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to build a home

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Beca’s eyes fluttered open as she felt soft lips on her bare shoulders. She sighed happily, enjoying the feeling of tangled limbs under the sheets. Chloe’s body was pressed into hers, like they were trying to fuse together and make one person. 


The light of the morning was bursting through the blinds, illuminating the room in a golden glow and she could hear the birds already singing outside. 


The lips were still there, brushing over her skin like a whisper. 


“Mhm morning,” Beca said in a low voice, and felt Chloe’s lips smile against her shoulder. 


“Morning, my love.”


Beca switched to her other side without making Chloe lose her grasp around her waist so they could look at each other. She was met with eyes that shone brighter than the LA sky and a soft smile that still ignited a passion in Beca. Tiny freckles scattered all over her face that Beca had tried to count multiple times but had never been able to because Chloe was amazingly distracting. 


“Happy birthday baby,” Beca said, her lower lip between her teeth. 


“Thank you,” Chloe responded, her finger tracing Beca’s bicep up and down. “Too bad I already unwrapped my present last night.”


Beca let out a laugh. “Idiot.”


“Hm,” Chloe said, shifting closer so she can attach her mouth to Beca’s neck again. “I wouldn’t mind another go, though.”


Beca’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she forced herself to look at the time and licked her lips. “Jake is probably already up. We need to get dressed.”


“We have time,” Chloe mumbled between open-mouthed kisses. “Come on, it’s my birthday,” she pleaded like a child, but it worked because Beca turned her head so they could touch lips and she immediately lost all train of thoughts. 


Jake was old enough to distract himself for a minute while they were busy. 


It had been over a year since Beca had tasted Chloe for the first time and yet it still blew her mind every single time that she was the one that got to do this. 


After properly wishing her girlfriend happy birthday even though she had already done it yesterday, they finally got up from bed; ready to start their day. She put on an oversized Nirvana tee and when she looked up, she saw that Chloe was already staring at her and smirked. 


“Take a picture, it'll last longer.”


“I already have plenty of pictures, don’t you worry.”


Beca rolled her eyes, a playful smile on her face. “So what do you want to do today? You’re the birthday girl.”


“Hm I don’t know,” she answered, scrunching her nose in a way that made Beca’s heart flutter. “We could get ice cream, maybe? I really don’t care what we do, as long as we’re together.”




Chloe stuck out her tongue and then opened the door, walking out as she put her hair up into a bun. Beca followed after her, finding a now seven year old Jake sprawled across the couch watching TV at a low volume.


“Hey Jakey.”


He looked up from the couch with a smile that proudly showed a gap in his front teeth. “Morning!”


“Good morning, little man,” Chloe said with a cheery expression on her face. She squished his cheeks and kissed one of them loudly, making him squirm. 


Chloe walked to the kitchen, practically skipping and Beca mouthed “It’s her birthday” to her kid to remind him even though she had told him last night. He had probably forgotten, his mind filled with important superhero business. Jake lit up and jumped over the couch to run to Chloe. 


“Happy birthday Mama!” he exclaimed, jumping on her back. He slid down her body since Chloe couldn’t grab him and the woman chuckled, turning over quickly and picked him up to make him sit on the counter in front of her. 


“Thank you, baby!”


“We should go camping!”


“Jake, we went camping last month,” Beca observed, preparing coffee. 


“But it was so fun!”


“Remember when Mom’s jacket caught on fire?” Chloe said to Jake who laughed loudly at the memory. 


Beca turned around to glare at them. “It’s not funny. I really liked that jacket.” 


Chloe just smiled before opening the fridge, giving Beca the perfect view of the family tree that Jake had drawn during 1st grade that displayed Beca and Chloe’s names as his parents. Chloe had cried the day he brought him home, making him freak out thinking he did something wrong but she had taken him in her arms and forced him to hug her for at least 15 minutes. 


Beca had only shed a tear in private when she hung it on the fridge later. 


“What do you want to do today, Jakey?” Chloe asked as Jake jumped off the counter. 


“Can we get ice cream?”


Chloe shut the doors of the fridge and looked at him intensely. “You are a man after my own heart, Jacob Mitchell.”


“Can it wait until after breakfast at least?” Beca teased and she watched as the two looked at each other with an exasperated look. 


They end up agreeing with Beca and Chloe proposed to make pancakes because they were her favorite. Jake stayed with them since he was at that age where he was practically begging to be more involved in everything to show how independent he was getting. Chloe let him pour the pancake mix on the pan as he tried to recreate a tree because he took his mama’s habit of trying to make shapes in the pancakes.


They both sucked at it. 


They were in no hurry to actually do that many activities, everyone enjoying the summer break. Beca was becoming increasingly more important at Atlantis Records; basically becoming Allen’s right hand for everything. That meant it was getting hard to work from home that often but the great thing about being with a teacher that worked at the same school that your son went to meant that she always had the same days off as him. 


It didn’t take long for the school board to find out they were dating and Chloe had a meeting with the principal last October. Apparently, it lasted about 2 hours where it was decided that since they didn’t pursue anything romantic while Jake was her student and he’s not anymore, it wasn’t a problem. 


Chloe absolutely loved being the music teacher, being able to share her passion with kids of all ages made her the happiest she had ever been. Even though she had a stable job and could definitely afford an apartment of her own, it didn’t take long for Chloe to move her clothes from Aubrey and Stacie’s apartment to Beca’s closet. The transition was smooth and Jake barely noticed that at one point, Chloe stopped leaving their home to go grab some more clothes. 


Picture frames started appearing a little bit everywhere over time. Chloe loved nothing more than a tangible memory and she loved printing pictures to commemorate a happy moment. More than once did Beca come home and see another picture of the three of them framed, whether it was taken on one of their little adventures or a trip to Seattle with her mother. 


Jake had trouble understanding that he couldn’t show up in Chloe’s class whenever he wanted, just excited to see his mama but still, he loved learning and Beca was just thankful he didn’t complain too much about school. 


They spent the morning in the living room, Beca’s clunky headphones on top of her ears so she wasn’t distracted by the show playing on the TV that Jake was watching as she answered some emails. Chloe was on his other side, answering the birthday wishes she had gotten from friends. 


They got Chinese for lunch at the nearby restaurant, laughing at Jake as he struggled with the chopsticks. It didn’t take long for him to just settle on stabbing his dumplings with one chopstick and bringing it to his mouth like that. 


“You’re not allowed to laugh at him when you’re currently using a fork,” Chloe said, pointing at her with her chopsticks and narrowed eyes.


Jake nodded vigorously. “Yeah, Mom!”


Beca scoffed, putting her fork down. “At least I know my own abilities.”


“Mitchells, I have to say your chopsticks skills disappoint me.”


“Hey, you’re a Mitchell yourself now so be careful what you say.”


Chloe smiled instantly, her eyes going to the silver ring around her ring finger that had been there for less than a month.


“Not a Mitchell yet, I still have time to make some jokes.”


“Right,” Beca said, the corner of her lips curled up as she shoved a wonton in her mouth. “Enjoy it while you can.”


“Oh, I will.”


Beca had proposed in June and like their whole relationship had always been; it had been simple. She had thought about taking Chloe to the fanciest diner she could find, taking her to the most beautiful LA spot and getting down on one knee in front of a crowd that would look at them in awe. That idea had been on her mind for approximately 30 seconds before she crossed it out. 


She had settled for something way more appropriate for who they were. Amy and Stacie had almost gagged when they told them the story but Aubrey and Cynthia-Rose had smiled at it. 


It was a few days after they had come back from their camping trip. Jake was in his room, reading one of his comic books and Chloe was cooking alongside her. Soft music was playing from Beca’s turntable in the living room and she could hear the redhead’s humming over the sound of the fan. 


She had still been mulling over ideas on how to propose when she looked over at the woman next to her and decided that there wasn’t a specific right time to do it when every moment with Chloe already felt perfect. She went to their bedroom without a word and dug the small velvet box out of her drawer. 


She had walked back without Chloe even noticing she had left and she cleared her throat, grabbing her attention. Chloe turned to her and Beca’s world quieted down so that everything around them would cease to exist. 


There was only Chloe and the ring in her hand. She lifted it up in slow-motion, Chloe’s eyes growing bigger as Beca flipped it open, revealing the ring she had picked out with Aubrey. 


“You wanna marry me?”


A wooden spoon falling on the ground, lips suddenly on hers, a shaky yes mumbled between kisses and all Beca could think about was that even though music was her job, Chloe would always be her favorite melody. 


“Ma, can we go have ice cream now?” Jake asked, making Chloe tear her eyes off from the ring.


“Sure, bud. There’s one near here, right?”


Beca nodded, eating the last dumpling on the plate and speaking up with her mouth full. “Like a ten minute walk.”


“Sexy,” Chloe teased and Beca winked at her. 


They walked to the ice cream shop, Jake’s hands in both of theirs when they crossed the streets. The sky was blue, the palms trees were standing tall and Beca was already sweating even though she was wearing a skirt with a tank top. The sun was beaming down on them and Beca squinted her eyes as she looked up, about to complain about how hot it was.


“It’s such a beautiful day,” Chloe observed before Beca could talk and the music producer turned her head, the complaint dying on her lips. The woman looked beautiful in a short pair of overalls and a rainbow striped shirt underneath, an expensive pair of sunglasses on her nose. 


“Yeah,” she said with a soft smile. “It is.”


“It’s so hot!” Jake whined for her and they both laughed, Beca adjusting the Marvel cap on his head. 


“Make sure that covers your face, remember that sunburn you got on your nose last time?”


He nodded absently and when the shop finally came into view, he raced to it so he could look at the menu and choose what he wanted as soon as possible. 


They sat down at a free table after walking around 6 other families all sitting there also enjoying a frozen treat on a disgustingly warm day. Chloe eyed her banana split like it was one of the 7th wonders of the world, Jake had already started digging into his hot fudge sundae with cherries before they had even sat down and Beca was happy with her vanilla chocolate swirl on a cone. 


In less than 3 minutes, Jake already had hot fudge all around his mouth and Beca gestured at it so he’d wipe his face. He grabbed a napkin and wiped his face and Beca noticed the chipped blue nail polish on his nails. 


“What color are you doing next?” she said, glancing at the matching blue nails Chloe was sporting that were still mostly intact since the woman wasn’t a 7 year old boy who was way too clumsy for his own good. 


Chloe hummed, putting her index in her mouth to clean some stickiness off of it. “I think you said you wanted green, right Jake?”


He nodded. “Yeah! Like Hulk!”




“Sounds cool.”


They had tried to convince Beca to join them since they had started matching nail polish colors but the only time that she had said yes was when they had painted their nails black. She didn’t really want to walk around with neon pink nails and besides, she was fine with letting this be Chloe and Jake’s thing. 


She thought of one of the gifts she had for Chloe at home that was currently under Jake’s bed. She glanced at her kid who had been such a smart boy when they had discussed it together and smiled at the memory. She was nervous at the thought of giving it to Chloe but she knew it was probably going to end in happy tears so it’s not like she was scared her fiancée wasn’t going to like it. 


“So how’s working with Khalid? Spill!” Chloe said, referring to the contract Atlantis Records had picked up a week ago and Beca smiled, diving into a story about how Amy and Khalid’s first meeting went. 


They found themselves walking the streets of Los Angeles after so they could digest their lunch. Jake was buzzing with energy and Beca could feel Chloe’s happiness radiating off of her as they held hands with their boy in front of them. 


“What do you want to do now?” Beca asked after a while and Chloe bit her lower lip, a devilish smile on her face. 


The redhead stopped walking, putting a hand on Jake’s head and the other on Beca’s shoulders. 


“I know what we should do.”


“And what’s that?” Beca said, almost scared to ask because it seemed as though the woman had a plan in the back of her head. 


“We should get a puppy.”


Jake immediately started shouting. A mix of “Yes!” and “Let’s go now!” and some more “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as he bounced from excitement.


Beca looked at her fiancée and then led them closer to the wall so they weren’t in the middle of the sidewalk. She waited for a second, trying to wrap her mind around all of it. 


“You want a puppy?”


“Yes! Jake’s been begging us for months and I think he’s right.”


“I am?” he said, shocked and Chloe chuckled and nodded. Beca wasn’t so sure.


“He is?”


“Yes I am, Mom!” he exclaimed, tugging on her arm violently. “Can we go now? Now please?”


She turned to Chloe who had a twinkle in her eyes and Beca stuttered for a second. “I-- you really want a puppy?”


“Yep,” Chloe said confidently. “It’s my birthday and I think that we should get a puppy.”


Beca thought of their already messy apartment, trying to figure out where they could put a dog bed and then sighed. She looked at the two sets of blue eyes staring at her and she knew that she didn’t stand a chance.


Chloe pulled out her phone, researched the nearest shelter and before Beca knew it, they were on their way to get a puppy. 


Chloe’s squeals filled the entire room as Beca trailed behind her fiancée with the rescue centre owner, pretending Chloe’s excitement about them getting a dog wasn’t secretly the cutest thing ever. Jake was skipping alongside his mama, grasping tightly onto her hand as they observed the rows and rows of dogs that were barking and howling for attention. 


Jake had wanted a dog for ages but she had always shut down the idea because she barely knew how to take care of him, there was no way she could handle a puppy thrown into the mix. But it was Chloe’s birthday and if she wanted a dog, they were getting a dog. 


“Baby, look how sweet!” Chloe cooed as she pointed at a huge Great Dane lying in it’s bed at the end of a row, its eyes closed as it snored loudly.


“Dude, that is bigger than me. No way,” Beca replied firmly, crossing her arms and arching her eyebrow. Of course Chloe would immediately go for the biggest dog in the place.


“Doesn’t take much,” Chloe shot back with a smirk, making the music producer roll her eyes dramatically. They were barely halfway through the day and that was the second joke Chloe had made about her height.


They were interrupted by the sound of Jake laughing loudly and they both spun to face him, seeing him crouched down beside a cage where a tiny brown labrador puppy was licking his fingers through the bars.


“Mom look! He has brown hair like Peter Parker!” the boy exclaimed as his parents approached him, seeing that the cage was filled with four other puppies, all black in comparison to the one Jake had taken a shine to.


“You wanna hold him?” the owner asked with a smile and Jake’s eyes lit up, looking between his moms for permission.


They both nodded and the kind man unlocked the cage door, lifting out the tiny brown puppy and placing it gently in Jake’s arms. The puppy immediately put his paws on his shoulders, licking his chin. 


“He’s the runt of the litter,” the man explained. “He started off with nine brothers and sisters but people only seem to want the golden and black labs.”


Beca turned to where Jake was now laid on the floor, squealing as the puppy clambered all over him and licked his face enthusiastically, and she knew that had to be the one. She turned to Chloe to see what she thought and softened as she saw the woman gazed at the scene unfolding with nothing but love in her eyes.


“Mama, please can we have him?” Jake asked pleadingly as he petted the dog that was now curled up in his lap.


“I think that’s the one,” Chloe replied with a small smile, “Let’s take our little Peter Parker home.”


The puppy perked up like he could understand what was happening, letting out a tiny bark as his tail started wagging furiously.


“What are you going to name him?” the owner asked Jake with a kind smile. 


Her son scrunched up his nose, trying to find a name that was probably superhero related. Beca put her hand on his head, tangling her fingers in dark curls. 


“How about Parker?” she suggested as though to ask Jake if he approved but instead the dog barked again, jumping up and running over to Beca to claw at her legs.


Clearly this pup had chosen his own name and Jake and Chloe had no problem with it. 


The three followed the man through to the front desk, Chloe now holding the new member of their family tightly in her arms. As they went through the paperwork, Beca thought back to when Jake was born, that tiny screaming little boy who she held closely, full of love but so afraid. 


To think that her life was flipped so drastically the day Jake was born was an understatement because here she was in a totally different place than she had expected for herself. A wonderful son, a beautiful (almost) wife and now a sweet little puppy to tie their family together. At that moment, she couldn’t even think of how she didn’t want a puppy less than 30 minutes ago because she felt like the luckiest person in the world. 


They bought everything that a puppy needed and they had to take an Uber home because of how much shit they bought. It was expensive as fuck and Beca never pictured herself spending her hard-earned money on a pet but Jake and Chloe had the biggest smiles that she had ever seen on their faces so she figured she was okay with it. 


As soon as they got home, Beca could tell Chloe was antsy waiting for her gifts. After all they usually opened birthday presents in the morning so this was totally different. This year, Beca had bought her practical things rather than stuff she didn’t feel was important and even Jake had chipped in, spending his own pocket money to buy Chloe a present which he wouldn’t show his mom. 


It took about 20 minutes for Parker to get familiar with the house, sniffing everything on his way like he was discovering a whole new world. Beca did a quick sweep around the apartment to make sure he wouldn’t choke on any small toys and when she was satisfied, she walked back to the living area. 


“You wanna do presents?” she offered as they flopped onto the couch, watching Jake running around the living room with Parker.


Chloe nodded with a smile and Beca could see the excitement practically radiating off of her.


“Jake, you gonna help me with mama’s presents?” Beca asked as she stood up and the boy came to an immediate halt, nodding with a gap toothed grin. 


The two of them went through to Jake’s room with Parker following closely at their heels, rummaging under his bed to find where they had hidden the haul of gifts.


Carefully, they carried the pile through to the living room to place on the coffee table where Chloe could reach them. Beca situated herself next to her fiancée on the couch and Jake sat cross legged on the carpet with Parker on his knee, waiting for Chloe to start unwrapping.


“Did Jake wrap these?” the redhead teased, a playful smile on her face as she looked at the messy wrapping paper held together by what looked like an entire roll of sellotape.


“Shut up.”


Beca had gotten her fiancée mostly things she could use at school like packs of music related stickers, notebooks, music sheets and most notably a pen with a plastic red panda sitting on top. Chloe was delighted with every gift as though they were the best things she had ever seen and Beca was so grateful for her optimistic grin as she opened each gift.


After she had gotten through the small pile, Jake jumped to his feet and held out a large rectangular present which he had wrapped himself, unsurprisingly neater than Beca’s. 


“Thanks little monster,” Chloe muttered with a smile, pulling Jake onto her lap as she carefully unwrapped his gift. 


The two of them let out a huge laugh when Chloe produced one of the latest Marvel comics, which Jake coincidentally didn’t own yet. He smiled at their reaction and Beca leaned her head on her palm. 


“Maybe I can borrow it?” he asked immediately and Chloe just grinned, burying her face in his shoulder as she hugged him tightly from behind.


Beca looked at the two with a smile, her beautiful girl and their boy. Although it was Chloe’s birthday, she felt like having the two of them beside her was the best gift ever, more than she could ever ask for on any birthday of her own.


Jake was flipping through the comic with Chloe reading alongside him, one arm wrapped tightly around his waist and the other helping him hold the pages. Parker was on the floor, digging through the wrapping paper. Beca looked at them for a moment until she got up to grab the very last present. 


She grabbed the big yellow envelope with her heart beating hard against her sternum and Chloe followed her with her eyes until Beca handed the paper to her. 


“Jakey,” Beca said to grab her son’s attention and he closed his book to concentrate on them. Chloe suddenly surged forward, shoving her hand in Parker’s mouth and pulling out wrapping paper out of it and scolding him. 


When she looked back at Beca, her hand was covered in dog’s saliva and Beca laughed, asking Jake to go grab Chloe a towel. 


“I’ll just-- open it for you,” Beca said because her anxiety was making her go crazy and she needed Chloe to know what it was now. Chloe nodded, leaning her back on the couch. 


She slipped her finger under the yellow slip and took out the official court paper that she had printed online. She took a breath as Jake handed a towel to Chloe and she looked at Beca weirdly before grabbing the paper. 


It didn’t take long for Chloe to understand what the document was because Beca had read it and she knew the first line explained very clearly what the form was about. The redhead’s face froze and her breath hitched as her eyes roamed every line to make sure she was reading it right.


“Adoption papers?” she whispered mostly to herself but they all heard it. Jake smiled, leaning his entire body weight on Chloe’s side as he stood on the couch and Beca took one of her hands gently.  


“Yeah, that’s just the first page, though. There’s like, a hundred of em and they’re gonna be a bitch to fill out.”


“Language,” Chloe said absently and then looked up to stare at Beca. “Are you sure?” she added, like Beca would even have doubts about this. 


“Of course babe,” Beca assured. “He’s just as yours as mine and I want it to be… legally acknowledged or whatever.”


Jake shifted, his knees digging into Chloe’s thigh and the redhead looked at him. Her eyes were glassy and Beca could see she didn’t even know what to say right now.


“Love you ma,” Jake said and that’s what it took for Chloe to finally release everything. She lunged forward, taking him in her arms and reached out blindly to pull Beca into the hug. 


Beca’s head collided against Jake’s chin and if she stayed in that position long, she’d end up with a stiff neck but in that moment, all she did was breath out a laugh that conveyed all her emotions and wrapped her arms around Chloe and Jake. 


Parker jumped on them, clearly wanting affection too and she felt his wet tongue nipping on her neck. She finally pulled back and Chloe wiped a tear with the back of her hand as she scratched the puppy’s head with the other. 


“So… What do you say?” Beca said after a moment in a light tone. 


Chloe looked at her, her bottom lip between her teeth and she simply nodded. Beca smiled, wiping one of Chloe’s tears with her thumb and captured her lips. She heard Jake groan and felt him move away from the couch to go play with Parker. 


“I love you,” Chloe said with emotion. “I love you both.”


“I love you too,” Beca responded before looking at Jake on the floor with Parker. The boy gasped, grabbing his dog’s face gently so Parker could also look at his mothers. 


“Look! It’s Jake, Mom, Mama and Parker!”


And there was nothing else to say after that. 




They played with Parker for the rest of the day as they set him up in the living room and fully explained to Jake the responsibility it was to have a dog. Beca answered some more emails, Chloe talked to her parents for over an hour on the phone and Jake read the comic book that he had gifted to Chloe. 


Beca was pretty sure her fiancée would never even have a chance to read it. 


They went to bed late at night because Jake was hyped up on cake and the excitement of finally having a puppy. After what felt like hours, they managed to put him down to sleep and Beca slipped into their own bed too, Chloe following her shortly after. 


She closed her eyes, not needing to see to cuddle up to Chloe because at this point, it was a reflex for them to wrap themselves around the other. She felt the redhead’s breath hit her neck and Beca sighed happily. 


“How was your day?”


“Best day ever,” Chloe said, punctuating her sentence with a kiss on her shoulder. 


Beca turned her head so she’d be able to look at Chloe and she slipped her hand under her shirt, fingers tracing her abdomen. 


“I can’t believe we have a dog.”


Chloe chuckled and Beca bit her lip at the feeling of Chloe’s abs flexing under her hand. “I can’t believe it either. I really didn’t think you’d say yes.”


“Me neither,” Beca said, rolling her eyes before groaning. “God, there’ll be so much shit everywhere.”


“We’ll train him.”


“I don’t know who ‘we’ is but it better not include me.” 


“Mhm sure,” Chloe hummed, her lips finding Beca’s earlobe. It wasn’t sensual and Beca knew it, it was more about Chloe wanting her lips to be on her fiancée just for the sake of kissing her. “Then we’ll have him trained.”


“Dude, I’m not spending any more of my money on this dog.”




“I mean it. If we want to be able to afford a wedding, we need to start saving.”




“I’m serious! Someone has expensive taste and weddings are so fucking expensive regardless.”


“And I’m saying okay.”


Beca rolled her eyes, knowing Chloe was riling her up on purpose. “Fine.”


“You gonna kiss me or not, Mitchell?”


Beca immediately grinned, biting her tongue and rolling over so she could be on top of Chloe. The girl looked pleasantly surprised and wrapped her arms around Beca’s waist with an arrogant smile.  Beca leaned down slowly and just before capturing her lips, she spoke up in a low voice.


“Happy birthday, Mitchell.”


Chloe replied in the form of a kiss, refusing to spend one more second with their lips not attached. Beca moved one hand to tangle her fingers in red locks and took Chloe’s upper lip between hers. Their mouths moved against one another with a rhythm that only they knew how to follow, reminding Beca of their entire lives together. 


Maybe they had moved too slow, maybe they had moved too fast; she didn’t know nor did she care. All Beca knew was that each day with Chloe was adding a new line to her favorite song of all time. Each month, a new verse was created and the best thing about it was that they weren’t even close to hearing the closing beat. 




The truth is, happiness doesn’t come from things you own. A huge house with soundproof walls and DJ decks in every room sounds good in theory, but what makes you truly happy is what’s hidden beneath those four walls. It’s the days spent watching Spider-Man in front of the TV, the impromptu trips to zoos and museums and aquariums, splashes of water against bathroom walls, pasta sauce smothered around little mouths, tantrums that are soon subsided and cuddles that should last a lifetime. 


Happiness is not measured by whether or not your boss likes the demo you sent, but by the time you spend with people you truly adore.


Beca was always content with the concept of being alone with Jake. Forever cooped up in dark little rooms with nothing but a chunky pair of headphones and a laptop. It wasn't until Chloe came along and spread that contagious lust for living that she realised life was so much more than just routine. Beca now understood that every time Chloe said it was a beautiful day, she didn’t necessarily mean the LA weather.


She meant life. 


Time spent together doing absolutely anything. That's what made each day that they had together so utterly beautiful and special. Coming home to your son who was once so tiny and yet gets uncomfortably closer to towering over you more by the day, or finally finding the right song to finish the mix you’ve been working on all week. Pancakes for breakfast shaped like things that are barely identifiable and dancing in the kitchen with your soon-to-be wife to the song playing when you first met. Misplaced tears and words of forgiveness after an argument that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. A fluffy red panda keyring dangling from a purse or a baseball cap emblazoned with a penguin wearing sunglasses. 


Happiness is everywhere, in everything. You just have to look for it. And for Beca, well she has to look no further than those two overexcited human beings that she spends her life with, her family.


Together, they had built a home. 


Jake, Mom and Mama, forever and always.