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“Put me down on the bed,” Katsuki says, and Deku lowers him slowly. Katsuki’s clinging to Deku in a way that might’ve been embarrassing if he hadn’t been the one to climb Deku like a tree five minutes earlier and stuck his tongue down Deku’s throat, but Deku’s always a good sport.

Katsuki’s back touches the mattress, and he spreads his legs, and lube trickles down the inside of his thighs. 

“Do you want me to?” Deku asks, and he’s always so disgustingly earnest and eager for it.

“Nah.” Katsuki bites his lip to hide a vicious grin. “Don’t put it in. Not today.”

“Really?” Deku says, but Katsuki fists a hand in Deku’s hair and pulls him down into a kiss. Deku opens his mouth but Katsuki pushes him away. “You don’t want it?”

“Just the tip,” Katsuki says. He reaches down for Deku’s dick—already hard, because of course it is—and lines it up. “I’ll allow for just the tip. Then you have to pull out.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” Deku purrs.

Katsuki’s about to answer, but Deku starts to push in and Katsuki takes a shaky breath. For all his brattiness, he always falls apart when Deku is inside of him, even the slightest bit.

“All good?” Deku strokes his hair, and pushes a little further in than he’s supposed to, and the sensation doesn’t burn, but Katsuki feels the painless sensation of being stretched.

“I—ah—just put it in a little further... Take it out now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Just do it, fucking Deku, now put it back in and ah— ah.” Katsuki closes his eyes. “One more time, just do it, now push in and make it slow, so slow, ah god, yes. Put it in me slowly, let me feel it. Ngh—yeah, that’s good. Nice and slow.”

Deku’s panting, not too loud because Katsuki laughs at him for it, tells Deku that he fucks and breathes like a dog so why not be treated as one? Deku always shoots back that Katsuki’s the one who likes wearing a collar, and that—that’s only true because Katsuki likes having someone around his neck, thick and grounding. Deku knows this, though, because one firm hand is resting under Katsuki’s chin. Not pressing or squeezing, just a warm presence. 

“Shit,” Katsuki says as Deku keeps pushing in, “you’re so thick. You’re not done?”

“Halfway,” Deku breathes.

“Yeah, right.” Katsuki snorts. “There’s no way you’re only halfway. I—ugh. Yeah, oh god, keep pulling out then pushing in, gah, I feel you going a little deeper every time.”

“You like that?”

“I guess,” Katsuki says, and he clenches down to feel Deku stutter. “Did I ever tell you how it feels like the first every time? I got used to you but I never got used to this. It feels like I’m opening up. It should hurt, right? But it doesn’t. No, it really doesn’t. I—hnn—Deku, keep pushing, stop dicking around.”

Deku chuckles, low and deep. “I thought you said you liked it when I pulled out.”

“You and your deliberate misinterpretation—yes, like that, push it all the way in me, don’t be shy. Balls deep in me all the time and you’re acting like a goddamn virgin, I swear to god.”

Deku kisses Katsuki’s shoulder, and bottoms out in one smooth movement. He waits until Katsuki regains his breath, and says, “Good?”

“I—hold on, give me a second.” Deku starts to move. “I said give me a fucking second!” Katsuki pants and adjusts. “Okay, I’m good now. I think.” Deku pulls out and slowly pushes back in, and Katsuki groans. “Yeah, baby. Just like that. Damn, I can feel every inch of you. You’re so goddamn big. Feels like I—yeah, I can feel it when I put a hand on my stomach. Jesus Christ.” He guides Deku’s hand onto his stomach. “You like how that feels, right?”

Deku hums.

“You’re a pervert, you get off on this sort of shit, don’t you? Nah, don’t deny it,” Katsuki says, seeing his pout. “You like having me under you. You’re okay with bottoming but only for other people. When it comes to me, you have to be on top, right? I wonder why.”

“Do you? I think you know.”

“Maybe it’s because you want the control. Have the big bad Bakugou pinned under you, huh?” Katsuki says, and Deku huffs. “Control. Or maybe it’s that I’m deliberately giving it up, and I’m letting you have something that I won’t give to anyone else. Is it the privacy of what we do? The intimacy?”

“I mean, this is pretty intimate,” Deku says, and thrusts in the way that emphasizes the wet sounds of their bodies connecting. “What did you say earlier? ‘Balls deep’?”

“Or maybe,” Katsuki says, ignoring Deku as he laves kisses on Katsuki’s collarbone, “it’s the feeling of having dearest Kacchan under you and submitting, because Kacchan has never submitted to anyone else before.”

Deku stops for just a millisecond, then starts up again.

“I suppose it doesn’t really matter why I’m doing this. Maybe I just like to get fucked.”

Deku hums at that, and sucks a mark onto Katsuki’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you, you know,” Katsuki says, well aware that Deku is in fact fucking him with just enough force to gradually push Katsuki up the bed. “Maybe you’re just the most convenient.”

Deku pulls his mouth away, stills his hips, and says, “Kacchan, you seek me out.”

“Irrelevant,” Katsuki says, and crosses his ankles where they’re resting on Deku’s back, digging them in until Deku starts up again. “You had the biggest fucking cock out of our entire class but you refuse to admit it, especially since you bulked out. People look at you in the locker room, y’know? It’s kind of difficult to miss. So maybe the only reason I’m letting you do this is because you have a big dick.”

“I don’t think so,” Deku says. He migrates from the stinging marks he made on Katsuki’s shoulder and moves to Katsuki’s pecs instead. He takes a nipple in his mouth and licks it. 

“You’re right,” Katsuki says, holding back a whine. “Maybe I just like to be under someone who’s just as strong as me. Pin me down. Rough me up. People think that just because you’re a bottom that you’re someone to pussyfoot around. Treat you like a piece of glass. But I think you know better, right?” 

“I’d never go easy on you,” Deku says to Katsuki’s other pec, and nibbles at the skin. 

“Damn right,” Katsuki says, proud of the way his voice doesn’t hitch every time Deku snaps his hips. “You’re the only jerk that takes what you want. You act all rough and tough. You’re selfless in every aspect except me. ‘Cause when I’m involved, you’re selfish. Don’t deny it. You’re so goddamn selfish. You take it for yourself and you won’t let anyone else come within an inch of me. Don’t try to deny it—I saw how you looked at Kirishima yesterday.”

Deku is silent, but he adjusts to the angle that Katsuki likes, because he’s a bastard who gets off on making Katsuki feel good.

“But that’s okay,” Katsuki says. “You’re possessive and freaky. I can handle you at your best and I can damn well handle you at your worst. ‘Cause I have what others don’t, huh, Deku? I have experience with you. I saw you when you were fucking weak and I could beat you up, but you always fought back and you never ran away. Not once.”

Katsuki scratches his nails down Deku’s back, and Deku hisses.

“Always stood up and took the punches and the bruises and burns like a tough motherfucker. Used to piss me the hell off until I realized—I realized, wait a fucking second. Useless Deku isn’t submitting, he’s showing strength and defiance.”

At some point, Deku’s hands have migrated to Katsuki’s thighs, and he squeezes them sporadically enough that Katsuki thinks he did it by accident, and pulls Katsuki further onto his cock. Good. He wants to see Deku lose it.

“It was stupid as hell cause you were weak, but you never backed down and that took some clout. Then it got annoying ‘cause you wouldn’t stop, with your staring and your Kacchans and your stupid fucking tenacity. I hated you, I really did. I wanted to see you hurt. I wanted to see you on the ground and bleeding and crying. It’s funny how that works, huh? Because now...”

“Now what?” Deku says, when it’s obvious that Katsuki’s waiting for a response.

“Now, I think we’ve switched.”

“Kacchan is always so beautiful when he cries,” Deku admits absentmindedly, smoothing his thumbs over Katsuki’s hip bones.

“I know, you weirdo. You keep telling me.” It’s honestly kind of impressive how Deku is able to put his hands on every part of Katsuki’s body, fuck him, keep a conversation at the same time, and not be putting in his all. “Hey, you wanna know a secret? You wanna?”

“Alright,” Deku says. He’s nosing at the sensitive spot along Katsuki’s jaw absentmindedly, and Katsuki needs the attention to be on him, not his body.

“Are you sure?” Katsuki prods, and Deku finally nods. “Okay, I’ll tell you. Here it is: I like when you make me cry. Isn’t that unexpected? I like when you pin me down and fuck me with your stupid cock until I can’t think of anything else and all I do is cry.”

Deku’s stopped with the tickly shit. He pulls out, sitting seiza right there between Katsuki’s legs, just staring with red staining his face. His eyes are dark.

Katsuki pushes himself up onto his elbows and smirks. “Cry and drool and beg like a little fucking bitch,” Katsuki says. “I always wondered what you thought of that. You probably love it ‘cause you’re a creep and you love every single thing I do. You’d probably get off on me brushing my teeth.”

“But Kacchan spits so pretty,” Deku says petulantly.

“Yep, I knew it.” Katsuki reaches over and pinches Deku’s cheek, and Deku looks betrayed. “A freak till the end. But luckily for you, I like it. Isn’t it weird? I think you like when I gag on your cock. I think you like throwing me onto the floor and fucking me senseless.”

“I—” The red spreads to Deku’s ears.

“I’ve heard you mumble about my perfect cocksucker lips when you’re jerking off when you think I’m asleep. I hear what you say in the shower. You’re not the innocent boy everyone makes you out to be, huh? At least, not in the context of me.”

Deku inhales sharply, and his pupils are blown wide.

“Besides,” Katsuki says gleefully, “who wouldn’t want to see their middle school bully on their knees making them feel good? I probably made you so fucking scared and angry that you just didn’t know what to do with yourself. You probably went into the bathroom to cry like a baby and hit the stall walls just to take it out on something. You pretend that you don’t want to hurt me and return everything that I gave you with interest, but you do. God, you’re so obvious, Deku. You want to see me hurt.”

Deku gapes like a fish.

“Yeah, that’s it. I know you’re blushing ‘cause it’s true. You want to see me on my hands and knees, spread out in front of you like the compliant whore I am.” 

“Kacchan,” Deku breathes. His eyes widen just a bit, like he realized something. He spreads Katsuki’s legs, lines up, and pushes in slowly. Katsuki lets him.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you,” Katsuki teases once Deku’s bottomed out. Katsuki wriggles his ass until Deku sets the pace. “I forgot. Yeah, I’m a whore. I’m a slut. I’m always horny and desperate for it.”

“Oh my god…”

“Hah, you look at you. Don’t think I can’t feel your hands squeezing my hips. You like those too, freak. You call them thin and narrow. Women’s hips. You like my pecs too. Call them tits.” Katsuki guides Deku’s hands to them, makes him squeeze the muscle. “I guess I can see where you’re coming from. But that’s not very nice when you compare me to a woman and then call me a whore.”

“I don’t—” Deku says, and pauses—cautious, doubting—until Katsuki knocks his knee into him. “That’s not—”

“Oh, shut up. I’m secure in my masculinity. A lot of you poor fuckers ain’t, which is why you’re all so uncomfortable with taking it up the ass. Bottoming isn’t wrong, Deku,” Katsuki explains. 

“Why is Kacchan so complicated,” Deku mutters, and resumes.

Katsuki ignores him. “Being submissive isn’t wrong,” he says. “In fact, it’s the best thing there is. See, the thing you don’t realize, Deku, is that while you’re being all selfish and thinking you’re sneaky, I’m being selfish too. You don’t get to bottom, shitty Deku. It’s the best thing there is, and it’s mine. I wouldn’t let you bottom even if you begged for it.”

Deku’s fucking him deeper, and they both feel it down to their bones.

“You know why? Because it feels so good getting fucked. It feels so goddamn good. Have you ever come untouched? It’s the best feeling in the world, because you’re never satisfied. You come and you still need more, and then you can go again and again.”

“Yeah?” Deku pants.

“Then when you’re finally shaking on the bed covered in your own fucking come, eyes are so unfocused that you can’t see the ceiling, thighs burning from being spread—when your ass hurts from being used for so long—that’s the best fucking feeling in the world. You’ll never get that if you’re the one on top. And god, Deku. You don’t even realize.”

“What don’t I realize?” Deku says softly, and unexpectedly bites Katsuki’s shoulder on a particularly harsh thrust.

“All you f-fucking tops”—Katsuki trips over his words for the first time—“all you tops don’t realize that it’s the bottom running the show. We’re in control. You think you have me down and pegged, but I say stop and you fucking have to. I let you abuse me because I fucking love it. I love when you call me a whore and a bitch and a slut, even though you don’t do it until I get you angry enough.”

Deku groans in—astonishment? Arousal? Incredulity?

“I love it so much,” Katsuki says, because he’s finally gotten a reaction out of Deku and he has to hit it where it hurts. “It puts me right in my place, and it’s so much better when it’s you who’s fucking saying it, because you pretend that you don’t mean it when I know that’s what you really think.”

Deku’s fucking him well, but it’s not his all. His head is tucked into the Katsuki’s neck, and he’s covering it in marks and it means he’s not concentrating on fucking Katsuki into the mattress.

“It’s not bad to be a slut, Deku,” Katsuki says, and lets out a long, dawn-out moan just because he can. “I love sex because I love getting fucked, and I love sex with you because you fuck me just the way I like it. Do me harder. Pound me. Wreck me. Make me into the bitch I am.”

“Shit,” Deku snaps suddenly, “god, fuck,” and he bites and breaks the skin.

“Yeah,” Katsuki shouts, “just like that. Make me whine and drool onto the pillow because I don’t know what to do with myself. Yeah, yes, Deku. Just like that. Do it. Make it so all I feel is your cock and all I think is how much I love getting fucked. I chose you for a reason, so fucking do it already. Call me names. Pull my hair. Slap me. Do it. Do it—”

“Oh my god, Kacchan, who taught you to have such a filthy mouth,” Deku growls, and he’s grinning. “Just shut up and fucking take it, like every normal person does when they have sex.”

“I’m not normal though. You knew that. You know me. God, fuck me, fuck me, you fucking useless—”

“Shut up,” Deku says, and Katsuki would yell at him for stopping and pulling out, but Deku’s voice is deadly quiet. The grin fades into the slightest of smiles, and it’s twisted and mean. “Turn around, get on your hands and knees, and shut the fuck up.”

Shaking with anticipation, Katsuki does. “Am I your bitch?” he sneers into the pillow. “Make me.”

Deku slaps his ass. The sound cuts through the room. Katsuki whines. 

“Stop saying these things,” Deku says, whisper getting louder and louder under it’s almost a shout. “You don’t deserve to be able to talk. Fuck,” he cries hysterically and Katsuki knows Deku has his hands in his hair in frustration, “sometimes I think I should just gag you if you don’t just ask for what you want. Wouldn’t that be better? Easy? Save some time? Then I wouldn’t have to hear exactly what you think of me, what you think of yourself, and what you think of us, and instead tell me what you fucking want.”

Yes, Katsuki thinks, because he wants to make Deku hurt because that is the only way Deku will hurt him. Deku has an insane tolerance, and the only thing that truly gets Deku crazy, batshit insane, and absolutely feral, is through words. 

And the thing is—Deku’s absolutely right. Katsuki’s shit at words, but he can taunt until Deku snaps, and if the end result is the same, then who cares how they get there?

“You think I’m the one who overthinks,” Deku says hysterically, “but look at you—analyzing our sex life while we’re actually having sex. You just don’t know when to stop, do you? Brain always whirring and working. Maybe that’s why you love getting fucked so much! Because you’re so full of nonsense and your brain never shuts up and this is the best way to get it out.”

Fuck it out of me, Katsuki thinks, and he doesn’t know if he says it out loud, but what he does know is that Deku forcibly spreads Katsuki’s legs apart. He lifts Katsuki with ease and hooks Katsuki’s legs around his waist, so the only way for Katsuki to not suffocate is to support himself on his elbows, back bent into a humiliating arch.

Deku shoves in, and any previous restraint is gone. It’s a show of overwhelming force, and Katsuki almost breaks because of it. Each time Deku shoves inside, something inside Katsuki is rearranged to make way. Violence is familiar between them. 

“Yes,” Katsuki says, because Deku’s not holding back. “Yes, yes, yes—”

“God, what a slut. What a whore,” Deku says. “I love it so much. I love you so much. No one else can take my cock as well as you do. No one else loves getting fucked as much as you do.”

“Tell me,” Katsuki gasps, and he tries to arch his back further but it’s as far as he can go. Deku’s hitting a spot inside of him that’s making it impossible for Katsuki to keep his eyes open. “Tell me why you like calling me names.”

“I like calling you a fucking whore,” says Deku, “because you love being a fucking whore, and there’s a difference there and it is on you, not me. God, I’m so lucky that you love when I come inside you. I bet it makes you into the breeding bitch you are, huh? Your perfect tits and tiny waist, bet you fucking wish you could get pregnant too.”

“I do,” Katsuki whines, dizzy with the thought of Deku stuffing him full and leaving something behind that will stay.

“Knowing that something is inside you ‘cause I put it there—god, fuck,” Deku says, and each curse hits Katsuki like a slap. “I love you so much. You’re perfect. Such a slut and a whore and you’re mine, mine, you’ll always be mine, mine and no one else’s. So perfect and they’ll never even know it, perfect for being fucked and I’ll be the only one who ever does it.”

“I’m so close,” Katsuki says, and Deku reaches down and takes Katsuki’s cock in his hand and jerks it roughly, and that means this is it, because Katsuki’s been good and this is his reward, and all he wants is for Deku to fuck him and hurt him and love him and make him his forever.

“And you’re right, Kacchan,” Deku grunts, because he’s close too. “I like seeing you on your hands and knees and I love seeing your face when I fucking slap you, and I love the way you struggle when I pin you down and take what I want and you never say no. Only for you. Only for me.”

Katsuki can’t breathe, and everything hurts in the most beautiful way. This is how things are supposed to be between them. He couldn’t be happier; moaning and jerking against Deku’s body and being shoved down into the bed. His arms give out so his face is mashed against the pillows, and he knows he’s drooling because the pillowcase is damp against his cheek and he doesn’t even care. 

“Please,” Katsuki cries. “Please—”  

He’s ecstatic with pleasure and he thinks he’s finally begging for it but doesn’t even know if he’s coherent. The display of aggression and possession and power that Deku is putting on for him is because Deku knows that Katsuki loves being put in his place. Katsuki is being so good that Deku indulges him and only him, and everything is perfect.

“Fuck, Kacchan, I’ll only ever fuck you and I’ll only ever love you and you’re so perfect, you slut, you whore, god you’re absolutely brilliant and you’re so gorgeous when you beg for it—I think I’m going to come, fuck, shit, I’m gonna fill you up, god, just shut the fuck up and take it like the whore you are—”

“Thank you, Deku,” Katsuki says, and that’s the only thing in his mind and he’s repeating it because that’s the only thing he can say. “Thank you, thank you, shit, thank you, thank you, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna—thank you—” 

Deku thrusts harder and harder until he stutters and pushes in deep. He grunts, “So—fucking—perfect—” and Katsuki feels spurts of warmth inside him, filling him up, breeding him, claiming him as Deku’s. 

Katsuki moans at it and everything is flickering in streaks of green lightning and that’s all he can see and hear and feel. He comes so abruptly that he shakes through it and can’t seem to stop.

Katsuki collapses and Deku falls on him. Katsuki would complain about being squashed underneath Deku and his ungodly body heat, but it’s a little tough for his mind to form coherent words and focus on something instead of the come slowly dripping down his thighs as Deku pulls out.

Deku shamelessly cuddles him because Katsuki allows him to. This is one of the quiet and still moments between them where Katsuki pretends that he’s too tired to shove Deku off. After Deku places a little kiss on the back of Katsuki’s neck, Deku laughs quietly against his skin and says, “I still respect you, you know.”

“God, shut the fuck up, you freak,” Katsuki says, and buries his face in the pillow to hide his triumphant smile.