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The Shape of You

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Qui-Gon rocked on his toes, eagerly waiting for Obi-Wan’s shuttle to land. It had been almost a cycle since Qui-Gon had last seen him in person, and he was anxious to see his Padawan. Or the Knight that once was his Padawan, Qui-Gon thought a bit mournfully. It was easy to miss Obi-Wan’s companionship and the training bond they once shared.  

Obi-Wan’s first solo mission after Qui-Gon had cut his auburn braid and bid Obi-Wan farewell was only supposed to last a ten-day, but that mission had easily turned into two and then into three. Until a full cycle had passed, long enough that Qui-Gon almost didn’t recognize the confident man that strolled down the gangplank. 

Obi-Wan’s lean form had filled out, his face losing the final bit of baby fat that had clung to his cheeks, replaced by a full beard. He had also allowed his hair to grow long, and it curled at the nape of his neck. Qui-Gon wished he could run his fingers through the length, examine the bearded cheek with his fingers, and taste Obi-Wan’s plush lips. 

Instead, Qui-Gon bowed in greeting, burying his feelings deeper within himself, locking them away behind a barrier of the Force and his own stubbornness.

Or at least he tried to seal them away as he had for so long. 

With a flash of his beautiful smile, Obi-Wan shattered Qui-Gon’s walls once more and pulled Qui-Gon to himself, burying his face into Qui-Gon’s chest, exhaling as if the galaxy had been on his shoulders. 

“I have missed you dearly, Master.” Obi-Wan murmured into Qui-Gon’s tunics. It felt like Qui-Gon could breathe for the first time since begging left alone, after Obi-Wan left and Anakin joined the Temple’s Initiates to catch up on his studies. 

Qui-Gon smiled at the title. “I think simply Qui-Gon will be just fine now, Obi-Wan. How long are you here for?”

They broke apart and Qui-Gon took one of Obi-Wan’s packs, helping him back to the Temple.  

“Hopefully for a while. I have been put on a teaching rotation. There is something I wish to pursue on Coruscant.” 

“Oh?” Qui-Gon arched an eyebrow. “Is it something I can help you with?”

“Your help would be most welcome, Qui-Gon.” Obi-Wan tried to hide a small smile, as if he had told a joke only he understood. 

Obi-Wan had been assigned sparse knights quarters surprisingly close to their old rooms, lined with empty shelves waiting to be filled with small trinkets or, most likely in Obi-Wan’s case, books. Qui-Gon frowned at the small box of personal belongings that had been left untouched from their shared quarters in a corner. 

“Would you care for some tea, Qui-Gon? It has been a while since my last proper cup.”

“Why don’t I prepare us a pot while you get settled.” 

Obi-Wan hummed in agreement and Qui-Gon moved through Obi-Wan’s small kitchen with ease and chuckled when everything was in its proper place, just as his Padawan had kept it in their own rooms. 

Once he was unpacked and had freshened up, Obi-Wan joined Qui-Gon on the small sofa, their knees touching as they had so often before. As one cup of tea turned into another, and tea turned into dinner, and laughter filled the empty room, a knot released in Qui-Gon’s heart and he knew he had found his home once more. 

Days turned into weeks and they fell into an easy rhythm. As the months stretched on, Qui-Gon couldn’t help but wonder what Obi-Wan had returned to Coruscant to pursue. The Knight spent most of his free time at Qui-Gon’s side, whether it be in kata training or in shared meals. 

Not that Qui-Gon was complaining by any means. He had known for years that he had loved Obi-Wan, far more than a Master should. But this independent, confident negotiator that came back from the outer rim was more than his heart could bear.

Saber and physical training were the most difficult times for Qui-Gon to keep his composure. Watching Obi-Wan stretch and flex, his frame bending and folding into positions many of even the most nimble of Jedi could only hope to master, was beautiful torture. Even worse were the moments that Obi-Wan would quietly whisper for Qui-Gon’s assistance.

“Please, Master, would you make sure my leg is bent correctly?” Obi-Wan would ask, arched backwards off the mat, tunics open and trailing to the floor, exposing the flat plains of his chest and stomach. Or, “Master.” He would say, hands flat to the floor, legs spread wide as he bent in half forward, pert ass stretching the fabric of his leggings beyond their limits. “Am I low enough to the floor?”

“Perfect as always, Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon would nod, his hands clenched tight enough together his knuckles turned white and his arms would tingle with the pressure.

And then there was the worst question of all. “Shall we shower before late meal?” Obi-Wan would ask, already beginning to strip away layers of tunics and tabards. 

“I think I will wait until I reach my quarters. Shall I join you for late meal at the hour?” Qui-Gon would try to hide his blush behind a towel, praying to the Force above that Obi-Wan wouldn’t notice his growing erection, his heart beating too quickly in his chest. 

“Of course, Qui-Gon.” Obi-Wan would reply, eyes downcast as he made his way into the refresher.

And then Qui-Gon’s world came crashing down around him. 

After one particularly vigorous training session, after spending hours not quite touching with every mirrored movement of a partnered kata, Qui-Gon was unable to decline the invitation any longer. His body dripped with sweat and his hair long fallen from his careful braid, the tie teasingly stolen by Obi-Wan’s sly fingers. His limbs ached, heavy and exhausted from fighting the desire to touch, to move closer with every position.

They moved into the final stance, inches apart, Obi-Wan’s controlled breath warm against his flushed skin. Qui-Gon extended his leg and a rip that almost seemed to echo in the empty hall, his leggings tore along the seam. Qui-Gon’s heart dropped into his stomach as they bowed out of the kata, only his decades of training keeping him from running in embarrassment. 

“Well, master, looks like you won’t be able to shower in your quarters today. Lucky for you there's always a supply of clothes in the training refresher.” Obi-Wan almost seemed to smirk. “Actually, have you tried the steam shower they installed?”

Qui-Gon shook his head, trying to fight the image of Obi-Wan nude in such a room, body almost hidden by clouds of steam. 

“Oh, well then, we are going to have to change that.” Obi-Wan purred, leading them into the communal showers. It was late enough into the late meal hour that they were empty, every sound echoing against the tile. 

Obi-Wan guided Qui-Gon to the steaming room, promising to return shortly. Qui-Gon quickly stripped and stepped inside, hoping the dense moisture would keep Obi-Wan from noticing the thickening of his cock and the shallowness of his breath. 

When Obi-Wan rejoined him, Qui-Gon stared at the wall in front of him, focusing on cleaning himself instead of just how much muscle Obi-Wan had gained, just how long his eyelashes were, tiny droplets of water collecting on their tips. 

“Qui-Gon, would you loan me some conditioner? This one is out.” 

Qui-Gon bent forward to retrieve his bottle from the floor, and almost dropped it when he noticed it for the first time. He stopped, heart echoing in his ears as he choked back his surprise, arousal coursing through his veins. Obi-Wan’s cock hung low and heavy between his sculpted thighs, perfectly shaped as all of Obi-Wan seemed to be. 

Only, it was not the first time Qui-Gon had seen Obi-Wan nude, years of missions and disasters had made sure of that, and he was fairly certain he would have remembered what was hanging between Obi-Wan’s legs. 

The phallus was humanoid enough in shape it would pass behind fabric, but that is where the likeness ended. It was large, larger even than Qui-Gon’s own considerable length and girth. But it was the shape of it that kept Qui-Gon enthralled, from the mushroom-like, flared tip that was followed by four other large glans-like ridges that spanned the length, to the small, firm rows of bumps that lined the narrow spaces between like a naturally formed Jacob’s ladder. 

Ridges and protrusions large enough and often enough that as they slid into Qui-Gon, they would almost feel like he was being re-penetrated , rolling against his prostate one at a time, drawing out his pleasure. Obi-Wan’s balls matched perfectly, just as heavy and low, taunt as if full of cum. Qui-Gon whimpered, close enough to the stiff member that he was surrounded by Obi-Wan’s scent. 

Obi-Wan held out his hand for the conditioner, his smile sharp and satisfied, as if he was a Loth Cat that had caught a mouse. Qui-Gon felt his face flare in a bright blush and tossed Obi-Wan the requested conditioner, humiliated at being caught staring. Qui-Gon rinsed his hair and turned off the shower, rushing through the motions. 

“I think that was too much for my old bones, Obi-Wan. I will see you tomorrow.” Before Obi-Wan could respond, Qui-Gon fled, pulling on one of the provided bathrobes before bolting down the hallways to his quarters half undressed. 

By the time he reached his rooms, Qui-Gon’s breath was shallow and quick, caught between arousal and shame. In a moment of weakness, he threw himself on his bed and wrapped  his hand around his cock, the memory of Obi-Wan’s perfect cock only highlighted by his scent still lingering in Qui-Gon’s nose. 

It’s all Qui-Gon can think of as his hand slides further down, teasing his hole, what it would feel like to have that wide, perfect cock stretch him open, fill him full of cum. Of Obi-Wan surrounding him completely, inside and out. To even just have the monstrous tip resting just inside of his hole to pump him full of cum. 

Qui-Gon shakes with release as he comes, panting as he works himself to completion. But soon mortification replaced the pleasure like a creeping decay, and Qui-Gon turned to his side and curled in on himself. What would Obi-Wan think, Qui-Gon wonders as he quickly rinses his hair and turns off the shower proper, of his ex-master ogling his cock, of Qui-Gon finding pleasure at the memory. 

It is better, he thinks, to bury the memory deep, to release what he could into the Force, so that only the love he had carried for so many years remained once more. Even that attachment wasn’t fair to Obi-Wan, who deserved far more than what Qui-Gon could offer. 

Qui-Gon spent the night tossing and turning, memories of Obi-Wan’s smile and outstretched hand teasing him even in his dreams. By the time he rose from his bed, Qui-Gon had realized that it wasn’t just his emotions that he needed to release, but Obi-Wan himself. 

The following week was one of the hardest of Qui-Gon’s mortal existence as he carefully extracted himself from Obi-Wan’s life. His blushing and mumbling excuses whenever Obi-Wan approached only served to make matters worse. As did the disappointment and sorrow that would flash in Obi-Wan’s eyes whenever Qui-Gon walked past without more than a nod in greeting.

As the ten-day drew to a close, a message from Obi-Wan chimed on Qui-Gon’s comm, asking for Qui-Gon’s help on a specific kata. A very intimate kata that would require him to remain close to Obi-Wan every time their blades crossed. But, Qui-Gon would never be able to refuse Obi-Wan’s request, and agreed with a remorseful sigh, cock thickening at the thought of even just being touched by Obi-Wan once more. 

Even before they bowed and twisted in the opening stance, Qui-Gon felt his body’s betrayal begin to take shape. As they moved in sync the dance turned into a battle, and Qui-Gon couldn’t help but stare at the hard outline in Obi-Wan’s leggings, wondering how he had truly never noticed before. Before they even completed the first set, his own length was stiff, trapped in his leggings. 

As their movement’s quicked and changed, Obi-Wan took an opportunity to force Qui-Gon into one of the room's far corners, pushing him backward with every block and swing of his saber, away from prying eyes. Distracted by Obi-Wan’s grace and power, Qui-Gon stumbled back into the wall, Obi-Wan bent over him, close enough Qui-Gon could feel his heated breath. 

Close enough for Obi-Wan to lean ever so slightly forward, their lips almost touching, Obi-Wan’s erection grinding against Qui-Gon’s. Qui-Gon’s throat tightened and his heart burned, yearning for that which he could not have, that which is so close, but forever just out of reach. 

In his panic, Qui-Gon pushed back against Obi-Wan, freeing himself from the embrace. With stinging at the corners of his eyes, Qui-Gon ran from the training room. Without looking back, he left Obi-Wan behind once more, ignoring Obi-Wan’s pleading for him to stay. 

Qui-Gon practically sprinted to his quarters, the ghost sensation of Obi-Wan holding him tight, of their cocks brushing together, making his cock achingly hard once more. The door slid shut behind him, and Qui-Gon wasted little time making his way to his room to take himself in hand, pumping his leaking cock furiously, Obi-Wan’s name on his lips, until he came with a sob, the all too familiar humiliation and regret beginning to flood his chest.

A choked off moan not his own pierced the silence. Qui-Gon looked to the doorway in shock, sucking in a deep breath when he found Obi-Wan standing in his doorframe, grinding his palm against an obvious erection, eyes blown wide in pleasure as he watched Qui-Gon.  

“Master I— I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have watched, I—” Obi-Wan stuttered, pulling his hand away.  

“Obi-Wan— I need— ” Qui-Gon’s voice was like grit at the sight of Obi-Wan, his cock already beginning to fill once more at the sight of Obi-Wan’s hard length, aroused because of him. Obi-Wan’s nostrils flared as Qui-Gon’s erection twitched. 

“Mas— Qui-Gon. Can I join you? Touch you?”

Please. ” Qui-Gon held out his hands to Obi-Wan, opening his arms wide, pleading for something he couldn’t name.

Obi-Wan was on Qui-Gon in a flash, pushing Qui-Gomn down onto his back, burying his face into Qui-Gon’s neck as he tangled them together in his embrace. He pulled back, exhaling in relief, before finally closing the distance between them with a kiss, searing and hungry. 

“Do you want this, Master? Do you want me? I know we look a bit different, but —“ Obi-Wan asked, caught between confidence that their feelings were mutual, and the knowledge that Qui-Gon had run more than once after seeing his cock. 

“Yes!” Qui-Gon mewled as Obi-Wan sucked kisses into his jaw, nuzzing at the ticklish skin. “How could I not want you? All of you?!” 

Obi-Wan chuckled and grinned. “Are you sure you can handle all of me, Qui-Gon? I’m quite a lot as you know, and once I have you, you’ll be it for me, forever, so I need you to be sure.”

Qui-Gon arches into Obi-Wan’s touch, a drag of nails against his bare thighs, “Forever?” 

“The Stewjoni are unique. Once we come of age and choose who we want to spend our lives with, our bodies change to fit our partners needs, specifically our genitalia.” Obi-Wan rubbed his still clothed cock against Qui-Gon’s thigh, teasing with the bumps and coarse fabric. “And this change is all for you, if you want me.” 

Qui-Gon cradled Obi-Wan’s face, rubbing away the warm tears that had fallen. “You have been the only one for me for a long time, my Obi-Wan. Now make me yours.” 

Obi-Wan practically growled, capturing Qui-Gon’s lips in a bruising kiss as he tore apart his own leggings. Qui-Gon reached between them and cradled the now free cock in his hands, almost too large to hold and getting fatter with every touch.

Obi-Wan flipped Qui-Gon over, tugging Qui-Gon’s pants down to his knees and maneuvering him so his ass is exposed away from the headboard, supported by a pillow and Obi-Wan’s firm hold. Obi-Wan fetched the oil on the nightstand, warming it before working Qui-Gon open on his fingers, on one, then two, then three, while Qui-Gon begged and screamed for more. 

“Please, Obi-Wan. I’m ready! Fill me, make me yours.”

“Are you sure, my love? I truly meant forever.” Obi-Wan knelt behind Qui-Gon, resting his cock in Qui-Gon’s crevice, letting Qui-Gon feel the length that would stretch him open, would make him Obi-Wan’s. 

“Yes! Now, forever, I want you , all of you.”

Obi-Wan kissed Qui-Gon’s spine in reply, pushing the fat, flared head of his cock harder against Qui-Gon’s hole. The blunt, cone shaped glans was almost painful as it stretched Qui-Gon open, but Qui-Gon pushed back, eager for more.

It finally slipped inside, leaving Qui-Gon’s hole to try and clinch closed around the narrower shaft that came after, not unlike a wide plug. Obi-Wan pulled Qui-Gon backwards against his chest, letting Qui-Gon’s weight and gravity do much of the work for them. 

Obi-Wan pushed harder, still taking his time so Qui-Gon could feel every nub, every vein as his cock drove deeper and deeper, until the first of the thick ridges forced his hole even wider than the tip. It slipped into his passage with a wet slurp, displacing the oil and cum. Qui-Gon sighed in relief, in pleasure. 

But his relief was short lived, the second ridge following close after, and then the third in rapid succession. Obi-Wan paused, rubbing circles on Qui-Gon’s back, letting Qui-Gon breathe for a moment while the fourth ridge nudged at his entrance, almost like a kiss. 

It was by far the thickest, formed more like a twisting ring of hard muscle, a spiral that forced Qui-Gon’s ring of muscle open for what felt like hours, stinging as it twitched and fluttered, trying to close around the intrusion.   

Finally, the ridge popped inside, Obi-Wan fully sheathed in warmth with Qui-Gon sitting in his lap. Obi-Wan stilled his thrusting while Qui-Gon adjusted to his cock, pulling them closer together to  kiss and bite at Qui-Gon’s neck while using his strong thighs to keep the larger man from fully resting on the mattress.Obi-Wan reached between them to rub and massage Qui-Gion’s abused hole, encouraging Qui-Gon to relax and soften even further, preparing him to be filled. 

“Do you feel me Qui-Gon?” Obi-Wan asked, his other hand trailing around Qui-Gon’s waist, to trace circles across his stomach, where the faint outline of Obi-Wan’s cock could be seen. “Right here? So deep inside of you you can see it?”

Qui-Gon whimpered in agreement as every shift and kiss forced one of the thicker nubs against his prostate deep inside. His cock twitched and leaked cum into the sheets and Qui-Gon can feel Obi-Wan’s heavy sac resting under his thighs, full and tight, ready to fill Qui-Gon’s empty hole. 

Finally satisfied with his preparations, Obi-Wan tilted them forward onto their knees once again, pulling his cock out in one smooth glide, every bump dragging across Qui-Gon’s sensitive nerves. 

The next thrust was easier, Qui-Gon’s passage made slick by Obi-Wan’s copious amount of cum, but the thrusts are shorter than that first and Obi-Wan always stopped just short of the fourth, thickest ridge. His pace quickens further, Obi-Wan’s balls slapping against Qui-Gon’s tender skin, each push squelched lewdly as Qui-Gon is filled with more and more cum. 

Obi-Wan’s warm hand wrapped around Qui-Gon’s shaft, stoking him in time with every push and pull,  continuing to milk Qui-Gon through the pleasure, until Obi-Wan slams forward, finally pushing that thick ring into Qui, locking them together as he filled Qui-Gon full with spurt after spurt of cum, Qui-Gon’s stomach growing round with an obvious bulge. 

Qui-Gon screamed, his body going limp as his own release crashed through him, his meager seed coating Obi-Wan’s hand as he pumped Qui-Gon’s cock, until Qui-Gon was shaking with too much, not enough

Obi-Wan gently pushed Qui-Gon onto his side as his release finally slowed, keeping them locked together with what Qui-Gon realized was effectively a knot designed to keep Qui-Gon perfectly full.

Obi-Wan shifts them until they are still entangled, but comfortable enough to rest, even as his cock twitched and leaked with the movement, still buried deep inside Qui-Gon.  

“Qui-Gon?” Obi-Wan’s hand was splayed across Qui-Gon’s stomach, the name almost nothing more than a hum against his shoulder. 

“Yes, my Obi-Wan?” 

“I meant what I said about you being it for me. Long before my change hit last year. I understand if, if you don’t want me like that. If this was just a one time thing.” 

Qui-Gon wrapped his arms around Obi-Wan’s, the only piece of him he could reach laying as they were. 

“Obi-Wan, this was not some one time thing born of curiosity. You are not something to be thrown away, to be tossed aside now that I have been sated. You promised me forever and I very much plan on taking you up on that, and proving it to you often, in every way I can.” He kisses Obi-Wan’s palms, and hands, whatever skin he could reach until Obi-Wan laughs and smiles. “And if you think I am letting this perfect cock of yours out of my sight, you have another thing coming. You made it for me, and I would very much like to keep such a precious gift.”

“Forever it is then.” Obi-Wan yawned and nuzzled into Qui-Gon’s shoulder. 

“Forever, my love.”