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Pieces of love

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Simok opens the door of his apartament and let a heavy sigh. It was one of that days at work. He was exausted, both mentally and physically.


"Rough day?", Yeo Jin asks softlly as soon as she sees her favorite prosecutor.


"Yes, just some troubles I need to solve."


"You look sad, I don't like to see you like this. Come here", she opens her arms and warms him in a tight hug.


"Thank you, Yeo Jin. Your embrace makes me feel a lot better", he says breathing in the sweet scent of her neck.


"Good, now go take a shower. I will choose a movie for us"


Just when Simok is going to the bathroom he notice something...


"Wait... are you wearing my sweater? I was looking everywhere for it."


"Sorry hehe. I forgot to tell you that I actually took some of your clothes... borrowed", she says rubing the nape of her neck.


"Don't be sorry. It fits really good on you. You should wear more often", Simok gives a soft peck on Yeo Jin's lips and smirks to himself.


He forgot his problems and all he could think was the amazing view of his girlfriend wearing his clothes. Han Yeo Jin is his happy pill.