, Childe had been trying to bed Zhongli numerous times, but one way or another, his plans would end up being ruined by unpredicted situations. Back at the Liuli Pavilion, Childe wanted to push the limit and find out if Zhongli was comfortable with even more, but just as he wanted to do it, they have been interrupted by the owner of the building who came by to deliver a letter for Zhongli from the Funeral Parlor. After that, a few days later, Childe had another chance, but just as he was about to touch Zhongli more, the Archon realized he was running late for a meeting with an important business associate and left the diplomat hanging and internally crying.


All in all, nothing up to this point yielded any sorts of results.


However, this time it was bound to be different. The whole evening ran like clockwork and Zhongli seemed in a very good mood after Childe took him to all sorts of interesting places he greatly enjoyed. As they made their way to the inn, Childe was keeping his eyes on his partner, ensuring the Archon was maintaining that state of mind since it would be favorable for what he has planned for the rest of their night together.


And once they reached the room they were to share, Childe coaxed Zhongli into letting go of the bags with gifts that he was holding, bringing him into a sweet, loving kiss.


The elder did not seem to mind, humming softly as he reciprocated the gesture. He didn't seem to notice Childe's true intentions, and the youth took it as his cue to put his plans into motion. Pulling Zhongli close enough that they were almost glued together, Childe caressed the Archon's back slowly, letting his gloved fingers trace over the silky smooth skin exposed by the window of his coat. Zhongli shuddered the faintest bit, focusing on the kiss more than anything, at least until Childe trailed his hand lower and lower...


All the way to the tails of his coat, slipping it beneath them to cup a side of his ass.


Zhongli made a small noise of surprise before breaking the kiss and panting silently, eyeing Childe with one of his famed, questioning gazes. Childe smiled innocently, but did not attempt to move his hand away from the elder's bottom, as if he was indirectly asking Zhongli whatever could be the matter. The Archon huffed, "May I ask what it is that you are doing...?" He demanded, and Childe found himself laughing a little in response.


'God, how utterly adorable.'


"Well... Do you want me to be straightforward, or do you want a more elegant answer, Sensei?" The diplomat purred, and Zhongli seemed like he was genuinely thinking about the options. Knowing him, he probably was.


"You know I do not enjoy being tricked..." The Archon muttered, trailing off and averting his gaze as he did. Childe took it as his cue to be honest, and, burying his face in the crook of the elder's neck, he hummed.


"I want to... do more with you, Zhongli... Much, much more. I have been longing for it for quite some time now and no day passes by where I don't think of how good you would look pinned beneath me and taking all I have to offer. Call me selfish or needy, but I just can't get enough of you, haha... Is that wrong of me? Does it make you want to push me away?" The youth questioned, and even if he wanted to seem composed and confident in his actions, there was an inevitable tinge of unease in his voice.


What if he is moving too fast for Zhongli's liking?


Zhongli stood silent for a while, taking in what Childe was suggesting and weighing the pros and cons behind it. He hummed, softly asking, "I do not wish to push you away, but... I have to wonder... We are not able to procreate, so why would you wish to... have intercourse with me?" It was something very legitimate to ask, after all, and Childe couldn't help but snort a bit in amusement.


'He even refers to sex in scientific terms... Oh, he's so cute I could devour him whole.'


"Because I like you a lot, Sensei. You make me want you, if that is easier for you understand... We don't need to have kids, after all. That's not always the goal behind it! I just... want to make you feel good. To show you how it truly feels to be human... Would you let me do so? ...Would you allow me to teach you something more?" 


Childe surely liked ranting.


Zhongli could tell the youth was honest, and it was making him feel relieved since Childe had a tendency to be quite mischievous and sly whenever he spoke to people. But around him, it always seemed like the harbinger was truthful, and Zhongli appreciated it greatly since he always valued the truth above all else.


What a hypocritical way of seeing matters after the lies he himself wove for his people.


Alas, Zhongli put that all behind him. Sure, he still felt some guilt, but that plan... That whole plan yielded him the best result ever.


It offered him Childe.


"...Yes." Zhongli murmured with determination, smiling softly for Childe to see. "I want you to teach me everything about being human... Tartaglia." He added, making use of Childe's other known alias.


And Childe felt like he wanted to cry. But he didn't.


He just kissed Zhongli deeply and finally committed to the night.



The kisses grew more heated quite quicker than usual this time around. Childe groaned softly as he explored Zhongli's mouth with his tongue, and Zhongli, as composed as he usually was, finally allowed himself to lose the sturdy walls he built around for his protection, making small sounds of enjoyment that let Childe know he was pleased with the events.


The harbinger pinned Zhongli against the door of the room, never once breaking the heated kiss they were sharing. The intensity of it made their teeth clack against each other from time to time, but neither man seemed to care since both were too focused on the thrill of it all. Childe hummed deeply, almost like a rumble from the depths of his chest as he allowed his hands to wander over Zhongli's sides, chest and thighs, feeling every inch of the man that he could beneath the pads of his gloved fingers.


Zhongli was responding to it all eagerly and with a pretty high dose of excitement, and if that wasn't enough to get Childe going, nothing else would. As he trailed his tongue over the Archon's teeth, for a moment Childe felt something strange, a sensation akin to poking against the soft flesh of the muscle, so he pulled back just to check what the matter was.


And between Zhongli's parted, slightly puffy lips, the harbinger could spot the tips of a pair of pretty, pearly white fangs.


"Zhongli... Gods, that's so hot..." Childe whispered, panting heatedly before leaning in to pepper Zhongli's neck with kisses and small bites. The dragon groaned sweetly at the feeling, Childe tugging on his tie and getting it to loosen in order to have better access to his throat. Zhongli placed his hands on Childe's shoulders and closed his eyes, relishing in the sensation of the youth's tongue dragging over the newly exposed skin, shivers of delight coursing through him in constant waves he never felt before.


It was all so foreign, but oh... so, so exciting.


"Never... In my long life... Haah... Have I felt the way I feel now, with you... Tartaglia..." The Archon felt compelled to let Childe know he was enjoying himself, and it seems his words had the intended effect since Childe groaned happily and rewarded him with more kisses to his rather sensitive neck. Zhongli tilted his head back to offer the youth more room to work with, and Childe made a small, appreciative sound as he started working on getting the dragon's clothes open and off.


Zhongli knew that he was supposed to reciprocate it, so he did his best to try and undo the clasps that held Childe's jacket closed. Childe chuckled softly when he noticed the elder's eagerness, and he pulled back for a moment to allow Zhongli to take his jacket off without too much difficulty. Once that was out of the way, Childe took Zhongli's coat off, which was shortly followed by the Archon's vest that laid beneath, the buttons of his shirt being skillfully popped open to expose more of that beautiful, silky skin beneath.


And the fact that Tartaglia knew exactly what to do made Zhongli feel a strange sensation bubbling inside of him at the thought of the harbinger doing this sort of thing to other people before him.


It was unusual... And it was gnawing badly at Zhongli's heart.


"Childe..." Zhongli murmured hotly, catching the diplomat's attention right when Childe was about to lean in and start kissing along his chest. The Archon suddenly moved his hands over to the harbinger's face, cupping his cheeks and raising his head to kiss him deeply, way hungrier than before, catching Childe rather off-guard before he melted into the sensation.


What got Zhongli to be forceful all of a sudden?


Pulling away, Zhongli looked at Childe with a very piercing, serious gaze, one that caused shivers to run along the youth's spine since he could tell whatever the Archon had to say was important. The elder took a deep breath before he whispered, in the most sensual tone he could bring himself to use...


"You are allowed to do this... only with me."


And Childe could swear he died and somehow reached heaven.


He was certainly not expecting his own words to be used against him, even if they were slightly rephrased. Even more so by someone as clueless as Zhongli.


But was this proof that the Archon was not actually as clueless as he used to be anymore?


Because if it was, Childe was certainly on board.


"Yes, sir~" Childe chuckled happily, even if he was flushed as red as a cherry from those sudden, possessive words used by the elder. He earned himself a small scoff from Zhongli, but the dragon didn't seem upset, so Childe resumed the earlier actions by moving down to the place he had in mind earlier before. Pushing Zhongli's shirt open, the harbinger kissed and started sucking dark red marks along the elder's pale skin, moving from his neck, down his collarbones and over to his nicely toned chest.


Seeing him like this, Childe couldn't help but fawn over his- his lover, noticing Zhongli was elegantly built, the lines of his muscles defined in a way that added to his very royal air. There was not a hair on his body anywhere, all smooth skin ready to be marked up, and Childe felt his neglected length twitch inside his already-tight pants, showing he was very turned on by the sight. Zhongli didn't protest about being ogled like so, feeling comfortable as long as Childe was the one looking at him, and the harbinger almost wanted to purr in delight when his eyes came to rest on the rosy perks the dragon hid beneath his clothes.


Of course he needs to have a taste.


Leaning in closely, Childe let his hot breath ghost over Zhongli's left nipple, smirking at the small gasp the Archon made at the foreign feeling on his chest. Childe could feel fangs of his own poking at his upper lip slightly, a sign of his Foul Legacy powers acting on his person due to the excitement, so he made a mental note to be mindful of them before he started toying with his lover's pretty chest.


Zhongli groaned and threw his head back against the wooden door, his knees feeling a bit weaker the moment Childe latched onto his nipple and sucked. It sent shivers down his spine, waves of something akin to electricity, and Zhongli was torn between asking Childe if it was normal or just giving into the sensation fully.


And for the first time ever, the curious Archon chose the latter.


Childe could tell Zhongli was growing to like his treatment, so he rewarded the well-behaved dragon with a flick of his tongue over the rosy bud he had in his mouth, shifting to glue his hips against the other man's in the process. Zhongli made a small, questioning noise, which ended up melting into a soft moan when the harbinger rolled his hips and grinded against his hardening length. Childe wanted the elder to know how much this situation was turning him on, and Zhongli seemed to grow even more excited when he felt the outline of a very hard erection pressing against his lower regions.


This night was turning out incredibly so far.


Childe kept up his grinding and teasing of Zhongli's chest for a while, working the Archon up as much as he could before suddenly pulling back. Zhongli made a disappointed sound as he glanced at Childe with need in his eyes, and the diplomat felt himself go crazy over how much of a mess his lover was from just the littlest bit of stimulus.


And suddenly, he went down on his knees, making Zhongli look at him with worry before relaxing once he was given a playful smile as response.


Since Zhongli is a virgin, Childe will have to be extremely careful, no matter if the elder is a millennia-old god who fought in catastrophic wars that changed the world around them and whatnot. Right now, none of that history mattered, for this was no longer Rex Lapis, nor Morax...


This was Zhongli, the man Childe decided he wanted to devote himself to wholeheartedly.


The youth made quick work of getting Zhongli's pants open and down, motioning the Archon to lift his legs one after the other in order to get rid of the garments completely. Childe let blue eyes trail along the dragon's smooth legs, along his delicious-looking thighs and all the way over to his crotch, where a rather proportionate, pretty length was standing, hard and with a flushed tip that leaked from all of the ministrations and stimulus received so far.


'Every part of him is absolutely amazing... Not fair~'


Not that Childe was complaining.


Zhongli flushed shyly at being exposed like such, but just like mentioned before, he didn't mind it as long as he was doing this with Childe and no one else. The harbinger smiled encouragingly when Zhongli gazed his way, before he suddenly took a hold of the man's thighs and hoisted him up, placing Zhongli's legs over his shoulders and earning a surprised gasp from the unsuspecting dragon.


"Childe, what are you doing...?" Zhongli found himself asking, but Childe didn't seem eager to explain. The diplomat smirked sexily before he blew some hot air over the tip of Zhongli's cock, making the Archon tense up and moan oh-so-prettily in response.


No more questions, then.


Childe did not give Zhongli any time to wonder what was happening after that, instead taking the sensitive tip of the man's length between his lips, swirling his tongue over it and driving the elder crazy with the feeling. The youth didn't hesitate to start taking the length in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and beginning to bob his his head in small motions, keeping his tongue pressed against the underside and relishing in the way Zhongli tensed and twitched in response to it all. The Archon placed his hands on Childe's head and gingerly tugged on his hair, making Childe smile at the care he was being shown even in such an intense moment.


'So cute... Fuck, he's so cute...!'


With that thought happily nestled in his mind, Childe continued to suck Zhongli off, growling sweetly whenever the other man would tug on his hair and moan his name in that breathy tone of his. It didn't take much for Zhongli to climax since he wasn't used to such stimulus, and to see someone come for the first time ever...


It was a marvel, especially when it came to someone as beautiful as him.


Childe took care to swallow everything he could before pulling back, knowing Zhongli put great care into being clean and proper no matter the situation. He didn't want the Archon to get mad at him later on for dirtying the floors of the inn, you know? Zhongli would most likely make Childe pay extra for the cleaning services, claiming something like 'The maids shall be compensated accordingly for the service they did. You caused the mess.' or so.


Looking up, the harbinger groaned softly as he felt his cock twitch hard again upon seeing how messed up Zhongli looked from nothing but just a blowjob. The Archon was flushed and panting, his sharp eyes now seeming hazy and slightly teary, and now that he looks a bit closer...


Hold on.


Childe had to do a double take on that. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but after he slowly removed Zhongli's (now slightly shaky) legs from his shoulders and got up to face the elder, the harbinger realized he was not, in fact, going coocoo.


Zhongli had four beautiful horns adorning his head like a crown. And at his back, a long, elegant tail sprouted, colored in rich shades of chocolate brown and amber, matching his hair and his eyes.


For a bit, he stared, absolutely mesmerized, at the gorgeous dragon in front of him, his heart doing leaps in his chest at the thought that this magnificent being was actually in love with someone as ordinary as himself. Zhongli realized he allowed his draconic features to be revealed, and for a brief moment he seemed to lose his composure, afraid Childe may be repulsed by his sudden change of aspect.


Yet before he could try and explain, Childe hushed him with a gentle kiss, a hand resting on Zhongli's cheek and caressing it with its thumb gingerly as reassurance.


Moving away, Childe smiled softly, his infatuation with the Archon clear as day on his face. Zhongli also seemed to be a bit taller after the change in appearance, not that Childe minded. "You look astonishing, Zhongli... I am thrilled to know you like me enough to let yourself be the real you around me, haha~ It's good... to know that I am trusted by someone as incredible as you for more than just my skill in battle." The diplomat said, honest beyond reason. 


And Zhongli felt utterly relieved, enough to let out a sound that seemed to be an honest-to-God purr.


Childe wanted to squeal like a small girl who saw an adorable animal at the cute sound being let out, but he refrained, just internalizing the feeling and keeping his composure. Zhongli hummed, "It feels good to hear that you are not repulsed by my appearance, Tartaglia... And... Everything you are doing to me... feels good..." He admitted, and Childe groaned softly at it, unable to keep himself at bay any longer.


He had to take Zhongli already, or else he may go insane for real.


Picking the (now taller) man up, Childe carried him over to the bed and laid him down slowly, crawling between his legs and kissing Zhongli deeply. The diplomat felt overdressed for the occasion, so he took a moment to get rid of the clothes he had left on him, baring himself fully for Zhongli to see and admire. The Archon did not shy away from allowing his amber eyes to gaze over Childe's naked form, and for a brief moment, he felt his heart race when he was met with the hard length resting between the youth's legs.


That... was quite big...


Childe found himself feeling amused at the slightly surprised look on Zhongli's face, but he didn't have the heart to tease the dragon about it. Instead, he took a moment to think about a method fit for lubrication, and an idea was coming to his mind about how he could use his hydro affinity for the occasion...


But when he trailed his (now bare) fingers down to Zhongli's entrance, Childe froze with widened, shocked eyes.


It was already wet.


Zhongli noticed the surprise on Childe's features and, as he averted his gaze in slight embarrassment, he brought himself up to speak. "I... hold the capacity to self-lubricate in case of intercourse... It is due to my anatomy..." The dragon explained, and Childe had to take a moment to just breathe, because fuck, his already perfect lover somehow became even more perfect in the span of just a few seconds.


Whoever sent Zhongli his way, Childe has a thousand thanks to tell them, and then a thousand more.


The process of working Zhongli open was quite easier than Childe initially imagined. The man's body was rather pliant and due to the natural lubrication, the slide of Childe's fingers was rather smooth and pleasurable for the Archon. Childe fucked Zhongli with his fingers carefully, spreading the digits to make the elder's hole give, and the thought of burying himself inside those velvety, hot walls was making Childe's mind race and his weeping length grow harder than ever.


Not to mention the sounds Zhongli made throughout it all. The usually proper and pristine Archon was now moaning and whining in need, bucking his hips from time to time to try and get Childe's fingers as deep inside of him as he could. Childe used his hydro powers to aid in the process of preparation, creating a smooth shape over his fingers that would mimic the girth of an actual length, though not really as thick as his own. Just enough to make Zhongli needy enough to beg him.


And to his surprise, it actually worked.


As soon as Childe began teasing Zhongli's prostate, the Archon moaned heatedly and clawed at the bedsheets with his (now longer) nails, panting hotly and trembling with the need to be filled. His body was reacting nicely to every touch he was offered, and Zhongli couldn't help the way he ended up pleading, his tone honest and full of passion he never knew he possessed. "Tartaglia... T-Tartaglia... aaah... Please... I... I need you..."


And who was Childe to deny the beauty such a request?


The harbinger was already hard as a rock and at the point where he felt as if, if he didn't push himself inside Zhongli soon, he was going to absolutely lose it. Pulling his soaked fingers out of the dragon, Childe took a moment to inspect the glistening digits, sensing a slightly sweet fragrance coming from the slick coating them, one which beckoned him to give the clear substance a taste.


...Okay, next time he and Zhongli do this, he is definitely going to eat the Archon out.


Zhongli flushed in embarrassment when he noticed Childe tasting the slick, but he didn't have it in him to complain or protest about it. He just moaned softly to try and coax the harbinger into finally taking him, and Childe took a moment to admire the wrecked dragon, licking his lips as he allowed his hungry eyes to roam his lover's tall, beautiful figure.


Zhongli's body was flushed and slightly glistening with sweat, his chest perked up from the earlier stimulus, his length hard and leaking once again. A mess of slick was glistening slightly between his legs and his pretty tail was swishing slightly in need, his long, silky hair having come loose from its tie and spreading on the sheets almost like a halo that, along with the crown of horns, showed his divine origins to Childe's mortal eyes.


And Childe felt like the luckiest man to have ever lived as he shuffled between Zhongli's legs, lining himself up with the elder's awaiting hole.


"Zhongli... You're truly so beautiful, sweetheart..." Childe murmured, his love for the elder clearly seeping in his tone. "I am going to push inside, okay?" He announced, and Zhongli didn't answer, instead mewling silently and waiting for the diplomat to do as he claimed.


Entering Zhongli's eager body for the first time is an experience Childe doesn't think he will forget any time soon.


Compared to a normal human's, Zhongli's insides were hotter and way, way better, clinging to Childe's length hungrily with every inch the youth pushed forward. Childe had to try and will himself not to cum immediately as he struggled to bottom out, and by the time his hips met with Zhongli's plump behind, he felt as if the smallest motion would cause him to break apart in an instant with how good it all felt and how worked up he was.


This is indeed paradise. It has to be.


Zhongli didn't seem to be in any sort of pain, his head thrown back on the mattress as he purred up a storm in pure pleasure. Childe was glad and relieved to see that, and once he took a moment to compose himself, he didn't hesitate to begin moving, his hips slowly pulling back all the way until only his tip was left lodged inside of the Archon's wet, tight heat. Zhongli's insides wanted to suck Childe right back in as soon as the harbinger tried pulling back, so it took all of Childe's willpower to not climax at that, panting hotly and resting his forehead on Zhongli's collarbone as he listened to the Archon's sounds of enjoyment.


Pushing back inside slowly, Childe shuddered from head to toe and groaned sweetly, repeating the motion for a couple of times to let Zhongli get adjusted to the feeling. The dragon was, as always, quick to adapt and learn, and it didn't take long before Childe ended up getting into a rapidly increasing pace. His rhythm became faster and harder, and Zhongli's moans became sweeter and more pleased, the Archon clinging to Childe's back and making red lines on the man's skin with his claws that dug slightly in the flesh as he dragged them down.


Childe didn't mind. He was going to wear the marks proudly since they were from the one he loved.


...That's right. He loves Zhongli.


How ironic.


With a couple more thrusts after that, Childe was nearing his climax, that tight coil of heat forming inside his body and growing hotter and hotter. Zhongli was moaning out hotly, repeating the harbinger's name like a prayer, "T-Tar- aah... nngh...! Tartaglia...! Aaah-" no longer seeming ashamed by the way he sounded, and Childe honestly couldn't be happier.


He was so happy he felt compelled to be entirely honest with the dragon.


"Aj- nngh... A-Ajax..." Childe panted, and Zhongli, even through his heated state, threw him a confused look for a bit, as if to ask what he meant or who was he referring to with that name since he himself never went by such alias before. "My... haah... M-My real name... is Ajax, Zhongli..." Childe clarified, and Zhongli felt a deep sense of appreciation for the trust the harbinger (who was usually very secretive, mind you) put in him at that moment.


Childe- no... Ajax trusted him enough to tell him his real name no one else but his family, most likely, knew.


"Ajax..." Zhongli repeated in a breathy voice, and the sound of his name rolling off the Archon's pretty lips was enough to push the harbinger over the edge, a deep growl being ripped from his chest as his hips halted and he came, deep inside the elder.


And Zhongli followed suit, his voice a little higher in pitch than usual as he called Childe's real name again.


Childe panted as he slowly pulled out, taking a moment to collect himself since he felt like a goddamn mess. He closed his eyes for a bit and took deep breaths, but when he opened them again and gazed at Zhongli to see if he was alright...


It was enough to push his deeply hidden instincts into overdrive.


Zhongli was messier than ever, panting hotly and seemingly still able to go even after coming two times in the same night. He was still flushed red, covered in Childe's marks of ownership and with come splattered on his nicely toned abs, some of it even having landed on his chest.


And down below, his used entrance was a mess of sweet slick and Childe's seed, so no wonder the harbinger lost it.


Zhongli eyed Childe with pure lust in his (now glowing) amber eyes, and the tips of his hair began glowing too, showing that energy was coursing through him at a much higher intensity than before due to how turned on he was. Childe bit his lip with his (now fully grown) fangs, and without debating it much (not that he could since he was lost to his lust)...


He slowly began changing.


Zhongli heard about Childe having a second form before. He heard it from Aether and Paimon, after the battle from the harbor ended and Childe fled the scene for a while. Aether described it as something terrifying and filled with nothing but evil and malice, but as he watched Childe change shape and grow in size, a mask appearing over his face....


Zhongli couldn't help but feel his heart race as he could sense the kind nature hidden behind it.


Childe certainly was much bigger than before, though. Even if he himself was in his draconic form, Zhongli couldn't help but feel as if he was the prey being watched by a powerful, hungry predator at that point. He was embarrassed to admit, but he felt himself getting even more turned on at the thought of Childe taking him in this form. His curiosity caused the Archon to reach a hand up and tentatively brush his fingers through the collar of fur that laid on the harbinger's shoulders, the color of it reminding him briefly of lavender flowers on a nice, golden field.


It was so soft... And in response to that, Childe purred deeply and leaned into the touch, showing Zhongli he was still himself even if he looked like a beast at the moment.


Zhongli hummed softly, taking in the youth's appearance fully, admiring his strong build and the air of power with which he seemed to carry himself. But as his eyes trailed down along the beast's body, Zhongli noticed something rather... peculiar down below.


Were those... ridges along the underside of Childe's length...?


So not only is it much bigger, but now it's also ridged??


Childe didn't give Zhongli much time to debate that fact, purring again happily, as if to reassure the Archon he was going to be careful and nothing bad was going to happen. Zhongli knew he could trust Childe with his life, but he couldn't help the nervousness coursing through him at the thought of fitting something of that size inside.


Hopefully he won't break.


Strangely enough, one side of Zhongli, more specifically the wild, dragon-like side, was telling him this was good, telling him to ask Childe to breed him even if he had no clue what it was all about. After all, he knew for a fact none of them would be able to gain any offspring from this intercourse, yet somehow he felt compelled to get bred by the harbinger currently towering above him.


Childe suddenly manhandled the dragon with much more ease than before, flipping him around so Zhongli was laying on his front, hips raised so his bottom would be easier for the beast to access. The Archon did Childe a service and raised his tail to grant the man more room, and shortly after, his breath hitched in his throat when he felt the blunt head of Childe's large length pressing against his puffy, slick entrance.


It was okay. He was going to be fine.


Childe won't hurt him.




Childe purred softly behind Zhongli, leaning over the dragon's back to nuzzle his masked face against the Archon's exposed nape, serving as both comfort and praise, as if to tell him everything will be fine. Zhongli let out a small purr of his own as he waited for Childe to push inside, and when that blunt head breached him...


He felt as if he was floating.


The first ridge that pushed past the ring of muscle had Zhongli's smooth thighs trembling, sweet slick gushing out of him to accommodate the large girth intruding further and further inside. The clear liquid trailed down his inner thighs and over his perineum, reaching his length too as Childe popped the next ridge into him and continued his careful advance.


Even in the form of a feral beast Childe was careful not to harm Zhongli even the slightest bit. The more the harbinger pushed his ridged cock inside, the more Zhongli was thankful to himself for allowing his draconic features to come out, because they turned him bigger in size as well, facilitating this kind of... extreme intercourse.


Maybe it wasn't planned, but that doesn't mean Zhongli doesn't like a surprise from time to time.


Childe was entirely focused on his movement, his large hands resting on Zhongli's sharp hips, keeping the Archon still as he continued to fill him up. By the time the beast managed to actually bottom out...


Zhongli felt impossibly full.


He trailed a hand down to his navel, curious since it felt as if Childe managed to reach depths he never thought would be possible. Touching there, Zhongli flushed deeply red and moaned when he felt Childe's monstrous length slightly bulging inside of him, making a bump on his abdomen and causing Zhongli's breathing to turn even more heated than before.


Something inside of him... that dragon side that was begging him for more... it was certainly pleased with the current situation.


Childe did not yet move an inch, allowing Zhongli to adapt to the new intrusion, making a small, questioning sound like a deep rumble from within his chest. Zhongli panted hotly against the pillows, clutching at the bedsheets and trembling with the exertion, but Gods, he would be an awful liar if he claimed he wasn't feeling incredible with the harbinger filling him up to the brim. "I... haah... I-I... am fine, A... Ajax... I can take it... I just... nngh... f-feel full..." Zhongli murmured, his voice raspy from his previous moaning.


And Childe purred lovingly at that answer, enjoying the way his name came out from Zhongli's mouth again.


The harbinger kept still for just a bit longer, until he felt Zhongli getting relaxed enough that he could start pulling his hips back. Zhongli groaned in pleasure as he felt the ridges along Childe's length rubbing against his already fucked insides, and whenever one would pop out of him, the Archon would mewl and moan as his thighs trembled and his length twitched in delight. Childe repeated the action for a while, just lazily sliding in and out of Zhongli, but when he felt his lover getting used to the girth spreading him open...


The harbinger took a hold of the base of Zhongli's dragon tail and used it as a rein to bring the man's hips back against his own on each thrust.


Zhongli thought he was going to lose his mind. Childe's thrusts started gaining speed and strength and the ridges along his length added so much to the feeling that the Archon knew for a fact he was not going to last long. He could already feel Childe's large member pulsating with the need to release too, which served to show the other man was just as turned on by it all as he himself was at the moment. The grip on his sensitive tail wasn't helping Zhongli's resistance either, and after a few more strong thrusts...


He came so hard he thought he was about to pass out.


Childe fucked him through it dutifully, growling and purring happily as he watched his lover come undone so beautifully, but he himself was not faring any better. He didn't really hold on too much longer after that, but just as he was about to come, Childe tried to pull out since he didn't wish to make Zhongli into a bigger mess than he already did.


Yet Zhongli did not let him.


The Archon wrapped his long tail around the beast's arm and pulled him closer, growling and moaning hotly, his voice an absolute wreck. "In... Inside... please... p-please, Ajax...Breed me..." He pleaded, not sure if he did it right, and Childe, well... he couldn't refuse.


He slammed himself right back inside and filled Zhongli to the very brim, so much so the seed overflowed at the sides of his length and made a mess on the elder's trembling thighs and on the sheets below.


They took a while to come down from their high, Childe just nuzzling against Zhongli's nape happily as the Archon tried to come back to earth, panting for breath and purring weakly in return. After a while, the harbinger slowly pulled out, and Zhongli groaned weakly as he felt the ridges popping out of him one by one once again. He felt tired, weak and absolutely debauched, but at the same time, he was content and so pleased he was sure he won't be able to move for the next couple of days or so.


To think a mere mortal could make such a mess out of such a prime and proper god.


Childe slowly reverted to his usual form, Zhongli taking the time to hide his draconic features as well as he laid on the mattress and stretched a little like a lazy, elegant cat. Childe admired him for a bit, his heart pounding happily in his chest, and afterwards, he told Zhongli to wait a moment as he went to retrieve something to aid them with cleaning up the mess.


The cleanup didn't take long, Childe using his hydro powers to speed it up before he changed the sheets and gingerly placed Zhongli on them since the Archon was too worn out to move on his own. Zhongli settled for taking a proper bath a bit later since he couldn't move much now. Childe held him close happily, cuddling him beneath the sheets and showering his face with kisses, muttering endless strings of praises about how 'good' Zhongli was and how 'well he took it all'.


The Archon sighed softly and flushed, but he appreciated the gentle praise nonetheless. His heart beat faster in his chest as he and Childe cuddled, and the harbinger smiled sweetly when Zhongli tucked his head beneath his chin and closed his eyes, seemingly relaxing almost instantly in the said position.


Zhongli felt content when he got to catch a whiff of the scent Childe was giving off. His dragon genes allowed him to sense pheromones and generally have a more sensitive sense of smell, and right now, the youth was covered entirely in the Archon's own scent. The dragon's possessive side was pleased with the outcome, and the fact that Childe's own scent was lingering on him as well made Zhongli feel even better, small, soft purrs leaving him and making Childe all giddy at the cuteness the elder was exhibiting.


"Jeez, Sensei... you will kill me with all this cuteness one day, really! You're so sweet, haha~ Look at you, purring like a cute kitty cat~" Childe teased lightheartedly, his usually playful behavior returning and making Zhongli flush at the words he was being called. The Archon huffed, before he spoke up in the most nonchalant tone he could muster.


"I am not 'cute.' Do not refer to me as such..." Zhongli protested, and Childe decided to leave it at that even if his opinion was not going to change. After a brief moment of silence, the harbinger hummed.


"Hey, Li...?" He called out, making Zhongli raise an eyebrow at the new nickname he had been given. "I think I am rather good at this whole 'human-behavior teacher' business. Maybe I should write a book about it one day, haha~ The first volume is definitely gonna be dedicated to you! I can already envision it, all gold letters and a cool leather cover...~" The youth stated, looking at Zhongli with a teasing glint in his eyes.


"How to be human - A complete guide for the Geo Archon, by yours truly~" Childe stated, and Zhongli couldn't help the way he ended up rolling his eyes, closing them shortly after and ignoring the diplomat's silly blabbering. "Hey, it's a good idea! I am sure it would help out a lot of people, especially you- Are you still listening, love? Honey? Sugar??"


"Go to sleep, Ajax."